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  • fff777
    29.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I’ve been working hard on my Kailay fic lately. I’m a little over half way through. I’ve been wanting to get the first draft done as soon as possible, because I wanted to start editing it for vibes.

    And I’m starting to wonder whether the vibes are a bit off because I’m writing too much.

    I tend to develop relationships through interactions, but the thing about Kailay is that they don’t interact a lot. Their affection doesn’t come from time spent together. It comes from a sense of respect, understanding, and sympathy.

    So maybe I could get the vibe I wanted if I stop trying to fill in the gaps in their relationship with interactive scenes because that just isn’t how they grew. But how bare bones would still make the fic okay?

    #thinking out loud #fic talk #did i finally crack the code of why writing canon-based kailay is so difficult
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  • genshingorls
    29.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Genshin Impact but if the Traveler was Master Chief (feat. Noelle)

    Master Chief training Noelle



    Noelle eagerly awaited Master Chief's instructions.

    Barbara on the other hand was less than thrilled.

    Master Chief and Paimon had taken the both of them inside his Teapot for heavy equipment training.

    Paimon was VERY much against this idea and begged Barbara to tag along in case something horrible happened.

    So the two of them sat on a bench he had made with Tubby's assistance, and put themselves in a concrete arena.

    (Noelle) "Sir, I'm ready when you are!"

    (Paimon) "Oh, Paimon's got a baaaad feeling about this!"

    (Barbara) "I-I think I agree..."

    Master Chief nodded and waved to Tubby to bring the dummies in.

    Behind Master Chief spawned a number of dummies that resembled Treasure Hoarders.

    Master Chief grabbed a massive two-handed weapon, gesturing for Noelle to come over.

    (Master Chief) "This is what we call a 'Gravity Hammer'. In short, you hit something with it, and it'll go flying with a big boom."

    (Noelle) "Wow, it looks heavy!"

    He nodded silently.

    (Master Chief) "First, we'll see if you can pick it up."

    The way he was holding it seemed like it was just like any other weapon. Noelle was curious herself to how much it was until he let go.

    Her eyes went wide as she felt her body immediately fall from the weight, caught completely by surprise.

    (Noelle) "A-AH!"

    Master Chief, with one arm, stopped her from falling. The Gravity Hammer hit the floor with a slight rumbling of the ground, creating a dent into the ground.


    (Noelle) "Not to worry, Paimon! I was just taken off guard, now- YAH!"

    With sudden momentum, she was able to get it off the ground and wielded it with both hands almost effortlessly.

    (Barbara) "Huh?! I-I knew Noelle was always strong but...!-"

    Master Chief stood far to the side and calmly told Noelle her orders.

    (Master Chief) "I want you to destroy those 4 dummies in one single blow, under two seconds."

    (Paimon) "But that's a huge hammer! It'll take her several second to swing it!"

    (Noelle) "...Big boom, huh?"

    (Paimon) "Training her means we have to take it SLOW first! That's impossible!"

    Master Chief silently stared at Paimon, then nodded back to Noelle.

    (Noelle) "Here goes, HEEEYAH!"


    As soon as she struck the dummy in front of her, a deafening thunder blasted from the hammer as it obliterated the dummies, the ground, and even the concrete and shot her backwards, letting go of the hamemr.

    Barbara and Paimon were blown back from the shockwave while Master Chief remained still.

    At what seemed like superhuman speeds, he first made sure Barbara didn't hit the floor, and with a single leap, sprung into the air and caught Noelle before she could hit the ground.

    Meanwhile Paimon flew into a bale of hay.

    Gently setting her down, Noelle was shaking off the ringing in her ears.

    (Noelle) "WHERE...WHERE AM I?! DID I DO IT?!"

    Standing her up, Noelle looked to the dummies.

    Not a single one stood.

    (Master Chief) "According to my timer, 1.7 seconds."

    (Noelle) "...YES, I DID IT!"

    She jumped into the air excitedly before almost falling over, still dizzy from the shockwave.

    Catching her again, he looked at Barbara.

    (Master Chief) "You alright ma'am?"

    (Barbara) "Fine, thanks to you."

    Paimon's head shot up from the hay, spitting out some that had gotten in her mouth.


    (Master Chief) "Thought I'd try something new since I'm always saving you, mix things up a little."

    (Noelle) Snrk!

