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  • eclissy
    12.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    HHD Prompt Collection - Circe

    A couple of months ago, I asked followers on twitter to send me AE NPCs they’d like to see me write drabbles about - the theme being those NPCs giving the Hero/Player character chocolate.

    Forgot to post them here too, but better late than never!

    (I’ll post these twice each day)

    Circe invited you over for a surprise. What could it be? Razorblades hidden in a cake? Perfume laced with parasitic Larvae? Or maybe it’ll be a good old fashioned beatdown with a chair.

    It started with the tall blonde offering you said chair at her table instead.

    “A little birdy might have told the Queen a few reasons why DragonsGrasp might want me behind bars. Certainly, it had to have been because this chickadee was concerned for my safety.” She sat within stabbing distance of you.

    “Tweet.” You whistled, enjoying the sound of her nails tapping the table in annoyance.

    A box was tossed with a flourish of nonchalance in front of you. It was about the size of a book but sounded too hollow to be filled with pages.

    Curious, you tear open the shiny red wrapping and pull off the bow. Circe rolls her eyes as you stuck the ribbon to the side of your head.

    Inside were six circular pieces of chocolates, garnished with blue rose petals. How thoughtful.

    “Too bad for you, the Queen decided to keep her nose out of my business as long as I...make nice with you,” Circe lifted her shoulder in a shrug. “For once in their life, the little mp gets something expensive for Heroes’ Heart Day.” her lip curled, like she was disgusted by the holiday.

    Without blinking, you ask if the chocolates were poisoned as you popped one in your mouth.

    Circe began to stand in triumph, but your words hit her and she squints at you.

    There was a slight coppery taste hidden in the smooth floral and milky chocolate. You recognized that the ingredient mixed in wasn’t lethal, though it would have rearranged your guts if you weren’t used to it.

    “How could you possibly be immune? You should be coughing up your tonsils!”

    After thoroughly savouring that first bite, you chomp down on a second piece.

    As if Circe would be the first person to ever try to kill you. You explain as much to her.

    Luckily, the other assailants weren’t as smart. Anyone under Sepulchure’s rung in the Shadowscythe ladder tended to be missing a lot of brain matter.

    Thanks to their repeated failures, you’ve powered through many different poisons and built up an immunity. Or, you just have antidote ready hidden under the lint in your bag. 

    Disorganization hasn’t murdered you yet.

    Expression souring, Circe slumped back in her chair and glared at the wall for a couple of minutes. You continue to eat her gift and compliment her taste.

    She turned her glare to you, wishing dearly to slap that smug smile off your face. When you tap your cheek, offering a free shot, Circe consigned herself to the wretchedness of the afternoon.

    #Dragonfable#Circe#HHD Prompts #Like an old married couple #if that married couple were Roirr and Marzanna #lmao took this opportunity to make edits to the original too
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  • esoerotica
    06.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    14 f/f from circe?

    "when was the last time you took care of yourself, hm?" cooed rhythm, the dulcet tones of her voice not quite matching the intensity of which her fingers worked away at the blonde girl's heat. they were off-stream, in the privacy of rhythm's apartment and a bottle of wine into what was supposed to be a rather vanilla movie night. rhythm's hand sneaked around the front to palm one of circe's breasts, massaging the nipple with the palm of her hand into the surrounding areola. "i saw last night's stream ..." she curled the two fingers buried inside circe, dragging them along her top wall. "you didn't seem like you had a lot a fun. he wasn't big enough for you, wasn't he?"

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  • stardustprompts
    13.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    circe  -  madeline miller  sentence starters change tenses/pronouns as needed !!  some lines have been edited for clarity / length / ease of roleplaying tw :   death mention

    ‘it is marriage, or nothing. and if it is marriage be sure: for only I will hold sway in your halls.’

    ‘not every god need to be the same.’

    ‘her cruelty springs fast as weeds and must any moment be cut again.’

    ‘how does your divinity feel?’

    ‘let me give you some advice. next time you’re going to defy the gods, do it for a better reason.’

    ‘oh no, I am not like that. I have scarcely any powers at all and cannot hurt you. be comfortable, as you were.’

    ‘I have never known such a wondrous thing in all my life as you.’

    ‘those years are nothing. I made no use of them.’

    ‘no god may undo what is done by the fates or another god.’

    ‘I did it selfishly, in bitter heart, and I would bear the consequence.’

    ‘you will get used to it. we are ourselves alone now.’

    ‘I do not think anyone can say what is in someone else.’

    ‘she / you will not be loved for it, but she / you will not be constrained either.’

    ‘whatever foolish sorrow you harbor, forget it.’

    ‘you have always trusted too easily.’

    ‘I admit, I am surprised to see you so plain after such boasting.’

    ‘my voice is not pleasing to others. I am told it sounds like a gull crying,’

    ‘the first good deed in your dissolute life. aren’t you curious what it would feel like?’

    ‘that’s the worst prophecy I’ve ever heard.’

    ‘begone. I prefer you in the dark.’

    ‘you should know I was the one who did it.’

    ‘let me not hear you speak again of your imbecile gratitude or I will make you sorry for it.’

    ‘you made a monster and all you can think of is how sorry you are.’

    ‘you are the one who failed to save them. tell me, did you weep as you watched them die?’

    ‘gold does not give back a life.’

    ‘oh please. the world will be ended before you stammer to your finish.’

