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  • squish--squash
    20.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    some of the people I follow reblog deltarune fanart sometimes

    and every time I see some on my dash it makes me think about the fact I downloaded deltarune (so I could finally play a Toby since I never played undertake)

    and I overall enjoyed it until it got to the part where it becomes very clear that you as a player control kris against their will and it made me so upset to control a character like that that I uninstalled the game and haven't touched it since-

    #it's a very interesting concept tho I loved it #bc everyone imagines them playing a character as being that character #but deltarune said no you're taking control of a child who has their own thoughts fuck you #deltrarune#deltarune spoilers #is it spoilers??
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  • p-o-s-s-e-s-s-e-d-b-y-f-i-r-e
    20.05.2022 - 4 hours ago
    #Child's play III #Child's play 3 #Chucky#Brad Dourif#Jeremy Sylvers#tyler #American slasher film #90's#90s#slasher film#1991
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  • croc-odette
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    grace and frankie, ultimately, is a show about watching martin sheen eat deli meat

    #did not realize emilio estevez is his son #he contracted polio as a child??? sorry i'm on the wikipedia page #at 14 years old he organized a strike of golf caddies... this is engaging #oh wait i just got to the part where he's anti-abortion. DING DONG in the pile with the actress who plays janeway
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  • koolaidkitten
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    It is the 19th and there is tension in the air, my loves!!!

    #the dark tower #vibes#19 #i grow more and more anxious as the day progresses #my cousin's cat had to be put down today #my siblings' dog may have rabies and be getting put down #my other brother might call some matter of authority on our middle brother's ex #because she brought this possibly rabid dog in the house where her small child lives with her #and like just wtf #you don't play with rabies #there is an elderly man and a 5yo in this house #what is wrong with you? #if you can tell she is rabid you shoot her #if you can't you call animal control #but you don't bring it in your house!!!
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  • meili-sheep
    19.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    So obviously you're a fan of fiddler/violinist diluc (I mean who isn't) but do you think Childe can play any instruments? And if he can't which do you think suits him best just for aesthetics

    What gave me away? Was it this fanfic I wrote? or maybe this one? I also vaguely mention it in this fic and in this one. What that? lololol.

    OK, OK, jokes aside. I honestly think Childe simply wouldn't have an interest in music. He just doesn't see the point in such a skill. Doesn't interest him or such. He likes music, just not interested in learning it all.

    That's until he meets Diluc. Then he becomes very interested in learning to play. Diluc offered to teach Childe the lyre once, and Childe jumped on that! And while he's still not super interested in actually learning, he loves the closeness as Diluc will gently put his hands on Childe's to show him the fingerings. Honestly, he's only really there to be with Diluc, and it hasn't quite hit Diluc yet.

    #hahahaah i love it #diluc headcanons#childe headcanons #them playing music together #Diluc#Diluc Ragnvindr #Diluc Genshin Impact #Childe #Childe Genshin Impact #Tartaglia#Ajax #Ajax Genshin Impact #Chiluc #Diluc x Childe #Childe x Diluc
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  • dourifslover
    19.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Obejrzyj film „TFW 2022: Chucky QnA” w YouTube

    #brad dourif#fiona dourif #texas frightmare weekend #chucky the series #child's play#chucky panel#Youtube
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  • brokehorrorfan
    19.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Funko has revealed new Bride of Chucky Pop figures due out in September: Chucky, Tiffany, Blacklight Chucky (Entertainment Earth exclusive), and Blacklight Chucky & Tiffany two-pack (Hot Topic exclusive).

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  • dreamamongstthestars
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    anyway i hope we’ve all learned a valuable lesson about wearing appropriate footwear while playing sport

    #auspol #idk how to explain it but this has the same energy as those warning stories teachers used to tell about swinging on the chair #and one time someone wore business shoes while playing soccer and slipped and took out a child half his size as he fell
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  • beevean
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Castlevania 1

    Heart of Fire

    #castlevania#castlevania music#castlevania 1 #music of the day #one of the most famous tracks of c1 just behind vampire killer and wicked child #and for good reasons #to be honest it took me a piano cover to really appreciate it lol #it's too peppy for the hell of a stage it plays in #but hey it's good company as you keep dying to the medusa heads :^)
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  • fanficwriter284
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    *AU* Sorry I've been AFK for a while. I've been busy attending to stuff *Don't want to get too personal*. However, I'm back and ready to type! So, I wrote this fanfic about our favorite little killer doll. This one's a little long so bear with me here! That's all for now, BYE!

