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  • bluexiao
    18.05.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    requesting for single dad hcs?? maybe with diluc, zhongli or childe??

    fluff, crack

    —i assume that the reader is like their significant other right nonnie? so yep this is not child!reader okay

    —also, side note that their child is gonna be a daughter, it’s not mentioned if she’s biological or not.


    Spoils his kid so much that the kid is probably pretty haughty and confident sometimes, much like her father. Also, where did those punches and kicks come from? Did she learn it from her father too? Either way, she is pretty tough and strong for a kid.

    He is quite annoying, honestly, but adorable at the same time.

    He’d proudly boast about his daughter very much to the point that his subordinates would be so used and numb to all of it.

    “As expected, sir Harbinger,” “She is truly your daughter, my lord,” will be their automatic responses, echoing each other with praises for the child. In all honesty though, most of them are rather merely showing their loyalty and fear to the Harbinger. Nonetheless, it would not be a lie to say that his daughter really is almost, if not as, skilled as her father.

    It would actually not be a surprise if she would act spoiled and confident, as she is respected all the same. And as much as CHILDE would hate to expose her to the Fatui, it is not possible as she refuses to be left at CHILDE’s own home back at Snezhnaya and would like to travel with her father a couple of times.

    Although he does try to hide her a couple of times too, and only a few Fatui Harbingers actually know he has a daughter. It would be dangerous, after all. So probably only a few of his trusted subordinates would know as he has to have someone protect his daughter when he is not there. He probably even assigned someone—one of his Fatui subordinates—to babysit her especially in the first few years.

    His daughter is also the only one he lets defeat him. He’d give up easily if it meant he could see his daughter smile in victory. And besides, it’s not like it’s his loss, he wins the moment she smiles, even if she does try to brag to everybody that she just won against him.

    You? Well when you come in the picture, the two; father and daughter would probably compete against each other for your attention, I swear. Caught you kissing CHILDE on the cheeks? Ah! You should give her too! On both her cheeks! Saying “I love you” to her father? Tell her you love her more!

    Now, he finds it difficult to compete with his daughter for you, but at least you two were getting along, and that’s all that matters. (Admittedly though, it hurts his pride whenever he sees his daughter win when it comes to you, but well he loves both of you)


    Is very vERY protective of his daughter. Would probably never let her join him at his work nor at his batman duties and insist she stays at home.

    As she is the only child, the kid often gets lonely… but at least there are maids and her father’s subordinates around the mansion, and the place is quite big so she gets to play a lot!

    Although it would not be a surprise if she suddenly becomes quite rebellious sometimes. She would sneak out once or twice a month to capture more crystalflies or just look around the area to explore. Spoiler: she never gets caught. Plus, the butler is totally on her side.

    DILUC is also on the quieter side, so the child may have gotten that kind of personality as well, which meant that she probably did not mind her father being too quiet… but she still feels neglected whenever she tries to bond or talk with her father and he does not respond back with the same energy as her or the others who will do that for her.

    As she is quite isolated inside the mansion and probably does not have any other kids besides her, she probably does not know what it means to have another parent as DILUC was the only one she has. The moment she does learn about this, however, she will be questioning her father about this and the man would have a hard time trying to explain to her that it will just be them this time.

    Maybe because of this she became quite curious of the outside world even more. And maybe if you passed by the Dawn Winery just because it was a part of your path home and accidentally met his daughter all alone while she was in one of her rendezvous, she immediately took interest in you. It would no be long until she takes your time with all her questions about the outside world and soon inviting you to have dinner with her back at her house.

    And let’s just say that it was how DILUC met you—and of course, how his daughter was reprianded because of this.


    Is quite the doting father. Actually, not too lenient, not too strict, but is quite protective—not too much as well. He also does know how to communicate well, thus it became something that the child also had gotten used to.

    His daughter is well spoken. Very, actually, that you yourself will be surprised and in awe that a child would be more well spoken than any children you know.

    She is very respectful too, probably the type to intimidate someone with her words even if all she said were facts and lessons that her father used to tell her.

    In the early years, he thought he would need a babysitter for her, but as he took notice, his daughter was very independent and behaved. To the point that he thought he could leave her for the meantime while he is working.

    As a single father, he does have repercussions and hardships, as this is something he did not particularly have experience with. He is someone who relied on his experiences, as he had many, and observations.

    He would probably read a lot of books about parenting, especially in the early years, but I swear he would still have those books as his daughter grows—teens are quite hard to raise, after all. They are prone to rebellious phases and acts, to which he could somehow see in his daughter, but he does know a lot about his daughter, and he’d know how to react with those phases, if she ever has one.

    When it comes to you, it pleases him to know that his daughter was working it out with you as soon as she learns he wanted to date you. Actually, his daughter might even teach him how to court you because “Father is very dense sometimes,” “You should pay attention to how you treat them compared to others. They would not be feeling they are special if you treat them the same as you treat others, father.”

    Sometimes, ZHONGLI does wonder how old his daughter’s soul is.

    But anyway, she was making good points and in the end, it was thanks to his daughter that he got to know a few things he never thought about.

    Reblogs are very appreciated~

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  • hiraeth-rawr
    18.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    When you're on your period

    synopsis !! them on your blood week
    note 01 !! writing this half drunk? ish will edits later
    note 02 !! I tried editing it a bit but turns out, half drunk me can actually write pretty well!
    characters !! diluc, kaeya, childe, zhongli, thoma
    cw !! stereotypical period talk, afab reader


    Despite growing up in an all male household, I'm pretty sure Adeline and the other maids force fed him all he needed to know about how to treat a lady right on her period.

    Not to be stereotypical, but he knows better than to be a spoiled brat around his childhood nannies when they were on their red weeks. That would've earned him an ear pinch and Crepus would've sided with the maids as well.

    At least their efforts paid in full. Now they have the perfect gentleman and ideal bachelor for a master, except that he's a little antisocial...

    Luckily, he somehow got you! Now he's in the early stages of your relationship and you're experiencing a particularly terrible period day.

    We all know he's a walking heater. Just grab his big hand and place it over your abdomen! Voila! A heating pad.

    It would be cute if you do it randomly too, like out in the day or in the tavern when your cramps hit and you just need a hot compress. He'll get a little flustered and confused until he realizes 'oh. i should activate my pyro.'

    "Can I... take my hand back now? I have a bartending shift..."


    Overall, man is happy to be a pyro allogene if it proves to be useful for you. Pyro can be so destructive, but for you to seek its comfort is so <3

    On the occasion that he is clueless, though, he'd rush to Adeline for some advice, only to be crowded around by maids bombarding him with information on how to treat you.

    Just imagine Diluc sitting in the kitchen surrounded by young maids and he's trying to mentally list everything but archons, they're lowkey intimidating him like a kid cornered by bullies — what are pad sizes and how is he supposed to know whether you need cold food or hot food?

    Couldn't decide on a chocolate you like so he buys off two of every flavor.

    Same goes with every other craving you have. If you so look at something, he buys it to appease you.


    Like Diluc, he grew up being taught by the maids but as an adult, he has a more hands-on experience with people on their red days.

    Most of his acquaintances in the knights order are women after all; Jean, Lisa, Amber, Eula... He's learned to help them through their bad days, even filling in their roles when the cramps get too much!

    Despite that, I think his most reliable rule when dealing with periods would be to let you rest. Maybe because it's what he tells the knights under him whenever they ask to be excused.

    "Oh? Dysmenorrhea? Head to the infirmary for some rest, you're excused for the day."

    He'll buy you take out after a long day though! It'll be your favorite too.

    He also likes slipping in bed to cuddle, hands gentle massaging any sore muscles with a gentle cool temperature.

    If you're experiencing mood swings, he's the type to go along with you.

    Oh? You're crying because... the cake he brought you is too cute? Alright... Kaeya understands. He nods along and agrees with you.


    To my knowledge, he's the middle child with two sisters so he definitely knows what he's doing. Although he isn't home as often, his mama taught him well!

    Like Kaeya, he probably also has his fair share of agents excusing themselves over their period or cramps.

    Unlike Kaeya though, he doesn't rely on "go and rest" as the ultimatum. Childe treats you more like a child on your period, coddling uou and making sure you can handle yourself.

    You have to reassure him that you're not exactly a sick kid 🤨 like... you can feed yourself. it's fine.

    Probably tries to entertain you, "You can play with this toy while waiting for dinner. Or would you like to read a book instead?"

    "Childe... I'm on my period, not regressing."

    Childe would be the type to cook a great meal from scratch, most of it being sick people food like chicken soup (again, treating you like a little sibling).

    Just allow yourself to be coddled like a child, being a big brother figure is his expertise I guess.


    Honestly one of the best in dealing with you on your period. From your mood swings to your cramps, he's got it all covered.

    Uses his excellent memory to predict your next period better than you can. Sometimes, you get surprised he's showing up with chocolates or a hot meal not knowing it's almost your period already.

    Knows all the best tea and can personally make dysmenorrhea medicine from scratch. He has this little herb garden for you too!

    He's amazing but modern period practices are kind of lost on him. Please, Liyue has come so far when it comes to personal care, back then, people used clean rags.

    There are pad sizes and weights now? Cottony soft? Wings? Dry pads? Disposables? He's a little worried and tries to choose the safest option to his best knowledge.

    Probably asks the store clerk or a nearby lady just to be sure he's got the right one for you.

    Period shopping isn't his forte, but once he's got the grasp of it, expect him to show up every start of your period with everything you need! (paid by someone else, of course)

    He has the tendency to treat you like a sick child as well. Maybe because of how fragile and weak mortals seem to him.


    He's an amazing housekeeper and caretaker, but he probably doesn't have a lot of personal experience dealing with periods.

    I can imagine him learning to deal with Ayaka's red days first. There are usually maids for that, but sometimes the responsibility falls on him as a dear friend!

    Back then, Thoma wasn't as aware but when people started welcoming him more as a foreigner, I can definitely see the other houseworkers talking kitchen gossip with him about their periods. He's just so polite and understanding about the topic, their gossip turns to advice giving when he genuinely asks for tips!

    Like Diluc, he's your portable hot compress. Just grab his hand on a particularly bad day to feel warmth!

    Also like Diluc, he gets crowded by the housewives and young maids telling him everything he needs to know if he ever asks for help.

    Rather than caring for you though, I think he just continues to act like a house maid.

    Especially if he's in your house; he'll cook and clean for you even though you're reminding him that it's just a bad cramp day.

    Thoma cooks for you. I think this one's obvious.

    as someone who gets rly bad cramps, I may or may not make a more comprehensive fic about them caring for particularly bad dysmenorrhea
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    17.05.2022 - 18 hours ago




    shes so pretty it's unfair.....

    #askbox#téo anon #me turning all my faves into mythical creatures 🤭 #everyone says diluc is a vampire bc he fits but consider instead. werewolf...big fluffy baby :) #the darknight hero is a werewolf and thats why no one knows its him #except kaeya bc they saw him when he just a little ball of fluff #i keep ranting abt off topic stuff in the tags i really need to Not #anyway #razor has adopted diluc as an older brother bc they saw him transform once (1) #and now diluc has to babysit (hang out with) him whenever he wants bc he doesnt want his secret to get out #ft fischl + bennet also adopting him as an older brother by association #also diluc is a lesbian send tweet #anyway :) #beikomi real (true story)(not clickbait)(GONE WRONG)
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  • ttinyizu
    17.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Genshin Impact Apocalypse AU

    Apocalyptic AU with the Genshin Boys. 

    (Zombie Virus Apocalypse)

    This took an hour or two, but I really enjoyed it! It wasn’t a request, just an idea that had popped into my head. Enjoy reading~! 


    ✯ Xiao would be the isolated one in the group, silent and observant. He would help Razor with scavenges, usually being the one to go look for supplies on his own. He doesn’t mind getting help from someone who he knows won’t be a bother, such as Diluc and Razor. Diluc assigned him Enforcer, as he is not afraid to brutalize or assassinate when necessary. 

    ✯ He’d be powerful, probably using a baseball bat as a weapon against the zombies. He has a tattoo on his upper arm, ending around his lower arm. He has tons of momentum and moves rather quickly.

    ✯ He’d wear a black mask and gloves with some boots. Cargo pants and a tight, black sleeveless shirt. 

    ✯ Xiao would care for the rest of his squad mates but rarely shows it, probably only protecting them. Though, he wouldn’t be afraid to leave them behind if they drag him down. 


    ✯ Xingqiu would be the smart one, knowing almost every single weakness of the monsters, including those that have evolved. He’d be like a guide, once he receives information from the the scout, he gets general ideas of population and what zombies are most common where.

    ✯ He’d probably be the one protected, along with the medic since he can’t fight as well as the others. Don’t doubt him, though.. His weapon would be a gun and knife, easier to hit weak and vulnerable areas.

    ✯ Fingerless gloves and a cracked face mask. The face mask is lifted onto his head, pressing against his hair, rarely wearing it. He wears a small, leather holster around his hip where he keeps his gun’s ammo.

    ✯ He would write down small and uncomplicated notes for the rest of the squad, maybe giving his complex ones to the ones who would effortlessly understand it without a problem.


    ✯ Venti is talkative and bubbly, though he knows when to be quiet. He’s the medic of the squad, often carrying supplies to heal the team when needed.

    ✯ He is protected along side Xingqiu, but can’t fight well. He stays between the group when going out for supplies or seeking for new shelter. He carries a pocket knife, probably one of the only weapons he can use.

    ✯ He’d wear normal outfit, only a black mask for his mouth. He keeps his hair messy, a large bag on his back, carrying the supplies needed.

    ✯ He can bandage pretty well, as well as fix deep wounds. If someone in his squad gets bitten, he’ll either ask for permission to cut the limb off or throw them out of the group. 


    ✯ Razor would be the scout in the squad, maybe even a hunting guide/survivalist. He would specialize in the outdoors and wilderness, knowing about hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, general survival, and knowledge of weapon usage. He’s very important and useful to the group, though he still needs to work on his knowledge of words.

    ✯ For weapons, he can use anything, though he usually uses an axe or a machete for preferences on melee. He has a picture of all the woods in his head, knowing safe paths and the best forests to hunt and settle down in. He’s very agile, silent, and observant. 

    ✯ He’d wear gloves with some dirty boots and a cloak. He wears thick pants with a loose shirt, wearing the cloak’s hood on his head.

    ✯ He always goes on patrols around the area to check the recent zombie activities. He comes back with information he tells to Xingqiu. He continues to get more information, often times scavenging with Xiao and Diluc.


    ✯ Diluc is the commander of the group, assigning Advisor to Xingqiu and Enforcer to Xiao. He trusts them with those roles, asserting plans with the help of discussion. He can keep his stress and worry under control, being a very good leader. He often deals with bandits or other groups that target them. 

    ✯ Diluc often uses a katana. It seems weird and unlikely, but he likes easily slicing through the enemy instead of multiple shots or stabs to end them. One or three clean cuts, as long as it’s quick. He is a good tactician, especially with the help of his Advisor. Diluc keeps stuff in check. He makes sure no one is hurt and nothing is lost, counting and organizing stock and supplies.