    ‘I do not think I would make a fit wife either. not that my door is battered down.’

    ‘apparently the market for disgraced sorceresses is thin.’

    ‘a golden cage is still a cage.’

    ‘oh, I hope we keep talking all night. I will braid your hair, and we can laugh over our suitors.’

    ‘I have done your work for you, and all you give me is mockery and contempt.’

    ‘for once in your twisting life, speak the truth.’

    ‘it is funny, that even after all this time, you still believe you should be rewarded, just because you have been obedient.’

    ‘the only thing that makes them listen is power.’

    ‘they take what they want, and in return they give you only shackles.’

    ‘a thousand times I saw you squashed. I squashed you myself. and every time, I thought, ‘that is it, she is done’. yet you always came back the next day.’

    ‘I saw how you would not be ground into the earth.’

    ‘I think that is where our power comes from.’

    ‘you think he liked you? he tolerated you because you were a tame monkey, clapping after every word he spoke.’

    ‘it has been a long road, and I will never go back to what I was.’

    ‘I should have known you would be good for nothing to me. get out and let me not see you again.’

    ‘if you cry every time some mortal dies, you’ll drown in a month.’

    ‘I suppose I could weep and rub my eyes to please you, but I choose not to live so falsely.’

    ‘is one life worth more than another? I have never thought so.’

    ‘you will pardon me if I do not call that a choice.’

    ‘a man wants his wife like new grass, fresh and green.’

    ‘they will resent you. worse, they will suspect you.’

    ‘you will find no safety there. no peace.’

    ‘I will not sentence myself to such a living death.’

    ‘as for that safety, I do not want it. it is only more chains.’

    ‘sometimes, you must be content with ignorance’

    ‘I hope we may settle this with reason.’

    ‘are you always so suspicious?’

    ‘the world is an ugly place. we must live in it.’

    ‘most men, in my experience, are fools.’

    ‘it is a son’s highest duty to avenge his father.’

    ‘this world is a wild and terrible place, and worth shouting at. but you are safe now.’

    ‘the gods love their riddles.’

    ‘you do not know what I can do.’

    ‘you are safe. we may be happy at last.’

    ‘gods and mortals do not last together happily. he was right to leave when he did.’

    (name) is no friend of mine. tell me everything he said to you.’

    ‘are you an idiot? (name) does not forget. she will eat you in one gulp, like an owl takes a stupid mouse.’

    ‘if you leave, you will die.’

    ‘if this is life, I would rather die.’

    ‘listen to me. you cannot blame yourself.’

    ‘listen to me. you cannot blame yourself. it was fated long ago, fated a hundred different ways.’

    ‘you should have let (name) kill me.’

    ‘this was always the path you walked. you must take comfort in that.’

    ‘I cannot undo what I have done, but at least I can do this.’

    ‘I grieve that I never met the father everyone told me I had.’

    ‘I am not asking for a story. you owe me truth.’

    ‘you are not your blood. do not let him take you with him.’

    ‘what is that if not a bad life? luring others to you, then turning from them?’

    ‘all creatures that are not mad need friends.’

    ‘gods pretend to be parents but they are children, clapping their hands and shouting for more.’

    ‘every step would be a memory I wished I did not have.’

    ‘life is not so simple as a loom. what you weave, you cannot unravel with a tug.’

    ‘I do not desire such a life.’

    ‘you will live a life of obscurity. you will be without a name is history. you will be no one.’

    ‘I choose that fate.’

    ‘there is risk, I know it, but you have taught me to be careful. I can do this. I want to.’

    ‘you must remember to be your own man.’

    ‘if I do this thing, it is the last I will ever do for you. do not come begging again.’

    ‘I have a better idea. I will do as I please.’

    ‘I was angry as well. I thought you could not wait to leave.’

    ‘you should see your face. you cannot hide either.’

    ‘you warned me it was not safe. I do not think being frightened will help.’

    ‘I will wear that shame all of my life. I cannot undo it, but I will spend my days wishing I could.’

    ‘do not try to take my regret from me.’

    ‘if you are so sure, I do not think I will take your odds.’

    ‘now I want you to have the truth, whatever comes.’

    ‘I want you to know, if you go anywhere, I want to go with you.’

    ‘nothing is sure, we know that. but if I had to trust that a thing would be fine, I would trust it to you.’

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  • shywhumpauthor
    08.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    this might be extremely out of character but i have this vision of Circe "teaching" Oakley how to use a sword, aka making them fight her. it's pretty much just a glorified beatdown but she makes them do it multiple times and they're always pretty hurt afterwards, but she always comforts them and tells them they did a great job

    - Luce

    No no this is perfectly in character.

    To add, Oakley can barely hold the sword, and it keeps falling from their hands. Each time this happens, Circe would give them a nice slash to the arm or leg, or she would actually hit them with her hands.

    They’re dripping blood and sweat, tears streaming down their cheeks. Their chest is so tight they can barely breathe. Circe keeps knocking them down to the muddy ground, which only adds to the grime covering them.

    “Stand back up and fight me, dove. I know you want to.”

    Oakley didn’t manage to land a single hit by the time Circe calls it quits- which is only because the sun starts to go down and they can’t see very well.

    Oakley is laying on their stomach, struggling to push to their hands and knees. Their just about sobbing now, blood dripping from a slash on their forehead into their eye.

