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  • chaos-canary
    20.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    I like to think that Kenku, especially Kenku that weren't named by (or have good connection to) other races, choose their or their kids name by just picking a word they like and just going "I like this word, that's my name (or kids name) now"

    For Kenku that do have good connections to other races, they instead go "I like this name, now it's my name (or kids name)", OR they just combine various other names together to make something that resembles a name, same with Kenku that don't have much connection to other races, just with words instead of names

    Since Kenku can't make up names and have to pick something that they've heard before, I also like to think that the first word Kenku kids learn is their own name

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  • nightclockhare
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Granny Clink - A very old Kenku. Basically she just got tired of living by herself so she made it her mission to join a band of adventurers. She doesn’t have a lot of battle skill but she’ll make sure they’re never hungry and always have a few of grandmas homemade potions. She basically got called clink as a nickname on account of always having either knitting or crochet needles with her. 

    #little lonely lady wishes to join adventurers: will provide food at all times #kenku#dnd#dnd oc #Dungeons and Dragons
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  • marusea-a-random-dm
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    A very old animatic from our first session. My player noticed how big Kass'es paws are in comparison to them. They decided to make this little cute dance.

    It was simpler back then, they weren't dead traumatized by the harshness of Barovia.

    #curse of strahd #dnd animatic#dnd art#dnd stuff#satyr#dnd kenku#tabaxi #So sad that Kass is dead and Q is no more #oh well #dungeons and dragons
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  • embrose
    18.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Nothing is funnier than playing a kenku artificer, who thinks they are much more capable than they actually are. Many a hijink follows, like them going off on their own and trying to play detective only to throw a nat 1 and walk into a wall. Or them sitting on top of an enemy defeated by the tank and pretending they had something to do with it

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  • marusea-a-random-dm
    17.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Let's start with my party! This is a story all about how Barovia changed my PC's mentally, physically and racially! This is how they entered Barovia:

    Kenku, wizard blade singer - Q (CN) Was the thirdborn in his family of thieves, then the youngest sister, Tinkle, was born. He's from the city of Atkatle, Aman. He left his family to become a wizard's apprentice. Studied magic on his own for 3 years, then met up with V and studied together for 2 more years. After an accident they went separate ways. Met up with her in a tavern, 8 years later, where they got tricked by Arrigal.

    Gnome, monk (way of astral self) - Bruk (NG) Left his wizzard-village in order to become a martial artist, since he was not interested in studying arcana. Got himself a pet ferret named Coal. Found his new home at a monastery where he got his new lifestyle. Decided to travel the world to get new knowledge! Was brought to Barovia after a group of Vistani, asked for help.

    Tabaxi, rogue-assassin - Jinn Kass (CN) Ransomed as a slave 2 times, after nine years of slavery he killed his master and went to wander the world. At the age of 16 he met a tabaxi-barbarian -Vadania and traveled with her for 4 years. Vadania called him Kass, Jinn was his pseudonym at the assassin's guild in Waterdeep. At the age of 20 decided to have a last contract, before quitting his assassin's career, but something went wrong. He entered Barovia, while following werewolves, since he heard of a portal to a different dimension.

    Tiefling, necromancy wizard - Wales Jae Virinea, V- for short (CE) Born in a noble family in Waterdeep. She was born as a result of her mother's adultery with an incubus (which resulted in her death), but nevertheless, she was kept as a family member with proper education. For a while, hid her true nature and passed off as human. Her half-brother, impulsively decided to hire assassins, to become the head of the family. She survived the attack, fled from her home and swore to have her vengeance. On the streets of Waterdeep met with Q and studied arcane for 2 years. Afterwards tried to live on her own for 8 years and accidentally met with Q at the tavern.

    Satyr, ranger/bard - Murlok (CG) In the feiwild she lived with her parents, grandfather, brothers, and a twin sister. After her sister died, she escaped to the material plane. Until she was 17, she wandered the woods and was hunting the undead, vampires in particular. Nearly died in a fire, but was saved by a dwarf who taught her his language. After a couple of years, she fled back into the woods. Was brought to Barovia by the mists.

    There are 2 more players, but I'll post about them separately.