    ✯ He wears gloves with a cloak, keeping his hair held up by a small, thin hair-tie. He doesn’t use the hood of the cloak, but he does use it when fighting bandits. 

    ✯ Diluc can cook pretty well, often making small meals for his squad. He’s happy they enjoy it; the group is like a family to him, even Kaeya who gets on his nerves. Venti often begs for more of his cooking, but they have to ration supplies, so he just shakes his head as he tries to ignore the Medic’s puppy eyes.


    ✯ Kaeya is a Lookout or Marksmen, depending on the situation. He will barely go scavenging unless it’s needed. If something happens at their shelter, attack of people or zombies, Kaeya goes into Marksmen: The first line of defense for the base. He takes out lone or small groups of zombies and/or bandits that approach the base. 

    ✯ Kaeya carries a crossbow on his back, but he has a machete on him at all times. When keeping lookout, he takes high ground to snipe them. He often has to switch to his machete, getting hurt in the process of fending them off. He often gets help from some of the members, expressing how grateful he is about the extra help.

    ✯ Kaeya wears a mask and boots, one gloved hand. He wears a wristband on the other, a small cloak wrapping around him and tying at the front. 

    ✯ He doesn’t mind helping with other things, but he prefers his current role. He’s very used to it, though he would appreciate a bigger group on Marksmen, Lookout and Scavengers. He tries to lighten the mood inside base, with everything going on, his presence and jokes do make everyone feel a bit more relieved. He could probably entertain them, though inside, he’d feel down about the whole situation, wishing things could go back to normal.


    ✯ He often keeps watch, staying inside the base on high alert. He sets up traps and works with blacksmithing and trading. He makes weapons and ammo for the squad, often trading materials for other stuff such as food or better equipment. He has multiple roles in the squad and fights very well. He may assist his team on things, receiving help back. 

    ✯ Zhongli uses a crossbow, a small holster on his back to hook it onto. He makes sure everyone, or most of them, carry handguns. He himself carries one with extra ammo on his holster.

    ✯ Zhongli wears black gloves with a mask. He wears the mask when going outside, feeling safe in it. His hair is always smooth and taken care of, kept in a low, long ponytail. He wears suit-looking pants, slightly tight but not a cargo type of loose. He wears a tight shirt, belts and straps across his chest. He hooks his crossbow on his back and his handgun at his side, extra ammo always laying around. 

    ✯ He has a fair amount of knowledge, often discussing it over with Xingqiu. He will ask Xingqiu about crops and vegetation, having multiple roles in the squad. He’s fond of Chongyun because he’s obedient and listens well. He enjoys his roles in the group, he feels as if he has a big purpose in it. 


    ✯ He joins Xiao and Razor in scavenges, mostly because he’s made for it. One reason he does scavenges is for Diluc, so the commander can stay at base. He’ll take Xingqiu’s complicated notes and make sure to understand them, asking questions if he’s confused about something. 

    ✯ Chongyun uses any weapon, though he carries hatchets and a handgun. He prefers the hatchets, but his thoughts are: “You never know when it may come in handy.”

    ✯ He isn’t very concealed in his appearance and clothing, wearing light stuff. A short coat over a shirt and loose pants with some boots. He wears a belt where he carries his gun and ammo, an extra hatchet hanging on the opposite side. He carries two hatchets in hand, but an extra one in his belt to be cautious. 

    ✯ Chongyun is very serious and stoic, similar to Xiao. Though they barely talk, they have synergy in the outside world. Chongyun is smart, easily taking information from Xingqiu. He often asks for advice on certain things, such as things he finds hard. He barely communicates, probably only to three certain people: Diluc, Venti and Xingqui. 


    woOoooo random idea-

    razor, signing off.

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  • diluvc-r
    17.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    In my dreams,

    In my dreams, you love me back.

    — 1:54 in my dreams, red velvet

    prev | epilogue

    pairings: diluc x y/n

    genre: fluff <3

    it was like an illusion in that happy ending

    heart thumping as loud with the rhythm of the horses from his carriage, his hand clutching the letter written from you, diluc looked outside the window restlessly. all he could see was green and it was making him sick, he waited and waited until when his new manor was finally in view, he jumped off his majestic ride and ran on his two feet.

    of course, this startled even his brother who was in the same carriage as him but everyone knew that none of them could stop him. not when the matter concerns you.

    diluc ran as fast as he could, as swift as his muscles could work. his gaze was fixed on the large mansion, his thoughts was full of you. he had to see it for himself, confirm with his two eyes if what was written in that letter was true.

    he couldn’t wait, not when he promised he wouldn’t leave you alone anymore and yet, he failed to do so. diluc was supposed to stay at sumeru for two weeks, however due to bad weather they couldn’t sail as planned and he ended up stuck in that nation for the whole season.

    though you kept assuring him that you were fine and that it was inevitable, diluc was torn apart. he was devastated that he couldn’t bring you along, and he was even more frustrated that he had to be apart from you for longer than he promised.

    as he finally made it past the gates he instantly caught your figure from afar. you were seated at a gazebo, enjoying your evening tea with the maids accompanying you. the red hair felt his heart swell at the sight of you.

    he wasted no time and picked up his pace as he saw you getting up from your seat. he clutched the letter in his hand when he finally stopped a few feet away from you.

    of course, you were surprised by his presence. he didn’t reply to your last letter so you assumed the weather there must’ve gotten worse. you kept an open mind and prepared your heart that he might not return for yet another month.

    the last thing you expected was to see your husband, disheveled than his normal dignified look, standing right in front of you, breathless as he clutched your letter in his hand. diluc had a look you had never seen before, and it worried you a little. you weren’t expecting this kind of reaction when you broke the news to him through the letter.

    “tell me, is this true?”

    he queried, breathless as ever. you gulped, dismissing the maids to have a private conversation with him. “you should take a seat first, how about some tea?” you tried to console him. diluc shook his head as he took a step towards you. “no, i need to know. now.” he demanded.

    you took a deep breath before nodding your head, still so careful about his reaction. was it a mistake? should you have waited? why was his reaction so different than what you predicted?

    you didn’t dare to look at him, but his silence was scaring you. “diluc, i’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted but i thou-”

    without warning, the man lifted you in his arms as he twirled you around. surprised, you rested your palms on his shoulders, afraid he might dropped you as you looked at him with wide eyes. you squealed as he hugged you tighter.

    “i’m gonna be a father!”

    he exclaimed, kissing you feverishly and caressing your hair. you had never expected such reaction from him, but the joy in his face was all it took to melt your heart. diluc kissed your palm before he placed them on his cheeks.

    when you first found out about your pregnancy, diluc was already sailing to sumeru. you thought of telling him after he returned but due to the extension, you knew you had to tell him immediately. you were already three months pregnant and soon enough, your belly would show.

    diluc took you by surprised when he lifted you in a princess carry as he headed towards the mansion. “i can walk on my own.” you stated as you were embarrassed from all the stares by the servants. “not when i’m around, i’m going to halt all my work until the baby comes. i want to spend every waking moment with you.” he said before placing a kiss on your temple.

    much to your surprise, diluc was such an attentive husband. he never really left your side, always finishing work early, making sure to eat all meals with you and he took care of you whenever you had your mood swings. he was there at every doctor’s appointment, and even had a baby room prepared.

    diluc was so happy that you couldn’t help but to feel happy as well. he was supportive and he tried his all to make you at ease.

    it was during one quiet dawn, you were already at term but the doctor assured you that she would be just a call away whenever they baby was ready to come out. you were afraid naturally, you wanted everything to go smoothly but you feared the pain and you feared if anything would go wrong.

    of course, this worry of yours didn’t go unnoticed by your husband. he tried his best to look calm in front of you but he too, was nervous to welcome the little one.

    during that one dawn, it was like every other dawn. diluc would wake up earlier than usual to start his daily training. he would run a few miles, practice his swordsmanship with any of the knights. lately, he had been doing a lot of sparring with kaeya.

    the soon to be uncle was also excited, to the point he basically resided in the mansion with the two of you. he wanted to be there during the birth of ragnvindr’s new heir.

    it nearly spooked the lives out of the two men when one of the maids yelled “the baby is coming out!” through the windows in order to alert the young master.

    diluc sprinted towards your shared bedroom and immediately rushed next to your side. he kept whispering how you were doing great and that everything was going to be fine, and he kept promising that the pain would go away.

    he clutched your hand so tightly that you weren’t even sure which one was more painful, childbirth or his grasp. diluc’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the first cry of his little one. and oh, how he rejoiced when he could see fine red hairs on the baby’s head.

    “congratulations, it’s a girl.”

    said the midwife as she handed the bundle of joy in his arms. as he first glanced at his little princess, diluc’s vision was already blurry with tears. he held her close to his chest as he showed the child to you. instantly, he kissed your forehead as he whispered multiple thank yous to you.

    the sun rose as the two of you stare at your daughter, completely mesmerised by her presence.

    lucy ragnvindr, the name diluc had chosen for his little girl. born at dawn, she was his new addition of light in his life. diluc never hid his doting for his new daughter. he showered her with all kinds of love. he never grew tired of staring at her, pinching her cheeks, playing with her small fingers.

    he would carry her around whenever she would cry in the middle of the night. sometimes you would find him asleep on the floor next to lucy’s crib as he took care of her all night.

    diluc was obsessed with her. and he had you to thank for. every night after ensuring his little redhead was asleep, he would crawl into bed next to you, hugging you tight in his embrace as he expressed how blessed he was to have both of you in his life.

    when lucy was finally big enough to walk and talk, diluc became awfully protective. he wouldn’t let lucy play around with others for so long. often, scooping the girl back into his arms. he was even more protective whenever kaeya would come by to play with her, saying something about how his brother knows nothing about handling a child.

    you often found yourself laughing at how childish he was being when it comes to his daughter. you noticed that diluc especially loved playing with lucy’s hair. the two of them had bright red tresses and it was a sight to watch them together.

    it made you utterly happy to be able to build a family with the man you were so in love with.

    even the whole of mondstadt celebrated the strongest clan’s heir triumphantly. you looked at the child in his arms, it touched your heart that you now had two, important people in your life. you would shower the child with love, never letting her know what it felt like to be in the dark.

    you had to thank diluc for all the changes that had happened in your life. how he gave you all the freedom and bliss in your life. as you were sure no one was paying attention, you sneaked a peck on your husband’s cheek, giving him a smile afterwards.

    “thank you for being in my life.”

    diluc beat you to it as he thanked you first, before he stole a quick kiss from your lips. “i’ll cherish both of you until the end of times.” he said as he leaned his forehead against yours, with lucy in his arms.

    note: that’s the end of it! a short epilogue thanks to anon!now, say it with me. domestic diluc is all we need in our life. truly, thank you to everyone who loved this, i will or will not return <33

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  • cl0udism
    17.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    — dates with genshin men ﹒ * ﹒ ✦ ﹒ ⁺ .﹒ * ﹒ ✦ ﹒ 

    feat. zhongli diluc kaeya thoma albedo itto childe

    warning: reference to sexual acts (kaeya), the rest is fluff

    word count: 1.3k

    from cloud: i decided to get back into fic writing and what better way to get into the swing of things than with a game ive been in love with since it released

    # ♡ — zhongli

    — definitely the type to do actually date nights (days were u guys make time for each other and actually go out)

    — no matter what u guys have planned u always end up at restaurant

    — u both just find it as a nice way to wind down after the day

    As Zhongli stares at you eating while he sips his tea he wonders what he did to earn such a wonderful person as his s/o.
    After taking a deep breath he smiles and says, "Y/n, dearest, I love you".
    You look up just now realizing that he's been looking at you this whole time, tilting your head like a curious puppy, and reply, "I love you too. Where did that come from ?"
    Instead of replying he grabs your hand, plays with your fingers, and lets out a little chuckle. A subtle smirk appears on his face and he doesn't answer. You might not realize it, but your love means more to him than anything else in this world.

    # ♡ — diluc

    — it'll take a bit of convincing for him to go on an actual date

    not bc he doesn't love u but he thinks that just being near each other around the winery counts

    — when u do convince him it'll most likely be just a walk around monstadt

    — a nice break from ur hectic lives just enjoying each other's presence

    "Diluc", you say as you draw out the last letter in his name.
    "Come on you need a break you've been working so hard recently. We haven't gone on a date in weeks," you whine as you drape yourself across his back as he sits in his chair.
    He huffs, not understanding what you were talking about since you spend most days together managing the winery. He eventually caves after much begging and persistence from you. You both leave the winery building and take a stroll around. With your hands intertwined you both bask in the comfortable silence and in this moment, Diluc thinks that maybe you were right and you both needed to do this more often.

    # ♡ — kaeya

    — oh he loves going on dates

    — shows u off to the entirely of mondstadt even though everyone already knows u both are dating

    — he will take u where ever u wanna go no complaints and u might catch him staring at u every once in a while and if u do catch him he will tease u with not a ounce of shame on his face

    Kaeya was a busy man. There was always a new foe to fight; new information to learn. None of this matters when he was with you though. All of his worry and responsibilities left his mind as he walked with you, hand and hand, through Mondstadt.
    "Why are you staring at me like that?", you asked noticing how Kaeya had stopped talking and was now just looking at you with an unreadable expression.
    He smirked, "Oh the usual just imagining all the dirty positions I could put you in".
    He laughed as you playful punched his arm and scold him for acting in such a way in public. You and Kaeya continued walking the city as he thinks about how perfect you are to him.

    # ♡ — thoma


    — hes a gentleman and while he does devote himself to the kamisato family he still makes sure to make time for u

    — yall are going to get dango no questions asked and walk around while he talks about his memories of inazuma and mondstadt

    "Y/n ! Y/n ! Look this is a new flavor of dango I haven't tried before"', Thoma yells as he pulls you along with him to a dango stand.
    Once you both reached the stand and got your snacks Thoma looks over and holds his out to you.
    "When can share since we both got different flavors", he excitedly exclaims.
    You do just that taking each and tasting the delicious treat. Satisfied, you both start walking as Thoma describes his homeland bittersweetly. You add in your two cents once in a while to show you are listening. Thoma could not be happier with his favorite person, talking about favorite his memories.

    # ♡ — albedo

    — yeah conventional dates are not common between the two of u

    — all of ur "dates" revolve around his work and neither of u seem to mind that

    — except every once in a while he takes a step back from his work and asks if he can paint ur portrait

    yes he does this every time so u better believe that he has many portraits of u but he reasons that he needs all of them to capture u in different forms

    Posing for long periods of time can be tiring. Having to hold one position especially if it is unnatural made it that more challenging. Albedo didn't mind any of this. He didn't want you to be captured in any other state than how you were normally. Often he would just ask you to sit as comfortably as you wanted, so he could paint you. Life is constantly changing. Time is moving. Days are passing, but in these little moments in time he was able to capture you. With each new portrait a new version of yourself is revealed to him. Slowly he falls deeper and move in love with you through these intimate moments.

