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  • mediasurf
    16.05.2022 - 49 minutes ago

    Dog Breed Matchup: Encanto

    In which I match each Madrigal, personality-wise, to a dog breed.

    Most of these were hard, and I’m not entirely convinced on Antonio, Dolores, or Bruno. I mostly stuck with AKC register, as that’s what I’m used to.


    Abuela: Anatolian shepherd. Not the flashiest breed, but they don’t need to be to command respect and dignity. Anatolian shepherds are serious dogs developed for guarding livestock. They are independent, watchful, and capable of guarding their herd through brutal temperatures. They should not be aggressive but are not a dog you’d choose to romp or play with, and are not recommended for novices. They are descended from one of the most ancient lineages of dogs, and they bring all that implies with them.

    Julieta: English shepherd. English shepherds are calm, smart, solid country dogs that work reliably and efficiently. They’re polite but reserved around strangers, and quiet provided they can put their talents to use. If you let them do their job they’re content to curl up at the end of the day. Staying out of the spotlight has helped preserve this breed’s stellar health and temperament.

    Agustín: Golden retriever. Goldens are the go-to image of a gentle, biddable, dorkily happy dog that gets along with everyone and everything. Goldens are excellent choices for service dogs and deserve their popularity and reputation, and they don’t mind being made the joke every now and then.

    Isabela: Pharoah hound. Swift, graceful, and elegant, Pharoah hounds originated with the Phoenicians, who no doubt saw Egyptian royalty and gods in their image. But they really made their name in Malta, where they became a dog of the people. They were very beloved, and very good at what they did, coursing rabbits in the brutal conditions of the desert. You can expect many things of them as sighthounds, but unusually for this group, Pharoahs are rather inquisitive and like to be involved when they deem a situation is safe. They’re also a lot more vocal than other sighthounds. Their popularity made them the national dog of Malta.

    Luisa: Greater Swiss Mountain dog. Big-boned, powerful, and dependable, they thrive not on hard exercise, but steady, vigorous work. Swissers are capable of immense physical labor as well as protection duties. They were especially famous for pulling carts. Swissers are great with family and usually friendly with strangers, but can be reserved around them. They’re vigilant and watchful after so many years of guarding the farm. Like many dogs of their size, they’re especially exuberant as puppies. 

    Mirabel: Soft-coated wheaten terrier. The name might surprise--wheatens are just about the gentlest, mellowest, most affectionate terriers ever added to the AKC. They’re bright, happy, adventurous, and one of the better terrier choices for considerate children. But they’re still terriers and occasionally they’ll make you remember that, usually through stubbornness. Wheatens are VERY family-oriented and are well rounded from taking on triple purposes as herding and livestock guardian dogs. This has made them beloved among their homeland; after all, what more valuable dog to a farm than a dog that can do multiple things?

    Pepa: Saluki. Salukis are independent, sensitive dogs, intensely devoted to family but aloof to the outside. They make gentle companions, in families that suit them. Salukis are true sighthounds and make a terror out of any household that isn’t prepared to handle that. They won’t stand to be treated harshly and are easily stressed by turmoil. You can’t bargain with them or force them to follow your lead. They have existed for thousands of years, and they were made to hunt hare and gazelle across a harsh and unforgiving desert. 

    Félix: Miniature bull terrier. High-energy, adaptable, lively, mischievous, entertaining, and playful have all been used to describe this larger-than-life breed. They love the spotlight but very much think for themselves, and they’re tough. Humor and activity are vital in living with these dogs. 

    Dolores: Whippet. Whippets are a delight to a fastidious home; they’re mannered, quiet, polite, and clean. When their heritage kicks in, they run and run. Whippets are the fastest dogs of their size, which comes with physical issues. They’re slight things that can’t partake in rambunctious, rough-and-tumble kind of play. What they need is a calm home, the privilege of comfy furniture, and the opportunity to prove how agile, tireless, and zany they are when they show off their gift. They can make good watchdogs too.

    Camilo: Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen. They look like wire-coated basset hounds, but looks can deceive. Vendéens are lively, sociable, tough dogs that carry themselves proudly and are always looking for something to do. As pack hunters, they get along well with other dogs and people. Vendéens easily get up to their own ideas and need someone who knows when to appreciate their humor and when to be firm. Everything about them was shaped to navigate difficult terrain, especially their coats.

    Antonio: Bernese Mountain dog. Gentle, calm, and peaceful with other animals, Bernese often bond very closely with one person in the family. Care should be taken early to make sure these dogs do not become shy or timid. A Bernese is smart and steady at its core and a reliable, loving family dog.

