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  • howtodisassembleyourdeviant
    20.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    "Tch, you already know what my magic button is." It wasn't a secret it probably has something to do with his butt. Gavin wiggled under him and grabbed Connors chest.

    "True," Connor continues to grin down at the man, "the more I press it, the louder you get."

    Connor wiggled along with him but let out a gasp as his sensitive chest was grabbed, going down and grabbing Gavin's as well.

    #you make it so easy to forget // detective phck
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  • hedunkaplink
    20.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    youtu.be/hllMPYrlITs Ending theme.

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  • bigboomtina
    20.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    "It feels like someone... IS A GIANT NERD!!"

    #Isola mini #She can DETECT this but only as a joke #FOR MODS I AM JOKING #BUT YEA MARCY! #these two meet and suddenly the entire fucking.town is a C&B&C&B Creatures and Bunkers And Caverns And Badasses haven #Turbonurdism
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  • howtodisassembleyourdeviant
    20.05.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    "What y--" Gavins voice went high when he felt the fabric wedge between his checks. "The phhhhckkxkdjd!!" Gavin removed his finger, rolled off Connors lap and onto the floor.

    Connor laughed out loud, taking the opportunity to get off the couch and climb on top of the man.

    "Looks like I found your magic button," he grins.

    #you make it so easy to forget // detective phck
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  • releasethypen
    20.05.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    degausser | m.yg

    —⚘ [chapter] one

    degausser[dee-gou-ser] noun: something that removes or neutralizes a magnetic field

    —⚘ ch. word count: 2.1k

    —⚘ ch. warnings: swearing, mention of alcohol addiction

    —⚘ to set the mood: noir 누아르 by sunmi. [spotify]

    —⚘ pairing: min yoongi x female reader

    —⚘ rating/warnings: r/mature [no smut, fade to black sexual situations, clothes be comin' off tho, swearing, drinking, smoking, mentions of death/suicide, blood, and violence/weapons(not explicit)]

    —⚘ genre: detective au, rivals to lovers, angst/drama, crime/mystery, hurt/comfort

    —⚘ synopsis: When suspicious deaths begin increasing at an alarming rate in Itaewon, you and seven other of the best detectives from across South Korea are dispatched to investigate. One of those seven? A former classmate at the police academy who hates your guts for some reason.

    —⚘ author's note:

    SURPRISE AGAIN! I got so much more positive feedback on the first chapter than I ever thought I would that I couldn't wait until tomorrow night to give y'all the next one! I hope everyone enjoys reading this as much as I did writing it!

    ❗I'm currently tossing around the idea of making standalone smut chapters that cover what happens during "fade-to-black" scenes later in the series that way they can skipped if someone so chooses. Please drop me an ask (even anon) or comment, giving me your opinion on this! ❗

    💜Reblogs, comments, & asks are always welcome and appreciated!💜

    💜Thanks to Leo (@seung-scrittore) for beta reading yet again. All of your help and words of encouragement have been paramount to me.💜

    —⚘ taglist: [if you would like to join, send me an ask, leave a comment, or reblog with text asking to be added! please do not just reblog!]

    @peachjaem00 @seung-scrittore @thatkdramablog @frickyratz @ggukkieland @wobblewobble822 @mochilatae @outropjmm

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    —⚘ [chapter one]

    ——⚘ the visitor

    You walked out of the double doors of the SMPA and started on your way to the main street ahead to hail another taxi. Thankfully, the rain had stopped so you didn't have to worry about covering your head anymore. Not thirty seconds after hitting the sidewalk, you heard your name being called over and over again behind you. You really weren't in the mood to be bothered so you didn't stop. Actually, you just shoved your hands into the pockets of your black overcoat and picked up your pace a little.

    "Hey! Are you ignoring me?!" Yoongi panted out behind you, finally having caught up.

    He grabbed you by the arm and spun you around to face him.

    "Isn't it, like, rule number one? Don't ignore your supervisor?"

