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  • throning
    29.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I don’t really go here but had the urge to draw this!

    I like the sketch more than the coloured pic so that about describes my feelings towards my own lack of colouring abilities ;w;

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  • aibou-ftw
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Journey - Side B (1/9) - Intro Exploration

    Fandom: Homestuck Pairing: John/Dave

    Your name is John Egbert and you have a feeling that this isn't just a normal dream bubble.

    #homestuck#johndave#hammertime#pepsicola#john egbert#dave strider#davejohn #oh here we go! #the alternate POV of Journey that no one asked for!
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  • aibou-ftw
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Journey (9/9) - Epilogue

    Fandom: Homestuck Pairing: John/Dave

    You slowly open your eyes.  There’s nothing but white in front of you.  What the fuck?  You thought you left that white shit lifetimes ago.  Also, what the fuck is that annoying beeping sound?  It sounds like…a heart monitor?  Huh?  Wha-

    Oh.  That’s right.  You’re back in the fucking hospital, next to John’s bed.

    #homestuck#johndave#hammertime#pepsicola#john egbert#dave strider#davejohn #oh my goodness we've finally made it to the end! #it's been a lovely ride! #and I'm so glad that I finally posted this! #I sincerely hope that you all enjoyed! #Next is John's POV! #aiboufics
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  • isogenderskitty
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    goofy sappy junedave thought/headcanon/little drabble under the cut :)

    they’re watching a movie together all cuddled up, & june makes some easy offhand joke like “watch out dave i’m gonna dump you & go date [insert fictional character here] instead :B”

    dave laughs but then his brain decides to remind him of the time june told him about everywhere she’s been with her zappy retcon powers, including the time she was inside a scene from con air for a second, and his thoughts start spiralling; could june just decide “fuck real life actually” one day and go make a new life in any universe she wanted, real or otherwise?? is that a thing that could happen? if he fucked up real bad, or she just got bored of him? or if someone proposed the classic “if you could live in any world…” hypothetical to her and she simply took it to its logical conclusion? god what the fuck is she even still doing here-

    june notices dave got quiet all of a sudden, and asks him what’s wrong. she probably has to prod for a little while before he’ll tell her. when he does, she sighs in equal parts affection and exasperation, and sits up a little straighter (from where she was half laying down, snuggled into his side) to address his face properly.

    “… dave... three things:”

    “oh jesus that many huh. yeah thats fair. listen i know it was a dumb intrusive thought please just drop it egbert. drop it like its temperature is insanely fucking high and holding it any longer would-“

    “listennnn!” she holds his face in her hands and he laughs despite himself.

    “ok ok god im listening i guess what are the three things”

    “one: i was there for like 2 seconds, i don’t even know if that was The Actual Con Air Universe or if i was just like… on set while they were filming it or some shit. it’s entirely possible. i did not get time to check for cameras and boom mics and whatnot.”

    dave rolls his eyes, and is about to point out that even at a glance that really should have been obvious one way or the other, but june carries on before he can cut her off.

    “TWO: even if that WAS what happened, i have no idea if it’s sustainable. as i said, i was there for like two seconds if even that. i feel like there’s surely gotta be consequences for trying to do that long-term? like, big ones?? like the universe just fucking goes nope and kills me or some shit? i dunno man but i’m not gonna risk it.”

    dave opens his mouth as if to say something, then shuts it again, anticipating the dreaded third thing. june smiles softly and starts rubbing gentle, soothing little arcs with her thumbs where she’s still holding his face. his shoulders relax just the tiniest bit.

    “and most importantly, THREE!!!!… well,” her tone shifts to much gentler all of a sudden. “out of every character in every piece of media ever, out of every historical figure, out of everyone that ever was and ever will be and technically never was…” she glances away, a little embarrassed, then gathers her courage and pecks a quick kiss on his lips before continuing. “i’d still just want you. so stop being a big baby.”

    dave blushes so bright he looks like a tomato, and june snorts and musses up his hair before burying herself back under his arm again, ignoring his spluttered complaints and squeezing him tight.

