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  • welcome-to-ikea
    29.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    I love how we all call Scout’s Ma that, regardless of whether or not we call our own mom Ma

    #I do the same thing w/demo’s mum but I’m not sure if anybody else does #tf2#scout’s ma #love her <33
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  • sadboyexodus
    28.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Tfdoodles :)

    #tf2#demo tf2#demoman tf2#scout tf2#pyro tf2 #i dont make content how do i tag art? #art
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  • tf2yall
    28.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    merc driving headcanons? good, bad, crazy etc. drivers? :)))


    Scout has a driver's license. He always knows where it is because he has to get it out every freaking time he wants to go to a bar. Scout pitches a big fit about it everytime lol. He's an adult goddammit!

    Scout is a uh... questionable driver. To say it nicely.

    Doesn't wear his seatbelt, constantly speeding, pretty much always a distracted driver. Has crashed his car... too many times...

    His older brother taught him how to drive and honestly he was as hyperactive as Scout so you know. Not exactly much actual learning going on.

    Scout doesn't do much driving. He doesn't own a car and no one's crazy enough to let him use theirs. He's fine with that. There's nowhere he really wants to go anyways. He can amuse himself just fine at base.


    Does Soldier have a driver's license? No. Is that going to stop him? Also no.

    Everybody has come to an unspoken agreement never to let Soldier drive. Ever. Not after that incident with the golf cart

    He's a fucking maniac on the road. Stop light??? What's that?? Turn signal???? Who???

    Essentially treats driving as a more horizontal kind of rocket jumping. Does not seem to get that you're supposed to drive on the road...

    Tuefort probably has a special insurance plan for 'Soldier ran into my living room with a truck' lol


    Didn't learn to drive until he left Russia, and he was already in his 30s by then.

    An incredibly safe driver. Follows all of the traffic rules perfectly, properly uses his turn signals, always has his license close at hand. He's just genuinely good at driving.

    ...up until the point when you piss him off.

    Heavy's patient, but when he loses it oh he fucking loses it.

    Can and will drive into other cars. Doesn't care about the damage done to his own, Engie'll fix it. GET OUT OF HIS FUCKING WAY LITTLE PEOPLE, HEAVY HAS PLACES TO BE

    Will return to base with the front end of his car completely totaled and just hand the keys to Engie and tell him to fix it. Engie's currently in the process of 'upgrading' the car so he doesn't have to fix it so often.

    How is he doing this? Well, with Engineer logic of course. By adding more gun. And then a little more gun. Just to be safe.


    One of the better drivers on the team

    If he's sober, he's actually a really good driver. Behaving himself like a good boy :) Hasn't run anyone over unlike some of the mercs *cough Medic cough*

    Doesn't do a lot of driving because he's smart enough not to drive drunk. And Demo's pretty much always drunk lol

    Also won't drive outside of the UK. He's used to driving on the left side of the road, and he's a little concerned that he'll just default to that side without thinking and get himself in a car accident

    Demo does road rage but not to the extent of some of the other mercs. He'll swear and curse at them bad enough to make a sailor blush but he's not gonna actually get out of the car and fist fight them in the street


    Can't drive? Maybe?? No one's ever seen them drive so?? But they also seem to just show up in random places so they have to be driving??? Right???

    Pyro doesn't actually have a driver's license. They just never really wanted to learn.

    Interestingly enough, they do have a pilot's license though...


    Another one of the good drivers. Mostly. Like most of the other mercs, Engie road-rages. And he road-rages hard.

    He won't yell or scream, but if you take too long at a light he will get out of his car and politely inquire why you're not moving, whilst also politely offering to rearrange your intestines for you

    Tends to be the designated driver amongst the mercs because he's the least likely to get in a car crash or drive the car over someone on purpose

    Engie owns an old, rusted, beaten-down truck. It runs just fine, it just looks like it's going to fall apart if you so much as look at it wrong.


    Medic has a driver's license. Medic should not have a driver's license.

