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  • let-the-living-beware
    16.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    ╔════ ≪ •❈• ≫ ════╗


    Song - Artist

    Getting used isn't my cup of tea.

    You could describe Elise as pure beauty or the contrary. She was made out of a puppet and still has scars where the string were woch isn't a sight everyone likes. She also has curly dark brown hair with what she had problems for many years and practically destroyed it but she loves herself either way. Just like every Bestia she also has a magic symbol on her upper arm.


    Elise was made by Istvan and Cecil to get over the loss of his daughter

    they made a mistake by getting her soul into the body and it was switched with that of Elise

    She can't remember her real name just the name she was given

    Istvan realised pretty soon that this wasn't his daughter and he also caught Endzeit wich only made his mental state worse

    In a second of rage he decided he would kill her one and for all

    He stabbed her 24 times before going back to the castle

    hours later Laiko found her almost dead

    she adopted the young girl and cared for her ever since

    she was also the only thing Laiko picked up while she was chased by the Royal guards

    After that they lived in Bestia territory and only heard about the founder race slowly dying

    Elise also found her singing talent and decided to make a career as an idol

    it wasn't easy but eventuelly she got a hold and gained quite a bit of fame

    this is also how she met Kou and got involved into the whole Eve thing

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  • iricathel
    16.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    🍓 I'm here to officially ask you on a date! I have lots of things planned for us but I won't spoil~ So, Miss Irina Avenel, would you do me the honors of going on a date with me? Maybe? Let's make IriLin a reality, yeah? I long to see that pretty smile of yours for eternity. 🍓

    "My, oh my! Would you look at that?" Irina couldn't help letting out a giggle when she saw the gifts, plus the invitation to a date that the girl made her so suddenly. "Eager, aren't we? Well, all these details look really beautiful, not to mention the effort that went into choosing them and bringing them to me... And that willpower to have the ovaries to ask me out without any shame!" The blonde chuckled showing her bare white and sharp fangs, and taking the gifts with one of her arms, the Owl with her free hand caressed the human's cheek, even pinching it a little while looking at her tenderly.

    "I will be generous with you and I will give you this small opportunity to convince me to formalize an... I-r-i-L-i-n. Don't let me down and show me all the value you have to offer me, I'm excited to see it! So... shall we start?"

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  • sumire-bride
    15.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    💞 for @the-timeless-founder 's Mishiro (👉👈)

    ..Miss Mishiro...

    [Sumire walked up to Mishiro, she seemed a little different than usual, right when Mishiro turned to look at her her entire body faced to Sumire, she immediately hugged her, seemed a little forced however...]


    [She stayed there, not letting go the hug seemed slightly uncomfortable, as if she didn't want it but did it anyway. ]

    ..I am trying to get used to hugs... I... Do not know if I like it or not... Forgive me... But it seems I must try and get used to touching others...

    (( @the-timeless-founder ))

    #diabolik oc#sumire#sumire-bride#the-timeless-founder#ask#mishiro #((day 1 of Sumire tryna get used to physical attention))
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  • ayamexe
    15.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Amani is simply so beautiful, so doll, sweet and genuinely kind, using all this pastel aesthetic 😩💖💖 Forgive me, i don't want it to so much like an offense but kanato would be SO obsessed with her 😩😩

    To Amani: What do you have to say about Kanato?? What you like, dislike.... anything!!!!

    Kisses and have a good dayy admin!! 🍰🧁🧁

    It's not offensive at all!^^ that's literally how it is, Kanato's all over this girl because "omggg yess another life-sized doll for meee" meanwhile shes just there like "🙁"
    But anyways.. you too!♡♡

    He's...a strange person..I often catch him talking to his teddy bear..almost as if it were alive..which ofcourse! We shouldn't be so judgemental with what someone's doing sometimes! I used to talk to stuffed animals too.. but...

