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  • racism-inc
    28.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    shell only sleep with us if her brother is in here

    #hes very old and snores like a grandpa #but if he comes and sleeps with us shell be at the door a few mins later and will come cuddle him #once she sat down on his face and he didnt wake up and she fell asleep with his face in her ass
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  • lyrawinter
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Can we go for a picnic please?

    Somewhere where not too many people see us so that we can "play" a little bit?

    Please daddy 🥺

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  • lasttomakeithome
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    they weren’t booing the dying light specifically lol! just after he performed it he walked off stage and jokingly said bye so they started booing because obviously they didn’t want him to go yet hahaha and that’s when he performed 17gu. something was definitely off tho☹️☹️☹️

    makes me feel a bit better that it wasn’t at dying light because that’s the thing that got me really annoyed!! there was still something definitely off tho, he just looked really sad and like his heart wasn’t in it today, he didn’t even perform hypersonic which is one of their big festival songs :((

    i just saw the clip bbc radio 1 shared on twitter where he’s sat at the piano and says they’d gotten some news/had a scare earlier today and performing made them feel a bit better. i really hope everything is okay with them as it looks like whatever it is really knocked them! :(

    #my babies #i love them all i just wanna squeeze them and squidge them and cuddle them and protect them #hope they’re ok and they take whatever time they might need #sam fender#samfender#lasttomakeithome
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  • ur-bro
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    im at my bfs house. i can never be mentally ill again

    #i wuv him so much #playing toontown cuddling is sooo swag #anakin posts
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  • trentskis
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I'm actually guttered with the result but especially for Trent because he's been incredible all season and is going to go on twitter tonight to see everyone telling him he's shit. He's so young and precious and I hope Andy, Hendo and James are giving him a big group cuddle

    i know he looked really upset too my poor baby boy!!!! at least with the FA cup win, as he said he has completed the set and he can celebrate that!what an amazing thing for him to achieve at his age, because like u said he is still so young!!! i always think this about him and about jude as well, they are so young i hope they look after themselves

    oooh i hope so too, feel so blessed that the team is so close that there will probably b lots of hugs 😭

    #wish I COULD GIVE HIM A CUDDLE #ask
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  • princesslovelyy
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i wanna be small 🥺

    #daddy’s little princess #daddy dd/lg#dd/lg little#cuddles#daddyyyy#kissy face #love u mwah #mwah #i wanna be small #comfy cosy
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  • thundergoodspeed
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    mun: ew cuddling is bad physical contact ewewew


    #ooc; cyril [redacted] #i don't like touching people but gary is all about comfy cuddles yo
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  • princesslovelyy
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    do you think rainbows are happy?


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  • kavinsgay
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    my stance on peter's crimes? he's hot so he can get a little murder... as a treat🥺

    #stranger things 4 #stranger things spoilers #peter ballard #if he showed up at my door in his lil white outfit covered in blood #i would simply get him undressed and cleaned up in the most hurt/comfort fanfic way #let his clothes soak in some bleach or somethin' #and get him settled in for a good night's sleep with lots of cuddles #stranger things
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  • sexyteddee
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Wanna cuddle 👉🏾👈🏾😳

    #contentcreator#cuddle me#thick woman #thick and cute #ebony women#thick ebony #under the sheets #custom content #i sell content #ebonycurves#sexy ebony #[email protected] #onlyfanz#ebonygoddess#pay2play #thick vibes only #bd/sm breeding #big tiddy committee #submisive and breedable #dd/lg sub#dd/lg kink#thickthigssavelives#premium sc #buy my private snap #buy my premium #i sell noods #selling custom pics #selling custom videos #i sell photos #sexyteddee
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  • lokilow-keystabbing
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Watching a whole ass Football Match when your team isn't even playing is so sad because you can't live blog with the besties

    #not to mention the feeling that you cheated #anyway that champions League final was lame #the whole music thing?! #cringe #van dijk looked great tho #hugs and cuddles for the Liverpool Girlies #football #uefa champions league #champions League#fc bayern#Liverpool fc
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  • the-lena-girl
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    missed mcc today. first time since I started watching that I missed it.