    It was a Wednesday afternoon, the twins were in school, Tiffany was out shopping for some new clothes, and Chucky was on the couch watching some Tv.

    "Nothin good nowadays hm"

    He began to doze off and starring into the great unknown. He cracked his neck to let off some tension and did a quick stretch before getting up. He walked over to the fridge to grab a drink and became lost in his thoughts. He walked over to his and Tiffany's dresser and began digging seeing what treasures he could find in that sea of lost memories as his wife called it. After a few minutes of looking, he found an old notebook of his, probably from when he was still in school. He wasn't sure why he still had it with him, so he decided to take a look inside. He flipped through some pages. Old homework, unfinished math problems, short passages, essays, and small doodles every now and then. He found one that had a striking resemblance to Tiffany when they were kids. He chuckled to himself he probably drew it during class or break. He flipped to the very end of the notebook and froze. He dropped the book onto the floor letting some of the weaker looser pages fly out and fall to the floor. His hands began to tremble and swing side to side. He looked down; those two pools of crystal-clear water stared down at the floor. It was a photo. It was THE photo. The last photo he had of himself and his parents. His mother and his waste of a father. He locked eyes with his father, Buring with anger and cooled by fear. All the memories came flooding back. Piece by Piece. He clenched his teeth and shut his eyes tight, not letting light seep into the cracks of his eyelids Remembering his horrific childhood.






    Chucky's hands began to tremble. He felt his grip on the bottle loosen, till it eventually fell and shattered into hundreds of pieces.

    " I'm not HIM!"

    He felt his chest tighten. The room felt like it was spinning, and the world was against him. His gasps of air became more frequent and heavier. He felt hot tears forming in his eyes. His hands violently shaking. One trying to steady himself by leaning against the wall and the other entangled in his hair. He rocked on his heels trying to distract himself but to no avail. He aimlessly looked around trying to find something to call him down. He felt dizzy and weak. As if he could give out at any moment.


    His father taunts repeated in Chucks head.



    " A DISGRACE!"



    Both hands came up to his head trying to steady himself. Teeth clenched, eyes shut tight, his body rocking side to side then back and forth. He couldn't find himself; his mind was scattered. He couldn't focus.

    "Honey! I'm home! So how was you--"

    "Oh god...... CHUCKY!"

    Tiffany looked at her husband. He was in full panic mode. Hyperventilating and sweating bullets. This wasn't Tiffany's first rodeo on dealing with Chucky's panic/anxiety attacks, but this has got to be one of the worst ones he's had in a while. She placed a hand on his shoulder. He swatted it away, not on purpose but out of pure reflex. Tiffany understood this and calmly spoke to him, trying for him to focus on her and only her. Trying to help him regain his thoughts.

    "Hey. Hey. Chucky, Sweetface, look at me. Just breathe you're going to be ok. It'll pass. Is it ok if I touch you?"

    He simply nodded, unable to speak trying to regulate his breathing. Tiffany placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. He slowly began to relax. He leaned back into Tiffany. She stroked his long red hair. Tiffany felt a small squeeze in her left hand, it was Chucky.

    "Come on, Deep breathes. IN.....OUT"




    She gently hugged him.

    "Don't worry. I'm right here. I'm not going to leave you. It'll pass. Trust me."

    Charles lifted his other hand over his face. His breathing began to slow to a normal pace. The flashbacks subsided, and the tension in his muscles loosened. He took a deep breath and leaned in towards Tiffany. His back to her chest, his scarred-up neck resting on her shoulders. Fingers interlocking with one another. He just lay there with his wife.

    There was an awkward silence. All they could hear was each other's breathing patterns, almost in sync. She stroked his hair.

    "So" She wrapped her arms around him, "Wanna tell what triggered it?"

    He didn't speak. He just let out a weak grunt motioning his head toward the photo. She reached out and picked it up.

    "Ah, I see"


    He took another deep breath.

    "I-I was caught off guard.........That's all."

    She rubbed his shoulder, in an attempt to relax him.

    " I know, everyone has bad days. It's ok"

    He dug his head further into her arms.

    "I love you"

    Tiffany placed a kiss on his forehead.

    "I love you too."

    She embraced him for a long while until she got a look around the house.

    "Now, how about we clean this mess up before the kids get home, and later we can relax."

    "Oh, Yeah, o-ok"

    "And Chucky!"


    "You are Charles Lee Ray. Don't forget that. You are an amazing father and husband. The man I love and always will. Ok? I love you."

