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    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Artist: NaPaTa


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    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Zzz chan i swear ik jojo is shit and i also hate watching it but hear me out those eccentric lil moids in their stupid outfits are my blorbos pls zzz chan i swear im valid in this

    heres my assessment of these mfs. I think the outfits aren't stupid but the colours in it are, i think thats the main point that makes them seem 'eccentric', and the way this guy chooses to shade things makes it weirder. i think the way that he draws things in ways that are unnatural given the situation is also prob part of it (nobody stands like this in any given situation except maybe the 3rd and 5th guy going from left to right). thankyou for listening

    also jolynes concept annoys me bc shes like that fucking winx club tv show that used 2 be on

    also even though ppl say this series is like ultra 'the guys are just as objectified as the women ufufu much equality' the women are all shit

    i would get better female characters out of any given doujinshi

    #anon avert your eyes I'm going to whine about this more #💤 #also jolynes concept annoys me bc shes like that fucking winx club tv show that used 2 be on #also even though ppl say this series is like ultra 'the guys are just as objectified as the women ufufu much equality' the women are all sh #i would get better female characters out of any given doujinshi
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  • amaranthdahlia
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    did this for mermay ! (and for a lil bit of the fantasy au and ktdk hehe)

    untouchable au by @/milmil21229 (twitter)

    #i complrtely forgot to finish this until it was the last week of may 💀💀 im the worst at dedication FR #anhwHs..... YES this is based on the doujinshi #godddd i have a soft spot for that dj cus 1 it was the first fan bkdk content i consumed #since all i read were td.dk it was a first for me! #and 2. i LOVE how sweet and wholesome their relationship was in the story #i love childhood backstory and how it correlates to canon a bit #i love the entire worldbuilding too #and like. the 'two worlds apart' dynamic they have 😭😭 #its just v sweet akfjalf #the sequel for the dj is out btw omg!!! #tho no fantranslation #try supporting milmil if u know japanese and buy it if u can! #but yeah if yall havent read the dj highly recommend #its really sweet and has interesting lore to it! #bkdk#ktdk#bakudeku#katsudeku#decchan#mha#bnha #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #midoriya izuku#bakugou katsuki#bakugo katsuki
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  • theophagie
    28.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    The context of this post only truly makes sense if one has a certain Knowledge regarding certain Things but I have a newfound respect for the people who are into ugly bastards because I've come to realise that having to deal with an ugly bastard is something that I do want my faves to go through

    #and that's on that. ci vediamo in tribunale love and peace #all those doujinshi artists Are up to something #mytext #sicko meme tag #sorry i'm seeing too many people interacting lately because of one normal bk//dk post i need to up my game
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  • whimsicalsins
    28.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    i read some bara bl and the urge to write smut is real sjshsjs

    #secrets kept hidden ; ooc #mainly for shibu sjshsh but like u get it #maz//jojo doujinshi be doin that for.me ajshs
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  • tombstone-pisa
    28.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Do you think that Ingo and Emmet ever get commercial deals? They are the subway bosses after all... imagine the folger's coffee incest commercial but with them lmao

    #blankshipping #i love the idea of them having an in-universe fabdom #do you think there are doujinshis? i bet emmet collects them
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  • leviathanofthesky
    27.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    [Durarara!! Doujinshi] Dai Rei Housoku - Translation

    Title: Dai Rei Housoku (第零法則) - Zeroth Law Circle/Artist: HUMMEL (xia) Series: Durarara!! Pairing: Shiki x Izaya (with some AkaShiki and Shizaya at the end) Rating: R-18

    Notes: ( ) are thought bubbles [ ] are text in boxes { } are sounds and text not in bubbles For the sake of my sanity, I decided not to translate any of the lewd sound effects, but they should be pretty self-explanatory ahaha~

    The raws can be found on Yaoi-Sei.