    I was outside the whole after noon till just now.

    My mom was like "yeah we'll probably stay like 2 hours or something"

    how long we actually stayed: 6 to 7 hours, plus good half a hour to drive home.

    we were supposed to only eat some cake because it was the anniversary of someone's marriage. We ended up staying till after dinner instead

    Well, at least I got to eat tasty cake and cuddle with kitties! Even if I wasn't able to move my hands, especially my left one, anymore at one point till I was saved by cats moving-

    here are pics!

    #missed mcc #but i was outside #and ate cake #and cuddled with kitties #a lose win situation #but I can just watch the vids ya know #nobody spoil anything for me please
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  • rainbowtransform
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    If anyone wants to cuddle with me and I play with your hair while we watch Tv until we eventually fall asleep to the sound of each other breathing I’m down.

    #I’m just #here my dudes #and I want to cuddle someone #and to just hug them
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  • hoe-smad
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I saw this post by @notebooks-and-laptops about Izzy's love language being acts of service and I felt... Compelled to do something about it.

    One time something happens, maybe someone falls overboard, and Izzy jumps in to save the person. When he succeeds he's back on the deck, all trembling and soaking wet, but everyone just kind of goes to the person he saved immediately, not paying him any mind.

    Everyone but Stede and Ed.

    Ed wraps his arm protectively around Izzy, Stede keeping close on his other side, and together the three of them walk into the captain's quarters. Stede makes him a steaming cup of good tea completely unprompted, like it's the most natural thing for him to be making tea for Izzy fockin Hands.

    And yet there he is.

    Surrounded by two men who both love him, and who are overjoyed to have him back safe.

    They spend the rest of the night huddling together, Ed and Stede squeezing Izzy flush between their warm bodies. At first Izzy does try to protest weakly against the closeness, but soon comes to realise that he DOES feel warmer like this. It surely has to do with Stede being a walking furnace, nothing more than that.

    And yet, some chilly nights, Izzy is the one to initiate cuddling with his two beloved men. In the morning he tries to brush it off as something he did barely awake, but Ed smirks at that, and Stede graciously changes the topic.

    #steddyhands#steddy hands #I'm in too deep #can you tell #izzy hands#stede bonnet#ed teach #our flag means death #ofmd#cuddling#ficlet#ofmd ficlet#steddyhands ficlet #steddy hands ficlet
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  • theecelestialsodomite
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago


    Oh sorry fell asleep on the keys, you know I'm getting old xD

    - Val

    send me a 💌 to receive a Lov Content of my choosing ❣️❣️


    "[...] did you get what / you wanted from this life, even so? / I did. / And what did you want? / To call myself beloved, to feel myself beloved on the earth."


    (excerpted from Raymond Carver)

    #j dot asks #all the blanket cuddles and bread slid to u under door!! cheese slices even #val <3 #u r so loved!! by the me even!!
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  • poptarts-of-doom
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Comforting myself with my XQ2 vaporizer, coffee, fried rice with eggs, and The Witches of Eastwick. The Boyfriend is out of town and I misses him.

    #personal#weed#coffee#noms #the witches of eastwick #dry herb vaporizer #cannabis#marijauna#need cuddles
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  • kalira
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Lazing, Lingering, and Temptations

    Written for @domaystic - Day 28: waking up late

    T; 1.3k Keith/Agnes/Ryan

    Agnes is never late for work . . . except this morning. There may be a good reason for that, but for all she might like to, she can't spend the rest of the morning lazing around in bed.
    #Tiger and Bunny #Tiger & Bunny #DoMAYstic#DoMAYstic2022 #Keith x Agnes x Ryan #Agnes Joubert#Keith Goodman#Ryan Goldsmith#Agnes#Keith#Ryan#cuddling#sleeping in#Kalira writes #Kalira writes; Tiger & Bunny #Kalira writes; Keith x Agnes x Ryan #Lazing Lingering and Temptations
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  • genshin-impact-writings
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I'm so dang tired rn and I really want some cuddles.