    Chucky smiled. A real genuine smile.

    "I love you too Tiffany Valentine"

    "You mean Tiffany Ray" *points to ring finger*

    Chucky let out a small chuckle. "Yes, Mrs. Ray. Now let's clean up all this shit."

    Tiffany let out a small little laugh. Her asshole of a husband was back and God, she loved him. She noticed the picture on the floor. She made sure to grab the photograph before Chucky could see it again.

    #chucky#tiffany valentine #chucky x tiffany #childs play #charles lee ray #bride of chucky #tiffany ray#chiffany#raysforever
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  • cithaerons
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    trying to come up with a “i wish i was british” copypasta that’s like like. miss marple specifically 

    #me as a child #'i wish i lived in saint mary meade. i would play bridge all day and drink tea. i would say 'oh dear' as i investigated dead bodies found in #manor houses' etc
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  • korctyshka
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    So, as stated in my previous FC5 verse post, V gets apprehended by a small faction of the government that isn’t wholly focused on the insanity happening elsewhere as nuclear war approaches ( in canon it would have been Militech or some Corpo ) She would have been a spicy candidate to be shipped overseas to assist in the assassinations of whomever has their finger on the big red nuke button but alas. Her head is fucked from getting shot after a big job a year or so prior and it’s too big a risk to send her. Johnny pulled her out of the landfill she was thrown in and helps keep her alive. They start working together after and Johnny gets picked up and is veritably held hostage unless V complies with the governments wishes. They promise his release and the medical treatment to improve her quality of life (which is slowly slipping away~) SO she gets shipped to Hope County to play bodyguard to a Marshal that has been known to be... Aggressive.  

    (in the civilian divergence she’s sent in a year or two in advance to hang out and pose as a deputy)

    ENDGAME/NEW DAWN isn’t set in stone, but unless we plot something out prior it’ll be what I'm sticking to. V doesn’t kill any of the Seeds in my canon and only assist’s the resistance on occasion if they’re truly desperate for her help in some situation. The confrontation at Joseph’s compound never happens so V is left to her own devices. When the nuke hit’s she skedaddles down into one of the prepper bunkers she discovered while snooping around HC and hunkers down there. The placement of said bunker is up for debate, though probably not deep in the Whitetail mountains as she has been known to be considering the place gets wiped off the map. It’s a fairly standard shelter with just enough food for two people and a radio to connect with the outside world. V stuck by herself for seven years, surviving against all odds and emerging back into the world more than a little insane and with... A child? When asked by anyone she had known from before, she would tell them she had a dream about the girl and then she was simply there. There was speculation that she had been pregnant before entering the bunker, though the age of the girl was debatable. Some thought someone broke into her bunker and left the girl behind. Other suggestions were far too sinister to put too much thought into and no one wanted to question a woman who was already so disturbed. All can agree that the child is Vasya’s daughter though and is deeply beloved by her. She’s prone to wandering, unwilling to stay in one of the established compounds for as claustrophobia sets in.

    #HC. #O YEAH O YEAH #also gotta add the verse w/ remy where johnny's a DJ and hijacks the cults radio and plays v her fave songs #anyway I was going to expand on v's frame of mind but I'll save that for another post #at least to a point bc I want to keep the air of mystery #the surprise child will remain a mystery too - where did she come from?? no one will ever know #I'll eventually add this to my big fc5 verse post so everything is in One Place
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  • neonspirals
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    #neon.txt #i know im probably gonna get bored within like 2 hours of gameplay but playing it was like. my DREAM when i was what. 12? 13? #im gonna heal my inner child and pirate it
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  • enden-k
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I saw gameplay of heizou and my jaw dropped. Those martial artist artifacts suddenly makes sense now.

    i saw that too, its so cool

    #no one can replace zhongli as my main main. zhongli is eternal #but heizou might get added to my characters i mainly play if he will be as fun and enjoyable to play as it looked #which would make him the first catalyst there HAHHA #i mainly play polearm and sword ajksc (childe is the only exception so far even tho i absolutely love sniping) #i love fast paced combat so thats why im excited to try out heizou #myountalk#reply
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  • childsplay2020
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CdmOO1Hrdce/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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  • little-red-xoxo
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Fic Title: “I Like To Be Hugged” 

    Main Character: Mira Garvey (my Horror/Child’s Play OC)

    Word Count: 4561 


    Summer of 1999 - - 

    Grandma Selene was known for keeping everything, from postcards friends had sent her while visiting South America to old records her own child had had when they had been teenagers. She had also been known to go to antique auctions with friends from bridge-club, those blue haired busy bodies who brought peacan pies and swap recipes. The house smelled of homemade apple cider and wax candles. The wallpaper discolored beneath portraits and framed photos. 

