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    When you lowkey highkey want to talk more about your oc on this dumb silly hellsite but also you are ✨nervous✨

    #cookiejuice word vomits #I love her sm #if anyone wants some of she #I do have a oneshot written with her that’s in my pinned post #I should write more non ship drabbles of her tho #i say more but I haven’t written any yet oop #just— know that I LOVE her
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    Drabble requests open!

    You held your head in your hands as you stared at the scripts in front of you. The fatigue was getting to you as you were barely able to make out the words.However, a hand would soon appear in your vision, making you blink as you slowly looked up. Your gaze meeting Tech’s, the goggled clone looking somewhat worried.

    ‘‘You need rest.’‘


    He chuckled, taking your hands in his and guiding you to stand up. Gentle thumbs would trace small circles over the backs of your hand as he slowly pulled you with him.

    ‘’Mesh’ la, you’ve been staring at the same page for over an hour. Come with me.’’

    You made vague noises of protest, yet you let him lead you. Out of the Marauder, and into the night, when had it become night? You shivered at being met with the chilly air, looking over at Tech with a confused look on your face.

    He just smiled, leading you a little further, to the grassy field next to the ship. You could all but barely make out the blanket before he guided you to sit down. He then sat down next to you, pulling out a second blanket to cover both of you with.

    “Tech, what are you—“


    He pointed upwards, and you followed the trajectory of his finger, gasping softly as you were met with a beautiful view of a starry sky. They sparkled, parsecs and parsecs away, yet they reached you here, on this humble planet. You kept looking up, slowly laying down as Tech guided you, resting your head on his chest.

    The two of you lay there, his arm around you holding you close to him as he started to point out all the stars and planets into the night sky.

    Your fatigue creeped back up on you, and as you lay there in his arms, listening to the collaborative symphony of the heartbeat and the voice of the man you loved, you felt sleep overtake you.

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    Opening Drabble Requests!

    Okay okay so I been debating for a bit BUT. I am gonna open my inbox for some funky little drabble requests!

    Nsfw and spicy things very much allowed! F/F allowed! M/M allowed! Polycules allowed! 

    If you need a refresher on what the fuckest I even write anyway, you can check my funky little masterlist or even my ao3.

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    An Arc Trooper Fives x Female Oc fic.

    Summary: Connected by Hondo Ohnaka, General Anakin Skywalker makes a deal with the smuggler Kalypso Neir for some seperatist data she got her hands on. What she wants in exchange? Spare parts for her ship, and two rotations aboard his star cruiser to install them.

    Tags: First Meeting, Flirting, Sexual Tension, Non Sexual Shower Scene, Sparring, Female Character that can and will bench press you

    Rating: Mature

    Word count: 4.6k

    Check it out on ao3 here

    Author’s note: Hi hello this is my ''my oc meets the character I ship her with'' fic, welcome take a seat grab a beverage.

    Comments&reblogs with comments in tags are highly appreciated as I am still getting used to putting any oc content out into the world to be percieved by others so feel free to soothe an anxious pidgeon potato's nerves by telling me if you like it thank you.


    “And you’re sure they’re trustworthy, Master?”

    Ahsoka Tano walked in step behind her master and general, Anakin Skywalker, who made a noncommittal noise in response.

    “They refused to sell whatever intel they had to Hondo, so the least we can do is give them a chance.”

    The General and Commander of the 501st arrived at the hangar of the Resolute, where captain Rex was already waiting for them, bucket under his arm and accompanied by some of his men. The three looked out to the entrance, where a ship was currently arriving.

    “Are we really about to make deals with a smuggler ?” Came a mumbled voice from among the men, prompting a grunt from Anakin. “Nothing’s sure yet, we don’t know if what they have is even of use to us.”

    The ship had now landed, and the soldiers stood at attention as the door opened with a hiss. They had expected many things, but a grinning female redhead nonchalantly leaning against the durasteel was not one of those. Her gloved hand curled leisurely around the entrance opening, the other resting on a jutted hip. Her wavy ginger hair framed her face, forest green eyes friendly and somewhat mischievous, and cascaded down over her shoulders, a contrast against the muddy green blouse she wore.

    “Hiya gentlemen, name’s Kalypso. Hondo send me~”

    The ramp of the ship slowly extended, and she walked down on it, towards the welcoming party. Her step was leisurely and relaxed, as if she was just entering a cantina, instead of a Republic Star Cruiser filled with highly trained soldiers. The redhead stopped a few steps in front of Anakin, looking the jedi up and down.

    “You must be General Skywalker. Nice to meetcha.”

    She held out her hand with a grin, and Anakin raised an eyebrow as he shook it in greeting. This woman was.. interesting. Yet he could sense no bad intentions in her, and he let go of her hand to fold his hands behind his back.

    “The pleasure’s all mine. This is commander Ahsoka Tano, and Captain Rex. So is it true you have Seperatist intel that could be of use to us?”

    The redhead grinned, hand slipping into her shirt and taking out a small data stick, holding it between leatherclad fingers, tilting her head at him in a cheeky manner.

    “How about we take this somewhere more private so you can take a looksie at what’s actually on it~?”

    Skywalker nodded, turning around and motioning for her to follow him, Ahsoka and Rex following suit behind her to flank. Kalypso let her eyes travel over the interior of the ship as they walked, eventually ending up in the control room in front of the round strategy table. Throwing the datastick up, the smuggler caught it as it came down, sliding it unto the table.

    “Go ahead, put it in. I promise it’s not a virus.”

    Anakin nodded at Rex, the blonde clone taking the data stick and connecting it to the date table. The table flickered for a moment before blue tinted holo images appeared showing what seemed to be battle plans and ship blue prints. Rex eyebrows all but disappeared into his buzzed hair as he looked at Kalypso.

    “How the kark did you get these—??”

    The redhead in question just winked, holding a single finger in front of her lips.

    “A lady never tells, Captain~”

    The two jedi and the clone captain exchanged glances, and Anakin crossed his arms in front of his chest as he regarded the woman.

    “This is very valuable intel. I’m almost nervous to ask your price.”

    The redhead chuckled, flat palm resting on the table as she leaned forward.

    “It’s simple, really. I could use some fresh spankin’ new parts to replace my hyperdrive, so all I’m askin’ is that, and to allow me to stay for about two rotations to install em and to rest up.”

    Flashing another wink, directed at Anakin this time.

    “Not that bad a deal, dontcha say?”

    “What’s the catch?”

    Kalypso laughed this time, straightening back up.

    “No catch, sweetheart. This information is of no use to me, and despite my line of work, I do have some morals. If you don’t want it, I’ll just wipe the data, “ she shrugged.

    More glances were exchanged between the jedi and their captain, while the smuggler just stood there waiting for them to make up their mind. Eventually, Anakin turned to their guest.

    “Very well. However, you will be put under watch. Not sure if we can trust you, after all.”

    Kalypso sniggered, putting her hands in her pockets.

