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  • genko-yoru
    27.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Day 27 ~ Friends

    I like the idea that Vlad and Skulker start as a mutual truce to catch the ghost kid, then actually form a proper friendship.

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  • inthememetime
    27.05.2022 - 59 minutes ago

    AU where Vlad isn't obsessed with Maddie.

    He's obsessed with Jack, and Maddie is constantly ready to throw down while Jack is completely oblivious. Unfortunately for Danny's mental health, Danny is not oblivious. And Vlad does not mind monologuing.

    Vlad: Jack, Jack, come in, make yourself comfortable! Oh. Maddie. It's*you*.

    Maddie: Stop looking at my husband like that, or I will punch you.

    Danny: Why are you so obsessed with my dad?!

    Vlad: He's a total DILF.

    Danny, visibly horrified: Please forget I asked.

    Jack: Mads, the Wisconsin Ghost and Phantom both called me Dad today.

    Maddie: ...they called you 'dad'?

    Jack: Well, Phantom did. The Wisconsin Ghost called me Daddy and was very weird about it.

    Maddie, internally seething: great, another one.

    This is what prompts the truce between Maddie and Phantom- Phantom keeps decking the ghost that's obsessed with her husband.

    Side note: Vlad is just as creepy as normal. He's just creeping on Jack instead.

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  • cartoongirl
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Danny starts studying law solely to take Vlad down legally in the future

    #I just had this idea watching the Johnny Depp trail #danny phantom #I mean can you imagine it? Danny? a LAWYER?
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  • fevys
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago
    orginal charactor, canon divergent, song fic

    Bob the singer 01

     Bob was having a pleasant day, bathing in sunlight. Then he heard a scream. An agonizing scream was coming from the Fenton Works. Usually, he would stay away from anything named Fenton, but that scream was worrisome. He flied to the Fenton Works.


     He searched through the house, but nobody was there. That meant it was from the basement. Bob warily approached the stairs. Two teens were standing there, and one ghost was lying on the floor. Deafening silence. Then the ghost turned into human. A halfa?

     Two teens fretted.

     "What should we do. What should we do!"

     "Shut up, Tucker! I'm trying to think!"

     "Then think fast!"

     "I can't think when you are shouting over my head!"


     They decided to move halfa to his room. Hey, Bob know him. That's boy Fenton. Ghost hunters' kid became a halfa? Did ghost hunters experimented on their own child?


     "Danny! You are awake!"

     "Are you okay?"

     "Should we tell your parents?"



     Maybe this was an accident. That doesn't mean this wasn't absolutely terrifying! A kid almost died. Died!


     When Fenton kid's friends were gone, Bob approached the Fenton kid. He was one of them now. Well, half of them.


     "Ahhhh! A ghost!"


     Perhaps Bob hadn't thought about this through. Bob tried to show he was harmless, but the kid just shivered in the corner of the room. Bob looked around. There. Kid's phone. Bob latched on to it.


     "Ahh! Ghost got my phone!"


     Yeah, yeah. I'll use it well and give it back to you in one piece, kid. Bob transported his power to the phone. It lighted up and static sound that can be heard when the speaker is on started to flow out. Distant music grew louder. Male singer's voice became clear.


     'INSANE (A Hazbin Hotel Song) by Black Gryph0n & Baasik'

     『Hello, it's nice to meet you.』

     Good start for an introduction. Bob nodded to himself. Kid was still terrified but nonetheless listening.

     『Can you tell me where I am.』

     Huh. Well, he had chosen a song in a hurry. Bob knew where exactly he is, but pretending to be lost might be good for putting down kid's guard.


     『I don't know how I got here, but I'm starting to understand.』


     Really? Now Bob was curious. Where is this song going?


     『I don't belong among the angels, and maybe that's just fine with me (ha!)』


     Yeah, Bob too. He's a ghost, not an angel. He always tells himself he's fine being a ghost, but gets to wonder ifs about him becoming angel instead of ghost. He doesn't know angels really exists, but he can imagine.


     『The things I did up there were high school, but now I'm going for my degree.』


     Up there…? Bob vaguely got a bad feeling, but didn't know why.


     『Hey, sorry but you just got in my way. I promise honey I can feel your pain.』


     No. Yes?


