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  • honeyhotteoks
    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    ateez masterlist ☆゚.

    [f] fluff || [s] smut || [a] angst || [sugg] suggestive || [tw] serious trigger warnings

    ot8 stand alones / reactions / imagines:  ateez as boyfriends: hyung line | maknae line

    ot8 multichapter into the aurora - reader x ot8 multi-chapter fic where after getting stranded after a concert you meet the boys and just never leave [f] [s] [sugg] [a] [tw] (AO3 Link) (in progress)

    kim hongjoong nothing yet…

    park seonghwa nothing yet…

    jeong yunho treasure - featuring woo + san. foursome, use of safe word [s] [f] [tw] meeting someone new - a kind stranger helps get a creep away from you at a bar [f] injured-you’re a dancer with kq, but when you fall and seriously injure yourself during practice, yunho reacts and makes your relationship known [a] [f]  losing time - the morning yunho leaves for tour, you take comfort in each other [f] [a] [s] together - companion piece to losing time, yunho comes home [f] [a] he knows he loves you - the first 'i love you' imagine with yunho summer nights - college roommate au with yunho, a frustrated couple in quarantine [f] [sugg] [s]

    kang yeosang nothing yet…

    choi san treasure - featuring woo + yunho. foursome, use of safe word [s] [f] [tw]

    song mingi nothing yet…

    jung wooyoung treasure - featuring yunho + san. foursome, use of safe word [s] [f] [tw]

    choi jongho nothing yet…

    ateez hard hours asks and answers

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  • dailykoreanpop
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    [220527] Wonderwall ArtLab’s official twitter update:

    [ @ATEEZofficial X Wonderwall Edition]
    🔗 bit.ly/3lh1l5H
    ATEEZ X Wonderwall Edition Unit Photo Reveal ✨
    ㄴ That handsome one over there~٩(๑'o'๑)۶
    📅 ~ 5.30 23:39 (KST)
    Exclusively at Wonderwall

    Credit: WdwlArtlab 

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  • lokai-fi
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Little Nightmares

    Ateez Headcanon - How they react when they wake up form a nightmare

    Don’t know where this came from but happy friday <3


    Hongjoong’s nightmares are about everything and nothing all at once

    He wakes up with a jolt but immediately checks on you, to see if he’s woken you up

    When you do happen to wake up from a sudden jolt next to you, your hands are already moving towards him 

    depending on how bad the nightmare was is how he reacts

    If it wasn’t the worst, then he’ll curl up into you, head on your chest, and fall asleep to your heartbeat while your fingers trace over his arm

    If it was real bad, he’ll cling to you like you’re his last breath

    He’ll talk about it if he wants to but more often than not he stays silent

    A simple “They’re okay.” and other reassuring words calm him enough

    He eventually falls back asleep but def plan for some naps throughout the day


    Jolts straight up every time

    Takes him a solid to minute to realize he’s awake and not in another nightmare

    and to realize your arms are already wrapped around him, placing soft and sleepy kisses to his shoulder

    He’ll turn into you immediately

    Forcing you both back down as he lays on top of you, peppering your face with kisses till you giggle and call out his name

    He does it as a way to thank you, but more so for his own sanity

    He can’t still be in a nightmare when your voice puts him at ease


    Can count the amount of nightmares he’s had on a single hand

    so when he does have one, it’s very shocking for him

    poor man wakes up with tears in his eyes because he just doesn’t understand what’s happening

    feels bad about it but will always wake you up because he just needs your comfort

    will most definitely plan a movie and nap date for the next day to make up for it


    He warned you about them when you first started sleeping over

    You brushed it off though, thinking it was just like the ones you would have when you were a kid

    So needless to say you were very surprised when he started tossing and turning, grumbling under his breath

    The kicker was when his hand smacked you across the face

    He wakes in an instant when you shout his name and he already knows what happened when he sees you clutching your cheek.

    Pulls you into his lap and apologizes profusely, pressing kiss after kiss on your forehead and ignoring his shaking hands

    Refuses to go back to sleep after that

    Will absolutely spoil you the next day despite your protests


    Nightmares are rare for him 

    But when they happen, they terrify him

    He’ll wake with a start and immediately scramble to your side of the bed

    Wraps his arms around you as tight as he can and buries his face in whatever part of you is closest

    He’ll tell you about it once he’s truly calmed down

    Coming to accept the fact that monsters from Men In Black most likely aren’t going to take you away from him 

    At least not anytime soon


    You can always tell when the nightmares will be around before you two go to sleep

    Usually Mingi’s had a rough day so you try to ease his anxiety before bed with his favorites

    Sometimes it’s a movie, sometimes it’s a massage and sometimes you just run your hands through his hair till he drifts off

    Mingi wakes up with a shout and sits up, on rare occasions he’s even jumped out of bed entirely

    He’ll panic until he feels your touch, whether it’s him reaching for you or vice versa

    It’ll take him a while to fall back asleep but he needs to hold onto you for the rest of the night


    Just kind of sits there once he wakes up

    If you didn’t wake up with him...

    You’re going to wake up now

    Throws himself on top of you and hugs you as tight as he can, muttering something about a nightmare

    will pester you to not fall back asleep and talk to him

    in the sweetest ways though

    plants tiny kisses everywhere and whispers things he wanted to tell you throughout the day

    you’re still too sleepy to notice that this is his way of calming himself down

    100% makes you breakfast in the morning


    Wakes up instantly but doesn’t really move

    Just kind of processes the whole thing

    But then he turns to you

    He’ll pull you in, wrapping his arms around you, entangling his legs with yours

    anything just to be as close to you as he can

    It grounds him

    Always able to fall right back asleep as long as he has you there

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  • btswriter112
    27.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Unexpected/ 4

    Pairing- Jongho x Named Reader

    Word count- 5.3k

    Includes- cockwarming, riding, interrupted sex, confrontation, sleepy sex, cuddling sex, fluff

    *gif is from Google

    Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 5

    Two months later

    Jongho POV

    "So you think you're going to win an award?", she asks, her eyes looking down at me

    I shrug, my fingers dancing along her hips, "Maybe. I don't know"

    She snaps her fingers in my face and I move my gaze to hers

    "Focus baby"

    I raise my eyebrow at her, "It's kinda hard to focus when I'm buried inside you princess"