    While the first floor was tidy and showed love and had that lived-in look, well cared for kitchen and updated appliances, the second floor was another story. Mira had left the cool and shady confines of the family car and had darted inside the house upon arrival. The house was warm and she had already had to strip off her jacket and even socks and shoes before long. Her bare feet sliding across the rough hallway rug as she entwined with cardboard boxes and low cedar chests that made up for most of the space. 

    “Mira! Mira please be careful!” her mother called with a sigh, shifting from one foot to another as she lost sight of her younger daughter. 

    Hadley Garvey and her husband, Brian, had once again made the trek to drop off their daughter for the summer. She opened her mouth again to beg her to come back down stairs but was interrupted by her nephew, Cullen, heaving his own sigh and dragging two bags behind him on wheels. 

    “Don’t worry auntie, I’ll go make sure she’s okay”, Cullen’s face was flushed from the summer sun and sweat was pouring down his back. He removed his sweatshirt and threw it over the top of his bag. 

    Mira was unaware of her mother or cousin’s dislike of her wandering off and not being afraid of getting a scratch or falling down. She finally made it through the tunnel of boxes, rolled up rugs and cleaning supplies and stepped into one of the bedrooms. The ladder up into the attic was in here and she stood at the bottom of the ladder and stared up at the wooden door. She heard a noise like a squirrel scurry across the floor of the attic, which was not out of the ordinary. She remembered last year, Cullen had stayed in this room. And he had begged her to switch rooms due to having nightmares about being attacked by small rodents. 

    Mira had only stepped onto the first wrung of the ladder when her cousin came around the corner, looking disgruntled and stopping in his steps when he saw what she was doing.

    “Are you insane?” he asked, eyebrow raising, “Your mother would lose her flipping mind if she saw you on that thing”. 

    “I just wanna see what grandma has up here. I’ve looked through every box in this house twice”. 

    Cullen reached out and grasped her arm gently, “Well, come say bye to your folks because they’re leaving. They’re just giving grandma the usual schepiel about making sure you don’t step on a nail”. 

    Even Cullen knew Mira’s parents were overprotective sometimes, even if he did share her mother’s sentiments or exhausted expressions. Mira gave the attic door a hopeless glance before following after her cousin. The two reached the kitchen just in time to hear a small argument breaking out. 

    “Mom…”, Hadley commented, arms firmly crossed. 

    Selene, wiping her hands on a dish towel, cocked her head, silver hair looking striking in the sunlight, “She’s going to be thirteen in three years and soon she’ll be nineteen and soon...she’ll be out on her own. I want her to have that money”. 

    Mira’s father thankfully spotted the two ten year old’s and clapped his hands, “Hey you two, find anything interesting?” 

    The conversation stopped there and both of the kids shrugged. Mira came further into the kitchen and her dad put his hand on the top of her head, ruffling her hair.

    “Nothing exciting. Grandma’s cleaning again”, she remarked.

    Brian Hadley dropped down on one knee and clasped her hands, “I promise once I start this new job next month, you can go to summer camp next year with Darcy and Quinn”. 

    Mira gave her dad a small smile. She had been born at home because her parents couldn’t afford the hospital bill. She had to share a room with Darcy and Quinn while her older siblings had gotten their own rooms. She had hand-me-downs from her sisters as well. Even if her oldest siblings were the apples of their eyes, her dad always made the effort to at least inspire hope in her. 

    Hadley gave her mother a glance of ‘i’ll call you later’ before moving to hug her daughter and telling her to behave and stay close to her cousin if she goes off exploring. Mira promised, catching Cullen’s eye and seeing the more tired exasperation on his face. Ever since she broke her leg and didn’t cry two years ago, they wouldn’t let her forget it. 


    By late afternoon, parents having left, her grandmother had made lunch and left them a batch of brownies to nibble at and left them to wander the house and the yard while she ran to the grocery store, the sun was baking behind some clouds. Mira and Cullen had wandered down to the creek to splash in the water and had even gotten the bright idea to bring the hose and attach the extra extension hose as well. It was muddy and heavy by the time they wandered back to the house but worth it in the end. Cullen had stopped to lean against one of the trees in the yard and his eyes were fixed on the small attic window. The glare of the sun caught something for a moment but sweeping his fingers across his brow, rubbing his eyes, there was nothing. It was the heat, it was always playing tricks. Especially on days like today.  He waved it off as his imagination melting away like an ice cream cone and followed Mira in drying his feet before entering the house. 

