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  • leidila
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I love Damara Megido so much wtf

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  • forgetful-river
    21.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Lil Damara doodle :)

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  • kvnkrivantas
    21.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    humanstuck dams for an au me n one of my matesprites made 0__o

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  • verbosemoth
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Scary girls next door...

    Gamzee /Kurloz Strider

    Aradia/Damara Lalonde

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  • paradoxkinspace
    19.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    >>] A Damara Megido spri+e edi+ for anon ו×


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  • c4ndyc0rned
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    sooo i got bored made a sprite edit and decided that i’ll post it here lol

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  • overtrolled
    17.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Damara Uchiha

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  • incorrect-hs-quotes
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Meenah: t)(ere is CRABSOLUT-ELY no cray damara is, was or ever krill be a surfant of lord englis)(


    Damara: すべての雹の主英語

    #submission #source: a very potter musical #japanese translation: all hail lord english #homestuck #incorrect homestuck quotes #meenah peixes#damara megido#mod terezi #i don't normally tolerate harry potter or adjacent media here #but a very potter musical does spend a good chunk of time ridiculing harry potter so i'll let it slide but it's on thin ice
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  • mysteriousacorn
    13.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Number two of three of the pieces I did for the Megido bloodlines zine!

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  • incorrect-hs-quotes
    13.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Meenah: soo…

    Meenah: now that we’re D-EAD

    Meenah: we cool with the whole killing each other thing?

    Meenah: got it out of our fishstems?

    Damara: 私はあなたの足を切り落とします

    Meenah: awww thanks bestie I’m glad we’re on good terms now

    Damara: 我々はそうではありません。私はあなたを主英語に犠牲にします。

    Meenah: cod, you’re gonna make me blush

    Meenah: I guess it was just a language barrier! Glad we’re fronds 38)

    Damara: 私はあんたが大嫌いです

    #submission #translations for Damara are: #I will cut off your legs #we are not. I will sacrifice you to lord English. #I hate you #//#homestuck #incorrect homestuck quotes #meenah peixes#damara megido#mod terezi #meenah is such a great friend :)
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  • beesbombasticsimsbs
    12.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    I have added Shelly Marsh to my Sneering Girl Models house with Alina Gray and Damara Megido

    Which means PHOTO SHOOT!!!

    The New Girl Holds the Plumbob

    Our darkest girl Damara looks like she’s lazing about & talking to her ghostly sister

    Eccentric Alina stringing her art Absolutely Everywhere

    And now, Bc OFC

    On Wednesdays They Must Wear Pink

    Damara has more little sisters now and she will shank u for them

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  • noeelka
    12.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago


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  • gayorsomeshit
    11.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Oh, Rufioh!

    so this is based on the song Oh! which is a damara megido fansong, as well as a mini comic of the breakups. and now I have so much muse. so here.

    TW: cheating, swearing, violence, really shitty japanese


    Damara looked at Rufioh as he broke up with her. Each word hurt more than the last. "Sorry, doll. But you had to know this would have never worked out. Me and Horuss.. We just are a better match."

    Those words broke her. And in turn, the sanity she clutched onto for dear life. She felt hopeless. Cronus didn't make it any better.

    "It's pathetic that you even thought he actually loved you."

    Gone was the girl who was oh so optimistic. Now, she couldn't be fucked to care about anyone but herself. She had to be like that. That was the only way to protect herself.

    Oh, oh, Rufioh, you're in my heart shaped locket

    And now, here he was again, after breaking it off with Horuss. "What do ya say, doll? How about we try us again?"

    Oh, my Romeo

    She punched him. "あなたは私を愛していて、私はそれを買いました。なんてあえてここに来たんだ、ルフィオ。私はあなたのお尻をもう一度蹴る必要があります。しかし、それは時間の無駄です。" she spat at the troll.

    "What the hell, Damara-" Rufioh started, now on the ground, before the woman standing over him spit on his face.

    "二度と私に話しかけることはありません、あなたは嫌いな人をクソ。" was the last thing she said before leaving.

    Damara sighed when she saw Horuss, walking over and handing him a tissue. She then sat down next to him. "あなたはそれに値しない誰かに涙を無駄にすべきではありません。"


    translation 1: You loved me and I bought it. How dare you come here, Rufioh. I should to kick your ass again. But that's a waste of time.

    translation 2: Never talk to me again, you fucking asshole.

    translation 3: You shouldn't waste tears on someone who doesn't deserve it

    #damara megido#rufioh nitram#horuss zahhak#ex matesprite#matesprite#homestuck#alpha trolls#breakup #damara and horuss deserve better #damara just deserves to be loved #rufioh can catch these hands
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  • missbehavior0u0
    11.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Worm in frogress of the Wwand sqUad! :U

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  • nekropsii
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    For the horror rec ask:





    Carrie (1976)

    Saw III (2006) (She is like Amanda to me. I also recommend the first two movies, though. They’re actually really good.)


    Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006) (It sucks. He’d love it.)


    Candyman (1992) (I can’t explain this one. Whether or not you like Kurloz, please just watch this fucking movie, it’s so good.)

    Halloween (1978) (This movie is a comedy. Kurloz reminds me of Michael Myers.)

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  • vityrady
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    a bunch of homestuck and humanstuck dancestors sketches I've made recently. feels nostalgic to dwell on dancestors ."(

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  • dav3katz
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Hey there,I hope you are doing awesome and glad to see you back but if you have any problems....feel free to message me about what you are struggling with and I will try my best to give you advice.Please do know that I am here for you as I am with everyone else. Anyways,mind doing Damara with an overconfident but secretly has a big heart s/o that is as well Japanese? Thank you and have a wonderful day/night! <333

    Thanks man <33

    Damara doesn’t mind the overconfidence too much, it kinda reminds her of meenah though given how confident she is in things so she may find it annoying when you first meet. She’s grown to like it about you though, deep down she’s not very confident in herself so she admires that you have so much of it. She also adores your big heart, on the rare moments you share it with her. She values your kindness and your more emotional side.

    #damara x reader #damara megido x reader #homestuck x reader #hs x reader
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  • zawazawanightmares
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Damara Megido & Kazzie & Jazzie

    You, Damara Megido , are connected to Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ] Your partner selected the 18+ server. Your partner has a starter. Type /starter or tap here to see it.

    Damara Megido : /starter

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: 

    (Disclaimer: I prefer casual in-character starts; IMO, they flow better and feel more natural. I also just love being thrown into a random situation and having to improvise. But I can chat too! I might do it in-character, so be warned.)

    Kazzie Mono Age: 23 (or at least, it's supposed to be) Gender: Robot girl Species: Robot girl Personality: Bubbly, Cutesy, Outgoing, Excitable, Upbeat, Silly, Caring, Supportive, Dense, Very indecisive, 85 IQ Height: 4'09" Weight: Just a little, easy to pick up Appearance: Pure white synthetic skin, Black sclera with Green eyes, Green twintails with fuzzy bangs, Silky white dress with green highlights, Robotic gauntlet arms, and White heels with green trimmings Body Type: Thin, lithe, flat Likes: Robots, girls, robot girls, pizza (despite the fact that she can't eat), music, any kind of wholesome affection, praise, affectionate rubbing and caressing, general coziness and cuddliness, cutesy words & cutesy talk Dislikes: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Inventory: None ---

    Jazzie Mono Designated Age: 24 Gender: Robot girl Species: Robot girl Personality: Mellow, Chill, Irritable, Antsy, Slight softie Height: 5'06" Weight: 140 lbs Appearance: Pure white synthetic skin, Black sclera with Hot pink eyes, Cut eyebrows, Lavender eyelash markings, Hot pink twintails with slightly darker pink bangs partially covering one of her eyes, a Hot pink crop top exposing midriff, Black torn shorts, Black fingerless gloves, and Spiky wristcuffs Body Type: Slightly toned with visible abs and midriff Likes: Rock music, guitars, punk & goth aesthetics, fighting, wholesome affection, praise, affectionate rubbing and caressing, ab praise/rubbing/caressing Dislikes: Her sister, guys Inventory: Weaponized Ax Guitar (Note that they don't have to be together; you can pick one or the other!)

    Damara Megido : Damara was seated on a bench, smoking from a blunt filled with catnip before she spotted the sisters. Already bored, she decided she would subject herself to the horror of social interaction and got up to speak to them. "Hi."

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: The two were strutting along when Damara got up from her bench and stopped them with a greeting, causing the sisters to stop. "--Oh, hi!" Kazzie positively lit up, while Jazzie simply stared, wondering if she needed something. "How goes your day, friend?" Kazzie asked.

    Damara Megido : Damara gave them both a blank look. "You both. Related?" She asked.

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: "Yup! Wow, how'd you know? You're super attentive!" Kazzie reacted genuinely. "Sadly, yeah, I'm related to her." Jazzie replies with a low nod.

    Damara Megido : She looked at them both. "Ok. Still, at the same time?" She raised her foot to put her blunt out on her sole.

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: "At the same time? Uuhh...yeah, I think we're both related at the same time!" Kazzie nodded, a little confused. She quickly gets distracted as she takes in Damara's appearance. "Wow...I like your dress!"

    Damara Megido : "I leave it on." Damara nodded, going down on her knees. She casually lifted Kazzie's dress with one hand and unzipped Jazzie's shorts with the other.