    # ♡ — itto

    — he takes u everywhere and calls it a date

    — going to mess with kujou sara ? a date. going beetle hunting ? a date. visiting granny oni ? a date of course she loves u.

    — he loves spending time with u and hates being apart so everyday with u is like a date bc its with u


    # ♡ — childe

    — he's a busy man u see. betraying people. ending gods. ya know the works so when he does have a little free time he takes advantage of it

    — sending letter after letter detailing how much he misses u and u guys plan a date that way

    — more often that not the dates are just u both at home enjoying each other's company while he recounts his adventures and shows u the gifts he brought back from his latest visits

    everytime he goes to a new land he always spots something that reminds him of u and keeps it close to him until he could get back home to u

    Childe is constantly dealing with darkness in his life. It came with being part of the Fatui. But his family and now you were the light of his life. You were his sunshine. When he arrived home it was dark out. You both settle onto the couch and cuddle. He recounts his experiences meeting all types of people on his adventures to Liyue. You hum acknowledging and responding back to him. You nuzzle into his neck letting out a sigh of content. He chuckles feeling your breath of his neck and whispers, "Sunshine, before you go to sleep on me, I got you a little something". That doesn't rouse you from your drowsy state, but you remove your face from his neck and look at him. He pulls out a dazzling necklace from his pocket. You don't know what ore is in the center of this beautiful piece. It shines even in the darkness of the room. Too tired to question him about it you doze off with the necklace in your hand. He smiles at your sleeping form placing a gentle kiss on the cheek as he snuggles into you happy that he found his sunshine in this cruel world.

    hope u enjoyed my first little fic in a long time <3

    #genshin x reader #genshin fluff #genshin impact x reader #childe x reader #itto x reader #thoma x reader #albedo x reader #kaeya x reader #zhongli x reader #diluc x reader #thoma x you #zhongli x you #diluc x you #albedo x you #kaeya x you #itto x you #childe x you #fluff
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  • alatvz
    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ✉️ — college roommates

    pairing/s: kaeya, thoma, and diluc x gn!reader (separate)

    wc: 1k

    cw: some swearing, thoma calls u handsome, kaeya calls u princex and cutie, literally just all the guys pining for their roomie (aka u) - not proofread

    a/n: old blog repost, rlly happy w how this one turned out edit: NOT ME POSTING THIS AND FORGETTING TO PUT THE CHARACTER PAIRINGS. I AM SO SORRY OMFG

    𝐊𝐀𝐄𝐘𝐀 would be the flirty roommate who you never see doing any work whatsoever but is somehow acing all his courses. he's always home whenever you get back from classes, greeting you with a sultry smile and a "welcome back, y/n, i missed you" - adding that last part in just to fuck with you. although ...there might be a little truth in that statement.

    𝐊𝐀𝐄𝐘𝐀's the kind of roommate who pisses you off because he's so... how do you put this... oblivious to his own actions- which is rich coming from one of "mondstadt's most eligible bachelors" according to the most recent campus survey. even if he's wanted by half of the student body at the university, he's fairly exclusive. and perhaps a tiny bit possessive. for instance, consider the following encounter you had with him recently:

    "ah, where are you running off to this late in the evening? finally found yourself a couple friends?" he quips as he walks up next to you, leaning on the back of a chair as you fix yourself in the hall mirror.

    "i, believe or not," you brush out the nonexistent wrinkles on your shirt and let out a puff, "have a date!"

    if you were looking at kaeya's face in that split second, you would have seen his heart break into a million pieces. but he quickly recovers, replacing his colorless expression with a cheeky grin. "do you, now? and who's the lucky one?"

    turning around to (finally) meet his face, his expression softens as he recognizes the effort you put into looking presentable. you beam as you mention the name of someone he's never heard of (which is unlikely, but clearly not impossible). why is he so disappointed? why does he want to object, to stop you in your tracks and tell you everything he's too scared to say?

    “the date is at that new little hole in the wall that recently opened a couple blocks down; it’s at 6:30.”

    he gestures to the clock hanging on the wall that reads 6:23. “well then you better get going princex.”

    “oh, shit! oh my gosh, okay- um… have you seen my bag anywhere!? i can’t believe i spent so much time getting ready…” you frantically run around the apartment, eventually bumping into kaeya’s chest as he looks down at you.

    “slow down there, cutie.” he holds up said purse, “it’s right here.”

    “ugh, thank you so much!! you really are the best, kaeya.”


    he watches as your frame quickly scurries for the door, his feet feeling glued to the floor despite his aching heart.

    “hey-“ he blurts out, having no clue what to say next. “ah haha, uhm-“

    “what? i’ve gotta go!”



    “yeah. don’t go.”

    𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐀 … don’t even get me started. this man would be the perfect, top tier, cream of the crop roommate. he cooks, cleans, bakes, helps you with your work, as well as maintaining his own health and cleanliness. sometimes though, you’ve got to step in and tell him to take a break. he isn’t very good at saying no.

    another perk of sharing an apartment with 𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐀 is uh.. yannow. the view. when he’s running around the rooms, working up a sweat and all, he’ll shed the layers and continue with his duties. it really is something else.

    not only is he the perfect roomie, but he’s a good person too. many weekends, you’ll find yourself sitting alone, recalling when he said he’d be doing some volunteering and charity work for some nonprofit organization.

    apparently he also does babysitting for a woman named ms. ayaka kamisato? one time her brother showed up at your door asking for thoma while he was out running errands so you just let him hang out until he got home. when thoma walked through the door he started freaking out, asking this “ayato” of he’d done anything to you and frantically apologizing for anything that he may have done while he was gone. luckily for you, all he did was say thoma had good taste. whatever that means.

    well, you figured out exactly what ayato meant a couple weeks later when he took you and thoma out for drinks. lets just say thoma isn’t that great of a drunk!

    you were all out at the bar near your complex. thoma was extremely reluctant to go, but with some coaxing ayato was able to get him out the door. now, though… whew.

    “y/n, why’re you so pretty?” the blonde slurs out, dreamily watching you from across the table.

    “well, look who is finally confessing!”

    “c- hic- confessing? pshh, no.” he sits his elbow on the table and holds his chin in his hand, sighing as the liquid courage kicks in. “i’m just saying that i think they’re handsome. very nice to look at.”

    then comes ayato with his cheeky grin, one you’ve gotten to know all to well over the past couple of weeks. “would you kiss them?”

    “god, yes.” he answers a little too quickly. it takes a moment for it to register in his mind, but once it does, thoma’s face flushes a bright red. his hands fly to cover his face as he tries his hardest to hide away, mumbling slurred profanities against his rash response.

    needless to say he was a little more cautious of drinking with ayato from then on.

    𝐃𝐈𝐋𝐔𝐂 would be a quiet roommate. you often see him working, sitting at his desk with piles upon piles of documents. no, scratch that- he’s always working. what even are they? who even has that much work? apparently a business and finance major, thats who. poor diluc having to inherit his fathers business.

    you’re weirdly close to him for someone who doesn’t necessarily bother himself with interactions… although its not normal for him, he doesn’t mind it. he actually finds it quite endearing that you make it a point to try and be a part of his life. he'd been alright admiring you from afar, but he must admit: having you there next to him every day won't make him complain.

    whenever he wants a break from signing papers, he’ll get up from his dimly lit desk and go searching for you; he finds comfort in your presence. weirdly enough. he never realized how truly whipped he was for you until one specific rainy afternoon, where a fever became his wingman.

    standing in the kitchen, a deep sigh from diluc catches your attention.

    “what’s up, ‘luc?” ‘luc: a nickname you adopted a while ago and have seemed to take a liking to. you haven’t called him anything else ever since- tell him he likes it and he’ll deny it.

    “it’s nothing, really.” he sets his pen down and gets up out of his chair, walking towards you as he stretches out the stress of a long day. “just a little tired of signing my name over and over again. nothing you need to worry about.” you walk up towards his large frame, his hair loosely tied back.

    “you sure? we can order takeout if you want.” you sigh out.

    his silence was an answer in and of itself: he’s had a long day.

    “‘luc, are you sure you’re okay? you’re a bit red-” you softly question, walking closer to his figure as you lift your hand to feel his forehead. “oh gosh, you’re hot. here, let me take your temperature.” you turn around to rummage around in the cupboard for the thermometer.

    “no, y/n, i really am fine. please, sit down."

    “diluc, go wait on the couch.”

    reluctantly, he gives in to your request- but only because you used his full name. scary.

    you find the thermometer and meet him in the living area where he sits patiently with a slight pout- he looks like somebody kicked his puppy.

    "open." you whisper, resting your fingers around his jaw to place the device in his mouth.

    "y/n, i really don't need this treatment-" he says with a faint tinge of a blush hovering over his cheeks.

    "'luc, please. i'm worried about you." your expression drops a bit, your concerned face finally causing him to cave. "...you know, you overwork yourself way too often."

    just as he is about to retort, you tap the thermometer, reminding him that he needs to stay still to get the reading.

    "i bet this is your body reacting to you over exerting your brain. its entirely possible."

    he cringes at the taste of the metal leaving his mouth, "yeah, well i think my body is completely fine."

    you raise your brow looking down at him, showing him the temperature reading behind the plastic.

    "...100.3," he mumbles, "-that's an old thermometer. we've had it for a while, it's bound to be incorrect."

    "just admit that you're sick and that you need to take a break."

    one thing you haven't noticed is that your hand is still cupping his jaw, your featherlight touch causing his face to heat up even more. if diluc wasn't too positive before, he's sure now that you aren't good for his health.

    "...fine. but only because you're so insistent."

    you jump up in triumph, claiming how you'll be the best caregiver he's ever had while sick. you start talking about what kind of food you'll make for him, excited that he's finally taking a break and letting you tend to him. you're beaming with excitement, your face glowing with a smile and subtle traces if empathy. in his feverish haze, he grabs your forearm and pulls you down into a kiss, surprising both you and himself.

    you both ended up getting sick and had to call his family's maid to come take care of you.

    ©𝐚𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐯𝐳𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐. refrain from copying and reposting. rbs appreciated!

    #kaeya x reader #kaeya x you #kaeya x y/n #kaeya alberich #kaeya alberich x you #kaeya alberich x reader #kaeya alberich x y/n #thoma x reader #thoma x you #thoma x y/n #thoma headcanons#thoma scenarios#diluc ragnvindr #diluc x reader #diluc x you #diluc x y/n #diluc fluff#diluc scenarios #genshin x reader #genshin x you
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  • mxplesyrvp
    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    𖤐 ━━━ 𝗠𝗔𝗦𝗧𝗘𝗥𝗟𝗜𝗦𝗧 !!


    (🍁) 𝙆𝙖𝙚𝙙𝙚𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙖 𝙆𝙖𝙯𝙪𝙝𝙖 ━━━━

    "fallen leaves.....adorn my night!"

    ⌗001| worth the wait

    ⌗002| best part of me (soon)

    more stories to come, please give me some time !!

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  • suya-lcver
    16.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ⊹Confession Time✿

    sypnosis- in where your crushes decides to confess his feelings towards you.

    characters- xiao, kazuha, x gn!reader

    genre- fluff

    (for better visualization listen to ↴)

    ♫- Apocalypse- cigarettes after sex

    a/n: this is my first post! i've had these thoughts roaming in my head for quite some time now and i'm gonna let them out because why not? also, since im a black author i would imagine these scenarios with a blk person or a blk oc (created by me). i don't mind how you imagine the reader, but the reader will be written out with black characteristic traits!



    He would make sure to pull you into an empty classroom so no one could hear him.

    His shyness taking over him, and his body slightly trembling due to his nervousness.

    His hands slowly goes towards your hands, grabbing them in the softest way possible as he brings them up towards his face interlocking them.

    "Y/n," His voice shaky, making you aww.

    "We've been close f-for a really long time now and I've never been able to express myself towards you or towards anyone because I've always been a cold hearted person, but since you showed me, I can be different... showed me how it feels to be loved...."

    You look deeply into his yellow, golden eyes and smiled. He tried to look at your brown hazel eyes but he failed.

    "In all words... I really love you y/n, I can't love anyone else how the way I love you."

    He was really going to make you cry. Your face burning in heat, and your ears turning slightly red. You lean in towards Xiao, pressing your plump glossy lips on his.

    Xiao held your hands close, not letting go. His cheeks coated with pink, and his head moving in sync with yours.

    You pull away from the kiss with a tear falling down out of your right eye. He wiped it with his thumb.

    "Don't cry baby, Don't cry."

    You place your head on his chest resting it there, hearing his heartbeat in your ears.

    "I love you too Xiao. I will always love you,"



    You and Kazuha would be at a coffee restaurant, sitting at a table for two people only.

    The noise in the coffee place was silent and it was peaceful till Kazuha decided to speak to you.

    "Hey y/n, would you care to follow me for a second?"

    "Are you going to kill me?"

    "Why would I do that? ,"

    "I don't know... just an intuition. Where are we going?"

    "Give me your hand, close your eyes, and trust me."

    You nodded, placing your hand out. Giving availability for Kazuha to take it in his. He grabs your hand pulling you up from your seat, leaving yours and his beverages on the table.

    Your eyes still closed, and you squeezed them tighter due to your nerves. You felt like you were going to bump into something, and you weren't really sure if Kazuha was paying attention to your surroundings.

    In a span of five minutes, you guys have made it to the destination. Kazuha letting go of your hand, and your eyes slightly opening but he covered them quick.

    "No! No! No! Keep 'em closed a bit longer,"

    You sighed and nodded, interlocking your fingers with your other hand.


    You open your eyes, seeing bright lights hanging from a tree, connecting to another. The grass under it has rose petals on it, facing upwards with pink glitter on them.

    You finally look at Kazuha, with a sign in his hands that say 'Will you go out with me," and him slighty biting down on a rose stem.

    Your eyes water, your heart beats faster than how it was before. You began to slightly lose your balance, but you managed to stay up. Stuttering out on trembling words escaping your lips, while you're trying not to cry.

    "Yes, K-Kazuha! Yes I will go out with you!"


    Please do not translate, share my work, or copy it. All of the writings belong to ME @/suya-lcver.

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  • gosen-kun
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    Genshin Vignettes

    Modern AU - How they help you study

    Genshin!men x male reader*

    *Although the reader doesn’t end up being gendered for this post specifically POV wise, I didn’t want to bait people into believing I would always do gn reader stuff since my works mostly caters to male readers.

    Albedo is always very perceptive when it comes to your general mood. When he sees you pouncing around like a caged tiger, he believes bringing you to a café is the best course of action to avoid you from turning crazy from all this nervous studying. The café he chose is nice, not too mainstream and not too influenced by the latest wanna be edgy trend on pinterest, while remaining down to earth. As you enter, he immediately spots a table near a wall so you have access to an electrical outlet for your laptop. Albedo hangs his coat on the back of the chair and leaves to go order something to drink. Shortly after your partner comes back with two lavender chai latte and the sweetest of smiles. The afternoon passes by so fast and now the situation doesn’t look as dire as it seemed back then.

