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  • unknown-mafia
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Some really shitty sprites I drew for character profiles. OK, I say that but Dimitri turned out the best out of all of them.

    Will definitely redraw them when I can be bothered.

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  • unknown-mafia
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago
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  • unknown-mafia
    07.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    "Bill must pay for his actions, Hershel. Together, we can stop him!" - Dimitri

    This is the cover for my second fanfic I am currently working on as of right now, but you can read the first one on Wattpad or Ao3. The guy in the top left is my oc character who goes by the name of Cyrus and is the mastermind behind Targent.

    Ao3 is currently not working for me so I can't send the link to that version but you can try searching it up

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  • unknown-mafia
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    "Targent is a threat that cannot be allowed to last any longer. You must stop them however you can." - Leon

    This is the cover for my first fanfic called "Professor Layton and the Conspicuous Organisation" which you can read on either Wattpad or Ao3. It takes place 7 years after the events of Lost Future and before Layton's Mystery Journey.

    Ao3 is currently not working for me right now so I can't send that version but you can search it up yourself if you like

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  • unknown-mafia
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    The following match is about to start!

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  • mysticpuzzleno000
    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Doodled this today for some reason

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  • sunnyskies281
    23.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    People out here shipping Clive and Emmy and yeah I can kinda see it but I think we’re overlooking a very big friendship opportunity.

    Emmy and Dimitri as besties.

    Like imagine in a world where Emmy and Clive are a thing… Dimitri sharing embarrassing work stories about Clive with Emmy.

    And even if you don’t ship Clive with Emmy, Emmy and Dimitri are WLW/MLM solidarity.

    I think they’d be great friends

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  • axolotlcosplay
    20.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Idek what I’m supposed to say for this one

    #professor layton shitposts #professor Layton#Dimitri allen#bill hawks#unwound future #professor layton and the unwound future #lost future#pl series
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  • sunnyskies281
    19.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Dimitri Allen (Professor Layton) 🤝 Godot (ace attorney)

    Getting forgotten when drawing The Whole Gang™️

    #professor layton #professor layton memes #dimitri allen #ace attorney memes #ace attorney#godot aa #ace attorney godot
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  • dsco-kjs
    13.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    [Professor Layton and the Land of Lustrous.]

    Warning: there are spoilers for Professor Layton games and Houseki no Kuni manga or anime


    Part 1




    Brown Garnet.

    Hardness: 7.5
    Formula: (Ca,Fe,Mg,Mn)3(Al, Fe, Mn,Cr,Ti,V)2(SiO4)3
    Category: Nesosilicate minerals
    Crystal system: isometric

    Hershel Layton in my alternate universe, he's a brown Garnet, with some orange highlights around it.

    Honestly, it was difficult to find a gem for him when it was the beginning of this alternate universe, however, the brown garnet was perfect, not only to match his hair, but for his other color sets on his character, Another reason I chose this gem was because of its toughness, Hershel is good at fencing even if he's not good at physical fights. For that reason, I think 7.5 would be good.


    Some clarifications before starting

    In this alternate universe, there are more islands than the original, because it applied the logic of regeneration of the Earth regardless of the damage. (So ​​that both Monted'Or and other cities are not in single location)

    The newly born gems get tutors to learn, but usually between 5-8 gems since diamonds or hardness 9 gems are usually somewhat rough because of their hardness (unless they have a pupil where they can't do anything to them)

    There are gems that are assigned with the archeology task just so that the gems don't ask about the humans, to give information to Sensei, or to prevent the Lunarians from using it for evil, or in some cases, prevent other different groups of Lunarians like Targent from getting them to do worse things with it.

    Here, there are the HNK characters but only as secondary or necessary characters since there are no characters who can take their place, like Kongo Sensei

    Here, Targent is an individual group of Lunarians that is usually made up of Lunarians but also moon gems who are mostly the masterminds. How is it Leon Bronev that his main goal changes to looking for a way to build a prayer machine of his own or to search for it with azran technology.