    His perfectly sculpted hair was slightly disheveled from the jog he had taken to catch up with you. You were also starting to suspect he used the stairs—maybe to avoid getting stopped in the elevators—from the faint glint of sweat beading along his hairline in the occasional glimpses of sunlight through a mostly overcast sky. He was so close you could see your reflection mirrored in his brown eyes which were trained on yours. He was still panting a bit from exertion but his lips were fixed in the slightest of smirks. Had anything else been said by anyone else other than him, you might have gone weak in the knees. But alas, it was him. You wanted to smack the smirk off his face but, instead, you wrestled your arm out of his grasp.

    "Well, you're not my supervisor so…"

    You didn't finish your sentence. Instead, you just turned around and started for the street again. Your shoulders brushed against each other as Yoongi ran around you, stopping in your path. You sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose in agitation.

    "Get out of my way," you spat. "I have case files probably piling on my desk as we speak."

    "Didn't Chief Lee say they were going to be handed down to the other detectives and officers while we go to Itaewon?"

    You pinched even harder until your nails dug small crescents into your nose. You couldn't remember the last time you were this irritated. Not even when suspects ran from you. That was at least understandable. What wasn't understandable was how such an esteemed senior inspector couldn't get the picture here.

    "Do I really need to spell it out for you? There's no 'we'. You're going to Itaewon. I'm going back to Yongsan." you stated matter-of-factly, motioning between the two of you respectively.

    You stepped around Yoongi and, yet again, tried to reach the street. Your exchange was starting to gather spectators who, you could only assume, were wishing to witness a lover's quarrel. You scoffed mentally. 'Yeah, right. And I'm the president.' You wanted absolutely nothing to do with the situation or him anymore. To your surprise, you didn't get stopped again. Instead, you were now being followed, evident by the light splashing of puddles on the sidewalk from the morning's rain right behind you. You rolled your eyes. He was starting to test your patience.

    "Wait, you're not joining the unit?"

    'No shit, Sherlock... About damn time.'

    "Didn't you get that memo five minutes ago?" you answered with the slightest hint of malice and sarcasm seeping through from your subconscious thought.

    "You only said that you didn't want the promotion." he said, now walking next to you instead of behind.

    Apparently, things did have to be spelled out.

    "I thought walking out was enough, but since you seem to need help," you said, huffing before continuing. "No, I'm not joining the unit."

    You finally reached the main road and you lifted your arm to hail an approaching cab. Yoongi just stood there in silence, much like he did in Chief Lee's office, as you opened the back passenger door and hopped in.

    "Good luck, Senior Inspector Min."

    With a small bow of your head to the man, you slammed the door shut and were off.

    You debated having the driver take you directly to the Yongsan police station. However, considering payday was still a ways off and the little won you had in your wallet currently, you made the decision to have him drop you off at Jonggak Station to take the subway back. It was an added bonus that this route also gave you time to collect your thoughts and get back to your normal, professional self before the inevitable barrage of questions you were going to receive from your squad.

    When you arrived at Jonggak Station, you paid the taxi driver with the won you had left and began the descent down to the lobby. After a brief stop at an ATM to get more money, you paid your fare before going down a second set of stairs to the platform. The scrolling information screen indicated the arrival of the Line 1 train to Namyeong Station would be another five minutes. You sighed, leaned your head back on the cold tile of the wall, closed your eyes, and began rubbing your temples. Now that all distractions had been eliminated and you had nothing else to occupy your mind, memories of your days at the police university poured in like a flood.

    Despite the great strides in women entering the force since its establishment, you were still outnumbered, more heavily scrutinized. To top it off, you were a top-class student who took your schooling very seriously. You couldn't help it; you were raised that way. But it didn't matter how hard you tried to excel. Everyone was going to believe what they wanted to believe and the word around campus was that you were only getting good grades because your father, who was a veteran on the force, managed to pull some strings.

