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  • goodvibesandmemes
    03.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    CUTESY MEMES: Halloween/Spooky Themed 🎃🧹🦇🌜 ↳ Please feel free to tweak them.

    SYMBOLS: ↳ Use “↪” to reverse the characters where applicable!

    🎃 - To carve pumpkins with my muse 🦇 - For our muses to have broken down and need to go to knock on the door of that spooky mansion for help. 🍬 - To trick or treat at my muse’s door 🎬 - For our muses to watch a scary movie together. 👻 - For our muses to spend the night at a haunted house together. 🐺 - For our muses to hear a howl when camping in the forest on a full moon. 🔮 - For my muse to tell your muse about their future. 🍎 - For our muses go bobbing for apples. ✨ - For our muses to try a magic spell they found in a book in the attic. 🧥 - For my muse to show/tell your muse about what costume they’re wearing for Halloween. 🎉 - For your muse to arrive at my muse’s Halloween party.


    "I love this part of the movie.” “You know, I think [ he / she / they ] might be a vampire.” “They say this is one of the most haunted houses in the country you know?” “I think that statue is crying. That can’t be good, can it?” “Did you hear that?” “I’m all set, I’ve got skull-themed cups, decked my house out in fake cobwebs, found some Halloween tinsel which is apparently a thing, I’ve got these ornaments on the deck, what do you think [ name ] I think something’s still missing..” “I don’t really do Halloween, it’s a bit silly really.” “Magic is real you know? You shouldn’t just mess with it like that.” “What’s your favourite scary movie?” "Why the hell would [ she / he / they ] walk off like that, I never get it, [ have they / has she/he ] watched a horror film before?” “I tried to carve a pumpkin, but in the end it looked like a hot mess, so I made some soup instead, want to try it?” “That was just the floorboards, it’s an old house, they just do that you know?” “If you tell me another bullshit story about how I’m going to die again [ name ] I’m never going to let you read my cards again.” “The whole month of October is Halloween to me, bring it on!” “Do you want to watch a marathon of the Scream films? It’s a tradition for me.” “Can you help me pick out an outfit for [ name‘s ] party? I’m useless at coming up with something and you’re always so good at it?” “Is the corset too much?” “I’m a mouse, duh!” “I don’t really want to watch something like [ movie ], [ scary / gory / light-hearted spooky ] movies are not my thing, would you be okay with [ movie ]? I like watching more [ scary / gory / light-hearted spooky ] movies. “What do you mean you haven’t watched Hocus Pocus, have you even lived?” “OK, spill, what’s your plan for the zombie apocalypse?” “What’s your favourite kind of sweet?” “That bag’s for the trick or treaters, this one? All mine.” “Oh there is not going to be a power cut in the middle of this stormy Halloween night, come on ghosts, be more original!”
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  • goodvibesandmemes
    08.02.2021 - 1 year ago

    CUTESY MEMES: Random Stuff Family & Friends  ↳ Please feel free to tweak them etc.


    🥞 - For my muse to make yours waffles or pancakes. 🍜 - For my muse to make you some comfort food when they’re not well. 🍻 - For our muses to be out having a drink together. 🌠 - For our muses to watch a meteor shower. 🎶 - For our muses to go to a festival/concert together. 🧁 - For your muse to present mine with their favourite flavour of cupcake. 🛌🏼 - For your muse to be trying to make mine wake up. 🥇 - For your muse to come to mine, happy with an achievement of theirs. 🔮 - For our muses to play with a crystal ball. 🧣 - For your muse to give mine some handmade knitwear. 👗 - For your muse to show mine their new outfit. 🎿 - For our muses to go skiing. 🃏 - For our muses to play a card game. 🎣 - For our muses to go fishing. 🎬 - For our muses to watch a movie together. 🌳 - For our muses to go on a scenic walk.


    “Are you sure you’re doing okay [ name ], you know you can always talk to me?” “I’m trying to see the screen! You’re in the way!” “You look great, you always look great.” “I’m just not sure it was very good, what do you think?” “I’m not sure I’m feeling very well.” “Yeah? Well I’m still sleepy so, I guess I’m just going to hibernate. See you in spring [ name / relation ].” “Did you remember to get those treats I like? You know the ones with [ description ]?” “Why is it that I can never find the remote and it always turns up in the weirdest places?” “I have no idea what you’re talking about I swear!” “[ name / relation ] I can trust you not to tell anyone if I tell you this right?” “I’m starting to think our house is haunted.” “I’ve been watching this show on Netflix, wanna join me? It’s got [ actor/actress ] in it and it’s this thing about [ bad or very vague description ].” “Oh my god, that was so embarrassing!” “Are you suggesting that it was me? I would never eat the last cookie. Never. Never ever ever.” “You’re amazing at this, don’t put yourself down.” “Why is there a concertina caterpillar on the wall?” “I’m sorry [ name ] I can’t hear you over [ name’s ] ridiculously fucking loud music.” “Nah I’m not into that any more, I like [ other thing ] now.” “Of course I need it [ name / relation ]. Pleeeease!” “[ she / he / they ] started it!” “What the hell happened to you, you look as if you’ve been dragged through Narnia backwards.” “What’s the wifi password? I forgot it again.” “Okay, that’s it, I’m making you a hot drink, you need it. What do you want?”
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  • aramente-viezd
    06.03.2019 - 3 years ago

    Glow, Prince, Rainbow, Starlight, and Wiggly.

    Glow: top five things I like about myself.

    1. I am pretty level headed,

    2. I'm indepentant

    3. I am actively working towards my goals

    4. I am discovering more about myself daily

    5. I'm starting to be unapologeticly me again

    prince: how would I describe my hand writing? Oh lord she is more of a mess than I am. I have tried to clean it up but it was not having it.

    rainbow: what was the last line of the last book I read? OOOOOF it was a library book and I dont remember what it was exactly but it was a book about post tonal music's history it was super cool.

    Starlight: what was my favorite show when I was a child? Oooooo good one ummm......... Avatar the last air bender, pokemon, or invader zim. Please dont make me pick between my children.

    wiggly: Am I a messy or tidy person? I have parts of each for instance my room is kinda messy but my notes are over organized

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