    #curse of strahd #dnd oc art #satyr girl#d&d kenku#tabaxi#tiefling#dnd art#dnd gnome #man in total there were 7 pc's #dungeons and dragons
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  • crossf15
    17.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    My Kenku Oath of Redemption Paladin. He's 32, has recently lost his medical license (Which he forged), and has nothing to lose!

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  • paintedpig
    17.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Commission by @ludodraws of my DnD character Lead! Thanks again for this!

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  • selacisky
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Clicker the Rogue Kenku

    A drawing of my Kenku character from when I used to play dnd 🐦

    She is a kleptomaniac and her weapon of choice is the shortbow.

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  • a-witch-named-crow
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Regarding your Kenku character, remember the old adage: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

    Definitely something to keep in mind...

    I'm also seriously considering starting a collection of items to make noises with, mostly to annoy the rest of my party...

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  • 2lim3rz
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Croka the Kenku

    I’m just gonna describe my dnd character since I dunno where or who else to do it with right now

    So! Last night me and the crew + another player from a different session did a one shot since we didn’t have enough players for our usual game

    We made our characters, a tabaxi rogue, a constellation cleric [i forgot what his character was], a alternative universe version of a kobold we forcefully adopted named Vermillion [a rogue], a gunslinger quarter-elf, a forge cleric dwarf, and then me, a bearded vulture kenku Drake Warden ranger!

    Now, onto the fun part: Croka was stupidly fun to create. Not only are all of her stats fucking JACKED, she has a max hp of about 60 at level 5, and she has two weapon fighting. The bitch is a nightmare. The most fun part was that she has a whole backstory. Why? Why not.

    You see, Croka was first discovered as a mysterious ranger when her family flock’s nest was destroyed. She was taken in and raised amongst them, trained to be them in fact, after the one who adopted her got too attached. The catch? Twas a damn cult. A dragon cult. Though their intentions were for good. They worshipped Baphomet even.

    Of course, things always go awry. Some years would pass before her and her comrades were attacked, and from there Croka was lost and alone once again. Heavily wounded as well, she took refuge in the nearest city to throw off her attackers. Going so far as to adopt a rat she named Ek-Ek.

    Still a young near-child of a Kenku, Croka couldn’t go to the flocks that nested within and out of the city, resorting to instead construct a set of bow and arrows and set off. Taking refuge in the woods. Eventually, she was attacked by a band of raiders, though seeing her state and old robes of the past cult [one of those things where everyone knows them as just Those Ranger Weirdos But They’re Nice Enough Folk] they essentially took her in as hostage, unknowing of the destruction of the cult.

    Some months and years would pass with no rescue party. Croka had essentially bonded to the raiders and became one of them. Earning the moniker Croka the Bloody for her affinity of dyeing her feathers crimson. Her life revolved around one thing: The next battle. Gone were the days of a hopeful fledgling wishing to rescue others, now a murderer had taken her place.

    Croka’s status in the raiding party, despite her limited ability to communicate, was high. Though there was significant distrust with most members once she had discovered her ability to summon her drake Shree. Appearing as a black dragon with the colors of blood.

    Her most iconic thing about her, is making people underestimate her and her duel saw-edged shortswords. Playing an act of an idiot Kenku and screeching for blood in her leader’s voice, going weeks without bathing to look ragged before moving in with intelligence.

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  • a-witch-named-crow
    15.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    I really didn't set out to make a joke of a dnd character, I just wanted to be a crow, so I made a Kenku character, which is a flightless crow person who can only mimic sounds and phrases they've heard.

    My more experienced friends helped me to make the character, and somehow I ended up with charisma as my highest stat, but I'm not really sure how I'm going to be persuading anybody of anything if I can only repeat other people, so that ought to be fun.

    I also have this disguise kit, for some reason, which is a bit absurd because I'm a giant crow.

    I'm pretty sure I'm doing this wrong.

    #dnd#kenku #this is what I'm thinking about at 1 AM
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  • dreverythingisaliens
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I've been dm'ing my homebrew campaign for about 2.5 years now. Party is 6 players and they're lv11 so far.

    I've been working hard on creating and working all this world with intricate inter-empire and plane relations and shit. Lots of espionage, backstabbery, coups, etc.