    Pages 5-7 (sexy sounds)

    Page 8 {opens} Shiki: … Please hurry and get out Izaya: This is just like that movie. Have you seen that movie? {close} Shiki: … Izaya: Ah, but I can’t even imagine it, the image {tap tap tap} Izaya: By the way, do you watch movies? A professional person, for example, in yakuza movies… Izaya: On second thought, it’s kind of like that, huh? {click}

    Page 9 {ding} Shiki: … Say, it’s been noisy for some time {whirl} Shiki: Can you shut up a little? {thud}

    Page 10 Izaya: ? {drip} {drip}

    Page 11 (no text)

    Page 12 {open} Izaya: Are you awake? {slam} Shiki: … What’s with that appearance? {sits} Izaya: That’s the first thing you say? Thanks to Shiki-san, I ended up having to change my clothes

    Page 13 Izaya: Since I’m the one who gave you first aid Izaya: It’s to be expected though {flow} Izaya: To think that you subdued him yourself right after being stabbed {crash} Izaya: But it seems it was bad to do something so flashy Izaya: You fainted after calling your subordinates Izaya: I tried to call the usual underground doctor but Izaya: He seemed to also be busy. He told me to do it, so he gave me instructions on first aid over the phone Izaya: Well, he’s made me help him several times before so we managed somehow or another

    Page 14 Izaya: My clothes were completely covered in blood, and since I wasn’t sure of your condition, Shinra told me to stay here Izaya: I’ve been concentrating so hard that I’m tired and it’s terrible. I should charge you extra Izaya: Are you even listening? {Has the pain stopped?} Shiki: …Yeah, everything you’ve done up until now… I’ll pay you Shiki: But regarding this situation Izaya: Of course Izaya: I won’t let it leak out

    Page 15 {throb throb} Shiki: Well… It would have spread within the group… Shiki: … After all, an executive’s blunder is bothersome isn’t it Shiki: Ah, especially in Akabayashi’s case… {gasp} Shiki: ! Izaya: Well what a mess. As expected Shiki-san also can’t afford not beating the injury, eh? {You also haven’t been using honorifics since a while ago} Shiki: … {sigh} Shiki: Tch… When did that underground doctor say he will come? Izaya: I contacted him a little while ago, so it should be soon, right? {click}

    Page 16 Izaya: But… {click} Izaya: It’s okay for me to see your blunder Shiki: Not really… {sharp pain} Shiki: … But you don’t matter

    Page 17 Izaya: Because it seems to be hard for you to talk Izaya: I’ll just monologue from here Izaya: I was pretty desperate before. I knew that I would be treated as a kid going into this industry {creak} Izaya: After all, it’s unpleasant, isn’t it? Izaya: Even if I say that isn’t the case, you’d see right through me. I also hate to lose, and I thought that I’d get the better of you

    Page 18 Izaya: Thanks to that, I've done a lot of work, so I'm getting a lot of preferential treatment now Izaya: Effort does not betray people. In addition Izaya: When I think that I’m treated like a brat Izaya: I realized that Izaya: I think the process of trial and error like that is the most interesting Izaya: When you reach the result, there is nothing more to it Izaya: I just go to the end

    Page 19 Izaya: I hate that Shiki: … How selfish Izaya: If it’s a monologue Izaya: … Besides, I got to see a defenseless Shiki who can’t afford it Shiki: …

    Page 20 Shinra: Sorry for being late {open}

    Page 21 Izaya: I guess that’s it for me Shinra: Eh, Izaya? Shinra: Weren’t you already leaving when I called? Shinra: But you’re still {smack} Shinra: Ack! Shinra: That hurt! Why’d you do that? Izaya: That wasn’t the case, was it? Shinra: I know! Shinra: Are you going home looking like that? It’s cold outside Izaya: There’s blood on this so I can’t wear it

    Page 22 Shiki: That coat… Shiki: If you’d like, please use it… Izaya: Oh dear, it’ looks expensive {ker-chack} Izaya: But I might get the smell of blood on it Shiki: I’ll give it to you

