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  • sonnets-and-snowdrops
    26.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Looking forward to Calamity to distract myself from looking forward to Obi-Wan

    #ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff #anyone else??! #critical role#star wars #obi wan kenobi #WHAT A WEEK GANG
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  • demigoddessqueens
    26.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    Hey can do some Headcanon about Vex and Percy reaction to there s/o being a werewolf like they told them but there were nervous about they would react and Could you do them each separately?

    Sure!! 💙🤍

    Vex’ahlia 🏹

    She noticed that you got more anxious when a full moon approached.

    Eyes darting, running a fever even thought you aren’t sick, and an increased appetite.

    When it’s the night of the moon, you insist on sleeping somewhere farther from Emon. Vex senses something wrong and tries to keep you from leaving, thinking it’s another problem.

    When you take your form, you feel as if you are trapped within your own body, but you try as best to keep control. Trinket tries to protect his owner but you’re already off in the woods.

    The next morning, you’re a crumpled heap at the Keep’s entry. Vax helps get you back upstairs and Vex waits as you start to stir awake.

    If you’re ready to talk, she’s all ears for you and about your condition

    Percy 👓

    He’s suspicious at first but doubts you might be one, a rarity as they are.

    All that changes though when the full moon is approaching. You seem distant, almost avoiding him.

    When Percy tries to reach out, wanting to fix the problem, you warn him to run. The moon shines through and you start to writhe in pain. Screaming, howling out you take your form but still remember the fear and awe in his eyes.

    You run off into the woods, and despite his fear, Percy still runs after you calling out your name. But you still outrun him

    When they find you on the grounds the next morning, he’s first to rush over to cover you up in his trench coat. Staying by your bedside as you recover, he swears to himself to help you in whatever way he can

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  • bestdamnavocxdosatlaw
    26.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    Of course the first time in 5 months I cannot watch live is tonight 😭😭

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  • mjdrawsalot
    26.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    C3E2 Thumbnail Redraw

    #this has been in my wips for so long that i have to accept that it's not gonna get any more refined than this #so here#imogen temult#laudna#laudna cr#bells hells#critical role #critical role fanart #c3e2#cr3#my art#fanart
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  • dailyliamobrien
    26.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago
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  • maistertim
    26.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    I'm calling it, so pcs that survive will be Sam, Aabria and Marisha's characters

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  • romeoandjulietyouwish
    26.05.2022 - 53 minutes ago

    I love the idea that half-orcs purr! Fun fact: cats sometimes purr to self-sooth when they are sick or stressed. If you're feeling inspired, perhaps a hurt/comfort drabble or some headcannons with Fjord doing the same? How would the others react when they realize? Platonic or romantic, any characters, whatever catches your fancy. I adore your fics, and I'd love to see what your beautiful mind does with this idea!

    tw- implied child abuse

    Fjord didn't know he could purr until he was eight years old. He was playing by himself on the beach when he fell and cut his leg on a rock. When he started crying, a beautiful half-orc woman ran over, gently asking where his parents were. He just shook his head, not saying a word.

    The woman frowned, "It's alright, sweetheart, you're going to be okay." From her bag she pulled out a first aid kit, beginning to clean up the wound as she told him, "My little one is such a clumsy thing, I always carry this with me." As she started to wrap his knee, an odd rumbling sound starting up in his chest. He stopped it quickly, looking at the woman with fear. But she just smiled, "It's alright, you can purr." And that same rumbling sound started up in her, showing him that it was okay. Tentatively, Fjord released the muscles he didn't know he had and the purring starts again.

    She ruffled his hair before she left, telling him to run along back to his parents. Fjord smiled at the affection, the first kind person he'd met in such a long time.

    Days later, he laid face down on his bed, sporting a black eye and dozens of bruises all over his body. A blanket is pressed to his throat and his chest, deafening the purr that had been the reason for his injuries. But the vibrations made him think of the kind half-orc woman, maybe she was his mother. Fjord let himself dream that she was.