    “That’s fair. Gotta be careful in a war. It’s a deal, then.”

    Rex turned to the troopers that had also followed them, nodding at two of them.

    “Echo. Fives. Show Kalypso to the storage to get her parts. You’ll be on escort duty afterwards.”

    The two troopers saluted with a ‘yes sir’, and Kalypso gave a salute of their own before following after them out of the room, hands behind her head and posture relaxed.


    “She doesn’t look dangerous to me. Why does Rex want both of us to keep an eye on her? ‘’ Echo commented, standing next to Fives, who was leaning against the wall. ‘’Right? Coulda been a one man job,’’ Fives countered, the both of them looking over to the redhead at her ship. After grabbing the parts she needed at the storage room and loading them onto a cart towards the hangar, she had ripped open a panel on her ship and had started to get to work. Tools were laid around her, and she had long forgone her green shirt, leaving her top half in a black sleeveless turtleneck and exposed arms. Exposed muscular arms, that carried heavy parts with ease.

    “Well we don’t know anything about her, after all, “ Echo replied with a shrug. “She could be an undercover assassin or spy.” Fives made a noncommital noise, pushing himself off against the wall. ‘’Where are you-’’ Echo grumbled as his brother walked towards the redhead and her ship, stopping just a feet away from her.

    ‘’What can I do for you, trooper?’’, Kalypso asked, looking up from her work. ‘’Any problems with my form~?’’ She added as she screwed a bolt shut, tilting her head in his direction. The trooper leaned against the outside of the ship, crossing his arms in front of his chest. ‘’Just checking there’s no funny business.’’ The smuggler laughed, sitting back to look at him with a grin, a quirk of her brow as she spoke. ‘’And what’d you do if it was? Use those big, strong muscles to throw me in a cell? Subjected to nothing but my own company and the poor soldier who’d have to guard me?’’ Wiping her hands off against her black pants, she got up, taking a step towards to stand in front of him. ‘’Don’t worry about it, sweetheart. I got nothing to hide.’’

    Fives quirked a brow of his own as he looked down at the woman in front of him. She had quite the playful attitude, he had noticed this earlier as well. Was she not nervous, being held under watch on a Republic star cruiser? He leaned towards her, deciding to meet her energy with a matching one of his own. ‘’You could be a lot more dangerous than you look, Red. After all, one must never judge a book by its cover, right?’’ Kalypso laughed, flashing him a wink as she nudged his chestplate with her elbow. ‘’Look at that, I think we’ll get along just fine. Fives was it, right?’’ She walked back to her ship, picking up a panel off the floor and putting it back where it belonged, bolting it back in. She then turned to Fives with a cheeky tilt of her head. ‘’How about you use those muscles of yours to lift me up so I can reach the top? If you can hold me, that is.’’

    The look on her face was one of challenge, and Fives snorted as he approached her. ‘’You doubt an Arc Trooper? Sure can.’’ Bending his knees, he lowered himself so the redhead could climb unto his shoulders, holding unto the outside of her thighs as he stood up. With her secured on his shoulders, he moved to stand closer to the ship so she could reach where she needed to be, all the while being cushioned by soft yet strong thighs. He could think of worse assignments he’s had.

    Against the wall, Echo rolled his eyes, withholding the urge to run his hand across his face at Fives’ actions. It didn’t surprise him much that his brother behaved the way he did around the charming redhead. He had always had a bit of a weak spot when it came to female attention, and Echo made sure to keep his eyes on them, especially her. Just to make sure there was no funny business.

    Kalypso pulled some wires and screwed some bolts at the top of the ship, putting the panel back in when she was finished. ‘’Good boy, you can let me down now,’’ she cooed, patting his head. Fives scoffed, playfully so, as he lowered himself so she could get off. As Kalypso gathered her tools, Echo walked over to the two of them. ‘’It’s about time we head in, it’s nighttime.’’ Turning to Kalypso, he straightened his posture, looking every inch the soldier. ‘’There are cameras, and there will be troopers on night shift stopping by regularly.’’ The redhead saluted, a grin on her features. ‘’But ofcourse, I didn’t expect anything less. Have a goodnight.’’

    Echo nodded, nudging his brother to follow him as the two walked off. Yet before they left the hangar, Fives turned around. ‘’Hey! You wanna join us for breakfast tomorrow?’’

    Kalypso looked up, nodding as she smiled at him. ‘’Sure!’’

    ‘’Great, I’ll pick you up!’’

    Echo sighed loudly as they exited. ‘’Sweet Maker give me strength-’’


    The next morning, Torrent company all sat together at their standard table in the Mess hall. All of them sans Fives, who was yet to be located. ‘’Where’s Fives?,’’ Jesse asked Echo, who just grumbled in response. ‘’You’ll see.’’ Jesse raised a questioning brow, but didn’t press further, since Echo seemed to be in a less than stellar mood that morning.

    Their missing brother walked in about ten minutes later, with a laughing redhead at his side. The two were sharing easy conversation, a relaxed grin on the clone’s face as the two bantered back and forth. Well, that certainly explained why he was late. Fives waved at his brothers before leading Kalypso over to the caf machine, the two of them quickly joining the rest with each their own tray of breakfast, the men making room for the woman to join them.

    ‘’Most of you already know Kalypso here, I think,’’ Fives spoke as he sat down. ‘’Oh we know who she is, but not why she came in with you’’, Dogma replied, taking a bite out of whatever mush was made today. ‘’Well, Pretty Boy here invited me to eat breakfast with you. But hey, if I’m not wanted, I’ll leave.’’ Kalypso’s lips were curled in a cheeky grin as she spoke, showing no animosity at all. Fives swore he could hear Hardcase and Tup snigger when she called him Pretty, though, and he opted to take a sip of caf in silence instead of commenting on it. ‘’Oh not at all, you’re welcome to stay. Gotta say we’re all a bit curious about you, anyway,’’ Kix countered, leisurely taking a sip of caf. ‘’You don’t seem like any mercenary we’ve come across, plus you’ve given the General valuable intel for basically nothing.’’

    Kalypso snorted as she took a bite of the mush, lifting her boot to settle it on her chair and resting an elbow on her knee. ‘’First of all, I ain’t a mercenary. Second, Hondo’s been on my ass about that intel for weeks, offering me half the Galaxy for it.’’ She took a sip of caf, tapping gloved fingers against the cup.’’But I trust him about as much as I trust a Rancor not to maim me, so I used him to get me in contact with someone from the Republic. Just so happened to be your general.’’ She took a few more bites of her mush as there was a moment of silence.

    “You look like you work out,” Jesse commented, nodding at the redhead’s exposed arms. “That’s because I do, sweetheart,” the redhead in question replied. “I lift, and ocassionally get into a good ole cantina brawl.” “Think you can take on one of us?” Fives’s grin was cheeky at the question, and Kalypso mirrored him with a cheeky grin of her own. “Don’t know, but I would love to test that. Whaddaya say, handsome? Wanna spar later, see who comes out on top?” The Arc huffed, leaning backwards in his chair, hands resting behind his head in a relaxed manner. “Just don’t go crying when you lose.”