    "You wanted this", she reminds me

    Yeah I did

    We tried cockwarming a few weeks ago and I fucking love it

    Now we do it every time I see her and it works in any position

    This time I'm laying down and she's sitting on top of me, like she's going to ride me

    Which she will later

    I'm buried inside her warm pulsing pussy, the constant throbbing keeping me hard, my cock drenched in her juice

    I fucking love it

    She made me get naked, telling me she wants to oogle me while she sits and I love the fact that my girlfriend likes looking at my body

    She's teasing me, keeping just her shirt on, her hard nipples straining against the fabric

    She lets me touch them for a few seconds before she pushes my hands away

    We try to talk while sitting like this but it's hard and we end up having sex when one of us can't take it anymore

    She's been sitting on me for awhile and I'm getting there

    But I have something I want to ask her before we get to that

    "What's the matter baby?", she asks, softly touching my cheek

    I close my eyes for a second against her touch

    I love when she touches me

    Her hands are so small, so soft and it feels so amazing anytime her hands are on me

    She can touch me anywhere and I'll love it but my favorite is when she touches my face, her hand against my cheek

    She knows it's my favorite and she always does it for me

    Opening my eyes to her concerned face, I just smile, "Nothing's wrong jagi. I just want to ask you something"

    "So ask"

    Slowly running my hands up and down her sides, I start talking, hoping she doesn't just flat out refuse

    "Well you know we have the MAMA awards this weekend right?"

    She nods, "Duh Jonghie, I was just asking you about that"

    I know she was but I was a little preoccupied

    "Well, I uh want to know if you want to come with me?"

    Her breath hitches, surprise in her eyes, "You want me to go with you?"

    I nod, "Yeah. I want you to be in the car with me and walk with me on the red carpet. Sit with me during the show, come backstage when we have to perform. I want you there"

    I thought about this the entire month

    There are drawbacks, the definite fight I'm going to get in with Wooyoung, what ATINYS will say

    And the only thing I kept coming to was that I don't care

    I love her and I want her with me

    I'm tired of hiding her, of sneaking around

    She's mine and I want her at performances, photo shoots, events, practices, recordings, anything I have to do, I want her there

    And this is a good way to announce that I have a girlfriend

    She hesitates, "Is that a good idea Jonghie? What about the company? What about Wooyoung?"

    I already knew she'd ask these questions so I thought about the answers

    "I think it is a good idea princess. It'll be clear to everyone that you're my girlfriend. I already asked the managers and they agreed to it. I'm not saying they're happy about it but they're letting me take you if you want to go", I explain, "And don't worry about Wooyoung. I'll handle him"

    "Jonghie no. I don't want you to fight with him. I don't want to get in-between your friendship. Or get you on the manager's bad side"

    Sitting up, I look into her gorgeous eyes, pushing her long hair from her face

    "I don't care Jo. I love you so much and I'm going to fight for you. I don't want to hide you, I want the world to know that I have a gorgeous amazing girl that I love more than anything. I'm ok with Wooyoung and the managers getting mad at me. They'll get over it eventually."

    And if they don't, too bad

    I know this is a big step but I'm not afraid to take it

    I wanted her the moment I laid eyes on her and I waited over three years for her

    I'm not letting her go

    It's also a big step for her

    Wooyoung hid her for three years

    She came to some performances, some photo shoots but for the most part he just saw her at her apartment or the dorm

    She's not used to being in the center of attention but I'll be there with her to take care of her

    "So do you want to come with me?", I ask hopefully

    A huge smile bursts on her face, "Yeah baby. I want to go with you. I love you so much"

    I smile, happiness filling my body

    She leans down, her lips crashing into mine, her arms around my neck

    The kiss gets heated the longer it goes on, her tongue playing with mine

    I grab her shirt pulling it up her body

    "Do we have time?", she asks breaking the kiss and I want nothing more but her lips back against mine

    I glance at the clock quickly, "Yeah. Two hours before they come back"

    I snuck her into the dorm again when the guys said they're going out to eat, then to watch the new Spiderman movie

    I told them I was tired and wanted to stay home

    "How do you know?", she asks as I pull her shirt off and toss it on the floor

    "Because they said the movie started at nine thirty and it's like two hours. It's nine forty now", I answer

    We'll be done by then and she'll leave with time to spare

    I can't wait until everyone knows about her so she can start staying over and I can stay at her place

    I hate when she or I have to leave and I have to sleep alone

    She nods, "Ok baby"

    Her lips are back on mine, her fingers in my hair as she starts to bounce

    Pleasure fills every fucking cell in my body and I hold onto her hips, helping her fuck me faster

    She's so wet she's completely drenching my lap with me loving every fucking second

    Tearing my lips from hers, I give her kisses all over her neck, listening to her moans

    The next slide up my length, I shift her a little and my head hits her spot when she comes back down, her shouts getting louder

    "I know where my baby's spot is", I smirk

    I can find it in a matter of seconds with my fingers and my cock, giving her so much pleasure

    I love making her cum, love feeling her, love watching her and I want to make each orgasm amazing

    I figured out everything she likes and I give it to her all the time

    "Be a good girl and fuck your spot baby"

    Ever since she asked me to be rougher we have sex both ways, normally starting out fast and hard, then slowing down into making love

    Sometimes we just make love, sometimes we just fuck but we both found out we like a combination of the two the best

    She moves faster, slamming down and grinding on me with every bounce

    I love watching her move, it's fucking mesmerizing

    "Yes princess. Such a good girl", I praise her

    Every clench sends pleasure down my spine and we get lost in each other

    She's close, I can tell by how hard she's spasming around me

    "Yes baby, yes. Cum for me"

    Suddenly I hear yelling and she's pulled off of me, all pleasure stopping suddenly

    What the fuck?

    "What the fuck are you doing?", I hear Wooyoung shriek

    Oh fuck

    He's home

    Why is he home?

    He's supposed to be at the movie

    Instead he's in my room, gripping her arm so tightly and staring at me in complete disbelief

    "Wooyoung let go", she says, trying to pull away from him but his grip just gets tighter

    It's taking me a second to process what's happening

    "You're hurting me", she whimpers and that snaps me into action

    "Get off of her", I yell, getting up and moving towards them

    He stands in front of her, not letting go

    "What the fuck are you doing?", he yells, "You're fucking her? Her? Out of every girl in the world why her?"

