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  • chadism-101
    27.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    Hello bros, hoes and hombrecitos, Chapter Five of Saving The Galaxy (one bro at a time) is now posted!!!

    Now including: an resolution to chapter four's cliffhanger! Clone Trooper Sister! Another Cody Mention! and Jorts!!!

    #Clone Trooper Jorts #ct-chad#chadism #cheers beers and supporting our peers #star wars #oh yeah quinlan vos and mace windu shows up as well :) #also if you've left a comment i would die for you
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  • izuris
    27.05.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    Are you excited for the new Star Wars show to premiere tomorrow? Btw I miss your original Star Wars characters, you probably get this a lot lol but have you created any new stuff of those lil beans? :]

    WAAA i'll be honest I've had lots going on so I completely spaced it was coming out TOMORROW! That being said, yes I'm excited! I really really enjoyed Rebels, and I love mr Obert Wan, so I'm hoping it doesnt... ruin anything (and I'm trying to stay optimistic about the costuming idk) but yES i'm excited.

    Also I haven't done much more with my star wars ocs 😮‍💨 maybe once things have settled down I'll get back into em, but until then here's some doodles!

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  • sinisterexaggerator
    27.05.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    Ohnaka, Shriv, and Bane have find out their S/O was (until recently) a full time chiropractor/massage therapist, how do they find this out? Well she helps to massage all that tension out and probably help with a bad back in some cases (probably both) a lil something on this please? .3.

    Ooh, the boys are gonna get spoiled! We all know Shriv deserves it most of all!

    Warnings: None. Just a couple of Duros and one Weequay getting a nice massage from their S/O.

    “This effort … is no longer … profitable!”  had been Hondo Ohnaka’s words. He had failed at his endeavor, but not before nearly dying at the hands of a clever Jedi Knight.

    Oooh, but Hondo was more so. He had escaped death; lived to tell his tale and tell he did. You had heard all about it, though he was loathe to admit his neck, his back, and his arms were sore.

    He had battled one named Skywalker, hand-to-hand with a melee weapon; an electrostaff against a lightsaber. It had seemed like a good idea; the pirate had tanks to back him up, yet all had proven futile in the end. The only thing that was left to him were his complaints and body aches.

    He tutted around his Corona-class armed frigate, mumbling obscenities. You were perhaps his flavor of the week; the month; the year if you could keep up with him. Though you had a few tricks of your own up your fancy sleeves; a way to please the Weequay. You beckoned Hondo to his stately bedchamber.

    “Have a seat. Let me pamper you, my liege.”

    You bowed in a show of theatrical humility. Hondo loved this game – for you to praise him and act as an abiding slave.

    “Permission granted.” Ohnaka announced, stretching himself out leisurely. You took this opportunity to woo him with your valuable expertise.

    Besides, in a way, he would profit from it…

    “One thing you might not know about me: I was a massage therapist before you whisked me away on this grand adventure.”

    You rounded him, trailing your fingers along his coat; his shoulders. You began to help him take it off.

    “Really? How fortunate for me.”  Hondo was not shy when it came to stating the obvious, or those things that were in his favor; to be humble was a thing reserved.

    You had to work harder on him unlike other clients; his skin was tough, leathery, though still somewhat pliant. He moaned out a sound denoting he was jovial, making this laborious undertaking all worthwhile.

    “You are good at this, my dear – remind me to repay you.” he struck a wicked smile.

    Shriv Suurgav had been nearly killed piloting a ship he wasn’t too familiar with – a TIE Fighter of all things. He had boarded a Star Destroyer with Iden and his niece; she was self-proclaimed. He had left for weeks afterward, on a mission from the general. He somehow found the time to visit you on one of his recent meetups with the fleet.

    Initially, they hadn’t let him land. He was turned away from you; your frigate and its team of medics. He had comm called you once it was safe to do so; reassured you, letting you know he was still alive.

    You could tell something was wrong - he was tired; beside himself in sorrow, yet he tried to play it off. Iden had been close to him, and now he was burdened with her loss.

    You wanted to coddle him; show him affection; give the depressed Duros a reason to laugh again. He was overworked by Leia, and while you respected her, Shriv rarely received any commendations for a job well done.

    He arrived to you a mess, yet he tried to muster a smile of sorts. You reached your hand out for him – he took it up and rubbed his cheek into the center of your palm.

    He looked on the verge of tears, his expression pained. He only managed to say three words, though they nearly caused your heart to burst.