    “Shh, honey, you did good,” Circe coos, as she gathers Oakley into her arms, uncaring as it stains her clothes. She’d totally press a kiss to their forehead, as she scoops their starved form into her arms, and begins to take them to the healer’s tent.

    #ugh this is so good luce #I’m going to write the main story before I do any drabbles #that’s why I didn’t write one in response to this just yet #but it’s so good I’m definitely going to make something out of it #because circe would totally do this #and she’d be all like ‘you need to know how to defend yourself if there was an attack’ #but this would also make her wary because she’d be worried oakley would try something while she slept #which would prompt her to tie them up or sleep right next to them #oooo this is good #whump#whumpblr#whump community#whump writing#whumpee#whumper #its me coal #coal wrote something #captured whumpee#captivity whump#slave whumpee#slave whump#servant whumpee#servant whump#creepy whumper#intimate whumper#female whumper#lady whumper #oakley gets a tag #Circe can fuck herself
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  • bulletnotestudies
    23.08.2021 - 9 monts ago

    More recommendations for our Summer Reading Challenge prompts: books with only one word in the title ☆

    for each prompt, we’re bringing 4 books into the spotlight, as well as giving you some additional recs because we simply couldn’t settle for just four great reads!

    join the challenge on storygraph

    Lore by Alexandra Bracken

    Every seven years, the Agon begins. As punishment for a past rebellion, nine Greek gods are forced to walk the earth as mortals, all the while being hunted by the descendants of ancient bloodlines who crave their divine power. You see, once you kill a God, you take their place among the Olympians. Perfect for Percy Jackson kids, this urban fantasy adventure follows a hunter who swore she’d leave the Agon behind for good. Except, it’s a lot easier said than done. What would you do if Athena herself offered you an alliance that came with a way out forever? (blurb by yours truly @bulletnotestudies) —- > this read has: high stakes, grip, non-linear storytelling ! be sure to check the content warnings

    Erebos by Ursula Poznanski

    A new video game is making the rounds at Nick’s school, sucking people in with an enchanting world that offers complete anonymity and irresistible advantages. Too good to be true? It just might be. When Nick gets his hands on one of the copies things begin to spiral. Seeking help is out of the question - the game observes your every move and just one word about it is enough to face the music. Enter. Or turn back. This is Erebos. (blurb by @upside-down-uni and @bulletnotestudies) —- > this read has: mystery, thrill, AI

    Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

    Two sisters face radically different fates after their mother decides to change her life. This leads to two family histories slowly diverging from one another, without ever truly becoming independent. A heart-wrenching tale of two families that are deeply affected by the slave trade, in two contrasting ways, throughout generations. Starting in eighteenth-century Ghana and spanning across continents, a monumental portrait of the forces that shape families and nations. (blurb by @randomstudyblr) —- > this read has: alternating povs, raw, picturesque storytelling ! be sure to check the content warnings

    Circe by Madeline Miller

    Set in the Greek Heroic Age, we have another delight for Greek mythology kids: A poetic retelling of how the banished daughter of the gods became the powerful enchantress of Aeaea. With power come enemies and when Circe finds herself pitted against one of the most terrifying and vengeful of the Olympians, she must choose, once and for all, whether she belongs with the gods she is born from, or the mortals she has come to love. (blurb by @smallfrenchstudyblr and @bulletnotestudies) —- > this read has: gorgeous prose, magic, monsters (human ones too) ! be sure to check the content warnings

    more recs under the cut:

    • Uprooted by N. Novik • Binti by N. Okorafor • Piranesi by S. Clarke • Pet by A. Emezi • Yolk by M. H. K. Choi • Skyhunter by M. Lu • Loveless by A. Oseman • Blindness by J. Saramago • Inheritance by B. Kaur • Invictus by R. Graudin

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  • writing-challenges-and-prompts
    29.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    I would say, some people are like constellations that only touch the earth for a season.

    Madeline Miller

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  • writing-challenges-and-prompts
    29.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    But perhaps no parent can truly see their child. When we look we see only the mirror of our own faults.

    Madeline Miller

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  • writing-challenges-and-prompts
    29.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    That is one thing gods and mortals share. When we are young, we think ourselves the first to have each feeling in the world.

    Madeline Miller

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  • amongtomesandtales
    09.03.2021 - 1 year ago

    * Reread a favourite book

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  • follyglass
    09.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    Follyglass: Skurlitag

    Before I even had a chance to check out my new room in our new house in a new village, a girl my age took my hand and said in a serious tone “you have to learn something right now.”

    She pulled me out of my yard and lead me around the streets, pointed at a house and asked, “Do you see that little glass squirrel in the window?”

    It took a second, but I nodded yes. It was frozen in the act of jumping behind the curtain.

    The girl began skipping ahead, and called over her shoulder “c’mon.” When I caught up to her, she was staring at a hawthorn tree.  “See the metal fox?”

    I did. It was holding windchimes.

    The next house she brought me to looked similar to the rest. I squinted, searching. Slowly, the girl began “D’you see -” 

    “-the little mouse on the door?”


    At the next house I found an owl, and a deer at the one after that. It had become a game and I had gotten quite good at spotting the little beasts. There were tin pigs and porcelain rabbits. Some were quite hidden, others topped windvanes or squatted near mailboxes.

    As we crossed the green, she explained that in this village, those animals were sure signs of where the witches live. Those animals were what the men turned into on special nights. It was agreed that everyone needed to know not to shoot the fox in their brambles, because that was actually George the postman, who was quite nice and liked baking sugar cream pies for his neighbors.

