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  • theemperorofplotholes
    28.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    "Alice noted that, while Toby was large in itself, Brian was larger- not exactly girthier in any regard- just longer. He prodded at her womb only halfway in, filling her and stretching her to the point of tears. Managing to hold back a weep, she wiggled her hips down more- she wanted to know exactly how much she could take- and it wasn’t going well."

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  • gorepitt
    28.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    Creepypasta oc for this comic im planning to make, i never really find good recent creepypasta comics n stuff so i thought i’d make one myself ? This is Tatum Lee, isn't exactly her final design but yeah :-)

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  • eyeloveyou4evr
    28.05.2022 - 32 minutes ago

    Lineart by my friend who's not in this amino, colors and slight lineart edits is by me :)

    They basically do grostesque arts and crafts with humans :]

    Alt alias are Arts'n'Guts

    Fanart is allowed and encouraged! Fanfiction is currently not allowed yet I'm also looking for commissions, I have 4,000 da points + 6,000 AC



    UNKNOWN / Arts’n’Gore


    Trans Male (GNC) (He/They)




    Arts was in a art class taught by a peculiar human-like woman. They usually took hobos and performed art projects on the hobos. One time, Arts escaped the school and ended up telling an adult. For a while, they couldn't access the fake school anymore as a punishment. For years, they had lived a normal-ish life Then one unfortunate day, the school had appeared once more. Arts had regretted telling the story but apologized to his past teacher, and willingly joined the school as a art student/assistant. He teaches the kidnapped students on art, taking the role of his past teacher.


    " creative " by CREEP-P

    " the creative song " by Dont Hug Me im Scared

    " They're only human " cover by Annapantsu and Caleb Hyles

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  • intimidating-fettuccine
    28.05.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    hi! sorry if you answered something like this before (or if it breaks a rule?) but how do ghosts work in the blogs lore? like sally and ben have died before, do they need to be worried about injury and/or dying again? also, im new and curious about the lore of the underworld here so are there any posts you could direct me to about that? :)

    All of my lore related posts are under the hashtag ‘slender mansion mayhem’ but I don’t really have much Underworld lore written because nobody asks about it ^^’

    Ghosts cannot die twice. They CAN however take damage. All ghosts have a “physical” form and a “spirit” form. When in their physical form they can’t handle taking much damage, because their bodies don’t heal properly. While demons have accelerated healing, ghosts/spirits/poltergeists have slowed healing. Their bodies are no longer living and therefor they can’t take much damage or it seriously drains them and makes them extremely sluggish. If the damage is bad enough, they might not even heal at all and will have to live in a permanently damaged and sluggish state, PLUS they still feel the pain from the injury, so they’d be in permanent pain. This also goes for zombies and half-zombies like Liu.

    #slender mansion mayhem #creepypasta#creepypasta headcanons#creepypasta headcanon#cp headcanons #ben drowned headcanons #puppeteer headcanons #sally williams headcanons #homicidal liu headcanons
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  • bergselise
    28.05.2022 - 47 minutes ago

    i was gonna redraw the drawing i did of jeff but i gave up so here is what i got.

    #creepypasta#creepypasta fanart#creepypasta jtk #CreepyPasta jeff The Killer #creepypasta jeff the killer fanart #wip stuff#wip art #i will never finish this
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  • reddd-robin
    28.05.2022 - 51 minutes ago

    Geoff the killer

    #THIS SHOULD NOT BE AS FUNNY AS IT IS TO ME #ok TRIGGER TAGS #horror#tw horror#disturbing#face horror#body horror#creepypasta #<- idk stay safe people who dont want to see this
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  • candlecovecorner
    28.05.2022 - 55 minutes ago

    tarantula trio doodle

    #candle cove #candle cove fanart #shit post#thade soben #candle cove percy #pirate percy #candle cove lillian #captain lillian#creepypasta#fanart#my art
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  • milkratz
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    the creepypasta to sally face pipeline is REAL.

    #sally face#creepypasta #the truth is #youre bound to get really into the darker fandoms that exist #anyways sally face 2 where u at
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  • creepypasta65
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Hear me out Bloody Painter with a s/o that has a Yuu Nishinoya (Haikyuu) personality y'know like a lovable dummy that is overhyped over the tiniest things 👀

    OMG yesss<3

    Bloody Painter with a s/o that has Yu Nishinoya (Haikyuu) personality:

    Helen loves your personality even though sometimes he doesn't understand why you're hyped about the tiniest things but he loves seeing you and sometimes he finds it funny and laughs (it's a good thing since he rarely laughs and you only get to hear his laugh 👀).

