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    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    what if i had an absolutely wild and improbable kirby concept. would that be welcome at all

    #in relation to some character lore points that havent exactly been tied up to my knowledge. #does it contradict somethin out there? probably! will i still latch onto it for an involved character friendship? abso fucking lutely #i... do not really want to tag this. let me know if i should however #lampposts
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  • pepprs
    15.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    literally for so many reasons i should not do this program tomorrow but explaining why i can’t would be so embarrassing but also i really shouldn’t. lol

    #i keep panicking bc i don’t know how to talk abt this in a way that makes it safe for ANYONE. it feels wildly wildly inappropriate to be #participating in a conversation about such an intensely personal sensitive thing LET ALONE facilitating one as someone who has been touched #by it directly. and maybe that’s just me being weird abt this entire broad topic my whole life and uncomfortable at the prospect of even #saying the broad words and touching on the overall topic but this really really feels unbearable and bad. but also i can’t not do it so. lol #purrs #the thought of telling my story and going as deep as i possibly can which might trigger someone when i don’t know who is in the room and #THEN hearing stories from everyone in the room — people i KNOW!!! interact with on a daily basis!!’ — about what horrific things they mightv #been through and getting triggered by that. AND possibly also having ppl in the room who think it’s all bullshit and will say stuff and #everyone else is allowed to react if they’re triggered by that but i am not because im the facilitator and my job is to deescalate. like lol #how am i supposed to do any one of those things. potentially all of them. i feel like collapsing and to say why it makes me feel like #collapsing would involve me having to explain this to people i know anyway so either way im fucked. and like i do want to talk about it very #much but also i dont. at least not until i know what everyone has gone through first. bc i don’t want to hurt anyone bc it can be painful an #and i get hurt by hearing stories too. which is like dumb bc it’s not even MY thing to have stories about lol but im still like this. anyway #this is clearly something i need to be working thru in therapy bc it impacts my life in ways literally no one else in the world sees or #knows about but i don’t know if i will ever be able to bring it up in therapy bc it is just so uncomfortable and embarrassing for me. lol #and like i know km going to contradict myself in even telling the story too which will open the door for someone on the other side to do a #gotcha. and i don’t even know what to do w that. i don’t trust anyone who might be in that room to listen or understand or protect me which #i especially should just let go of because as the facilitator im the person who has to do the protecting. and it sucks bc i need protecting #with this and i will have to pretend im strong and healthy about it when really i have no right to be leading a conversation about it or #even talking about it bc it happened to me but not in ways that anybody even thinks about or cares to think about. so lol. ok stop rambling #even before this all started i have a tjougjt related to this topic every single day. every single one. and it just makes me squirm to think #that now i have to talk about it bc it’s my job. and i really really want to. and i really really don’t
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  • rosicheeks
    15.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Wanting to be owned by someone who is possessive and won’t let anyone *look* at me


    Wanting to be a free use fuck doll for a big group of friends so they can pass around and use me

    #both urges are VERY strong #one day I want to be in a possessive relationship where they love me and only me and will kill anyone who even looks at me #and then the next day I want someone to blind fold me and tie me up #so a biiiig group of friends can take turns using me #idk man #they are so contradicting #two parts of my brain are fighting over this #shut up rosie #rosie speaks
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  • astrologyqn
    15.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    What’s your sign?

    Pisces here.

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  • ruakhs
    15.05.2022 - 13 hours ago
    #the motif of having the backing vocals contradict the fronting lines right up to GET! UP! COWARD! #mine#mcr #my chemical romance
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  • geisofbullshit
    15.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Adam Parrish: *thinks he has monster blood, thinks he would dream up grotesque, horrible things if he had Ronan’s power, truly believes the only way to succeed at Harvard is to pretend to be someone else he loves and values (Gansey)*

    Also Adam Parrish: *sacrifices himself for his friends without a second thought, sacrifices his sparse free time to wander around w them in the woods before he even believes in magic, stands up for Ronan to Declan when he thinks he might get hit, sneaks out of the house to find Ronan when he knows his father will hurt him, gives Opal his watch when he has like ten possessions in the world, could use his scamming powers for evil at Harvard but uses them to collect sad queer kids and give them a sense of community (also to scam rich kids out of money, but he uses it to buy his sad kids overpriced waffles), throws himself into dreamspace to find his boyfriend even though he was terrified to scry in CDTH and knows what happened to Persephone*

    But also he did kill Whelk and destroy Greenmantle so.