    “I missed you.”

    He made the motions to engage you in a hug – that sort of thing was always awkward for him, yet he seemed to want one. His body would deny him, forcing him to scrunch an eye; he rasped out a haggard breath.

    “S-sorry… I-I’m just a little sore…”

    His shoulders were stiff; his arms, his neck - his muscles ached. The crash had done a number on him, and he was still recovering.

    “Come here, Shriv. You know, I used to be a massage therapist before I joined the Rebellion.”

    Shriv chuckled rather meekly; he was not himself. “I can see why you’d want to keep that a ssecret in a place like this – you’d have a line outside your door.”

    You guided him along, sat him down, and lowered onto your knees behind him. Your fingers bore into his cobalt flesh beneath his uniform; your hands applying just the right amount of pressure to relieve all his undue stress.

    The Duros gasped at first, not knowing what he was feeling. It hurt, but then it felt so good. His brow ridge knitted; he melted into it. His fangs bit down on his slender bottom lip.

    He had no quips, no snarky comments. He was feeling complimentary for once, simply grateful to have you by his side.  

    “You spoil me, sweetheart. Don’t know what I did to deserve a gal like you.”

    Cad Bane had gotten his choobies handed to him by Fennec Shand. He was beat to snot and had lost out on all his credits. He reached you worse for wear, in pain, and his muscles ached – his entire self. You felt sorry for him and decided to utilize your skills.

    “Lie down, Cad.” you lightly commanded him.

    He was too tired; too worn to argue with you. He sat down, slumping over with a wince upon your bed. He removed his hat and hung his head, mumbling grouchily. “Mebbe I’m gehet’tin’ too old fer dis.”

    “Nonsense.” you assured him, conducting him into the correct position. He was timid – Cad wasn’t used to dropping his wary guard or his excessive vigilance.

    That all vanished into the ether, out and beyond the stars above whilst your hands worked their magic on him. He made sounds you had never heard; groans, grunts, and ones perhaps of relief or pleasure – you were happy you could do something nice for him.

    “Where’d ya learn t’do all dis? Ssome kinda ssor’cer’y.” he implored; his voice a husky gravel, though more subdued than was normal for him.

    “I was a massage therapist back on Coruscant. My patrons were mainly Clones; they paid well and were always sore – war and all.” you responded curtly.

    “Keepin’ ssecrets from me, s’what it is.”

    Did your ears deceive you? You could have sworn the Duros purred.

    You’d be laserbrained to mention it, though you smiled a little to yourself. It felt good to be appreciated, knowing all too well that Bane’s involuntary praise was as close to a thank you as you would get.



    #Cad Bane#Shriv Surgaav#Hondo Ohnaka #Cad Bane x Reader #Shriv Suurgav x Reader #Hondo Ohnaka x Reader #Cad Bane x You #Shriv Suurgav x You #Hondo Ohnaka x You #Anonymous Request#Star Wars#Clone Wars #Star Wars Battlefront 2 #Star Wars Imagines #ficlet #star wars ficlet
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  • lunar-lord
    27.05.2022 - 45 minutes ago

    POV ur Kenobi just trying to get a drink on Tatooine post Order 66

    (Aka this is my petition to being back Ventress)

    #hopefully people have heard this tik tok audio lol #asajj ventress#latts razzi#swtcw #star wars the clone wars #star wars fanart #swtcw fanart#tcw fanart#sith#bounty hunter #let ventress beat up men and kiss women that’s all I’m asking #obi wan kenobi #tatooine#jedi#Star Wars #star wars bounty hunters #my art
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  • indycaelumskywalker
    27.05.2022 - 48 minutes ago

    My thoughts on Kenobi:


    And a picture of me just because I can.

    #kenobi#feelings #star wars fanfiction #fanfiction#writing#writers#anakin skywalker #anakin skywalker x reader #anakin x me #cosplay #star wars prequels #star wars the clone wars #star wars
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  • chr0nicbackpain
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


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  • inquisitor-reva
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    THE CLONE WARS ☆ 7.11 Shattered | OBI-WAN KENOBI ☆ Part II INSP.

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  • fanfictasia
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Whumpay Day 27


    Spoiler: This is an excerpt from Whirlwind of Chaos

    The other clones tackles him from behind again before he can stop him, and they both fall to the floor. The clone moves before he can get up, wrapping his arm around his neck, strangling him.