    #homestuck#my writing#junedave#johndave#pepsicola#hammertime#davejune#davejohn #otp: the heir and his knight #maybe i should change that tag now for june… #sorry witty thahk has served me well #let’s go withhhh #otp: tender bro embrace #i considered ‘reconsider’ but then ironically reconsidered bc that feels more peepsicola specific to me #will probably use that for them #also considered ‘butler island’ but eh this ones cute #june egbert#dave strider#john egbert #i am of the opinion that dave can keep calling june bro & dude #bc it’s comfy coming from him :) #besides. it was june that said tender bro embrace
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  • clownecare
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    a sneak peak of th eboys!!!!! i miss them wtf

    #johndave#davejohn#hs#homestuck #im probably not gonna finish this #but i'll draw them smooching maybe! #john egbert#dave strider#citdraws
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  • aibou-ftw
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Journey (8/9) - Paradise

    Fandom: Homestuck Pairing: John/Dave

    He only laughs like a fucking mad man at your frustrated shout.  Jesus fuck, what the everloving fuck is wrong with him?  Is he seriously going to make you chase him down right now?  Right after you both fucking died?  After everything you’ve been through trying to get him out of this goddamn coma in the fucking first place?  God, why does he always have to be such an insufferable asshole?  And, knowing that, how the hell did you fall so deeply in love with him?

    #homestuck#johndave#hammertime#pepsicola#john egbert#dave strider#davejohn #jeebus this one's so fucking sappy #but you know what? #after the shit they dealt with in the last chapter #they deserve to be sappy lmaoo #ohhhhh mannn I can't believe we're almost to the end! #and then it's on to John's POV! #hope you enjoy! #aiboufics
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  • aibou-ftw
    01.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Journey (7/9) - The Mountain

    Fandom: Homestuck Pairing: John/Dave

    Come on, Strider, focus.  You’ve got some multitasking to do.  Making sure you’re going in the right direction.  Keeping an eye on the war machine patrolling above you.  Double, and even triple, checking that John is still with you.  Not succumbing to the squalls pushing you around.  This is becoming too much to handle.  But fuck, you’re a Strider; nothing’s too much to handle. It must be the exhaustion getting to you.

    #homestuck#johndave#pepsicola#hammertime#john egbert#dave strider#davejohn #OH HERE WE GO #this is *by far* my favorite chapter in the entire fic #it's also gone through the most iterations over the years #gdi they both need a hug in this one #i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it! #aiboufics
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  • fantasticpatrolcherryblossom
    28.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    heinoustuck johndavekat ( weird thought but its more for me than it is for you. The person who is reading this)

    So after finding and saving some Random girl from getting killed/transmuted, John and the girl hideout in an dumpster that has been laying on its side and is completely covered in piles of garbage bags--don't ask john what's inside the bags, he's checked and he doesn't want to talk about it!!....poor little guy..ANYWAY ON WITH THE SURPRISINGLY FUNNY SKIT! (I think?)

    Girl??: So...what's in these little bags??

    EB: !!!-Don’t--

    Girl??: omg!! WHY DO YOU HAVE YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY IN A BAG!! OH my GOD! Is that your boxers!?

    EB........uh yes? (Privileged much) because..it's not as if we have a fully functioning washing machine just laying around Unless we're talking about the one that's on or in the piles of trash outside also why should it matter and I don't think you can consider this laundry more like rags that I merely found that could keep me warm!

    Girl??: *sigh* well I guess you're better than nothing...

    EB: uhhh? What's that supposed to mean?

    Girl??: you know! * Vaguely gesturing*

    EB: uhh umm?.....


    EB:??..what? (why do I feel like I've just made a mistake by helping her)

    Girl??: ugh!! You know! Repopulating and saving others AND definitely destroying those Abominations!! 


    EB..um. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work because first of all I've just hit my first milestone of being fourteen years old and I don't intend on getting killed unless I really need too, after all I Never thought I'd sadly get this far-- 

    Girl??: that's exactly why we hav--

    EB: ALSO!! I'm bi and unfortunately in a relationship that I can't escape from with an disembodied, loud voice Telling me That they made the stars for me.....and that there always watching.....

    Gir??:......* Mild concern mostly for herself, granted*

    EB: Aannd A giant flying feathery monstrosity that used to stalk my house and leave...little..dead things. AND crushed chocolates that looked as though they have been ripped out of a box or container. OH wait they probably WERE!!

    Girl??:.don't tell me you actually ate them.


    Girl??: oh my God *proceeds open up the dumpster and puke their guts out*

    EB:.wow. I WAS gonna tell you "no.I thought about it but no." BUT you just immediately Assume I ate the chocolate. Wow. So logically you're just puking for nothing 

    Girl??: and to think, I was looking at you as though you were the main character in those apocalyptic fanfics and novels and comics who was portrayed as the strong broad, strategizing guy that know one suspects!!