    Kalypso chuckled. “Bold of you to assume you can make me cry,” she winked, emptying her cup of caf as she stood up. “Echo, mind escorting me to the hangar? You look finished.” Echo nodded, getting up as well, and the two waved their goodbyes before walking off and out of the mess hall.

    “What the kriff was that about?,” Hardcase grinned, elbowing Fives’ side, who almost choked on his mush. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” “Careful brother, she looks like a fiesty one,” Jesse chuckled. “I haven’t even done anything?!” “Yet.” Fives just grumbled, finishing his mush and caf.

    When Fives walked into the hangar some time later, he did not expect to see Echo and Kalypso engaging in easy conversation, but he was glad for it. Echo couldn’t stay grumpy forever, after all. The other was handing the redhead tools as they talked, and Fives joined them, the three of them falling into an easy rhythm. With the help of the two troopers, Kalypso was done earlier than expected, and as she closed up the last panel, she looked over with a grin. ‘’Well if this war ever comes to an end, you boys would make great mechanic assistants.’’

    Echo snorted, while Fives chuckled as she cleaned up her tools. Kalypso stretched, disappearing into the ship to put everything away. Walking out again, she leaned against the hull, a grin on her lips as she regarded the two clones. ‘’Well, anythin’ you guys do for fun around here?’’ The two shrugged. ‘’We usually spend our downtime playing cards or sparring,’’ Echo replied, to which Fives perked up. ‘’Speaking of sparring, didn’t you want to square off?’’ A smirk was evident on his face, and the redhead matched it with ease. ‘’Sure, let’s go.’’

    The three of them walked into the training room, where cheers and vague words of encouragement could already be heard from outside. Currently, Hardcase and Tup were wrestling each other, with Hardcase clearly having the upper hand. Once Tup had the other down, and Hardcase tapped out, Kalypso nudged Fives, nodding to the mat as she walked over.

    “Think you can take me, Red?,” Fives grinned as he took off his chest and arm armor pieces, to which Kalypso met his gaze with a grin that matched his as she took off her blouse and cracked her gloved knuckles. “Guess we’ll see~”

    “Ten credits he’s gonna get his ass kicked,” Dogma whispered to Jesse, who snorted. “Make it twenty.”

    The two stood across one another on the mat in silence, Kalypso rolling her neck and not making a move to even put her fists up. Her posture relaxed, whereas Fives’ stance was more like a fighter’s. The Arc arched a brow at the lack of action. Sure, he could make the first move, but he wasn’t about to attack a woman, even one who looked to be able to hold her own.

    As he stood there debating, the smuggler noticed he appeared distracted and made her move, stepping towards him and bringing her arm up, hand in a fist as she aimed for his jaw. However, Fives caught said wrist, but not without jolting the smallest bit backwards at the force of her attack. “Quite the punch you got there.”

    Kalypso grinned, her leg coming up to kick at his waist, her ankle grabbed and pulled against the trooper’s body. Fives’s face carried a shit eating grin, which dissappeared quickly as he did not expect the redhead to drop her body to the floor. Palm flat on the mat, she used the momentum of her fall to bring her other leg up and kick towards his head. Fives had to let go of both her wrist and ankle in order to dodge, and there were some soft “ohhh” and “ahh” noises around them.

    On her hands and knees on the floor, she swung her leg backwards, kicking at his ankles while he was still in progress of dodging her high kick, making him stumble. Hesitation now gone, Fives dived down, arms around her waist as he wrestled her down. The redhead attempted to push him off, but to no avail, and using the strength in his arms and thighs, he pinned her down with her hands on both sides of her head, sitting on her hips.

    Leaning his face closer to hers, he flashed her a crooked grin. “Gotcha.” However, Kalypso wasn’t finished, stomping her feet on the ground with her knees up, swinging one leg up to hook around his neck. The momentum of the swing and the surprise of the action brought Fives unto his back, neck now nestled between the redhead’s thighs. “Do ya now?,” she retorted with a smirk, looking down on him.

    The trooper took a page out of her book, swinging his legs up and aiming at her head, and she let go of him as she rolled out of range. Fives, however, pounced on her the moment he was on all fours, and the two once again wrestled for dominance. The arc trooper came out on top, the redhead’s wrists once again pinned next to her head, but instead of sitting on her hips, he placed a knee between her thighs. ‘’Now be a good girl and stay down’’’, he panted, the exertion getting to him.

    However, Kalypso once again bared her teeth in a grin as she looked up at him. Planting her feet once again flat on the floor, she thrusted her pelvis up against his, hooking a leg around his hip as she once again turned them around. During the spin, Fives’ grip on her wrists loosened, and Kalypso took the chance to twist out of his hold, pinning his own wrists together above his head as she sat on top of him, their positions now flipped. ‘’You’ll find that ‘Good Girl’ is not the most fitting description for me, trooper.’’

    He had not expected that, looking up at her, eyes widened in surprise. Her red hair flowed down, like a soft curtain, as she grinned at him, the ends tickling his cheeks. The smuggler let go of his wrists, getting up gracefully, like a loth-cat, and holding out her hand to him. ‘’No worries, Fives. Maybe you’ll top me next time~.’’ she winked.

    Taking her hand, he let her help him up, not responding to her comment, which only made the smuggler's grin wider. A few of the men were sniggering, and credits were being exchanged as Fives stretched out his neck, walking over to where Echo and Rex stood. ‘’Not a word,’’ he grumbled, and both men just chuckled.

    ‘’Hey, Kalypso was it?,’’ Ahsoka called out. ‘’Spar me next?’’ Kalypso grinned widely at the togruta, rolling her shoulders. ‘’Sparring with a jedi? Bet!’’ She was back on the mat in no time, bouncing excitedly on her feet. Ahsoka took a stand before her, and Kalypso put her arms up, fists balled and ready to strike or defend. But Ahsoka was fast, and the redhead barely had time to blink before her back was on the mat. The jedi’s boot was on her chest, lightsaber aimed at her chin. Kalypso laughed, looking up at her with the brightest grin. ‘’That’s a Jedi for you! Holy Maker, that was fast!’’

    Turning off her saber, Ahsoka held out a hand for her to take, helping her up. The grin on the younger woman’s face matched the smuggler’s, patting her shoulder. ‘’You’re a good fighter, Kalypso. But I didn’t want to go easy on you.’’ Nudging her shoulder, Kalypso chuckled. ‘’I appreciate it, little jedi.’’ They both made room for two other troopers to duke it out on the mat together next. Standing next to Rex, Kalypso would nudge the captain's arm, and he turned to look at her with a raise of his eyebrow. "Any chance I could talk to your general before I retreat for the night? Got a lil question for 'm" He’d nod, tapping his vambrace to relay the message to Skywalker. Apparently the jedi general wasn’t busy, as he arrived at the training room about ten minutes later. Upon noticing him, Kalypso walked over to him with a grin. ‘’Evening, general. Gracious of you to allow me an audience.’’ Skywalker just let out a soft snort at that. ‘’I happened to have needed a break, so you had good timing.’’ The redhead just chuckled, turning around to the troopers and giving a salute. ‘’Gentlemen, have fun and goodnight~ ‘’ There were some cheerful replies, and she walked out, joined by Skywalker as they walked the hallway on the way to the hangar.