    Helen loves how energetic you're and sometimes is jealous of how energetic you can be like he wishes he can be as energetic as you.

    He will love how excited you get when he draws a drawing of your favorite anime character or just a character in general.

    He likes being around you and thinks you're a perfect match for him since he needs someone who is energetic in his life.

    Like he will never be bored again when he is with you.

    He will love how blunt/straightforward you can be and aren't afraid to state your own opinion or your past.

    Helen will love how hardworking you can be since he admires those types of people.

    Have a nice day :)

    #creepypasta headcanons#creepypasta#cp headcanons #bloody painter headcanons #bloody painter x reader #bloody painter#helen otis #helen otis x reader #nishinoya yuu
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  • intimidating-fettuccine
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Toby: No, it’s too dangerous for you to go alone. Here, take this.

    Y/N: …

    Y/N: You’re just holding out your hand- I- Oh-

    #creepypasta#creepypasta headcanons#creepypasta headcanon#cp headcanons #creepypasta x reader #creepypasta incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#ticci toby #ticci toby headcanons #ticci toby headcanon #Ticci toby x reader
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  • creepypasta65
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Headcanon: Okay but why do I feel like if Jeff was never a killer he would be a bartender. 

    #creepypasta#cp headcanons#creepypasta headcanons #jeff the killer #jeff the killer headcanons
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  • m0th-gh0st
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    i am like dangerously close to dipping back into the creepypasta fandom

    #pine moment #thought tbh i doubt i could handle interacting with the fandom if it still anything like it was when i was a kid #slenderverse is just a gateway drug to creepypasta ig LMAO
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  • creepypasta65
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Yandere cody with a partner in crime s/o

    (Tge s/o actually is in love with him and shows him affection)

    Thanks for the request :)

    Yandere Cody with a partner in crime s/o:

    Cody will love you and appreciates you showing him affection and love.

    He will protect you when you guys are running from the cops when murdering someone (like he will risk getting shot so you can escape unharmed).

    He will try to not get you in trouble since he really doesn't like when you get in trouble for his killings. Like when you get hurt by a cop even though it wasn't your fault.

    Cody will carry you when you hurt your legs or get shot in your leg.

    Cody will straight up kill every single cop if he has to since he doesn't like seeing you get hurt by them.

    When you arrive back home, he will patch you up and tell you how much he loves you and how he doesn't want to lose you.

    He will train a lot with you and loves when you improve your strength like he will blush if you punch him and make him fly across the room, ofc you will be worried and feel bad but he will be happy how strong you had become.

    He will still continue to kill with you being by his side and as his lover.

    Have a nice day :)

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  • lotus-duckies
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I regret not reading through lil miss rarity in its entirety sooner because the plot is absolutely buck wild, as is also the case with crapplejack but that one feels more like an intentional element of story telling since it's significantly shorter, but they're both very good i'm not even done yet

    There are some parts I haven't been able to see because "this post may contain adult content click here to learn more" but I can piece together what happens with context clues and what not

    I've also been trying to internally piece together the grander continuity timeline(s) of the MLP Creepypasta world, since the ask blogs did reference and interact with each other and as far as I've seen, Crapplejack and Lil Miss Rarity have had a similar element and reasoning for why everything is insane, and Cupcakes has had many alternate endings that could lead to some of these other creepypastas and some creepypastas reference cupcakes in some ways etc etc

    I'll probably make another post about it later and it'll probably look like a Zelda timeline and we'll all have a good time

    #mlp#mlp fim#creepypasta#tw creepypasta#grimdark #my little pony friendship is magic #crapplejack#ask crapplejack #lil miss rarity #i've been hesitant to tag some of these because i'm scared the og artists/writers will see them
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  • darkinwarkin
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    creepypasta doodles ayyyyyy

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  • bunnykittii
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    No thoughts. Just Brian <3

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  • creepypasta65
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Toby asking reader out on a date

    Toby would have a major crush on you, and many of the proxies know that he has a crush on you. Eventually, Cody will go up to him and tell him to ask you out on a date. Toby will blush and say how he wants to ask you in the best way and not be awkward. Cody will try to help Toby get the courage to ask you out on a date.

    Cody will look for you, and when he does, he will say that Toby wants to tell you something and when you meet up with Toby (who is standing awkwardly and fiddling with his fingers). You will ask him what he is going to tell you, but Toby will start mumbling his words and be so nervous that he runs away in embarrassment. You feel bad for him since he was so nervous and couldn't tell you, but you decide that he can tell you when he doesn't feel so nervous. Toby is in his room feeling so embarrassed, but Cody walks in saying that he gave it his best and can try later.