    Moon gems are a common thing here (so that I can represent the villains better) even traitorous gems (like Bill Hawks, Emmy, and more)

    There may be gem changes for some characters to better match their personality or character

    I forgot to clarify that as in the manga and anime, in my AU they choose their nicknames or other names to refer to, for example, Brown Garnet=Hershel or Hershel Layton.

    now that i have it cleared up certainly a few things (maybe i will add more in future character introductions)

    Let's continue with the story!

    Leon and Rachel Bronev, they are a Champagne diamond and the other Casserite who lived on another island far from the original, but on the own Shore of Nascency of the island, they find two twin gems that are brown garnet,so they decide to take care of the new born gems, becoming in their mentors.
    Unfortunately, they were attacked by the independent group known as the Targent, who were coming for Leon and Rachel to forcefully obtain information on the Azran and their technology. Like in the original story, they were both kidnapped and taken to the moon, leaving only Hershel and Theodore in that house, Hershel couldn't let them be in danger again, so he sent a letter in a bottle in the sea thanks to his mentor's lessons to call for help.
    Hershel later finds out about a ship where there was a couple of older gems, Roland Layton and Lucille Layton,a Colorless Sapphire and a unique white Taffeite came for help, but they could only take one by the ship that was small, Although Hershel would like to go, he wants to find his parents and get them back, so he makes his brother, Theodore, take his identity as Hershel so they can take him away, since they wanted Hershel, so that he could be free from danger and could live better with those who would now be his new mentors.
    This is how the life of Hershel Layton began.
    Hershel Layton as a young gem, had had some incidents so that meant that they will use some reserves of brown Garnet, one of the main reasons for his afro and how he gradually forgot his twin, however, he was happy on the small island called Stansbury,being just a file clerk since he wasn't interested in the fight (But who knows how Randall convinced him to join the fight and he wasn't very skilled as Randall, that's why he trained him) , where he was friends with Randall Ascot, a hardness 8 red Painite who was a pupil of Abraham Ascot and Daniella Ascot, a purple diamond and a reddish sapphire, who were in a way, leaders of Stansbury. There was also Henry, the Ascot servant who was a yellow Orthoclase (6), Angela who was a Yellow Andesine (6.5) and though he doesn't want to admit it, Alphonse an Idocrase (7).
    They were all a singular group, however, Randall instead of being the next leader of Stansbury as his father had always demanded of him, he wants to get the task of being an archaeologist, since he was excited to find important things and be congratulated for that, everyone supported him in that although not in terms of his crazy theories, however, as in the original, Randall tells Angela and Hershel about the mask of chaos and how it could lead them to the greatest treasure and that he could claim his title as archaeologist. Both Hershel and Angela disagree, but with Henry's help, they manage to convince them to let them go, with Hershel accompanying Randall on his journey. (there is a comic that interprets this scene in my other insta account, it's a bit old but I promise to make it a remake, since there are things that I would like to change in history)
    But before they finally reached the end, a Lunarian appeared, since apparently they were looking for the same treasures as them, so they had no choice but to fight, but that cost a fissure on the arm of Hershel, but they manage to defeat it, but due to a bad landing on the stone path, they make a trap activate and although Randall manages to grab hold of Hershel, he is also in danger of falling due to the weight and the position of the ground that collapsed a little, just as in the scene, Randall apologizes for failing everyone and when he tries to pass Hershel his mask, Hershel's arm breaks, causing Randall to fall into the void along with his arm....
    (and so, as you saw in the comic or a clearer example, with Phosphophyllite) Hershel took advantage of his afro to cut it and create a new arm, with the help of a doctor from the main island, which would be Rutile, Hershel pleads with Rutile to take him to Kongo as he wants to ask him to start working on the main island as one of the archaeologists. Since that was Randall's dream, Rutile agrees and Hershel leaves the island with his mentor's ship. And he goes to the main island.
