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  • ask-cordelia-sakamaki
    28.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    Queen let me hit it

    You think a dog, like yourself, can do as it pleases? Appears as if we have to work on your manners again, I do not appreciate dogs acting on their own.

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  • sienku
    28.05.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀🦞      !   𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐚         ׅ ࣪ .   🥡 # 軽い  ✷ 🛋️

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  • dialalagirl
    28.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    With wich frequency these dumbassses hit their faces on walls, trip and fall, stub their toe etc?

    Shu - 42/69, if the time signature tabulated on his music sheet serves him right

    Reiji - precisely once. just last Tuesday, if you must know. he cannot look himself in the eye. oh, the shame

    Ayato - sonic frequency. gotta go fast. gotta go faster, faster, faster-

    Laito - quite often as you might imagine based on just how many women scorned he has slamming the door in his face

    Kanato - the great pudding dropping incident of 1912 must never be forgotten, lest we dimwittedly forgo the consequences of him sugar-crashing 

    Subaru - his anger therapist has quit the profession, thanks to him and his metalhead ways. safe to say, too often

    Kino - the kind distributed relative to the sheer amount of stupidity experienced, oscillating depending on the amount of cough syrup he's consumed

    Ruki - never, so he claims. press x for doubt

    Yuma - in ballet class, gets a medal for sucking participating. what do ya think, buster?

    Kou - exactly 194 times, each representing a passport stub for a country your broke ass can't afford to visit

    Azusa - au contraire, mon frère! a dumbass is one who does so without intent. he's ahead of the curve, if you know what I mean ( ͝סּ ͜ʖ͡סּ)

    #diabolik lovers#sakamaki#mukami#reiji sakamaki#ayato sakamaki#laito sakamaki#kanato sakamaki#subaru sakamaki#shu sakamaki#kou mukami#ruki mukami#yuma mukami#azusa mukami #here’s a joke for ya #an ultra low frequency sine wave walk into a bar #and get this #the bartender says “why the long phase?” #i'm fuckin' hilarious #i know#ha indeed
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  • solarstellarstar
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    { ILY ADMIN 💕}

    Send 🎶 and my Muse will share music that reminds them of your Muse.

    (love u too 💅)

    "Yui... she's so sweet, you know? Not just to me, but to everybody else! I wish I got more opportunities to talk to her- but unfortunately, my schedule says otherwise. Maybe she really does attack my heart, ehe!~"


    // also.... the lyrics... the whole music video in general....

    // if i had the skills, i would love to draw yui and solar as yves and chuu (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)

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  • ayamexe
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago


    GIF made by me!
    Explore #ayam.exe art!🎀 if you want easier access to my drawings!


    Feel free to ask Amani questions! But keep in mind that if she or admin doesn't feel comfortable about it, it will go unanswered!

    I only take SFW RP atm! So no NSFW!

    If you want to ask something triggering, add a TW.

    Some content, like my fanfics/writing can be triggering, such as childhood trauma and maybe even gore. So take caution!

    Send something hateful (wether its towards me, amani, or someone else) and you're most likely gonna get blocked/ignored, end of discussion. (Teasing and joking is not included though)

    Art should not be reposted without my permission and credit.

    If you have anymore questions about rules, feel free to ask me. I don't want to make this long, but there's more I could add.

    「 This Post will be updated/edited throughout 」

    #ayam.exe art!🎀 #diabolik lovers oc #diabolik lovers oc blog #diabolik lovers oc ask blog
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  • ruki--mukami
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Do you care about your grades at school? How about the grades of your brothers? Or somebody who's in your custody? Or your Livestock?

    “As far as academic merit is concerned, the answer to your incessant questions is more or less the same for all the aforementioned parties: anything deemed satisfactory shall suffice. Whether it’s a passing score or valedictorian-level grades, ultimately it matters little considering how our livelihood stems from Karlheinz-sama, to whom we are most grateful. My brothers and I have lived many long decades in this world and our school attendance is simply a front for awakening Eve alongside her Adam, rather than any professional enrichment, therefore we have no need to aspire for the highest marks in our respective classes. Or at least, my brothers embrace that perspective.”

    “Even if I’ve heard each lecture thousands of times, I still strive for scholarly excellence nonetheless. In fact, I pride myself on being an accomplished student above the rest of my peers, rivaling that of the Sakamaki household’s second eldest. The academy has even requested my delivery of foreign speeches in homage to various insightful authors who serve as a focal point in recent literary studies, which is, without a doubt, my forte.”