    And then she showed me where she lived; a little white house tucked into a tidy garden frothed with salt-white lilies. The front porch was shady and cool, and she motioned for me to sit before she disappeared into the house. Though I searched, there weren’t any animals that I could see. Not in the windows, not in the gardens, not on the fence.

    The girl returned with two bottles of redberry soda and a small box. I thanked her for the soda - it was a flavor I’d never had before, but was still quite good- and when the fizz on my tongue seemed to spread and fizz through my whole body, she presented me with the box. “Yours,” she said expectantly.

    I had never made a friend so quickly, and in my excitement I fumbled the latch open. In the little box was a little brass goat, rearing, like one of those animals you see on fancy royal crests. “It’s nice,” I offered, but she could tell I didn’t know what to do with this gift. “Uh, thank you.”

    She grinned, “It’s so much better than a Skurlitag.”

    Because I didn’t know how to respond, and I didn’t want to ask what a Skurlitag was for fear that I would look stupid, I sipped more of my soda. I swear I could feel the fizz in my fingers, and at my temples.

    When I finished my soda, the girl smiled, pleased. “I’ve just done you a great favor. You don’t want to be a Skurlitag. Nobody does. So I’ve just bound the goat to you so you don’t turn into something else, something scary, that draws attention to our village,” she said. 

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  • writingsfromthecactus
    19.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    May Writing Challenge: May 18th

    Prompts are from @deity-prompts 's May Writing Challenge, original post linked here


    A continuation of the last scene I wrote and also a callback to May 3rd's scene. It's pretty short, but at least I got something down for today's. Ammie confronts Mars. No spoilers, canonical!

    Content Warnings: None

    May 18th: “Not everything has to do with you!”


    Ammie watched as Mars emerged from the restroom. She stretched out her arms, not that her metal one needed to stretch. “Okay. Where were we?”

    “We were heading to the circ train,” she replied. “To see the… general.” She frowned. “I was hoping to go somewhere non-work related. Get some nice time away from it all.”

    “Right. Well, maybe if we have time afterwards.” Mars took the lead in heading down to the train. Ammie followed.

    As they marched down to the elevator, someone charged from around a corner, obviously in a hurry. They failed to see Mars, and as such, ran directly into her. They stumbled back, apologies already on their tongue, when they saw that it was Mars that they’d run into. They were human, pale, so it was obvious when all of the blood drained from their face.

    “My—My apologies, champion, I am so ever sorry, please forgive me.” They bowed so deeply that their hair nearly brushed the floor.

    Mars shoved them to the side. “You should be.” They hit the wall and fell to the ground, staying down there as Mars walked past.

    Ammie helped the person to their feet, whispering an apology, and jogged to catch up with Mars. “Champion,” she started. “I… don’t you think that was a bit harsh?”

    “No. They ran into me, they knew the consequences.” She shrugged, continuing on.

    “It was unavoidable, it wasn’t their fault.” Ammie worried she was pushing her too far, especially when Mars stopped walking.

    Mars tightened her fists. “So what? I’m the champion. Besides, we’re in a rush, we have to get to the circ train. We don’t have time for this.”

    “Then we keep moving, we don’t have to antagonize the workers.”

    Mars turned on her heel, glaring up at her. “And what about it? I thought you were on my side.”

    “Not everything has to do with you!” Ammie shouted. Hurt flashed in Mars’ eyes, the first bit of emotion other than anger that she’d seen in Mars.

    “I…” Mars slammed her jaw shut. “Whatever, let’s just go.” She turned back around and continued her marc to the circ train. Ammie opened her mouth to apologize for snapping at her, but Mars was already gone.

    #cactus writes#mtbow#creative writing#writeblr#writing#writer #if i had a nickel for each time mars bumped into someone in the hallway during these scenes id have 2 nickels #which isnt a lot but its weird that it happened twice
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  • writingsfromthecactus
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    May Writing Challenge: May 17th

    Prompts are from @deity-prompts 's May Writing Challenge, original post linked here


    Another snippet from Ammie's perspective, on Mars' changes once she fully embraced her new identity. You'll see more of this kind of stuff in MtBoW 2 since I try to expand on Ammie a little more through flashbacks. No spoilers, canonical!

    Content Warnings: None

    May 17th: “You haven’t gone outside in weeks” “That’s an exaggeration”


    Ammie watched Mars train in one of the hologram rooms, facing off against one of the default pirate holograms. Ever since she’d gotten her new arm, and Neptune had ended up dead, it was like a switch had been flipped. Her anger problems had only gotten worse, and she was finally acting like an actual Mars, not that Ammie thought it was a good thing. Mars had been here for nearly two years, and the Empress’ influence was already incredibly obvious. It was only a matter of time before her strings had tied up around Mars so tightly that she’d never break free.

    Mars finished the fight and took a breather, watching the hologram reset itself and wait for her command to start fighting again. Ammie stepped closer into the room, clearing her throat.

    “Champion?” she asked. Mars turned around. Ammie noticed that her gaze didn’t soften like it once had whenever she looked at Ammie; it took a lot to get an ounce of visible emotion from her now, and the only person to break through that was the Empress.

    “Ammie,” she said. “What are you doing here?”