    The things he talks to it about..makes me uh..scared

    [Amani begins shivering, as the hair strands on her arm stand up]

    P..please dont tell him what I've said though.! I don't want him to act aggressively again...

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  • cottonboyowo
    15.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    my diabolik lover oc, she is married to Karlheinz... by status, and also forced marriage, she has a son and her current status is missing

    Also, her name is Helena

    #diabolik oc#diabolik lovers #diabolik lover oc #diabolik #not me again posting art for dead fandom #diabolik lover art #digital art#oc#ocs
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  • definitelynotasimp
    15.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Jealousy: Do they get jealous? Do they lash out or find a way to cope?

    Vice: What weakness can their darling exploit in order to escape?

    Yearn: How long do they pine after their darling before they snap?

    ♡ Yandere Alphabet ♡

    Jealousy: Do they get jealous? Do they lash out or find a way to cope?

    She isn't a jealous person normally: she knows that her darling loves her so she doesn't have to worry about anybody else. But if she sees that her darling is clearly in love with someone else then everything changes. First of all the other person is dead, there's nothing else she can do with them and as for her darling they'll learn to love just her. After all, she's the best, right?

    Vice: What weakness can their darling exploit in order to escape?

    Their attention. If her darling suddently just stops giving her all the attention and the love she'll be devasted. What did she do wrong? Why did that happen? Did she hurt you? While she's busy wondering all that you can try to run away, but don't expect to never be found again. You'll be back, with her. It's just how things work.

    Yearn: How long do they pine after their darling before they snap?

    She has lots of patience. And when I say lots I mean lots. Her darling could do everything wrong and she's still be totally fine about it. The only exception is lacking attention and love towards her. She'll first be sad, but after a while she could snap unexpectedly.

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  • definitelynotasimp
    15.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    🍁 what are Yoru's favourite games?

    "My favourite games you ask? Well I play almost every kind of game, but if I had to choose one, I'd definitely pick Dead by Daylight. I just love that game, it's so fun!"

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  • sugawara-family
    15.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    𝖄𝖔𝖚'𝖛𝖊 𝖌𝖔𝖙 𝖒𝖆𝖎𝖑!

    "Tch, ya' wanted to hear from me? Why? Surely ya' could've asked for anyone else... I think ya' asked for Shu too, but he's too busy fuckin' sleepin'. However many ya' are, well, just let me know whomever wants t' fuckin' talk."

    "I ain't a people person. Never will be. So I got a short temper for these kinda things... Don't like talkin' much anyways."

    "So, just, whatever ya' wanted t' say, then say it!"

    𝖄𝖔𝖚'𝖛𝖊 𝖌𝖔𝖙 𝖒𝖆𝖎𝖑!

    𝖄𝖔𝖚'𝖛𝖊 𝖌𝖔𝖙 𝖒𝖆𝖎𝖑!

    Pfff~ HAHA! You went straight to the point Sakamaki Subaru. I like you.

    Oh, maybe I could introduce you to some friends, or just the two of us just being buddies.

    In the meantime, here, I'll give you this little drawing that my creator made of you so that you feel less upset. I look forward to speaking with you more!

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  • definitelynotasimp
    15.05.2022 - 9 hours ago


    ᵏᵃʳˡʰᵉⁱⁿᶻ Yoru for most of her childhood didn't even consider Karlheinz as a father figure, as he didn't even take part of her life. This until the day of her left eye accident, when her indifference turned in pure terror. In the present she claims to hate her father, but deep inside she knows that she's still scared of him. Just his name is enough to make her feel anxious. For this reason she refuses to go to the Vampire World, she absolutely can't see him or hear him without having a panic attack.

    ᵇᵉᵃᵗʳⁱˣ As her only daughter, Yoru has always been loved and taken care of by Beatrix. Their relationship was the greatest out of the Sakamaki family: her mother taught her all she knows and spended all her free time with her. This till the famous accident, when Beatrix suddenly became cold to her because "there is a reason why Karlheinz did that to Yoru". This is the reason they grew apart: Yoru still tried her best to gain her mother's love again, but Beatrix just straight up ignored her. In the present Yoru still misses that motherly love and she unconsciously tries to obtain it by being gentle and friendly with all the brides.