    After Toby calms down, he will look for you, and when he does, he will take you to the forest and ask you there (with Cody hiding behind a tree). Toby will not be as nervous, but he will say if you want to go out on a date with him, you were happy and said yes. Toby will be happy hearing you say yes and asked you if he can hug you, and when you kindly said yes, he hugged you (it was a happy moment until Cody was screaming and running around you both since he was proud of Toby asking you).

    Have a nice day :)

    #creepypasta#creepypasta headcanons#cp headcanons #creepypasta x reader #ticci toby #ticci toby headcanons #ticci toby x reader #ticci toby hc #ticci toby fluff #tobias erin rogers #toby erin rogers
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  • lycanwlf
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    my brain rot is accelerating at a rapid pace. heres my headcanons for the besties (transcript for everything under the cut bc its probably hard as fuck to read)

    (oh and btw if u still get mad at ppl for putting tim and brian with creepypasta ppl ur weird)

    basic background: yes this is a slender mansion au,,,, anyway basically, all of the bastards were specifically scouted out by slender to become workers for him since they were young, all for slightly different reasons. (proxies *confetti*) the main goal of each proxy is to kill people as a way to give slender energy. in exchange for the work they do for slender, he gives them a safe place to live with no risk of being arrested or killed. it's a big house in rosswood that can only be accessed if you have direct permission from slender and if you know the exact path. basically all of their og stories are canon since they all get recruited afterwards

    cringe culture has been shot and killed by me personally.

    eyeless jack: (jack nichols // 27 // leo // unlabeled sexuality // trans // he/it // 5′7″)

    - joined the group 7 years ago (a couple weeks after the cult shit)

    - doesn't actually like killing ppl all too much, he registers it the same as going grocery shopping for food

    - can only eat raw meat and human organs/flesh. eating normal food makes him extremely sick

    ^ he gets nauseas when hes in the kitchen while someone's cooking

    - has paw padding on his hands n feet to make him quiet when "hunting"

    - all his senses (besides sight lol) are extremely sensitive so when talking to other people he puts in ear plugs

    - was originally studying to be a doctor in college but since all the shit happened he had to stop. he found that he was still extremely interested in the medical field so he continued studying for fun (and so someone in the house would know how to treat injuries)

    ^listens to audiobook versions of textbooks and managed to steal an assignment planner from a random proffessor he killed once

    ^if he was a normal person he would qualify for a doctorate

    - he loves outdoors a shit ton and he has bird calls memorized n shit. he teaches toby how to mimic them

    ^ also he likes to just go outside and sniff around to find wild animals

    - whenever someone in the house gets hurt (shot, cut, etc.) he and brian are the ones to take care of them. Brian tells him what the wound looks like and jack tells brian what to do

    jeff the killer: (jeffrey woods // 21 // aries // gay // he/him // 6′1″)

    - joined the group 7 years ago (was on his own for a year before)

    - kills ppl bc it gives him an extreme high for a couple days

    - drinks a COMICAL amount of alcohol. not in a depressed alcoholic way, more in a frat boy "hold my beer" kinda way

    - learned how to give himself piercings, tattoos, and hair cuts (and by extension he's now the one who gives everyone else those things)

    - has to recut his smile once a week, brian has to come by and make sure it doesn't get infected

    - his skin is white, not from the fire in the og story but bc he has albinism. he's been dying his hair/eyebrows black since he was like 11

    - has matching pendants with ben (they are the bestest of besties)

    - extremely immature but in the funniest way possible. can and will destroy shit at local grocery stores

    - the most new york piece of shit you will ever meat. he watches NYC sports teams and says "fuhgettaboutit"

    - can and will start crying if you bring up his parents or brother

    - average hollywood undead enjoyer

    - spends a mass majority of his time getting high with ben and either watching movies/youtube or playing games. he is still a 13 yr old call of duty kid at heart (calls people gay)

    - is extremely mentally ill but he literally refuses to accept it so every time he starts overthinking he just goes out and does something comically illegal

    ticci toby: (tobias rogers // 19 // taurus // bi // he/they // 6′5″)

    - joined the group 2 years ago (most recent member (not youngest))

    - has autism, adhd, schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, tourettes, and CIPA (most are medicated (keyword: most))

    - autism buddies with tim & adhd buddies with ben

    - his most common tics are whistling and hitting his head, which are also his most common stims

    - is pretty "xd random" like early creepypasta fanon, but in a more jerma kinda way (absolutely batshit)

    - has a severe fear of riding in cars, so both to keep up the bit of being a little piece of shit and to ease his anxiety he likes to ride in the trunk

    - hangs out with jeff and ben a lot until he gets overstimulated by those two, then he either hides in his room or hangs out with jack