    That's probably what bothered you most. Not that your name was getting dragged through the mud, but your father's was as well. He was the kindest, most honest man you've ever met. Both personally and professionally. Despite how grueling and time-consuming his occupation was, he still managed to find a work-life balance that was satisfactory for everyone. He never brought work home with him in terms of his emotions and behavior. As soon as his foot hit the threshold of your home—no matter what he had seen or heard that day—he was nothing but smiles and playfulness.

    He was your hero, your inspiration. You remembered being in awe the first time your mother turned on the TV; he was giving a press conference about a double homicide. He was direct and up-front about the progress of the case but not callous. He was sincere in his apology to the families of the victims and the citizens of Seoul for his current failure as well as his promise to do everything he could to bring them justice and peace of mind. It was right then when you knew you would follow in his footsteps.

    You tried to explain yourself to anyone brave enough to approach you for the majority of your first semester but to no avail. Everyone just figured the goody-two-shoes studiousness was a facade and eventually steered clear of you.

    Maybe that was why Min Yoongi hated you. You could only recall a handful of times where you spoke to him in the four years you were there. One time—the first time—was to politely ask to take a glance at his notes from a previous class you missed. You assumed he hadn't heard the rumors yet as he actually agreed and tossed you his notebook. Another time was a few months after the first encounter, during a physical training session. You mentioned in passing that he seemed to be favoring his left shoulder and he should change up his stance if he didn't want it to be used to someone else's advantage. All-in-all, nothing noteworthy to hate someone for, in your opinion.

    Someone must have told him about your reputation after seeing you talk to him and he must've believed them. It started with glares across the hallways as you passed him or scored better than him during tests. Over time, it evolved into him trying to one-up you during lectures by immediately elaborating on your perfectly equitable answers to questions with textbook verbiage. Then, to outright taunts when he would occasionally score higher on exams or attempts to get you kicked out with false accusations of plagiarism and cheating. They were easily disputable and dismissed, obviously, but he still managed to make three out of the four years of your university experience absolutely miserable.

    Before you knew it, the Line 1 train rolled in, stopping in front of you. You pushed off the wall and stepped into the subway car once the doors opened, managing to nab a seat before they were all taken. Not wanting to reminisce anymore, you busied yourself by pulling out the tiny notebook and pen in your coat pocket and began jotting down a to-do list for a robbery case you were wrapping up. You were six minutes into a seven-minute train ride, just coming up from the underground, when you heard a ding coming from your pocket. You shoved your pen and notebook back into it and pulled out your cell phone.

    「 Inspector Kim Namjoon [7:50am]: You have a visitor, Inspector. 」

    You pondered who it could be as the train pulled into Namyeong Station and you stood up, waiting for the complete stop. Expecting an immediate follow-up response from any one of your squad members with the identity of your visitor, you held onto your phone instead of shoving it back into your pocket. The texts never came as the doors opened. Weird. You had to assume it was your mother. She had a habit of stopping by to drop off lunch when she happened to be in the area, which always caused a bit of a stir with your squad. They were the only people you knew who liked to gossip more than your mother. But it was only going on 8 o'clock in the morning…

    「 Me [7:52am]: Who is it? 」

    You sent the message as you were stepping onto the platform and began heading towards the ground-level station's sole exit to the streets. Your text received no response. Also weird. After a short, five-minute walk from the subway, you approached Yongsan Police Station. It was much smaller than HQ. Only four floors in comparison to the impressive fifteen of the main building. You felt a little claustrophobic looking at it, having gotten oddly used to the large, open spaces of HQ again after the half-hour total you were there. It was unremarkable. At least to you but that might just have been because you'd seen it almost every day for the last seven years.

    As you looked around—admittedly trying to stall your arrival until your squad was able to identify your mystery visitor—you noticed an unmarked, black sedan parked out front. That didn't mean much though. You would occasionally see unfamiliar civilian cars scattered amongst the typical array of squad cars when detectives from other stations around Seoul would stop in for various things like picking up files or evidence for cases that crossed district lines or would be filling in after a promotion, termination, or resignation.

