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  • jason-voorheezy
    22.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    This was supposed to just be a practice drawing of Pinhead, but then Charles happened.

    #you cant pay me enough to do better details on elliots outfit #hellraiser#pinhead#childs play#chucky#my art
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  • divitaclara
    21.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    ◆ @chalkhearted ⟢“ are you… you are going to stay here, aren’t you? ” (perhaps albedo has been silently enjoying childe's company .... )

    ◆⟢« For a time—yes. I need to, eventually, take my leave—but… »

    All too often the young Harbinger was the one invading the Alchemist’s quaint abode that was carved right into the face of the eternally iced-over mountain. He was bound to the mountain by business and by a personal yearning that warranted frequent traversals, and he always brought himself here unannounced. It wasn’t a mere afterthought to visit—no, it was in his itinerary to devote time to the solitary Alchemist, indelibly gravitating towards the ever-enchanting mind and mystery of such a figure.

    The corners of Childe’s lips pulled into a sly smirk, « Why—do you not want me around, perchance? Am I impeding on your research? » his spoken breath thereafter growing into a warble of hearty laughs and chuckles that professed his teasing.

    Though, his teasing held some secret sincerity—a question that he kept reserved to himself from Albedo, despite how deeply nestled the desire for an answer was in his mind. There were never clear signs of objection to or rejection of his company, but there remained a layer of frigidiness between them that blurred the clarity of Albedo’s thoughts on the matter… He could only make intuitive guesses… and the barely audible hesitation—expectation in Albedo’s voice that seemed to cover up something more in his heart… It was curiosing to the young Harbinger.

    #◆ «ᴇᴀsʏɢᴏɪɴɢ ʀᴜssɪᴀɴ ᴋɴɪɢʜᴛ» ⟢ ɪᴄ #◆ «ᴀ ʟᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ ғʀᴏᴍ ᴀғᴀʀ» ⟢ ɪɴʙᴏx #chalkhearted #The Platonic Chibedo Agenda Begins. #This is what I mean by Childe being the boyfriend that crawls through your window at night when he's not supposed to be here. #In my mind—he is quite literally playing hookie to spend time with Albedo. Scara was right to call him Unreliable. #I hope this is okay!!! #I apologize for it being so short. I'm struggling to get past a mental barrier to write my thoughts down eloquently. #but.... !!!!!!!! Platonic Chibedo—I have desired you for So Long
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  • mentalmeles
    21.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    One of my roommates is playing games and yelling and it's making me anxious

    #even though i know he's playing games my mind is immediately assuming he's arguing/fighting someone #the star child speaks #negative/#kinda
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  • psirem
    21.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    aggrieve (violin refrain)

    #hideous child of doom! #well you cant say shes completely graceless #'playing with a haunting/sad-but-hopeful tone' #rose lalonde#hs #TT: Maybe I am just being a friend? #When he sees your staggering gesture of sentimentality he will finally understand. He will understand that in the game of facetious #sentimental gestures no one gets the best of Rose Lalonde. #TT: Is it too late to throw myself at your mercy? GA: Yes Its Much Too Late For That #TT: At least until my looming grimdarkdeath steals me away. GA: Uh GA: Yeah That #GA: Is Still Something That I Dont Really Want To Joke About #GA: I Hope That Came Across As A Sincere Statement #ughhhh!!!!!! #its been. two years. i could be here forever #but ugh i love rose :( and vriska and kanaya and karkat and #ok bye hs love you bye #rmbr to read 'Won't Hold Water Now' and 'Love Song no. 31' and 'Amidst General Happiness A Recollection of Pain' and
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  • elsewhereandback
    21.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Horror Themed Asks

    what’s your favorite horror movie?

    who’s your favorite final girl?

    who’s your favorite slasher?

    what’s your favorite horror creature?

    what horror movie do you hate?

    what’s your favorite horror-comedy?

    what’s your favorite horror franchise?

    what’s your favorite horror remake?

    what’s your favorite stephen king movie?

    what’s your favorite horror movie that doesn’t include any supernatural elements?

    what’s the most disturbing horror movie?

    what’s a movie that is not considered horror that you think should be?

    PG-13 horror films or R-rated horror films?

    Favorite horror movie featuring ghosts?

    what’s a horror movie that was not supposed to be shitty but was?

    what’s a horror movie you know is bad but love anyway?

    favorite character in a horror movie?

    favorite sequel or prequel to a horror film?

    favorite actor/ actress in a horror film?

    what’s a horror movie you think you could survive?

    what’s a horror movie you would not survive?

    favorite horror movie cliché?

    worst horror movie cliché?

    horror movie with the best soundtrack?

    best director?

    best special effects makeup?

    best ‘80s horror movie?

    a horror movie that scared you as a kid?

    watching horror movies at night or in th ee daytime?

    horror movie you say you’ve seen but have never actually watched it?

    annabelle or chucky?

    jason or freddy?

    michael myers or leatherface?

    a horror movie that took too long for the climax to happen

    a horror movie that had the climax happen too soon?

    a horror movie that is hard to follow?

    favorite line from a horror movie?

    a movie where you prefer the remake over the original?

    orignals or remakes?

    a franchise where the sequel(s) were better than the original?

    the saw trap that disturbed you the most?

    the death that was hardest to handle?

    a franchise that has too many movies?

    a horror movie you feel was too long?

    a horror movie you feel was too short?

    worst remake?

    worst plot?

    best plot?

    a horror movie you can’t watch alone?

    a character you wish died?