    ‘’Rex mentioned you had a question?’’ Kalypso nodded. ‘’Correct. I was wondering if I could use your showers before I leave tomorrow. I got one in my ship, obviously, but I’d reckon yours are better.’’ Anakin raised his eyebrows in surprise, obviously not having expected that question. ‘’Well, there are the communal showers the troopers use, but I assume you won’t be comfortable with that, so I could ask Ahsoka if you could use the one in her quarters.’’ She shook her head with a snort. ‘’Ahsoka’s a teenager, girls that age need their privacy, especially in a war where she probably has so little of it anyway. The communal showers are fine, I’m comfortable being seen. And I trust your men, were I to run into one of them.’’

    If possible, Anakin’s eyebrows shot even further up, almost dissappearing into his hairline. He was quiet for a short moment, considering her words, then nodded. ‘’Very well, if you say so.They are on the other side down the hall, so I trust you should be able to find them.’’ The redhead couldn’t help but nudge his arm with a grin. ‘’You letting me wander by myself, Skywalker?’’ It was said in a teasing tone, and he huffed in response. ‘’My men have not reported anything, and I trust my men. I’m pretty certain you won’t get into too much trouble on your way to a shower.’’ She chuckled. ‘’Trouble isn’t hard to find, General. According to Hondo, that is a statement you can relate to, as well.’’ They had arrived at the hangar by this point, and Kalypso saluted him as she walked off to her ship. ‘’Have a good night, Skywalker.’’


    It was early next rotation when Kalypso exited her ship, small bag slung over her shoulder as she made her way through the hallways to the communal showers. Upon arriving, she found them empty, and she took her time getting ready, releasing a pleased sigh as she stepped under the hot stream, feeling her muscles relax as she closed her eyes. About ten minutes later, she could hear footsteps approaching,and she opened her eyes again, glancing to the entrance.

    Fives had not expected there to be anyone in the showers this early, because there usually wasn’t. And he definetely had not expected her to be present, standing still in the doorway as he debated on what to do. He should probably leave, right? It’d be the gentleman thing to do, after all. As if she could read his mind, Kalypso called out to him. ‘’Don’t leave on my account, it’s your showers, I’m just intruding for a bit.’’ Now he was even more conflicted. Leaving now would make him seem rude, likely. But also, she was a woman, naked, in the same communal shower. Weren’t there any regulations about this? Echo would know, but he wasn’t here.

    Eventually, he decided to just do what he came here to do. Keeping his eyes averted the other way as much as possible as he got undressed and ready, turning his back to her as he picked a spot on the other end of the room. Repeating drills and reports in his head in an effort to distract himself from the attractive naked woman present on the other side of the room. Kalypso, on the other end, was doing just dandy. Taking her time washing her hair, humming a tune as she did. And yes, she did sneak a glance over her shoulder at least once, checking out the man that was trying so hard to pretend she was not here. She was a simple person, after all, and there was an appreciative hum at the back view she was blessed with.

    When she finished and turned off the water, she took her sweet time drying off and getting dressed. This time, the Arc Trooper did dare sneak a glance, but quickly averted his gaze again before he could get caught. Pretending to be very interested in the wall in front of him as the redhead walked out. But not before turning around at the door, and the two met gazes as she grinned. ‘’And a good morning to you, Fivey~’’ He didn’t respond, just watched her as she left. What had just happened?!


    It was a few hours later, and Skywalker, Ahsoka, Rex and some of the other troopers stood in the hangar sending off Kalypso as she was about to leave. The redhead shook general Skywalker’s hand with a grin. ‘’Thanks for letting me stay general, I hope those plans serve you well.’’ The general nodded. ‘’They will be very useful in our upcoming battles, it was a pleasure doing business with you.’’ Kalypso walked over to Ahsoka next, clasping her hand on the togruta’s shoulder. ‘’When we meet again, I’ll last longer in a fight’’. Ahsoka just matched her grin with one of her own, placing a hand on her hip. ‘’We’ll see, won’t we?’’ Kalypso nodded at Rex next. ‘’Captain, a pleasure making your acquaintance.’’ ‘’Likewise, miss.’’

    Glancing to the end of the line, Kalypso then walked right on over to Fives, who stood straight at attention when she approached. He didn’t have time to react as she took his arm and started tapping into his vambrace. When she finished, she would cup his cheek, standing on her tiptoes to press her lips to the other. ‘’Personal frequency. Only three other people have it~,’’ she winked as she lowered herself back on her feet. The Arc Trooper just stared, a slight flush slowly colouring his tanned cheeks as the redhead turned around to her ship and entered it. He barely registered the whistles from his brothers as he watched the ship take off and fly out, disappearing into the dark of space.

    Kalypso Neir. He surely wouldn’t mind seeing her again, and as such he send her a message the moment general Skywalker told them to return to their usual activities.

    [ From: Kalypso Neir]

    ’’Miss me already, Fivey?’’

    Arc Trooper Fives grinned as he typed a message back.

    [To: Kalypso Neir]

    ’’Perhaps I do, Red’’

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    Beat Saber

    Hearing saber noises at any time of day wasn’t a strange occurance aboard the Resolute, so Obi-Wan didn’t think much of it as he took a walk one evening. Neither were the cheers of his former padawan’s men accompanying said noises. What was new, however, was the music. So the Jedi Master decided to check it out.

    “Cody, what is going on here?”

    His second in command turned to him as he spoke, a relaxed grin on his tanned features. “General Skywalker and Commander Tano are playing Beat Saber, sir.”

    Obi-Wan raised a confused eyebrow, encouraging him to elaborate.

    “It’s a virtual reality game where they have to slash blocks to the beat of music using virtual sabers.”

    “Ah-ah. And pray tell, why does Anakin look so sour? This sounds right up his alley.”

    “Because he’s losing to his padawan ,” Rex answered with a chuckle, having joined them. The three of them looked over to where the two Jedi were slashing at nothing, the older one getting more frustrated by the second.

    “Get him, Commander!”

    “Beat his ass!”

    “I AM YOUR GENERAL YOU SHOULD BE CHEERING FOR ME—“, Anakin cried out, missing a few blocks, which only made the troopers cheer harder, as Ahsoka missed not a single one.

    The level ended, and Ahsoka pumped the air in triumph as Hardcase ran over to lift her unto his shoulder. “Let me hear it for our Beat Saber Queen!”