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: "Me too! Usually when I'm outside, and--" Kazzie froze up, her cheeks glowing a faint green. "--A-aaeh, what're you doing...!?" Jazzie seemed flustered as well, gritting her teeth as Damara lifted the green bot's dress, then pulling Jazzie's shorts down, exposing the particular...shapes, between their legs. "--A-aiyee!" Kazzie squealed with embarrassment. "N-not in public...!"

    Damara Megido : Damara ignored her, as she's prone to do, and reached to stroke them both off with each hand. "Nice size. Should be proud."

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: "H-haaa..." Kazzie's jaw hangs open, Jazzie gritting her teeth. "Nnngh...I-I mean, I am, but...wow, this is outta the blue...not that I mind..." She huffed, confessing that she's actually into it, as Damara stroked both of their lengths. "W-what if someone sees...!?" Kazzie quietly whined.

    Damara Megido : "They wait their turn." She said with a smirk before bring their cocks closer, almost making their tips touch before she starting licking them both, eventually sucking on them.

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: "T-their turn...!?" Before the two even had a chance to think, Damara held their shafts together, causing them to gasp as she licked over their tips, before sucking on them both at the same time. "A-aiiah...~" Kazzie moaned lovingly, unable to resist her pleasure, Jazzie quietly gasping. "Nnmmf~...aahh...fuck...~"

    Damara Megido : Damara kept at it, lovingly savoring the flavor of their bulbs before managing to fit both their shafts in her mouth at the same time. She reached back to grope both their asses for her balance and her own pleasure.

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: "E-eep...!~ Haaaa...~" Kazzie squeaked, her eyes rolling up as Damara took their shafts into her mouth, sucking both of their cocks at the same time, groping and squeezing both of their asses. "N-nnnggh...~" Jazzie grunts, clearly accepting her arousal, rather than attempting to deny it like her younger green sister.

    Damara Megido : Damara started to bob her head, using the opportunity to snake a finger into their asses as she continued her oral assault on their members.

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: The two robots stood side by side as Damara sucked both of them off in public. "Hyaahh~...aahh, w-wow.." Kazzie softly groaned, gently placing a hand on Damara's head. Jazzie follows by putting her hand on Damara's head as well, albeit with a slightly firmer grip, intensified as she began to finger their rear holes. "N-nngghah~...a blowjob wasn't on my bucket list today, but...mnnf...I ain't complaining...~"

    Damara Megido : Damara kept going, sucking and fingering. She was clearly getting into her work and, worse yet, the sisters' tips were indeed touching inside her mouth!

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: Kazzie tenses up as she feels her tip grazing against her sister's, Jazzie clearly noticing as well, but trying not to comment on it so as to not make it awkward. ...Which didn't last very long. "A-aahh~...sis, we're touching tips...!~" Kazzie squealed out adorably, causing Jazzie to wince. "W-what the hell, sis...!? Quit being weird...!" She tried to tell off her sister, deciding not to mention the fact that this only made her harder, pushing the two much closer to their release.

    Damara Megido : Damara pulled her fingers out to get a death grip on the sisters' cheeks, deepthroating them to make sure their shafts were touching as well so that she could properly wait for her meal.

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: "The two panted as Damara bobbed her head farther down their cocks, soon deepthroating the sisters at the same time. "Hnnn~...I-I'm gonna...!" The two groan out in unison before blowing their loads down Damara's throat, firing off many sticky ropes of sperm down her neck. "Hyaahh!~" "Mnnngh...!~" They moaned out in their own unique ways as they climax.

    Damara Megido : Whatever didn't sail down her throat, Damara kept in her mouth as she pulled away and stood up. She then grabbed the back of Jazzie's head and pulled her into a deep kiss, swapping both her own and her sister's cum with her before pulling back to swallow the majority. She then moved on to make out with Kazzie just as deeply.

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: The two slowly looked down to watch Damara stand up, Jazzie's pupils shrinking as she pulls the punk robot into a deep kiss. "--Mnnpff...!~ Mnn...~" She hummed, making out with Damara, tasting the mixture of her saliva and the two sister's cum, stringing between their lips as she pulls away. And then, Kazzie gets her turn, lightly humming as Damara pressed her lips against hers, deeply kissing the smaller robot. "--Mmn...~~"

    Damara Megido : After a minute, Damara broke the kiss but not before biting Kazzie's lip. In a sultry tone, she leaned in to her ear and asked, "Still like dress?"

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: "A-aah..." She huffed as the woman pulls away, gently biting the robot's lip. Kazzie shuddered as Damara's breath hit her ear, the robot freezing up for a moment. "Hn-nnn...y-yeah, I...I really do..."

    Damara Megido : "Good..." She pulled back a bit and lifted her qipao to reveal nothing underneath. Nothing except for her hairy nook and her plump, bubbly seedflap. "In front, in back." She ordered.