    Barbara sighed as Paimon rushed over to his chest and began punching it, a decision Paimon immediately regretted.

    #genshin impact but if the traveler was master chief #master chief#paimon #noelle genshin impact #barbara pegg #genshin impact imagines #crack fic#crossover
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  • siderealdei
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Chapters: 4/? Fandom: Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Obi-Wan Kenobi & Tarre Vizsla Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Tarre Vizsla Additional Tags: Whumpay 2022, Sith Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sort Of, Timeline What Timeline, Cherry-picking Canon for Fun and Profit, Canon-Typical Violence, Unreliable Narrator Series: Part 17 of Whumpay 2022 Summary:

    Obi-Wan Kenobi Falls on Melida-Daan.

    There are a thousand universes where this statement is true and a thousand more where it is false. In this universe, in this galaxy - it is both.

    #whumpay2022#day28 #star wars prequel trilogy #my fic#my writing #gold in the cracks au
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  • starlightmornings
    28.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    What makes Din sigh like this? Silly answers only. <3


    HEHE 😈

    It has been too long since a crack!fic thot passed my way about Din, however: what if the SW universe had TikTok and you somehow managed to teach Grogu all the moves and words to "About Damn Time" and he just sings it ALL THE TIME now in his Grogu-jibberish

    so Din's just taken to doing the *deep sigh* when he hears "patu patu, patu patu, patu patu, patu pat-tu-tu-tu"

    #inbox #kaylie answers things #laura's sweet requests #crack!fic #star wars crack #din djarin#pedro pascal
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  • faithdeans
    28.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    tali pls dont make it full blown smut i would like to legally be able to read/comment on ur fic i adore ur writing tali PLEASE

    hmmm it probably won't be explicit anon, it will most likely just be mature (and also thank you for saying that MWAH)

    #ALSO i don't think i have it in me to write another smut fic because i cannot!!! make myself use those words i just cant #and because this one is kinda crack i think i would have to #so yeah dont worry #tali.ask
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  • bottomhaztoplou
    28.05.2022 - 14 hours ago
    i'm havin' your baby, it's none of your business! by DaddyAlphaLouisBabyOmegaHarry // bottomhaztoplou | @paranormalbabydoll

    Written for @wankersday's Wankfest 2022!!

    Harry finds himself sexy.

    Read it here on AO3!

    (Collage Info: Collage was made by me on Canva using pictures obtained from Google, Unsplash and Pexels)

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  • mikewheelerfan2022
    28.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Idk why but I have an urge to write a crack fic where Will brings a demo dog home one day and Joyce almost has a heart attack

    (He would have created The Upside Down in this fic)

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  • myspinehasexploded
    28.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Dumb Stuff #3 (Blink-182 Song Edition)



    "🎶Tom's girlfriend's dying on the floor.🎶"

    Mark sang as he strummed his guitar.

    You sighed. Mark's improv songs were always…interesting

    Tom joined in on the song.

    "🎶My girlfriend's dying on the floor.🎶"

    Then, they did that thing where they seemingly read each other's minds, and sang the rest of the song together.

    "🎶I don't even know why you come here anymore.🎶"

    "🎶Our a.c. Isn't working, it's 90° degrees, are you here because you actually want to be around me?🎶"

    "🎶Why would you wanna be around Tom? He reeks of stds.🎶"

    You laughed as Tom glared at Mark, only to be amazed as they started harmonizing.

    Even when they were joking around, their voices worked beautifully together.

    "🎶Tom's girlfriend's dying on the floor.🎶"

    "🎶My girlfriend's dying on the floor.🎶"

    "🎶we don't even know why you come here anymore.🎶"

    "🎶No, we don't know.🎶"

    "🎶Tom's girlfriend's dying on the floor.🎶"

    " 🎶My girlfriend's dying on the floor.🎶 "

    "🎶Y/n is dying on the floooooorr.🎶"

    #crack fic#blink182#tom delonge#mark hoppus#travis barker#Improv #Blink-182 x reader #Tom Delonge x reader #Tom Delonge imagine #Tom Delonge fluff #Fluff#Writing#Fanfic#X reader
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  • myspinehasexploded
    28.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Dumb Stuff #1 (My Chem Edition)



    "I've heard such terrible things, Frankie. Such terrible, terrible, things."