    “Livestock, on the other hand, may one day seek an occupation or further studies after graduation as most humans do. If that’s the case, then of course I expect nothing short of grades exceeding the teachers’ standards. Anything less and perhaps a merciless punishment is in order. I’ll be certain to quiz my prey in a way that will leave no room for failure. Perhaps a bite for every incorrect answer… or a brutal whipping for each disappointing exam result. Oh, what a thrill. I should like to re-educate such ignorant livestock with these fangs of mine.”

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  • dialovers-translations
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Diabolik Lovers LUNATIC PARADE ;; Carla Route ー Chapter 1

    Yui: ( …Okay…I’ll try my best…! )

    ー The scene starts inside the carriage

    Carla: ...

    Yui: Um...Carla-san?

    Carla: What?

    Yui: I’m sorry. For getting you involved in this mess...

    Carla: I understand that you had no other choice but to choose me. It could not be helped. 

    You belong to me...Therefore, it is my duty to take responsibility in regards to your future. 

    You can leave everything up to me. 

    Yui: Yes...! Thank you very much...!

    ( His words are very reassuring. I’m glad I chose Carla-san... )

    ( Besides, I can relax even here in the Demon World when I know Carla-san is right besides me... )


    ー The scene shifts to the front of Bernstein Castle

    Carla: ーー We have reached our destination. 

    Yui: This is...?

    Carla: That should be obvious. This is Bernstein castle, the home of Count Walter. 

    Yui: Eh!?

    Carla: Why do you seem so surprised? It is the Count you need, correct?

    Yui: I-I do, but...I wonder if we can just simply waltz into the castle...? 

    Carla: Have you forgotten who I am? I am an honorable First Blood. ...The King of Founders, remember? 

    While it may be a noble we are dealing with, I should have no problem stating my claims to a mere Vampire .

    ーー Of course, while that may be the case, I cannot say for certain that he will easily hand your heart back. 

    Yui: Right...

    Carla: That being said, we need an audience with him before we can make any progress. Let us proceed. 

    Yui: Yes.

    ー They approach the gate

    Yui: ( I’m shocked...I didn’t expect for us to go meet the Count right away. )

    ( It hadn’t truly sunk in up until now. )

    ( But I guess the King of Founders is a very influential figure in the Demon World. )

    ー The scene shifts to the throne room

    Butler: What a surprise... Welcome to Bernstein Castle. I  am the Butler of the house. 


    Carla: ーー Where is the Count? 

    Butler: He will arrive shortly. For now, please have a seat and rest up after your long journey. 

    Carla: Hmph...He sure has some guts to keep me waiting. 

    ー Carla sits down


    Yui: ( ...We’re given a really warm welcome for some reason...It’s kind of throwing me off... )

    ( Even though the owner of this castle is the very same guy who ran away with my heart... )

    Carla: ...What is the matter? You are making an odd expression. 

    Yui: ...Ah, no...It’s nothing. 

    Carla: ...Oh well, just sit down first. No need to rush things now.

    Yui: Okay...


    Yui: ( Even if he says that, I can’t relax for some reason. )

    ( At the very least, the Kleinod which replaces my heart for now seems to be functioning without any problems... )

    ( But who knows whenーー )

    Carla: ーー By the way...There is one question I would like to pose. 

    Have you not contemplated the option of becoming a Demon yourself? 

    Yui: A Demon...you say?

    Carla: In other words, an immortal. If that is what you wish, I can make that happen at any given time. 

    If you were to choose that option, you would no longer need to retrieve your heart. 

    Of course, even us Demons do need a heart of some sort, but the Kleinod would be able to fulfill that role just fine. 

    Yui: I’ve never even considered that possibility...

    Carla: In that case, consider it now. Well, I doubt there is any need to rack your brain over it. 

    ー He pulls her close


    Carla: ーー You are my woman...And you will be even as an immortal. 

    Therefore, I see no reason why you would attach so much value to being human.


    Carla: If anything, do you not believe that you should choose to remain by my side forever as an immortal? 

    Yui: I mean, you do make a point, butーー


    Carla: ...The silent treatment? Oh well. Take your time to think it over.

    In that regard, coming here has not been completely futile. 

    I am sure you will realize after talking to the Count that he will not give you your heart back so easily. 

    Walking around the Parade will provide a perfect opportunity for you to take your mind of things and help you realize that you want to live the rest of your life as the wife of a Founder. 

    Yui: ...Carla-san...

    Carla: You should use this castle as a base. 