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  • legendaryfamilydynamics
    21.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    btw the au where Arceus doesn't suck is called "The Monitor AU" so any instances of it will be labelled as "TM!"

    Also Arceus not sucking isn't the only thing that happens but it's like, the most important one.

    #like okay #The Monitor! and The Child! AUs are very functionally similar #but there are a *few* minor differences #such as! Arceus is more like an all powerful being that got horribly horribly bored and made a little pocket sized universe to play with #instead of a whiny fucker who's in universe jail #(also The Child! is the formal name for what this blog takes place in)
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  • imaybeabear
    21.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    On reading Romeo and Juliet:

    Me, as a high school freshman: I mean they're annoying in the way any new couple are, but it's about them learning that their families' ways of doing things are wrong and rooted in violence! It's their rebellion of love! And the tragedy is that the love isn't enough to overcome the ingrained violence that the rest of their society seeks! It's beautiful! It's powerful!

    Me, as an adult, whenever Romeo gets anywhere near Juliet:

    #because yes it is about generational violence and love as rebellion and finding your own way seperate from your family as a young person #may i also add that it is about the struggle we all face when we're young to disseminate between societal influences and follow the right #path when so many authorities are telling us so many different things and pulling in so many different directions #and about the tragic ways we push away and push away from the people we love as we grow and come to understand that no they arent perfect #and the heartbreaking fatal conclusion that sometimes adults do know something of what theyre talking about #but all that being said: #juliet is thiRTEEN SHE IS A CHILD AND ROMEO AT 17 HAS NO BUISNESS ANYWHERE NEAR HER BACK OFF MOTHERFUCKER #this play is so good until you remember how young she is and yeah i know thats part of the tragedy of it but oh my GOD #romeo and juliet #shakespeare#lit#bea rambles
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  • leela-small
    21.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    I'm WHEEZING Chucky and I have the same birthday?? 🤣

    #Random crap#Chucky #Charles Lee Ray #Child's Play #I can't believe I'm just finding this NOW #I will wear this like a badge of honor #Not everyone gets to share a birthday with their favorite horror character #Also congrats he just turned 64!
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  • kakusu-shipping
    21.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Gus/Hunter/Willow polycule real

    #toh has been a treat to actually stay caught up on #I see a lot of people either being Hunter/Willow OR Hunter/Gus #And I'm just SAYING #every ship is made better with more people #Also unreleated but I don't feel like making two owl house posts in one day so like #I am mere inches from adopting the collector as my dear sweet eldritch child #apparently the fandom's pretty split on if he's Just a Little guy (murderous intent) or if he is a literal child #but he feels very literal child to me I think he's going to mirror King #Someone also just straight up calls him a kid at some point and he's always about playing and new friends #Just a babey
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  • voidsdogboy
    21.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    mom a few months ago: so kittens are expensive so its unlikely well be getting one within the next year or so


    #Cal Chats #theres a cute black/grey/white one/ smoke patter or smth #VERY cute lil guy. many options tho #also my bday is tomorrow so like. dads just doing it bc he has the money but in my heart of hearts this is for me<3 /j #one of the reasosn were wanting a kitten to begin with is. sox is fucking bored and has been since violet died #its also getting harder and harder to get her to actually Play. like she Wants to and tries to stay interested #but idk i think shed just benefit from basically having someone to argue with #the kittens also too small to use my stairs safely so sox will have her own space (again) if she truly cannot stand the child #the other reason were getting a kitten is bc my dad needs 2 cats at once so bad. also sox doesnt cuddle him like violet did #can u train a kitten to sleep and cuddle u ? probably. my father will find out #sorry for many words im excited. unsure if i will b allowed to pick the name
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  • that-foul-legacy-lover
    21.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    how sharp are foul legacy' claws? cause if they're sharp and he's playing with reader's hair, could he accidentally cut it? that would be real unfortunate but also pretty funny like "who gave you that haircut?" "sigh. you wouldn't believe me if i told you."

    also have a great day you're really cool and while its not my place to decide your worth, you absolutely deserve good things! proud of you!