    Arataki Itto - We know the man can read and write, that was established when he tried to write a work of fiction for some library event. However, he usually keeps away from the academic field. When he listens to you rambling about exams and how badly you need to study, he decides to take the matter in his own hand; take the bull (Ushi) by the horns if you will. He ends up stealing your notes and makes you chase him around your room until he succeeds in baiting you to go outside. You just exit the building and all you hear is a «Think fast!» leaving you almost no time to react.  You manage to catch the ball he threw at you and stare at him in disbelief mildly upset at his shenanigans. You are about to say you don’t have time for this, but he starts talking before you could. «So here’s the plan babe. Each time I ask a question from your notes, I’ll throw you the ball. If you give the correct answer you throw it back, but if you are wrong, you need to run to me to give me the ball with a kiss on the lips.»

    Dainsleif was involved in everything you were doing, always making sure to know what you were interested in or what was going on even though he could often be away on business trips. He came back from his latest trip overseas right as you were starting to get ready for your exams week. He took that upcoming academic challenge of yours very seriously and wanted to know how you were planning to study. He then asked to scan through your notes. After he was done he looked a little mischievous but nothing enough to worry you. After two days of studying, when the action of breathing itself felt dull, your partner appeared in your study and put a stack of paper on your desk. The sheets were randomized sentences taken for your notes with some blanks left for you to fill out. Having your material in such a random matter made you think even more about what words you needed to write in the blank cases. Dain would peek over your shoulder to see how you were doing with the excuse of «massaging your shoulders». Ok even though you know he just wanted to know how it was going, receiving a massage for your tensed shoulders felt supremely good.

    Diluc - For the most part of your week, you spent your time in limbo studying at your partner’s home. Diluc had made arrangements in his schedule to have more free time and adapt to your exams session - he assured you he wasn't supposed to receive a call from work unless the winery had collapsed. Although you have a lot of content to study, Diluc helps you make schema and mind maps all divided by colour categories. His goal is to make the content simpler, but also make the workload seem more manageable to inhibit anxious thoughts. At the end of each day, he would suggest you take a walk in a nearby park or just stroll down the streets around the block. Breathing the fresh air was very beneficial, but you also enjoyed that special time spent with him.

    Kaedehara Kazuha is the type to lay around reading poetry or woodwork beside you so you don't have to feel alone while studying. At some point you had to set boundaries because having him practice a music instrument in the background, mostly his zither, was too distracting for you. It’s not that you didn’t like what he played, you usually enjoy it in a different setting, you just happened to listen to your specific studying playlist. When you have an especially hard time with some content, you can count on your partner to help you. Kazuha makes you remember the darndest, most difficult things by creating cute silly phrases or poems. His Mnemonics techniques got you thinking the wildest things while you were taking your exams.

    Gorou acts like a real strategist when it comes to your academic success. He googled tips and tricks on how to study more effectively and made a thorough schedule a whole month in advance. All you had to do was to ask for his help and he would rally to support you. A typical study day was divided into Pomodoro study sessions (50 minutes to study - 10 minutes break) and he even managed to sync his training schedule on your study one so you could enjoy breaks together. The evenings are spent unwinding and adjusting the S.M.A.R.T. objectives you set for yourself together. For the first time in a long time you don’t have to cram all in one night thanks to Gorou. Before you leave your home in the morning of an exam day, you would rub his ears to make sure to accumulate some good luck in case you needed it. After your exams week is over, you treat your partner to an all inclusive tail grooming session.

    Kaeya didn’t see himself pursuing higher education. The college classes on administration he took were enough for him and he knew he didn’t need any specific degree to work administratively as a city official. Sure he sometimes mused about going to university mostly for the pay raise it could give and the more interesting work load; but seeing you stressed at the end of each semester kinda made the idea fade away. As hedonistic as ever, Kaeya really wanted to help you study, but at the one condition it was possible to make it fun for the both of you. So for each night you scheduled to study, he would make you two roleplay as teacher and student. Your partner was a fast learner so he had no problem understanding everything you would regurgitate from your notes. On your side, it allowed you to achieve almost complete mastery of the subjects. At the end of your study nights, Kaeya was always able to change the atmosphere with some flirty comments; something about you being the teacher was so enticing to him.

    Kamisato Ayato - When you first wake up in the early morning, you notice the emptiness of the other side of the bed. Even though the first rays of the dawn were only timidly rising at the horizon, your partner must have gone out to train at the dojo he had a membership for. You wish you could lay back down, but you know you have a lot of things to study, mostly stuff you put out until the last minute. You go grab some items in the kitchen in an attempt to make an almost complete breakfast and then move into the room that hosts your study and find a pile of neatly stacked flashcards on the center of your desk. On the first one you can read an elegantly written message: «Try answering the questions on the card. The answer is on the back. If you succeed, put it away, you already know that one. If you miss, put it in a pile that you will revisit later. Love, Ayato.» As you skim the first few questions, you remember how secretive your partner was last night. He wanted to surprise you with a meaningful way to help you with studying. You would have to thank him properly once he got back from his sword practice at his dojo.

    Tartaglia - When Ajax learned your exams were coming, he was quick to suggest hiring the best tutors he could find to make sure you would be ready for them without too much stress. «I don’t want you to worry that pretty little head of yours.» He had said back then. You had to discourage him from going too intense and promise him you would ask for his help if you were getting too much in your head about the exams session. After you revised most of the material and that your notes lost all appeal you went to find him. He was so happy you went to ask for him and a sense of duty washed over him. He was going to help his partner realize his academic goals. He proceeded to read your notes and after he finished each page he would quiz you on the things he just had read. Having someone not familiar with the material you were studying ended up a good thing because Ajax asked the most precise questions, meaning you had to step up your game. Truth be told Ajax considered this much better than hiring tutors and he had you all for himself.

    Thoma - You didn't want to be overbearing and ask for too much help during the end of the semester since you felt that you did so little around the house, but Thoma was quick to understand your finals were stressing you out. You didn’t have to ask in any shape or form but your partner made sure you were always comfy, well fed and hydrated at all times. He went as far as making you change your location hourly so you would get stiff from being seated for too long. He made some of your favourite meals and always cheered you up. «Who told you you wouldn’t pass that exam.» «Hum, seems like limiting beliefs to me.» «Maybe you are accustomed to having to feel stressed before passing an exam, because each time you do so, you end up with good grades.» «I believe in you, you can do anything you set your mind to.» «Come on babe, study one more hour and we can watch an episode of ‘Our flag means death’.» 

    Xiao - In the semi darkness of your room, your partner was reading the notes you had previously read yourself. You could feel his warmth against your side and were feeling quite cozy in the blanket nest you had made for yourselves. The pattern was simple: you studied one lesson, and then gave the notes to Xiao for him to read. You would move onto the next lesson and when you had both finished would share what you understood of the topics taught in the first lesson and then continue until you had covered all the lessons. This specific back and forth was a great way for you to remember the theory you needed to learn. You already told your partner he didn’t need to study, but he likes doing so, sharing those nights with you. Sometimes you would rest your head against his shoulder to continue studying or rub his back and it would make him feel good even though he didn’t say anything.

    Zhongli - You were currently making tea for you and your partner’s incoming study session. You took off the kitchen thermometer of the water and looked at the digit. Perfect. The water was at the right temperature for an herbal tea. In this house tea was a serious matter and you wouldn’t dare burn the miserable tea leaves. Today you decided on a blend of different varieties of mint mixed altogether and you added a drop of honey. The honey was meant to combat that itch you had in your throat for the last few days and soothe Xiansheng’s throat before he’d start helping you study. You brought the two cups to the table where your partner was browsing your notes. He thanked you and took a sip of the tea and smiled at the taste. «Thank you love, your tea is delicious. Do I savour a subtle taste of honey in there? Great then, should we start?» You answered affirmatively and he started reading your notes aloud. The soothing voice of your partner had a way to keep you hooked and take in the material in another way than by reading them. Maybe later on he would accept to lounge on the couch with you tangled around him as he finished reading your notes.

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    Till dawn

    Scenario: Donna is quite bothersome, since you too have a crush on the richest person in Mondstadt, Diluc. :)

    Characters: Diluc, you




    It had been a busy day for you, helping out tons of people who needed assistance in some kind of way. Mining new ores for Wagner, delivering goods to the Angel's share.. And your last task was gathering flowers for Flora's flowershop.

    You weren't someone who rared to go gathering such things, you were an adventurer who preferred fighting against the abyss order.. Not a flowerperson.

    But, because they really commissioned someone to gather flowers in a dangerous area.. You did it. 'I'm back..' You announced, walking around with a giant basket of flowers. Flora looked up as she yawned, you have been going all night.. But for the little girl it was her first hour of the day. '(Y/n)! That basket is full.. I'm so grateful.' You unloaded the carrier off your back, placing it right in front of Flora. 'I just did my job. Heh.' You answered with a broad smile.

    'Ah! (Y/n)...!'  You immediately turned your head around to face the one who just called out to you.. And to your bitter hope, it was that one girl who you claimed to be your enemy. Maybe enemy was a tad too extreme, but you just thought she was the most annoying woman in whole Mondstadt. You had been literally everywhere, from Mondstadt to Liyue and from Liyue to Inazuma.. But never ever had you found someone so incredibly irritating as that girl who always stood behind Flora.. Literally every hour.


    Your patience was big, as an adventurer that surely was needed.. But she to be specific, was the one that really got your blood pumping. Glad people didn't knew that you actually despised someone.. What kind of good hearted adventurer would you be if they knew that you actually didn't like someone. 'Hello.' You answered as short as possible.. Your eyes glittered in the sunlight and your smile was as beautiful as always, but deep down you felt resentment.  'Sorry to ask, but have you seen Diluc?' With hands folded together she held them against her chest, sighing dreamily and stared up to the sky. There you have it.. The exact thing that milked all that sweet patience out of you.

    "Oh (y/n)! Have you seen Diluc?" "is Diluc still running the night shift at the Pub?" "All I can think about is Diluc~!"

    'I haven't.' You grunted, trying to sound as friendly as you could… But that was hard. 'Ah.. I see, how sad. I wanted to see him very badly! It's quite a nice night, isn't it?' She smiled to you, you forced a meaningless smile on your face to return the gesture. 'Yeah. It's a nice night for sure.' You made an 180 degree turn, walking away as quickly as you came. 'A-Ah! Wouldn't you like to have a drink at the pub?' She waved to you, but you shrugged your shoulders. 'I have loads to do Donna, can't come for a drink. Am sorry.' Afterwards you raised your hand as a goodbye and left the place. You couldn't deny that you too were as cringy as the flower shop assistant.. Never had your childhood crush on Diluc left. The two of you were best friends since you were toddlers, you knowing his dad before he passed away.

    Happy that Donna would stay right on her spot like always, you avoided every gaze and made a detour around the flower shop to go outside the city and head to the Dawn Winery.

    For some reason you knew the exact hours that Diluc would be there, and this time you were also right. The lights were on, that you saw through the windows. You knocked and opened the door, entering the Dawn Winery. 'I knew it would be you. Only you would knock on the door and let yourself in.' You never really took his comments too serious, and he knew you thought about it like that. 'Of course! Why should you stand up to let me in oh dear Diluc.' You walked towards his desk and sat down on it while he finished signing some papers. 'Very thoughtful (Y/N), though, I know that you tend to do this because you think you're such an individual soul..' He answered, looking up from his paperwork and stared you directly into the eyes. Your heart skipped a beat while you tried swallowing, Diluc sighed and flashed a soft smile to you. Even though you didn't let him notice, you were absolutely FANGIRLING from the inside.. Screaming out all kinds of words and even cursing Donna that Diluc smiled to you, while he absolutely avoided HER. HEH- 'Ah. I forgot. Donna was asking for you, again.' You brought out with a light pout, Diluc rolled his eyes. 'Ah, yeah. That girl. I'm not interested in her whatsoever to be honest. She kind of annoys me.' You couldn't believe your ears, did he really just say that!?

    'Same! Like why is she asking for you all the time..' Once you realized what you just said, you gulped nervously. 'I mean! That's the only thing she asks me you know!? Like I don't have any other business to attend to..?' A blush settled on your face, scratching the back of your neck as you smiled to the red haired man. 'She does? If she keeps on bothering you, I'll let one of my men handle it.. I wouldn't want you to be bothered too much by her.' Diluc offered, tapping his pen against the table. Your heart couldn't handle this for ONE bit, he was so protective! You absolutely LOVED this.

    'Would you? If it wouldn't hurt your reputation.. Yes please.' You pleaded and clasped your hands together, Diluc hummed. 'Sure. My interest lays with another person anyways you know, I think I haven't told you that yet. As my best friend or whatever you call it nowadays, I think you should know this.' The mood turned from one-hundredth to zero real quick, your heart pounding in your throat as your eyes were widened. 'Eh?! Wait, you have a person!?' You asked him.

    Diluc softly chuckled, even more surprised and startled you hopped off the table and stood right in front of him, hands leaning on the desk. 'Not yet, (Y/n), but do not fret. They're more near to me than you'll ever expect..'

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    what's your motive?

    pic credits: @ kiireina on pinterest

    pairing: dickz + ayato x gn!reader (diluc, itto, childe, kaeya and zhongli)

    genre: fluff + crack + angst (in zhongli's and kaeya's part)

    wc: 3,684 (0.4k to 0.7k each)

    summary: the genshin men are acting rather suspicious....what are their motives?

    contains: ayato being ayato, cat allergy, brief mention of insecurity, jealously, food and beverages, mild violence, reader is a cyro bow user in diluc's part and some crying

    a/n: don't ask me why zhongli's part is so short :D



    “this is the 13th gift you have given me since the past two weeks, ayato. are you sure you aren't expecting anything in return?” 

    we sat in the komore teahouse, conversing over boba tea. ayato was a very busy man, always caught up in his duties but he always managed to spend at least an hour with me everyday. 

    and when i asked him why he went all out for me, his answer was “why, it's because i want to know you more.” 

    “of course not.” he said, a mischievous smile playing on his lips. “your presence is enough.”

    i looked at the pretty necklace he just gifted me. it had a sparkling pale blue lotus hanging on the delicate silver chain. i smiled, clasping the necklace on my neck. 

    “it, in particular, suits you.” he placed the empty cup of boba tea on the table, extending his hand out to me. “it's getting quite late. i'll escort you home.”

    we walked out of the teahouse as the sun began sinking in the far horizon. ayato glanced at me sideways, seemingly wanting to say something. 

    i looked at him, chin tilted in curiosity. “something wrong, ayato?” i asked as we walked through the busy street of inazuma in comfortable silence. the street was bustling today as everyone was preparing for the festival soon. 

    the time i spend with ayato is memorable. he's the one who always distracts me from my problems and helps solve them. but i've never done anything for him in return, all i could do is confess my love to him, but i don't dare to do that.

    you're such an idiot, y/n.

    “no, no. i was merely thinking.” he shook his head, light blue hair moving rapidly from left to right. the setting sun's rays glistened off of him, highlighting his sharp features. 