    ˢʰᵘ In her childhood Yoru really liked playing with Shu or spending time with him, he also taught her to play the piano and many times looked after her, especially after the "eye accident". Now they don't talk a lot, they have this sort of silent agreement: I don't annoy you and you don't annoy me. But even now Shu secretly looks after her sister, this by not mentioning their father when she's present and by making sure she keeps her grades up. On the other hand Yoru appreciates what he does for her, but most importantly she knew about his human friend and, even though she doesn't know if he died or if he just disappeared, she understands why Shu became how he's today.

    ʳᵉⁱʲⁱ Their relationship is really complicated: do they hate each other? Do they fake it? Why? Nobody knows. Not even Shu. When they were children they had a normal sibling relationship: they played together, Reiji read her stories and other things like that. But after Beatrix started to have a preference for Shu, they began to lose that relationship: Reiji was too busy studying and Yoru was too scared to annoy him and make him hate her too. From that moment things remained identical: they don't talk to each other and apparently they don't care about each other, but in reality both kind of miss the time they spended together.

    ᵃʸᵃᵗᵒ Ayato is the brother Yoru spends the most time with. They play a lot of videogames together and also like to play some pranks on the other brothers. But this doesn't mean that she likes Ayato as a person. Not at all. She hates the way he calls himself "ore-sama", she hates the way he sees everybody as inferior and she absolutly hates the way he steals her prays. This happens everytime: a new bride arrives, Yoru tries to befriend them and have them get on her side and then Ayato gets them. And if she tries to just talk to them he'll start being jealous, defensive and jealous. Which is never a good thing.

    ᵏᵃⁿᵃᵗᵒ Yoru is really scared of him and his creepy teddy bear, like a lot. A vampire shouldn't be scared of anything, right? Well she does. And the reason of her fear is nothing less that her own brother. But who can blame her? Kanato could be crying and immediatly after he could be setting you on fire. Yoru doesn't get along with unpredictable people.

    ˡᵃⁱᵗᵒ Yoru doesn't really know how to feel about him. He's the only one that actually confuses her. Well of course, she's disgusted by the way he treats women and by the way he talks about them, but she feels like he's hiding something, something really deep. They don't hate each other nor they love each other. They're just living under the same roof. But still, she won't spend too much time with him: she doesn't like the way he knows everything about everyone.

    ˢᵘᵇᵃʳᵘ They don't talk to each other, it's like they're ignoring one another. But she doesn't hate him, she simply doesn't have any reason to talk to him in the first place, and neither does him. But if he'd open up to her and start talking, she wouldn't go away. Absolutely not. She finds him rather cute.

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  • ayamexe
    15.05.2022 - 9 hours ago


    The purple haired boy grinned astrociously as he lashed his hands onto Amani's face, gripping it tight and firm, forcibly burying his short, but surprisingly sharp nails into her soft, squishy cheek. The girl unable to do anything but stare right into his big, dilated eyes.
    "Neh, teddy...doesn't she just look like her? Such pretty eyes and smooth skin..."
    Uneasiness building up more and more in the very core of her body, as the process of breathing became difficult as well. In a panic, Amani begins to desperately grab his wrist in attempts to pull his hands away from her, never making any sort of progress. It was impossible for her to get him to stop
    His touch soon after becomes gentle, but it didn't give any comfort. Because despite his wicked smile disappearing into more of a disappointed frown, His menacing aura stayed the same as always.
    "Why dislike me?"
    The displeased tone in his voice when he asked her such a question sent a chill throughout her entire body.
    #yass so romantic /j #felt bad for putting my baby in this situation #but I had this in my mind for a while #kanato sakamaki#amani musa #diabolik lovers oc #scenario#my writing
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  • solarstellarstar
    15.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Walking down to the lower floor of the company building, Kou made his way down towards where one of his juniors was, moving as he snuck his way towards that particular office unseen at the least.