    Now, Fjord is curled on his side in bed, holding a blanket to his chest and throat, eyes squeezed shut. It's awful and self indulgent, but the purr emanating from him calms him. It's been a stressful few days, few months honestly and now he's curled in his room, trying to calm down.

    Then the door flies open and Jester rushes in with a bright smile, only to stop in her tracks and look at him in confusion. Fjord sits up, clamping down on his muscles to stop the purring, his heart thrumming like a hummingbird in his chest. "What are you doing?" Jester asks, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

    "Nothing, um, what do you need?" Fjord says quickly, pulling the blanket off of his chest.

    "Were you purring?" Jester asks, her voice surprisingly non-judgemental.

    Fjord shakes his head, "No, I was just trying to nap."

    Jester gives him a look, "It's okay if you were you know, it's not weird. Do you want me to go?"

    Fjord frowns, "What do you mean it's okay? I shouldn't be doing it, let alone in front of anyone."

    "That's stupid," Jester tells him. "It makes you happy, right?" He nods tentatively. "Then you should keep doing it. It's not bad, it's natural."

    Fjord blinks, swallowing thickly before he slowly releases his muscles and the purr starts again, quieter this time. Jester grins widely. "See! Doesn't that make you feel better?"

    "It does," he admits, his voice shaking slightly from the rumbling and from the emotion.

    "Can I put my head on your chest?" Jester asks, tipping her head to the side. Fjord hesitates, but thinks of the weight of Jester against him, getting to put his arms around her and he nods. Jester cheers and crawls over, laying down on his bed and settling her head on his chest. Her tail lashes happily back and forth before coming to rest around his ankle.

    The contact strengthens the purr, making Jester hum against him. "Bluud can purr too," Jester tells him after a moment, drumming her fingers against his chest. "When I was a baby he would put me on his chest and purr to get me to stop crying when mama was working. It's very comforting."

    And that's when it clicks, the feelings he's having. Something he was told was bad, abused because of, teased because of is bringing so much joy to Jester. It makes her feel safe. It comforts her as much as it comforts him. He doesn't have to be nervous about purring in front of her. He doesn't have to be nervous in front of her at all.

    The purr gets just a little louder as he realizes that and Jester cuddles deeper against him, her eyes falling closed. Maybe this is a part of himself he can learn to love if Jester loves it so dearly.

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  • demigoddessqueens
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Ok hear me out Percy and Vex, Marion and Babenon with a S/O who is a poison master

    They’re sticking with you if there’s ever a fight against someone else

    You know the nature of your work, and your lovers know it’s not something to be taken lightly.

    The apothecary both foreboding but admirable from your knowledge and skill of your life’s work

    For Vex’ahlia, you and Percy create the custom arrows tipped with a custom neurotoxin. Be it for protection or the Grey Hunt

    Percy’s bullets are laced with it as well, especially after the second incident with a Ripley. In a turn of events, it makes him more aware of when he resorts to weapons in case of conflict.

    For Marion and Babenon, you teach them what each vial and poison is capable of.

    If they ever need protection, influenced darts and daggers are the go-to if someone tries to get wise. Plus, with Babenon’s line of work, truth serums are always a given with you.

    #critical role#inbox answers#tlovm#vox machina#inbox requests #tlovm x y/n #tlovm x you #tlovm x reader #inbox asks #vox machina x y/n #vox machina x you #vox machina x reader #inbox open #critical role x you #critical role x y/n #critical role x reader #the mighty nein #percival fredrickstein von musel de rolo iii #vex’ahlia vessar #the mighty nein x y/n #the mighty nein x you #the mighty nein x reader #marion lavorre#babenon dosal#the gentleman#perc'ahlia
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  • critical-role-enjoyer
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    #critical role#mollymauk tealeaf#gender envy #GIMME UR GENDER #THIS IS A ROBBERY #No but seriously would y’all judge if I made a Mollymauk Tealeaf gender?
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  • thedragonagelesbian
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    im already claiming lou wilson’s character as my favorite

    #critical role#exandria unlimited#exu calamity #i didnt watch any of the instagram stuff i know nothing except my love for lou wilson
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  • findroleplay
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Hello! I’ve never done a prompt like this, but I had an idea and figured there was no harm in trying it out. I’m back on my Critical Role kick, and I was thinking that a group roleplay could be interesting! Maybe a single thread to move through together, or a server with channels to jump around in the timeline. I’d be a-ok with incorporating any of the three campaign parties! Preferably canons only for now. I don’t have anything set in stone. Personally, I am 18! Like and I’ll message you!