    “I was wondering if you wanted to leave the palace, get some fresh air, before the next mission in a few days.” She rolled her lips together. “If you want, of course.”

    “Why would we need fresh air?” Mars’ eyebrows pulled together.

    “Well… you haven’t gone outside in weeks,” she replied.

    “That’s an exaggeration,” Mars huffed.

    “The last time you left the palace was before you… uh…” She gestured towards Mars’ arm. “That was a month ago.”

    Mars blinked. “Oh. I suppose time gets a little away from you when you’ve been inside for a while. Sure, why not? I could probably use a distraction.” Her words were casual, but the tone was sharp, clipped, like someone who obviously saw themselves as ‘better than.’ Ammie was used to it, but it coming from Mars felt wrong.

    “Great. Where did you want to go?” Ammie tried to pull up enough confidence to avoid Mars noticing how hesitant she was, and to not bring up anything about how much she had changed.

    “I know the empress wanted me to check in with the general down in the military district. That’s outside, right? We can stop by there.” She wiped some sweat from her forehead and walked to the door, where she grabbed her jacket as it was folded on the floor, throwing it over her arms.

    “Perfect, the circ train is arriving in the station in ten minutes. I’ll have it held for us.” She marched out of the room without a second glance at Ammie.

    Ammie sighed, letting her stress show on her face as she hesitated in following Mars. She was hoping for something to get Mars’ mind off of work, not more work. Still, she’d seen what would happen if someone argued with her, so she didn’t say anything. Instead, she simply followed Mars towards the elevator, worry gnawing at her stomach.

    #cactus writes#mtbow#creative writing#writeblr#writing#writer #its kind of a first look at how Ammie felt about Mars' change over the years before book 2 comes out :)
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  • purplehotmess
    13.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Lucius Malfoy and the Hummus Debacle

    Written for @drarrymicrofic prompt, 'Shock', and in celebration of the International Hummus Day. Also, based on the reddit thread on hummus - iykyk.
    Lots of love to the wonderful @katie-alden for beta-ing!

    Lucius Malfoy knew he had never been a good father to his only son — pressuring him to do well in school, teaching him Pureblood ideals too early, encouraging his unhealthy obsession with Potter (oh, how he regretted that now), putting him in harm’s way during all that Dark Lord business last year. But the War had taught him that life was too short to prioritise making Draco the Malfoy heir rather than showering him with love, so Lucius had painstakingly let go of his rigid traditions and stringent beliefs. And he had been so much better off for it — slowly but steadily, Draco was also learning to accept and forgive him, and Lucius was hopeful that one day all their burnt bridges will be repaired.

    And alright, he was still a bit miffed about the burgeoning friendship between his son and that Potter boy — he truly had ghastly hair, that one — but Lucius wisely kept his mouth shut and used years of practice to draw upon faked politeness whenever Potter came to the Manor to either visit Draco or whisk him away on that frightful motorbike of his.

    But that didn’t mean he was ready to face his son’s not-so-subtle homosexuality quite so abruptly.

    It was a bright Sunday afternoon — unusual weather for England, that should’ve been his first clue, really — and Potter had again arrived with a skip in his step and a nauseatingly beaming expression on his face. If Lucius didn’t know any better, he’d think the boy looked positively smitten. But he did. So he didn’t. Draco had promptly escorted him to his room, and there the boys had been since.

    Calamity struck when Lucius was just coming back from admonishing Mippy about the foie gras — honestly, that elf was utterly useless, how he wished he could go back to the time when Draco hadn’t developed a sudden sympathy for house elves — when he passed Draco’s bedroom, and froze. From behind the closed door came suggestive noises. 

    Oh Merlin, I really don’t want to hear this, was the first thought that came to Lucius’ mind, before Salazar’s silk robes, what if Potter has cursed or poisoned my son? Because he refused to believe that a Malfoy would ever, ever look at a Potter twice, and not in a bad way.

    Ignoring the fact that his son seemed hell-bent on defying his Malfoy heritage, Lucius waved his wand to amplify the sounds, before tiptoeing closer to press his ear against the ornate cherry wood. And immediately regretted it.

    “Mmm, Harry… so good…”

    “I know, right! Hermione loves it, too.”

    Lucius grimaced. So the rumours had been true.

    “Oh Circe, this is amazing! Why didn’t we ever try this before?”

    A snort. “You’re the one who’s opposed to all things Muggle.”

    “Mmm, but I love this! Those Muggles do have some brains, after all, I guess. Give me more!”

    Lucius hastily stumbled back, cancelling the spell, and pressed his fingers to his temples. He had just heard his son moaning, for Merlin's sake, and that was something he had never prepared himself to experience as a father. Begrudgingly, he admitted to himself that he had heard about those little toys that the Muggles had for the bedroom, but he’d never thought… his son… with Potter!... oh, fucking fuck.

    “Lucius! What are you doing here, darling?”

    Lucius jolted, straightening at his wife’s voice.

    “Nothing, darling. Just… Potter’scorruptedourchild.”His words fell out in a rush, and he remained still as an amused smile spread across Narcissa’s lips.

    “Are you spying on our son, darling? Let him be — surely you remember how we used to be in our youth?”

    Lucius scowled. “That was different. This is Potter, Cissa. The Potter.”

    Narcissa rolled her eyes, then strode forward to grasp his arm to lead him away.