    “about what? and i was wondering something as well, what's your motive behind giving the most expensive gifts and wasting your precious time by hanging out with me? this time, please answer sincerely.” i narrowed my eyes suspiciously, making him let out a nervous chuckle of amusement. 

    “my, my, you're a rather cunning one. but it's simply because i like you and want you all to myself, understand? and you aren't wasting my time, love.” he said with a dismissive chuckle and a wave of hand, pale purple eyes shining in delight. 

    oh. he likes me. wait what?! 

    i froze in place and started staring at the sky instead, avoiding ayato at all costs. the sky was painted with hues of yellow, orange, red and specks of violet. the sun was nowhere to be seen, taking away all the light with it as it set. 

    suddenly, strands of blue filled my vision, purple orbs looking down at me. ayato hovered over me, arms crossed across his chest as amusement danced all over him. 

    “i'm also aware of the fact that you like me. it's all too lucid when i gaze into your eyes.” 

    i felt like a thief caught committing a crime. the head of the kamisato clan, a yashiro commissioner, a literal mastermind, the kamisato ayato, likes me?!

    “don't be too surprised, now.” a smirk was evident on his lips, sadistically enjoying the way i reacted. “let's take you home. or would you rather spend the night in the kamisato estate?”

    now it was my turn to chuckle nervously. i'm potentially in danger with him. 

    “...next time, maybe?” i'll faint if i stay with this man a moment longer. nervousness spread all over me like poison. 

    “sure.” he smiled, gently taking hold of my hand as he hummed merrily, his warm yet cool hand enveloping mine. “i'll make you feel my love soon enough.” he mumbled under his breath. 

    he just can't leave you alone, can he? 


    “ajax? are you home?” i called out as i went straight to the kitchen, placing the heavy bag of food on the counter. i didn't feel like cooking anything today, so i bought food from wanmin restaurant instead. 

    ajax emerged from the bedroom, shutting the door behind him. “oh boy.” he mumbled, running a hand through his hair, looking stressed, exhaling hard before switching back to his usual self. “hey, babe! where did you go?

    i inhaled deeply, seemingly there was a lack of oxygen between us. i felt my nose tickle and a sudden urge to sneeze took over me. i stepped back, turning my over to the side and taking my handkerchief out in time and then sneezing. 

    “hey. i went out to get food. wanna eat?” i washed my hands, patting them dry with a towel. i turned to look at him as he stood there, fingers fidgeting. 

    “um, no. do you like animals?” he blurted out, looking at me with expectancy as he stepped closer until there were only a couple of inches left between us.

    “oh, sorry. it's probably just one of my allergies.” i tilted my head in thought and laughed, sniffing as i suddenly had a stuffy nose. “but last time i checked, i wasn't allergic to you.”

    his vivid blue eyes locked onto mine. “can i ask you some questions, y/n?” he asked so sincerely that i just couldn't refuse. 

    he guided me to the living room, a very serious expression on his face. “you didn't answer whether you like animals or not.”

    “oh, yes. i do like animals but unfortunately, i'm allergic to most of them.” i said, taking a seat on the sofa. ajax sat down next to me gingerly, lacking his usual confidence and casualness.

    “ah, alright.” all colour drained from his face. “would you like to have a baby version of me someday?”

    “you're baby enough for me, ajax. your motive for asking this is?” i looked at him from the corner of my eye, trying to understand his intentions. 

    weird. he never asked me about animals before. a baby version of childe? and what's up with all the nervousness? 

    he got up and went to the bedroom, leaving me alone, dumbfounded. soon, i heard a faint ‘meow’ coming from the bedroom. ajax stepped out, a ginger cat in his arms. 

    “a cat…” it was pretty cute but it seems that i forgot to tell him that i am allergic to cat fur. “ajax, i'm actually allergic to cats...”

    “um, yeah. i figured that out.” he sheepishly sat down a foot away, the cat rubbing its face against his chest, purring lazily. “but i really want to keep this cat. look at its face! it's so cute, isn't it? it's a baby me! can we keep it? please?” he pouted, puffing up his cheeks. 

    “fine, only because you both are extremely cute.”

    i'll just have to keep my allergy in check. 

    “really?! thank you so much!” he placed the cat on the ground, pulling me into a tight hug and leaving small kisses everywhere. 

    ajax's affection will only continue to grow after adopting a cat.


    dandelions swayed in the cold midnight breeze, the water of cider lake flowed smoothly, rippling. i leaned against a tree, drowning in the endless silence before the outer walls of mondstadt. 

    no matter how many hours I spent attempting to sleep, it was all useless. now, here i am, away from my home. 

    with high hilichurl activities spotted around the city, it wasn't the safest option to just ‘take a stroll’ outside the city walls. 

    as if nature heard my thoughts, just across the lake, a bunch of hilichurls and an abyss mage spawned. i sighed as i drew my bow, aiming at the hydro abyss mage. 

    before my arrow infused with cyro could hit the mage, a dark shadow with a hint of crimson passed by me in a blur. 

    a pure pyro bird hit the enemies, throwing them far away from the city. i took aim, still determined to help. i aimed high in the sky, hoping that my arrow will hit the opponents. 

    and it did hit, triggering some elemental reactions. the dark shadow retreated back to me as the hilichurls and abyss mage turned to ashes. 

    “i could have handled that by myself, you know.” i nonchalantly said, withdrawing my bow. i looked at the redhead who saved me, or rather backed me up. it was a tall man with long red hair tied up in a high ponytail. he was dressed up in all black, his clothes doing a great job for making him stealthy. his ruby eyes looked pretty much dead inside, but a hint of warmness still lingered. 

    “being a bow wielder has some limitations. but who are you? a knight of favonius? no, i don't think i've seen you around.” he had a deep voice, rumbling like the shogun's thunder all around. 

    “no, i'm a rather new citizen of mondstadt. originally from inazuma.” i spoke the truth, gazing into the lake, remembering the sole reason why i escaped from inazuma. 

    “oh. alright. i'm diluc. and you are?”

    ah, the famous owner of dawn winery and a trusted source of information of mondstadt. 

    “y/n. nice to meet you, i suppose.” we shook hands, smiling faintly at each other. his gloved hand was warm, lingering just a bit longer. 

    “what are you doing here so late? it's not safe around.” he leaned against a tree from across me. he averted his gaze, loose strands of red flying fiercely in the wind. 

    “i couldn't sleep, so i came out here.” i tucked a strand of my hair in my ear, glimpsing at his pale and flawless face. 

    “well, y/n, it's not safe for you to be out here even though you can put up a fight.” without sparing me a glance, he spoke. 

    the tension between us was apparent. the cool breeze grew warmer, dancing around in a steady rhythm. diluc was quite intimidating, most of the citizens stayed away from him. but for some reason, i didn't fear him one bit. 

    “i still don't feel sleepy. i'll only go back once i feel like it.” one thing no one knew about me was, that i was stubborn. “how about you go back? you're also asking a lot of questions. you must have an ulterior motive, yes?” 

    “hmph. i don't have an ulterior motive. i was simply just figuring out if i could trust you or not.” he finally looked at me, ruby orbs gazing straight into mine, stripping me of my pride. “go home now, will you?”

    “alright. you guard the city, mister darknight hero.” i turned to leave, hearing an exasperated sigh behind me. i smiled cheekily to myself. 

    the only flaw about diluc was that he was flawless. i was planning to leave mondstadt since i heard that the vision hunt decree had come to an end. i don't feel like leaving now. 


    the crimson oni giggled loudly, toned abs shaking. i kept caressing his horns as he buried his head deeper in my lap, his warmth hugging me. i glanced at him, tilting the book in my hand as i carried on poking at his red horns. 

    “that kinda tickles, baby!” he laughed even more, a leaf falling on his face from the tree we sat under. i removed the leaf from his face as ruby orbs gently looked up at me, piercing through my soul with a know-it-all look. 

    it's just that i've been feeling a little insecure about my appearance lately. and itto knows. he has been through this and he swore to comfort and love me until i learn to love myself. the world doesn't deserve him. 

    “baby,” he started, tenderly snatching the book from my hand as he got up and turned himself so that he was facing me. “fear nothing. you are as perfect as you are. and i would defend your radiance to anyone who dared to challenge it. look at you, baby. you're glowing like an angel!”

    since when did his vocabulary consist of such classy words? it's probably from hanging out with the head of the kamisato clan. although it's really comforting hearing it from the one i love. 

    he cupped his large and rough palms against my cheeks, looking straight into my eyes. “don't ever look down on yourself, got that?”

    i gratefully nodded at him, a wavering smile forming on my lips as his thumb traced my lips. “of course. thank you, itto.”

    “yeah, no problem, baby!” he rubbed my back, hugging me before he buried his head in my lap again and gave me my book back. 

    “um, soooo…” itto spoke up, twirling a strand of my hair between his fingers. “kind, not afraid to cry or someone who treats his mother right; what would you pick between these, huhh?” he curiously asked, red eyes glistening as suspicion rose inside me.

    where did that come from? is this one of his dumb ways to get me to admit something? 

    “kind, i suppose. those other two traits will come along naturally if someone is kind.” i said nonchalantly as i resumed reading my book. 

    “oh.” he sighed, absentmindedly taking my hand and started tracing random shapes on it as his eyes had a far away look. “um, so then how 'bout a sociopath, a sharp tongue or…short? 

    i let out a laugh of pure amusement as itto buried his face in my stomach, still clasping my hand. “hmmm… short. but you're none of these three words. so if i had to add something extra, it would be "super strong" since you are super strong.”

    how do you get inside of itto's head? just compliment him! 

    he unburied his head from my lap, literal stars evident in his eyes. “so you think i'm super strong, huh?!” his voice was as excited as a toddler receiving a new toy. 

    it's the arataki itto we're talking about. of course he has a way of figuring out what a person wants while asking them random words to pick. 

    “you have a motive behind all of these questions, don't you?” 

    “my sweet baby, i don't even know what a motive is!”

    “oh, really? i'll buy you snacks if you tell me.” i bribed him, closing the book and putting it back in my bag. 

    “ooh, snacks?! okay then, i'll tell you. i was trying to figure out what you— huh? wait i'm not telling you this! oh, but snacks—” he mumbled, obviously confused. itto then sighed dejectedly and spoke up. “i asked ‘cause i wanted to know what to get you for your birthday.”

    i smiled with pride as i felt his shoulders slump against my lap. “so that's what you were trying to do, huh? did you figure it out, though?”

    “yup, i did. but i'm not saying what it is! and don't you get me to say it, okay?!” itto whispered and at the same time shouted, holding my hand close to his chest. “you just wait. you're gonna have the best birthday party thrown by yours truly!”

    i laughed contently, caressing his horns and hair. “of course, itto.”

    his eyes had nothing but pure affection in them when he looked at me. he might seem like a scary looking tough guy, but in reality, he's a softie who spreads his loving all over. someone i can always count on.


    i entered angel's share, body trembling with exhaustion from all the work. i sat on a stool in front of the counter, stretching my arms a bit. kaeya and sister rosaria, as always, were drinking together in the far corner of the tavern. 

    i remembered the words diluc said when i told him that i will be under the cavalry captain's eye as a new knight of favonius. “you can only trust half of what he says… at best. just be careful around him and don't let your guard down.”

    and guess what? i completely let my guard down and now am desperately in love with him. 

    i act like i don't care about him but beyond doubt, i care. i ignored him at all costs. if he catches a glimpse of what i feel, he won't stop me teasing me. and it seems like he knows everything about me but i know close to nothing about him. he's a mystery yet to be solved by anyone. 

    after ignoring him for a while, it seems that kaeya has sworn to make me jealous by being surrounded by other women, especially sister rosaria. i hold nothing against her, but i can't help but feel jealous. 

    great. it's working out just how he wanted to. 

    suddenly, someone's shrill singing voice brought me back to the present. 

    “soon may the wellerman come to bring us sugar and tea and rum…” that was all venti sang before his head hit the table and he passed out. 

    “a medium athenaeum, please.” i ordered, needing something strong to wake me up and send this tiredness away. 

    i felt a presence beside me, i averted my eyes, knowing exactly who it was. he chuckled darkly, placing a glass on the table. 

    “one more glass of death after noon, please.” a smooth, mysterious voice said, luring my eyes to look at him even if i didn't want to. “well, well. what a pleasure seeing you here, y/n.”

    “of course.” i gazed away and suddenly the ceiling seemed more interesting. i tapped my fingers against the table, my impatience  kicking in. 

    a cup of coffee was placed in front of me as i thanked the bartender, charles, taking a sip of the coffee, still not daring to start a conversation with kaeya. 

    “why are you being so bitter, hmm?” he asked, voice laced with the sweetness of honey, waiting very patiently for his drink. 

    “i'm not being bitter.” i said bitterly, with a bitter expression, drinking the bitter cup of coffee. 

    “certainly, y/n. certainly.”

    there was just something about kaeya that coaxes people in. his words, his voice, veils all my conscience and makes me believe every word he says. 

    i averted my gaze once again, the bitter taste of the coffee invading my taste buds. 

    “there you go with ignoring me once again.”

    i placed the now empty cup on the table. “please put it on my tab, thank you.” i got up and left the tavern with kaeya laughing in the background. 

    i would have lost my cool with him, if i stayed there a minute longer. 

    “running away again, eh?”

    i sighed as i turned back to come face to face with him. “what's your motive, kaeya? just what do you think you're doing?” i asked him, hoping that my voice was strong rather than desperate. 

    “you know exactly what i'm doing, don't you?” he answered my question with another question, my patience running thin as the air around us. 

    “do you want me to say it, kaeya? fine, then. i love you.” a wave of confidence influenced me, tempting me to take a step forward. 

    his eye expanded for a split second, a smirk forming on his lips. “there you go. that wasn't so hard, was it now? and yes, i love you too.” his blue eye was surprisingly tender as his elegant fingers stroked my head, ruffling my hair. “i can't decide whether you're more cute or sexy. though you're undeniably both. do you have any idea how sexy you looked ignoring me?”


    “i'll walk you to your home. sound good?” he cupped my cheeks, his hands unexpectedly warm as i nodded, happy with how everything turned out. 

    maintaining a romantic relationship isn't easy. it's going to be tough. but we're enough for each other. 


    i stood there on the balcony in yujing terrace, eyes closed as i tried not to shed a tear. my hand were placed on the railing, clasping it tightly. 

    the only problem with love was that i was blinded by it. it rattled my lungs, but my mind was tangled between the memories of the god of geo, zhongli. 

    i tried my best not to fall in love. 

    “y/n, dear.” a deep, comforting voice called out my name, almost desperately. he stood beside me, his hand clad with a dark glove, positioned over mine. “don't cry.”

    he didn't want me to be sad, i didn't want to cry. so i wiped my tears, chinning up. 

    “i assume you're aware of the reason i rejected your feelings the other day. i might not be the god of geo anymore, but the memories still linger inside my mind. and it might get a bit dangerous sometimes. you haven't seen me run out of patience yet. i don't want you to fear me. and please, give me some time to think over this.” his voice rumbled just like how ground quaked during a storm. 

