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    Friends in High Places

    A Crimes of Passion Series from Choices: Pixelberry.

    Pairing: No Pairing/ Just the Gang Being Themselves!

    Rating : General Audiences

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    Premise: Pity the damned who go around breaking Lia Ginovesi’s heart, especially with a crime-fighting team behind the little girl’s back.

    A/N: Two fics in one day? I’m on a roll, aren’t I?  I had this idea featuring the CoP gang dealing with the trials and tribulations of teenage heartbreak. It was a quick spur-of-a-moment thing, so apologies if it sounds a bit unedited (because it is!) and I just really wanted to be done with this idea.

    A/N 2: Lia Ginovesi is Mafalda’s youngest daughter. She appears in Chapter 15 of Book 1. I’m no VIP player either, so this isn’t inherently a spoiler. :)

    “A breakup? Who did that to you, kiddo?”

    “M-Matt--” Lia broke down into sobs. The eleven-year-old had just infiltrated the Agency’s office to inform everyone of her saddest heartbreak. Despite her mother being a detective and her mom being an expert chef, the youngest Ginovesi daughter was unable to confide in them, fearing her sisters would tease her endlessly for it and she’d get nowhere close to Matt due to Mother’s extremely strict protocols.

    Ruby hugged the little girl. “Sh, I’m here. I’ve been through six breakups, so trust me, things will be okay.”


    Just then Trystan and Nora stormed in. The detective was quite surprised to see the girl in tears. The Prince, however, was quick on his feet. He immediately knelt down and gave the little girl a giant hug. Of course, how could he forget her from their enlightening and riveting tea parties?

    “What’s up?” Nora asked.

    “Heartbreak.” Ruby informed ruefully. “Matt broke up with her.”

    “Who the hell’s Matt?” Nora cracked her knuckles. “Kid, look at me. Just say the word.”

    “You’re not going to go all ‘Nora’ on a little boy, aren’t you?” Ruby interjected. 

    “No, I will go all Nora on him. How-- how did this happen, Lia?”

    “He-- he was kissing someone else-- and when I --” the girl was just full of sobs, the heartbreak holding her down like an albatross. “I-- talked to him, he -- he got mad. He broke-- up with me.”


    “Nora! Not in front of the child!”

    “Did you tell your Mom?’

    The girl shook her head. “Mom will-- she won’t--”

    “Okay, it’s fine. It’s absolutely fine.” Ruby calmed the girl down. “Look, Li- it happens. Some people are just terrible. You deserve someone who accepts you for who you are. And you’re the sweetest little angel ever.”

    “No, no!” Trystan stood his ground. “Webster here is all wrong, Lia. Here is what you do. I need to know where this-- Matt- son of a douchebag lives. Perhaps a little confrontation about his actions can go a long way. You do deserve better, but you can’t expect yourself to move on without proper closure!”

    “And you’re going to torment an eleven-year-old kid because he kissed someone else?” Ruby rolled her eyes.

    “No, because I’ll send every Drakovian missile there is after him. I have the codes with me, in my head. All I need to do is initiate the ‘go’ plan and --” Trystan let out a high whistle and made an exploding sound with his mouth. “That bastard child will learn his lesson.”

    “Maybe there’s a different way.” Nora suggested. “We don’t want to use your country’s assets to settle a break-up. But what we can do is collect enough proof and hand it over to his parents. They will decide on what to do with him.”

    “Seriously? You can’t possibly go all ‘detective passive’ on it, Detective!” Trystan protested. “The missile is clearly a better option, if physical combat fails.”

    “Bullying and or charming the perpetrator isn’t how we do things here, Prince.” Nora explained. “We need to prove to his parents that their son is the biggest douchebag ever to have caused a permanent heartbreak in a little girl. A presentation of facts followed by an equal punishment for the offender is a win-win. Lia gets to move on, knowing that Matt is permanently scarred with this burden and Matt learns a lesson.”

    “Or I can air all of Matt’s cheap dirty laundry on social media.”

    The trio turned to find Luke in the doorway. 

    “No, we’re not doing--” Ruby interrupted, but Luke was quick to cut her off.

    “It is clearly the best solution! What better way to scar him permanently for life than air every bit of his embarrassing secrets online? Therefore any girl would think twice before ever seeing or -- even breathing in his direction.”