     『And maybe I enjoy just a little bit,』


     No! Nonono. Nope. Bob stopped sending his power, but retracting wasn't fast enough.


     『Does that make me insane.』


     Noooo. Bob was insane. Of all things, he had to choose that song. Look at the kid. All terrified of a blob ghost that's hardly the size of your two hands.


     Yes, he's a blob ghost. Round and chubby blob ghost. That doesn't make him a mindless, instinct driven animal. He's perfectly capable of rational thinking. So, think Bob. What will calm that poor soul he unintentionally spooked.


     He got an idea. Hope this is good enough. He reached his power to kid's phone again.


     'Tarzan OST You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins'


     『Come stop your crying, it will be all right』


     Calming song. Perfect for a terrified kid. Bob never had a child, but he always wanted to sing this song to his kid.

     『Just take my hand, hold it tight

     I will protect you, from all around you

     I will be here, don't you cry』


     Oh, shit. Kid started crying. Was this song that touching? Or is he still terrified?

     『For one so small, you seem so strong

     My arms will hold you, keep you safe and warm』


     Bob slowly approached the Fenton kid. Kid didn't shy away from him. Bob nudged kid's hand. Kid startled, but his eyes held curiosity.


     『This bond between us, can't be broken

     I will be here, don't you cry』


     Bob gently nudged kid's hand again with his best puppy eyes. Some ghost said his puppy eyes were cute. He projected his words through his eyes. I'm not gonna hurt you. You may have seen a ghost for the first time and I look nothing like you, but you can trust me.


     『Why can't they understand the way we feel?

     They just don't trust what they can't explain

     I know we're different but deep inside us

     We're not that different at all』




     Kid whispered. Bob gladly bobbed his body.


     "You are a ghost, right?"


     Bob bobbed again. Kid chuckled with wet eyes. Kid looked at the closed door and cupped Bob with his hand like he was trying to hide him from something.


     "Are you evil?"


     Bob shook his head vehemently. Kid relaxed a little.


     "But my parents said all ghosts are evil."


     Great, ghost hunters were not just ghost hunters but who thought every ghost is evil. More reason to avoid. At least he can sense this kid had doubt about that opinion.


     『Don't listen to them

     'Cause what do they know (what do they know)?

     We need each other, to have, to hold.

     They'll see in time, I know』


     Bob pressed his core to Kid's chest. Bob sent emotions. Trust, kindness, happiness, love.


     "Oh, I can feel something."


     Right? Bob pressed more. Joy, safe, protect, relief. Feel this. Ghosts know these feelings. There might be evil, ghosts are not saints, but there's love too.


     "I, I guess then, I'm not evil thing too……."


     Gosh. This kid. Talk about self-doubt.


     『'Cause you'll be in my heart

     Believe me, you'll be in my heart

     I'll be there from this day on,

     Now and forever more』


     Kid hugged Bob. This felt good. Maybe he should stick around this kid a bit more before run far away from dedicated biased ghost hunters. Yep, to make sure this kid is okay.


     『Oh, you'll be in my heart (you'll be here in my heart)

     No matter what they say (I'll be with you)

     You'll be here in my heart (I'll be there) always』



     There was a ghost in his room. Was that ghost came here to get him? To the world of the dead? Because he died? Danny wasn't ready. It was just an accident. He even moved his body on his own. Dead can't move their body. So that mean he's not dead, right?


     Ghost got his phone. What is it doing? Blocking his means of seeking help? Music started. Greeting…. Don't know why it's here…? Enjoying his pain?


     Then the music abruptly ended. Ghost looked panicked. Ghost looked at his phone and Danny and phone. Then with a hump, another music started. This music was…warm.


     Telling him to stop crying, it will be alright…is it? Just take my hand, hold it tight…his mom used to say that when he had a nightmare. I will protect you, from all around you…dad would always shout that, no matter what threat it was. I will be here, don't you cry…but they are not here, are they?


     Danny couldn't help tears welling up in his eyes. He wanted to see his parents. Not who's obsessed with ghosts. Who used to tell him and Jazz they will be always love them, care for them. He really missed them.


     Ghost approached him. He didn't care. If this ghost is going to take him to the after world, then be it. He just wanted to feel safe and warm, but there's no more place for him to be safe and warm. Not after he became…something. Something his parents always said was evil, dedicated to destroy.