    Yui: ( Carla-san...From the sound of it, it seems like it was never his intention to come look for my heart... )

    ( But instead to press me to make a decision...Although, I guess I can’t blame him... )

    ( I guess there really isn’t much reason for me to strongly hold onto my life as a human... )

    ー The Butler returns to the room

    Butler: Pardon the intrusion.

    Carla: Has the owner of this castle still not arrived? 

    Butler: My sincere apologies. Please have a little more patience. 

    I have prepared a little something to keep you entertained as you wait.


    Yui: ...Waah...! Afternoon tea...!

    Butler: Exactly. I figured the two of you could enjoy a small tea party together.

    Carla: ...

    Butler: For Carla-sama, we even prepared these cured ham sandwiches made with premium ham manifactured right here in the Demon World.

    Carla: ...Hooh...?

    Butler: I hope they will be to your liking...

    Yui: ( Seems like that immediately caught his interest... )


    Carla: Hm. Not bad. 

    Yui: I’m glad. 

    Carla: What are you saying? I said it is ‘not bad’. I never said anything about it being ‘good’.

    Yui: Fufu...

    Carla: You laughed just now, did you not? What is so funny? 

    Yui: Eh!? N-No...Well...

    Carla: Answer me. If not...I will feed you these pickles which you have been strategically avoiding this whole time. 

    Yui: No way...

    Carla: If you refuse to speak, then open your mouthーー

    *Rustle rustle*

    Yui: ( Uu, what now...? It’s not like I can’t eat them, but they’re not my favorite... )

    → You were just so cute (☾)
    Yui: ーー You were just so cute, I couldn’t help but let a chuckle slip, that’s all...
    Carla: ...I was cute, you say?
    Yui: ...! I-I’m sorry...
    Carla: You better cut it out. How dare you call me cute. ーーThe audacity! 
    Yui: ...Uu...!
    ( D-Did I upset him...? )
    → You’ve got crumbs stuck on the corner of your mouth
    Yui: W-Well...You’ve got a few crumbs stuck on the corner of your mouth...
    Carla: I beg your pardon...!? 
    Carla: ...You little!
    Yui: Eeh!? I was just being honest!
    Carla: That’s the issue.
    Yui: ( No way, how cruel! )

    ???: ーー Good grief. The two of you appear to be rather intimate. It is rather embarrassing to watch on my part.

    Yui: Eh!?

    ( A voice is suddenly echoing from somewhere...!? )

    Carla: ーー This voice...That must be you, Walter...

    Count Walter: It has been a while. Just how long has it been since we last talked, I wonder...?

    Carla: I do not care for a trip down memory lane. I want to know what prompted you to steal the heart of my woman.

    Show yourself. 

    Count Walter: Unfortunately, I am currently away from the castle, so I am unable to meet the two of you in person. I hope you can understand.

    Carla: ...

    Count Walter: Please, no need to get so upset.

    I do have a very sound reason as to why I decided to steal your beloved lady’s heart.

    Carla: Knowing you, you probably did it on a whim.

    Count Walter: Fufufu...She caught my interest. 

    I could not help but wonder what kind of person this lady who is neither human nor Demon and somehow managed to wrap you around her little finger truly is. 

    Carla: Ridiculous. I do not need you prying into my private business. 

    Count Walter: Please don’t be like that. She happens to be in possession of a unique treasure of this world. 

    It is my duty to judge whether or not she is worthy of that treasure. 

    Yui: ...What do you mean?

    Carla: I know he is making himself sound very important by calling it his duty, however, he has not been entrusted with such a task by anyone, but it is simply part of his own rotten personality. 

    In other words, he steals treasures from their original owners and then puts them through a series of tests to determine whether they deserve said treasures. 

    On top of that, it seems like he is rather biased when it comes to deciding who passes his test.

    Yui: So if I pass said test, you will give me my heart back? 

    Count Walter: Why of course. As long as you can convince me, I will return your heart immediately. 

    Yui: ...T-That’s easier said than done...

    ( One doesn’t have to be a genius to realize this is messed up. As long as it is the Count himself who does the final judging... )

    ( Then you can’t really call it a real test... )

    Carla: ーー I hate to break it to you, but we have better things to do than to keep up with your ridiculous games. 

    Count Walter: Hooh? So she will give up on her heart?

    Yui: Wellーー

    Carla: ...

    Count Walter: It seems to me like she is still conflicted. Fufu...I am fine with either outcome. 

    I sure did not mind when a certain someone gave up on their treasure in the past.

    Yui: ( ...? In the past...? )

    ーー Well, I may not be present myself at the moment, but you may stay at this castle if you would like. 