    One of my players said "Hey, dm, you're fucking workinf hard abd we could use a week to strategize behind your back. How about you take tonight off and let me take care of a sesh?"

    of course my immediate reaction was

    "nice try, pc. Im not mentally exhausted enough to give you the deets and lwt you dm! I-"

    to wrich he was all

    "nah, my dude. You have me all wrong. I have made a 1 shot campaign. All i will tell you is roll up a lv3 character and the plot is going to be that you are a bunch of conscripts/middlemen called upon by a golbin mafia to help as an uninvolved 3rd party to help retreive an item"

    So i did.

    this art is just off the goofle images, btw. Dont own it or anything.

    Caw Norder.


    (not licensed)

    With his forgery kit, he has made a fake badge, cards and etc to look like

    1 A Private Eye

    2. An actual state sanctioned detective

    3. Freelance Detective

    at any time.

    Notice my proficiency with calligraphy tools and forgery kit.

    In my inventory, i also have a blowgun.

    For why?

    For a drop weapon.

    If we assassinate a target/mark, use Heal/Medicine Checks to cover the wounds up and then I place a single blowdart in their neck (maybe use my survival to make a poison to throw them off the trail).

    Now, how does this fp me any good?

    1. I am playing a kenku. Kenku have no lips. Imagine a beaked creature trying to use a blowgun. Yeah. Not believable. If i get framed/caught, how in the squak could i have done so? I have no beak. Clearly, not the suspect.

    2. If we have another person we need taken out or at least harassed by thr fuzz/local constables/etc, i can use my sneak to get into their office/place of business/home and plant the blowgun. Then i place an annonymous tip. This will tie thrm up and make it easier to sabotage their house (if we need to kill them. Or if the authorities investigate the house because the whole "we found this blowgun on you, you're under arrest, your [place] is a crimescene and we're gonna investigate, its much more plausible that the suspect themself rigged the house and harmed an officer than a third party breaking in to rig traps to kill either cops or the suspect.

    3. The 2 listed above reasons are hillarious.

    Note, i also have a palm pistol. Yes.

    I also have 0 ammo for it.

    A good reason for this:

    I have no proficiency wirh firearms. I would be crazy-more likely to harm myself than anyone else. Couldnt find a way to get a feat as a kenku by lv3 with the classes and abilities i was looking at. But that's okay, because

    1. If i sweep up on a guy from behind and put that in the small of his/her/their back,

    they dont know i have 0 bullets and 0 prociency with the gun

    like G.I. Joe said

    and if they dont know, i'm half victorious already.

    Now, as silly as this all may seem, some stuff is actually crazy useful to understand in the 8 minutes it took me to come up with and make this character:

    1. Mimicry. You can mimic sounds you have heard, including voices. A creature that hears the sounds you make can tell they are imitations with a successful Wisdom (Insight) check opposed by your Charisma (Deception) check.

    If i overhear a conversation, I can repeat it back v e r b a t i m.

    I am a bird shaped recording audio device. Im the wire. Now, sure, a claimed teatimony may not hold up in a courtroom or anything, but check this shit out:

    2. Languages. You can read and write Common and Auran, but you can speak only by using your Mimicry trait...

    ...Well educated kenku may well speak fluidly and seamlessly, but a kenku thief off the street may well speak in fragments and sound effects. Nobody expects you to be a great voice actor but try coming up with some odd speech fragments for your new kenku, like phrases spoken with awkward or incorrect inflections or even by slipping the odd sound effect into your speech patterns...

    The only fluid sentances i can utter are literally mimicing " Word. For. Word. "


    Also, as far as Forgeries go?

    Expert Forgery: I feel like this was intended as a stronger ability but in practice it rarely comes up and doesn't help as much as it should. You don’t gain any special tool proficiencies here, so if you plan on copying a key or some important bauble you better have the tool set and proficiency to do so. This feature gives you advantage on the forgery checks you attempt, but you’re not actually getting the ability to attempt them. 

    So that's dope.

    " Ideal Minions

    Kenku gather in groups called flocks. A flock is led by the oldest and most experienced kenku with the widest store of knowledge to draw on, often called Master.