    Page 23 (Izaya): As expected… (Izaya): This coat doesn’t suit me 

    Page 24 Izaya: I’ll wash and return it

    Page 25 Akabayashi: But isn't it okay? You can relax alone in such a nice place Shiki: It’s not okay. It can’t be helped because it was an order… Shiki: This will not be shown to my subordinates Akabayashi: No one cares. They’ll only talk about how you managed to subdue the other party even after being stabbed  Akabayashi: Well, I think you should show your face once in a while to the young lady. She was worried when she heard the story Shiki: … So word has gotten out to that extent… Shiki: I can’t look like this Akabayashi: … Akabayashi: How long do you have to stay here? Shiki: I was told until I could move without any hindrances… Akabayashi: Oh dear that is quite a while

    Page 26 Akabayashi: Then I’ll bring some souvenirs next time Shiki: Please don’t bring crab next time {grin} {aha} Akabayashi: So it’s okay for me to come again Akabayashi: I’m so happy Shiki: Please don’t misunderstand my words

    Page 28 Izaya: How are you feeling, Shiki-san? {bam} Izaya: I brought provisions! Afterwards, since it’s so far and hard to go home, is it okay… Akabayashi: Ah, Mr. Informant Izaya: To stay over… Izaya: … You came, Akabayashi-san? Akabayashi: You look quite unhappy about it Izaya: No I don’t {open} Izaya: This was recommended, Shiki-san! Shiki: … Pastries?   Shiki: Sweet things are kind of… Akabayashi: These are delicious! {munch munch} Izaya: …

    Page 29 (Shortly before going to hate)

    Page 30 Izaya: You’re inefficient as usual, Shizu-chan Shizuo: Shut up! Izaya: But with Shizu-chan Izaya: Doing it… is fun… Izaya: Always… because only I’m moving Izaya: Since the first time I won’t do it from there Izaya: I get worked up, so I’ve tried various things

    Page 31 Izaya: But… I wonder if I'm still not doing my best Shizuo: … Izaya: Ah! Shizuo: Oh Shizuo: My bad… Izaya: !

    Page 32 Izaya: Fu fu fu {What are you apologizing for…} Shizuo: Tch~ Shizuo: Ow! Shizuo: Shut up! Izaya: Ha ha (Izaya): I should have recorded it [Izaya]: I’m sure this is the first and last time [Izaya]: I sympathize…

    Page 33 [Izaya]: Ah I hate that sort of scene

    Page 34 (POST SCRIPT) Good afternoon. This is Xia.

    This should be an Izaya-uke… centric book… Probably… There’s also a little AkaShiki. I wanted to have a cat-like Izaya with a slight advantage approaching Shiki-san. I wanted to give it a little love-loving feeling. As usual it’s an unrequited love.

    At first it was a story related to the title, but I fell into the worst situation of PC data death, and I was not willing to draw the same thing twice, so I wrote another story… The cover page had already been submitted, so it was left as is…  Once I draw it, I want to move on to another story…

    I love Durarara’s Izaya and Shiki-san so much; what should I do? For Shiki-san… So cute…

    2010 October - HUMMEL / xia

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    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    source:Ayane-san From Next-Door

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    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Artist: Eightman


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  • ff6webcomic
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Pg.224- Imagine you walking, just living your life, when suddendly a tiny thief comes falling from a tree and gives you an elbow strike on the back... I almost feel bad for that poor soldier 😂 –

    Check out my Patreon page! With $1 or more you can support the continuation of FFVI Webcomic and get access to exclusive content! If you enjoy the comic, consider supporting it on Patreon!

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    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago
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  • ladynahimana
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    “A dog?!“

    “Haha, Oh yes, that’s always especially fun.“

    “... But only if I’m allowed to choose the collar.“

    This is just the sketch of the 4koma of Dominate me. It teases the content of part 2 called Teach me. I plan to sit down the next few days and finish the script for it. I also started inking Dominate me.

    I watched Love and Leashes some time ago to get some ideas for this series, so blame that movie.