    Go ahead and make yourself at home. 

    I have left my Butler in charge of everything, so if anything is not to your liking, feel free to tell him.

    Carla: That was the plan all along.

    Count Walter: Fufufu. I see. No problem thenーー


    Carla: ーー So he left...


    Yui: I didn’t know you were acquainted with Count Walter...

    Carla: ...In the past...Well, this story takes place many years ago, but I had a similar experience with him.

    Yui: Did he steal something important from you?

    Carla: Exactly. He stole a treasue from one of my comrades and delivered the exact same story. 

    Yui: Did you perhaps give up on the treasure in the end and failed to retrieve it? 

    Carla: Did you not hear him earlier? 

    Yui: Right...

    Carla: We are Founders. We would look like absolute fools by letting some Vampire ‘test’ us. 

    ーー Come here...


    Yui: Carla-san...

    Carla: ...

    One of the reasons why I am not attempting to get your heart back, is because I wish to treat you as my equal. 

    While I still have an eternity ahead of me, a human’s life span is limited. 

    When that time comes...Iーー 

    Yui: ( ...Ever since I decided I would live my life alongside him, that thought has been haunting my mind as well. )

    ( I can’t help but feel sorry for not being able to make any eternal promises... )

    Carla: ...Now it seems like I am forcing you. 

    Yui: ...No, that’s not...

    Carla: This is something you must decide for yourself. While you may be mine, I do not want to force you. 

    Please remember that.

    Yui: Yes.

    ( Even if he says that...I’m sure he was sharing his genuine feelings earlier...In that case, Iーー )

    ー They hear music coming from outside

    Carla: Hm? ...This is...?

    Yui: I suppose it’s music from the Parade? 

    Carla: It sounds rather cheerful. 

    Yui: I’ll go take a look, okay?

    ーThe scene shifts to the balcony

    Yui: Waah...!

    ( There’s boats on the river. I guess those are what you’d call gondola’s...? )

    ( Seems like they’re circulating the city while playing music. )

    ( It looks so festive and fun...Carla-san gave me permission to go as a way to get my mind off things and relax for a bit. )

    ( However... )

    ー She looks over at Carla

    Carla: ...

    Yui: ( Seems like he has zero intention to go sightseeing himself, and I can’t just go by myself, can I...? )

    In that caseーー I’ll try to sneak a peek...From up here...!

    *Rustle rustle*

    ー She leans over the edge of the balcony to try and get a better view

    Hmー ...I’d love to get a better look but...It’s quite far and hidden behind the shadows of the buildings...

    *Rustle rustle*

    Carla: ーー You wish to go, do you not?

    Yui: ...! Kyaah!?



    Yui: ( Oh no...! Part of the railing broke off...!! I’m falling...!! )


    ー The screen fades to black

    Carla: Yui...!!

    ー He quickly grabs hold of her hand


    Yui: ...!!!

    Carla: ...What are you doing!?

    Yui: I-I’m sorry...Ah...!!

    ( It’s a long way down...Oh no...Will I die...if I fall from here? )

    Carla: Do not look so anxious. Have some faith in me. 

    Yui: Carla-san...

    Carla: I shall pull you back up at once. 

    *Rustle rustle*


    Yui: Haah, haah...

    Carla: That was close.

    Yui: ...

    ( If he hadn’t saved me...I would have probablyーー )


    Carla: ...What is the matter?

    Yui: I-I’m sorry...But when I think that I could have very well died just now...

    I somehow...can’t stop shivering...

    Carla: ...

    ー He embraces her

    *Rustle rustle*

    Yui: Ah...

    Carla: Do not worry.

    Yui: Carla-san...

    Carla: You belong to me. Including your life. Therefore, you will not die as long as I am here with you.

    *Rustle rustle*

    Carla: I am the only one in the world who has the right to decide over your life.

    Yui: ...

    ( That is a very bold claim which leaves very little room for arguing...However I’m sure this is simply Carla-san’s way...of trying to comfort me... )

    Carla: Come on, head back inside. I will make sure to give that butler a piece of my mind later.

    And remind him that it is his duty to take care of the castle and look out for any necessary repairments. 

    ー They head back inside

    Yui: ...

    ー The scene shifts to the throne room

    Yui: ( Haah, I’m no longer shaking thanks to Carla-san but...That was truly terrifying... )

    ( This heart...seems stable for now. I’m not quite sure how it works though... )


    Carla: ...

    Yui: ( I guess I’ll finish the rest of my tea and try to relax for now... )

    Carla: ーー Oi.


    Yui: Y-Yes!?