    The house had cooled off to a reasonable enough temperature, at least they weren’t sweating as much. Mira had disappeared back upstairs, leaving Cullen to pour himself a glass of milk and walk around the empty downstairs. It was unsettling to say the least. He heard the sounds of movement above him and decided to get changed out of his swimming trunks and go find his cousin. Upon getting to the second floor, the sounds were still overhead and it startled him into a panic and he began to fast walk down the hallway and the sounds seemed to follow him.

    “Ah, Cullen! What are you doing?!” 

    Mira’s voice made him pale as he bumped into her upon turning the corner. He was holding the glass of milk firmly in his hands, skin pale as a sheet. His brown eyes goggling at her, nearly bugging out.

    “What am I doing? What are you doing? Running up and down like that!” Cullen was breathless, checking his neck. 

    Mira’s olive green eyes blinked, hugging her blanket close to her chest, “You’re a looney toon. I was getting changed and going downstairs to watch TV…”, she paused however, noting his face and glancing towards the direction of the attic, “Grandma Selene has mice or something. I heard scurrying earlier”. 

    “You’re not afraid to sleep in there?” Cullen eyed the bedroom over her shoulder. 

    Mira had been told not-so inventive stories from older cousins about how their grandfather, Patrick, had died in the house from kidney failure. None of it was true. It was just to scare the younger kids and make them stay in bed so they didn’t ruin watching movies. Cullen had believed half of the stories and always scared himself silly. 

    “Just squirrels trying to find their acorns among old clothes and dusty furniture”, she pat his shoulder genuinely and moved to go down stairs. 

    Cullen hurried to dry off and get into clean clothes, nearly spilling his milk running to join Mira in the living room some ten minutes later. 


    Mira’s mother did not call that night and her grandmother looked almost too relieved by it. Money seemed to be a sore subject in the family. Some parts of the family were well off and lived cushy type lives in suburbs and other parts of the family were struggling financially and either took money that was offered or fended for themselves. Mira wasn’t dumb and knew her parents were always stressed about being able to give their children whatever they wanted but realized they’d spoiled the older kids and once Mira had been born...well..

    Selene let the kids take cookies and hot chocolate to bed with them and had even found two small tv’s to set up in their rooms. She stopped by Mira’s room on her way to bed; Cullen was already snoring softly in the room across the hall. Mira was looking through a photo album she’d found and saw her grandmother come in. She smiled softly and sat down at the edge of the bed.

    “You really wanted to go to camp huh kiddo?” Her face seemed older now. 

    Mira’s cheeks blushed and she gave her a rather small smile, “Abigail got to go to mom’s favorite summer camp. Connor got to go on a rock climbing trip. Quinn is at music camp. Darcy goes to day camp with her friends”, she paused, “I was hoping this year I could go. Everyone else got to start going when they were ten”, she pointed out. 

    Selene tilted her head to the side and reached out, brushing her hair out of her granddaughter’s face, “Well maybe camp will be even better when you’re eleven”, she gave her a cheery grin, “And we’ll make this summer one of the best ones”, she paused, contemplating something, “I just like having you and Cullen around. It makes the house feel...alive again”.

    Mira could see the tears welling up in her grandmother’s eyes. She leaned over and hugged her, something that made Selene allow herself to shed a couple of tears before wiping them quickly away. Mira was one of the kindest souls there were. She kissed her forehead and wished her a good night before heading to bed. 

    That night there were some movements from the attic. But nothing the kids hadn’t heard before. Cullen had awoken from sleep to use the bathroom and froze every time the floorboards would creak. He shuffled himself back to bed hurriedly, telling himself the squirrels were just looking for their acorns. Nothing more. 


    The following day, Selene took the kids to a few shops and out to lunch and even took them to a movie matinee. The summer heat had built up and all three were sweating and begging for air conditioning. Cullen and Mira were good at entertaining themselves in the car ride to and from town and for that, she was grateful. The kids decided to make a fort in the small old formal living room and play card games until dinner. Mira had been curious about the attic and thinking about what was up there that she could go through. Her grandmother’s antiques were always fun to go through. She had wanted to spend the day exploring but had been thwarted by her cousin, who had asked their grandmother to take them with her into town. As she ate her chicken parm and dinner rolls, Mira’s brain was running like a hamster wheel. Her grandmother noticed and smiled, sipping her sweet lemonade. She mentioned being careful and taking a flashlight with her without mentioning the topic. Cullen wished their grandmother wouldn’t encourage his cousin’s habits. 