    Frank rubbed your back soothingly.

    "I know, baby, I know."

    You were curled up in Frank's lap, basically making him cradle you, as you sat traumatized by what had transpired about 30 minutes ago.

    Ray stepped into the tour bus, saw you, and was slightly confused

    "Is y/n okay?"

    You were fine earlier, and now you weren't. Ray was concerned.


    You snapped, burying your face in Frank's chest.


    Ray questioned, slightly taken aback by your rudeness.

    Were you sick? Tired? Just wanted to be left alone with Frank?

    Frank shrugged.

    "She's mad because Gerard made her listen to the Smashing Pumpkins solely because she hates them."


    "She'll never be the same again."

    #my chemical romance #gerard way#frank iero#mikey way#ray toro #My chemical romance fanfic #frank iero x reader #Frank Iero crack fic #Crack fic #the smashing pumpkins #Fanfic#Fluff#x reader#Writing#Imagine
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  • siderealdei
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Chapters: 3/? Fandom: Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Obi-Wan Kenobi & Tarre Vizsla Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Tarre Vizsla Additional Tags: Whumpay 2022, Sith Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sort Of, Timeline What Timeline, Cherry-picking Canon for Fun and Profit, Canon-Typical Violence, Unreliable Narrator Series: Part 17 of Whumpay 2022 Summary:

    Obi-Wan Kenobi Falls on Melida-Daan.

    There are a thousand universes where this statement is true and a thousand more where it is false. In this universe, in this galaxy - it is both.

    #whumpay2022#day27 #star wars prequel trilogy #my fic#my writing #gold in the cracks au
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  • bikkinibottom
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Doodles and Sketches

    this one is for you <3 @eudaimmonia
    words: 2.3k | percabeth
    prompt: getting caught passing notes during class
    I’ve been sitting on this for about a year now but I’m finally posting it! it’s barely edited so be warned of any grammar mistakes that I simply don’t care to fix

    There were about four different things Percy was currently focusing on and none of them was the math lesson being taught at the front of the class. With his bottom lip stuck between the clip on the side of his capped pen, the teen sat reclined in his desk chair trying to get the song Tainted Love out of his head. He had half the mind to not bang his head to the two percussive beats that repeat throughout the song.

    Mrs. Dodds turned her back to the class to write down some long equation, and Percy rolled his head to his left to see his best friend in much the same predicament. One leg was crossed over the other, her gaze set dead ahead and her eyes miles away. She was twirling a strand of her curly hair in one of her hands. It was her signature ‘I have succumbed to daydreaming but I still look like I’m paying attention’ pose. Same bro, Percy thought.

    He studied the blonde girl for a moment and noticed the notebook void of notes sitting on her desk. One thought spiraled into another before he was reminded of middle school and doodles and comic strips and suddenly a very entertaining idea sprung up into Percy’s mind. He snapped his head back just as Mrs. Dodds turned back around to face the class again. He swears he’s developed a sixth sense to the awful teacher at this point. Who could blame him anyway, the woman had a personal vendetta against him. When he questioned her about it one day, asking “Why are you so obsessed with me?” in his best Regina George impression, it cost him a week’s worth of detention and half his dignity.

    He opened his notebook to a clean page and began drawing an old cartoon character that he and Annabeth had once drawn together. Annabeth was good with dialogue and facial expressions while Percy was good at drawing body language and actions. They were quite the pair in middle school, with their comic strips and short stories. All their friends and nearly half the student body eagerly awaited any new material they could draw up.

    “One day, we’ll get published and we can be in the Sunday paper, it’ll be so awesome,” he remembers Annabeth telling him, all gap-toothed and wild curls. He believed her too. But then high school came along and they both got super busy and the hype and thoughts of publishers became all too unrealistic and hopeful. They maintained their friendship, of course, but the comics and drawings were a thing of the past for Percy and Annabeth.

    He tugged lightly on one of his braids as he finished up the drawing. It was a cartoonish chicken slouched back in a desk with a text bubble saying ‘Man this class-’ and wrote a side note next to the drawing asking Annabeth to fill in the blank. When Mrs. Dodds wasn’t looking, he tossed it over to the distracted blonde who flinched at the movement, grey eyes coming back into focus. She looked at the folded note and then side-eyed the Black teen who pretended not to notice.