    “and i don't want you to run from me, zhongli. even if i remind you of a late lover from your dark past. i want to be enough for you and you better not leave me.” i gazed deeply into his glowing amber eyes, his dark hair and golden ends flowing with wind. 

    “i won't run from you anymore, dear. fret not.” he smiled, his bright smile outshining the sun. 

    we strolled through liyue harbour, hand in hand, with zhongli asking me all sorts of random questions. 

    “so, that's how y/n came to like history. very interesting, indeed.” he talked to himself, long fingers tracing his chin making me giggle to myself. i wondered why he was asking me so many questions, what his motive was as he met my gaze, it seems like he read my mind, answering my doubts before i could ask. “i just want to know you more.” he words had nothing but sincerity in them as i beamed at him. 

    “can you tell me one of your stories from years ago, zhongli?” i curiously asked as he gently my gaze, pure affection in them. 

    i just can't wait for love to destroy us. i just can't wait for love. 

    “oh? let's see…”

    “‘cause i see you tryin', subliminally tryin' to see if i'm gonna be the one to sing along”

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    𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐰𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐲 𝐞𝐲𝐞𝐬

    ❝  I was wondering if I could request Diluc, Childe, Kaeya, Zhongli, and Thoma comforting the reader who struggles with nightmares and has a particularly bad one that leaves them shaken up. The nightmare could be about loss maybe? ❞

    ; Hey there, love! I’m so sorry- in my haste I accidentally wrote for Xiao instead of Thoma (don’t ask how) so I ended up writing both, and I made the dreams more vague (not about loss specifically) so I really messed up-- I hope it’s okay regardless, I’m so sorry! (っ °Д °;)っ

    ; 5/16/22

    ; Fluff/Comfort

    ; CW: sharing a bed, nightmares, mentions/descriptions of monsters, light gore/violence, etc., physical touch

         𝗗𝗶𝗹𝘂𝗰 𝗥𝗮𝗴𝗻𝘃𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗿

    ✧ Diluc is a man of strength, willpower, success, and power. Those who see the bags under his eyes assume he’s simply overworking as businessmen do; however, what they don’t see is how those eyes are often bloodshot and teary as his body’s drenched in a cold sweat day after day. The Darknight Hero both protects Mondstadt and himself, saving him from having to suffer through the nightmares he sees every time his eyes close. Though because of this, he’s not that good at comforting you after a nightmare, especially not a particularly bad one. However, after all of his time spent with you, and after all of the buried thoughts he pretended not to have about someone comforting him during those times nobody did, he ends up lulling you back to sleep with a smile on your face anyway.

    ✧ After years of nightmares and being frightened awake by the sound of the rain pattering against the window, he became a light sleeper. The moment you start tossing and turning, gripping onto the blankets with a sleep-ridden yet pained expression, he’s sitting up and gently pulling you back to the real world with hushed whispers and light touches. Calloused thumbs stroke away your tears and caress your cheeks while he hushes your panicked cries soothingly. If you weren’t so blindsided by the horrors that projected over your eyes just moments ago, you’d want to tease him for acting like a lovesick teenager. But you couldn’t find it in you; not now, not when he held you like he was afraid of letting go, not when he could care less about the endless tears and muffled cries soiling his silk night attire, not when he held you so close to him with the promise of forever cradled in the hands that caressed your skin.

    ✧ He has a very soothing presence when he’s not trying to scare people; like a warm campfire on a cold night, the glowing embers dancing in the smoke and creating little fireflies amidst inky black, the warmth emanating from the burning wood acting as a blanket and shield from the cold. If you’d like, he’d silently listen to you recount your nightmare after helping you grab a glass of water- “You need to stay hydrated after crying like that…” he’d remind calmly. If you’d rather just go back to sleep after being so cruelly pulled from it, then Diluc would hold you to his chest in silence, allowing the night sky and the quiet sound of crickets, summer wind, and the thrum of his heartbeat lull you back to sleep. This time, the images that greet you aren’t horrific or miserable, but lighthearted and sweet. Even in your dreams, he stands there with his hand extended to you and the sincerest of smiles on his face.

    - ✧ -

    The sheets felt burning hot under your hands, the uncomfortable heat almost suffocating as you gasped for air. You frantically sorted your hands through the blanket, searching amidst the darkness for the face you were always so excited to wake up to, the scarlet eyes filled with light- anything, anything to fix what you just saw behind closed eyes. It hurt, it burned-- even without a fear of the dark or monsters in the unknown, you found yourself looking over your shoulder over and over again while trying to muffle the cries escaping bitten lips. 

    “Mmn…Dearest?” Diluc groggily spoke, sitting up and blindly waving his hand around until he reached the lamp switch, flicking it on and then gasping when you practically flung yourself at him. Please, you begged, ‘m sorry, you cried, and you burrowed yourself as far as you could into his shirt.

    His hands found you, one hand rubbing over your back and the other cupping the back of your head. “It’s okay, I’m here now.” He leaned closer, messy locks of hair draped over his shoulders and tickling yours and he smiled while brushing away your tears. “You’re safe now.” With that, you only cried harder, gripped his shirt tighter, hid yourself in his shoulder further, and he held you ever closer. “That was but a dream, my dear.” He murmured for only you to hear despite being in an empty room, and he pressed a gentle kiss to your wetted cheek. “You’re here, with me, and we’re alright.” 

    It’s not alright, you wanted to yell, but couldn’t find the words to do so. Every sound you could make became trapped in a bubble lodged in your throat, and all that came out was silent, choked cries. It must hurt, you’d think while subconsciously digging your fingernails into his back, clawing at whatever you could to keep you grounded. Yet, he didn’t seem to mind at all. He simply held one of your hands in his own and held it tight, and never did he let go until your sobs died down into small hiccups.

    “...’m sorry.” Why were you apologizing? How long has it been? Everything was blurry after being dragged out of sleep by the ankles and feeling your emotions leak out from your eyes like water from a faucet. You almost felt absent from the world after waking up; colors and sounds being about as vivid as a speckle of white paint atop a blank canvas, and time seeming almost nonexistent.

    He seemed to wonder the same question, pulling away with almost an offended look while cupping your cheeks in his hands. “Don’t apologize. You had every right to be upset after a nightmare like that…” And only after those words did you piece together that through your frantic rambles, you’d explained (or tried to, at least) the nightmare that plagued you. “I’m simply sorry that I couldn’t prevent the dream from happening in the first place…” Diluc sighed, biting down lightly on his lower lip and letting out a small laugh when you huffed, easing it out from between his teeth. “Sorry.” He mused. “Are you feeling better, at least?”

    You hummed, wiping at your eyes and inwardly cringing at the sticky feeling of your cold sweat and dried tears. “...I think so, yes.” Another pause, and then your head whipped towards the grand clock just across from the bed, and you gasped. “Diluc it’s four in the morning! You need to rest!” You resisted the urge to roll your eyes at the calm, almost sarcastic response he gave just after.

    “I’m sure Adelinde can handle things if I sleep in an hour or two and,” He averted his gaze and guided your head to rest on his shoulder. “You’re my first priority now and always. Please, don’t belittle your struggles or hide them from me. The very same way you take care of me in times like this, allow me to do the same.” You smiled at that, and he relaxed for the first time that night. “Let’s try this again, yes? There’s still time until the morning.” He fell backwards until his back collided with the plush sheets, and his hands extended outwards to you in an inviting plea.

    With the sudden lack of adrenaline, you couldn’t help but practically collapse in his arms. You found your fingertips still digging lightly into his shirt, and your hands still trembling; but when you rested your head on his chest and relished in the sound of his heartbeat and the sight of his sleepy smile, you decided yes-

    Let’s try this again.

         𝗖𝗵𝗶𝗹𝗱𝗲 '𝗧𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗮𝗴𝗹𝗶𝗮'

    ✧ As a child, Tartaglia was often plagued by nightmares. Frightening beasts from his father’s tales, his family being broken apart, even the vivid feeling of just falling endlessly often woke him up with a cry. He was used to being comforted and lulled back to sleep by his parents and older siblings and thanks to this, was well-prepared for your frightened gasp and the timid way you shook him awake. He was ready to give you the kindest smile he could muster while half asleep. He was in his element as he held you to his chest and coaxed your cries out from bitten lips, rocking you back and forth within his hold. It was almost surprising, just how gentle the ruthless harbinger could be. But it was more than welcomed, especially when he slowly replaced your nightmare with images and stories more beautiful than a sunset over rippling water, or snowflakes dancing amidst ivory skies.

    ✧ Despite the groggy lilt to his voice, and the hazy film over crystalline blue eyes, he still appears so beautiful as you stare up at him through teary eyes. He’d give you a moment, just holding you in his arms and humming an old Snezhnayan lullaby while allowing your muffled cries to fill the silence. Childe opts to let you guide what happens from here; allowing you to either speak your mind about what happened, or fall back asleep in the comfort of his arms. He makes no move to force words out of you or demand what happened when you closed your eyes, but the way his fingers dance along the curve or your back and the soft plush of your cheeks tells you all the words he’d say if he were more than half-awake.

    ✧ To be honest, unless you start a conversation, he’s mostly silent. Every once in a while, the smallest of whispers would grace your ears with sweet nothings. But for the most part, his quiet hums and the sound of his hands brushing over your back fills the silence. In the morning, he’d check with you to make sure you’re alright with it, and then he’d ask you about your dream. Now that you’ve slept on it and hopefully feel better about it, he hopes you can tell him about your nightmare in a way that doesn’t hurt you. Then he’d do everything in his power to keep the same thing from happening again- he hates seeing you so frightened, it scares him just as much. And so, the following night, you’ll feel him hold you just a bit tighter to him.

    - ✧ -

    You ran, as far as you could and as fast as possible. At one point you stumbled, wincing at the pain but persevering nonetheless. Tears streaked down your cheeks and your heart pounded in your ears, the wind permeated the sound of the night sky and you could barely make out a voice in the frenzy of your panicked gasps and muffled cries.





    You wanted to scream back, you did, but you didn’t have the chance to until you were jostled so hard you almost screamed earthquake instead of childe. At the sight of his panicked yet sleep-ridden expression, you looked around the room and found that the only thing real about everything you just saw was your erratic heartbeat and the tears dripping down your skin.

    “There, there~. C’mere, love.” The bed shifted when he scooted closer, wrapping his arms around you and chuckling when you burrowed your head into the crook of his neck. “Want to tell me what happened?” You shook your head, the thought of having to relive that again being too much in the moment. He hummed, pressing a sweet kiss to your temple and then leaning back to leave one more kiss over your forehead. “That’s okay, don’t force yourself.” It hurt, you wanted to say, but found yourself pausing when the pain from just a moment ago started to ease even a little bit. His hands traveled up and down your back and arms, his cheek pressed to the side of your head and crystalline blue eyes fluttered closed while he hummed a familiar tune.

    Eventually, you recognized it to be an old lullaby; a favorite when he was younger. You smiled at that, recalling how fondly he looked when he recalled that song, and told you how it reminded him of you. Gentle, like your kind gaze. Calming, like your presence. Lovely, like your eyes. And so, so very dear to him, just like you. The sleepy gravel in his voice added a deep tone to his melody, one that coaxed your eyes to slowly flutter and eventually close, and he smiled at that. Childe swayed you in his arms slowly and lightly, relishing in the way you relaxed into his touch. Your grip on his shirt started to ease into a light hold instead of a death grip, your pounding heart slowed into a smooth rhythm, and the tears that dried onto your cheeks began to fade away into nothingness.

    “Feeling better, sweetheart?” Childe mused happily, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “You don’t have to tell me what happened right now, but,” He cupped your cheek. “I expect a full report in the morning, sergeant.” You laughed at his faux serious tone, voice still watery and throat dry, but you couldn’t help but smile when he looked at you like that. Like…like you hung the stars he stared at so dreamily, like you were the sunlight that caressed his frostbitten skin. 

    Your fingers danced along his arm, tracing the freckles you could barely see in the dark room. “Yes, sir.” You saluted playfully, and he hummed, seemingly satisfied with your answer. 

    Childe tapped his cheek as if he were in thought, and you couldn’t help but marvel at the sight of his sapphire eyes practically gleaming under the brilliant blue tint of the moonlight. “Are you good enough to sleep? Or should I tell you a bedtime story? I know Teucer’s favorit-”

    “That won’t be necessary, thank you very much--” You held a hand up, pressing a finger to his lips and cringing dramatically when he nipped it. “...Really though, thank you.” He raised an eyebrow, dragging you down into the sheets again with him.

    “For what, being a good lover?”

    “You know what.” You sighed, but he ignored it and simply smiled at you, albeit sleepily.

    “I do. It’s my honor, angel.” Scarred fingers caressed your back, up and down in soothing shapes. “Rest well now, m’kay? I’ll see you in the morning.”

    “...I love you.”

         𝗞𝗮𝗲𝘆𝗮 𝗔𝗹𝗯𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗵

    ✧ As a man who has his peaceful nights poisoned with nightmares almost daily, Kaeya’s is very well-acquainted with nightmares and what to do with them. Frightful images of his past, the sneer of his father as he left for the last time, the terror in his brother’s eyes that night, the thundering clouds and pouring rain, there wasn’t a single day that passed without those midnight eyes being filled with bitter tears. Thanks to this, he’s become a light sleeper-- if he sleeps at all, that is. The moment you jolt upright- cold sweat running down your spine in chilling droplets- and gasp out his name, he’s right there cupping your cheeks and reassuring you the world is alright so long as you are breathing.

    ✧ Kaeya’s the type to mourn with those he cares for. Your pain is his pain, and every tear you shed brings another to his eyes. If it takes the both of you crying your eyes out for the overwhelming sense of dread you feel to be replaced with tranquility and comfort, he’d happily oblige. But, if you’d prefer not to talk about it, he instead has you recount your favorite memories with him! If you can’t, being too tired yet anxious all at once, he’d start reminiscing for you. That time he heroically saved you from a band of treasure hoarders (to which you huffily reminded him it was the other way around). Or the day he took you out on an extremely romantic date (you sighed and reminded him that it was to make up for his antics the previous day) and then on and on, until you started to laugh at the absurdity of his stories. Then, and only then, did you see him truly relax.

    ✧ After the matter, his first priority is getting you back to sleep. While he’d absolutely love to just lay in bed with you and talk about nothing and everything, watching you laugh for hours on end, he does value his and your beauty sleep. He’d lay back down with you, wrapping your arms around his torso before nuzzling against your warm body and kissing the top of your head. A moment of silence made room for the words he spoke just after. It almost startled you, how his clear and baritone voice cut through the quiet air. Why do you look surprised? He never did tell you what his favorite memory was, did he?