    EB: excuse me. who are you to judge.. Also I don't think you have noticed but I'm a fourteen year old kid with a typical nerd looking figure who sadly doesn't look big or buff. I'm not built like Arnold Schwarzenegger or the Rock!

    girl??:Oh wow. And here I thought The reason Why you look and talk the way you do was because you have mummy issues..*eye rolling*


    Girl??: ok. I didn't know why I said that. I'm sorry.

    EB: Nah.Thats alright. It would explain my taste in past crushes. Like how my crushes is always seemingly intimidating and threatening upon my life and how they always seem to be stronger than I am. But that's just probably the general vibe I got from rose..

    Girl??: who's rose. 

    EB: Not important :B

    Girl??: but--

    EB: LET'S MOVE ON. *and escape from this conversation where I randomly spill my whole backstory*

    Girl??: --_--  

    #heinoustuck#davejohn#johnkat#davekat#homestuck#john egbert#homestuck au #why did i do this #why? just because. #why not! #hs#rose lalonde #karkat the tap dancing crab demon #Heinoustuck John #hs john egbert #hs john #oh no. THE GIRLS FROM THE DARK PARTS OF REDDIT #not the light parts. THE DARK PARTS OF REDDIT #dave strider#karkat vantas #hs rose lalonde #hs dave strider #hs karkat vantas #john#rose#dave#karkat#hs dave#hs rose#hs karkat
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  • aibou-ftw
    24.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Journey (6/9) - The Temple

    Fandom: Homestuck Pairing: John/Dave

    “What part of ‘it didn’t happen’ don’t you understand, Dave?”  John’s brows are furrowed together in an expression that screams frustration.  Good. That’s your plan, anyway: to get him to be so angry and fed up with you that he’ll start blabbing just to get you to shut up.  You honestly don’t give a single flipping fuck that you’re probably annoying the hell out of him.  This is something you need to know, for the sake of your heart as well as your sanity.

    #homestuck#johndave#hammertime#pepsicola#john egbert#dave strider#davejohn #fuckin *finally* my dudes #and the reason the fic has an M rating #fun fact that no one asked for: this was the first chapter I wrote in John's POV #because yes - I've also written the entire damn thing in John's POV #that's coming next #either way enjoy! #kudos if you read all the tags lmao #aiboufics
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  • h0wait0
    17.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
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  • aibou-ftw
    17.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Journey (5/9) - The Underground Passage

    Fandom: Homestuck Pairing: John/Dave

    You manage to maintain your cool, even though inside you are flipping out like pancakes that have missed the skillet.  So he does have a crush on someone.  Somehow, you have to coax an answer out of him.  Because you’re just a fucking masochist like that.  Seriously, what the ever-loving fuck is wrong with you?  “If I had to guess, I would say that you’re hiding something.”

    #homestuck#johndave#hammertime#pepsicola#john egbert#dave strider#davejohn #this is by far one of my fave chapters #things finally progress!! #and Dave is such an oblivious idiot I LOVE IT #aiboufics
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  • thefreshprinceofjunes
    16.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    i want yall to know all this hs talk lead me to rereading stuff on the mspa wiki

    which then lead to me watching daves route in pesterquest and losing my mind over davejohn at 3 am literally 10+ years after i first read the comic

    #hussie really gave us the davejohn content we deserved like a decade later huh
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  • crowseverywhere
    15.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    pepsi cola canon

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  • titmaeustitstified
    15.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    me and my sexy johnjune fictive lover drawn on aggie dont steal @minionlover45

    #pepsicola #i love davejohn #johndave#davejohn#fictive#osdd fictive#osdd system #dave strider fictive #john egbert fictive #june egbert fictive #june egbert#john fictive #sweaty gay sex #gay#homosexual#pride
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  • wack-wizard
    14.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Dave and John they are the only reason I read homestuck in the first place LOL

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  • error-elf-206
    13.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    so i was thinking about soulmark aus annndddddd....

    happy 4/13

    if you tag this as proship ill fucking kill you. its familiar you bastards.

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  • harveytxt
    13.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    happy 4/13! on behalf of the johndave fan discord here is a little mini-zine collab we did for homestuck day because we’re nostalgic dammit 


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