     Contrary to his thoughts, ghost insisted it wasn't evil. Made him feel that ghosts have positive kinds of emotions. Safe, warm, protected. Danny hugged the ghost. It was cool to the touch but soft. Setting sunlight felt different now. Not like end of the day, but like blanket of tomorrows promise.




     Danny : So, what should I call you?

     Bob : (Danny's phone/Song: B-I-N-G-O) There was a farmer had a dog, Bingo was his name-o. B, I, N, G, O. B…….

     Danny : Bingo?

     Bob : (Nope) (repeats BINGO)

     Danny : B, O, B…. Bob?

     Bob : (YES! What's your name, kid?)

     Danny: Uh, are you trying to tell me something?

     Bob : (Danny's phone/Song: What's Your Name) Hello, Hello. What's your name? What's your name? What's your name?

     Danny: Oh. I'm Danny.




    INSANE (A Hazbin Hotel Song) by Black Gryph0n & Baasik

    -> A serial killer became a demon and he has a song too? Sweet. I especially like the politeness.

    Tarzan OST You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins

    -> All of Tarzan OST are good.


    considered using

    The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil

    Nick Jonas – Camp Rock 2: Introducing Me

    #danny phantom #this is for writing practice #can be a mess #english is not my native language #thank you dictionary #thank you translator #thank you grammer checking app
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  • agentianlegend
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago


    It’s been a while! Start from the beginning on AO3 or FFn :)

    @tytach @ghostiemouse @arken-99​ @dp-marvel94​

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  • fuzzychildchopshop
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Ember McLain rocks

    She’s a awesome rocker ghost

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  • yapuwfou
    27.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Guys someone send me the link to that post

    Tumblr is trying to gaslight me into believing it doesn't exist, but I swear I remember there being a post about Amity Park's language being weird because ghosts that came from different places and time periods have influenced the language (specifically what the school kids say) by accident. And either the original post or an addition had Dash biting his thumb at Danny as an example.

    (I think there were also additions in the notes that gave examples of potential historical slang they could have picked up, with various different people adding in stuff from various different eras, although that may be yet another post, and if anyone has THAT one pls send a link over too!)

    #I just suddenly thought of it and I was like 'oh yeah #that exists' #and I wanted to read it again because I enjoyed it and it was a good writing prompt too but now I can't find it #I've searched through URLs and everything #I'm begging someone to help!!! #danny phantom#dp#post finder#phandom#amity park#headcanon#seach
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  • azurezfiction
    27.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    BatPhantom thoughts:

    Terry absolutely would be so extra when Pride rolls around. He’s that kind of dramatic and we all know it.

    Danny smiles and just rolls with it.

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  • firelordgrantham
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    more of 'em!!

    not because representation matters, but because it's starting to get weird in fanarts... okay I'mma backtrack a bit and give you my whole train of thoughts.

    You see, I'm pretty sure at the very beginning, there was this one guy who had white hair, this one girl with purple eyes... now if the fanart is bad enough, you can't tell if it's Chiara from HPHM, Azura from TC&TF, Azura's daughter, a young girl form of Ursula from the Little Mermaid, Killer Frost from DC, Yue from A:tla, a genderbend of Magneto or Quicksilver from Marvel Comics or an oc daughter of Danny Phantom, and many, many more.

    So, now that even the most enticing or original physical trait has been overused and is now associated with tropes or clichés, why not go back to the basics?

    Why not have a hero with mud-colored hair and brownish eyes? That's not something you'll find everywhere! Or rather, many people will look like that hero in real life, but not that many in other books or series.

    And again, I don't care the least about representation and how mud-haired children deserve to have a role modele looking like them too, because I think children don't stop at the physical appearance of the character nor the gender and will just cling to whatever character is close to them in ways of thinking and interests, not stop because that character is great but is of the opposite gender, because you all know that when you were kids you had favorite (or at least interesting) characters from both genders and many colors of skin, hair and eyes, or you are a liar.

    But it would bring more variety in the fanarts, and thus, for people who can't draw, more variety when it comes to making references for their characters or family trees or whatever, to pick from other people's works.

    So yeah this was brought to you by someone pretty p*ssed that one can't find a single light-brown haired girl for the illustrated family tree / alignement chart of one's newly started book.