    #man of contradictions I love him so much #the raven cycle #the dreamer trilogy #Adam parrish #he’s not as evil as he thinks but he is a little bit evil #just enough for flavor
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  • mirrorofliterature
    15.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    What also rather galls, as an aroace person, about the Peter headcanon is that a certain character is right there, who is canonically shown to ignore the interest of women in favor of giving a thumbs up to his best friend and who is completely defined by his platonic relationships, never showing any interest in anyone romantically in canon, but because he’s hot and well liked, by the fandom that headcanon is almost non-existent for him.

    bold question to ask a wolfstar shipper.

    okay, but in all seriousness, your anger and frustration are completely valid. before I started shipping wolfstar (which was like, a year ago) and latched onto it [remus lupin is one of my favourite characters & the sheer tragedy, also prefer friends to lovers], I firmly headcanoned sirius as aroace in my head. I really enjoy fic where he is written as ace or aro spec, as I think it really does fit with his character. Outside of wolfstar, I prefer him to be written as aroace than anything else: hence my legendary 'my imagination does not extend to a world where sirius black is straight', even though widely tagged with wolfstar [which, valid], also wholeheartedly and equally applies to aroace sirius. also, fandom peeps, being m|m and a-spec are far from mutually exclusive, which about 90% of you tend to forget.

    fandom as a whole has an issue of prioritising romantic love over anything else and treating m|m or w|w as the top tier queer dynamic and completely ignoring a-spec identities and treating them like queer lite, which is completely problematic. made a rant post about that a few months ago.

    being mad about inadequate aspec representation is a running theme for me. join the club!

    I think, just like I am a multi-shipper, I also fully support and enjoy differing interpretations of characters' sexual and gender identities. say, for example, izzy lightwood, who I've written as aro pansexual and as sapphic. both equally valid!

    also, aroace men and gay men and aroace women and lesbians share quite a bit in common, often defined by their absence of attraction. people tend to forget that. aroace headcanons do not take away from that representation, ffs. it's necessary and complementary. see: elsa from frozen, who is widely headcanoned as a lesbian and aroace, or artemis, etc.

    people have trouble seeing conventionally attractive people and, consequently, characters, as aromantic and asexual and have incredible difficulty respecting their identities and self-determination: the backlash yasmin benoit has experienced is a prime example.

    so, in short, marauders fandom, you know what to do! you're such virulent multishippers; try exploring a-spec identities once in a while. maybe even throw in an aroace sirius in there! not everyone needs to be partnered off, either, and it's not a 'tragedy' if it doesn't happen, you amatonormative fucks.

    anyway, stop using widely loathed peter pettigrew as your token representation, thank you and good night.


    Mini Rec List of some a-spec Sirius Black, because we deserve it:

    the unrequited and the loveless (aroace sirius)

    Everything is right (ace sirius, chef's kiss)

    That's about all I've read, as you've rightly identified, it's not a widespread headcanon. But yeah. Not everything is romantic. Sometimes it's just platonic.

    And people need to learn to accept that.

    #sirius black#hp#peter pettigrew#aromantic#asexual#representation#lack thereof#marauders #*pokes the hornet's nest* stop being aphobic #I ship wolfstar and I also wholeheartedly support aroace sirius black rights I see no contradiction
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  • ollierachnid
    15.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    the most jenks looking jenks ive ever drawn

    #pretzel's art#contradiction #contradiction spot the liar #frederick jenks #god i can't get over his first name hes a fucking freddddddy #:} face #was listening to the grand budapest ost and was getting vibes for him... #i think it's the strings in the mr moustafa track lol
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  • m1lfhunters
    15.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Legacies was cancelled? Damn. End of a era

    #didn’t watch it cuz it was very childish and contradicted a lot of TVD lore which was annoying #but I grew up watching TVD so to see it in the end get cancelled gives me mixed feelings #like the few episodes I did watch were absolutely awful but TVD does have a special place in my heart
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  • kirbyofthestars
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    So since Astral Birth is the godly progenitor of all things and all forms of matter, would that mean The Wastes Where Life Began could potentially be their place of origin?

    #kirby#katfl spoilers#void termina#termy baby #pls correct me if this contradicts anything lol
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  • triplecryingphoenix
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    So hear me out, what if we've been reading the 'Huan' thing all wrong.

    Celegorm actually came up with an original name, possibly influenced by existing words.

    And then over time there was commonisation of the word 'huan' cause people started using it to refer to domesticated wolves and then dogs, which hadn't really been a big thing in the ages of the trees.