    - sees tim and brian as his dads. whenever he's scared or having mental problems he resorts to those two and they always seem to help, even if it's just a little bit

    - absolutely ADORES bragging about being the tallest. everyone hates him for it LMFAO

    - likes to chew on severed arms of the ppl he kills. not because he likes eating it, purely because the taste of blood and texture of skin is really comforting for him (from the countless years of chewing on his hands)

    ^ has to be supervised a lot to make sure he doesn't chew on his hands and shit. he's mostly switched to chewing on toothpicks

    ^ likes to stick the toothpick out of the hole in his cheek LMAO

    - likes to go on hikes with jack and do bird calls n shit

    ben drowned: (benjamin lawman // 17 // taurus // aroace // agender // he/it/she // 5′3″)

    - joined the group 5 years ago

    - was given the gift of becoming a demon in the afterlife from zalgo, but was never explained to him why he out of all people was brought back. he doesn't feel the need to ask

    - he doesn't age physically or mentally. he can learn and grow as a person but physically growing older isn't really possible

    - he can however chose how he looks. its pretty limited, but he likes to fuck around and make himself look older to sneak into places

    - has a single friend from when he was still alive, they play on steam together <3

    - basically grew up with tim and brian as his parental figures, he asks them shit like "can i buy vbucks" and "can i borrow your drivers liscence to buy weed"

    - speaking of which, he smokes because he thinks he's being cool and he likes to watch movies all fucked up, hes not a depressed stoner or a weird mf he's just a 12 yr old with access to illegal substances

    - he likes to psychologically torture random people for no reason. whenever he's assigned to kill someone he takes like 2 months because he likes to ruin their life first

    - he also uses his ghost techy stuff to troll people on random ass games. his favorite thing to do is jumpscare random motherfuckers on things like minecraft and roblox and make mfs baby rage

    - literal ipad kid. he sends the rest of the group tik toks and says shit like "based and murderer pilled"

    - has a matching pendant with jeff. 12 and 13 yr old solidarity. bffs.

    brian/hoody: (brian thomas // 31 // taurus // gay // he/him // 6′3″)

    - was the first in the group alongside tim

    - survived being pushed in MH, but his back is kinda fucked up from it

    - managed to completely change his identity and look pretty normal in public, so he finished college online and became a nurse. he provides a mass majority of the money for everyone

    - he's the one that owns the family car, he's also the only one that can legally drive, LMFAO

    - has been with tim since college and would get married but they really don't want to deal with the legalities of that

    - is by far the cleanest and best at killing. evident by the fact that he's the only one that can manage to keep his clothes completely clean of blood and can somehow avoid the police and live a pretty "average" life

    - is mostly the one to cook and get food for the group, it's actually comical at how good of a southern chef he is

    - absolute sunshine. everyone feels safe and happy around him <3

    - spends a mass majority of his time with tim, they just lay around and enjoy being with each other. no talking needed, just vibes

    - finds killing people weirdly theraputic. he knows he shouldn't feel that way but he does and theres not much to change that

    - a literal god at stealing shit. he's the one to break into pharmacies and steal a comical amount of medication for the group because everyone knows he'll get away with it perfectly

    tim/masky: (timothy wright // 32 // sagittarius // bi // he/they // 5′7″)

    - was the first in the group alongside brian

    - is completely nonverbal from trauma. he uses asl and texting to communicate

    - brian and him can communicate almost completely nonverbally if needed. they have signals they use with each other. one is double tapping the right shoulder, which to them is the same as asking "are you ok?"

    - everyone in the house sees him as the dad. is the fridge broken? ask tim. feeling depressed and need someone to talk to? ask tim. need help with literally anything? ask tim.

    - him and jack are the ones tasked with hiding bodies if anyone is killed in public

    - heavy smoker but is trying hard to get off of it, mostly because brian is giving him a reason to grow old for the first time in his life

    - even though he acts annoyed by him when hanging out with everyone, he's super close to toby. he loves him like a son and will literally die for him.

    ^he has an extra mattress in his room for toby if he's having a hard time sleeping

    - has DID and masky is an alter

    ^masky is very violent towards strangers and finds killing random people funny. he also likes being alone a lot more than tim does, so he still occasionally runs away from the house for a couple days to spend time by himself. tim doesnt mind as long as he somehow communicates with someone where they are

    ^brian and masky are close but not as close as he is with tim. to masky, brian is mostly just a close coworker

    - does a lot of the manual labor around the house, not because no one else will, mostly because he just likes doing it

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  • trials-of-the-novussan
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I am feeling positively dastardly!

    How are you doing in this fine afternoon?


    I'M FINE.

    : )

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