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  • sadilimnilihim
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Shorthaired Jazz. Can be part of my Halfa Jazz au.

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  • how-do-i-spell
    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Um about these DP requests that you're taking rn, are there any actual rules or conditions to them that we should be aware of? And are crossovers allowed in this?


    - I won’t do any nsfw art for obvious reasons

    - Not too big on ships but it depends

    - I can do mild gore and blood and stuff no problem

    - For crossovers I guess it’s gonna depend on wether or not I’m part of the other requested fandom (sry if that’s a bit vague)

    Hope this helps!

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  • five-rivers
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Life's Great Lie 6

    "You idiot!  He can fly!"

    Well, so could Danny!  Usually.  When he wasn't limited to human form because he was being mind-controlled and the mind control didn't want him to go ghost because it would have to let go. 

    Luckily, Danny could slow down their fall, and Danny’s plan didn’t require distance, just breaking the man’s line of sight. 

    He turned them both invisible, and when they crashed into the trees below, it didn’t hurt much. 

    Loki got the idea quickly enough.  Soon, there were illusions, perfect images of Danny and Loki, running through the trees below.  Thor zoomed after them, and with a muffled scoff, flicked his fingers, splitting the illusion. 

    Danny had to admit that was pretty cool. 

    “Why,” said Loki, voice low and angry, “did you tell him I was mind-controlled?  I am not under any mind control.”

    Could have fooled Danny.   “You told me to protect you.  He seemed to care about you.  If he thinks you’re being controlled, he’ll hesitate.”

    “Care about me?  Maybe he cares about the brother he thought he had, but he never knew me.”


    “I’ve got eyes on—” Romanoff broke off.  “There’s more than one.”

    “Fenton’s duplication ability?” asked Rogers, who was still dripping on the floor. 

    “Only if he can pass it to Loki, too.”

    “We’ll have to split up,” said Rogers.  “Each of us take one.”

    “I’ve got the one in the middle,” said Tony. 


    “And here come the heroes,” said Loki.  “Shall we see if I can get them to fight?”


    They’d whittled down the Lokis to one, and Romanoff had finally managed to tag Fenton with a sleeper dart.  Problem was, Thor didn’t want to let his brother go without a fight. 

    A fight there was.  It started out okay, at least in Tony’s opinion.  Neither he nor Rogers were exactly fresh and Thor was a godlike alien warrior with a magic lightning hammer, but they held their own. 

    Up until Thor overloaded his circuits, leaving the right side of his suit a smoking, unresponsive mess.  Being that he didn’t want to become Perillaus Mark 2 inside his own brazen bull, he pulled the emergency release.  Not all the catches worked, and he had to kick off one of his boots before it could cripple him. 

    This left him a normal, undefended human in the middle of a battle between Captain America and Thor.  Not his idea of a vacation. 

    Not that he didn’t feel as if he could overcome even this challenge, but valor, discretion, etcetera, etcetera, it was time to get out of—

    He was stopped by a spear tip to the chest.  The arc reactor in particular.  Oh, and a smiling Loki. 

    Not good, not good—

    Loki frowned.  “Why isn’t it working?”

    “Uh,” said Tony.  “Compatibility issues?”  Then he remembered the two legendary figures duking it out behind him.  “Help!”

    Loki, annoyingly, disappeared. 


    “I thought we were trying not to get caught,” hissed Danny. 

    “Having the smith under my command would have been a boon,” shot back Loki.  “The benefits outweighed the risks.  Why didn’t it work?”

    “Might have something to do with the giant glowy thing on his chest,” said Danny.  Tucker would kill him for forgetting the name.  “The arc reactor?  Does something for his heart problems.”

    Loki looked like he had swallowed a lemon.  “No matter.  We still have the upper hand.”


    We, Loki had said. 

    It wasn’t exactly a slip of the tongue.  He was simply… surprised at the word’s honesty.  He didn’t think he had it in him, to be honest. 

    No, that wasn’t right.  For all his lies, he was more honest about the truths of the world than anyone else. 

    He dismissed the thought to focus on his current… predicament. 

    Running through the woods like this, plan or no, was undignified.  He was half tempted to tell Danny to leave him to be captured and tell Barton to go through with the previous plan.  They were disgustingly far from the rendezvous. 