    #me desperately trying to make up for celegorms faults #i am aware that there are contradictions to this in canon #but let me have thos #huan#celegorm#silmarillion
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  • adamsvanrhijn
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    this like year or so of time going on when i get to be Right About John Adams because there is literally no other canon to go off of and barely anybody else has opinions.... going to be one of the best fandom eras of my life

    #i just hope that i am not pmsing during the airing of the episode that contradicts everything i thought i Knew!!! 💖 #john adams tag
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  • randomness-mess
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I’m really bad at posting to social media. I wanna be known but I don’t like posting stuff about what I’m doing or where I’m going.

    #walking contradiction #it doesn’t make sense
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  • detentiontrack
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I'm not supposed to be on here (I haven't finished my homework) so shhh but I can't get this thought out of my head. Can Wolf read and write? As far as I know, she hasn't read anything on screen (the closest thing I can think of is responding to what is in Kipo's mom's journal in fun gus, but Kipo was also reading out loud). Did the wolves who raised her teach her? (Side note: are all wolves scholars? Or just the newton wolves? And if they are, if they were just going to raise her as prey, would they have thought it worth it to teach her?) Even if they did, 5 is still really young and she probably would only know the alphabet and a very limited amount of sight words. Did she teach herself how to read while on her own? How would she have done that by herself and while in survival mode? If she can't, how long was she with Kipo before they realized that she couldn't? Did Kipo like leave her a note one day and she was just like "???" I need to know.

    #i've only watched the series once and I'm currently on my first rewatch so if i missed anything that contradicts this lmk #kipo #kipo and the age of wonderbeasts #wolf kipo
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  • pog-with-a-blog
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Help im being cyberbullied

    #mp #my professor gave us the worst most useless floor plans for our semester long capstone #we just had to pull critical assumptions out of our ass because we had no info on this building #and 4 fucking days before its due he sends us real floor plans with actual info that OF COURSE contradicts all of our assumptions #i hate this man
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  • space-pilot-3000
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    yknow the whole ‘women are better than men/womanhood is a curse defined by suffering/i hate men’ type ““““feminism”“““ was a pretty direct hindrance to me figuring out my gender

    #it was very popular back in like 2014-2017 era #like i literally had to relearn the idea that men are even people before i could start to situate my gender via anything other than agab #its. Wild how much trauma im unearthing because of going through this blog tbh lmao #which sorry its been depressing recently if it makes ya feel better we'll be back to regularly scheduled shitposts... idk soon #scout talks #yes im liveblogging cleaning out my blog. no i dont see any contradiction in that #none gender left beef
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  • adrenaline-equestrian
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Bestie yer not a trainer yer a snarky rude ass influencer with a small army of teenagers in their know-it-all phase and obnoxious ottb owners who go forth and treat other ppl like shit as they praise yer sanctimonious condescending posts/videos that somehow end up being three times longer than they should be 💀💀

    #regular person writing a post: maybe a paragraph Shelby: FIFTEEN PARAGRAPHS AND IT MAKES NO FECKING SENSE LMAO #also somehow manages to contradict what she said ages ago or what she’s said for years #somehow manages to be insulting or preachy af with a dash of incorrect information #milo is PERFECTLY HEALTHY there’s NOTHING wrong with him he’s just SPICY 🌶 #‘oh he’s had locking stifles this whole time’ GIRL WHAT ?? #2022 is the year she stopped pretending he’s not lame too lmao #maybe 2023 is the year she stops calling him a rescue/abused horse when he was malnourished for a few months as a baby #someone needs to hold ppl like this accountable I can’t stand y’all
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  • imageartifacts
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I’m so fucking mad right now.

    #my cat is at the vet with a potentially life threatening issue and of couse my mother has to make it all about her. #i contradict her slightly and all of a sudden IM the villain??? what the fuck
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  • space-pilot-3000
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    14yo me’s raging crush on chris colfer vs 15yo me’s raging crush on lauren mayberry: fight

    #its so funny bc i didnt even have a thirstposting tag then but like #baby scout when u reblog 3 gifsets in a row of someones face everyone knows what ur doing. #scout talks #yes im liveblogging cleaning out my blog. no i dont see any contradiction in that
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  • beckysbook5
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Contradictions - Book Tag!

    Today on my blog I'm taking part in the #ContradictionsBookTag! I had a lot of fun with these prompts, even if I know a few of you wont agree with my choices. #BookTag

    Hello! I was tagged in this by one of my lovely blogger friends, but I’ve completely forgotten who it was 🤦so if it was you, let me know and I will link back to your post. I do love a good book tag and this one was different from a lot of others, so had a lot of fun thinking of books for the prompt. This tag was originally created by Daniela at Only If For a Page, on BookTube. I love this genre…

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    #Contradictions book tag
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