    “Yes, darling, Potter who vanquished that hideous Snake-Man — who invaded our home, by the way — and spoke for us at our trials. Merlin knows we would be dead or rotting in Azkaban without him.”

    Lucius frowned — and hated that glint in Cissa’s eyes that meant that she thought he was pouting — and silently conceded the point.

    “So, what, we just let them… get on with it?”

    She burst into delighted giggles.

    “Oh, dear, you let me handle it,” she reassured him by patting his arm. Lucius was not reassured.


    “Draco, sweetheart, what did you and Potter do today?”

    Draco’s face glowed as he opened his mouth to answer, and Lucius slapped a hand on his forehead from where he was hidden behind an antique vase. His back was already paining from stooping low for the sake of subterfuge, and now he was sure his ears would bleed, because he just knew Draco would rattle off about how Potter and he—

    “ — had hummus, and it was so good, Mum! You should try it sometime —”

    Wait, did Draco really just recommend one of those toys to his own mother? Oh, Potter was such a bad influence—

    “ —Wait, you know what? Let’s order it today!”



    Too late, Lucius realised he’d spoken aloud, as both mother and son turned around to narrow their eyes at him suspiciously. It was uncanny. Clearing his throat, Lucius straightened, trying to brush off the fact that he had been reduced to eavesdropping, and his own home, no less.

    Draco was apparently not fooled. “What’re you doing, Father?”

    Lucius casually flapped his hand, in a universal gesture of Oh just hanging out, you know, not spying or listening in to conversations, no not at all, and repeated his question.

    “What did you just say, Draco?”

    Draco huffed, seeming to give up interrogating his own father as moot point, before, “We had hummus today, Father! It was mind blowing!”

    Oh, shit. Lucius could feel his heartbeat racing, could feel the faint coming from miles away, and yet, he could only gape soundlessly at the sheer nerve of his son, before his vision blacked out, and he crumpled to the ground. The last thing he heard was, “You wouldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it, Mum! Really, Potter’s too good to be true.”

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  • maesterchill
    12.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    aqua iugis, perennis

    Written for the @drarrymicrofic song prompt 'I'm Lucky' by Joan Armatrading. Approx 600 words. Title means 'perennial spring.'

    Draco is an overthinker.

    Not by reputation, however. To all but the very few he is close to, he is a lake of glass—unwavering, unmoving and untroubled by the tribulations of life. What people do not realise is that Draco has long ago mastered his own body. Whereas at school, he was expressive and quick to convey his reactions to that which stirred him, now his movements and his expressions are precise. Not a hair or eyelash out of place, barely a twitch of lips when he is moved by emotion. He is snowfall on a mountaintop—always constant, always undisturbed.

    But beneath the snowfall, beneath the glass lake, turmoil. 


    Harry is his husband, and Harry loves him. That in itself should solve every problem, chase away that turmoil. Every day Draco is able to take this man who captured his heart a lifetime ago and hold him, touch him, talk to him. Where the frost seeped into Draco's heart, Harry melted it, and now, every single day it's springtime: tender, beautiful, full of life and possibility.

    But spring is also fleeting, and sometimes Draco wonders.

    Can someone like Harry truly be happy, passing his days here with Draco in this big empty Manor?

    Is it right that the Saviour spend his days bound to the same house, the same man, the same bed? Shouldn't Harry be living a freer life than Draco can give him? Sometimes it seems a shame, even to Draco, that he stays here.

    Because it wasn’t a normal courtship.

    Harry's magic began ebbing after the war, the result of over-exposure to Horcruxes—he was one for Circe's sake. The Healers said he should try to practise a little magic every day, bind himself to a magical house, that he should immerse himself in magic, to slow the decline. Said a magical bond with a pureblood would strengthen his core. Draco was more surprised than anyone when Harry approached him with a very unusual 'proposal'—they'd only kissed that one time after Severus' funeral, and it hardly counted as they’d both been crying—so stay here Harry does, and love Draco Harry does.

    But after eleven years, he's almost a squib now. They’ve tried everything. And Harry has never once complained—Draco sometimes wonders if turmoil lurks under the surface. Harry never complains either when Draco joins him in bed. He's considerate, enthusiastic, and after he comes he never fails to tell Draco how lucky he is. How much he loves Draco.

    Harry loves him. And he loves Harry.

    But doubt remains. Is loving Harry enough to keep him happy? 

    There’s a rattle and a creak, and then there’s Harry, entering the kitchen via the scullery. He's been outside and his hair's a disaster, and he's brandishing a single yellow daffodil and a disturbingly big smile. 

    "I wanted to pick you a bunch, but the Diffindo stopped working after the first one." His eyes are bright, like emeralds.

    "A Severing charm!" Draco sweeps Harry into his arms and twirls him a little, careful not to crush the precious flower, the precious moment. “You did a Severing charm.”

    Harry laughs, “Yes, it felt good,” and then they stop, and Harry puts the flower in a highball glass of water, and Draco begins to make tea. 

    "Looked like you were deep in thought, there, when I came in. Is everything alright?"

    And Draco doesn't know how Harry does it. Makes him feel instantly better with the simplest of gestures and plainest of words. But he does. That's the real magic of Harry, and he has an endless well of it. 

    "Just overthinking." Overloving, perhaps. Maybe he loves Harry too much.

    “For a change,” Harry quips.

    “Are you happy?” Draco says, needing to know. “Here.”