    #critical role rp
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  • justalittlebluetiefling
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Ok I am so excited for EXU Calamity tonight, so here are the million tags I’m going to use. Pick and choose what you want to block if you want to avoid the posts and/or spoilers.

    critical role

    exandria unlimited

    exu calamity

    cr spoilers

    exu spoilers

    exu lb

    #i'll reblog this again closer to the episode #but i'm too excited not to pick tags now #also why do i use a million tags for everything #critical role#exandria unlimited#exu calamity
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  • bravenot
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i am never drawing ashton’s crystal hair again in my entire life <3

    [ID: digital drawings of Ashton from critical role. They are a butch earth genasi with green marbled skin, a purple mohawk and a prominent head injury on their left side. Image 1 shows two full-body sketches of Ashton, first swinging a staff, then sitting down with a hand on their neck, looking bored. They’re wearing red and black clothes, chains and a studded collar. Image 2 is a bust portrait in a more realistic style. Ashton’s head is broken open like a geode, and gold veins run along cracks in his skin. His ‘hair’ is made of purple crystals. He looks over his shoulder with a grimace and a bleeding nose. End ID]

    #butch ashton is a hill i will die on btw #ashton greymoore #critical role fanart #cr3 #critical role campaign 3 #m#myart#body horror
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  • melancholic-frog
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    guys calalmity is tonight and it's at 11pm my time i'm so excited for calamity at 11pm tonight it's gonna be so cool i love brennan lee mulligan this is gonna be great i'm so excited for calamity at 11pm tonight

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  • vethbrenatto
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    okay, so: the imogen and laudna situation.

    originally, i thought this would be a miscommunication/misunderstanding trope as that’s what the setup pointed towards (one of my least favorite conflict tropes, but i didn’t even dislike it when i thought this was the situation)- laudna’s hand being forced by delilah and imogen’s “you lied” pointing toward imogen not really getting laudna’s lack of choice.

    but upon further analysis, i don’t think that’s what this ended up being. imogen’s reaction at the end of c3e23, including the “you lied” line is deeply emotional and also... not wrong. laudna, though she did not intend to, did lie. she promised that nothing would happen to the gnarlrock and then, something happened to it. it’s very clear from the jump of laudna’s reaction to the situation, though, that laudna did not lie or smash the gnarlrock on purpose. the evil lady in her head forced her hand. imogen is highly intelligent and has decent insight- i think she knows that laudna didn’t mean to do what she did... but she still did it.

    which leads to something far more interesting, human, and relatable in my opinion than your standard “misunderstanding” conflict. something that imogen found comfort in, that gave her support was taken away from her and she’s sad/mad about it. she’s upset. and it was taken away because of laudna, though not intentionally by laudna. and imogen has to work through the human emotion of... being upset. i feel like that’s something we’ve all gone through- being mad at someone because their actions have negatively affected you, even though you know that their intention wasn’t to negatively affect you.

    and on the flip side, laudna has to live through letting imogen feel those feelings. the way marisha played laudna c3e24 was so painfully relatable. i’ve been there, i’ve done that. you know you’ve done something wrong and all you can do to try and normalize the situation is to try and pretend like nothing’s wrong. you work so hard at seeming normal you come off awkward and forced (specifically, the zhudanna line calls to this- referencing something imogen and laudna specific in a desperate attempt to locate comradery, only to realize that pretending nothing is wrong isn’t going to fly/get the response you’re looking for). 

    i feel like this isn’t a conflict you get to see a lot in media and shows an important aspect of emotional intelligence. being upset is a valid emotion- particularly the way imogen is doing it. while imogen is internalizing, which is bad, she’s not lashing out and seems to grasp that this is somewhat laudna’s “fault” without really being laudna’s fault via intention. she’s taking time for herself and being upset without directing aggression at laudna, despite what she probably feels. and laudna is learning that this isn’t a band-aid fix-it situation. pretending everything is okay won’t fix it and she has to let imogen feel the feelings she’s, well, feeling. 