    The air is freezing already, and they don’t have time for this. He struggles to throw him off, finally knocking him to the ground, slamming him over the head.

    Jumping to his feet, Anakin struggles to catch his breath – the freezing air makes it harder – before he throws the clones on Cody back into the wall with the Force, knocking them out.

    Cody stumbles shakily to his feet, and they bolt.

    The halls are growing steadily colder; the air is clouded so it’s hard to see, but he forces himself to keep moving. They haven’t quite reached the bridge when Cody collapses.

    “Cody!” Anakin calls urgently, half-panicked, crouching next to him. His hand and feet feel numb already, and he hardly has the energy to keep moving, but he can’t go unconscious right out here. It’s cold enough that there's a risk of everyone freezing to death, but he’s too cold to be scared of that right now. But logically, he knows the safest option for anyone is if they stay as warm as they can snuggled with each other.

    He grabs Cody’s arm, groaning quietly as he drags him into the bridge – which definitely would hurt him, but he doesn’t have the strength to do anything more and at least this way he won’t risk freezing to death. Please don’t let the whole crew die because of this.

    “A-Anakin.” Anakin can hear the relief in his voice. His master is seated on the floor, positioned the furthest away from the vents pouring out cold air as he can get – which isn’t very far, but still.

    “You s-s-ent the m-message?” Anakin asks, and he nods.

    He pulls Cody across the room, over to Obi-Wan. He moves closer, ignoring the awkwardness of it, and climbs into his lap.

    “What are you doing?” Obi-Wan yelps.

    “’s cold,” Anakin whines, not bothering to attempt saying more than that. He doubts he could even if he tried. He twists slideways, snuggling himself up against his master and wrapping his arms around him.

    Obi-Wan seems… hesitant at first, but he returns it with surprising fierceness. Maybe, Anakin thinks, his master cares for him as much as Anakin does for him. Maybe. It occurs to Anakin suddenly, that if they did die here, he’s not sure how bad it would be – at least they’d be together, and he’s too tired to be horrified at how casually he thinks of it.

    “You’re warm,” Obi-Wan tells him, faintly amused.

    Anakin makes a sound that he hopes is as grumpy as he feels about that. Everyone tells him that, and it’s so not fair because Obi-Wan isn’t and Anakin has to freeze for both of them now.

    He’s so, so tired, and Anakin suspects that’s because his body is shutting down, preparing to slide into some sort of status state until it can return to normal. That’s usually what happens, but he’s tempted to fight it anyway. Just to stay here, in this moment, a little bit longer. He wants to remember this, wants to engrave it into his mind forever.

    Obi-Wan shifts the slightest bit, so he’s pressing his cheek to Anakin’s forehead.

    He wants them to stay like this longer. Maybe forever. He craves more, for the feel of home and family he’s been lacking since he last saw his mother. Obi-Wan reminds him of her sometimes. It’s in a strange and very different way, but it’s similar, and maybe the difference is that Obi-Wan can protect him, unlike his mother.

    Exhaustion threatens to pull him under, but he forces himself to stay conscious just a little bit longer, to ingrain his mind the feel of this, of his master holding him like this, because even if – when? he’s too cold to care which anymore – they get out of this, he never wants to forget it.

    Obi-Wan is his… father, in so many ways, and Anakin's definitely thought that before, but he doesn’t remember consciously putting that label to him. Or maybe he did and he’s just too tired to remember.

    It’s the last thing he registers before everything fades away.

    #star wars #star wars fanfiction #fanfiction#anakin skywalker#commander cody#obi-wan kenobi#cody#anakin#obi-wan #anakin and cody #anakin and obi-wan #whumpay day 27 #day 27#whumpay#whumpay 2022 #day twenty seven #choke-hold#anakin whump #obi-wan is anakin's father #clone wars#padawan anakin
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  • skymarkeer
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Fun fact: That clone veteran in Kenobi is somewhere around 20 year old.

    #star wars #obi wan series #the clones deserved better
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  • amyreadsandstresses
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    Or, the fics I read yesterday. Today featurin BBC Sherlock and Star Wars

    *No Light Thing - philalethia

    38k, 6/6, Johnlock, BDSM, First Time, Insecurity, Lack of Communication, Happy Ending

    John wants a healthy relationship. Sherlock struggles to understand the concept.