    Harry answers him with a deep kiss that tastes of spring, like the first blossoms on the fruit trees in the Manor gardens. And then he ruffles Draco’s perfect hair. “You are a very silly man, and Merlin, I love you.”

    And Draco smiles at how he lucky he is.

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  • noonesgoneuntiltheyregone
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    AN: This was originally posted on my wattpad. No on is to copy, steal, transfer or repost any of my works but me!! You may like, comment and/or reblog tho.

    Prompt: Make a scenario based off of two (or however many) randomly chosen gif(s) and emojis:

    EMOJI: 👮‍♂️😈🦴

    GIF/Pairing: Established Relationship: Alycia Debnam Carey as Alicia Clark x GN!Police Officer!Reader. They're kind of a flirt and kind of full of themselves lol.

    Fandom: TWD Universe: Fear The Walking Dead. No specific era but the gif is from the ranch, circe S3, so feel free to imagine it being there. No bone is specified, so choose whatever.

    Imagine.... Being a cop before the apocalypse who had a tendency for being a bit of a daredevil, so when the end of days came, your recklessness reached tenfold, ending in an injury most would regret but when you came to, your broken bones were the least of your worries, as you gazed up to see the most beautiful angel, you ever saw.

    Alycia having been the one to save you when you'd passed out in the middle of a hoarde, you deemed, and mistook, to be safe.

    "Hey! Hey, hey.... easy. You took a really bad fall." The angels lips moved in haste to stop you from sitting up.

    You smirk, agreeing, "oh, I know." You did fall, indeed. But it wasn't bad at all, you thought, looking her up and down.

    The angel rolled her eyes with a smile as she retrieved her mother, Madison, for assistance in getting you better.

    The two gossiping about how much of a dork, her s/o can be, not before turning to you, with a scold, for your impulsiveness.


    (Originally Written on my wattpad: 20/02/22 & Posted: 24/02/22). So, if you're confused, they're dating but reader likes to flirt with Alicia like they've just met. I originally had them be strangers but I gave it a little plot twist, lmk how you like it.
    Gif isnt mine. (Reposted: 10/05/22). I didn't re-read it to see if February me, made any errors, so I'm sorry if I....She? Did. Wha--? lmao.
    #alycia debnam carey #wlw x reader #adc x reader #clexa#noonesgoneuntiltheyregone #reblog dont repost #wlw#gif imagine #alicia clark x gn!reader #alicia clark x reader #nightowl #ftwd x reader #twd universe #cop!reader
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  • dreadfutures
    07.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    ‘that’s the worst prophecy I’ve ever heard.’ from the circe prompts? For whoever you want!

    For @dadrunkwriting!

    Pairing: Felassan/Solas (extra dedication to @rosella-writes )

    Rating: T


    "Sylaise, claiming to have predictions for the future beyond what crops to plant?" Felassan chuckled and shook his head. "Would anyone trust her to know more than what the weather foments?'

    "She did say that a storm is brewing," Solas replied dryly.

    "That's the worst prophecy I've ever heard!"

    A smirk tugged at Solas's lips to know that he had inspired the laughter that bubbled up from his companion's chest now. They crossed the busy marketplace unaccosted--indeed, barely noticed--by the merchants, servants, and travelers swarming to the capital for the upcoming festivities. Festivities that had been strangely muted in comparison to the customary excess of the self-reverential Evanuris.

    Now, Solas understood why. His erstwhile family had finally begun to feel the pinch of lost trade caravans, freed slaves, diverted funds. And they had finally begun to pay attention to why.

    Surely Mythal would summon him shortly. He had made the mistake of offering her the chance to fix the tragedy of the vallaslin, of the empire, before the consequences made themselves known. He had known she would refuse, in his heart of hearts, for he was her Pride--not Elvhenan's, no matter what was said. Unbending, assured of their own wisdom each; that was her accusation, but in this, he knew he was unassailable. Her rejection of his proposal and his pleas stung even so.

    And so they had decided to make the Evanuris each feel the same sting.

    Warm fingers threaded through his own, and Solas tilted his head slightly to catch a glimpse of Felassan's smile around the side of his hood. He had started to brood, and Felassan, his Slow Arrow, his Hope, never failed to notice. It signaled a slip in his capacity to think forward, of futures that did not end in failure.

    With a simple touch, Felassan could realign his thoughts, his world. For that, Solas would forever be grateful.

    Here in the crowds, they were but two souls entwined, essences shared from one to the other with common purpose. It was no strange sight, but it was no less special for it, and the brighter they flared--the more that Solas drew upon Felassan's reassuring nature--the more likely it was that they would be noticed.

    "Come," Solas said, pulling Felassan in the direction of the nearest eluvian. "Let us leave Sylaise to her doom-saying. There are sweeter things I would have grace my tongue this evening."

    Felassan laughed again, tugging him back just before they could step across the threshold into the Paths, and Solas allowed himself to be halted. Few would dare impede Fen'Harel even in this slightest way, but for Felassan. The younger elf knew his moods, knew their dangers, and could wind his way around them unscathed. But most of all, Felassan knew how Solas loved his smile, which was turned upon him now with a sharp edge honed by the dry and humorless bloodshed of the ages, but bright with a hope eternally unquenched.

    Felassan had no qualms, either, rocking up on his toes to reach Solas, free hand finding the nape of his neck to guide him. Felassan's violet eyes were closed in blissful ignorance and easy anticipation, carefree in all the ways Solas had forgotten. But in Felassan's smooth, round features, he found nothing to scorn, nor naivete.