    Hershel would be too reserved, lonely and not at all talkative when he arrived on the island, Kongo had granted his request but he had to be a student of the ancient explorers, which was Andrew Schrader and Rutledge. So he agrees, however, he didn't make contact with any gems, and he refuses to get a partner because of what happened, however, Clark Triton, a citrine quartz becomes very interested in Hershel, so with the help of Brenda and Claire (Green Apatite [5] and Red Carnelian [6] ) manages to make contact with him, although not in a good way (since they almost end up taking him to the moon and Hershel had to save him), there they manage to become friends, and Clark manages to become Hershel's partner. In addition, it is discovered that Hershel suffers from the Alexandrite effect like Alexi, changing his brown-orange color to a reddish one, but that he only appears in situations of great stress, anger or fear, being rather, a desperate defense technique, However, there he meets Claire, a gem with a passion for science and more, along with Dimitri (a gray rutilated quartz [7.5]) and Bill Hawks (A holtite [8.5), they were in charge of researching, for example, how to create synthetic gems, create better battle weapons or resistant uniforms and more, Also to Paul, an admirabilis who, although he ate gems, in a certain way not so much and only passed through that island to learn things as another student. so Hershel helps them with some of their meetings as a student to be the next archaeologist, getting along too well with Claire, to the point that little by little, that friendship became love, making your relationship more intimate.
    However, one day, Hershel was notified of a Lunarian attack right in one of the areas where both Claire and the other scientists were working, in a time machine, thanks to some plans that Hershel found and gave to Claire where she wanted to try to recreate it. But that attack was stronger, since they had even taken gems and admirabilis alike, however, he saw a young gem dragging a sword, surely he could barely carry it, He managed to rescue him from one of the attacks and told him to remain calm, and to call Sensei from his meditation. But when the gem was gone and he was going to help, an explosion made him step back.
    Hershel would have been late, due to his delay in dealing with the other Lunarians who attacked him, there were no survivors other than some lucky gems and admirabilis injured but not in danger of death, but when Bill Hawks told him about how Claire and Dimitri had gone into the sea after being released by the Lunarians when Sensei came to help, He went to the sea and there he managed to see Dimitri, he knew that due to the pressure of the sea, Dimitri would end up breaking and sinking, so he managed to save him and get him out of the sea. Why didn't he help get Claire out too?...well, Bill told him that she was nearly broken to dust...there was...there was no way to save her when the sea was always moving....
    Since that day, nothing was the same, his friend Clark, after the incident, went to found another temple, called Misthallery or the temple of the South, Dimitri disappeared, Bill managed to advance and became a minister in a certain way, and that gem that he had saved... also disappeared.
    Hershel had become a teacher, helping many young gems with their speech learning and knowledge to support Andrew and Sensei, although he specialized in teaching more his archeological encounters, but he chose his topics very well or even changed some things to prevent the knowledge of humans from being known, Being chief among them, the Azran, Hershel simply said that the Azran were an ancient civilization of admirabilis rich in technology and more.
    But in addition to being a professor and being the youngest of that task, he also managed to help in some mysteries that appeared in some islands or even in his. being recognized as a researcher and also a puzzle solver due to his interest in them.
    But one day, Kongo Sensei was tired of receiving complaints from Rutile because Hershel, every time he returned from a mission, came with cracks or broken limbs from his battles, so he decided to call a a gem that offered assistance and protection services. Rosa, a gem in charge of cleaning, told Hershel about this, so he went but he did not agree to have a partner at all.
    Kongo understood his concern, but he begged him to give her a chance and he ended up accepting, there he met Emmy Altava, a cat-eyed chrysoberyl gem who would be her assistant and personal protector, but just when she arrived, a letter too, was from his old friend Clark, who asked for help and so, he was on his way to Misthallery with Emmy to resolve the mystery of the specter.

    Bonus and extra data!:

    (this drawing is very old because it was supposed to be published before, sorry :'))

    Both Hershel and Desmond are twin gems but not in appearance, but as a mineral and both have the Alexandrite effect but they manifest in different ways.

    Rutledge here is captured during Hershel's college years, and his head is all that remains and his books

    Maybe except for my Instagram, here I write every event of the PL game with my AU instead of making it comics, but if you prefer comics, you can go to my other account

    Flora will have more participation in this AU than in the first trilogy

    Clive is a Aquamarine of hardness 7

    Next to present: Luke Triton/ blue prehnite

    I hope you liked this introduction to my AU! thanks for reading and goodbye! (and sorry if there are mistakes in the writing, I'm using translator :')))

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