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  • jasusasunaru
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Freedom - page 28

    Freedom-day, aka Friday is here! 👀 Enjoy the new page~ And come join my sasnar community, SasCom~

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  • xbuster
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    So I was thinking about how in HeartCatch Precure Ban was so excited when Potpourri told him he was the third Precure and went to Pixiv to see if there were any doujinshi that played with thay idea, exploring a scenario where had had become the third Precure. I found a ton of fan art of Ban as Cure Fire, but no doujinshi from a quick glance. However, what I did find was that when I first searched him on Pixiv, it returned no results. I was incredibly confused because even if there were no doujinshi of him, certainly there were people who liked him as much as I did to draw him. Well, I had been using the spelling of his name that’s on the Precure wiki「蛮ケンジ」. Because of this, I became very suspicious of the kanji for “Ban” (蛮), so I searched ハートキャッチプリキュアケンジ (HeartCatch Precure Kenji) because I was at least sure the katakana for “Kenji” was correct and I wanted only Japanese results. Well, he does have a Pixiv page. It looks like this.

    Imagine my shock to see a completely different kanji for “Ban.” The Kanji used for Precure wiki, 蛮, means “brute.” My guess is this kanji was simply assumed for Ban because he’s very masculine looking and the students think he’s brutish. The actual kanji is 番 which means “number” as in a placement in a series. For example, 一番 (ichiban) means “number one” or “the best.” So I searched his name with the wrong kanji this time.

    The first five results are all English. Anything after that in Japanese has nothing to do with Precure. So it’s not just Precure wiki, any page in English that has his name written in Japanese uses the wrong kanji. Nobody caught this mistake. Though even more bizarrely, the last of the English results, MyAnimeList, spells his name as「蛮 賢治」. Not only do they use the wrong kanji for “Ban,” they even spell “Kenji” with the kanji「賢治」instead of katakana like it’s supposed to be written. Just... poor Ban.

    #heartcatch precure! #heartcatch precure#precure #i'm tagging this because i think it's like... interesting that nobody noticed this #i just wanted to find cure fire doujinshi
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  • marciaillust
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago


    If you wanted to order a hardcover copy of Event Horizon but missed the window, for a limited time I will be opening a backorder for it. It still comes with a bonus asoryuu print of course :)

    It's already available in my store, but I’ll make another, more official post tomorrow!

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  • karmanotkarma
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    new theory babes; why some haikyuu characters are fan favorites despite not having much screen time [crack analysis]

    i’ve been into haikyuu for a longgg time lmao like since 2015 (omg it’s been a whole kpop contract and i can’t decide how i’ve been here for so long)

    anyways since i’ve been in the haikyuu fandom for so long, its made me think about fan favorite characters, popular ships, and fandom jokes

    and i honestly think a lot of it can be attributed to the period of time between season 3 and season 4. you just had to be there lmao

    because the anime wasn’t getting new content, people who didn’t want to read the manga were stuck with the anime. and for me personally, even tho i love reading mangas for other animes i didn’t read the haikyuu manga and i didn’t see a lot of people online who read it either. which was pretty surprising if you ask me

    this was really telling to me bc i think i’ve only ever saw maybe 1 or 2 fanart of the Miya Twins with hinata and kageyama. but i’ve never seen fanart of any future character we were set to meet in season 4. which is crazy bc you’d think with how popular inarizaki and itachiyama are that people would’ve drawn fanart of them before the anime, but a lot of people didn’t

    which means three things:

    1. people who read the manga weren’t trying to actively spoil others or make a lot of content with manga only characters

    2. lots of people in the fandom at large, weren’t really going to read the manga

    3. which leads to people re-watching the anime over and over and over again

    what i’m getting at here is that the way the manga turned out, ended up not really affecting the fandom at large since a lot of people weren’t discussing things past what happened in season 3. 

    so this leads us to the first topic, fan-favorite characters. haikyuu’s charm is that we see all these teams and by the end of the match you’re usually left with a bittersweet feeling because you want to root for both teams. we have this new team who’s story we get to see, but also we have karasuno our main protagonists who we were rooting for at the start. with this in mind, a lot of fan favorite characters who don’t have a lot of screentime were able to get so big because we had no other content to work with. 