    He kissed him, to savor that sweet hope, as fuel for the journey ahead.

    "Alright," Felassan murmured, smiling, against his lips. "Now you've had your taste--we have business to attend to."

    But Solas chased down the full lips he loved, caught them again not to savor now but to sear. "You said it yourself, it was a terrible prophecy," he replied when they broke away again. "It can wait."

    #da drunk writing circle #solas x felassan #solas#felassan#arlathan au
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  • lettersbyelise
    04.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    5 Movies, 4 Songs, 3 Essentials, 2 Books, 1 Quote

    Thank you for tagging me @magpiefngrl and @signifiquint! Because it's late and I'm sure I'm going to forget stuff, I've mixed my eternal favorites and current/recent things I loved in these lists 💚

    5 Movies

    Spirited Away: my love for Miyasaki movies knows no bounds, but this one stands out

    Some Like It Hot: some aspects of it may not have aged well, but teenage me fell in love with the comedy, the romance, the music, the joyful queerness of it all

    Legally Blonde: so intelligent, so quotable. I wrote an entire fic based on one of its scenes

    Kill Bill: younger me was obsessed with that movie and Uma Thurman. I don't like most Tarrantino movies, but this one is a winner

    When Harry Met Sally: the ULTIMATE romantic comedy. Sweet, smart, snarky, that movie is ultimate #romcomgoals. I rewatch it at least once a year (and my first Drarry fic was inspired by it)

    4 Songs

    Paranoid Android by Radiohead: I'm a huge fan of most of Radiohead's music. I've loved OK Computer since it came out, so this is if I had to pick one song

    Blank Space by Taylor Swift: I was obsessed with that song when it came out. Generally speaking, I'd like to thank TS's entire discography for being writing prompt GOLD

    Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien by Edith Piaf: ah, such a wonderful, honest, heartfelt song. Piaf's interpretation of it is amazing. It's a song about love but also coming to terms with one's past and moving on to a brighter future (and it's featured in this fic!)

    You Know I'm No Good, by Amy Winehouse: I love this song (and the whole album) so much. In this house we miss Amy every day.

    3 Essentials




    2 Books

    Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides: a gorgeous, sprawling Greek-American saga told from the perspective of a queer, intersex MC. Unforgettable.

    Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel: only Ms Mandel can make the apocalypse achingly poetic.

    1 Quote

    “He showed me his scars, and in return he let me pretend that I had none.” Circe by Madeline Miller

    I took my sweet little time with these lists, so I think most of you have been tagged by now, but if you haven't yet, consider yourself tagged!

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  • arxt1
    29.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Black hole to photosphere: 3D GRMHD simulations of collapsars reveal wobbling and hybrid composition jets. (arXiv:2204.12501v1 [astro-ph.HE])

    Long-duration $\gamma$-ray bursts (GRBs) accompany the collapse of massive stars and carry important information about the central engine. However, no 3D models have been able to follow these jets from their birth by a rotating black-hole (BH) to the photosphere. We present the first such 3D general-relativity magnetohydrodynamic simulations, which span over $6$ orders of magnitude in space and time. The collapsing stellar envelope forms an accretion disk, which drags inward the magnetic flux that accumulates around the BH, becomes dynamically-important and launches bipolar jets. The jets reach the photosphere at $\sim10^{12}$ cm with an opening angle, $\theta_j\sim6^\circ$ and a Lorentz factor, $\Gamma_j\lesssim30$, unbind $\gtrsim90\%$ of the star and leave the BH mass essentially unchanged after the initial core-collapse. We find that: (i) The disk-jet system spontaneously develops misalignment relative to the BH rotational axis. As a result, the jet direction wobbles with an angle $\theta_t\sim12^\circ$, which can naturally explain quiescent times in GRB lightcurves. The effective opening angle for detection $\theta_j+\theta_t$ suggests that the intrinsic (beaming-corrected) GRB rate is lower by an order of magnitude than standard estimates. This implies that successful GRBs can be much rarer than currently thought, and emerge in only $\sim0.1\%$ of supernovae Ib/c. A possible explanation is that jets are either not launched or choked inside most supernova Ib/c progenitors. (ii) The magnetic energy in the jet decreases due to dissipation and mixing with the stellar material, resulting in jets with a hybrid composition of magnetic and thermal components at the photosphere, where $\sim 20\%$ of the gas maintains magnetization $\sigma\gtrsim0.1$. This indicates that both a photospheric component and magnetic reconnection play a role in the GRB prompt emission.

    from astro-ph.HE updates on arXiv.org https://ift.tt/6BsKRjL

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  • waitingonavision
    20.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Top 5 books?

    Ooooooh!!! BOOKS. I love. This is way too hard haha, but I’ll give it a shot!

    Fiction (as they come to me, and not in order)

    The Abhorsen Trilogy (Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen) by Garth Nix

    Dinotopia by James Gurney

    The Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish

    The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker

    Fruits Basket (manga) by Takaya Natsuki

    Honorable mentions: His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien, Circe by Madeline Miller, and a bunch of others!

    Thank you for the ask! 💕

    Feel free to send me a Top 5 prompt/question!

    #asks#naoko-world#books#ask game #i have only a 1/5 of my library with me #so i'm sure my brain has overlooked a lot...
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