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  • leetlesapphiretiefling
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    I don't remember which critter posted this on tumblr, if you originally made this or know who did please do reblog or reply!

    #I AM SO FUCKIN EXCITED Y'ALL #THURSDAY IS HERE BUT TIME DOES NOT MOVE FAST ENOUGH #GIVE ME THAT SWEET SWEET CALAMITY LORE BABEY #critical role#exu: calamity#exandria unlimited #exandria unlimited: calamity
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  • fjordfocused
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Me, in my comfiest pajamas, weeping a warrior’s tears and shadowboxing the echos of a fate long past: i am going to be so Normal about Calamity tonight.

    #critical role#exu:c #So Normal about it
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  • chaoticstabby
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    We're getting EXU: Calamity today and I am Not Okay

    #critical role#exu: calamity #this mini campaign is gonna crush my heart i just know it #and i absolutely can't wait for it
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  • eponymous-rose
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    For anyone still looking for an entry point to Critical Role that doesn’t involve six hundred billion hours of back-content: tonight’s episode may be what you’re looking for!

    A four-part miniseries will be running over the next month that takes place over 800 years before any of the events of the show thus far, during a time period cheerfully denoted “The Calamity”. No prior CR knowledge is needed - even the most devoted fans have only pieced together bits and pieces of this history, so we’re all in the dark on it. We do know that the event that ended the Calamity is also the basis for how dates are reckoned in this world, so hey, pretty big deal.

    It’s a different cast, too! The DM for this mini-series is Brennan Lee Mulligan, whom you might remember from assorted viral College Humor videos even if you don’t watch their (also excellent) D&D show, Dimension 20 - the dude has some frankly absurd improv skills and speaks in Epic Monologue as a matter of course. The players are Aabria Iyengar, whom you might know from her time DMing for/playing in pretty much all of the big D&D actual-play shows (including Critical Role’s first two Exandria Unlimited series, Dimension 20, and The Adventure Zone!), Lou Wilson, whom you might know as the announcer for Jimmy Kimmel Live and a ton of amazing College Humor stuff (including some incredible roles in Dimension 20), Luis Carazo, whom you might know from L.A. By Night (I don’t know his work, but am really looking forward to seeing him in this!), as well as three members of the regular cast: Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel, and Travis Willingham.

    There’s a teaser trailer here:

    How to watch? If you want the live experience, you can tune in to Critical Role’s Twitch channel or YouTube channel starting at 7 PM Pacific (likely running until 11 PM Pacific) on Thursday, May 26, June 2, June 9, and June 16. Even the livestreams, I should add, now have excellent closed captioning available.

    “That’s absurdly late/early/inconvenient in my time zone!” Yeah, it’s a super bad time for just about everyone, so they typically rebroadcast it at 12AM and 9AM Pacific; if you miss the episode but want to watch a livestream, you do have several chances to do so. If you’re more inclined to watch in small pieces after the fact, you can watch the video on demand with a subscription to their Twitch channel (if you’re not a habitual Twitch watcher but have Amazon Prime, you get a free monthly subscription to a channel of your choice).

    If you’re more patient, however, the whole episode is available free for everyone on YouTube starting the following Monday, and the audio-only podcast version goes up the following Thursday at 5AM.

    #critical role #exandria unlimited calamity #exandria unlimited #i just really love when this giant messy monster of a mega-show presents itself in bite-sized pieces #because it really is a good time and i love sharing it with new fans
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  • nat1nonsense
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    What does this mean? Wrong answers only

    #but also Aabria????? what does this mean fr????? #god I’m so fucking excited for tonight #critical role#exu#exu: calamity#aabria iyengar
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