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  • danbensen
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    This was supposed to be a trial run for Vessian, a fictional language that evolved from ancient Thracian, and a part of my current novel-in-progress Wealthgiver.

    I say “supposed to” because I wrote the English version of the follow message almost a year ago. Let’s hope the Vessian parts of my novel will take less time.


    We are the Good. Ami emi Vessiti. (WE-nom BE-1st-plur GOOD-nom-plur-def)

    You can forget the lies you have heard about us; we are not evil. Iu ivuss galti ta egmirat dravdzissi tsi tsepis zlivti be nami; me emi zuli. (YOU-plur-nom BE-2nd-plur-aor CAN-past.part-plur TO FORGET-2nd-plur LIE-plur-acc-def THAT Be-2nd-plur HEAR-past.part-plur FOR WE-dat NOT BE-1st-plur EVIL-masc-plur)

    read on

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  • winglesspenny64
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    i made a language. what did you do with your life?

    #conlang#language #i have too much free time #big brian
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  • tjatheconlanger
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    How does conlanging work

    I am not the best person for explaining this but ill try

    You could also watch The Artifexian on youtube, where I got the idea from

    I just begin with an alphabet, and build the language around that, though I also sometimes start with an idea for the language, and the alphabet/characters come as I need them.

    I mostly just write down random things if I want to, I am currently translating the countries of the world, though you can do what you want.

    I also have some (Seissiric, Sierien, Thaelich, Thaos) that are based on actual preexisting languages (German, German, Dutch, Fr*nch) with some changes, (such as changing Tag into Tagos in Seissiric)

    I still recommend watching the Artifexian, or a different channel, if you want to do it yourself.

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  • wanderingcrow
    28.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    My friend, you stress me out and also remind me of myself. Sending you good vibes for your assignmence <3

    the procrastination life is hard but by god do we do it well 😌

    thank you!! :D

    #alex overshares#asks#theunsubtleknife #i don't think ive ever done an assignment more than a week before it was due. and usually i do it the day of UNLESS im going somewhere #and even then. the amount of essays i've written on a friend's bed with a migraine. 😔 #just one more final essay for the semester and im free.... AND its on conlangs so im golden 👍 #hope ur assignmence are also going along well!!! if ur doing assignmence at all lol
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  • ertrunkenerwassergeist
    28.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    English-Hadnissa Dictionary: H

    the hand sign = lihmossar

    umbrella term for every kind of meaningful hand gestures the Galakari have

    sign language, religious gestures, hunter sign, etc

    literally: hand speech or hand tongue

    the hand = lihm

    to happen = ohtinahne

    literally: occurence that past

    he, him, his = me, mehs, mehl

    the heart = karona

    the hearth = zehwia

    the help = helio

    here = kil

    the hidden = gisuhf

    the history = gisdraiht

    also a story that really happened

    the holiday, festival = harakatu

    the home = rihum

    the human = tehwakil

    the hunt = makti

    can also be translated as ‘war’ or ‘battle’ depending on context

    the hunter = makar

    can also be translated as ‘soldier’ depending on context

    to hurry = wiasne

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  • tsikli
    28.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Ðusyþ word of the day #33

    we'ilkwsaþ /'we.ʔilkw.saθ/ ['we.ʔilkw.s̺a:θ]* «we'ilksað»


    Descended from Old Ðusyþ we'ilksað, ultimately from Proto-Phytic warekøsat (eye infection). Originally a compound of ware (eye) + køsat (bad)



    blind, visually impaired; one whose eyes are suffering from some condition that impacts their vision. These tend to be more severe and result in significant inconvenience or danger to the sufferer.


    to be lost in the real world, to not know where to go

    to be uncertain or anxious of one's future

    to be confused (archaic, literary)

    to lose sight of what's important

    *standard dialect

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  • baltanconlang-project
    28.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Phonetic Inventory

    It's official! This language has a phonetic inventory! It also has rough phonotactics, but I've learned my lesson and we'll see how that goes when we start trying to make words.

    The alphabet is a bit in progress, but right now it's:

    pʰ = p tʰ = t t͡s = z p = b t = d kʰ = c k = k ⱱ = bh f = f s = s p͡f = pf ɾ = r ʒ = j e = e ɑ = a ɔ = u eː = i ɑː = o ɔʊ = v

    Good luck pronouncing /ɔʊ/ on your first try.

    #the baltabcoa language #conlang#conlanging #also any tips on how to use google sheets at an intermediate level would be very appreciated
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  • tsikli
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Ðusyþ word of the day #32

    fapeizr /fa.'peizr/ [fa.'beizχ]* «paapazr»


    Descended from Proto-Phytic pæækæpasøø, meaning "to forage". Originally a compound of pækæ (to hunt) + pasøø (plant)


    to forage, to search for herbs, mushrooms, fruits, or other plants in any natural environment

    to prospect, to search for gold or other valuable items in water, or underground.