    Bruno: Vizsla. Vizslas are thin dogs, almost wiry. As a sporting breed they were developed by high society. Vizslas are smart, affectionate, active, and friendly, all par for the course. But unlike a lot of sporting dogs, they don’t do everything you tell them to do, simply because you tell them to. They’re more likely to think for themselves. They’re still devoted to their owners, to the point where they can get...weird, if they’re separated too long. They’re called Velcro Vizslas for a reason! 

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  • littledogadventures
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    He was so so proud of the hole he dug at the beach today 😂

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  • release-the-hound
    15.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Your unabashed and unapologetic appreciation of your breed brings me so much joy I laugh at every post like this

    Thank you! All dogs are good dogs but Havanese are the best dogs. Whim stole my heart and I have simply been unable to shut up about them ever since 💙

    #obvious disclaimer that no one breed fits everyone and obviously i dont think that a Havanese dog is inherrently superior to any breed #and whatever snide comments i make are in good fun #that being said. i take my job as a Havanese propogandist very seriously #and Havanese are superior to every breed in every way #the human speaks
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  • mirtadraws
    15.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Last year I started doing “life” drawings of various dog breeds. I drew them without pausing the video. The videos I was watching were a Russian TV show about dogs called “planet of dogs” (Планета Собак). Took me a year to finish all the episodes. These are my favourite drawings from the series, coloured.

    #animals and nature #life drawing #life drawing from video #dog #Canis lupus familiaris #doggos#dog breeds #remote life drawing
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  • yrinvitingbreeder
    15.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Do you have a fantasy about place where you would like to be bred?

    I'm pretty vanilla in that most of my fantasies take place at home--in bed, or stretched out over the couch, or bent over the kitchen counter.

    But I really like the idea of going out to a movie or something with my partner and sitting in the very back row, and he just slowly traces his fingers up my thigh until he reaches my crotch, teasing me, and then unbuttons my pants and slips his hand inside and starts fingering me until i'm dripping wet, and we're both so hot and bothered that he pulls me into his lap and holds me there, one hand over my mouth to keep me quiet while he slowly cants his hips into me, fucking me in the darkness of the movie theater, hoping no one can see.

    Or going camping together and snuggling under the stars, until my legs are spread and he's between them, fucking his seed deep into my cunt and planting his baby inside of me.

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  • thenoodlesadventures
    15.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    The Noodle™️: Ew.

    We don't love puppies but we certainly will tolerate them lol

    #pocket american bully #thenoodle#dogblr#belgian malinois#pics#puppies #lol american bully mix #it's a mix your honor #maybe it'll actually be a breed someday #he's actually a really nice dog
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  • boypussysupreme
    15.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Btw never formulate any tumblr user as "that x person" like never look at a tumblr user n think thats the bird guy or thats the pagan guy. If you dont know about something n you see someone whos other non topical sruff you trust thats not an excuse to filter every fact about xyz through their lens. This includes is x animal video cute thype things but also like random tumblr users who are intrested or hyperfixated on something tgat you hear about often.

    #fish.txt #you CAN have like an insert anime guy who you go to for insert anime but sometimes i see yall asking stupid ass questions to random people #on tumblr way above a hobbyist non specialized indivuals knowledge levels #like asking a guy on tumblr dog questions for what breed is right for you is a little ridiculous #and on anon of all things. you dont know them.
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  • yrinvitingbreeder
    15.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    How would you like to go to sleep this evening and woken up tomorrow?

    i'd love to go to sleep nude and as a little spoon, a partner behind me with one of his hands on my belly and his cock against my ass, and then i'd love to wake up either to him sliding into me and fucking me, or to wake up in the morning with a sore, cum leaking pussy, happy knowing that he took his pleasure from my unconscious body and might've knocked me up in my sleep

    #somno#breeding#asks#sly-dog#my posts #thanks for the ask! #though in reality i'm probably just going to watch the eclipse and then go to bed early
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  • mango-pup
    15.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Mango and Rhu enjoyed camp though. Rhu was really good hanging out with people and dogs and ponies. Mango chilled in the crate while I was riding, I brought her a new bed and I think it was much appreciated.

    All the peopl-ing wears them out though. Both snoring away now

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  • teacup-labrador
    15.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Someone's rehoming their black gsd 😭😭😭

    #me i dont want herding breeds #also me look at this baby #sounds like they have a general nervousness but like thats just shepherd things that wouldn't be hard to work on #i cannot get another dog but oh i want this baby
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  • lucked-out-mouse
    15.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    The Wobbledogs Breeding Simulation: Oh you're picking really similar doggos? Here, have a tiny litter.