    Obi-Wan couldn’t help a chuckle at Anakin’s defeated expression. “No worries Anakin, you’ll get her next time,” he called out, to which the other just huffed.

    “I just had a bad day, that’s all. Little sore, I should probably head in early.”

    As Anakin left the room, Obi-Wan joined after him. But before he did, he swore he could see some exchange of credits between troopers, making the ginger General shake his head with a chuckle.

    Anything to keep the men entertained and content.

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    21.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Kinda Hooked on You

    Pairing: Fives x Female Reader

    Rating: Teen and Up

    Summary: A songfic inspired by ‘Somebody I fucked once’ by Zolita. However, contrary to what the songtitle suggests, there is no reference to doing the do.

    Wordcount: 1252

    Find it on AO3 here



    I'm in bed texting girls

    But I’m thinking ‘bout you, baby


    You don’t even remember how it started. You and Fives had gotten along from the moment you met. True, you got along with everyone, but the energy between you two was different for some reason. But nothing was ever spoken aloud, given a name or a title. It just was, and you liked it that way. But when you laid in your bed late at night, scrolling the holonet, you couldn’t stop your brain from replaying the little moments between you two.


    I'd hit you up, but I'm stuck

    Trying not to come off crazy


    Fives remembers the first time he heard you laugh, how your eyes lit up and the skin around them crinkled, how the sound of it replayed itself when he lay in his bunk that night. Part of him wished he had caused it, instead of Hardcase pulling funny faces. There was this pull between you two, and he wasn’t sure what it was. Actually, that was a lie. But he didn’t act on it, he didn’t dare.


    Kinda hate

    That I have to act like I don't

    Know your life in and out


    You spend a lot of time with the boys of Torrent Company. Hardcase and you had become best friends, the two of you just vibed well together. He’d tell you stories of before you joined as a mechanic, of battle and of downtime. He always gave you a certain look whenever he mentioned Fives, as if he knew things. But just like you and the Arc Trooper, he didn’t actually talk about it. But as your best friend, and one of Fives’ brothers, he knew. Sometimes Fives would tell you the same stories, and you always pretended to hear them for the first time. Because seeing his face light up as he talked, was a visual you kept dear in your memories.


    If it were up to me

    I'd be calling you mine already

    But you're not, I forgot


    He watched you interact with his brothers on the daily. How you laughed together, how comfortable you were around them. You’d sit on Jesse’s lap without a second thought from either person, just casual. Have an arm around Kix’s waist as you both stood at the caf machine, waiting. There was nothing unusual about it, but Fives did wonder sometimes. Did their skin tingle where you touched them, like his did? Did they get the urge to kiss your forehead when you hugged them, your forehead bumping against their chin? Did they also get the urge to keep you for themselves? Or was that just him?


    Dd you ask me something? I'm so lost, ooh

    Don't know what to say


    You were working late, doing repairs on General Skywalker’s ship. The hangar was empty, the soft echoes of your work bouncing off the durasteel walls. Absorbed in your work, you didn’t hear the footsteps in the distance, stopping, and then coming closer. “Hey. Shouldn’t you be sleeping?”

    Looking up, you were graced with the view of Fives, still dressed in all his armor sans helmet. Wiping your hands to the pants of your jumpsuit, you stood up, pointing a thumb over your shoulder to the craft. “Just fixing up the General’s speeder. Again,” you chuckled. As your eyes met his, you felt yourself being absorbed into the pools of molten honey, not even registering his words. “I’m sorry, what?”

    Fives shook his head, corner of his mouth quirking up in a half grin. “Nothing.” He lifted his hand, hanging in the air for a second before tucking a strand of stray hair behind your ear. “Get some sleep, mesh’la.” You didn’t respond, didn’t know how, as he turned around and walked away again. Just watched him go, your chest feeling warm, and your skin tingling where he touched.


    Cause I'm honestly not okay (I'm not okay)

    At the thought that you might be somebody else's girl, someday


    It took some convincing, but you had joined the boys for a night out at 79’s next time you were all on Coruscant. Most of the Torrent boys had shed their upper body armor in favour of comfort. You were running late, and Fives’ gaze flickered to the door multiple times as he nursed his drink. “Relax, Vod. She’ll show up,” Echo told him, nudging his twin’s side. Just then, you walked in, and the Domino Arc about choked on his drink at the sight of you.

    When inviting you, he didn’t really think about the fact he had never seen you in casual wear. You were wearing a simple form fitting pair of pants and a top with a lower neckline, but still. Your hair was not as messy as it usually was, and he noticed other pairs of eyes, similair to his own, following you as you approached their table.

    A shared drink further, and you had joined Hardcase and Jesse to the dancefloor. Fives couldn’t keep his eyes off you. The way you moved, the way others gravitated towards you so naturally. And that blasted smile that made your eyes crinkle. His brothers excused themselves to grab another drink, leaving you by yourself.

    But you weren’t alone for long, troopers from other battalions soon finding their way in your circle. Twirling you around, touching you. His knuckles were all but white as the grip on his glass tightened. Watching how others did what he so desperately wanted. With who he so desperately wanted.


    Probably shouldn't tell you this

    But fuck it, here's my confession


    It was your first time at 79’s, and you were having the time of your life. Jesse and Hardcase had long since left you to get drinks, and you had been dancing with varying troopers since. Laughing as you got twirled around and moved around the dancefloor. Until you got almost ripped from someone’s grasp by your wrist, looking up to see Fives all but dragging you away. “Fives, What are you doing?!”

    “I don’t like seeing you dance with other batallions. You’re our girl.”

    You stopped, quirking a brow upwards. “Our?”

    Fives stopped as well, turning to face you. “Yeah. The 501st.”

    You took a step closer, looking up at him. Your voice was soft, but you knew he could hear you regardless. “What about your girl?”

    It was as if time stood still. Your gazes locked, and Fives visibly swallowed, tongue darting out to nervously flick over his bottom lip. “M-My girl..?” You didn’t say anything, slipping your wrist from his hold to intwine your fingers with his instead, giving a little squeeze.

    “Are you— I—“ It appears you had rendered him speechless, and you nibbled on your bottom as you did your best not to look away. “I mean— do you—?” You replied, hesitantly. Had you read it all wrong all this time? It was a possibility. But Fives’ free hand cupped your face, and his gaze flickered downwards and back up, asking for silent permission.

    Reaching up, you rested your hand against the side of his neck as you pressed your lips to his. And right there, on the brightly lit and loud dancefloor of 79’s, you melted into each other the way you had both wanted to for a long time. You had no idea where this would go, but you’d figure that out. Together.


    I'm kinda hooked on you

    And in the mood for an obsession, yeah

    You might be someone I could love


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    25.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Touch me (not)

    Echo x gender neutral reader

    Wordcount: 573

    Summary: You’re not having a great body day, but Echo’s here to reassure and validate you

    Content tags: body image talk, insecurities

    Read it on AO3 here

    One of the reasons you enjoyed hyperspace, was because it allowed for downtime. After all, there was nothing much to do when being stuck within the same metal walls for a long time. As such, you had once again found yourself in Echo’s bunk, cuddling up together while watching a holovideo.