    Percy watched out of the corner of his eye as she picked up the note and watched her face brighten as the sky does when the sun appears after a storm. She bit her lip to repress a laugh and a smile. She glanced over at him and he caught her eye, a glimmer of nostalgia in the irises of her eyes. Without being obvious, she grabbed her pencil and hunched over the piece of paper, brainstorming what she would fill in the blank with. Percy couldn’t help but bounce one of his legs up and down in eager anticipation, trying his hardest to keep his eyes on the front of the class.

    Movement out of the corner of his eye and the swift little Plick! of the note landing on his desk forced Percy to smother a grin, opening the note while his eyes remained on the withering Mrs. Dodds. With her back turned once again, he looked down at the note. In Annabeth’s loopy handwriting, the chicken now said,

    ‘Man this class makes me want to go turn myself in at KFC’.

    A repressed snicker escaped the boy’s mouth and he already felt Mrs. Dodd’s eyes fixated on him before he even looked up. With a small pause and then a sneer, the math teacher turned around and Percy immediately got to work.

    He sketched out a chicken holding out a white flag of surrender with its wings, its head ducked in shame, and in front of it was the KFC logo. Satisfied with his work, the teen swiftly tossed the note onto his friend’s desk, keeping his head slightly turned to the side to see her reaction. Upon opening the note discreetly, Annabeth slapped a hand over her mouth while stifling a laugh. She scribbled something onto the note, her eyes trained up on the board, then tossed over the note.

    Annabeth wrote, ‘Ever notice how Mrs. Dodds looks like an old leathery chicken?’

    Percy wrote back, ‘WHAT’

    ‘Like. Think bat and chicken and evil.’

    ‘LMFAO. Like this?’

    Percy drew what he interpreted Annabeth envisioned their horrid math teacher as, which bordered on a Greek mythological monster. When he tossed his finished work back to the blonde she pursed her lips so tightly her skin turned white. Turning her head slowly to him a single tear was streaming down her face as she shook silently with laughter. Percy whipped his head away, coughing into his shoulder to cover up his laugh.

    Recovering only slightly, Percy noticed Mrs. Dodds glaring at him from her peripheral and he immediately sobered up. A few minutes passed and Percy nearly forgot he was in mid-note conversation with Annabeth when he picked up on her lemony scent as she leaned over to toss the note back to him. Not prepared for what he was about to witness, Percy opened the note quietly, like the calm before a storm. If someone were filming Annabeth and Percy right this moment, it would be titled ‘videos taken seconds before disaster.’

    Annabeth wrote, ‘No like this LOL’ and beneath her words was probably one of the funniest drawings he’s ever seen. It was a messy sketch of Mrs. Dodds’ head except her eyes were completely black and she had a forked tongue. Her head was attached to a cartoon rotisserie chicken, her feet were the bone ends of the legs, and protruding from her back were bat-like wings. A speech bubble was above her that said, “Now, honey!”

    Losing all sense of self-control, Percy dropped the note onto his desk, putting his head in his hands and shaking silently with laughter. Snickers erupted out of him which he tried to mask as him having a coughing fit. Annabeth let out some kind of squeak at the sight of her friend losing it and turned her entire body away from him as she felt tears streaming down her face from laughter. From an outside perspective, it looked like the two of them were having a stroke. From Mrs. Dodd’s perspective, it looked like two students who were about to be put in detention.

    Forcing himself to calm down, Percy wiped a tear from his eye and noticed what could only be the angel of death looming over him. Upon opening his eyes to be met with his untimely fate (A.K.A Mrs. Dodds) Annabeth and Percy have never sobered up so quickly in their lives. Before he could hide the note with all of their drawings on it, the older woman snatched it off of his desk and glared daggers at the teen before inspecting what was on the paper. Percy couldn’t even look at her face so he glanced at Annabeth whose face was completely pale. The class was completely silent. The sounds of the clock ticking were amplified and Percy could feel a droplet of sweat drip down his neck. Glancing up at his horrible math teacher in fear she slowly crumpled the paper in her hands before whispering in the deadliest voice ever,

    “Get out of my fucking class.”

    Only the sounds of two chairs screeching across the linoleum and backpacks being grabbed in a rush could be heard as the two of them scrambled out of there. Percy was almost out the door when he saw Annabeth get her foot caught in the straps of her backpack nearly falling over. Come on, he mouthed to her in a state of panic. She glared at him as she hopped forward dumbly. Her face seemed to be saying, Don’t you think I’m trying?!