    "Let go of her", I growl, getting angrier at the pain on her face

    "Answer me!", he yells

    "I said let go of my girlfriend!", I roar, so fucking angry

    He lets go, staring at me in shock

    Ignoring him, I move right to her, pulling her in my arms, checking her

    Rage builds when I see the red mark of his fingerprints he left around her arm upper arm

    He hurt her

    He hurt my girl

    He left his fingerprints on her skin

    And I want to kill him

    Instead I glare at him, "Don't ever fucking touch her again"

    "You need to tell me why you're naked and fucking her right now"

    "She's my girlfriend", I snap

    I turn to her, "Are you ok jagi?"

    She nods, "It hurts a little but I'm ok baby"

    "Jongho!", he yells

    "What?", I shout, looking back at him

    "What the fuck do you mean what? Why is she here? Why is she on top of you? Why are you fucking her?", he bellows

    "Get out", I snarl

    "Jongho don't fuck with me"

    "Get out and let us get dressed first", I yell

    "Fine", he growls, "Hurry up"

    He leaves the room, slamming my door closed

    "Jonghie", she whispers

    "It'll be ok baby. I promise", I assure her

    It will be ok because I'm not letting her go

    "Let's get dressed ok?", I tell her, "I'll go talk to him and you stay here"

    "I don't know Jonghie. I should explain to him-"

    "You don't have to explain jagi. But let me talk to him first before you do ok? He hurt your arm and if he tries anything again, I'm going to kill him"

    "Don't Jonghie. He was surprised. He didn't mean it ok? Don't fight because of me. Please"

    I nod

    For her I won't go off

    We both get dressed, then she sits on the bed

    "I'll be back ok aegi?"

    She nods and I lean down giving, her a reassuring kiss

    Opening my door, I step out and close it

    San is standing in his doorway

    "What you're doing is fucked up"

    I roll my eyes

    Right because what Wooyoung did to her isn't?

    She's not with him and she wasn't any of the times we were together

    She made it clear to him that they were over

    It's his own fault for hurting her

    If he wasn't so stupid he'd still have her

    "Jongho", San says, moving in front of me, "You have to stop whatever this is with her. He loves her."

    I had enough

    "So do I", I snap, surprise filling his eyes, "And she loves me. This isn't a fling or just fucking. It's so much more than that"

    Going around him, I continue to walk looking for Wooyoung

    I find him in the living room, pacing back and forth

    "What the fuck are you doing?", he growls

    I lean against the wall, crossing my arms

    "Why are you fucking her?"

    "I'm not"

    "I saw-", he starts

    "It's not just sex. I love her. I've always been in love with her. But she was with you and I shoved those feelings away."

    "So the second something happens between us, you worm your way in?"

    I snort, "That something was you fucking another girl and getting caught. That something was you ripping her heart out, hurting her behind belief. And I didn't worm my way into anything. I didn't say anything to her about how I felt for her."

    "Then how the fuck are you telling me she's your girlfriend?", he shouts

    "I went to check on her about a week after you hurt her. To see if she was ok, if she needed anything. You knew I went there"

    "Yeah to talk to her not take her from me!"

    Is he serious?

    I didn't take her from him

    He took her from him when he decided to shove his dick in some slut who knew he had a girlfriend

    "First, I didn't take her from you. You're dumb ass did that all on your own", I snap, "Second, I did talk to her. She was crying over you. She was depressed and she was so exhausted because she couldn't sleep after what you did. I told her to try to take a nap and I'd leave. She didn't want me to"

    He pinches the bridge of his nose, "You took a nap with her?"

    "It didn't start that way. I told her I'd stay until she fell asleep then I was leaving. I didn't mean to fall asleep but I did. When we woke up she kissed me and we-"

    "Fucked", he finishes, anger blazing in his eyes

    It wasn't like that but I doubt he'll see a difference

    "I told her it wasn't a good idea, I asked her if she was sure and she said yes"

    "So you take that as an invitation to sleep with her?"

    I mean I knew I shouldn't have done it but she was there, looking at me with want, telling me she wanted me and I always wanted her and I gave in

    And at that point it was the best night of my life

    I just shrug at him

    He's not going to care about my feelings for her, so I'm not going to explain why I was with her that time

    "And what? That was it? That was enough for her to want to be with you?"

    I roll my eyes "No you idiot. After that I didn't see her for three months. Whatever you were doing to get her back wasn't working. That's not my fault. She called me asking to talk to me so I went to her apartment to talk. And we ended up together again. It wasn't planned, it just happened"

    "Sure", he says, glaring at me in disgust

    "Believe what you want. Those first two times weren't planned. The third time wasn't planned either. Every time after that was though"

    His mouth drops open, "How long has this been going on Jongho?"

    "Eight months, give or take"

    "Eight?", he chokes out, "You're the reason why I couldn't get her back"

    "Wrong", I snap, "The reason you couldn't get her back was because you fucked some girl. You do remember that right? You cheated on her in the worst way possible?"

    "Of course I remember! But I was trying to make up for it. I was trying to do anything to show her how much I love her but she was too busy with you!"

    I shake my head, "No. We didn't see each other as often as you're thinking. She wasn't always busy with me. She just couldn't forgive what you did"

    He really thinks that it's my fault she couldn't forgive him


    He's not accepting that it was his fault and he's looking to put the blame anywhere

    It just happens to be me

    "These last two months you couldn't get her back was because of me", I snap

    He narrows his eyes, "What the fuck does that mean? What happened two months ago?"

    "She told me she loves me"

    "WHAT?", he shouts, "She...she didn't"

    Christ is it so hard for him to believe she loves me?

    Like there's something wrong with me

    "Yes she did", I argue, "I didn't say a damn thing to her about my feelings the whole time. She told me she loves me on her own. She's in love with me just like I am with her and she wants to be with me. She picked me."

