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  • winged-anesthesia
    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Where did you go?

    My tears are lost in the sea of salt

    That surrounds me on all edges.

    Everyone is suffering,

    yet i can't bring myself to care.

    because without you, my dear,

    its all worthless in the end.

    i can't hear you anymore.

    #grief#brain rot #writers on tumblr #writers and poets #poetry#writers #dark academia aesthetic #storms over daisy fields #showering at 3 am #how do i tag #sad poem
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  • fieldslegacy
    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago
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  • postcardpdf
    16.05.2022 - 1 day ago



    #my inner 5saucer having a field day #also getting emo with their growth like <3333 #asks#daisy 🌼
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  • definegodliness
    14.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Abundance 🌸 ☀️ 🍃

    #daisy field#daisies#garden#cottagecore#pretty #i can't mow the lawn for a while #it's supposed to help the grass to take over the weeds #a period of wild growth #and then you cut it really short #the grass then survives and the rest won't return #supposedly #either way I'm not complaining
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  • fieldslegacy
    14.05.2022 - 4 days ago
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  • dried-roses-old-letters
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Oh to be a chick in daisy fields on a mid summer evening...

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  • flyhighaangle
    05.05.2022 - 1 week ago



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  • lokigodofaces
    27.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    all of you loki fans need to watch the pilot of AoS, that will explain exactly why i think loki & coulson would get along

    #loki laufeyson#phil coulson #referring to the beginning of his friendship with daisy & how he talked with mike & how he worked with ward & getting may back in the field #agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. (2013 2020)
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  • kakusu-shipping
    22.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    My niece had her first Baseball Practice today and that immediately got me thinking how Inasa is for sure the kind of kid who wants to do everything and how much we’d all support him through it all.

    #Emile's Arts#Adoption AU #3 year old Inasa in every sport a kid his age is allowed to sign up for #Which is a suprising amount #The only one I couldn't actually find was a Track team for kids under 6 but. Eh. #Yes he chose Girl Scouts over Boy Scouts his best friend Momo was in Girl Scouts #Technically I think it's Daisy Scouts at that age? #but no one knows what that is #The only reason he's not in Gymnastics as well is because the class is at the same time as Football Practice #And he's still really upset about it #At T-ball btw it was like me my two brothers and my parents all there for my niece #And any time she hit or caught the ball we'd all cheer WAY too loudly #And like 5 minutes in I realized none of the other kid's parents were doing the same #So I said that quietly to my mother who then proceeded to cheer for every kid who hit a ball #Which was fun #We were very loud #Also just before this we were on the playground nearby waiting for practice #And there were these other little girls on an older girl softball team using the field atm #And you know little girls they see a littler girl and wanna be her big sister #But Kalila wasn't having that today so I had to keep these other sports girls from playing with her for the time being #So I just go. 'Hey can any of you do a cartwheel?' #Boom. Several elementary school girls doing cartwheels in the grass for an hour straight #Self indulgent baby AU I missed you #Inasa sticks with probably Baseball and Soccer as he gets older #Momo falls in and out with Gymnastics until she starts learning instruments in early Elementary and sticks to violin #Are there instrument classes for 3 year olds? Probably not. #but it'd be funny. #Oh the age at which you try literally everything
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  • wolfspaw
    21.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago
    #sunrise#daisies #field of flowers
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  • eldritchbathtub
    18.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    The Backgarden

    Filled with grass and weeds,

    That never mattered,

    We just thought they were flowers,

    Sitting in the clovers and moss,

    Letting bees land,

    They thought we were flowers

    #poet#my poems#original poem #poems and poetry #poetry#poetscommunity#weird poetry#poem#poetic #queer poets on tumblr #poets on tumblr #my poem #poems on tumblr #poem of the day #poems and quotes #short poem#short poetry#spring poetry#flowers #you may assume that I was the sitting in the field during sports picking daisies instead of playing but you’d be wrong #I fuckin’ love sports playing them not watching them #I love flowers and spring and nature #I mean mostly nature #put me outside in the woods or a field and I’d be so happy #I am a plant #possibly a flower possibly a weed idc #put me in the sun please!!! #weeds are dumb because idc if most people don’t like them and they spread I love them and they’re my favorite #daisies are my favorite #anyway have a good day friends I hope you’re having a great day!!!
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  • mushpotaeto
    14.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I’m still dreaming
After the darkness goes away
You and I from the sunny days
Will replay itself