    Even as he passed by what few people there, he just darted across and finally arrived at that office where upon opening the door slightly, he looked around the inside of the confined room.

    Just within, he saw that long hair of black icor, sitting there without company within the cooled room in her usual getup with that hair band that she wore on the daily.

    There's the special little birthday girl. Well it's a good thing that she's alone right now, all the more easier to sneak her out and help her spend her special occasion.

    Opening the door wider as he took a step inside and knocked on the door audibly, catching the others attention as he just smiled over at the general direction, crossing his hands raised and placed behind his head.

    "Hey there Solar-chan~ I heard that there's a special birthday girl around here somewhere. Mind telling me who that might be?~"

    [Even if it were a day that was all about her, where everyone gave their attention and gifts to the upcoming idol, it still didn't feel enough. Solar already ate cake, blew the candles and opened the dump load of gifts she had received from colleagues, friends and fans alike.]

    [There was still one person missing from the celebration of her birth, however. The person that made her feel wanted and who she credits for a good portion of her success. Despite the lingering, warm and affectionate admiration she held for her senior, she never gathered the courage to put her feelings into words- and she currently has no intention to.]

    [Sipping on a straw from a juice box, Solar frowned as she continuously refreshed her messages page. No notification or message from him yet. Even a word or definite evidence of his acknowledgement was more than enough for her]

    [So when a distinct 'knock' sounded on the door, complete with the recognisable voice she had been agonisingly anticipating: a sense of joy and jubilation overflowed her heart.]

    [Solar spun her chair around a full 180 degrees to make sure she could indulge in the full view of her friend. Immediately, the details she appreciated the most about Kou's physical appearance stuck out. His sky-blue eyes, his blond hair and the jewel that hung around his neck glint in her own amethyst eyes. Rising from her chair, she approached Kou at a serene pace]

    [Today, her shoe choice was ebony block heels that matched her hair. It was not extreme as the ones she formerly wore at school, but it was enough to bring her higher up from her original height: a major difference was that this time, Solar's height is significantly positioned under Kou's]

    "Senpai! Ohhh, you're finally here! Did you know I've been waiting forever for you? Hehe, you just arrived at the right time!"

    [Absorbing Kou's friendly chatter, Solar bashfully cups her own face]

    "Aww... do you not know whose day this is about? That pains me, senpai!"

    "... Just kidding, fufu!~"

    #// solar is just going to be simping the whole time #diabolik oc#dl oc#solar fumika #diabolik lovers oc #Solaris birthday! #kou mukami#mukami kou#mukami-kou-dazzlingpinkidol
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  • yuriko-tsukino-rp
    15.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Yuriko’s Relationships with OCs

    These relationships are based on Yuriko’s interactions with OCs and they might change through interactions. Always feel free to interact with Yuriko.

    Even though Yuriko’s canon ship is with Ruki and she has an AU romance with Aruna, it’s okay to flirt with Yuriko and built your own romance if you want (feel free to talk about this with me in DM). With a new ship it’s always considered an AU, so there is no need to feel bad about them.