    "Fuck you Jongho!", he yells

    I do feel bad for him but I refuse to feel bad for being with her

    For loving her

    He lost her on his own

    I will never be that stupid

    "She and I are together Wooyoung. I love her more than anything and she loves me the same. I'm sorry it hurts you but it's your own fault she left you. It's not mine and it's not hers. It's yours"

    "You're an asshole"

    Maybe but I can't be without her

    Not anymore

    I have her love, it's amazing and I'm never letting go

    I'm sorry that he's upset and hurt, I know what it's like to love someone who doesn't love you back but I can't do anything about that

    "I'm letting you know now that I'm taking her to the MAMA awards with me"

    His mouth drops open in disbelief

    "What? No you're not. The managers will never allow it"

    "I already talked to them and they agreed. She said yes, she's coming. I'm not hiding her"

    He shakes his head, "Bring her here, I want to talk to her"

    He wants to talk to her, fine

    But it's under my rules

    "I'll bring her but you don't touch her. Don't go near her."

    "What the-"

    "No", I interrupt him, "You already hurt her. You left a red mark on her arm with your fingerprints. You're not going to hurt her again. The only reason I didn't come out here and knocked you out is because she asked me not to"

    "I'm not scared of you", he snarls

    "I didn't say you had to be. I just said that if you ever touch her, hurt her again, I'm going to punch you in your fucking face"

    I'm dead serious

    The anger I felt when she said he was hurting her, when I saw the marks on her is something I never felt before

    I wanted to snap but he was so lucky that I had to make sure she was ok first

    He doesn't say anything, just glares at me

    "Did you hear me?", I snap

    I will not bring her out unless he agrees to stay away

    I'm not risking her getting hurt again

    "Yes I heard you! Get her!"

    Turning away from him, I leave the living room towards my room

    "Do you really love her?", Yunho asks me as he comes to his door

    "Yes I do", I answer

    Opening my door, her head snaps up to me

    She looks nervous

    Sitting next to her, I tuck some hair behind her ear, "He wants to talk to you"

    She nods, "Are you staying with me?"

    I nod, "I will unless you tell me to leave"

    "Ok", she says quietly

    We both stand up and I take her hand with her holding tightly onto mine

    "It's ok jagi. I love you"

    "I love you Jonghie"

    We get back to the living room, Wooyoung immediately looks at our hands, anger taking over his face

    "Seriously Joanne? You're with him now?"

    She takes a breath then answers, "Yes Wooyoung. I love him"

    "You love him? How can you love him? I love you. I've been trying to show you how sorry I am for what I did, trying to get you back and you've been with him the whole time"

    "I'm sorry Wooyoung but you ripped my heart out. I was hurting so much because of what you did. I didn't mean to fall in love with Jongho but I did and I do love him so much"

    "You could have tried Joanne! We could have tried to get past what I did!", he shouts

    She shakes her head, "No Wooyoung we couldn't. Every time I closed my eyes I saw you with her. Every time I thought about kissing you, I saw you with her. It wasn't ever going to go away. You couldn't make up for it no matter how hard you tried. We were over. I never let you think otherwise"

    "But you could have given me another chance. How can you say I couldn't make up for it when you never gave me the chance to?"

    He does know that she doesn't have to give him a chance?

    She wasn't obligated to do anything for him

    "It doesn't matter now Wooyoung. I love Jongho and I'm happy with him. I want to be with him"

    "Yeah for now", he snaps

    "What the fuck does that mean?", I growl

    "It means she'll be with you until she moves on to the next member. She already fucked two. Who's next Joanne? Hongjoong? He's always wanted to fuck you too. Maybe Seonghwa? Another who wants to fuck you."

    Is he kidding right now?

    He's upset and insulting her?

    And throwing our friends under the bus at the same time

    "I doubt Yeosang will, he doesn't like sluts"

    "Hey!", I roar, unbelievably angry, "Don't fucking call her that!"

    He laughs humorlessly, "Don't call her what she is? She fucked two friends, that's what a whore does. She's with you until she gets tired of you. Then on to the next member"

    "You motherfucker-", I snap, starting towards him

    "Don't Jonghie", she says, moving in front of me, "Please baby, don't"

    I look down at her, her eyes pleading with me and I stop, willing myself to control my anger

    She inhales, then turns to him

    "If you want to call me a slut or whore to make yourself feel better then go ahead. In reality you are the slut who fucked someone else when we were together and even then I never thought of you like that", she says, "I didn't get tired of you Wooyoung. I never would have gotten tired of you. I loved you with all my heart. You were the one I wanted to spend my whole life with. But you ruined that, not me. I would have done anything for you, given you anything and you threw it away. I won't take the blame for that"

    He looks away, silent

    "I'm sorry I hurt you, with me and Jongho and I'm sorry you had to find out this way. But I love Jongho more than anything and I'm not giving him up. I can't give him up, he's my everything"

    "I was your everything!", he yells

    She nods, "You we're until you did what you did"

    "I love you! You're still my everything"

    I silently watch her, wondering if anything he's saying is affecting her

    If he's getting to her

    If she changes her mind about me

    It will kill me if she does change her mind and wants him again but I will let her go so she can be happy

    "I'm sorry Wooyoung. I don't feel like that for you anymore. I just don't. I love Jongho"

    I breathe in relief

    She's still mine, she loves me

    "I don't accept this", he snaps

    "You don't have to", I answer

    I'm not looking for his acceptance or his approval or whatever

    I'm just telling him facts

    "I'm not looking for acceptance from anyone", I continue, "I will be with her. I love her. That's not changing. You can be mad, you can stop talking to me but I won't allow you to talk shit about her or to her. You wanna be friends with her fine, but if I find out you're trying to take her from me, we're going to have a problem"

    "I can't be her friend! Not when she's with you"

    I shrug, "You're choice. But you or any of the guys aren't going to be mean to her or say stupid shit. Or like I said there will be a huge problem"

    "This is bullshit", he spits

    It may be to him but not to me

    "There's nothing else to say", I tell him, "I'm going to be with her. That's the end of it"

    He just stands there fuming but I can't do anything about it

    He needs to get over it on his own

    "Fuck both of you", he snarls, storming past us

    I hear his door slam, the sound making her jump

    I take her hand and lead her back to my room

    Once the door is closed, I ask, "Are you ok aegi?"

    She nods, sitting on my bed, "Yeah. I just feel bad"

    I sit next to her, holding her hand, running my fingers in her hair

    Playing with her hair always helps her feel better

    "I know baby. I do too but there's nothing that we can do about it. He has to get mad, then get over it"

    She's quiet for a few seconds then asks, "Am I a horrible person?"

    I'm completely blindsided and shocked by that question

    "No jagi. Why would you say that?"