    He's an angry little man and will not hesitate to run people over or ram into other cars

    'Zhey where on zhe road, zhey knew the risk!'

    'doc pls u killed twenty people'

    Whistles or hums along to the radio when he drives.


    An amazing driver! Excellent job, Spy, you're one of the most competent drivers on the team.

    If you ignore the fact that he's mentally jotting down the license plates of anyone who annoys him.

    His car is his baby and he doesn't trust any of the mercs to be in it, nevermind drive it.

    He likes to just go for nice relaxing drives sometimes


    Genuinely a really good driver. He canonically uses his turn signal ffs

    His mom taught him how to drive and he will make her proud by always following traffic rules

    Doesn't exactly road rage in the traditional sense. He doesn't yell, but he does kinda sit there and seethe, mumbling insults under his breath.

    Very stuck in his ways and will not replace his camper until it physically cannot move anymore

    #i didn't have a lot to say on some of them lol #hope u enjoy <3 #tf2 headcanons#scout#soldier#heavy#pyro#engineer#demo#medic#sniper#spy
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  • aprofessionalwithoutstandards
    28.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    theres probably something to be said about racism wrt werewolf demo and the idea that he's "rabid" or whatever but thats for someone who knows what theyre talking about to really elaborate on and that someone is not me

    There is absolutely 100% something to be said about racism there and that's what I've been implying the entire time. If I can take this moment to complain a liiiittle bit more I think there's overall a problem people have with forcing Demo tf2 into niches he doesn't really fit into as a character and which other teef2 characters would be much better suited for. Like making him Feral And Rabid or making him overly aggressive and violent and angry or making him stupid (like seriously out of every teef2 character. half of them can't even read) idk it's a weird trend I've noticed and I'm not even that involved in fan content. However I also don't think u should completely stray away from characterization that IS canon bc that reads like ur trying to "fix" how he's written and I rlly don't see anything wrong with it. Like I put him into, like, sexy pirate captain archetypes in the au that exists in my brain and he still blows people up and kills people with swords bc that's how he is and that's fine like that's good. He has a character and it involves killing people. He's just not "rabid" about it in any sense of the word lmao

    #SORRY for complaining i'm sorry. just been sitting on my chest #like relating to my whole opinion w demoxsoldier i think he 100000% goes along with dumb shit soldier comes up with #not bc he's also stupid but bc he thinks it's funny and is a mischievous person who knows it's a bad idea but loves when things blow up #ask#ophiodordyceps#tf2#demo#demoman tf2 #sorryyy again i just saw how fucking long this post is
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  • aprofessionalwithoutstandards
    28.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    vamp demo but medic gives him a nigh endless supply of blood. just don't ask where it comes from <3

    Yknow the modern vampire media trope where a Good Guy Vampire will drink blood bank blood instead of killing people and how people always ask how is that more ethical? Don't people need blood bank blood? World renowned licensed medical professional Medic tf2 does not care about that ethical question and only cares about making sure his friend doesn't starve and die. Bonus if he still blows people up so really this arrangement is JUST for Medic's amusement

    #ask#sirhammerlockjakobs#tf2#demo#medic#demoman tf2#medic tf2#vampire demo #<- guess who wants a tag to click thru. i am not gay btw
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  • aprofessionalwithoutstandards
    28.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    what about... selkie demo👀

    Okay literally

    [Image ID: A screenshot from Wikipedia reading "Male selkies are described as being very handsome in their human form, and having great seductive powers over human women." End ID]

    #men for everyone at home too dw. human girlboys #ask#anon#tf2#demo#demoman tf2
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  • aprofessionalwithoutstandards
    28.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Vampire demo attempt. Pretend the eyepatch is on the left eye

    HIII HELLO oh my God he is so. he's. he's. aaah. Vampire Demo trutherism

    #i'm sorry u know how i am. u broke me #ask#doctorparma#art#demo#demoman tf2#tf2 fanart
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  • aprofessionalwithoutstandards
    28.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Since you're talking about demo, have the worst idea I've ever had;