    Aruna Rukia

    Relationship: Girlfriend (AU romance)

    Nicknames: Aruna (no nickname) & Little Human / Human / Princess

    Catherine McHall

    Relationship: Not sure

    Nicknames: -

    Elizabeth Virnien

    Relationship: Bestie~

    Nicknames: Eli-chan & Yuri-Yuri


    Relationship: Friends

    Nicknames: Eshita-san (no nickname yet) & Yuriko-chan


    Relationship: Slowly becoming friends

    Nicknames: Estel-san & Yuriko-tan


    Relationship: Not sure yet

    Nicknames: -

    Gwen Exicor

    Relationship: Not sure yet

    Nicknames: -

    Hana Gormley

    Relationship: Teacher & student

    Nicknames: -


    Relationship: Not sure yet

    Nicknames: -


    Relationship: Not sure yet

    Nicknames: -


    Relationship: Yuriko wants to become friends with her

    Nicknames: -

    Kuron Mukami

    Relationship: Yuriko sees him as a big brother but isn’t sure how Kuron sees her

    Nicknames: Kuron-san (no nickname) & Little Fox / White Fox

    Maki Mukami

    Relationship: Sister-like friendship

    Nicknames: -


    Relationship: Friends

    Nicknames: -


    Relationship: Acquaintance (but maybe they will be more?)

    Nicknames: -

    Megan Star

    Relationship: Not sure

    Nicknames: -


    Relationship: A mystery girl who is sending game recommendations to Yuriko

    Nicknames: -


    Relationship: Fast friends

    Nicknames: Metsu-chan & Yuri-chan


    Relationship: Yuriko isn’t exactly sure but close

    Nicknames: -

    Mystic Tsukinami

    Relationship: Acquaintance

    Nicknames: -

    Nunnally Sakamaki

    Relationship: Slowly becoming friends

    Nicknames: -


    Relationship: First friend in Ryoutei Academy

    Nicknames: Sharon-chan & Yuriko-chan

    Solar Fumika

    Relationship: Yuriko wants to become friends with her

    Nicknames: -

    Sunny Ogawa

    Relationship: Not sure yet

    Nicknames: -

    Yuu Izumi 

    Relationship: Acquaintance

    Nicknames: -

    #yuriko tsukino#diabolik oc#masterlist #(( i've been making this for a week now )) #(( yet i still am not sure if everyone is here )) #(( feel free to slap me in the DMs if i forgot you )) #(( i promise it wasn't on purpose )) #(( and of course i add you then ))
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  • solarstellarstar
    15.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    "Happy birthday, Solar-san~ I made a cake for you!"

    [Wiping the drool that was currently hanging from the side of her mouth, the girl excitedly takes the plate from Yuriko]

    "For me?! This... this looks so yummy! And you made it? Awe... I would love to keep this forever- but all food is supposed to be eaten so!!"

    [With no hesitation and without further time to waste, she takes the fork and slices the cake into two. She pierces the bigger piece with the fork and downs it almost immediately]

    [Mouth still full with birthday cake, she gives a satisfied and pleasant smile. Unable to contain herself, she grins at the girl with white hair that was fading into blue.]

    "Mmph!~ I've been blessed with the cake god for my birthday. Are YOU the cake god??"

    #// SHE DIDNT DROP THE CAKE THIS TIME YAY #Solaris birthday! #yuriko tsukino#solar fumika#diabolik oc
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  • solarstellarstar
    15.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    -> Birthday Call incoming...Happy Birthday, Solar!

    [You open the video call to be greeted by an ecstatic Setsuna fixing her phone screen. Her eyes slowly travel to the camera and she becomes pleasantly surprised upon seeing that you already accepted.]

    "Okay... is it working? Is it working?"

    "We're good to go then, hooray!"

    [Her zoomed-in figure retreats: clearly revealing the party streamers plastered across the wall, although they were slightly crooked. From what you can see through the screen alone was her bedroom which had balloons occupying every corner, taking up more space than the gift boxes were]

    [Your eyes then slowly focus back onto the figure that was centred in the room. Everything about Solar relatively seemed the same... except for the fact that she had a party hat that looked like it was superglued to the top of her hair, it also had a ribbon secured around her neck to ensure extra stability]

    "Oh, how I WISH you were here. But Hiromi and Lunar insisted on a personal party just between us three."

    [Sensing your confused expression, she just laughs it off before answering the question you haven't even verbally asked]

    "They're both out shopping to get more snacks, they'll be back! But for now... it's just you and me."