    The two of you hadn’t been together for long, although the rest of the batch would argue it had been a long time coming. They’d still tease you about it whenever they had the chance. You were currently cuddled up on his left side, your arm around his waist and your head resting on his chest. He would ocassionally kiss the top of your head, a small gesture that made your heart melt every time.

    But then his hand slid under your shirt, an innocent gesture, really. You knew how he craved skin to skin touch, it grounded him and reminded him he was still human. But your skin crawled at the feeling, and you took his hand, gently, and moved it out from under your shirt, and unto the fabric instead.

    “I’m— not having a good body day ,” you started, hesitating as you looked down, avoiding eye contact. You didn’t have to explain, but you felt bad, so you still did. “You know I love it when you’re affectionate, and I know you prefer it, but I—” Nibbling on your bottom lip, you curled in on yourself. “I can’t do skin to skin right now, sorry.”

    Echo just wrapped his arm around you, over your shirt, and pulled you closer, his scomp link lifting your chin up to look at him. “Cyare, you never have to apologize for how you feel. I’d rather you be honest to me about your boundaries, then end up making you uncomfortable.”

    He sighed, a soft chuckle following as he continued. “When I just got back from Skako Minor, I absolutely hated being touched, by anyone. Had a downright panic attack at the medical exam, because being touched reminded me of what they did to me.” He gripped you a little tighter, and you kissed his jaw, bringing a soft smile to the pale clone’s face.

    “I had to relearn affection, and become comfortable again with my body, and its changes. Remember how I pulled away from you when you would rest your hand on my shoulder?” You nodded, remembering how you thought he was disgusted by you, but learning quickly that was not the case, and that it was not just with you.

    “So you never have to feel bad about having a bad body day, or for not wanting to be touched a certain way. Communicate it to me, and I will respect it.” His flesh hand slid up to your shoulder, thumb caressing you over fabric as he looked at you with the most adoring look in his beautiful brown eyes. “And for what it’s worth, I think you’re the most beautiful and amazing person I have ever laid eyes on.”

    You felt yourself tear up, reaching up as you cupped his cheek, letting your lips meet his. It was moments like these that reminded you that despite your own insecurities, you were someone worthy. Worthy of deserving love, and support. Echo made sure to remind you of that whenever you felt low, and you did the same for him.

    Because after all, if anyone would understand how you felt, it’d be Echo.

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    04.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Kinktober 2021

    Day 3 - Hair Pulling

    Poe Dameron x Gender Neutral Reader

    Word count: 280

    “Hush, sweetheart, we don’t want anyone overhearing, now do we?”

    The pilot’s voice is low and husky next to your ear, making you shiver. The two of you were hidden away in a corner of the Resistance base’s hangar, Poe’s x-wing blocking you from curious eyes.

    Your back was against the wall, his knee between your legs and Sweet Maker, he was so close. He smelled like Sandalwood and Musk, enveloping your senses as his lips left a heated trail against your neck.

    Tension had been building between the two of you for a while now, pulling and releasing, stretching every which way until it snapped. Which had lead you to your current situation after Poe had all but dragged you to your secluded little spot. You released panting breaths as he kissed lower, nipping on the skin where your neck met your shoulders.

    Your hands, which had been clinging unto his shoulders, moved up his neck, tangling themselves into his thick curls. Tugging on it when the pilot bit down against your shoulder, earning you a groan from the man.

    “Fuck, baby, do that again”, he growled, making you shiver again at the dominating tone in his voice.

    You did as he said, pulling at his hair, a little harder this time, being rewarded with a hiss against your skin and a roll of his hips against your own. Poe lifted his head, darkened eyes meeting your gaze as he ghosted his lips over yours .

    “Fuck it, I’m taking you right here and now, I don’t care who sees”.

    Your breath hitched as he pressed his lips against yours roughly, swallowing the moan that spilled from your throat.

    #cookiejuice writes#kinktober 2021 #poe dameron x reader #poe dameron x you #hi this is short and late but please take it I can no longer look at it shdjd
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    02.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Kinktober 2021

    Day 2 - Suspension

    Tech x Gender Neutral Reader

    Wordcount: 373

    A/N: It was only fitting, imo.

    You inhaled deeply, feeling the rope dig into your skin as you did. When Tech suggested he’d tie you up and suspend you from the ceiling, you were hesitant at first. Would the ceiling of your apartment hold you? Tech said it would, having done the necessary calculations.

    So he had come over a few hours earlier, bringing with him bright red rope. The clone had ordered you to get undressed, preferably naked, but you could keep your boxers on if you wanted to. Not that he had never seen your naked form before, on the contrary. So you stripped down, standing naked in front of him.

    It was with practiced precision that he got to work, the rope molding against your skin as he worked the knots and tangles. Fingertips brushing against bare skin, featherlight kisses being placed upon it, making you shiver every time. Once you were clad in red, he made a sturdy cuff on your lower arms, which were on your back, making sure the weight was somewhat evenly distributed.

    Stepping unto a stool, he then looped the rope through the ceiling ring you had installed a few days prior. Asking for permission, which you had given, he then slowly pulled the rope to lift you off the ground until your toes were just off the floor, and made a knot. If you were capable of the range of motion to stretch, you could probably stand.

    Getting off thé stool, Tech slowly circled around you, taking you in from every angle. The rope digging into your soft skin, head hung low in submission, arms behind your back. You felt the rope pull at your arms, but not uncomfortably so. He had done a great job, as expected.

    One of the clone’s slender fingers tilted your chin up, making you face him. Brown eyes studied you behind yellow tinted glasses, taking in your flushed cheeks and parted lips.

    “If only you could see yourself right now, Cyare. You look positively beautiful”

    He’d whisper, tracing your lips with his thumb. Your eyes fluttered closed when he leaned in, and as your lips met, you silently wondered what more ideas went on in your partner’s brilliant mind, and how you couldn’t wait to find out.

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    Kinktober 2021

    Day 1 - Face sitting

    Fennec Shand x Female Reader

    Wordcount: 427

    “Are you sure?”

    The mercenary clicked her tongue, arching a brow at you from where she was sitting on the bed. Still in her full gear, she was a sight to behold.

    “Come here, sweetheart”

    Her voice was soft, her tone demanding, and you walked over, resting a knee on the edge of the bed before hesitating, again. Fennec laid back, gloved hand reaching out to hook behind your knee, gently tugging you over. You crawled fully unto the bed, moving to straddle her waist, hovering over her.

    Licking your lips nervously, you reached for the hem of the oversized shirt you were wearing as you shuffled higher up her body, stopping just short of where you knew she wanted you. This was a first for you, and you wondered if this was really a good idea. What if you hurt her?