    Carla: Let us go. Come with me. 

    Yui: Eh!? G-Go? ...Where, exactly?

    ー Carla simply walks ahead

    Yui: Eh!? P-Please, wait! Carla-san...!?

    ー The scene shifts to Glimmer Main Street

    Yui: ーー Carla-san! Where are you going!? 

    Carla: ...

    Yui: Carla-san!? 

    ( We suddenly headed for the city center where the Parade is being held... )

    ( I thought Carla-san didn’t plan on exploring the Parade...? )

    Carla: ーー This Parade sure is noisy. 

    Yui: ...Well, of course it is...It’s kind of like a festival of some sorts...

    Carla: Oi, what is that?

    Yui: Eh!? T-That is...A stall, I believe...Seems like it’s offering sugar sculptures. 

    Carla: Candy sculptures? 

    Yui: You shape candy like animals or objects and put those up for sale. 

    Carla: Hooh. 

    Yui: Could it be your first time at this kind of Parade, Carla-san? 

    Carla: Yes. 

    ー He keeps walking

    Yui: Ah! H-Hold up...!

    ( I wonder what’s going through his head? I doubt he’s here solely to sightsee... )

    ー The scene shifts to Diamante Fountain

    Carla: There’s Vampires everywhere I look. 

    Yui: I mean...That’s to be expected...Anywayーー

    How come you’ve decided to come explore this place which must surely be uncomfortable for you? 

    Carla: There is no reason to tell you. All you have to do...is follow me. 

    Yui: Ah...!

    ( I wonder what has gotten into him...? Knowing him, I’m sure he has a good reasoning but... )

    ー The scene shifts to Saint Nore Park

    Carla: ーー This place is even more lively. 

    Yui: That’s because this is the heart of the Parade. 

    Carla: What does this place have to offer then? 

    Yui: Well...I suppose you could say it’s like an amusement park...There’s attractions and games and such...

    Carla: Attractions? ...Is that one of those attractions then? 


    Yui: Huh? Wait...Are you talking about the rollercoaster, perhaps? 

    Carla: Yes. 

    Yui: You should think of those rails as tracks...And then there’s a vehicle running on top...

    By going up and down at an incredible speed, it makes you experience a thrill which wouldn’t even be imagineable otherwise.

    Carla: Hooh...Fascinating.  

    ー Carla walks towards the rollercoaster

    Yui: Eh!? H-Hold up...Carla-san!? Where are you going?

    Carla: I shall ride it.

    Yui: Eh!?

    Carla: I will ride that attraction. 

    Yui: ( ...!? Does he mean...He’s going to board the rollercoaster...!? Carla-san!? )

    ー The scene shifts to the boarding dock

    Yui: Carla-san!? Are you seriously going to board it? 

    Carla: Yes. 

    Female Vampire C: ーー No way. Don’t tell me that guy is going to just skip the line and get on? 

    Female Vampire A: Unbelievable...! Can’t he see that there’s children waiting in line too? 

    Yui: ( Uu...These stares are painful...However, I doubt Carla-san would let that bother him...I have no other choice. )


    Yui: Carla-san! Please...Wait one second!

    Carla: What?

    Yui: You have to wait here in line if you want to ride the rollercoaster. 

    Carla: ...

    Yui: Y-You see...The rollercoaster is one of the most popular attractions of this park so...

    On top of that, only a limited amount of people can board at once, so to simply ignore the line would be kind of...

    Carla: ーー You want me to line up? Me? 

    Yui: O-Of course...I mean, just look! There’s already many people waiting in line. 

    Carla: ...

    Yui: ( Uu, he’s scary...! B-But I can’t get cold feet noーー )

    Vampire Child D: ーー Uu...Uu...Uweeeeeeh....T-That mister is scary...Uweeeeeh....! 

    Carla: ...!? 

    Vampire Child E: Waaaaah! Mamaーーー!!

    Vampire Child F: Uweeeeh....!!

    Yui: !! Waiー What now...!? 

    ( Children are bursting out into tears one after the other...!! )

    ( I guess they’re overwhelmed by Carla-san’s aura...? )

    U-Um, Carla-san!?

    Carla: ーー !! Che...

    ー He walks towards the end of the line

    Yui: Eh!? Where are you going!? 

    Carla: You are the one who told me, remember...!? To line up here. 

    Yui: Y-You actually wil!? 

    Carla: ...Hmph!

    Yui: ( What a surprise...I didn’t expect him to react to the children’s crying... )

    Carla: ーー Is there anything you would like to tell me? 