    “Not a bad idea, Watanabe. I am impressed.” Trystan stood up with folded hands. “But I still think my ideas are better. What better way to scar that douchey idiot for life than a proper intercontinental missile? It’s just one little swoop from Drakkos to New York and -- sure, we will be at the brink of war, but -- it is simple eh? Or maybe, a grenade even. The object in question lies on the extent of the success of physical and mental combat. If my charms fail, the missiles won’t.”

    “Rather than a rash stupid decision like that--” Nora swooped in. “I can turn him over to his parents. Eleven year olds are more likely to hide any significant details about their lives from their parents. Take Lia for example. She came here rather than going to her Moms. Matt the Douchebag deserves to be turned in so the people closest to him can see how terrible of a teenage adult he’s become.”

    “STOPPP!” the girl cried.

    “And now you’ve made her upset. Well done, guys.” Ruby sighed. 

    “No-- it isn't--” Lia shook her head. “Thank you-- actually.”


    “It was funny.” Lia chuckled. “But I doubt Matt deserves any of your precious time. But all this-- killing stuff, it made me feel better.”

    “Consider a job in crime, kid.” Nora ruffled the girl’s hair. “You’ll love it.”

    “Can I come and talk to you whenever I like?” Lia asked, twisting the end of her shirt. “Matt was my first boyfriend and--”

    “Honey, you can come in anytime.” Ruby gave her the biggest hug ever. “And we’ll all be here for you.”

    Once Lia had been pampered with leftover icecream and multiple bags of crisps, the little girl bid them a short goodbye and left the four of her newfound detective friends to ponder over.

    “Perhaps I should do something.” Trystan stood up defiantly, “Matt is a precedent for all of those absolutely horrendous ‘playboy’ characters who almost never do well. I grew up with sisters and I want to do what’s right.”

    “And put up a fight?”

    “Sure, that too.” Trystan shrugged, rushing out of the door.

    “And I have to make sure the Prince doesn’t do anything stupid and calmly throttle the boy from ever doing such devious things ever again.” Nora chimed in. “Be right back.”

    “Wait for me!” Luke insisted. “I have to be there to absolutely annihilate him on social media!”

    “No! None of you will be  doing anything of that kind!” Ruby followed them.


    The next day at school, Lia found a very distressed ex-boyfriend of hers, standing by her locker. Matt wasn’t physically scarred; just emotionally vexed.

    “Hey-- what are you doing here?” Lia asked.

    “Li-- I-- I’m-- so-- so sorry!” The boy broke down into sobs.

    “Why? Is everything okay?”

    “I never should’ve kissed Sandra when I was dating you, but--”

    “What happened, Matt? This is odd coming from you, out of all people.” Lia confronted him.

    “Four-- people came by my house yesterday--” Matt swallowed hard. “And-- and-- they -- said if I were to lay another finger on anyone, they’ll end me.”

    “That must be Prince Trystan.”

    “Wait-- what? That-- Drakovian-- dude?”

    “I just have some friends from Mom’s workplace. They’re funny, aren’t they?” Lia giggled brightly. “And I suppose the one that charmed the answer out of you would also be Prince Trystan of Drakovia. And the one that collected evidence and calmly destroyed you has to be Detective Rose and Luke - who’s probably aired your secrets on Picta. And the one trying to stop them all would be Ruby, my best friend.”

    “Please take me back!” the boy pleaded. “I’m sorry! I-- never should’ve made that terrible mistake!”

    Lia’s eyes lit up. She closed the distance between the two of them.

    “I deserve better. We’re done, douchebag.” she spat, before marching away to her first class of the day.

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    Content Interaction (Reblogs, Comments, Asks) = More Content

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    Almost at the end of our angst run now!! But there’s still time left for me to cause some emotional distress before it is dkflgjdflgfd 😂

    Follow up to Day 5 - Cursed

    Also on AO3!!!


    Chloe missed Beca in a way that she had never thought it was possible to miss another person. The first month at her Grams’ had been suffocatingly lonely, Chloe had stayed in her room, too angry to be around her and not trusting herself to do something she knew she would inevitably regret. The only time she saw anyone was when her Grams sent someone with her next meal, which Chloe ate very little of. 

    Every day, Chloe wrote a letter to Beca. She couldn’t send them, there was no way to without her Grams finding out, and it wasn’t like it helped ease the pain her chest, but she felt like she still needed to maintain that connection, to remind herself of why she was doing this. Because the urge she got to climb out of her window and run back into Beca’s arms every night that she tossed and turned was so strong that she needed to remember that this was the only way to protect her.

    After a month, Chloe was surprised by a very welcome visitor.