    Fennec gave you no time to think about it too much, hooking both hands around your thighs and bringing you down to her face. Lips parted in a gasp as you felt her velvety tongue flick over your clit. She pulled you even lower, to where you were no longer hovering over her, your full weight now on her face.

    You felt your cheeks heat up, unable to stop the soft moans that spilled from your lips as she devoured you. Skilled tongue circling your clit, alternating with dipping into your cunt that was gradually getting wetter. But Fennec was relentless, every time your thighs clenched with your uncoming orgasm, she’d slow her ministrations, leaving you whimpering above her.

    This went on for what felt like hours , and you were trembling, holding unto the wall for dear life. Tears streaming down your cheeks as you looked down at her.

    “F-Fennec— p-p-please— I need to— need to cum—“

    You whimpered, begging for her to give you that release. As if she jumpstarted a spare reactor, her tongue took up speed, her fingers digging into the flesh of your thighs as she ravaged your clit. You felt your orgasm approach again, and prayed to the Maker above she would allow you to finish this time.

    And let you finish she did. It burned white hot through your body, tensing and relaxing all at once, a loud scream of her name echoing against the walls. She drank you up through it all, dipping her tongue into your cunt and making the most obscene slurping noises as you slowly came down from your high.

    You forced yourself out of her hold, and she let you, sitting back on her chest as your body still trembled in the aftershocks. She ran her hands over your thighs soothingly, and you looked down at her. Face wet from your slick, a proud smirk on her lips.

    “Such a good girl for me, aren’t you~”

    Sweet Maker, she was going to be the end of you someday, wasn’t she.

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    31.08.2021 - 8 monts ago


    Pairing: Crosshair x GN!Reader

    Wordcount: 1330

    Tags: post tbb finale, reuniting, comfort, free feelies with your heelies

    Summary: Retrouvaille - The joy of meeting or finding someone again after a long seperation, rediscovery.

    Author’s Note: Hello Crosshair stans have you recovered from the finale yet? Me neither. Here's a little piece to (hopefully) comfort you a little, in the shape of a gift posted first on AO3 from me to the wonderful Emeraldwitch9. I highly urge you to check out their works, because their writing is 10/10 very good mucho chefs kisses.

    Find it on AO3 here

    ‘’Kamino has fallen’’.

    Your heart sank as you heard Hunter’s voice crackle through the comms. You had just left Ord Mantell, after going with Rex to pick up Gregor from Cid’s. Gregor had told the both of you that the Empire had caught Hunter, and that the Batch was going back to get him, so you were relieved to hear his voice, to know he wasn’t held captive anymore. However, to know that Kamino, which was not only the clones’ home, but was also near and dear to your heart as well, was no more..

    It hurt. It stung and left an emptiness and an ache you knew could never be filled again. As a former mechanics officer, you had spent many a rotation on the rainy planet. You may not have been a fan of the Kaminoans themselve, but you had made friends with many a clone. One of them being-

    ‘’What about Crosshair?’’

    There was a silence on the other end at your question. It hung thick and heavy in the air, and you barely registered Rex putting a comforting hand on your shoulder and giving it a little squeeze. Out of all the clones you had met, Crosshair was the one you had clicked with the most, to everyone’s surprise. When you had first heard he had sided with the Empire, you couldn’t quite believe it. The Crosshair you knew cared about his brothers, about his family, and would never abandon them. But when you heard about the inhibitor chips, it made sense. Yet you couldn’t quiet the nagging feeling in your gut.

    ‘’He stayed’’

    ‘’What do you mean ‘He stayed’ ?!’’, you all but yelled at the comm.

    ‘’He made his decision, ad’ika. We respected it’’.

    You witheld the urge to roll your eyes at the term of endearment. In any other circumstance, you didn’t mind, but currently you felt like he was talking down at you, reprimanding you. You opened your mouth to speak again, but Rex stopped you.

    ‘’Thank you, Hunter. We’ll keep in touch’’.

    ‘’Roger that, Captain’’.

    The comm crackled again as it cut off, and Rex turned to you, sighing loudly at seeing your furrowed brows. The blonde former Captain pinched the bridge of his nose, glancing at you with a raised eyebrow of his own. ‘’I know what you’re thinking, but we can’t. As Hunter said, he made his choice, and we should respect that’’. You rolled your shoulders, sitting up straight to look at him. ‘’Then just drop me off’’. From your left, you heard Gregor chuckle nervously, and you glanced over to see him run a hand through his hair. ‘’You’ll get caught by the Empire, yanno’’. You just shrugged, determined already. ‘’I’ll deal with that as it comes. So can you drop me off or not?’’


    You looked down at the ruins of what was once Tipoca City, now in rubble and dust. Your heart broke as memories flooded your mind of the times you spent there, and you risked a glance at the two clone captains in the ship with you. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would feel like for them. To have lost their home, the place that held so many memories with their brothers, all of which they had also lost in the war. Walking over to them, you put a hand on each of their shoulders, giving a little squeeze.

    ‘’I’m sorry to have made you come here, I’m sure it isn’t easy’’.

    Your voice was soft as you spoke, a small quirk up of lip corners at feeling both of them put a hand over yours. You had known Rex a while, and he had always been a good friend to you. Gregor was a newer friend, yet he had given you the same support as his brother. While in transit to Kamino, the three of you had talked. Gregor had gotten both of you up to speed on what was happening within the Empire, and you had explained to him why getting to Kamino at this moment was so important to you. He had given you a crooked grin, running his hand through your hair affectionately.

    ‘’I spotted him’’, Rex called out, making you look through the front transparisteel window. Surely enough, there he was, by himself on a secluded platform in the middle of the now quiet seas. Your heart hammering in your chest, you walked away to grab your small bag with belongings, Gregor appearing to assist you with the cable. As you opened the door, Rex slowly lowered the ship above the platform. Gregor gave you one last pat on the shoulder. ‘’Good luck’’.

    Rolling your shoulders, you began descending down the cable as Rex did his best to keep the ship leveled. Once your feet hit the ground, you tugged on the cable, signaling for Gregor to pull it up again, which he did. Turning around, you looked at Crosshair, who was watching, no, staring at you from his sitting position on the ground. You approached him, vaguely registering the ship leaving, stopping when you stood in front of him. The silence was deafening as the two of you just looked at each other. Tension hung thick in the air as your eyes met, and you watched as the man in front of you slowly got up.

    ‘’What are you doing here’’

    It wasn’t a question per se, yet you heard the vague uncertainty in his voice, both expertly and poorly masked. Expertly, for everyone else, who did not know him beyond his brooding and grumpy exterior. Poorly, for you, who knew him better than that. Who could read his little quirks and habits, understand the subtle shifts in his tone of voice, as you did right now. You took a step towards him, the sniper not flinching as you now stood so close your bodies almost touched.

    ‘’To keep you company, ofcourse. We both know how awful you get when you’re bored’’.