    Mira’s mother did call after dinner and ice cream and Mira and Cullen had bolted upstairs with VHS tapes and a board game before their grandmother started speaking on the phone, in what would be a three hour heated argument. The rest of the evening was drowning out the phone conversation with old scooby-doo cartoons and Back to the Future while struggling through a fifth round of Monopoly. 

    Cullen hated that Mira’s room was a bit bigger so they were set up in there. His eyes never leaving the wooden door of the attic. Afraid something might snake down or climb down from the dark at any moment. He swore something would move whenever Mira was out of the room or if she moved. It made his skin go cold.

    “Take me with you next time you get up”, Cullen said, seemingly out of the blue. 

    “Ew, no. I’m not taking you into the bathroom with me”, Mira almost laughed but thought better of it. 

    Cullen moved closer to her upon hearing the scurrying again, this time it was light and right above them now. Mira glanced up at the ceiling, almost in interest. She put her hand on his shoulder, giving him a reassuring look. 

    “I’m not going to let anything hurt you”, Mira told him, “Not even if it’s a big fat squirrel or skunk or whatever decided to live in the attic”.

    Cullen almost seemed to get annoyed at her, frowning, “Why aren’t you scared? You’re never scared! Why aren’t you worried o-or…”, he swallowed a bit. 

    Mira squeezed his shoulder a bit more gently, making him calm himself down. He seemed to realize how dumb he sounded. But he was supposed to be watching out for her, for goodness sake! Even if they were two months apart in age...he was still technically older! 

    The subject was dropped once more and getting ready for bed commenced some thirty minutes later. Selene kissed them both good night and took down their empty hot chocolate cups before leaving them to fall asleep. Cullen kept his TV on low but was out not two minutes later, Mira falling asleep not long after. The two sleeping soundly, save for waking to use the bathroom around two or three in the morning. 

    Cullen never went back to sleep after his second run to the bathroom and heard the same thumping and movements. This time it sounded more like boxes rather than scratching. Grabbing his flashlight, he walked into Mira’s room. She had been lightly dozing off when he shined the light in her face. Mira stuck up her hand, squinting harshly. She grunted his name and sat up, demanding to know what he was doing. 

    “I...I keep hearing…”, he shined the flashlight towards the ladder towards the attic, “I heard boxes this time...not just the usual you know…”.

    Mira eyed the ladder up to the attic. Anyone else would have been annoyed by her cousin’s childish fears and stuttering, waking them up like this but she couldn’t find a better opportunity to explore the attic space. She tried not to show too much of her glee as she climbed out of bed and grabbed her own flashlight. The two crossed the room to the ladder and Mira took the lead a bit more eagerly than Cullen would have liked but he followed her regardless. 

    The attic was more or less your mundane storage space with boxes, furniture, and still wrapped in plastic antiques. But the only source of light came from the flashlights and it made shadows grow in size along the walls. Rows of upside down tables or sheet covered chairs. Boxes labelled or with faded handwriting. Cullen’s hand was clutched around the back of Mira’s pajama shirt as they crept along. There were a few mouse traps up here but the cheese had long since disappeared or were hard as a rock and  cobwebs lined the floorboards. 

    The wind whistled against the roof of the attic and Cullen jumped, Mira quietly shushing him and to keep him calm. She smiled and held her flashlight up and put her hand on his shoulder. She opened her mouth to tell him there was nothing up here, that he was letting his imagination run wild when the door to the attic thumped closed. Both children jumped at the noise, Mira more out of surprise and Cullen gave a whimper. 

    Mira started back towards where they’d come from but Cullen grabbed her arm, “Mira don’t-”

    “What? It’s nothing”, She reassured him.

    “Mira there is something up here with us and that door was laying flat-”, Cullen’s voice was trembling and he spoke quickly. 

    Mira could feel the hairs on her neck prickle and she continued to march back towards the door of the attic. Cullen, eyes focused on his cousin, tripped over the leg of an end table and tripped, his flashlight roling across the floor. Mira turned around and came to his side, bending down to help him up. Shining her flashlight to find where his flashlight had gone, she noticed something sitting in a rocking chair. 