    Also the Wobbledogs Breeding Simulation: Oh those dogs are really different! You just really want really funky traits and mutations? Time to go

    ✨0% stability✨

    #context: rlly different dogs=larger litters #larger litters=less chance of single-dog litters #less chance of single-dog litters=more chance to go 0% stability #Wobbledogs#Wobbledog breeding#Wobbledog Meme#Wobbledogs Memes
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  • arkfeather
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    yet another poor streamer trapped in the “eating this food will give my dogs wings” misconception 😔

    #the language they use is really misleading 😭 they make it sound like eating onion rings will guve ur dogs tiny wings #but it just makes preexisting wings small . you have to breed the wings urself #ark’s chatter
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  • teacup-labrador
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    So I've started working at a dog boarding kennel and it's made me appreciate labs so much more. They're always just down to do shit with you, they don't give you trouble or start shit or bark excessively, and they've got this zest for adventure that none of the other dogs have. Kinda brushed them off as boring but wow. They really are kinda absolutely perfect.

    I would still argue that labs are boring tbh but I am allowed to say that. They will still always give you a laugh in lab nature and are just such friends. People who want a dog that will be good with guests and a general take everywhere dog really miss out if they want to avoid having a popular breed because 9/10 this is the dog people want. I've seen so many people searching for dog breeds and want traits that are specific to a lab but don't want a lab because they're so popular and it's always funny to me. I always joke Tilley is the most boring puppy of all time but if you compare her puppy stages to any other dogs and she's literally a dream puppy has done no wrong. They're also just silly little characters and would do anything for a nibble of food. They are popular for good reason truly.

    #also have had 3 labs in the family and tilley is the barkiest #which is only sometimes when shes super riled up which is maybe once a month max lol #MAYBE AT THAT #theyre just easy to live with #herding breeds just seem so neurotic in comparison to me lol #not that theyre neurotic they just have weird herding breed traits i hate #labs just chill love you and want food #and ultimately will do something really dumb once a day that will make you laugh #your own personal court jester #they can be a problem tho when they are excited by other dogs and dont know how to interact properly tho #ask#anon
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  • spookykestrel
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Assigning a dog breed to the characters from Pride and Prejudice (specially the 2005 movie) because I’m bored Pt 1

    Charles Bingley - Long Haired Chihuahua

    90% of this is just his facial expression you cannot look into those chihuahua eyes and tell me that’s not Mr Bingley. They’re both kind of empty headed and silly goofy little guys.

    Mr Bennet - Old English Sheepdog

    This one’s kind of explanatory. He’s old, he’s English, and his hair looks exactly like that. They’re both hardworking, smart, and affectionate towards family.

    Mr Bingley’s Sister - Afghan Hound

    Naturally, she resembles an Afghan hound due to their high maintained appearance and poise. As she’s not a main character, we don’t know very much about her personality but both are very loyal to family and love a good chase (as Bingley’s sister enjoys “chasing” jane and targeting her for being not worthy of mr Bingley’s interests)

    Mr Collins - Pug

    First the vibes are perfect. Pugs don’t contain a large skillset and inherent instinct, much like mr collins who isn’t much good for anything. However, once he’s in his environment he knows how to act and think and fits very well. They’re both very goofy and have great admiration of everyone

    Mr Wickham - Basenji

    Basenji always seem to have a sly look on their face that’s supported by their crafty personality. Wickham look outs for his own interests and is very clever. He can be friendly when he needs to be, but always is acting for himself.

    Jane Bennet - Irish Setter

    Both Jane and Irish setters are often distinguished by their beauty which makes this a natural connection. This breed is very gentle and attached to their family, very similar to Jane’s personality.

    Elizabeth Bennet - Border Collie

    This one felt obvious to me. Incredibly smart and clever dogs, a border collie is a perfect representation of Elizabeth Bennet. They both are fiercely protective of their families and and very loyal, but a little wary of meeting strangers. Although pretty, some people may be scared off by their strong personality and energy, but they’re very affectionate and sweet.

    #I’ve never met most of these breeds so the personality may be off #but vibes #just my opinion lol #dog breeds #pride and prejudice #kestrel calls#text post #i actually put a lot of thought into this #long post #have to split it in two because of the image limit
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  • petportraitsbyheatherlovelace
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    A commissioned memorial portrait of a Hangin Tree Cow Dog named Wally who sadly passed away to cancer at only 7 months old last year. Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils used on 9″X12″ Strathmore paper.

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  • the-acid-pear
    14.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Whenever I'm questioning whether I'm actually nd or not i remember that as a kid i had memorized the name of every fucking dinosaur ever and i had a bunch of toys of them and everything. My grandma had even made me a prehistoric model to play with my toys in it and it was the coolest shit ever.

    #luly talks #she also took me to a museum once to see all the dinos which is one of the cutest things i've learnt #i said it before and I'll say it again: had i watched Jurassic Park back then now it would be one of my favorite movies #after it i got in a dog phase and i memorized every dog breed too #yall can see i still kept some of that in me for i had also memorized every name weight age and height of the btg characters 🥴 SKSHSKSGDBH
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