    *Flickering Light - Soulvaren5555

    1k, 1/1, Ahsoka Tano, Mortis Arc, Mind Control, Whump

    Amidst the shadows, a small light flickered.

    The real Ahsoka was no longer in control, but she wasn’t rendered completely unaware; said awareness was fuzzy when the chaos first swept in. The last of the light was pushed to the very back of her mind, and though surrounded by the Dark, she was still fighting to reach the surface. She clawed at the imposing force keeping her trapped, knowing if she let up for even a second, she would remain in darkness forever.

    (Or: What if a small part of Ahsoka resisted the Son's control?)

    *Waking is worse than the Nightmare - 221B_Marauder

    1k, 1/1, Sherlock Holmes & John Watson, PTSD, Angst, Hurt/Comfort

    John always takes care to fall asleep in his own bed, never on the couch or in his chair. One evening, exhausted, he breaks this rule and dozes off, and has a nightmare.

    *The Principle´s the Same - Narkito

    17k, 6/6, Sherlock Holmes & John Watson, WWII.

    Sherlock gets wounded on the battle field and they leave him for dead. John, who's just escaped from captivity finds him. Together they start their journey out of enemy territory.

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  • mandoleksiak
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    the fact that ep 2 of kenobi acknowledges the way clones were treated and how they’re living after order 66 is therapeutic while also being equally infuriating.

    #the plight of the clones is so devastating to me #they fought a war that was not their own and were tossed away soon after #kenobi series#kenobi spoilers
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  • thesitharts
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I need Obi-Wan to understand that what he’s seeing is more than likely the reality for clones regardless of who won the war.

    The clones are not seen as people by the Republic, the Jedi (at least some of them) may genuinely care for the men under their command, but they are not the Republic. They have no seats on the Senate and it’s extremely unlikely in that universe for any legislation to be passed to allow the clones rights, allow them their personhood.

    No matter who won, the clones were always going to go the way of the Battle Droid and be either decommissioned or abandoned.

    It’s cruel, it’s unjust, but it’s the reality of a clone trooper.

    #star wars the clone wars #kenobi show#kenobi#clone troopers #jess says stuff #it’s just… this is the reality #tcw #it was always going to end this way for the clones #and he has to know that #obi wan kenobi #TheSithArts#discussion
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  • faeymouse
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    So, theories on who Haja Estree really is, in no particular order:

    -Part of the nascent Rebellion. Probably knows Ahsoka.

    -One of the younglings that survived Order 66, but it was so traumatizing and he’s lowkey so good at burying his Force abilities that he’s convinced even himself that he’s not a real Jedi.

    -Literally just some dude who decides to do the right thing. Nothing special about him. He’s just a liar and a cheat who accidentally saves the galaxy because he’s like “You know what? I’m gonna be nice today.”

    -Off topic, but if there doesn’t end up being at least one fic or canon piece where he and the 501st clone veteran interact, I’m gonna go feral and write it myself tbh

    #spoilers#star wars#haja estree#obi-wan kenobi #listen your honor i love him. he’s my exact fave type of character #also the fact that the aging clone vet WOULDNT seek out a supposed jedi? like cmon. cmon
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  • 212thincorrectcanonquotes
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Happy Obi-Wan Kenobi Day! To celebrate here is the thirteenth chapter of Stripped Down to the Bone! It’s an Obikin (Obi-Wan/Anakin) & Codywan (Obi-Wan/Cody) story with Senator Kenobi so if that sounds appealing to your fic tastes please check it out! Please leave kudos and comments if you are able 💕

    Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/35019235/chapters/98214261

    #obi wan kenobi #obi wan #obi wan kenobi fanfiction #star wars fanfiction #codywan fanfiction#obikin fanfiction#codywan#obikin #cody x obi wan #cody/obi wan #obi wan x anakin #obi wan/anakin#vaderwan#star wars #star wars the clone wars #the clone wars #tcw #star wars prequels #commander cody#cody#anakin skywalker#darth vader#hello there#general kenobi#owk#ewan mcgregor#hayden christensen#temura morrison
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  • commanderfoxdeservesbetter
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Do you have any soft non-angsty headcanons for any clones?

    I do!