    "Regarding birthday parties, the agency would actually handle planning and supplying the whole thing...but since I'm still a trainee, I had to supply the party decorations and food myself with all the money I had saved up."

    "It's not like I'm disappointed or anything! You... you can still celebrate without any materialistic need!"

    [Letting out an exhausted sigh, which may or may not have a hint of disappointment lurking in it, Solar's softened eyes concentrate on you and you alone. It was as if you were there in person]

    "But when it comes to YOUR birthday... fufu, prepared to be spoiled by me!"

    "However this is a day all about me~ and I'm just choosing to include you in it. Did ya get that? It means you're special to me, not everyone has the privilege to hear that. So make sure you're grateful to me as much as I am to you!"

    [As her childish smile lifts the corners of her mouth, a rustling sound echoes behind her]

    [Solar doesn't turn around to check what's going on. She just keeps her eyes on the screen as the party streamers behind her slowly unfasten themselves from the wall. As the minor chaos ensues, Solar just watches the screen with an awkward smile and some periodic blinking.]

    "D-don't worry about it! Keep your attention on me, alright?"

    [Moving on from the minor... inconvenience, she beams]

    "Ooh! Wanna see the cake Lunar got me? Her employer at the cafe specifically made it for me! It's so beautiful! I wanna eat it right now!"

    [She rushes to lift up a cake box, showing a cake standing atop it in its glory. Covered in white, purple and golden stars, it was as if the cake was a pure embodiment of the girl]

    "See? Oh- I have to show you the top, the icing looks really cute and well-placed!-"

    [The idol-to-be tilts the cake box a slight 45 degrees forward towards the screen, so you could be able to see the top of the esteemed cake.]

    [Unfortunately, she forgot about the existence of science: more specifically, gravity. Resulting in the cake swiftly swiping off the box]

    [Although the cake was now off-screen, one image was produced in your mind of what became of it. This was helped by Solar's horrified stare that was fixed on the ground]

    "... GODDAMNIT-"

    #is it really a party if something doesn't happen to the cake #Solaris birthday! #diabolik oc#dl oc#solar fumika #diabolik lovers oc
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  • solarstellarstar
    15.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Solar Birthday event!

    Since it's May 16th in Japan, enjoy my lil video I made for my dumb, adorable skrunkly girl 😡 picrew used

    This also means I'll be starting a birthday event for Solar :D Sorry if I haven't come around to your RP response yet, they will be my top priority after said event!

    #Solaris birthday! #diabolik oc#dl oc#solar fumika #diabolik lovers oc
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  • secretarykang
    15.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    admin can you write headcanons (also one shot if you want) about "how was devyn with lessons? what are her favorite lessons? how many languages does she speak? did she went to school?"

    (i want that bc devyn LITERALLY motivates me to live, she's really like me)

    i’m so glad to hear she motivates you 😭 like i’m literally crying that was so sweet. as long as you don’t find yourself an asshole like karl, go and have her as your motivation, love.

    she didn’t went to a school (i don’t think schools were a thing when she was a kid), she had private tutors and her father.

    very studious kid, like literally enjoyed studying ( i couldn’t relate 🫥), so she pretty much excelled in any lessons, but her favourites are literature and history for sure, loves astronomy as well. not much of a science girl, she knows as much as she needs to about it, but not so into it like karl for example; she’s not the biggest fan of math either, but doesn’t hate it, overall she’s good at it — comes in handy when she needs to deal with the annual budget.

    she had time to learn any language she needs tbh, so i’d say she knows most of them, ancient and current.

    maybe i’ll do a one shot of her studying, but idk when and i need motivation to write (also want to make a new modern au shot), and i don’t really find it atm.

    hope you like this headcanons! good luck with your studying <333

    #✉️ㄱanon #still not over the fact that devyn is someone’s motivation 😭💕 #devyn kang #diabolik lovers oc #diabolik lovers#diabolik oc
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  • something-terrible
    15.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Bonnie just kinda makes me feel an emotion I can’t describe:( Her relationship with the brothers is far from canon lmao, I have such intricate head-canons for the characters that is basically a completely different world.