    - ✧  - 

    You felt empty. Not frightened, not agonized, just…empty. You stared at the graves with hollow eyes, heated tears dripping down your face and onto the solid stone in a fluid motion. Then, it all started to spiral. Faces, events, time, everything melded together into one amalgamation that made your head spin rapidly-- you cupped your hands over your ears, gasping and choking on air as everything hit you at once. No, no, don’t go, I’m sorry- sorry- no, come back, come ba-

    “Angel~.” Despite his gentle, coaxing tone, you felt like you were just torn away from sleep kicking and screaming. Kaeya hummed, taking in your disheveled appearance and sighing sadly before leaning back, taking your hand in his and lightly tracing his finger over it. “Darling, can you look at me?” You didn’t want to, for the fear of his disappointed expression was too much to bear. Kaeya clicked his tongue, cupping your cheek and tilting your head upwards before kissing your forehead, his messy hair tickling your skin and bringing the smallest of smiles to your face.

    “There they are~.” He cooed, voice laden with sleep and leftover grogginess from whatever dream or nightmare he tore himself away from. “What’s going on, love?” Your eyes watered once more, the sights and memories flooding back into your tired mind and he lightly tapped your cheek. “Ah ah- focus, if that’s alright. Don’t think too much, just…” His fingers trailed down your shoulder and to your hand, where he held it gingerly and traced along the different lines. “Do you remember that expedition we were sent on together? Our very first mission, where you thought I was a recruit?”

    Through tears, you scoffed and rolled your eyes at the memory- how he pretended to be a rookie just to watch you try and teach him, watching the other actual rookies look at him absolutely bewildered. Though, it was cute, how earnestly he listened to your teachings despite knowing everything. “Aww, you do remember~. And people say my charm is fake.” Kaeya mused, leaning against the headboard. “I remember when Jean assigned you to me, and I couldn’t help but ask for your name…then she told me to get it myself, and you know how that went. Archons, I was so nervous, I might as well have been a rookie.”

    You laughed, swatting his arm playfully and relishing in his soft laughter. “You didn’t look nervous!” Resting your head on his shoulder, you held his arm between yours for comfort. “I kept thinking you looked too calm for the situation, I’m surprised I didn’t see that it was all a ruse…though, it was cute.” He gasped lightly, placing a hand over his heart dramatically before reaching over to wipe at a stray tear gliding down your cheek. 

    “Oh? So you did notice, yet you didn’t say anything? Now, why is that?” His eyes, fully unveiled under the night sky, glinted in the light and you swore you could count the stars within them. 

    “...I liked talking to you, and I figured it was a strange question to ask.” Honestly, you were too entranced to really think about it. The way he smiled so sweetly, yet knowingly always left you breathless. The way his smug aura relaxed around you and felt more genuine, more sweet, always brought a smile to your face. And now, with his bedhead and sleepy eyes, you laughed happily despite the sweat and tears clinging to your skin.

    “Feeling better, sweetheart?” Kaeya’s hands felt warm to the touch when they cupped your cheeks, his thumbs swiping under your eyes and then over your cheekbones soothingly. At the sight of your tired nod, he hummed and pulled you into his chest once more. He held you close, closer, until he could rest his chin atop your head and cuddle you against his torso. “...Then let’s see if we can get that pretty head of yours some more rest, yeah? I’m right here, I’ll make sure you dream nothing but sweet dreams tonight.” 

    Too tired to really respond, you nodded and held his hand tight in yours- holding it to your chest like a child would cradle a stuffed animal, he wanted to coo at the sight. Yet he didn’t, finding favor in watching your expression slowly shift into one of peacefulness with a gaze of pure adoration.

    “Rest well, my dear (Y/n).”

         𝗭𝗵𝗼𝗻𝗴𝗹𝗶 '𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗮𝘅'

    ✧ As a man of memory, his mind often takes the reigns the moment he closes his eyes. Archons don’t need sleep, but with him growing accustomed to mortal life, Zhongli tries to indulge in all the pleasures of man. Sadly though, his first night of rest led to memories and thoughts he sealed underground with many gods and demons decided to resurface, plaguing him one by one and subjecting him to live his worst nightmares. As a result, it’s rare to see him rest, and he’s not very good at dealing with those emotions. You’re the exception, as usual. The moment you jump out of bed with a broken gasp and shaky legs, he’d ease you back into bed while quietly questioning you. ‘What happened, my dear?” “Are you alright?” “What can I do?”

    ✧ Zhongli has an overwhelmingly comforting presence. Just being near him is like being wrapped in a warm blanket doused in the scent of lavender and glaze lilies, his voice sounds like velvet and his eyes the color of fresh honey. Even if you don’t feel like recounting the frightening images you saw in your dreams, you can feel the stress and fear starting to melt away as his hands hold onto yours. Despite how much he just loves to talk, he prefers to stay mostly silent during these moments. The faraway sound of the stars dancing amidst inky skies and evening winds brushing over the walls do most of the talking for him.

    ✧ As you start to drift back to sleep, then does Zhongli start to speak. Quietly, softly, he uttered the words under his breath so as to not disturb your drooping eyes. Tales of joy from the past, his favorite memories of the both of you, beautifully-described images of your favorite places, anything and everything you love. His hope is that these words would etch themselves into the storyline of your next dream, and send you off to sleep with a smile on your face. Only then would he allow his eyes to close, his fingers to enclose around yours, and hopefully drift off as well with a matching smile. 

    - ✧ -

    The room was black, and your skin felt like an old candy wrapper left on a rain-slick street. Dirt clung to your hands, droplets of sweat glided down your arms; stray remnants of regrets and decisions you wish you didn’t make clung to your skin and refused to let go even as you frantically tried to wash away your sins, only to realize the water was scarlet red, and carried the scent of metal. You screamed, you cried, and you squeezed your eyes tight in hopes of seeing anything more than the taunting smile of your horrors--

    “(Y/n).” Instead, you harshly awoke to the concerned frown of your dearest Zhongli. Gods, he looked like a mess. Wisps of hair flew astray, golden eyes squinted under the barely-there light of the moon, and he looked as if he’d just seen a ghost. You paled, frantically grabbing at your arms and torso- shocked to find a lack of red, the absence of dirt and grime, the only evidence of your pains being the sheen of your sweat slicking your skin. “My dear, are you alright?” Zhongli questioned earnestly, cupping your cheek and patting down your forehead with a cloth he kept near the bed.

    “Yes, yes, I-” Your chest heaved with every careful breath, fingers still trembling under your iron grip on the sheets. “-It was just a nightmare, I think, oh archons-” Too frightened to see the irony in your statement, you clung to his shirt and fought to catch your breath, finding solace in the gentle rhythm of his heartbeat. He hummed softly, cupping the back of your head and stroking your hair while rocking you side to side in his arms. Zhongli bit back the urge to recount a tale of old times, knowing that’s what soothed him- but right now, he focused on you. He focused on the way you quivered in his embrace, the faraway look in your eyes that broke his heart, your raspy gasps and broken cries, and he could only stare at you with a kind stare that apologized a thousand times over for the horrors you beheld just moments ago.

    “You’re alright now, beloved. You’re safe, I won’t let anything happen to you.” He held you closer, and you whispered out a thank you before he started speaking again, voice laced with determination. “Not now, not ever again. You’ve been so very brave, but now please, allow me to share your burden.” Your eyebrows furrowed at his words, and you felt his hand guide your head to tilt upwards and face his kind expression. Golden eyes the color of honey practically oozed warmth and you couldn’t help but lose yourself in the pools of amber until he pulled you back to reality, a kiss to your forehead snapping you out of the mini-daydream. He pulled you over to rest in his lap, your right shoulder pressed to his chest and your left protected from the cold night air by his hand. 

    “What do you mean?” You inquired curiously, finding it much easier to breathe now.

    “I’d like you to tell me about the thoughts that plague you, if this dream held significant meaning. If not, and it was just a fright, then you can tell me about it if you’d like. Or,” He rested his chin atop your head. “I can tell you a story that I’m sure will bore you to sleep-” You laughed at that, not missing the mischievous glint in his eyes. “-and I’ll watch over you to ensure you rest peacefully. There’s still ample time before the sun rises once more, so take your time.” 

    “Can you…just hold me? You can tell me a story if you want, I think I’m okay now either way.” You wrapped your arms around his torso and snuggled against his chest, allowing your eyes to flutter closed and finding yourself pleasantly surprised when you weren’t frightened out of your skin from the newfound darkness.

    “Oh? Well then,” He kissed your temple. “I’ll tell you my favorite story, it’s a rather simplistic yet meaningful one.”

    “How about the story of how we met?”

         𝗧𝗵𝗼𝗺𝗮 '𝗞𝗮𝗺𝗶𝘀𝗮𝘁𝗼 𝗙𝗶𝘅𝗲𝗿'

    ✧ Thoma’s dedicated his life to the service of others. Taking care of their every need is his livelihood and honor, and he’s become well accustomed to being completely aware of everyone’s tiny cues and notions. Though, he’s very good with nightmares specifically. After being awoken by a horrified scream or a frightened gasp from one of the Kamisato’s after their mother’s passing, finding them sitting up in a cold sweat with tears streaming down their eyes, he’s trained himself to become exactly what they need after a nightmare. When he finds you in the same state, he switches from ‘sleepy boyfriend’ to ‘concerned parent’ within the span of two seconds.

    ✧ He quickly reminds himself that you’re not a mission nor are you a Kamisato, but his dearest lover. With that revelation, he calms down and pulls you into his chest before humming a soft lullaby from his childhood. If you feel like talking, he urges you to let everything out and listens intently. Even through bleary eyes, you could see his focused expression as if you were the finest work of art and he were a connoisseur. Thoma has a very warm and bright presence, like the first rays of sunlight or the blooming of a sunflower, and you find yourself easily lost in his light. He drops everything to take care of you, and it’s obvious in the way he fans you gently to cool your overheated body, in the way he dabs away your sweat with his sleeve, how he quickly fetches a bottle of water for you, even in the simple kiss he presses to your temple.

    ✧ If you let him, he’d lightly massage your tensed shoulders as you spoke. As quickly as you started, you find sleep starting to overtake your overwhelmed senses. He’d help you lean into his chest while he continues to hum a few of his favorite tunes; and as his hands glide along your shoulders and back, he replaces the horrors behind your eyes with visions of comfort and tranquility. Or at least, he does his best. After you fall asleep, he’d stay awake just a bit longer to ensure you slept peacefully. If he sees the slightest sign of another nightmare, he whispers gentle coaxes and sweet nothings into your ear until he sees that soft, sleepy smile on your face once more.

    - ✧ -

    The last time you felt so afraid felt far away, it felt miniscule in the face of the horrors you beheld in this moment. Wide, blinking eyes stared through your soul and almost past your figure, yet you could tell they trained on you. They watched you. They saw every movement and every twitch of your eyes, every small step back, every stuttered breath, and the slow blinking seemed to taunt just how quickly your heart raced within the confines of your chest. One step forward, you took one step back. It moved faster, you took off running.





    And you ran clear until your legs gave out, not once did you hear more than the roaring of your blood in your ears or the wind rushing past you- but you fell, you fell and you couldn’t move, you couldn’t look back. And so as the ground shook with heavy footsteps, you simply closed your eyes tight- tighter, until you awoke with a shout of your name and the concerned stare from emerald-green eyes. “Ah, there you are! I was worried I lost you for a bit,” He sighed in relief, dabbing at your cheek. “With you looking so pale, I nearly had a heart attack.”

    You paused, focused on the feel of his warm hands over the cold sweat on your skin, on the sweet expression that rested over a tired face, and you cried. Thoma gasped at the feel of your arms slung around his torso, but he chuckled soon after while wrapping his own arms around you and giving you a light squeeze. One that let you know he was there, one that carried the silent reassurance of safety. “I’m sorry, I should’ve come to bed sooner- I know you’ve had a rough couple of days.” You shook your head against his chest to tell him it was alright, and he hummed in response. “No need to reply, just…let me fill the silence for a bit. I know I wouldn’t want to sit in the dark after whatever you just saw.”

    Despite his words, a moment of silence passed. Comfortable silence, the beat of his heart and the quiet thrum of the rain outside brought a light smile to your face. Though, you jumped at the feeling of his hands suddenly resting on your shoulders. “Oh! Sorry, sorry, I should’ve warned you.” Thoma apologized hastily, patting your shoulders before starting to massage them gently. “Is…this okay?”

    “Yeah, thank you…feels nice.” You hummed, turning your head to press a kiss to his wrist before resting on his chest again. Your body relaxed in his hold, still sleepy from being torn out of rest so violently. With a yawn and a soft murmur, you found yourself allowing your eyes to close under the watchful care of your beloved. “Keep talking, please.” You mumbled, to which he chuckled at before humming in thought.

    “Well then, I suppose I could tell you the story of the fox in the dandelion sea. I know that was a favorite story of mine as a child…” Thoma’s voice carried a tone of nostalgia, like he was looking back at his homeland with a fond gaze and a full heart. You smiled at the mental picture of his surprised expression and delighted gasp when you handed him a bouquet of windwheel asters, which you later found to be his favorite flower when you noticed them a week later in a decorative vase. Despite being in a new land, those flowers remained so vibrant and healthy. The reason became clear; Thoma’s sweet words of reassurance every time he fed or watered them, his upbeat humming and singing while cleaning around the floors, the way he smiled so brightly when those flowers never wilted-- a real ray of sunshine, the boy was.

    With this thought, and the distant sound of Thoma recalling his favorite story (each line he recited carried a soft tone that only coaxed you further), you slowly fell asleep once more. This time, it wasn’t a frightening beast or horror from the past that greeted you. Rather, a vast field of dandelions, and a cheerful fox running around the fluffy wisps- you couldn’t help but notice how those emerald eyes seemed so similar…

         𝗫𝗶𝗮𝗼 '𝗔𝗹𝗮𝘁𝘂𝘀'

    ✧ Xiao doesn’t sleep; he finds it offensive to allow himself such pleasure and tranquility when he bears the sins of Liyue on his back. Instead, he has nightmares with his eyes wide open. Over and over again, the sight of his fellow yaksha’s faces twisted in agony. The sound of their broken screams and pleas for mercy. The smell of their blood spilled over each other’s skin like paint spilled over a canvas. The wider he opened his eyes, the more he tried to take in the scent of Liyue’s winds, the further he ran and ran away from it all, the tighter those memories held him by the throat. And so, he can only feel sorrow when he sees your sleep-ridden yet wide eyes filled with tears you didn’t know you shed, and he can only feel apologetic when he finds himself lost for words after you called his name so desperately.

    ✧ He’d silently brush away your tears and hold your cheeks within his scarred palms as if you were a flower petal and he were a board of nails, you almost want to slap him for treating you so delicately. After taking a breather, he’d bring you into a tight hug (one that hid his face from you, heaven forbid you saw the anguish on his face) and quietly murmur the only words of comfort he could offer- “It’s okay, I’m here now.” Finding the words trapped in his throat after choking those ones out, he simply rocks you back and forth within his arms while allowing the words he was too afraid to speak flow from his touch.