    Yui: W-Well...

    Carla: Hmph!

    ...I have always...had a hard time dealing with the cries of children. 

    Yui: I see...

    Carla: ーー Back then I was imprisoned in Banmaden. 

    The cries of children whom had lost their parents to Endzeit would echo through the castle walls. 

    These would resound  throughout castle, filling the entire building. Ever since, I have had a hard time dealing with crying children. 

    Yui: Carla-san...

    ( I had no idea that happened in his past...I feel kind of bad for being surprised now... )

    ( I can’t blame him for being uncomfortable after going through such an experience... )

    Carla: ーー Oi.

    Yui: Y-Yes!?

    Carla: It’s our turn. 

    Yui: Ah! T-That was quick. Let’s get on then!

    ー The scene shifts to the night sky

    Yui: ( ーー This feels kind of weird...I can’t believe I’m riding the rollercoaster together with Carla-san... )

    Carla: ...

    Yui: ( I doubt he’d be the type of person to scream though... )

    ( But this is the kind of ride where getting scared is part of the fun, right...? )

    ( He actually waited in line to get on, so I hope he’ll be able to enjoy it... )


    ー The scene shifts back to the boarding dock

    Yui: Hahー ...That was fun!

    Carla: ...I do not comprehend. What do you find so interesting about this? 

    Yui: I guess it’s because it moves in a way which a human never could? That’s the fun part about it...

    Carla: Hmph.

    ー Carla walks away

    Yui: ( Hmー...I guess he didn’t like it all that much...? That’s a bit of a shame since I asked him to line up. )

    Rollercoaster employee: ーー Over here you can get a picture to remember your ride on the rollercoaster. 

    Would you like one as a memory of the Parade? 

    Yui: ( Huh? I guess it’s one of those pictures they take while you’re on the rollercoaster. In that case... )

    Excuse me, I boarded the ride just earlier. 

    Rollercoaster employee: Yes, one minute please. ...Ah, this must be it. 


    Yui: Thank you very much!

    ( This is the first picture I have of Carla-san and I together! Wait...My face looks like a mess...I did scream quite a bit after all...However... )

    ( Eh...? Carla-san...? )

    Carla: ーー What are you spacing out for? 

    Yui: ...!!


    Carla: ...? You hid something in your pocket just now, did you not?

    Yui: N-No? You see...I found some trash on the floor so I picked it up, that’s all. 

    Carla: Hmph. I cannot believe you are picking up trash even here in the Demon World. We should head back to the castle soon. 

    ー He walks away again.

    Yui: ( Phew. That was close. He almost saw the picture...No, I mean, I don’t think that’d be a huge deal but... )

    ( I’m sure he’d get upset if he saw it. After allーー )

    ( I doubt he’d want to find out...He got caught on camera making such a happy expression. )

    Fufufu....I’ll keep this picture my own little secret!

    Carla: Oi, why are you grinning? 

    Yui: Oh no, it’s nothing. By the way, Carla-san, are you in the mood for something cold?

    Carla: Cold? 

    Yui: Yes. There’s an ice cream vendor over there, so...

    Carla: I just offered we’d head back to the castle. 

    Yui: I know. Which is why I thought we could eat them while walking back? Is that too much to ask? 

    Carla: ...

    Yui: ( I got a little ahead of myself just now. Under normal circumstances, you’d never find Carla-san walking and eating at the same time... (1) )

    Carla: Do as you please. 

    Yui: ...Y-Yes! Just wait one second, okay? 

    ( Honestly, what is going on with him today? Up until earlier...He had been completely indifferent towards the Parade, hadn’t he? )


    ー The scene shifts back to the throne room of Bernstein Castle

    Yui: ーー Haahー, I’m beat...!

    Carla: You...I thought you just wanted an ice cream?

    Yui: Uu...I’m sorry. I spotted many more delicious-looking treats near the ice cream vendor...

    Carla: ...Haah...

    Yui: ( I had fun going around the Parade with Carla-san. )

    ー The scene shifts to the balcony

    Yui: ( Phewー ... It’s hard to put into words, but I really enjoyed the Parade. )

    ( Although in the end, I never found out what Carla-san is thinking. However, regardless of what his intentions may be. )

    ( Now that we’ve come here to the city where the Parade is being held...I want Carla-san to enjoy it as well... )

    ( Regarding my heart...Well, I know I can’t remain undecided forever either, but...Stillーー )

    ( Just give it a bit more time...I swear I will make my decision before this Parade comes to an end... )

    ( But right now, for just a bit longerーー )

    Carla: Haah...While I’m not exactly thrilled about it, I suppose I’ll have to keep up with this for a bit.