    Soft headcanons I firmly believe in:

    Dogma loves the sound of rain. While on Kamino, if he had a bad day, he and Tup would go out and watch the rain and it would help soothe him down
    Tup absolutely hates doing his hair. He loves the feel of it and having it but man is it a pain sometimes and so he got Dogma to learn how to help him style it and this was another technique that Dogma used to relax himself
    Fox is obsessed with blueberry muffins. He ate one from Senator Riyo and it was game over. He has his own little black market going on to get those muffins
    Rex loves tea. Obi-Wan always sends Anakin tea but Anakin hates it so he gave it to Rex once and After seeing how much Rex likes it, he’ll always send the teas his way
    Wolffe loves to prank his brothers and will do so anytime he’s near them. People never assume it’s him though because he’s so straight-faced which he uses to his advantage
    Cody loves to watch the sunrise and sunset. It’s why he has a sun painted on his armor. The first time he saw it, he couldn’t stop staring at the beauty of what a sun is. He makes sure on every campaign to be up early to never miss a sunrise
    Gree didn’t always like the color green or if nature but after working with Luminara and then Yoda, he came to appreciate the beauty of what nature holds. After the war, he would go hiking on any planet he could
    Fives and Echo eat bugs 💀 they saw Anakin do it once and decided to try it if only to freak Rex out but then it actually turned out good and now they share Anakin’s weird taste in bugs
    Thorn is a sucker for rom-com movies. One of the senators had it playing in their office while he was guarding them and he couldn’t not watch. He signs up to guard that Senator more than any other person so he can keep watching the rom-coms and after the war, he drags Fox along to watch them with him at the actual theaters to Fox’s dismay
    Bly likes to draw. A-17 taught him how after a trainer showed him and Bly could never stop. He’ll draw all the places he’s been to on his free time and on some occasions, even do portraits of his men and his General
    Jesse loves to dance! After ARC training, he took more time to learn dancing versus his usual bar moves for the 79s and is quite well-versed. After the war, he started up his own business to teach others
    Kix is a fanatic of food shows and he’ll critique the hell out of anyone’s cooking despite not knowing how to cook himself. He eventually learned after the war when he actual had free time from his job as a Temple medic but he still watches the food shows for fun
    Vaughn is a hiking bro. He’ll join Gree on his outdoors adventures after the war and Ahsoka will sometimes join but he’s definitely one that would be the type of dude who would scale a mountain for fun
    As much as his brothers like to tease him, Howzer likes to work. He likes the routine and the feeling that he is doing something good. He stayed on Ryloth to help the people there and while he has his hobbies, he enjoys what he does
    Wrecker and Crosshair are total gym rats and after the war, they opened their own gym that has different trainings and activities including rock climbing, zip lining, weight challenges, rifle shooting, swimming pool, and timed challenge courses. They of course set the records but if any reg manages to overcome theirs, they’ll give them a plague on the wall along with a VIP pass. Only one has succeeded so far
    Wooley is competitive as hell and he makes everyone know it. Any challenge given to him, he wants to beat it. He’s the only one to succeed in overtaking every single record at Wrecker and Crosshair’s gym and has started training to overcome Hunter’s tracking record that they have unofficially announced will be opening soon!!
    Tech likes fixing ships and he’ll join Anakin sometimes in tinkering. He also gives Anakin really crazy ideas that Cody is often the one left to pick up the mess

    This is all I have so far but I’ll probably add more soon lmaoooo

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  • full-of-pills-and-soup
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    It's all done!! Finished my compression gloves, decided to go for a 501st approach

    Painted with fabric paint, I really like the results!

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  • bitterfishies
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Just a reminder I have a kickstarter for mermay! We're slowly working towards getting Tech funded!

    Mer May Bad Batch pins, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bitterfishies/mer-may-bad-batch-pins?ref=android_project_share

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  • forever-rogue
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    anyone else thought Obi wan was especially attractive in Clone wars? there's just something in the way his animated character looks and acts...

    i love clone wars obi! he's great in the show and the sass is 🤌🏻 and he wonders where ani and ahsoka get it from 😂

    #・:*:・♡・:*:・♡ message received #if you have not watched the clone wars this is your sign to do so #its both wonderful and ~painful~
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  • weedle-testaburger
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    obi-wan donating to a clone veteran has got me Feeling Things fuck,,,

    #personal crap#star wars#kenobi #idk what those things are #but it's such a subtly done yet striking scene #it's also interesting how it shows even the clones got shafted by the empire to a degree
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  • reactorshaft
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Kit Fisto

    #reactorshaft images#kit fisto#star wars #star wars edit #sw edit#swedit #star wars prequels #attack of the clones #nautolan #kit fisto edit #swcreators
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