    ✧ His left hand traced over your back, “Don’t be scared.” His right hand protectively cradled the back of your head, “I’ll keep you safe.” His torso pressed against yours and his heartbeat synced with yours, “I’m here for you.” The tufts of his hair tickled your cheeks, “Please don’t cry.” His eyelashes fluttered against your skin as he blinked back tears of his own, “It’s okay.” And you’d feel tears well in your eyes once more from how gently he held you. This was different than moments ago. Before, he was afraid. Now, he was kind. Xiao still walks on eggshells with you, but in moments like these, he sucks in a deep breath and bears the pain of running over the sharp edges in order to meet you on the other side. 

    - ✧ -

    You’d never seen a more gruesome sight. The lush grass that covered the mountainscape wilted under the dizzying smell of metal, scarlet red dyed the green grass a color that made you want to scream. The atmosphere, once so light and airy, now felt heavy under the echoing, bloodcurdling screams that reverberated throughout the open skies. Overwhelmed from the sight, you tripped and stumbled- only to wince as a sharp edge dug into your leg. You looked down, finding what caused your fall: a broken mask, the edge of it (what appeared to be a horn) held the blood it stole from your skin. A pause, you recognized this. A brilliant green painted over the mask, one that resembled a demon’s. Fanged teeth, sharp horns, a menacing aura- though not as menacing when it was broken in half. At the realization of where you’d seen this before, carried around in the hands of a lonesome yaksha, you screamed. You cried, and you couldn’t find it in yourself to care when a single droplet of blood dripped from the horn onto your leg- then everything grew hazy.

    You cried out, the only name you could think of in your sleep-ridden haze-- but a startled gasp replaced your words when glowing eyes greeted you within a cloud of dark smoke. Your heart leapt to your throat, but rather quickly did you relax and let the tears that welled up drip down your cheeks. 

    “Xiao.” You whispered, feeling your bed dip under his weight- and you couldn’t help but extend your arms to him, hoping that maybe, just maybe he’d be okay with it…please? 

    “...It’s alright, I’m here.” He hummed, slowly (fearfully) bringing you into his arms. Wisps of glowy, emerald strands danced around his pale cheeks as he pressed a tentative kiss to your tear-stricken skin. His hands felt warm as they glided over your back and shoulders as they trembled with every cry. Your head felt cloudy, like you had just woken up from hours of sleep when in reality it’d only been a half hour, and you tried to ignore the way sleep still ebbed at your eyes that stung with tears. When you rested your head on his shoulder, you couldn’t help but tense at the smell of blood once more-- and you pulled away without thinking, only to see his pained and wildly distraught expression.


    “I’m sorry.” You wanted to ask what for, but he held up a hand as to ask for a moment to think. Throughout this, he still held one of your hands securely in his. His thumb stroked over the back of your hand, the scarred and calloused skin still felt so gentle, as if he were holding precious glass in his hands. “...I’m no good at this. I want to help, I just- don’t know how. But, I’ll keep you safe. No matter what, I can and will do that, and I will not fail. The both of us will be alright.” He cupped your cheek with his other hand, the most earnest of expressions resting on his face, and you smiled at the sight. Yes, he’ll be okay, you silently reassured yourself. His mask rested on the bed beside you from where he hurriedly tore it off, still completely intact and clean of all grime and blood.

    His clothing, though dirtied, carried no blood that was his. Your fingers, which no longer trembled, trailed over his hands; you couldn’t help but marvel at how dainty they appeared despite the years of constant toiling. “No, please, you’ve been perfect.” Came your warm response, the softest of smiles on your face at the sight of him looking around like a lost puppy. Almost immediately did the boy clad in armor smile like a fool in love, which he was (though he’d never admit it) and he carefully pulled you back into the sanctuary of his arms. 

    “...I’m glad.” The silence filled the air for a while, moonlight casting a beautiful glow over your figures and he held you ever closer. “Rest now, flower.” You wanted to laugh at the ridiculously sweet nickname he reserved for you, but the sight of his soft gaze shut you up immediately.

    “I’ll keep you safe, and ensure your dreams are nothing but pleasant.”

    “So long as you are mine, and I am yours, I’ll always protect you.”

    ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚✧˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ

    Word Count: 6809

    ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚✧˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ

    - Ky♡♡

    𝗧𝗔𝗚𝗟𝗜𝗦𝗧; 𝗳𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗺 𝗼𝗿 𝘀𝗲𝗻𝗱 𝗮𝗻 𝗮𝘀𝗸 𝘁𝗼 𝗷𝗼𝗶𝗻!

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    guys people were seeing my post and now i dunno what to do

    pls send ideas for writing

    #genshin fluff#fluff #genshin impact fluff #x reader #diluc x reader #gi x reader #childe x reader #ayato x reader #dainsleif x reader #diluc ragnivindr x reader #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #genshin headcanons#gi headcanons#genshin imagines#zhongli#zhongli fluff #zhongli x reader #genshin impact
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    Celebrate your birthday with genshin impact character!

    #youtube #dating door game #anime#pause game#anime life #anime pause game #click and drag #genshin diluc #genshin impact imagines #genshin impact headcanons #genshin impact #genshin impact gacha #genshin x reader #genshin imagines#genshin ayato #genshin x you #genshin venti#genshin kaeya#genshin childe#genshin fluff#genshin chongyun #kamisato ayato x you #kamisato ayato fluff #xiao x y/n #xiao fluff #kazuha x you #kazuha fluff#genshin zhongli #childe x you #childe fluff
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    #genshin impact gacha #genshin diluc #genshin impact imagines #genshin impact headcanons #genshin impact#genshin imagines #dating door game #anime#pause game#youtube#anime life #anime pause game #click and drag #genshin x reader #genshin ayato#genshin albedo#genshin kaeya #genshin x you #kamisato ayato x you #genshin fluff#genshin venti#genshin childe#genshin xiao #xiao x y/n #xiao fluff #tartagalia x you #tartagalia headcanons#birthday#genshin life
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    A little date with Diluc <3

    Characters: Diluc × gn!reader | ft. Kaeya, Klee, Diona, Albedo.

    Warning: Extremely fluff and wholesome!!!, Diluc as your husband <3, modern au.

    [A/N]: A gift for my bestie‼️ say happy late birthday to her 😠 yup I am a day late

    → Diluc 。*゚+ ♪.✧*。

    It was such a sunny day today, your husband have arranged a little date for the both of you. He pick a rather interesting location... A date to the zoo! He put quite the effort for this date, why? It's because it's your birthday! But he seems rather annoyed today? Ah right... The both of you accidentally ran into Kaeya, Klee, Diona and Albedo. Oh dear... This date won't go well as Diluc though it would.

    The both of you did try to enjoy the date even tho there's some noises in the background. The two of you look at many animals while Albedo totally didn't just gave the two of you a full hour of lectures for every each animals nah of course he didn't, why would he do that. You did took some photos together but uh it rather came out blurry... Ah right Klee was the one who's holding the phone instead of Kaeya, how did that happen? Well she kept begging you to play with your phone and of course you can't say no to Klee.

    Diluc had prepare some foods for the both of you aswell, he cooked by himself of course. But wait.. what do you mean that you didn't get to taste his cookings??? He didn't realize that Diona and Klee have been taking it by the help of Kaeya, until he sees the 3 of them eating his cooking that we're meant for you! Welp that's your first time seeing Kaeya running for his life from an angry Diluc.

    After all of that all of you have gone to the petting zoo. Klee, Diona and Albedo have run of to pet and feed the bunnies while you and Diluc explore the area.

    "The sheep looks like you" he said while pointing that one sheep who have a cute pastel blue ribbon around its neck.

    You we're stunned and left speechless on his commentary. I mean you did know that your husband wasn't that great when it comes to flirt but you didn't expect it to be that bad.

    "Ahaha really?" You tried all your might and not to laugh at his attempt flirt.

    "pFt- And that cow right there look exactly like you my dearest brother"


    All of you ended your day by another round of Kaeya running away from an angry Diluc.

    #genshin#genshin scenarios#genshin fluff#fanfic#fluff#genshin crack #alyx.fluff #alyx.writes #genshin diluc#diluc #genshin impact kaeya #genshin kaeya#kaeya #genshin impact albedo #genshin albedo#albedo #genshin impact klee #genshin klee#klee #genshin impact diona #genshin diona#diona#genshin impact #genshin impact diluc #genshin impact diluc x reader #genshin diluc x reader #diluc ragnvindr #diluc x reader #HAPPY LATE B-DAY BESTIE #🥳🥳
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    song recs

    idc what songs they are but preferably breakcore since i love it

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    Lending warmth

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Characters: Kaeya, Diluc, Albedo, Tartaglia, Zhongli, Baizhu

    Warning(s): None

    Genre: Fluff

    ❅ ᴋᴀᴇʏᴀ

    It was still too early in the morning for you to be awake yet your body couldn't stop shivering from the mornings cold air. Kaeya on the other hand was still sound asleep with his arms wrapped around your waist and as much as you wanted to get off the bed to get more blankets, you couldn't find yourself to do so.

    Though it wasn't long till his eyelids started to flutter open to be greeted with not only your beautiful face but your shivering body as well. He chuckles, getting off the bed and telling you to stay there while he goes to retrieve something from the wardrobe.

    He had taken his fathered scarf along with one of his shirts and started urging you to get changed and to come back to the bed. Once doing so, he motions for you back into the bed so he could hug you close to himself.

    It's warm, it feels as though your sitting right next to a heater. There's no movement now except for the slight shuffles of the bed sheets when he's readjusting himself to bury his head into your neck, leaving the ticklish feeling of his breath there and also lulling you back into slumber.

    "What's wrong, can't handle the cold? Haha, no worries love. I'll keep you warm as long as you stay here in bed with me."

    ────────── 〔✿〕──────────

    ❅ ᴅɪʟᴜᴄ

    Diluc, most like any other pyro user, couldn't feel the coldness due to his vision helping him to keep warm along with his coat so it was no trouble for him but you were having some difficulties on the other hand.

    He had taken you out on a stroll in the Dawn Winery's field; arms wrapped around your waist, tucked firmly into his side for a little warmth. But it seems to do little work since he can feel your figure quivering from the nights cold air.

    He stopped walking; taking off his coat before helping you with the sleeves. Leaving him in his short sleeved shirt used for working at the bar and his dark hero duties. Reassured you that there was no need to worry about him getting cold and that his vision was good enough.

    Enveloping you back into a side hug, the two of you continue your nightly stroll around the Winery with a reddened cheeked bar tender giving side eyes to the person next to him.

    "Oh, don't worry about me. I'll be fine but you on the other hand might catch a cold so let me lend you my coat for night."

    ────────── 〔✿〕──────────

    ❅ ᴀʟʙᴇᴅᴏ

    Albedo has invited you over at dragonspine to help with some inspiration for his paintings since he's been having the artist block recently. You've agreed and knowing that dragonspine can be really cold there you wore some thick layers of clothes and a coat hoping that it can keep you warm.

    Meeting up at the base of the mountain is Albedo who was waiting patiently for you, smiling a little when seeing you arrive. After greeting each other the pair of you start your way up the mountain to make a stop by his lab to collect some of his utensils.

    Yet the winds have grown worse, your figure shaking non-stop, and he had noticed. Stopping by a heat source, he takes off his coat and drapes it over your shoulder's saying that his lab is close by and he can manage without it for the time being.

    Thanking him, he grinned a little before snaking an arm around your waist before continuing the walk through the snowy paths. He doesn't tell but he's been taking side peaks at you while wearing his coat, finding it amusing, even letting out a small chuckle.

    "There's no need to worry about me, the lab is close so I'll be fine but you on the otherhand might catch a cold and I don't want that happening."

    ────────── 〔✿〕──────────

    ❅ ᴛᴀʀᴛᴀɢʟɪᴀ

    He's not a pyro user but his body almost gives out the idea that he is. It was when he wanted to visit Snezhnaya with you on break from his harbinger duties, he wanted to visit his siblings and to introduce you to them so why not do it?

    ────────── 〔✿〕──────────

    You knew Snezhnaya is a very cold place thanks to Tartaglia having said a lot of stories about his homeland. Gathering enough thick clothing and coats, the pair of you start making your way to the ports of Liyue to be taken on board of the scheduled ship to Snezhnaya.

    It was a long trip for sure, still not having arrived there yet and all there was to see was the massive never ending ocean and a few chucks of icebergs drifting along. Having nothing to do you were out in the front docks staring mindlessly at the ocean humming a small tune. Tartaglia had been fixated on your small tune only coming out once it has ended.

    He had kissed your forehead, sitting beside you with a arm draped over your shoulder bringing you closer to his body. In return you snuggle closer, leeching off from his warmth dare say that it even felt like home.

    "Wow comrade, your shivering a lot over there so why not come closer? I am good at giving hugs you know!"

    ❅ ᴢʜᴏɴɢʟɪ

    Until now where the cities lights have turned on making the streets and shops more enchantingly charming. Yourself and Zhongli were walking towards Bubu Pharmacy, glancing at the lily pads floating on the waters surface. Kneeling down to take a better look at them, few of the fishes had come up to the surface as well, almost as if they're greeting you.

    The two of you have been spending a day together; visiting food stalls, antique shops, teahouses and such. It was a warm day where the sun was shining as bright, it's rays hitting Liyue's port giving the flowers the time to grow into something beautiful and exquisite.

    Laughing to yourself, you stand back up making your way over to Zhongli's side, a little shiver had made its way to your back. He took notice of it and without muttering a word he slipped his coat off helping your arms through the arm holes and buttoned it up for you.

    You muttered a thank you as he gave you a smile back. A arm embraced the side of your waist as he took small steps forward waiting for you to do the same and you did. The rest of the walk was peaceful, like as if you two were the only existing ones left.

    "You seem cold darling, there's goosebumps on your skin as well. Come, we shall head home so I can brew you some herbal tea to help warm you up."

    ────────── 〔✿〕──────────

    ❅ ʙᴀɪᴢʜᴜ

    It was early in the morning, the few staff, yourself and Baizhu had prepared the Pharmacy before it could open to its clients. Yourself and little Qiqi were found organising the medicinal herbs in the backrooms, all while a certain green haired man was watching the both of you at a desk.

    It was chilly outside so if you were to look out of a window it would be fogged up. Baizhu looked like he was handling the cold better than you could, your shaking hands and legs were quite noticeable for the two.

    The snake man had opted to leave the room to grab something before coming back. You could only nod your head else if you were to open your mouth your teeth would the chittering.

    Upon entering the room again, in his arms was a thick blanket. He had wrapped it around his shoulders, making sure to avoid hurting Changshen, motioning for you to take a seat on his lap while Qiqi was in yours. It was quite the cute site and if anyone were to walk in then most likely they'd think it's a cute family.

    "Being stubborn and not putting any think layers of clothing on? My, it won't be nice of you to get a cold now. Stay put and I shall find some blankets for us okay?"

    ────────── 〔✿〕──────────

    #genshin impact #genshin x reader #x reader #gender neutral reader #kaeya x reader #diluc x reader #albedo x reader #tartaglia x reader #zhongli x reader #baizhu x reader #fluff
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