    She doesn't meet my eyes, "Because that's how I feel. I didn't mean to hurt him. I never wanted anyone to get hurt because of me. I was with him, now I'm with you. You and him are fighting because of me. I don't want to come in the way of ATEEZ. It just feels like everything is my fault"

    I shake my head

    Nothing is her fault and that's the truth

    He fucked her over not the other way around

    "Jo you are not a horrible person. Don't ever think that. Nothing is your fault. Nothing"


    "No princess. Listen to me ok?"

    She nods

    "He cheated on you. He was the reason this all started. He hurt you. And us, well, you didn't decide for us to be in a relationship on your own. I made the choice to be with you too knowing how he would react. I could have said no but I love you and I wanted you. I still do. Always will."

    She nods, staying quiet

    "You can't help who you love jagi" And you love me right?"

    "So much", she answers, finally looking in my eyes

    "And you want to be with me?"

    "More than anything"

    Relief fills me

    I was worried she would break up with me over this no matter how she felt

    I don't know what I would have done if she did

    So I'm utterly relieved that's not happening

    "Then we will be together baby. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks or says. Wooyoung will get over it eventually. And nothing bad will happen with ATEEZ. Both he and I won't jeopardize the group with our own personal issues"

    I know I won't and I know Wooyoung won't

    We both love being in ATEEZ, we love ATINY and we'll continue to work hard for them

    If he doesn't want to talk to me or be my friend on his own time, then fine

    I can be professional

    "Are you sure?", she asks


    She nods, "Ok"

    "I love you princess"

    She gives me a small smile, "I love you baby"

    She moves closer, hugging me tightly and I kiss the top of her hair

    "Wanna lay down for a little baby?"

    She nods, both of us laying down, her back against my chest

    I pull our blanket over us, then move my arm around her waist, pulling her against me, my other arm under her pillow, her hand in mine

    She moves back, cuddling into me, making me smile

    I give her shoulder a kiss, then snuggle with my baby


    Movement against me wakes me up

    I didn't even know I fell asleep

    I feel her against me, her ass wiggling on my hard dick as she changes position

    "Mmm jagi", I whine

    "Huh?", she answers, half asleep

    "Stop moving"


    "You're moving a lot and making me hard", I complain

    "Oh sorry", she says groggily, "Put it in"

    That wakes me up


    "Jonghie", she whines, "Put your dick inside me"

    Is that what she really wants?

    Or is she just doing it to keep me quiet?

    "Is that what you want?"

    She nods, "Yes Jonghie. I always want you"

    "I always want you jagi"

    She looks at me over her shoulder, smiling softly, "I'm right here baby"

    I press a kiss to her cheek, laying down behind her

    I quickly discard my clothes, then start undressing her, her shirt the first to leave

    Pressing kisses to her shoulder blade, I tug down her pants, helping her get them off

    She doesn't have panties on, I guess she never put them back on

    Or her bra

    She moves her legs up a little while I push inside her

    She's already wet and sucking me in, driving me crazy

    How she's always ready for me I don't know but I'm glad she is

    Once I'm all the way in, we both moan softly and I wrap my arm around her, pulling her against me, her back to my chest

    Kissing the back of her neck, I slowly move in and out, feeling her tightness opening for me

    "You feel so good jagi", I whimper, pleasure all over me

    "Mmmm", she moans quietly, her hips moving, meeting my movements

    I move my hand up, holding on to her breast, playing with her nipple

    She soaks my cock more, pulsing around me perfectly

    "Gonna cum princess?"

    She nods, "Yes baby"

    Moving a little faster, I make sure my head brushes against her spot, bringing her right there

    "Cum on my cock for me baby", I whisper in her ear

    "Jonghie", she moans, shivering in my arms as she orgasms

    I'm thrown into so much pleasure, keeping my length inside so she can ride out her orgasm on me

    "Good girl. Fuck so good for me", I praise her

    I start moving again once she finishes, sliding my hand down, pushing her down on me when I thrust in

    Suddenly, I'm out of her and I'm about to whine when she turns around to face me

    She throws her leg over my hip and I move back inside her

    She kisses me hard, my hand on her ass, body pressing as close to hers as I can

    Her arm moves around my neck, her fingers in my hair as she deepens the kiss

    Squeezing her ass, I hold her against me while I slide in and out, swallowing her soft moans

    Her body trembles, signaling that she's going to cum

    "Please baby. Wanna feel you", I whisper

    Sliding back in, she moans my name, coming around me

    The intense pleasure throws me over the edge, thrusting all inside her and shooting my cum in her

    "Joanne", I whimper, "Jagi"

    When I fall out of her, she keeps herself against me, snuggling into me

    "I love you", she whispers

    Smiling, I kiss her forehead, "I love you"

    "Sorry I'm still here baby. I didn't mean to fall asleep", she says, "I'll go now"

    Not a chance in hell

    She's here, she's staying


    "Stay", I ask her

    She moves her head back, looking at me, "Stay?"

    I nod, "You're already here now jagi and everyone knows about us now. I don't want you to leave"

    She raises an eyebrow, "Really? You want that?"

    Of course

    I've wanted to spend the night with her since the first time we slept together

    "Yeah princess. I've wanted that for a long time", I confess, "Please stay with me"

    She smiles nodding, "Yeah Jonghie. Always"

    I kiss her softly, then we cuddle and settle down for the night

    "Night Jonghie. I love you"

    "I love you baby. Night", I answer, excited to have her stay all night

    I hold her in my arms, my eyes closed and a big stupid smile on my face

    #ksmutclub#jongho fic#jongho fanfic#jongho smut #choi jongho fanfic #choi jongho smut #ateez jongho smut #choi jongho fic #ateez fanfiction#ateez fic#ateez fanfic#ateez smut
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    Lips Like Candy

    Ateez - Fanfiction (AO3 Link) Relationship: Choi Jongho/Park Seonghwa Tags: Porn without Plot, Kissing, Oral Sex Word Count: 2.9k Summary: “What fantasies could they have about lips? Like kissing?” Chuckling through the pain, Jongho met Seonghwa’s eyes again. He had expected some kind of hint that the other was joking, because no way could he be so naive, but Seonghwa stared at him with the same seriousness he would show during something like dance practice. It wasn’t the first time by any means that Jongho wondered how much sexual experience Seonghwa had, but it was the first time his answer was none. “Probably, but not necessarily the main thing in those fantasies.” “Then what is?” ~~~~~~~~~~~ Seonghwa wonders if his lips look weird, Jongho shows him what fans really think about them. A/N: This started cause I had a bit of a writers block and struggled on my multi-chap fics, so I thought maybe writing a one shot will help me get back into it. I also have severe Seonghwa brainrot and that collab with Jessi definitely didn't help - like Seonghwa's tongue lives in my head rent free. Likes and Reblogs are appreciated :3 ______________________________________

    It started with an innocent question.