    Detangling her feet as she caught up to him at the door, he grabbed her wrist and basically sprinted out into the hall. They didn’t stop running until they turned a corner, slamming against some lockers once they were far away. A janitor was at the end of the hall staring at them in confusion and they both waved at him sheepishly. Turning back towards each other, Annabeth had her hands on her knees while Percy leaned back against the wall with one hand on his head as they both caught their breaths. As if on cue, they broke out into a fit of giggles, Percy practically wheezing at the ridiculousness of it all.

    “We’re dead. We’re so dead and I don’t even care,” the blonde laughed beside him, sliding down to the floor.

    “Not you tripping over your fucking backpack,” Percy cackled.

    “Stop oh my god,” she groaned out, swatting at Percy’s legs. The sound of a pager could be heard down the hall on their left and the two of them looked up to see a security guard walking toward them.

    “You two, with me, now. We’re going to 330,” the man said sternly. They didn’t waste any time grabbing their stuff and following the man up to the third floor. Mrs. Dodds must have already called the office on them.

    Room 330 was the designated classroom for in-school detentions, meaning if you got kicked out of class this was the place you were sent to. After-school detentions had a different location that was a lot stricter than room 330. Here the teacher just messed around on their phone and students were allowed to be on theirs as well. Situating themselves in the back, Annabeth slid her desk right next to Percy’s and got out a paper and pen. He didn’t say anything as she scribbled away for several minutes and he scrolled through his phone, trying to find a mindless game to play. She’d nudge him periodically and he’d nudge her back until he finally put his phone down to peek at what she was concentrating on so seriously.

    “Don’t look yet,” she warned him, turning away and covering the paper with her hands.

    “Then quit touching me, noob,” he poked at her. All he got in response was a half-hearted “Mm-hmm”.

    He rolled his eyes and leaned back in his chair, pulling lightly on her curls to watch them bounce back into place. He knew he was one of the only people to have this special privilege so he took advantage of it whenever he could.

    About a minute later Annabeth was finally done. She slid the paper over to him with a proud smirk, her face practically beaming and Percy tried not to blush at the sight. Leaning forward to see what was on the paper, Percy looked at a complete recreation of their doodles and sketches from class. He could feel a lopsided grin slowly grow on his face as he stared in shock and endearment at her memory. She even wrote the conversation we had, he observed. The attention to detail made his stomach swoop.

    Not trusting whatever word vomit would come out of his mouth, Percy grabbed Annabeth’s pen and decided to add on to the series they created. He showed Annabeth his work and she let out a snicker, grabbing the pen and paper from him and adding on more.

    They spent the rest of the class going back and forth, trying to make the other laugh until they got in trouble again. (They were sent to the principal’s office about ten minutes later). Miraculously, but unsurprisingly, Annabeth managed to talk their way out of it. Somehow they only wound up with one after school detention which they served later that day with no issues.

    By the time Percy got home that afternoon, he found the doodles they drew together folded up in his backpack. He looked over them again, tracing Annabeth’s loopy handwriting alongside his scribbled handwriting. A smile overtook his face, one that he only made when his friend crossed his mind, and he walked over to his desk. He put the paper in his designated “Annabeth drawer” which began as a collection of their old drawings but soon became a mess of objects associated with her.

    Movie stubs, a half used lip balm container, a blue scrunchie, and a yellow hacky sack ball were just some of the few things arranged neatly in the drawer. He delicately placed the paper on top of the older sketches as if it was a valuable artifact. Which in a way it kind of was. Anything belonging to Annabeth Chase was almost as priceless as Annabeth herself.

    Turning away from the desk, Percy realized he really needed to get started on his homework or risk falling behind. A certain blonde haired girl popped into his mind as he dialed a number, waiting for them to pick up.

    “Wanna help me do my homework?” was the first thing he asked as soon as Annabeth picked up.

    “Yeah yeah, I’m already on my way, loser,” he could hear her huff on the other end in a lighthearted tone.

    “You’re the best, see you soon,” he smiled into the phone and hung up. He simply ignored the fluttering feeling in his chest as waited for his best friend to arrive.