    Although kenku can’t create new things, they have a talent for learning and memorizing details. Thus, ambitious kenku can excel as superb spies and scouts. A kenku who learns of clever schemes and plans devised by other creatures can put them to use. The kenku lack the talent to improvise or alter a plan, but a wise Master sets multiple plans in motion at once, confident that underlings can follow orders to the letter.

    For this reason, many kenku make an easy living serving as messengers, spies, and lookouts for thieves’ guilds, bandits, and other criminal cartels. A network of kenku can relay a bird call or similar noise across the city, alerting their allies to the approach of a guard patrol or signaling a prime opportunity for a robbery."

    Who would make a better P.I. Detective with their ear to the ground than someone brought up in crime?!


    Anywho, game starts in 2 hours. Cant wait to play, I'll tell you how it goes if you care to know!

    #dungeons & dragons #dnd#homebrew#kenku#rogue#fighter#Private Eye#Detective#Noir #Noir Crow Detective #Law and Order Pun name #caw & order
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  • snejkha
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Kenku adopts based off of different corvids are now up//

    If you would be interested in buying them send me a message at [email protected], Payment is going to be via a Paypal invoice (you will have to send me your paypal email and all)  

    I will update the availability// 

    Jay - SOLD 

    Jackdaw - SOLD

    Hooded Crow - SOLD 

    Bluejay -SOLD

    Albino Raven -SOLD

    Magpie - SOLD 

    All sold// Thank you so much//

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  • lastenline
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Painted a crowman/kenku and a sorceress. The kenku was made by effincool miniatures and the sorceress was made by reaper miniatures.

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  • imnotjellyatall-art
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    fuck it—here’s another:

    #dungeons & dragons #dungeons & dragons art #dungeons & dragons oc #dungeons and dragons #dungeons and dragons art #dungeons and dragons oc #d&d#d&d art#d&d oc#dnd#dnd art#dnd oc#kenku#furry#avian#jam's art#ocs#scratch
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  • sharkadactylus
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    My newest dnd character, Clink, the kleptomaniac Kenku.

    She loves shinies, of course, and will shamelessly try to steal anything she fancies from anyone save for people she considers actual friends. She's generally pretty clever, but her desire for treasure has gotten her into many a pickle. She's a Huntress Ranger and is a deadly shot. She may not be tanky, but she can lay cover fire with the best of them and then disappear in a flash to save her own tail feathers.

    She likes to repeat phrases said to her just to frustrate the people who speak to her (she finds it very entertaining to watch them squirm and become frustrated). A little agent of chaos, she lets her whims guide her journeys. If it sounds fun or promises more glittering trinkets for her collection, she's in.

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  • batmantaking-hobbits2gallifrey
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I've been doing character design sessions for the D&D campaign I'm getting ready to start and last night I had a fourth player express interest in joining so I'm all of course the more the merrier! what kind of character are you thinking of? and it's my personal DM nightmare of a character so I'm currently figuring out how to gently and kindly reject that idea entirely

    #elli plays dnd #mainly it's just not going to work with this setting/campaign #honestly it's a pretty cool concept i just don't want to dm for it #and it ticks a couple of dnd pet peeve boxes for me #im hoping to redirect the energy rather than just saying NO but it's both the race and class that i have issues with #it's a kenku warlock okay and i just hnnnn
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  • imnotjellyatall-art
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    scratchy scribbles from twitter!

    #dungeons & dragons #dungeons & dragons art #dungeons & dragons oc #dungeons and dragons #dungeons and dragons art #dungeons and dragons oc #d&d#d&d art#d&d oc#dnd#dnd art#dnd oc#furry#avian#kenku#jam's art#scratch#ocs
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  • generalgri3vous
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    First Mate of the Faerie's Ferry, Sir Pol, "Polly Wanna Cracker" is a parrot Kenku Swashbuckler/brute force of a crew of pirates, and has QUITE the sense of humor when it comes to insults.

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  • octoberheart1
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    My lil Kenku Warlock Who. They are a juvenile Kenku Celestial Warlock whose Patron is their adopted mother. They may be small, sweet and cute, but Who is also a little bastard birb.

    #kenku#d&d character #my dnd character #fun fact: Who has threatened an ancient dragon by saying they'd eat it #they followed through and ate some of it #they also turned some of its scales into earrings for their mom
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