    “Jongho-yah-” Seonghwa dropped down beside him on the couch. “-are my lips weird?”


    “Does my mouth look weird?”

    Jongho blinked. “Why do you ask?”

    “I…I don’t know. I saw a comment on our recent interview that said my lips make them feral.”

    Once again, Jongho blinked and stared like a deer caught in the headlights. Seonghwa looked back, pursed lips and furrowed brows, looking as confused as he was cute. He was serious. Dead serious.

    Jongho couldn’t help but laugh.

    “Yah!” Seonghwa leaned in closer, frown deepening.

    “I’m sorry, hyung, but…” Jongho took a deep breath, trying his hardest not to look at the subject of their conversation. “That’s not a bad thing, you know?”

    “What? Going feral?”

    “Yeah. It means they like your lips. They like them a lot.”

    Seonghwa hummed softly, mouth curled into a cute pout that invited to be kissed. To say Jongho was struggling to hold back, especially with the other leaned in so close, was an understatement. It was outright impossible not to stare at least.

    Wooyoung was right when he called these lips cotton candy. They had to taste like it too.

    “I don’t get it.”

    Jongho huffed, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Why?”

    Seonghwa shook his head. “Going feral sounds so…aggressive.”

    “Yeah, it kinda is. It means they find your lips so sexy that they have fantasies about them.”


    “Sexual ones.”

    Seonghwa’s eyes widened. A pretty pink flush spread across his cheeks, lips falling open a little, enough to reveal the tip of his tongue tucked between his front teeth. Jongho was sure this was the gods testing him.

    “What…” Seonghwa licked his bottom lip.

    Jongho squeezed his eyes shut, ignoring the hot shudder along his spine as much as he could.

    “What fantasies could they have about lips? Like kissing?”

    Chuckling through the pain, Jongho met Seonghwa’s eyes again. He had expected some kind of hint that the other was joking, because no way could he be so naive, but Seonghwa stared at him with the same seriousness he would show during something like dance practice. It wasn’t the first time by any means that Jongho wondered how much sexual experience Seonghwa had, but it was the first time his answer was none.

    “Probably, but not necessarily the main thing in those fantasies.”

    “Then what is?”

    Jongho could have made a joke about it. He also could have told him to ask someone else. It would have been so easy to just move on from this, jerk off in the bathroom and call it a day, never think about this conversation again, but something broke in Jongho’s mind at seeing that innocent sparkle in Seonghwa’s eyes.

    He leaned in closer, their hot breaths mingling in the small space left between them.

    “They’re probably imagining you sucking dick.”

    Seonghwa stiffened, eyes growing even wider, but it wasn’t disgust that bloomed on the soft features. Jongho smirked.

    “Have you ever done that, hyung?”

    “W-what?” The blush darkened and Seonghwa averted his gaze, but didn’t move his head away. “Why…I mean…with who?”

    “I don’t know. Hongjoong? Some of the members mess around and you and Hongjoong-hyung share a room…”

    Their eyes met again. Seonghwa blinked once, twice, the gears spinning in his mind.

    “They do?”


    “Have you…” Seonghwa trailed off, pupils shaking, struggling to hold eye contact.

    “Have I ever messed around with another member?”

    Seonghwa nodded.



    Jongho chuckled. “And you have never?”

    “No? I mean…not that I….I haven’t thought about it…I just didn’t think it would be an option.”

    Jongho hummed. Absently, he lifted a hand and tugged a strand of black hair behind the other’s ear. Seonghwa’s breath hitched, lips falling open again. It would have been so easy to pull away and just forget about this, but then again, it actually wasn’t easy. Not when Seonghwa was looking at Jongho like temptation herself.

    Who could blame him for making a move?

    “Do you want me to show you what people imagine about your lips?”

    Seonghwa took a deep breath, ducking his head as his eyes wandered again. He tucked his bottom lip between his teeth and even that looked awfully sinful. Jongho could understand whoever wrote that comment. He also silently thanked them as Seonghwa slowly nodded.



    Another nod. “If that’s okay with you?”

    “More than okay, hyung.” Jongho tilted his head a little, drawing closer. “You have no idea how much I’ve been thinking about it.”


    “This isn’t your first kiss, right?”


    “But I’ll make sure it makes you forget every other kiss.”

    And then their lips met in a chaste touch. Just a taste, but Jongho didn’t waste a second going in for another bite. Soft. Seonghwa was so soft and perfect and Jongho pressed a little more insistent. His fingers slipped into the raven hair, tangling in the short strands and tugging Seonghwa even closer.

    Again and again, their mouths slipped together like two puzzle pieces. Seonghwa really tasted as sweet as Jongho expected. Overwhelming, disgusting, candy that Jongho would have usually despised, but now he found himself addicted to the sugar coating his tongue as he slipped it inside Seonghwa’s mouth.

    Soft whimpers got muffled between them, shaking Seonghwa’s whole body. His fingers found their hold on Jongho’s shirt, twisting into the fabric, nails scraping against Jongho’s stomach. He was putty in the younger man’s hands, even whining as Jongho pulled away.

    A thin string of saliva connected their tongues until Jongho broke it, lips twisting into a smirk.


    Seonghwa nodded weakly.

    Jongho tightened his hold on the black hair, earning him another whimper. Slowly, he let his hand drop away and leaned back, gaze wandering over Seonghwa’s face, taking in every little detail. From the watery eyes to the deep flush, settling at the end on the plump lips, swollen and red and shiny with spit. Just when Jongho thought Seonghwa couldn’t be any more beautiful.

    “I’ve also imagined your lips around my dick, hyung…”

    Seonghwa visibly shuddered, fingers twisting tighter around the fabric of Jongho’s shirt. His eyelids fluttered, pupils blown wide behind the long lashes. He looked down where Jongho’s cock strained against his sweatpants and licked over his plush lips. Even more inviting than before. Who was Jongho to deny his urges when he was already addicted?