    #erica writes#my writing #they are such idiots I cannot stress this enough #anyslay idk what this is but it’s kind of a crack fic?? #pjo#percy jackson#annabeth chase#pjo fic#percabeth#hoo#toa#fic rec #percy jackson and the olympians #riordanverse
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  • floating-in-the-blue
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    “So …,” Willie drew up one of his legs, slinging his arm around it and settling his chin on his knee, “is Luke your boyfriend?”
    Something caught in Alex’s throat and he choked out: “What? No!” Seeing the frown on Willie’s face, he added: “We’ve been best friends since kindergarten and we’re very close but no. He’s a great friend but I think he’d drive me crazy as a boyfriend! Besides, he’s very straight.”
    Willie laughed. “Oh okay then. I had just thought, you know, since you were asking for him in the ambulance …”
    Alex narrowed his eyes, suddenly suspecting that Willie interpreted his answer as him not being gay either and being relieved about that. Willie didn’t look like a homophobic asshole but as he’d learned the painful, very painful, way, you could never know.
    “No, he’s not my boyfriend. But I am very gay,” Alex clarified, watching Willie closely.
    Willie, for his part, just started laughing and then grinned at him. “So am I.”
    Oh. This created a very different problem then.


    I just love how Willie sees Alex getting run over by a car and being a bloody, incoherent, sobbing mess, and then visits him in the hospital only to immediately try and figure out whether Alex has a boyfriend!

    Alex is not the only one doing the hard falling here.

    #yeo writes #alex adoption fic #alex mercer#willex#jatp #was it painful to write that 'Luke is straight' sentence? yes #but I still stand by my decision to make all the other SC boys presumed straight for this fic #I'll make it up to them in some other fic #just thought I'd share this snippet because it cracks me up so much #what a relief after writing all that angst! #now I just need to ... write more #damn
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  • bees-on-toast69420
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    One more, I should’ve learned to read the tags. “Happily ever after” aww cute! Okay okay what else? “And no toe eating” yeah okay. I fully expected worse, but this is still bad.

    #our flag meets death #crack fic#maybe #probably not tho
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  • opheliamotague
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago
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  • jessicas-pi
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I wrote a little fic based on an idea makenna tossed at me and a youtube video that made me laugh so hard I almost cried.

    it's 100% totally unedited and is also absolute crack. Bon appetit.


    The Empire has been driven off Lothal. The Ghost crew, whole and happy, are spending a few months of rest before getting back into the fight.

    And during that time, two of the Spectres have been planning a little something special for Empire Day.

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  • whatdoyoumeanitsnotcanon
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Free Falling on a Supernova (A Companion Piece to Glory Under the Golden Sun and Bleeding Love Amidst the Stars): Under gentle hands, kind eyes, and a loving heart did your affection for Radahn grow. And so, too, did his for you. Through him were your eyes opened to a brighter world, the great visage of love and companionship softening torrid thoughts and existential woes. Through you did Radahn find respite from battle, the strength to be vulnerable against an enemy no sword could strike. He remembered his dear mother's musings on completion and realized her melody rang true the moment he saw the beauty of the stars reflected in your eyes.

    His love gave you strength under the burning sun; your love granted him peace beneath the vibrant moon.

    And he’d have it no other way.

    It was fitting, then, that his men watched their beloved general transform, watched the way his gaze followed your every move, the way the light in his eyes brightened every time your name hung in the air, and witnessed the ferocity and urgency in battle so he could fall into your arms once more.

    It was fitting, then, the knowing glances and smiles thrown your way, the silence that befell Radahn’s closest comrades when you chanced across them, a congregation of quiet conversations and gestures that left you wondering. You questioned the Starscourge once and could never forget the excitement that flooded his entire being. But alas, gentle reassurances and a firm kiss left you with more questions than they did answers. And so you lived life as well as you could while contemplating the mystery.

    Until you no longer had to. Until all was revealed and your heart had burst with limitless love.

    The Starscourge had asked you once, when the stars met rays of dawn, if you wanted the moment to last forever, if you wanted to see this with him always.

    I’d want nothing more.

    Amidst the joy that filled his heart so, that was when he knew.