    “Oh-!” Mira gave a small squeak of surprise. 

    “Mira!” Cullen hissed, getting on his hands and knees. 

    Mira squeezed between the two end tables and an old magazine rack. She picked up the flashlight and handed it to her cousin. Cullen reached for it and smacked it a couple of times before the bulb came to life again. Lifting the flashlight to follow her movements, he moved to follow her but stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes on the doll sitting in the rocking chair. Mira had come to stand near it, their flashlights both illuminating it. 

    The doll had a thick head of red-orange hair, freckles adorned it’s round cheeked face. Bright blue eyes looked back at them unblinkingly. Despite it’s friendly appearance, Cullen stayed right where he was. The doll seemed out of place in the attic, despite all sorts of toys and games in boxes and on shelves downstairs. Mira approached the doll and it’s head swiveled in her direction, still with it’s smiling charismatic nature. 

    “Mira, we should go”, Cullen whispered, “Mira”. 

    But Mira didn’t seem to answer him, she bent down by the chair and got closer to the doll. Waving her hand in front of it’s face. As though on cue, the doll spoke, 

    “I like to be hugged!” it chimed happily.

    Cullen grabbed the front of his pajama shirt, breathing deeply, “Fudgey bananas! Mira! Can we please go?” he hissed again.

    Mira smiled however, keeping her flashlight steady as she stood and picked up the doll. It had to be at least three feet tall. It reminded her of the large teddy bears at the county fairs. She turned to face her cousin. 

    “You’ve got to be kidding me”, he breathed, shaking his head.

    “Finders keepers”, Mira looked pleased with herself.

    Cullen rolled his eyes, wondering if his heart rate would ever be normal again, “You can keep him. I’d rather we found the lost city of Atlantis up here”, he commented. 

    The kids were able to open the attic door easily enough before scampering back down the ladder. Cullen only had to hold the doll for a few minutes while Mira climbed down and shut the door again. He thrusted the doll back at her once she was down and he turned his flashlight off. Mira set the doll on her bed, setting her own flashlight aside.

    “Are you okay to go back to bed? You can stay in here with me”, Mira offered.

    Cullen shook his head. The adventure up into the attic had been enough adventure for him to last the rest of the year. Something about the doll gave him the willies and he’d seen Jaws when he’d been six. 

    “Just go to bed okay?” Cullen offered in a small voice, looking worried.

    “I will. Night Cullen”, Mira smiled, half waving.

    “Night, Mira”, Cullen shut her bedroom behind him before crossing the hallway and heading back to his room. Despite being alone again, he swore the doll was still watching him. 


    Mira turned back to the doll once the door was shut and leaned on the bed, almost fascinated that it could talk. She had never been one for actual dolls like the ‘ms. potty train Polly’ or the Barbie dolls and their corvettes. But this doll seemed special to her. He had the logo Good Guy stitched to the front of his overalls, as well as the same logo on the bottom of his red sneakers. 

    “Good Guy…”, she drew her finger across the lettering, her olive green eyes lighting up with curiosity, “I’m Mira, it’s very nice to meet you”, she spoke, wondering if the doll would speak again. Wondering if the battery was just a fluke or it was a one time response type of deal. 

    The doll’s attention was once again on her, “Hi, I’m Chucky. And I’m your friend till the end. Hidey Ho!” it laughed in good fun. 

    Mira pressed her hands to her face, stifling her giggles. She hadn’t really smiled in the past few weeks. The disappointment of not being able to go to summer camp had left her feeling a bit down. But this was lifting her spirits. Perhaps this was much better than summer camp. Hearing her grandmother coming to check on them caused her to gasp softly and climb back into bed, tucking the doll in her arms and shutting off her flashlight. Beneath the covers, the doll's pupils dilated, shifting and looking towards the little girl holding him. 


    The next morning, Mira happily carried the doll in her arms into the kitchen to show her grandmother. Cullen had been up before her, eating his cereal and nearly dropping his spoon as soon as he spotted her with the doll. Selene just smiled, pulling out orange juice.

    “Look what I found!” Mira commented, “Cullen and I heard squirrels in the attic and we found him sitting in one of the chairs”. 

    Selene stepped closer, putting her reading glasses over her face, “Ah! A Good Guy doll! He was huge in the 80’s. Sylivia and Georginia took me to some auction or what have you last year. I can’t remember what all they were selling but he was up there and I couldn’t resist. He must have gotten put in the attic when your uncles were here moving furniture for me”. 