    my best example is terushima from johzenji high.  johzenji high’s one and only time they got screentime was their match against karasuno and they’re never seen again, except for terushima in the future as a hairstylist. and yet he’s a very popular character (the tongue piercing dnsisubfs) and i hear you asking why?

    well the tongue piercing is one thing, but also the anime hiatus !!! when you have a lot of time AND we weren’t guaranteed another season AND a lot of us thought we were never going to get another season, there’s a lot of love to give to all the characters.

    like truly there is no reason that this man should be as popular as he is since he barely got screen time and yet he’s still a fan favorite to this day. AND i love this man !! like there should be no reason that i remember him and yet i do bc there’s a lot of fan content for him. 

    like look at him !!! why do i remember this so vividly ??

    and this leads to my point, ships !! my best examples are iwaoi and matsuhana. two of my favorite ships and apparently its a lot of other people’s favorite ships too. if you look at haikyuu on ao3, the top ship with the most fics is iwaoi. it beats kagehina....and kagehina are the protagonists. 

    and iwaoi have the whole childhood friends to lovers trope thing, but like we barely get scenes of them in the entire series when you really think about it. hell they aren’t even in the anime that much past season 2 with every other appearance being very brief.

    and matsuhana, if you read my last post, they’re like a crack ship that just got really popular that it was accepted by the fandom. they’re basically only alive as a ship because of crackhead potential. and i love them.

    i love these ships, but i think if it wasn’t due to the period of time where people honestly thought that season 3 would be the end for haikyuu even though the manga still went on, i don’t think these ships would be nearly as popular as they are. which is sad to think about but that’s not the reality we live in bc we live in a time where these are very popular ships despite both not having any main characters <3<3

    for my fellow seijoh 3rd year enthusiasts, this is for you <3<3

    next point; fandom jokes. things like oikawa likes aliens, the dateko fanchant, you should’ve come to shiratorizawa, ushijima farmer, etc etc. old ass jokes that probably wouldn’t have been so big had it not been for people just rewatching the anime scrounging around for content. 

    or the whole running joke that we don’t hate any team because we like all the teams. which is probably due to the fact that they’re written like true kids, there’s no need to hate them because at the end of the day they’re students who just play volleyball. which is a whole topic for a different conversation, but back to my main point.

    because we had so much time and new anime content wasn’t guaranteed, there’s a lot of love to give to the other characters. and people turned anything to a meme and a fandom joke lmao 

    which i think it’s great and funny how these jokes have lasted solely because people were just trying to find anything to keep the fandom alive lmao

    in conclusion, i think that the way the haikyuu fandom is, is largely due to the fact that for a period of time, we had no clue if the anime was abandoned or not. a lot of us, thought we would never see the end of haikyuu because it looked like it was dropped. 

    and if you really think about it some characters, ships, and jokes shouldn’t be that popular, but they are because it was the only thing keeping us entertained during that era lmao 


    bonus fact; i think it’s really funny that a lot of older haikyuu fanart is about aus and not actually about volleyball

    introducing my all time favorite au which came from a doujinshi made by the author of given [amazing anime go watch it and read it]: 

    The Battle Deployment AU

    people used to COSPLAY this au. COSPLAY. thats how popular with the fandom it used to be

    haikyuu was powered by a LOT of doujinshis and this is my side rant of stop making sad doujinshis !! they make me sob every time !! lets be happy for once !! and the author of given ALWAYS had me crying over iwaoi for no reason !! 

    #haikyuu #crack treated seriously #analysis#essay #look i've had this on my mind for a while #like a long time #i honestly don't know why i never read the manga #and i read the manga for everything #but i didn't pick up the manga until the last arc in the future #which is crazy to me #but i wanted to be there for the last arc and i really liked it #for my fellow seijoh 3rd year stans this is to you #haokyuu and doujinshis go hand in hand #haikyuu has a grip on me for the past 7 years #it's too strong i fear #not relevant but i just remembered that tendou is bald-ish in the future and i'm mad #not my tendou #battle deployment au
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