    #bonnie arlene #diabolik lovers oc #shitpost
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  • smonie
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    We all know Beatrix was far from the perfect mother, but I’ve been thinking about this for a while, the idea that Beatrix had some sort of heart for the triplets when they were children. She definitely wasn’t the greatest parent of her own sons, but she knew it was fucked up when she witnesses Cordelia throw Ayato into the river one day, as a “punishment”. She waits behind a tree until Cordelia strolls off and immediately sends a servant or someone to help retrieve him from the water. Occasionally when she sees Kanato all alone, singing to himself or talking with teddy, she’ll just… watch, and wonder if she should approach him or not. She would dismiss those thoughts, remembering he’s her son, and she shouldn’t have anything to do with him. With little Laito, she probably considered him (in his much younger years) to be a sweet boy. I don’t think she had much interaction with him though. She saw how he took care of his brothers and wished Reiji & Shu were the same way, but they could never be.

    i really did not know when to stfu with my response to this so it’s going under the cut

    tw// mentions of child abuse

    i’m actually fanning out so hard rn bc this is exactlyyy like my interpretation of beatrix it’s sick omfg. and it was really that detail you threw in, “She definitely wasn’t the greatest parent of her own sons, but she knew it was fucked up,” since that to me is the perfect way to sum up beatrix’s relationship between her sons and whoever else was in the picture like, say, simone. one thing i couldn’t get over while writing their interactions was why beatrix cares so much for a girl who was not in her class, wasn’t even her kin- not even her own race of demon- she had no prior debt nor connection to her family... yet she cared so. much. there was a moment where beatrix had valiantly defied karl and fled to andrei’s village (not the smartest thing btw and you’ll see why) to tell andrei what karl was doing to simone and that if they didn’t escape he will come and take her away again. everyone was first under the assumption that simone was being rehabilitated at the palace after her possession, since karl had the means and knowledge to do so, but he just tortured the girl. he knew exactly wtf took over her and how rare the chance was to contact and maybe even conquer a being so ancient. but for how ancient the demon is, it’s very animalistic in nature, and to bring it out of simone it has to be scared out. like forcing a rat to escape through someone’s chest by lighting a fire beneath it. but to put this on scale with a king of hell requires a tremendous amount of pain (at least according to karl’s sadistic ass). though it’s true that abbadon would need to assume his vessel is dying to actually leave the body. thus beatrix knew she couldn’t let simone stay there and managed to get her back to andrei, but karl was quick to figure out what happened and followed her...

    long story short karl arrived to the foot of andrei’s door right as beatrix opened it to leave, and posted way off in the background were rows of black-armored vampires ready to turn that village inside out (literally) to try and find simone. torches faintly illuminate crouching mothers squeezing their children silent from behind karl as he offers a tight grin and croons in a low voice, “you’re a long way from home, dear.” it’s not known exactly how karl punished his wife for her betrayal. and all while this tension-filled exchange takes place, andrei is hissing to simone through gritted fangs like GETYOURASSINTHATDAMNTUNNEL. and then of course he and karl meet. it was a moment. simone snuck out through a hatch in the floor that lead to romans house and the two of them escaped to the city on horseback. they nearly died. i will write this all eventually. this is also when karl obtains the onlyyyy known photo of simone from when she was a child, which wasn’t even a photo it was a rendering made with graphite but still realistic enough for yui to recognize her hundreds of years later when she has having her own little true crime detective “I KNEW IT” moment with subaru.