    Their mouths slotted together perfectly. Seonghwa moaned into the kiss as Jongho tugged at his hair again, guiding him deeper into the touch. Their tongues met in a heated dance, igniting a whole fire deep in Jongho’s guts. He couldn’t get enough of the candy and Seonghwa seemed to be the same.

    Again and again, they met in desperation, chasing that pleasure that had Jongho’s head spinning and his chest tightening. His cock twitched and his patience was drawing taut like a bow string. It was so hard to pull away from the soft lips though, but luckily, Seonghwa was the one to break them apart this time.

    “Are you sure?"

    "Yes." Jongho leaned back, the soft couch cushions welcoming his heated body. "Do you know how to suck dick?"

    Seonghwa whined and buried his face in his palms, a hint of scarlet painting the parts of his face not hidden. It was cute. He was cute, more than he had any right to be as the oldest, but Jongho wasn't going to complain. Not when he got to admire him in this context.

    "Have you always been so vulgar?" Seonghwa asked, peeking out between his fingers.

    "I might have picked that up from Wooyoung."

    Dropping his hands, Seonghwa huffed a soft chuckle. He took a deep breath and met Jongho's gaze, both licked their lips, both followed the motion of the other's tongue with hunger in their eyes. Seonghwa nodded and slipped off the couch, hesitating for just a moment, but then crawled over the floor between Jongho's legs. Jongho's breath hitched at the sight and his fingers dug deeper into the pillows.

    "I know a little. You know, from…reading online and…watching…stuff…"

    "You watch porn, hyung?"

    Seonghwa looked up through long lashes, cheeks painted like rich wine. He was certainly addictive like one and just a few kisses had Jongho feeling light headed. And now? Now he had Seonghwa on his knees before him, with lips wet and plush and about to touch his dick. How Jongho wasn't dead yet, he didn't know.

    "Sometimes…" Seonghwa placed his hands on Jongho's thighs, spreading his legs wider.

    "What porn do you watch?"

    Humming, Seonghwa leaned over Jongho's lap, hands slipping higher. He popped open the pants button and then hooked his fingers into the waistband. Jongho was about to open up his zipper for easier access, but Seonghwa drew closer and caught the little metal between his teeth. Jongho stopped breathing as he watched Seonghwa pull the zipper down, the tip of his nose brushing against the bulge revealed underneath. It was hands down the sexiest thing Seonghwa had ever done.

    "I like…vanilla stuff…" Seonghwa looked up with innocence that should be illegal for someone who was pulling down another person's pants to suck their dick.

    "Yeah?" Jongho swallowed. "Nothing special? No kinks?"

    Delicate fingers slipped between Jongho's skin and the thin material of his underwear. Seonghwa furrowed his brows, eyes narrowing, looking laser focused like he was doing some kind of medical procedure. He tugged at the clothing once, twice, then finally pulled for real. Jongho's cock sprung free and almost smacked Seonghwa in the face if he hadn't pulled away.

    "Wow…" Seonghwa's eyes widened, mouth falling open.

    "Hyung, you have to answer my question."

    Seonghwa blinked up, staring like a deer caught in the headlights.

    "You don't have any kinks when it comes to porn?" Jongho asked.

    He watched very closely at the way Seonghwa's pupils darted back and forth between his face and dick, the gears turning in his mind. The flush darkened around Seonghwa's nose and he hesitantly leaned in closer again. His hot breath ghosted along the tip of Jongho's dick, chasing a shiver up his spine that had the hairs standing up in his neck.

    "I…I like b-bondage…and…r-rough…"

    Jongho hummed. "Interesting."

    "You can…you know…"

    "No, I don't know, hyung."

    Seonghwa bit his bottom lip, teeth leaving a deep imprint on the plush meat as he let go again. The tip of his tongue darted out and barely missed Jongho's cock, but the promise alone had the younger man groan. Seonghwa drew even closer until pink lips met sensitive skin and Jongho was sure he died for a solid second. The soft touch repeated, a chaste kiss. Then Seonghwa's tongue slipped out again and the contact grew bolder. His insanely long tongue pressed flat against the shaft, velvet smooth as it glided up to the tip, pushing a deep moan from Jongho's throat.

    "What can I do, hyung?" he asked through gritted teeth.

    Seonghwa licked again, the touch melting into little kitten licks. Experimental and clumsy. Excessive drool dripped down the shaft. Seonghwa didn't break eye contact once, eyelids fluttering every time his taste buds were met with a drop of precome.

    Jongho almost missed the sneaky hand drawing closer to his own. Long fingers tugged at his wrist, he let them guide his hand to the top of Seonghwa's head where they disappeared. The older man blinked up at him innocently and kissed the tip of Jongho's cock again, the contact lingering as his mouth slowly slipped open.

    "Want me to lead you?"

    Seonghwa moaned around the head that pressed between his lips, stretching them obscenely wide. Jongho pursed his lips, swallowing another needy sound, but Seonghwa had never looked so small like he did now with Jongho's big cock pushing deeper inside the warm embrace of his mouth.

    Jongho tangled his fingers into Seonghwa's hair and the older man moaned again, the vibrations going straight into Jongho's dick. His other hand gripped the nearest pillow tighter, his body sinking further into the couch.

    Inch after inch filled Seonghwa's mouth. His pink lips stretched beautifully around the shaft and tears glistened along his fluttering eyelids. A soft red painted his cheeks, following his jaw and disappearing down his neck. Seonghwa's hands tightened around Jongho's thighs as he choked a little. Immediately, he pulled back an inch, breathing hot and heavy through his nose.

    "Hyung, you need to be more careful."

    Seonghwa looked up through long lashes, pupils blown wide. He moaned again and leaned a little into Jongho's hand. For a moment, he had no idea what Seonghwa wanted, but his fingers instinctively gripped tighter at his hair and Seonghwa's eyes fluttered shut with another muffled noise fueling the heat that crawled under Jongho's skin.

    "Ah. That's what you want."

    Of course this was it. He had told Jongho just minutes before that rough was one of his favorite things. If he really knew what he was getting into, was another question, but Jongho could control himself, he would stop as soon as Seonghwa showed any sign of displeasure.