    That is her wish...Even if she may not realize it herself, I can tell. 

    ーー In that case, I shall abide by her wish. As I am her Master.


    Translation notes
    (1) The concept of 食べ歩き or ‘tabe-aruki’ which refers to someone eating (a snack) as they’re on the move is somewhat controversial within Japanese culture. While it is definitely a common practice at festivals and such, it can also be frowned upon as being ‘ill-mannered’. 







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  • soldmygenderforglitter
    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Why dose she look like Kanato but  significantly less traumatized?  

    #re birthday song #re birthday song Kokoro #diabolik lovers #diabolik lover Kanato
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  • bitchy-peach-mentality
    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Never knew it was possible to get traumatized from two(2) episodes of an anime that was supposed to be romance and reverse harem. I'm looking at you Diabolik Lovers

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  • eternal-laito
    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Found these pics on Twitter~

    Credit: kbooks_tokimeki (it’s actually a store, from what I can tell.)

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  • cutelih
    28.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Shu is ready!!!

    I used the wrong base... So now he's the only Sakamaki with a square base...


    #art#diabolik lovers#fanart#dl#biscuit#my art#shu#shu sakamaki #I think this is my favorite so far #just one more sakamaki to go #then its mukami time
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  • iricathel
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    [inside Miss Gormley's office]

    "Miss Avenel, please take a seat."

    [hands back Irina her quiz, where '8/10' and 'Apply Yourself' are written in bold red ink in the corner]

    "I don't know what's surprising more, the fact you never heard the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky or the fact you almost got a C on the exam if it wasn't for Miss Sakamaki pointing out an error on my end. I thought Arnold's bloodline was supposed to be the crème de la crème? Must been mistaken."


    "However, you're a crop above half the class, so I shouldn't be too frustrated. Perhaps you should take cues from Mr. Mukami and then you shall meet my expectations for you."

    The girl with the blond locks closed the office door behind her, just before taking a quick look at the teacher's aura to note her discontent. Emotion that disconcerted the Owl since a failed exam was not expected. She grabbed one of the chairs in front of the desk to take a seat and once the abundant papers of questions came into her field of vision, Irina noticed her grade. It wasn't perfect, or the highest note, but it wasn't anything to be alarmed about either.

    The young woman remained silent, maintaining a serene expression, allowing Miss Gormley to blurt out all the comments she wanted, although some of them caused her great anger, wanting to throw the desk at her to leave all the documentation lying on the floor. However, she held back as best she could. "My, this feels personal, don't you think, Miss Gormley?" She was finally able to comment on it and what better way to do it than with a sly smile on her face.

    "Mm... I thought you would be someone professional, but it seems that we can all have disappointments." Irina giggled a bit, but not gracefully as her irritation was building. "For starters, I don't understand so much drama, when it's not a bad grade. Eeh... Perfection is very bad, you know? Not to say that you blame me for a mistake you yourself made; I answered as I had been asked, that you have something completely different in mind is not my problem, much less that you are so blind as not to see an error. Or maybe you haven't checked your exams? What a problem..." Irina was obviously teasing the teacher with a huge smile though tired of being given high expectations just because she was someone's daughter. "Bah, you also has the audacity to bring another student into this."

    "My goodness, whatever problem you have with my father is between you both, I have nothing to do with it. Keep giving me pains more annoying than migraines and maybe I can even talk to him in person." The blonde paused to take the paper in her hands, knowing that if the problem progressed she could complain with false tears and everything would be solved. "If your skin doesn't become a new bag for me, maybe you'll be fired from your job at the very least."

    "Maybe you're not as good a teacher as you ssssssssay you are."

    #damn she just opened the door and the beef was already served on the table AHAHAHAHAHA #interaction #diabolik lovers oc #hana gormley#irina avenel#rp
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  • mikalara-dracula
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    (C) @mikalara-dracula & @liannelara-dracula (edit only!)

    Poor Yui. Putting up with these assholes is a full-time job. #Respec-

    Note: This is a re-upload since the one I posted earlier didn't end up showing in the search engine. I swear, this is happening too often these days with my posts. Sorry guys, Tumblr's being quite glitchy these days.

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  • ruki--mukami
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    So, Jas, was Ruki nice to you or shall I come and punish him?

    "Again with this nonsense... How many times must I tell you I have no reason to treat my maid kindly? Like I said, I shall remain impartial to her and her wishes. A birthday celebration will not sway me either way."