    but back to beatrix... at first i argued that she may just be living vicariously through simone, like simone reminded her of a version of herself she had to suppress for karl and by looking after simone she could get back some of a life she was forced to give up (she’s still a girl yk). i also thought maybe it was due to guilt. like despite her being of the society, she felt indebted to this little girl who experienced something so horrific at a ball she hosted. but then i thought of this dismissive quality about beatrix, like you know she’s aware but she can’t bring herself to do anything about it.. and that just makes her so much more complex. there’s still the shadow of a girl she once was that sort of lingers around her, and she just tries to act like it’s not there. it’s become a dissociative habit of hers where, to escape the corruption and inefficiency of her motherhood, she takes on all these random, unrelated responsibilities like giving time up that you don’t have because you owe it to your actual children. it’s sad. and i’m not excusing child neglect of course, but it’s devastating to think of her reflecting on all of this and knowing that she didn’t turn out to be the mother she may have anticipated herself to be when she was younger. so instead of facing the fact that she’s caused irreparable damage to her sons, she goes to try and justify her actions by helping someone else who so desperately needs that motherly figure. i mean, really, it’s just too much, especially considering the high standards for vanity and familial piety back then.. i cant even.

    but like you said how she would have to remind herself that those children aren’t hers- that simone has a mother, and it’s not her. she has to send her away from the mansion because her mother is her guardian. the guilt beatrix felt for not just failing simone but for even caring in the first place. shu and reiji noticed this, though shu was a lot more nonchalant about it and would sometimes express to simone how he thought his mother always wanted a daughter, and he could tell just by the way she looked at simone. but he didn’t really care. reiji, on the other hand, lost his fucking mind. and i mean... literally.. the story ends with him eventually kidnapping simone way way wayyy in the future and isolating her on this castle/island until she passes away from ‘malnutrition’ (😐.) and all of this was because of how much he loathed simone for all the attention he got from beatrix. that was it. if beatrix had just cared for her kids like she was supposed to, if simone didn’t go to that fucking ball.. so many life altering decisions would have been prevented and who knows how simone’s life could’ve went ...🦋 she may have been happy, she may have found the love she so deserved.

    but anyway, your ask really struck a chord since it captured the very essence of beatrix and simone’s dynamic and how it affects the boys, which is just a result of beatrix’s experience.

    also i’m sorry to always use simone btw lmaoo. to me she’s just filler for a role that’s suppose to catalyze the reveal of some really interesting side to a character that i want to touch on in these posts. i leave this concept up to anyone who feels inspired by it and wants to do their own twist or whatever who knows who’ll even read this. but i’m just saying there’s a lot of hidden sides to these lesser talked about characters (richter, beatrix, etc.) that i think create a lot of potential for really interesting stories! personally my favorite is beatrix and for how crucial of a role she plays in simone’s life, i thought what better time to share a little bit of lore to you and whoever else is reading this rn

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    𝖄𝖔𝖚'𝖛𝖊 𝖌𝖔𝖙 𝖒𝖆𝖎𝖑!

    "Tch, ya' requested me? Well, ain't that flatterin'... I ain't good at conversations, so maybe we should skip the pleasantries an' stuff..."

    "I see yer from Mexico. Ruki makes a lotta good food from all over the world. I really like some dishes made from the homeland. Perhaps ya' could teach me?"

    "I also gotta show ya' my garden. C'mon out back. It's my pride an' joy."

    𝖄𝖔𝖚'𝖛𝖊 𝖌𝖔𝖙 𝖒𝖆𝖎𝖑!

    ☆ : 💮 °❅"H-hey! I felt you were going fast, let me answer calmly and please don't make gestures."

    "Yep, I'm from Mexico, I'm glad your brother knows how to cook a lot of things! and also that you like certain dishes."

    "Eh, cooking sounds good, I can prepare certain dishes for you, I struggle a bit to cook, but the dishes from that place are what I know the most hehe."

    "Oh! A garden! My mother's family lives on a ranch! They taught me a little bit of things like what you do."

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    Evy: It’s not a want, it’s a need

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