    Your little quip sparked a subtle twitch of the clone’s mouth corners, and you couldn’t help a grin yourself. Lifting your hand, you reached out to him, slowly, gently, testing the waters. Your heart fluttered when you felt his fingers touch yours. Hesitantly, almost afraid. Your eyes met again, and you could see the brown eyes you knew so well soften, just the tiniest bit. His fingers curling around yours, carefully, as if he was afraid you’d disappear if he touched too much, seemed too eager, too relieved.

    ‘’You think you’ll survive being stuck in an Imperial Cell with me, mesh’la?’’

    A smile on your lips, soft and reassuring, pulling his hand in a hold. Almost missing the sharp inhale of breath coming from the sniper. Almost. Other hand to reach up to cup his cheek, and your heart melted when he leaned into your touch. Crosshair closed his eyes, giving your hand a little squeeze. When he opened them again, he looked at you with the most adoring look you had ever seen. His eyes seemed to convey a thousand thoughts all at once, running through his mind like the waters of the planet you were currently on used to.

    It was then that it hit you, hard and all encompassing, knocking the breath out of your lungs. You loved this man, you loved this man so much that you had come to him when no one else would, freely giving up whatever you had left, just to be with him in this moment. Thumb brushed over his cheek, standing on tiptoes to lean in closer to him. His hold on your hand became almost painful with how desperate he was clinging to it. Wordlessly begging for you, for your touch, your anything. You stopped a mere breath away from his lips to whisper your response to his question, not even a second after you finished pressing your lips together, a promise.

    “As long as I’m with you, I can survive anything”.

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    13.06.2021 - 11 monts ago

    Thought I'd throw all my writings here together in a little masterlist ❤

    My AO3

    ** - NSFW content

    Star Wars Lullabies Series

    Smooth as honey (Boba Fett)

    ---Boba Fett x Reader---

    Of Metal and Man **

    ---Tech x Reader---

    Get your attention

    —- Crosshair x Reader —-


    -- Echo x Reader --

    Touch me (not)

    — Fives x Reader —

    Kinda Hooked on you

    — Original Character works—

    Red ( Fives x Female OC)

    #Cookiejuice Writes#masterlist #boba fett x reader #tech x reader #crosshair x reader #echo x reader #fives x reader #star wars reader insert
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    13.06.2021 - 11 monts ago

    Get your attention

    Pairing: Tech x Reader

    Words: 434

    Warnings: just some cute fluff tbh

    A/N: A cute little drabble for @queenevac 🥰

    ‘’Whatchu doiiiing~?’’

    You sat next to Tech as he was pulling some wires from whatever it was he was working on. With as much time you spent with him, it was kind of embarrassing how little you knew of actual mechanics. The clone glanced over, his hands deftly fluttering over the screen of his datapad. ‘’I’m updating our security system, what with the Empire on our heels and all’’. You let out a hum, resting your chin on his shoulder. Tech straightened his posture so that you weren’t hunching your back.

    The two of you had been dating for a while now, and casual intimacy like this had become more common as your relationship progressed. Because it definetely had not always been this way. You remember in the beginning, how he would look at you weirdly whenever you tried to initiate anything, his body tensing. But now, he had grown used to your affectionate nature.

    Your arm slithered around his waist, holding him against you. Your other hand ran a gentle caress along one of his arms, down to his hand. Tech stopped what he was doing, glancing over to you once more, as you slid your hand over his and intertwined your fingers. ‘’Are you in an affectionate mood, Ner Kar’ta?’’ His voice soft as he squeezed your hand. Your chest fluttered, as it always did when he used a Mando’ a term of endearment for you. You did not speak the language, but the loving tone in which he said it, told you more than a translation ever could.

    ‘’Well in my defense, you’ ve been working for hours. I feel neglected’’, you pouted, earning a chuckle from the goggled clone. He turned around in your hold, his free hand reaching up to rest on the back of your head as he pressed his lips to your forehead. ‘’Well we can’t have that, now can we?’’ The smile he gave you warmed you more than a thousand suns ever could, and your heart ached with how much you loved this man. This wonderful, smart, caring, beautiful man.

    Your hands cradled his face, and he leaned into your touch, kissing the inside of your wrist as he looked at you with the warmest honey brown eyes that you knew so well. His voice was soft, yet full of adoration and appreciation as he spoke.

    ‘’Ni Kar’ tayl gar darasuum’’

    You smiled at him, resting your forehead against his. You understood his words without knowing them, and as you moved in, you whispered against his lips before closing the distance.

    ‘’I love you too’’.

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    18.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    Do you like KaiJou?

    Is KaiJou your comfort ship?

    Are you having A Time?

    Wish they could comfort you?

    If you said ‘gods yes’ to any of these, we are the same and you might enjoy this self indulgent reader insert oneshot I wrote where the boys comfort you.

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  • fandom-blackhole
    29.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Firstly, I wanted to thank you for the 800 follower event you are doing. I've been super busy this week and can't wait for the weekend when I can actually read them. I wanted to share a few of my favs that I've read recently.

    "On an Adventure" by @nimata-beroya: Just a lovely, sweet fic about little Omega and 99 bonding. Makes me happy every time I read it.

    "Touch me (not)" by Cookiejuice on ao3: Echo x reader fic about reader feeling insecure about their body that day, and Echo understanding and respecting that. As someone who struggles with that kind of thing, it just meant a lot to me to read it.

    "Laugh, Love" by writingpancake on ao3: Wrecker x reader fic, about him being goofy and fun during sex. I'm not super into smutty stuff usually but this fic was like the perfect balance of fluff and smut for me.

    You and your followers may have already seen this fanart by @hooneybon (it's got like 1k notes) of Rex and Ahsoka but it makes me laugh every time I see it so I wanted to share (x)

    And I feel a little weird about self-promoting but I'm super proud of a BB fanfic series I've been writing. It's about a midwife oc who happens to meet TBB in Cid's bar and they help her save one of her patients. The midwife and Echo fall in love, and they all become a family. There's also a romance between the midwife's best friend and Wrecker. I'm a student midwife myself and write about actual things I've seen during my training. It's been a lot of fun to write but has also helped me process a lot of feelings. So if there are any Star Wars fans that are also fans of Call the Midwife or medical dramas, they might like it. Definitely some heavy topics discussed but there's a lot of sweetness too.

    If anyone wants to read it: masterlist, ao3 link

    Thank you again for doing this and congrats on 800 followers! Have a wonderful day.

    Im glad that you like this little event I'm doing! It's been a rough few weeks for me and I knew that it'd be nice to share some love! Especially since every creator in the fandom needs and deserves it! And that you so much for participating and sharing so many wonderful creators! And your fic sounds amazing, as a premeditated student who loves Call the Midwife it souls super interesting and not like anything I've read before!

    Share the Love!

    #sorry this sat in my inbox for a bit #i didnt see it 😬 #thanks for participating! #800 follower sharing event
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