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: The two stare in awe of her body, glancing to each other for just a second before nodding. Robots are meant to obey, after all...Kazzie stands in front of her, Jazzie moving behind her, the pink punk robot unable to resist the urge to caress her ass.

    Damara Megido : "Touch it. Then fuck it." She commanded as she raised her leg and wrapped it around Kazzie's waist, putting her cock inside her nook as she let Jazzie get to work behind her.

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: "Aahh....gladly...~" With a grin, the pink robot adjusts herself, before sliding her cock into Damara's rear hole. "--a-aaaiyaah...~~" The green robot, immensely flustered as usual, felt herself slide into Damara's slit, her pleasure sensors quickly overloading. "H-haahhnn~...aaahh, s-so wet...~" She huffed, the two double penetrating Damara, slowly rocking their hips back and forth.

    Damara Megido : Damara reached an arm back to bring Jazzie's head closer, wanting to feel her breath closer to hers. "Good...good sisters." She teased as she used her other hand to take out her hair pins, letting her hair down to give herself a luscious stringy haired ghost woman appearance, showing just how tightly she had the sisters in her thrall.

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: "Haahh...mmnnf...~" Jazzie breathes out, closing her eyes and letting her jaw hang open as she passionately fucks Damara's rear hole, while her sister slides in and out of the woman's slick cunt. "Aaahh~...hnnf...s-so...good...~" Kazzie trails off, all of her fears about public sex completely washing away.

    Damara Megido : Damara used the opportunity to suck on Jazzie's tongue as she took Kazzie's hand and forced it on one of her breasts, feeling her own climax coming due to the robot sister's earnest treatment.

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: Kazzie began fondling Damara's breasts while she made out with the pink robot sister, both of them sliding deeper and deeper inside of her holes. "Nnnffh~...I...I-I'm already so close...? But...aaahh..." Kazzie exhaled. "I-I can hold, if...i-if you want it to last a little longer...!" She gives Damara a little smile while she makes out with the punk sister.

    Damara Megido : Damara broke the kiss to look at Kazzie, smirking deviously. "You cum...when you kiss...her." She pulled Jazzie's head a bit closer.

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: "--W-w-wah...!?" Taken aback, Kazzie's eyes shrunk, the green robot uncontrollably spurting a little precum inside from the mere notion, Jazzie simply staring at her sister, silent, in awe...Jazzie then grins, forcibly pressing her lips against Kazzie's. "--Mmnnf!~" Kazzie blurted out, staring off into space, slowly relaxing, eventually closing her eyes as she presses herself deeper into the kiss with her own sister, the two of them passionately making out with each other while stuffing Damara's holes with their cocks, both nearing release. "Mnn...hmnnf...~"

    Damara Megido : Damara was an Alternian so her species' didn't have a concept of family, let alone incest...but after spending some time on Earth and familarizing herself with their culture and the human's species' standards, she developed a new kink...and while robot sisters' may not share the same blood technically, they clearly consider themselves family and that was enough to get her to squeeze down on their cocks and cum harder than she had ever came before.

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: The two sisters continue passionately making out with each other, Jazzie lightly cupping her sister's cheek as she turns her head somewhat in the kiss, their lips softly smacking together as they continue making out. Soon, their hips finally come to a stop, the two futa robot sisters shoving their cocks as deep into Damara's holes as they could, finallly cumming inside. "Mnnn...!~" "Hmnnf...!~" The two moan out in unison, blowing several thick, hot ropes of seed into Damara, Jazzie cumming inside of her ass, while Kazzie loads her pussy with baby batter.~

    Damara Megido : Damara let out a deep moan, clearly savoring the feeling of her ill-gotten spunk. She lovingly stroked Kazzie's cheek and moved in to kiss her tenderly before quickly deepening it, openly frenching her before dragging Kazzie in for a sloppy three-way makeout session.

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: The two pull away as they finish cumming inside of Damara, several strings of synthetic saliva linking the sisters' lips together as they pant, Kazzie ever so eager to tenderly kiss Damara. "M-mmn...~" And she was even more ecstatic to french kiss the woman, her arousal heightened even moreso and taken advantage of as she pulls Jazzie in, all three of them sloppily making out and kissing each other. "Mnnf~..." "Hnmf...~" They moaned, muffled by each others' lips as some saliva drips down their bodies.

    Damara Megido : A few minutes of saliva filled-nirvana later, a panting Damara pulled away to proclaim, "Keeping you...both of you."

    Kazzie & Jazzie [ Two futa robot girl sisters! | Bios/Descriptions in Starter ]: The two, now fucked silly, both blissfully smiled at Damara, Kazzie giggling herself, the sisters all too happy to hear.~

    Damara Megido : "Origato." She said with a genuine smile to them both.

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