    — An Encore by SHINee lyrics 📃

    #its been raining here and i just wanna sleep altho i have so many things to do huhu #shinee #artists on tumblr #taemin#illust#illustrations#animation#태민#illustration#original#artist#テミン #artist on tumblr #kkoong#kkoongie#lee taemin#flower field#daisy#cat#pet#soft#greenery#spring
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  • fae-cafe
    14.04.2022 - 1 mont ago


    Hetalia: Francis Bonnefoy | Stimboard

    🌟 🌟 🌟 ★ 🌟 🌟 ★ 🌟 🌟 🌟

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  • phantombs
    12.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    The sun rose with laze in the sky, just as any other day. Perhaps a tad warmer, a bit brighter than other days. Slipping out the comfort of tangled sheets and blankets in disarray, Yeong Mi found herself light footed across the cool morning floor as she made her way to the kitchen.

    “Don’t look! You swear?” She remembers the vague threats made towards Cuong the night before, and opens the fridge, where she cleverly (he would say foolishly) hidden her bouquet and biscuits. In her own carefulness, she lose the sense of time, and heard the wadding steps of a heavy sleeper follow her in later.

    “Ah, good morning.” Those sleepy eyes and puffy cheeks still in slumber skipped at her heart. “You woke up just in time. Here.” The table set with warm bread and lavender tea, she presents him with a routine they shared, special, a basket on the counter and two freshly washed glasses of wine. “Let’s go on a picnic. We can enjoy the nice weather today.” Promising words follow pattering feet, a kiss on the cheek! How sweet. “Happy Birthday… old man.”

    Cường's Birthday: April 12, 2022.

    Fewer things surprise you with age, some would say. These some, he has learned, find old age an ending. These some, Cường knows, are the bitter or young.

    But there: he is not, and nor has he for a long, long time, been very young. Cường shuffles heavily into his kitchen, not a smidgen if bitter, and nearing four whole centuries, is smarter. Wise.

    So, surprises? Oh, they're everywhere, he’d rasp. He rubs the sleep from his eyes, face crimped with his coiled comforter, and oh so gauzily, his vision clears. Remember this, too: this gardener, sentimental, is a sugarfloss kind of sweet. Yeongmi, what did you go off and do? She sounds so affected, and he feels so fond.

    Well, figure it out! Now, open your eyes! Cường drops his hands. It's butter buttercream and sun-kissed marzipan that he hallucinates first, clearing those fuzzy edges from her fluttery nightgown. But then, soon enough, he sees breakfast and fresh clipped lavender, and like flutes of cut diamonds, some ruby wines. It's domestic. Homely. Yeongmi glides, heart lunged soaring in her throat, fluttering in a rush on the tips of her toes.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. “You grew old with me,” he ribs. “You should be worried. You’re becoming sort of memory.”

    He rumbles a sound. Yeongmi kisses his cheek delightful, and before distance can slip unbidden between them, Cường fishes her back in. No, no! “Not so fast,” he drawls. Dangerous! She’s turned to her back, spine pressed against his chest, and there, fluttering like a stone to lake, his heart sings her bones in two-beats time. He is content. His eyes flutter shut, dream-weighed, their hands folding gingerly at her belly. A breeze slips the windows, and he smells the sunrise. He catches the pop of lavender, too, and the deep, strong drag of the wine.

    It's good. He’s honey-slogged. Fondness sweetens him to overflow, and honestly, he isn’t quite sure where to put it all. Birthday! Three-hundred-and-eighty-three counts of them, he remembers, and still, you’ve got my heart stumbling and rabbiting in awe! Sweetly, devotedly, he burrows and kisses below her ear. “Bring the blanket, too,” he rumbles. “You smell a lot like daisies. Let's find a bed of them out there. Sleep with me there.” Please?

    #yeongxmi #( ask. ) #napping in a field with a picnic and sleeping by the daisies and cuong looking at her like (stunned all over again) #wow..soft.
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  • yasmeenz1
    08.04.2022 - 1 mont ago


    Daisies 🌼🍃

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