    OH GOODNESS THIS MADE ME LAUGH A LOT ACTUALLY- Foul Legacy's claws ARE quite sharp!!! they probably dull a bit after spending some time living peacefully with you, but i'd say he can still DEFINITELY cut through your hair. it's ALWAYS an accident, and after your shock and mild annoyance it's pretty funny seeing Childe chirp and chitter in distress over your new haircut- he didn't mean to!!! he just wanted to feel how soft it was!!!

    luckily it's usually just the ends of your hair, but if your hair is long there's risk of him lopping off a decent chunk of it, and then the bottom of your hair looks like Xingqiu's bangs!! again, it's annoying but it grows back and you're never mad for very long <33 especially since Childe whimpers apologetically and bumps your cheek with his mask like he's asking for forgiveness (he is. and he promises that from now on he'll be more careful)

    thank you my dear!!! you also deserve wonderful things, and i appreciate the kind words!!! :D

    #genshin impact#genshin childe#genshin tartaglia#foul legacy #foul legacy childe #childe#tartaglia#genshin tartagalia#chit chat #fun fact about me!!! i my hair is actually quite long #normally i braid it because keeping it loose would get it very tangled #childe is very careful from now on whenever he's playing with your hair!!! #he considered staying away from it altogether but.... he loves how soft it is. he has a thing for textures!!! (like blankets. he loves them #short scenario#other's stuff #also zhongli thinks it's hilarious #till you threaten to cut off his ponytail
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  • champagnesuki
    21.05.2022 - 21 hours ago
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  • yousaytomato
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    The recent trend where entire cults are formed around sharing just one bad opinion is so incredibly terrifying.

    Echo chambers have always existed within social media but more than ever the people within them are actively recruiting others - if you go into any extremist tag you will see people openly bragging about successfully doing this.

    But even outside of that we're feeling the effects of it, namely in the recent push to have to declare everything about yourself. You must state age, race, sexuality, gender, list your privileges and your alliances.

    Complex, evolving, and nuanced issues are forced into binaries and you're encouraged to publicly make your stance. There's no time to learn and no room to change - you've written it in your bio. It may as well be engraved in stone.

    We don't reward people for changing and learning and growing. It's even worse on platforms like tiktok where you've connected an opinion to your actual face forever.

    And so you have to just keep digging in, even when information changes, even as the world changes.

    And this is how it's happening, how these groups are forming - because isn't it safer and easier to just surround yourself with people who are all doing the same thing too? To find people to continually confirm your biases?

    #woes of emily #ask to tag #this is NOT for ter/fs or MA/Ps or any of that SHIT #i made this because i saw a blog yesterday that was like #everyone with [opinion] is over 19! #and it's like. maybe there's a reason that people over 19 are more likely to have that opinion. maybe it's to do with having time to learn #and grow. #like. im just thankful that i have been able to do that. and that this push to have to decide where you fall on every single topic #is a very recent thing #i think people feel so pressured into it that half the time it's just like #which of two popular posts of opposing opinion did you happen to see on your dash first #and then next thing that opinion is in your caard or bio and you're set for Life apparently #This also isnt about forgiving shitty people for shitty things they've done! like it's obviously very case to case!! #there's no one rule for every single thing. i wish there was but there isnt!! #I've said things on this blog that i dont agree with anymore. I've said things irl. as have my friends. #and if they got played back to me i wouldn't even recognise them as my own thoughts and feelings #and tbh they probably weren't. because i was a child. because i was still learning #popular opinion changes so quickly too. what's allowed to be said and what isn't. #i think about that post a lot that's about a fic set in the 00's with a trigger tag of 'era-accurate homophobia' and like YEAH #this isn't even About that though #idk man. many thoughts #this is a diary entry more than an essay pls understand that #and pls read real critical theory and opinions on this stuff if you actually want to know more. and decide whether im right or wrong lol
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  • finalboysteve
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    first seven episodes on the 27th..... that’s like. 8 and a half hours of content.

    i will simply not be sleeping!

    #honestly this is child's play #once i waited until four am for a 10 minute episode of a cartoon to be uploaded online bc i needed to see if my fave was in it #he was not T__T #at least with this im sure im guaranteed a widdle bit of steve in every episode :)
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  • streets-in-paradise
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Why are the Barclays the most relatable family in history of horror movies? 

    #rewatching child's play 1 #andy barclay#karen barclay
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  • pocketclowns
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    does anyone have any experience with using acr for sims 2? i really wanna try it but im scared my sims are gonna start popping out kids like the earth needs to be repopulated

    #mostly just would like the option to have my sims have kids without being married #also i just remembered omg?? #last night i was playing and their first kid ended up with the robot skin i have????? #i didn’t realize i had the genetic version #so i think it just counts as one of my alien skins lmao #so their other two kids have normal skin tones but their first one is a literal robot #but honestly!!!! i think it’s very cute #i love the idea of them deciding to literally build a child Robots style #i was hoping one of them would be blue like their one mom #but the two who aren’t robots take after luma so much!!!! #altho one of them ended up with blue hair that’s tagged as black #so im taking that to mean he ended up with tulip’s hair #they all have her eyes and luma’s skin it’s kinda cute #plus robo baby omg i love their lil family so much #now i just need them to age up so i can use them for manual labor on the farm lmaooooooo
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  • kingeomer
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Y’all I have a new quest in life and it’s to get my 8 year old nephew into emo music

    #listen LISTEN!!!! #he already listens to a lot of like metal and stuff because his dad (my brother) is v alternative #but today they played foundations of decay on the radio and he liked it SO #SO. that child is gonna be my project.
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  • losersclubisms
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    *Knock on the door*

    Kyle: You wanna get that?

    Andy: And interact with people? No thanks.

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