    #delete later#jj speaks #like i just want to curl up in bed and cuddle with someone while i drift off to sleep 🥺
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  • justapurrcat
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Chocolate and Cuddles | n.d.

    Pairing: Nathan Drake x fem!reader

    Synopsis: Just a soft cuddle session with your treasure-hunting boyfriend.

    Word Count: 1.334k

    Warnings: English not being my first language, mainly fluff, mentions of sex, a pinch of harmless angst bc it’s me.


    A/n: I have nothing to say for myself, this is shamelessly self-indulgent like everything I write. Inspired by this post.

    “Fuck this”, Nate grumbled, setting the little book down onto your coffee table. Not as harshly as his frustration would’ve wanted him to, but only because of how priceless that damn object was. The absolute Odyssey he had gone through to retrieve it was another extremely good reason.

    When he’d first told you about it, you almost couldn’t believe him, and this was coming from the person he would always return to in between his crazy adventures. However, a quick glance at his naked torso had been more than enough to change your mind: suddenly, that absurd and fantastic story didn’t sound so absurd and fantastic anymore.

    Of course, you had immediately freaked out, the position of your med kit being all you could think of. But Nate had effectively silenced your worries – at least for that moment –, instead focusing entirely on you. And with a stamina you couldn’t explain to yourself nonetheless.

    Had someone witnessed the steamy, filthy scene unfolding in your tiny bedroom, they would’ve thought you were the one who’d just made a quick stop in Hell.

    Crying in shock and relief, realising you had been just one step away from losing him, you had clung to his shoulders for dear life, eyes rolling in the back of your head and legs wrapped around his hips, drawing him as close as you could, as if you were trying to become one with him, all your coherent sentences getting reduced to mindless, yet adoring chants of his name.

    “I’m okay. I’m here. I’m yours…”

    With deep thrusts that by no doubt had your neighbours hating you for how loud they had made you moan, and soft lips kissing away all your tears, Nate had taken your mind off of everything else that wasn’t his love for you and his body entangled with yours, twisted in bed sheets that were now stained with his blood…

    “Everything okay?”, you asked, approaching him with a mug of hot milk-chocolate in your hands.

    Nate sent you a weak smile, running a hand through his hair, still wet from the shower. “I’m going nowhere with this”, he sighed, rubbing his eyes, then rested his elbows on his knees. “Might need your help with it.”

    You hummed, placing the mug onto the table, careful not to put it too close to the book, and kneeling on the couch right next to him. “I’ll consider it.”

    Your eyes naturally flickered to his battered arms and bare back. You had treated him to the best of your abilities, but his skin was still covered in bruises that would take a while to fade.

    Nate reached out and grabbed the mug, proceeding to take a long sip. “Thanks, darling”, he murmured, gratefully.

    You smirked, poking at his side. “That was for me.”

    He turned towards you, jaw dropped and eyes round. “Shit, I’m sorry–”, he began to apologise.

    “Just kidding”, you reassured him, raising a hand to remove a little smudge of chocolate from the corner of his mouth. The action transitioned into you affectionately cupping the side of his face. “Just kidding, my love”, you repeated, as your thumb ran over the little cut on his cheekbone.

    He chuckled at that, grabbing your wrist and pulling you in, lips claiming their legit place against yours.

    The two of you spent a good hour and a half cuddling and working on deciphering the secret message contained in the book, and you had actually gotten to a pretty good point when you noticed that all of the action was finally starting to take a toll on Nate.

    You shifted on the couch, moving so that you could have access to his back, then spread your palms over his broad shoulders, leaning in to kiss a blue-ish mark right between his shoulder blades. 