    “Hey Chlo-bear...”

    Chloe looked up from where she had been staring out of the window, a tired but delighted expression on her face as her eyes met her father’s.

    “Dad...” Chloe breathed, “What are you doing here? Grams said I couldn’t have visitors.”

    “Oh your mom made a pretty good case...” He chuckled, Chloe able to hear the sound of her mom’s voice drifting from the living room two floors away.

    “Do you think I care about your damn legacy?! That is my daughter, you do not get to lock her up here because you don’t approve of the woman she loves!”

    Chloe chuckled softly, sniffing as she wiped the tears from her cheeks, “I take it Grams isn’t listening though?”

    “No kiddo...” Chloe’s dad sighed softly as he came and sat opposite her on the window set, “I’m so sorry.”

    “It’s fine.” Chloe shrugged a little, her head resting against the cold glass, “It means Beca isn’t in pain anymore.”

    “She misses you.” 

    Chloe’s eyes filled with tears as her eyes snapped to meet her dads, a small gasp leaving her lips, “You’ve seen her?! Is she okay?!”

    “She came to us the night you left.” Her dad smiled softly, “She wanted us to do something, to get you to come home, but most of all she wanted to know that you were safe.”

    Chloe bit her lip as her head fell back against the wall with a soft thunk, “I can’t come home dad... Beca was dying, she was in so much pain all the time I... I couldn’t keep doing that to her.”

    “I know.” Her dad reached out and gave her knee a gentle squeeze, “I told Beca that, your mom has been fighting with your Grams every day for the last month-”

    “Fuck you, you wizened old hag! You have no right to do this!”

    “As you can hear it’s going very well...” Her dad sighed, Chloe giggling tearfully.

    “I miss her so much dad...” Chloe whispered, “I- I don’t even have my ring anymore, Grams took it off me and threw it in the fire...”

    Chloe’s dad had to suppress a wave of anger at that. She might be his mother, but she had officially gone too far.

    “I wish I could help Chloe...” He shook his head, “But this kind of magic, it’s only passed down through the female line and I-”

    “It’s not your fault.” Chloe lifted her head to look at her dad, hating that he was carrying any kind of guilt, “Please, don’t blame yourself.”

    “I’m seeing Beca later.” His voice dropped to a whisper, “Is there anything you want me to tell her?”

    A soft smile spread across Chloe’s lips as she got up, reaching under her bed to loosen the floorboard that she’d hidden all her letters to Beca under, “I- I’ve been writing these. Just to try and explain y’know? If she’s not mad at me could you... could you give them to her?”

    “Of course.” Chloe’s dad quickly tucked them into the inside pocket of his jacket, “And she’s not made at you Chloe. Just the opposite. She misses you a lot.”

    “Just... look out for her for me?” Chloe could hear footsteps ascending the stairs, “She doesn’t have anyone else.”


    When her dad had come back a month later with a letter from Beca secretly stowed in his pocket, Chloe had burst into tears. Something about that familiar scrawl made her heart soar and that hole that she felt inside her seemed to fill a little. It was by torchlight under her sheets that Chloe read the letter that night, not daring to do it while her Grams was awake.


    Oh my god, you have no idea how happy I am to have all these letters from you... even if it’s taken me like two weeks to get through all of this rambling. I don’t even care, what else would I do now you’re not here? 

    I miss you so much... I get it, I get why you left but it’s like there’s this hole in my chest now you’re gone. I sleep wrapped around your pillow, how lame is that?? But it smells like you and that’s all I care about. I should’ve kissed you before you left, I should have savoured those moments with you more. 

    But I don’t want you to feel guilty Chlo, I’m sorry, that all sounds so awful... I  love you so much, I hope you’re okay living with the Wicked Witch Of The West. I swear if she’s hurting you I’ll come over there and kick her ass myself. You’re eating right? And sleeping? You get cranky without any sleep and you need to eat, I know you forget when you’re stressed...

    We’ll figure something out Chloe. You and me, we’ll work this out. Because I’m not going anywhere, I’ll wait as long as it takes, even if it’s years from now. I love you, that’s never going to change okay? I love you Chloe Beale. you are the love of my damn life and we’ll be together again, I just know it.

    Your dad said he’ll pass along as many of these as he can so I hope you’ll write me another thousand letters for me to read??

    I miss you.

    Love, always.