    She paused again, pouring her a glass of juice, 

    “So, does he have a name?” She smiled. 

    Mira nodded happily but the doll spoke almost at once, “Hi, I’m Chucky! And I’m your friend till the end! Hidey Ho!” the same innocent laugh came and then a long pause before speaking again, “I like to be hugged!” 

    Both Mira and Selene laughed at that but Cullen stirred his cereal, eyes never leaving the doll. Mira had set the doll in the chair next to hers and got up to get a poptart and he swore the doll was looking at him, directly. 

    “Grandma, I don’t like him”, Cullen commented. 

    “Oh Cullen, sweetie. It’s just a doll”, Selene shook her head, “You can eat in the living room and watch cartoons alright? Go on, both of you”.

    Cullen let Mira go ahead of him with the doll and her breakfast before following her. He sat away from her as much as possible while they watched TV. Mira wasn’t talking to the doll or acting girly about it by any means. She was sitting and watching their show with interest but the doll was still out of place at her side. 

    “Hey, wanna play?” the doll spoke up amidst a commercial break. 

    “No-”, Cullen responded, though it was a jumpy response at best, having not expected the doll to even talk without Mira interacting with it. 

    “Oh--! Cullen! We can take Chucky up to the tree house out back--”, Mira looked excited, eyes going bright.

    Cullen shook his head, “You can go. I don’t feel like doing anything today”. He was actually rather tired after their adventure up into the attic and he’d had dreams about the doll and the attic and of Mira breaking her leg again. He would rather sit on the couch all day than go outside. He smiled helpfully however, noticing her look of concern, “You have fun okay?” 

    Mira smiled and got up to put her dishes in the sink. Chucky continued to unblinkingly look at him and he heard the eyes click once or twice. He was ready to throw a pillow at the doll but Mira returned and he thought better of it. She picked up the doll and carried him upstairs to get dressed. A skip in her step the whole way. 


    The weather out that day was cloudy and not as warm or as humid. Mira wore her jacket and even a pair of jeans. She carried Chucky up to the tree house. It had been built about four years ago for the younger kids but Mira was the only one who ever really liked it. She felt like she was on top of the world whenever she would climb up and sit by the window with a book or just coloring. She had a box of crayons and some scraps of paper up here and she dug them out the box she kept. Propping Chucky up against the beanbag chair, she began to draw him and her together. 

    The words scrawled around the edges of the paper read best friends forever in plum purple. 

    Mira smiled and held up the drawing to show the doll. The doll only blinked twice and gave the happy declaration, “I’m your friend till the end!” and chuckled. 

    Mira giggled at that and began to pull out more paper and made a day of just coloring. Chucky’s blue eyes looking around almost with keen interest but staying perfectly still and letting her squeeze his middle in hugs or declaration of happy glee at having a playmate. 

    Mira spent the majority of the day outside with the doll, to the point her grandmother had to coax her inside for lunch and at least play indoors. Mira brought her drawing things indoors with her, which had been decidedly a good idea, as it began to rain an hour or so later. 


    Cullen had, begrudgingly, allowed himself to sit next to Mira on the floor while they played video games together. Chucky was in Mira’s arms, she hadn’t let the doll out of her sight the whole day. She would sit him beside her or show him her drawings or carry him almost as delicately as a small kitten. She had owned many stuffed animals, yes. Had even adorned and smothered many a teddy bear with wet kisses or cried herself to sleep against them. But dolls had never been an immediate go to. Cullen chalked it up to her needing to make herself feel better and decided that perhaps the doll wasn’t as scary as he first thought....


    (Fin / )

    [ the events that follow shortly after is Cullen realizing Chucky has been moving around/can move around on his own outside of Mira carrying him and Mira doesn’t believe him. He can’t convince her otherwise either. Cullen doesn’t do anything outside of throwing a pillow at Chucky at one point and he and Mira sort of distance themselves from each other slowly over the rest of the summer just so they can cool off and not fight.]

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    “Can I get like 5 more of these little blonde bitches?”

    Paris Hilton

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  • mossbian
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    my enemy coworker got fired recently and like. ethically i guess it’s bad bc i don’t think businesses should be able to fire people the way she was fired. but at the same time she was so evil. any time a child cried in the grocery store we work in (bright loud confusing place they have no choice but to be in) she would talk about hurting them. and i’m simply crying at the memory of it. they’re just babies they don’t get anything yet :(

    #meanwhile my other coworker played peekaboo w a child for literally half an hour bc it’s fun.
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