    Disgustingly, because although Loki would prefer to ignore it, he was on a time limit.  His unconventionally acquired followers were not automatons.  Their bodies would force them to sleep eventually, and then what would Loki do?  He’d be left in a situation not unlike the one Danny outlined regarding the Chitauri. 

    The new plan should give him time to overcome that particular problem. 

    The reached the road, and Loki shot a warning blast in front of the next car to drive by, forcing it to stop. 

    “Sorry,” said Danny as he pulled the driver out through the door, and then…  Went around to the side without the wheel. 

    “What are you doing?”

    “Getting in the passenger seat?”

    “You expect me to drive?”

    “You are the adult.  I can’t get a license in my state until I’m sixteen.”

    “Sixteen decades?” asked Loki.  Who had come up with such a ridiculous number?

    “Uh, no.  Years.  Sixteen years.”

    “As in, rotations around your sun?”

    “That is how we define years, yes.”

    “How,” said Loki, “old are you?”

    “Fifteen.  Do we really have to have this conversation now?”

    “And what is the average lifespan of a human?”

    “I don’t know, man.  Eighty?  The oldest person I’ve ever met was only, like, a hundred.”

    Loki did not blanch.  Truly.  He stalked to the driver’s side door and pulled it open.  Operating a mortal vehicle couldn’t be that hard.


    Danny, having been raised by Jack and Maddie Fenton, did not see anything deficient in Loki’s driving skills.  However, it is important to note that anyone else in the same situation – save, perhaps, Jazz Fenton or Thor – certainly would have. 


    “So,” said Fury.  “You let them get away.”

    “I think,” said Tony, testing out exactly how pulled the muscle in his right shoulder was, “that ‘let’ is a bit of a strong word, there.  Why didn’t those fancy ray guns work?”

    “At this time, that’s unclear,” said Fury. 

    “Could it be sabotage?” asked Romanoff.  “The Fentons may know more than they’re letting on.”

    “Again, we’re looking into it.  What is clear is that you underestimated the enemy.”

    “Well, sorry for not wanting to use lethal force on a teenager.  Now, if it was reindeer games—”

    “I do not believe my brother is entirely in his right mind.  The boy with him—”

    “Even ignoring the fact that Fenton has been compromised by Loki’s mental abilities,” interrupted Fury, “are you trying to say that what he did in New Mexico was, what, some kind of fluke?”

    “In New Mexico,” said Thor, “Loki was only after me.  He didn’t kill anyone.”

    “Not for lack of trying,” said Agent Coulson from where he was lurking in the back of the room.  Cool.  Tony had no idea how long he’d been doing that. 

    “I think he was trying to give us hints,” said Tony.  “Fenton, I mean.”

    “Like what?” asked Rogers.

    “Said his friend was a fan of mine and that I could do better, whatever that meant.  Didn’t he say something about your shield, too?  Something about it being loud?”

    “He did,” said Rogers.  “But we have no idea how the victims here are being affected.  It might not mean anything.”

    “Yeah?  And how about the fact that we’re all still alive?  He pulled circuits out of my suit without touching anything around it.  He could have yanked out the arc reactor.  You know, the thing that is very publicly the only thing keeping my heart beating.  Hell, he could have pulled out our hearts with that little stunt.  Yeah, we got knocked over, but at the end of the day, that’s all that happened.”

    Fury stared at Tony for a long moment.  “Coulson,” he said.  “Get in contact with the Fentons.  See if you can learn anything about Daniel’s friends, and why the weapons they gave us failed.”

    #danny phantom#dannymay 2022 #dannymay 2022 day 26: overcome #dannymay #life's great lie #dp/marvel crossover #op!danny x marvel
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  • what-even-is-sleep
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Heehee hoohoo DP but with body horror elements and a bit older (dannymay day 27)

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  • vineyrose
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Funny guy

    I got an idea.

    No one in Team Phantom really takes Tucker seriously or listens to him that much.

    As a result, many accidents happen with the things he builds.

    Team Phantom only faces that issue after meeting the Justice League and The Team.

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  • modordracena
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    My favorite panel from Amity Thereafter 😍😍 @ep-10

    Webtoon: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/amity-thereafter/list?title_no=355053

    #danny phantom #danny phantom fanfic #fanfic#webtoon
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  • consumedbyachillesinthewomb
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    ok I need help.