    Your boyfriend’s initial surprise got quickly forgotten, as he instantly surrendered to you, melting into your featherlight touch and forgetting the coded clue.

    “Looks like the tireless treasure hunter could use some rest”, you breathed against the nape of his neck. You took your sweet time paying attention to every single wound that soiled his flesh, then, once you were done, you swiftly unbuttoned your shirt – that you might’ve happened to have stolen from him – and scooted closer to him, your front glued to his back, your hands still massaging his shoulders and roaming over his chest.

    Nate threw his head back, silently asking himself what he had done to deserve such a sweet little thing as you to bless his life. And kicking his past idiot self for almost losing you. “Fuck, love…”

    “Wanna go to bed?”, you offered after a few minutes, lips brushing over the shell of his ear, the sensation eliciting a shiver out of him. “We’ll finish tomorrow.”

    He complied and followed you like an obedient puppy, his trademark cocky smirk fading into a love-sick gaze that never failed to make your heart skip a beat, his big, calloused hands not daring to leave yours for a single second.

    You had barely touched the mattress when his head dipped to your breasts, taking advantage of the fact that you hadn’t done anything about your – his – shirt, planting soft pecks onto the delicate skin.

    “Nate…”, you warned him with a soft gasp. You were still sore, since he hadn’t exactly gone easy on you, doing all in his power to make you come six times in a row, mentioning something about making up for the six months you had spent apart. You couldn’t quite remember, given how he had literally fucked your brains out.

    “I know”, he mumbled innocently, and you understood there was no actual malicious intent behind his actions. “Just wanna kiss you, that’s all.”

    So you just let him lay you on your back, arching up into him as your eyes fluttered shut, the wonderful sensation of your lover’s lips spreading warmth under your skin, making you feel like you were floating on pasted tinted clouds.

    “Nate…”, you purred, filling him with pride, despite how tired he was. He knew all too well that he was the only one allowed to see this side of you, the only one who could make you whisper dreamingly while you were wide awake.

    During an argument, you had yelled that he just loved fucking you. It was still in the early stages of your relationship – could you even call it a relationship back then? – when neither of you could quite tell where this thing was going. Well, at least he couldn’t. You certainly could tell way more than he did.

    After that, you had stormed out of his apartment, going radio silence for an entire week, and that was what it took him to understand that you weren’t an outlet anymore. He ached for you, he needed you next to him.

    God, he fucking loved you.

    Once he was satisfied, Nate snuggled into your chest like you were his personal pillow, pressing his cheek against your sternum, so that he could regulate his breathing along yours and let the soothing rhythm of your heartbeat lull him to sleep.

    Your fingers idly raked through his locks, nails lightly scraping his scalp. His hair was getting longer. You liked it, but you were ready to bet that tomorrow he was gonna ask you to help him do something about it.

    “Can you hold me?”, Nate pleaded quietly, caressing your sides like you were made of glass. “I need to feel you.”

    You nodded, and without a word, wrapped your limbs around him when he turned to his side, once again pressing your skin flush against his.

    Your boyfriend sighed happily, loving how vulnerable he could allow himself to be in your presence, while still feeling perfectly safe. He took your hand in his and brought it up to his lips, covering every inch of it with kisses, then placed your palm right above his heart and kept it there.

    Right where he kept you while he was away.

    A/n: Thanks for reading and I hope you liked this! 💜

    Taglist: @thollandsdarling @hunnybunimdun @namoreno @nocturnalms @vendettaparker @wildxwidow @mn-jun @thisisparadisemylove @belovedholland @blankspaceblankday @inthegetawaycarwithtaylah @mrparkerwillseeyounow @indouloureux @obsessed-with-a-fictional-man

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    #nathan drake #nathan drake fanfiction #tom!nathan drake #movie!nathan drake #tshwritersnet#uncharted movie#uncharted#tom holland #nathan drake x fem!reader #nathan drake imagine #nathan drake angst #nathan drake fluff #nathan drake smut #chocolate and cuddles
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