    *standard dialect

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  • imyang
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    multiverse nicknames GO

    #knuckles is natke because of that conlang hc i need to write out coherently one day #amy... i need to think about her name #i use rose for that sib au i have w payas thorn but like #i think many people use rose! so im thinking #i like daisy #hm...
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  • ertrunkenerwassergeist
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    English-Hadnissa Dictionary: G

    the girl = koritah

    the greed = iwad

    greedy = iwadne

    the green = zuata

    depending on context, can also be translated as ‘alright’ or ‘okay’ pertaining your own state of being

    the greenhorn = unsanguikar

    an insult literally meaning ‘unbloodied person’

    implying someone who cannot take care of themself

    the grief = dohrtu

    the group = bluwid

    any group but a hunting squad

    to grow = luhschane

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  • antique-symbolism
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    There was a Lot going on in The 100 and I'm not here to talk about any of it from a critical perspective except to say that every so often I think about the Trigedasleng conlang and lose my mind, it was so well done

    #y'all know me i love any good conlang #but this one especially was so cool because you could hear the influence of English in it #and how it followed predictable sound changes with historical precedent
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  • ertrunkenerwassergeist
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    English-Hadnissa Dictionary: F

    the farewell = schahoro

    the father = methuirsi

    papa = thuir, thui

    means birth father

    the feather = puhna

    the fire = pehwir

    ‘pehwa’ is a popular nickname for female identifying loved ones

    first = oio (m), oia (f), oi (n)

    neuter is the go-to, if gender doesn’t need to be specified or the speaker wants to emphasise it for whatever reason

    the flame = lehwiga

    ‘ehwi’ is the root of the Old Duskish word ‘ehwikk’ which means ‘to burn’

    for = do

    the foreigner = straahnos

    can also mean a stranger who isn’t Galahkar

    forged = dehlutristi

    free = hadni

    from = bah

    the fruit = lorhai

    to function = ulehne

    from the Sol ‘uleygbe’ also meaning ‘to function’

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  • straightfrombaob
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Meegreef will have concrete lore from the beginning of its universe right up to when the player creates a new world, but I will never ever tell anybody it and you'll all have to guess it from in-game stuff, including a conlang. Ambitious? Yes. Funny? Yes.

    I want on the off-chance Meegreef becomes popular, people like GameTheory to make completely incorrect theories, where I can then have a hearty laugh to myself and tell him he's wrong.

    Fun fact btw: “Meegreef” is literally ‘Meeg’ - to make, ‘reef’ - ground. Make Ground. But this is in an old form of a conlang that isn't even the Meegreef one, it's just grandfathered in because I'm not going to rename the game again. Well, maybe I will, but I have a feeling “Möigöisrii" would be a bit harder to pronounce, as the romanization is a bit different to usual English.

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  • jackhkeynes
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    quomodolibet "libertine"

    quomodolibet /ˌkwo.moˌdo.liˈbɛt/ [ˌk(w)o.mʊˌdo.lɪˈbɛt] - libertine, roué, rake, one free of social convention who acts however they please (particularly with respect to romantic or sexual norms); - highflyer, maven, a person of great ability and ambition

    Etymology: nineteenth-century coinage borrowed from Latin correlative quōmodolibet "howsoever, in whichever way". Originally used in a derogatory manner, more positive use begins to appear in the twentieth century.

    Cascif es tu rondant coll'eç quomodolibet? /kaˈxɪf ɛz ti rɔnˈdant koˈlɛts ˌkwo.moˌdo.liˈbɛt/ [kɐˈçɪf ɪsˈti  ʀʊnˈdan kʊˈlɛs ˌko.mʊˌdo.lɪˈbɛt] why be.prs 2s hang.out-ptcp.prs with.def=p.prx libertine Why do you hang out with this libertine crowd?
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  • ertrunkenerwassergeist
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    English-Hadnissa Dictionary: E

    the earth = lamu

    the Elder = sinehär

    the end = ehax

    this is also the root for the word ‘age’

    the enemy = zehstir

    to err, to wander = kihlne

    everything = sin

    evil = droku

    the eye = ahsei

    from ‘aseyef’, the Sol word for eye

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  • tsikli
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Ðusyþ word of the day #31

    ngudj /'ŋudʎ/ ['ŋud̺ʎ]* «nidl»


    Descended from Proto-Phytic niitool (rune). Likely a combination of the two signs Niit (ᛰ) and Aol (ᱭ), which represent life and earth respectively; the two most prevalent signs used in Proto-Phytic magic. However, these two signs are only two of many.


    the 16 Sign and 10 rune system of magic (16/10) - as in the most fundamental and basic form of magic. The 16 sign system is a system where 16 different signs and 10 runes, representing different attributes and elements, are chanted, combined, and infused with various other objects to cast spells

    any system of magic (e.g. 16/10, star healing, fortune telling, etc.) or "earthly science" (e.g. geology, alchemy, chemistry; but not philosophy, biology, or linguistics).

    *standard dialect

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  • krixwell
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    II: Katzvu findpage gu ant.


    Svazinse icfagi, svan svazinse zeb icfagi ipzaguet svi kalassees cviakfe teletfe. Kaldunz ant kal tvanzte tand sulacik icfagizvant gu ant tel dvaetdate at dvaik cveezpvanzvant cveez, bve cveezpvandacdac dvapuse at accveezzvant. Dvinse icfagi tand celsseden. Dvinse icfagi tand siisden. Dvinse icfagi tand kandvaatet kelf…


    Kerazzvu kal gankdac…



    Dvinse icfagi tand tel siispa selcu es cvunsees sil, svan dvinse icfagi ipzaguet tand Gadtu kal ketirinp pvercet at ultsees elbzif. Dvinse tanfe tand zeb dvaet svi celssees kve svi zeb cirdfe kenz kid sezkeseguet. Dvinse tan kal denkik date guipza fvealbcvin, dvinse tand zeb celsseden ipzakalet svi carsees kal ukkaaz sandigfe cve at ipzaes tand "kald tel gibbiebet tand tvunse zel sanz".

    Celsseden. Anbet. Kurseden. Ilbgur. Dvaden. Sanzuki.



    In other news translating things you like into a conlang you're working on is fun.

    #conlang#conlanging#Homestuck#Kandva#kandvasees kve#Krixwell#original#flashing#jittery #that last full sentence is kind of a mess #it uses some very English structures that Kandva wasn't built to support #I'm just happy I was able to translate it at all
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  • blaxxon-01
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Look at this constructed script i made rn for qanshiqü i'm gonna do more with it tomorrow gn tumblr

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