    I want to get a Danny Phantom tattoo but I don't want to get Danny and I don't want to get anything explicitly Danny Phantom. I kind of have a thing with my tattoos that if it's from something I want it to be subtly from it. Like I have an Avatar The Last Airbender tattoo but it's of a turtle duck which is a very minute detail from the show but if you've seen the show you know what it is.

    So I need some ideas of DP tattoos that aren't just the symbol or a character. I want it to have a lot of color so idk where to start. I was thinking maybe the ghost portal or just some sort of green.

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  • boilingrain
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    It's so wild to me that the Danny Phantom fandom is still around today because like... apparently the first episode of that show aired only a few days after I was born. I'm legally an adult now.

    I know that there are fandoms that have been around for longer than that, but still. Wow. Honestly pretty amazing

    #danny phantom #also for some reason my brain has decided that this is the main thing I'll be thinking about for who knows how long #Anyways Johnny 13 is very gender #If I wasn't born in 2004 I think he would've been my first experience with gender envy instead of N from pokemon
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  • fuckinart
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    hey, Danny, who’s your friends?

    #Danny Phantom#Danny Fenton#art#digital art#crows #this was a lighting & program experiment so excuse literally everything #making fanart of my own fics? it's more likely than you think #FOtPoD#Magpie AU #ya his hoodie is in the colours of a magpie thanks for noticing uwu
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  • quirkless-accident
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago


    Danny gets badly injured during a mission/ arc/ training and Danny just "shrugs, ive had worst/ im fine/ tis but a scratch"

    Shouta had a high pain tolerance. It just came with the territory of being a pro hero-and an underground one at that, where the work was a bit more strenuous, a bit more messy.

    As an underground hero, he's seen things that give him panic attacks at the most inopportune times. When he closes his eyes he can sometimes see the blood staining his knuckles from beating villains half to death. When it rains all of his joints decide they want to ache simultaneously. He's got old injuries in every part of his body, and they want him to remember whenever they sky gets a little gray.

    He's had most of his bones broken, and he's had his guts all but spilling out of him from stab wounds, and he's early bled out on multiple occasions.

    But none of that could even compare to what Danny's going through right now.

    It was an accident in training, but one thing led to another, and Danny's guts ended up actually spilling out a bit.

    Danny had been sparring against Todoroki, and hadn't had enough time to dodge or go intangible. The ice spiked up and went straight through his stomach and out the other end.

    Danny cried out, gripping the ice as green leaked from his mouth and the gaping hole in his stomach. Shouta was over there in the blink of an eye, barking at another student to go and get Recovery Girl.

    "Don't worry about it," Danny said, giving him and Todoroki what probably would have been a fond smile, if not for the grimace coming in full force. "I've had worse. It's not even that bad, I promise."

    "What do you mean you've had worse?" Todoroki asks, and oh. He's not calm at all. In fact, he looks a little too pale, but whether it's from the look of Danny's injury or the guilt that's no doubt eating him from the inside out, he can't tell. Hell, he can't even begin to process.

    "Just stay awake, okay, kid?" Shouta says. Danny's arms are shaking with the effort of holding himself up so he doesn't slip further down the ice, but he just nods and smiles like nothing is wrong. "What's-what's your favorite show?" Shouta asks. He already knows the answer to it, it's some horror sow from the pre-quirk era that Danny has explained to him and Hizashi in length about. But Danny tells him about it again anyway, through choked out words and half-lidded eyes.

    It doesn't take long for Recovery Girl and a swarm of medic bots to greet them. A couple minutes at the very most, but it feels like years.

    "Hey, RG," Danny greets weakly from his spot above them. "How's it hanging?"

    Shouta has never wanted to simultaneously choke and hug someone as fiercely as he wants to do now. But Danny being so calm, as unnerving as it is for Shouta, is probably helping everybody else out.

    Recovery Girl gets to work and makes sure she's more than ready to treat Danny. When she's done, he uses his intangibility to slip out of the ice spike. As soon as he's free, he's strapped to a stretcher and wheeled out faster than Shouta can blink.