    "Well, Anon, we spent the day together and he was nice enough for me. That's all that matters. Besides... I prefer my master a little rough around the edges. So I can assure you there is no need to punish him! I wouldn't want my master to be punished even if he was cruel."

    "Good... Very good indeed. Perhaps you aren't an incompetent maid after all."

    #diabolik lovers#ruki mukami#mukami ruki#ask#react #diabolik lovers rp #ruki and admin shenanigans #rukijas
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  • iricathel
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Zazu, would you share a cup of tea with me? Please, pretty please!

    (I am a big fan of him, and I hope you'll write some more content for him)

    (I would love to interact with him, but I do not know how to approach him)

    Zazu, I am your greatest fan! One day, I will steal you from Irina. Just need to find a way!

    "... A cup of tea? Why would I need someone's company just to drink? Sigh... I guess your real intentions are to spend time with me, maybe strike up a conversation or even just watch me...Hmph, I'll give you 2 conditions: First, that the tea is green or matcha, I don't drink other types; and second... Don't bug me if you want to keep having your head pinned to your neck."

    Frowning angrily, Zazu clicked his tongue cursing under his breath. "And don't be a fool, I'm nobody's property and at most, I'm in the service of his Majesty Arnold. Seriously... What a full bunch of nonsense."

    [Aw don't worry, I'll post Zazu's information as I complete it, it's still in process and there are more projects I want to do with such little time; so you have to be a little patient. As for the interactions... Yeah, Zazu is a complicated character, but I guess I could look up a First Meeting prompt meme to give an easier possibility.]

    #ask#interaction #diabolik lovers oc #zazu suwan
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  • karlheinz-sama
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Admin: was low key such a dead day so I made some pretty girl Helen sketches in physics<3 @nutaella-kookie

    The others look shite but I liked this one

    #diabolik lovers#diahell #diabolik lovers oc #helen#kookie supremacy #pretty girl helen becuz i love her #fanart
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  • retelling-of-ragnarok
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    「 CHARACTER SPRITES 」 Gwen Edition ➛ [Casual]

    「 click for better quality 」
    ❆ when i tell you that making sprites makes me want to lose my mind. because i am the most UNORGANISED PERSON. ON THE PLANET. anyways yeah their casual outfit’s here merry christmas. ❆
    #❆° character.profile #diabolik lovers oc #dl oc #diabolik lovers oc art #gwen exicor
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  • ayamexe
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    ✢ ♡  ⊹  .  ° ✢ ♡  ⊹  .  ° ✢ ♡  ⊹  .  °✢ ♡  ⊹  .  ° ✢ ♡  ⊹  .  °

    🔪Blood Headcanon🔪

    Amani's blood type is O-, which isn't very rare but not common either.

    But that really isn't important because I personally think that the flavor isn't determined by blood type, but is actually determined from what nutritions the individual consumes.

    Meaning that Amani's blood would be extremely sweet, due to the sweet treats she likes to eat. Wether it's healthy strawberries or unhealthy candy bars.

    But something that also plays a role in the flavor of someone's blood is the way they are feeling.

    Fear is what a demon wants most out of their victims, Especially vampires. It makes everything have a more pleasurable scent and taste.

    ✢ ♡  ⊹  .  ° ✢ ♡  ⊹  .  ° ✢ ♡  ⊹  .  °✢ ♡  ⊹  .  ° ✢ ♡  ⊹  .  °

    🔪Bite Headcanon🔪

    When biting Amani, biting areas like her wrists is the least sensitive and painful for her while places like her upper thigh and shoulder are the most sensitive and painful.

    She'll try her best to cover up the bite with things like her clothes, hoping stuff like a pearl necklace can take the attention away from the bruise underneath.

    Her behavior changes whenever she is bitten ofcourse. She daydreams more often than ever, almost to the point of completely loosing touch with reality.

    And she never speaks. Her only way of responding to somebody is nodding or shaking her head.

    This will cause some people, like her classmates, to become very suspicious.

    ✢ ♡  ⊹  .  ° ✢ ♡  ⊹  .  ° ✢ ♡  ⊹  .  °✢ ♡  ⊹  .  ° ✢ ♡  ⊹  .  °

    #amani musa #diabolik lovers oc #dl oc#headcanon
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  • death-at-eve
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    ah Hello Elian, do you still remember me?

    [ Elian blinked at Yuu a couple times before giving a big smile. He took a few steps closer to her and grabbed her hands they were on either side of her body. ]

    Elian: “Of course I do, Yuu! It’s been quite some time. Have you been well?”

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