    Demo x eyelander

    Anon were you not there when I posted about humanized sexyman Eyelander. Anyway the only good takes to come of that is masc she/her human Eyelander x Demo or regular ass sword Eyelander x Demo because Demo 100% is not above fucking a sword

    #what's that thing the tumblr girlies call it. the harkness test? #if comic eyelander can watch tv and eat churros i'm sure it can shove itself u- #please do not record me saying that. that is the worst thing i ever said #ask#anon#tf2#demo#demoman tf2#eyelander #also i'm ALWAYS talking about demo talk to me about him at all times
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  • sirhammerlockjakobs
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    the autism spectrum

    #my post#tf2#artstuff #the whole ensemble #scout#soldier#pyro#demo#heavy#engineer#medic#sniper#spy #man it's been so long since i drew these guys...
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  • aprofessionalwithoutstandards
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    SNIPER is the feral werewolf and theyre in a forbidden romance get with the program cupcake

    LITERALLY! LITERALLY! Always saying this. Man I gotta start writing for these guys I need to fix the teef2 community ground up

    #force myself to make smth appropriate for posting lmao #ask#anon#tf2#sniper#demo #(implied?) #swordvan #(implied as well. the they is abt demo)
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  • aprofessionalwithoutstandards
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    wwhat about vampire demoman

    I was just talking about him aheehee. I am DOWN with vampire Demo that's so good. I feel like it's a nice archetype for him he could make it work. Swords. Castles. Europe. Sexy. You get the idea. It's also a classier more distinguished monster which is, in my opinion, closer to in character than like. "feral." He's not feral. Shut up. Anyway vampire Demo renaissance when I need to go insane

    #i'm also into werewolves in that i want to be one and into vampires in that i think they are sexy so i think that clouds my judgement some #but i am right about the Feral Rabid Etc. thing tho that's just weird. he's not #ask#anon#tf2#demo#demo tf2#vampire demo
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  • aprofessionalwithoutstandards
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Whyyyy r people so insistent about werewolf Demo tf2 no one understands anything except me

    #he just does not have the Vibe at all ESPECIALLY if you're making SWORDVAN SHIT #like you have the most wolfgirl character ever created RIGHT THERE and that is the direction u go with it. incorrect #also it's like it's got Weird Undertones to me. deathstare #tf2 #team fortress 2 #demo#demo tf2#demoman tf2#tf2 demoman #sorry it's late and i wanna complain
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  • presidentbungus
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    demo seems like the kind of guy who'd own an incredibly expensive plush bathrobe embroidered with his initials. call him what you want but he appreciates the finer things in life. spy has a similar bathrobe he used to wear constantly all the time but demo's is actually higher quality and now spy refuses to wear his because he's embarrassed by the fact someone owns something more obnoxiously expensive than him

    #tf2 demoman#tf2 spy#bungus headcanons #demo spends his money on swords alcohol comfy clothing and his mother. what a king #tf2
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  • toontownterritory
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Some tf2 stuff i haven't shared here yet yay (cw for suggestive art on the last one i think)

    I think I might like bomb voyage now. It's growing on me.

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  • amberandomly
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I havent been doing much school’s crazy (and yet here i am playing this fking game everyday hjdsksfd)

    This is for a close friend of mine, i know how much this game and the piss man means to her XD

    speaking of which i know its a bit late for the savetf2 movement but this was what i had for it didn’t expect Valve to respond so quickly if at all, but i guess we shall wait and see if they live up to their promises

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  • xxiamtiebrousxx
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Kid Demo and Kid Medic talking about Medic's future (ex) wife.

    This was a couple of months ago. I have terrible handwriting.

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  • maebees-stuff
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Heres my contribution to #SaveTf2 I don't play the game but I hear that its being neglected by valve with making the game unplayable with how many bots there are, not mention the infamous comic 7, So I wanted to post about how much this game means to me! This fan-base makes the most creative things out there and im so glad to be apart of it, and im not done yet I still cherish this game and its characters and want to make more! Hopefully valve addresses that there's still people who really care about this game and fix it.

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