    He calls of the rest of training and sends Todoroki to Hound Dog. He should probably stay and make sure they're okay, but his mind if whirling with what ifs and other, worse thoughts that he was doing his best not to think about.

    Shouta had never lost a kid since his tenure at U.A.

    He wasn't about to start now. And he certainly wasn't about to start spiraling. Not when Danny needed him.

    He all but sprinted to Hizashi's classroom, not caring that he most definitely broke the door with the force in which he opened it. Hizashi was startled, hand already going to his directional speaker. But then he saw Shouta's face, and bless him, because Shouta didn't even need to say anything before Hizashi was at his heels, running with him to the infirmary.

    He let them in, despite her strict rule about no visitors during surgery.

    "Hey, Zashi," Danny greeted weakly from the bed. How he was still awake, Shouta would never know.

    "How are you-" Hizashi paled at the sight of Danny's torso. In hindsight, Shouta probably should have told him what happened before leading him back here. "What happened?" His voice was barely above a horrified whisper. Danny, though, seemed just out of it enough to not notice his dilemma.

    "Just a training accident," he lazily waved off.

    "How are you still conscious?"

    "Oh, uh-well, ectoplasm is thicker than blood, and it leaves the body a lot slower than blood. So I figured if I just stay awake I should be fine," Danny said with a shrug. "Can't hold my ghost form if I'm unconscious, you know? Stitching is a little harder cause my skin keeps turning to goo but it's whatever."

    "It's what-" Hizashi said, cutting himself off with the sheer disbelief he was feeling. Because all of those words were very concerning. And sure, it was good to be in tune with one's own body, but how did Danny know that?

    Shouta remembered him saying he's had worse. He doesn't want to really find out how worse it was. How close they could have gotten to not meeting Danny at all.

    After answering a few ghost physiology-related questions, Recovery Girl shooed them out.

    Neither of them talked, but they were both weighed down with the knowledge that if this had been any other kid, there would be blood staining their hands. There would be no cheerful welcome home! waiting for them when they walked through the door. There would be no family picnics and family beach days and family anything.

    So they sat, and they waited. They didn't speak, but they did grip each other's hands as tightly as they could without hurting one another, giving gentle squeezes of reassurance whenever the other seemed to be spiraling. It was grounding, to say the least.

    Recovery Girl didn't finish her surgery until late at night. She came out looking absolutely exhausted but satisfied with her work.

    "He's finally resting now," she tells them. "And he turned back. He should be okay, though he's gonna be on strict bedrest until he heals up. With his natural healing abilities and my quirk it shouldn't be more than a couple of weeks."

    Shouta and Hizashi both slumped with relief at the fact that their kid (and really, they've never discussed it, but it was an unspoken fact that Danny was their kid) would be just fine.

    "He was in an out of it," Recovery Girl said. "Some of it was nonsense, but some of it was...Concerning. Whenever he's healed up I'd maybe talk to him about it. Or get him to talk to someone else about it."

    "Yes, we will," Hizashi said immediately. HIs antsy nature was finally taking over, it seemed. "Can we-are we allowed...?"

    "Go on ahead. Just try not to wake him."

    "Thank you, Shuzenji," Shouta said. He knelt down and clasped her hands, giving them a thorough squeeze. She patted him lightly on the head before giving him a kiss goodnight. She ushered him into the room with Hizashi, and headed off to her own room that she used more often then she would like.

    The room was bathed in a soft moonlight, but it didn't stop Danny from looking incredibly pale. He was completely still, too, which unnerve Shouta. Danny was always animated in some way, whether it be hard at training or bouncing his leg while he did homework. He was always in some form of constant movement. So to see a lack of it was...Well, a little bit weird. If it wasn't for the occasional rise and fall of his chest, Shouta would have thought he was a corpse.

    But he wasn't.

    He was staring at his son, who was alive and strong and so many other things that Shouta couldn't put into words because every time he so much as thought about it his throat would suddenly close up and his eyes would sting from something that wasn't his chronic dry eye.

    He sank into the seat next to Hizashi, right up against the bed. With his left hand he held his husband, and with his right, he squeezed Danny's cold, limp hand, covered in callouses and Lichtenburg figures.

    And for the first time all day, he felt like he could actually breathe again.

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    first evolution of danny upgrading his hero outfit

    he got a mini cloak

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