    So Jongho's other hand slipped off the pillow and joined its brother in the silky mess of black hair. They gripped tight, enough to stop Seonghwa from moving on his own.

    Slowly, Jongho tugged Seonghwa's head back until only the tip stretched his perfect lips. For a moment, Jongho just admired the view. From the flushed skin to his half open eyes, tears clinging to his lashes. Everything was framed by raven hair, damp with sweat at the edges.

    His mouth looked way too small around Jongho's thick cock and just rocking his hips a little, the tip and an inch or two rubbing along his tongue, had Seonghwa's eyelids fluttering. It was simply beautiful. Perfect.

    Jongho squeezed his eyes shut for a moment and took a deep, shaky breath. Seonghwa blinked up at him, waiting and looking so unfairly innocent considering the situation.

    How could Jongho not punish his hyung for being such a demon?

    Tangling his fingers properly in the black hair, Jongho pulled Seonghwa's head down, burying his cock almost all the way. Seonghwa choked and shuddered and Jongho tugged him back again, but only far enough to let him breathe.

    He repeated the whole procedure. Every gagging electrified his nerves in a way he never expected. Tears stained flushed cheeks, a sight for sore eyes. He was learning so much about himself.

    Jongho groaned and picked up the speed, rolling his hips a little to meet the rhythm, fucking even deeper. Excessive drool dripped down his cock whenever he pulled Seonghwa back, it clung to the older man's chin and Jongho's pants, mixing with more and more tears. Choked moans vibrated around his cock, melting into gurgles and sobs with every thrust inside.

    Jongho fucked deeper and faster, soon burying Seonghwa's nose in his pubic hair whenever he pulled him down. It was pure heaven, driving Jongho insane with dizzying heat and buzzing euphoria. At some point, he could only drop his head back, eyes falling shut as he lost himself in the pleasure. His hands kept up the rhythm like it was muscle memory and Seonghwa became nothing but a warm place to fuck like some kind of toy.

    Jongho climbed higher and higher on the pleasure, stomach tightening with need. He was so close, practically able to taste the relief. Bucking his hips one more time, he looked down and that was all he needed. Seonghwa looked absolutely fucked, eyes rolled back, tears and drool staining red skin, choking on Jongho's dick and weak moans.

    Jongho buried himself to the hilt, pressing Seonghwa's nose to his stomach.

    With one last shallow hip roll, his insides untangled and thick come spilled down Seonghwa's throat. His whole body convulsed with more choking and his fingers clawed at Jongho's pants. More drool, mixed with come, spilled from the corners of his mouth. Seonghwa's throat milked Jongho dry as he tried to swallow what was given to him.

    The orgasm died too soon, but probably just in time to save Seonghwa from fainting. Jongho groaned, loosening his grip, and he gently tugged Seonghwa off his cock. He weakly coughed, mouth hanging open. More drool spilled over his swollen lips and he blinked through the last bit of tears, eyes unfocused.

    There was pure bliss written all over Seonghwa's flushed face and Jongho could have gotten hard again right then and there, but he just took out his phone and snapped a few pictures of Seonghwa's perfect expression. Then he gently guided Seonghwa to lay down on the couch, his head on Jongho's thighs. Immediately, Seonghwa closed his eyes and his heavy breathing calmed a little. It still took a good five minutes, or maybe even longer, for Seonghwa to become any kind of coherent.

    "Jongho-yah…" he whispered, voice hoarse.

    "Are you okay?"

    Seonghwa nodded. He blinked a few times, then finally looked up at Jongho with less teary eyes and actual focus.

    "Did I…" He seemed to cringe at his own voice, scrunching up his nose cutely, plush lips pursed. "Did I do good?"

    "Oh yes! That was amazing, hyung."

    Seonghwa smiled and Jongho couldn't help but smile back.

    "I really…liked that…"

    Jongho hummed.

    "Wanna…wanna do it again…"


    Seonghwa reached out a hand and traced his delicate fingers along Jongho's jaw, coaxing him to lean down. He was pulled in closer and closer until Seonghwa's breath ghosted along his skin.

    "Kiss me again and then I need water…"

    Jongho huffed with amusement. Who was he to deny his perfect hyung anything?

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    ATEEZ X Wonderwall Edition Unit Photo Reveal💫

    ㄴ That handsome one over there~٩(๑'o'๑)۶

    ‎📆 ~ 5.30 23:39 (KST)

    ‎Exclusively at Wonderwall

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    [220525] ATEEZ JP’s official twitter update:

    [📷] BREAK OUTのステージはいかがでしたか? 🎤
    "ROCKY (Boxers Ver.)” のパフォーマンス🥊
    #ATEEZ #ROCKY #BEYOND_ZERO #에이티즈 #エイティーズ

    Credit: ATEEZofficialjp 

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    [220526] ATEEZ’s official twitter update:

    [📰] ATEEZ Take Us Backstage at “The Fellowship: Beginning of the End” European Tour & Discuss All Things Style ⠀ 
    bit.ly/3wKqpXS ⠀ 
    #TeenVogue #ATEEZ #에이티즈

    Credit: ATEEZofficial 

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    [220526] Wonderwall ArtLab’s official twitter update:

    [ @ATEEZofficial X Wonderwall. ] 
    🔗 bit.ly/3lh1l5H 
    ATEEZ X Wonderwall Edition Special Gift 
    LOOK BOOK Preview Exclusively at Wonderwall

    Credit: WdwlArtlab 

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    [220524] ATEEZ’s official twitter update:

    [📢] ATEEZ [BEYOND : ZERO] ⠀ 
    에이티즈의 일본 앨범 [BEYOND : ZERO]가 공개되었습니다. 
    에이티니의 많은 관심과 사랑 부탁드려요 🎧🎶
    Melon ▶️ kko.to/eEb6VQAby 
    genie ▶️ genie.co.kr/ONY721 ⠀ 

    Credit: ATEEZofficial 

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    jongho ∙ gang ∙ 2020 sbs music awards
    #jongho#ateez#ateezedit#ateez edit #PUT SOME RESPECT ON CHOI JONGHO'S NAME #he did not go this hard for u all to dismiss him as a dancer #go baby go #SLAY WHAT U WANNA SLAY AND LET THE SLAY SLOUT #.* #also i wasnt even gonna try coloring this #awful lq video
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