    And so the Starscourge asked again, when the stars met rays of dawn, if you wanted this moment to last forever, if you wanted to see this with him always. And your vision blurred as the man, colossal, intimidating, and resplendent, took your hand in his with the greatest of care, as he lowered to one knee, his gaze never leaving yours, as a golden band, ornate, simple, and beautiful all at once, reflected the coming day, as once-hidden hurts and vulnerabilities had been replaced with love and his mother’s beautiful melody reverberated through his soul and completion blanketed the both of you.

    Radahn’s smile dazzled like a supernova and you fell even further into the light.

    “Would you see this with me always?”

    “...I’d want nothing more…”

    #starscourge radahn #radahn x reader #elden ring #elden crack. #crackcanon. #mcdahnolds. i'm fuckin' lovin' it. #realized it was too late to post it last night so here it is! hope you all enjoy. #if y'all want to be tagged in my fics please let me know.
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  • allm1ghtslovech1ld
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Haikyuu Boys Reaction To You Eating Pizza For Breakfast

    Ft. Iwaizumi Hajime, Bokuto Kotaro, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Miya Atsumu

    warnings : none, just crack.

    This is so random lmaoo

    Iwaizumi Hajime


    He's pissed at you

    Hes an athletic trainer with a strict diet and while he doesn't make you follow any diet of course, he can't help it but get mad at you for eating that slice of grease right in the morning🥲

    Would probably lecture you for a long time telling you the benefits of a proper breakfast

    I would love to be scolded by iwa-chan oop-

    Bokuto Kotaro

    "we're having pizza for breakfast 🤩??!"

    He knows he shouldn't eat it but come on, yolo or something right?

    "I'll just do an extra set of mountain climbers at the gym today 😋"

    would definitely love to have pizza for breakfast with you again

    Ushijima Wakatoshi

    he wouldn't really say something

    but he'd look at you like "😐🤨"

    would make breakfast for you daily now so you don't eat junk food

    wouldn't lecture you like Hajime but would tell you about the importance of a good and healthy meal 🤌

    Miya Atsumu

    Pouty baby

    He's angry cause he has to go for practice and he can't have it because of his diet

    "that's so rude of ya to eat pizza right in front of me when ya know I can't have it"

    petty boy would get some for himself on his cheat day and won't share it with you 😭😂

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  • storiesbybean
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Abandoning my other work to write a crack ship fanfic is my passion

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  • thatmexisaurusrex
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    The Tush Collection: Fic 5 of 6

    So, I got inspired by @hot-chocolates-world’s post that had six photos that emphasized Anthony Mackie’s butt, so… I’m writing a short fic collection inspired by the photos! One 1K-ish fic per every pic. Here is the fifth fic! I hope you all enjoy it! 🥰

    Fic 5 of 6 of the Tush Collection: Winter Soldiers Don't Work at Cafés

    | Pairing: SamBucky | Rated: M | WC: 1.7K |

    Summary: Sam Wilson finds a man in all leather staring at his butt at his favorite coffee shop.


    “Job!” yelled the man with a voice hoarse like he hadn’t talked in a while. Sam blinked. “Your job… is to look at people’s asses in line?” asked Sam, feeling shady vibes coming off of this man. The man grumbled and flailed. Pointing at Sam’s ass. Or maybe… Sam turned and realized what the man was actually pointing at. “That’s a weird place to put a help wanted sign,” mumbled Sam.


    #sambucky#sambucky fic#sam wilson#bucky barnes#canon compliant #to an extent #crack treated seriously #fluff and crack #angst at the end #pre relationship #who thought a fic based on a butt would get serious?
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  • i-like-turkey
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    My least favorite part of writing fic for this damn show is having to make up shit relevant to what they do. I don’t know why. But I’d rather write more soft, tender, feelings filled sex than come up with details to fill in the brackets. And I REALLY don’t want to write soft, tender, feelings filled sex for a while.

    #my writing #that finale fic nearly took me out #I can't read it #I'm not very capable of romantic feelings #so I have to guess based on what I've seen from happy couples irl #and that causes embarrassment #it's probably also part of the reason I can't make it through the serenade #something to work on handling better I suppose #but the kidnapping/murder/whatever details just aren't fun #no real opportunity for crack there #so my brain is like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz go torture Lucy some more #or kate #you haven't put her in an embarrassing situation in *checks outline* one section #She's due#slow 'verse #P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that everyone is into that fic #and will write more stuff like that when I can muster the strength to do it #writing outside of my comfort zone is a nice challenge
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