    You entered the building and took the elevator up to the third floor where your squad's office was located. Just as it was passing the second floor, you heard several dings in quick succession. You hit the third floor and the doors started to open while you read the text messages.

    「 Inspector Kim Seokjin [7:58am]: A senior inspector. Very rude. Took my chips. -.- 」

    「 Officer Jeon [7:58am]: Very cool-looking. I'm jealous of his suit, noona! Find out where he got it? 」

    「 Inspector Kim Namjoon [7:58am]: Jungkook >.> 」

    「 Officer Jeon [7:59am]: Sorry…Inspector… 」

    「 Officer Park [7:59am]: Ooooo, maybe he's a boyfriend?! 」

    「 Officer Kim [7:59am]: Seems like her type. ㅋㅋㅋ」

    Type? You didn't date enough—or at all—to have a type. Even if you did, it certainly wouldn't be someone else on the force. It would be like dating a walking, talking briefcase of random crime scenes, very likely with an alcohol problem. You rolled your eyes and looked up from your phone.

    "What took you so long?"

    The condescending tone of voice hit you at the same time the smug smirk, the wisps of light brown hair falling over the right side of his forehead, and the form-fitting, black suit—sans a tie—did. You weren't too far off with your simile. However, instead of a walking, talking briefcase of random crime scenes with an alcohol problem, it was a walking, talking briefcase of random crime scenes that had made it their life-goal to antagonize and berate you for who knows what reason. Maybe with an alcohol problem. You didn't know enough about him or his personal life to tell.

    Goddamn Min Yoongi.

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    20.05.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    your girl’s got a lore essay cookin in the drafts! hope you’re looking forward to it

    #fallout 4#fo4#nick valentine #couldn't resist the pun #i have many thots on nick's character contrasted with the famous detectives of the 40s #tldr: he's a real odd duck
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    20.05.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    Shiho: There’s something I’ve wanted to tell you since the first day we met.

    Shinichi, expectantly: What!?

    Shiho: Goodbye.

    #coai#shinshi#detective conan#kudo shinichi#miyano shiho#edogawa conan#haibara ai#meitantei conan#case closed#dcmk #conan x ai #shinichi x shiho #conan x haibara #sauce: spongebob squarepants
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    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Gavin for some reason checks for a belly button. When he finds it he curiously puts his pinky in it. "Is there a magic button in here?"

    Connor feels Gavin's fingers move, seemingly on a mission. When he feels the man's fingers in his belly button, Connor's own hands pull out of the man's pockets and into his pants...

    And gives him a wedgie.

    #you make it so easy to forget // detective phck #No Gavin there is no magic button you weirdo #XD
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    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    detco brainrot never ends

    #detective conan#dcmk#conan edogawa#masumi sera#ai haibara#amuro tooru#furuya rei#my art #...i really want to watch movie 25 #the eng detco discord has been praising it a lot #it seems like every country BESIDES the usa is getting theater releases... #im considering traveling to australia just to watch m25
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    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    “  look at me,  you’re safe.  and you’re not alone.  and I’ll never let you be alone again.  you understand?  ” — { Seán }

                it truly felt like you were drowning, that nothing was going to help you get out of the deep end and you needed to give in, just give up and let everything go. will you really allow yourself to get help from anyone else? doesn’t it hurt them in the end? you’re constantly circling the drain, do you want to drag anyone else with you? you’re forgetting what you’re doing, don’t fall.

       mark’s blinking a couple of times, realizing that his breathing had picked up without his knowing, causing him to start to shake. when sean was the one to speak up, it brought mark finally back to the world around them and... he’s wrapping his arms around himself. mark doesn’t want anyone else to experience what he was, he didn’t want them to feel the pain he constantly felt, why should they?

                   you’ve been this way since that dream back in 2017.

    ... it was earlier than that.

           “ S-- Sorry, I didn’t realize I was tensing up... I’m okay! ” He tried and failed to continue that and Mark’s actually just moving closer to the other with a shuffle. Though Mark didn’t speak up again for a little bit, he’s showing that he did hear what Sean said, that he acknowledged it and he... doesn’t want the other to leave.

    #reddcviil#ahhhhhh #🌹  ☆゚.*。   captain i’m tired   「  answered.  」 #🌹  ☆゚.*。   paradox detected   「  interactions.  」
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    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Shadow Comics V8 #5_August 1948_Bob Powell

    #street and smith #shadow comics#1948#bob powell #golden age comics #detective-mysteries#adventure#comic covers #10 cents comics #vintage american comics #pre-code comics
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    20.05.2022 - 2 hours ago
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    20.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Detective Pikachu by VixDojoFox

    #pokemon detective pikachu #pokemon#detective pikachu#pikachu
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    . 任務完了 Mission accomplished. さっ家に帰ろう let's go home. #海 #空 #山 #影 #景色 #ホームシック #ほのぼの #家に帰ろう #ピアレス探偵事務所 #detective #investigator #privateinvestigator #privatedetective #privateeye https://www.instagram.com/p/CdwwCpEvL3y/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=

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    20.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I was gonna watch Derry girls tonight too idk if i can do it tonight

    #cherry says #if it was me writing it i wouldve written nolan killed the detective bc he was corrupt and he got on his nerves #and hed be tried and he attempts to shoot again and they kill him #BUT OKAY!!!! ILL FUCKING WAIT!!!!!! U SAID S22 IS MORE CHARACTER FOCUSED #OKAY DO HIM DIRTY IM BEGGING U DO HIS ASS DIRTY I WAS GONNA SEE S22 ON HULU #BUT NOOOO U DRAGGING ME FUCKING OUT HERE JUST TO SEE HIM DIE #WELL U BETTER BEAT HIS ASS I DONT SIMPLE KILLING #U FUCKING KNOW WHAT #DRAG HIS BODY OUT I WANT TORTURE LEVEL ON HIM
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    20.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    For a while now, Richard's pens have been mysteriously going missing... At first, it was no big deal. One or two lost pens was no biggie, after all. But then more and more were gone. Rachel would have given him one just two seconds prior, and as soon as Richard put it down for a moment, when he turned back to find it, it was gone.

    It wasn't Conan. Conan was upstairs, doing homework or pretending to be smarter than he probably was. Rachel was in the kitchen, far away from the desk. Richard was the only one closest to his desk.

    There has to be an explanation... Good luck, Richard Moore ;)

    The first few times, Richard had ignored it. The same way he ignored when his socks got swallowed into the dryer-dimension or he lost the TV remote in the couch. (And by 'ignored' he meant doing nothing until Conan got bored and retrieved it for him. His small arms were better at getting in between the cushions. And he fit neatly into the dryer.) But this was starting to get strange to the point that even he couldn't ignore.

    It couldn't be Conan or Rachel stealing his pens. So what did that leave? A bird got in somehow, mistaking them for sticks? A stray cat causing mischief? Did the apartment have rats? Oh, he'd be sending a strongly-worded email to the landlady if it was rats.

    What the hell did rats eat? Cheese? ... They did actually have some of that, in the form of leftover pizza from last night. Richard got up, walking to the kitchen to heat up a slice (Rachel thankfully not questioning what he was doing beyond a comment about how he was already hungry), and waited until he was back at his desk to rip off a rat-sized piece.

    Then all he had to do was sit at his desk, turn towards the window, and wait.

    #sylviareviar #ASKS ANSWERED: [ I've got it! The murderer was a vampire! ] #IC: [ Sleeping Sleuth ] #World's best detective everyone #Admittedly he's had worse plans
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    #the millionaire detective #the millionare detective balance: unlimited #haru katou#daisuke kambe#fanart#art#drawing
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    youtu.be/3kdatRRlaAY Detective style music. film

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    20.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    normal au detective duo things is carefully brushing the hair out of yr partners face, feeling the softness atop a tired expression :sad:

    #detective au #i talk ab this au more than i let on #my poor discord server #my art#self ship#self insert#borderlands#handsome jack
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