    Beca xxx

    It was the first of many letters passed between the two of them as the months wore on. Chloe would wait until her Grams was asleep before slipping downstairs to peruse her library of magical tomes, teaching herself in tiny snippets of the early morning. It was slow progress, progress that would be a lot faster if her Grams was teaching her, but Chloe refused to give her what she wanted.

    They had a plan, she and Beca had a plan. It was a long shot, and a long game, but if it worked... god it would be so worth it.


    Beca paced back and forth outside the house, her heart fluttering in her chest. This had to work, it had been two years of sneaky letters and long cold nights alone, this had to be the end of it... they’d planned this moment down to the every last detail, to every single possible scenario and thing that could go wrong.


    Beca’s breath caught in her throat as she spun on her heel, tears in her eyes. A watery grin spread across her face as her eyes roamed over the achingly familiar red hair, the electric blue eyes, the soft smile that she had missed so much.

    “Chloe...” Beca breathed, hands shaking as she seemed to freeze for a moment. She couldn’t believe she was really here.

    Chloe ran to her, arms thrown around Beca’s neck as Beca’s wrapped tightly around her waist, sobbing into her shoulder as she held her as tight as she could.

    “I love you.” Chloe choked through her tears, “Oh baby, I love you so much...”

    Beca just held her tighter, too overcome with emotion for words as she breathed in the smell of Chloe’s shampoo. She loved that smell, GOD she’d missed that smell.

    “Let’s go home.” Beca mumbled into her neck, head lifting to rest against Chloe’s. “Let’s get you home Chlo, where you belong...”

    “Yeah.” Chloe nodded, pressing her lips into Beca’s for the first time in years, “Let’s go home.”

    “Chloe Elizabeth Beale...” 

    Chloe let go off Beca with a yelp, spinning on her heel as she pushed Beca behind her, nostrils flaring as she stared down her grandmother.

    “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

    “I’m going home Grams.” Chloe swallowed hard, hands clenching into fists, “I’m going home to Beca, and there’s nothing you can about it.”

    “You have doomed her.” Florence growled, twisting her hand, “I warned you what would happen.”

    Beca let out a loud shriek as a pain she hadn’t felt in years spread through her, forcing her to her knees as it spread up her arms, down her back, everything from the waist up burning as flames enveloped her. Chloe turned to Beca with fear in her eyes, hand resting just below her waist where the flames weren’t.

    “You’re okay baby.” Chloe whispered, “Just breathe for me...”

    Beca panted through her tears, gripping the grass underneath in her hands. It hurt so much, Beca had missed Chloe so damn much, but she had not missed this. 

    And then, as Florence watched in shock, the flames dampened and dissipated, Beca’s burns soothed and healed, and she slumped into Chloe’s arms.

    “What...” Florence mumbled, “H-How?”

    “Just because I didn’t learn from you doesn’t mean I wasn’t learning.” Chloe’s eyes were narrow as she cradled the still sobbing, shaking Beca to her chest, “You can’t hurt as anymore Grams. We’re going home.”

    “You think you’re strong enough to take me on?” Florence had recovered from her shock, furious as Chloe helped Beca to her feet.

    “I know I am.” Chloe’s jaw clenched as she supported Beca against her, “I’m going home now. Don’t ever come near me, or Beca, or anyone else I love ever again.”

    “Stop.” Florence watched as Chloe turned her back and they began to walk away from her, “I said stop!”

    Such was the force of Florence’s anger that it sent a wave of energy flying forward, hitting Beca and Chloe. They tumbled forwards, Chloe taking the brunt of it as they fell into a heap.

    “Ugh...” Beca groaned softly, Chloe like a dead weight on top of her, “Chlo... Chloe?” 

    Panic flared in her stomach as she saw the blood trickling down her forehead, eyes finding the rock that Chloe’s head had hit as they fell.”

    “No.” Beca mumbled, scrambling out from underneath her as she cradled Chloe in her arms, shaking her, “No Chloe, wake up... wake up!” 

    Chloe remained limp in her arms, Beca’s heart breaking in her chest as she pressed her fingers into the side of Chloe’s neck, praying for the impossible. She let out a loud sob when nothing could be found.

    “Chloe?” Florence moved forward shakily, tears beginning to well in her eyes.

    “GET AWAY FROM HER!” Beca held Chloe tighter, tears pouring down her cheeks, “LOOK WHAT YOU DID!”

    “I- I didn’t...” Florence shook her head, looking genuinely remorseful and bereft.

    Beca stroked Chloe’s face, lips pursed as her tears continued to pour like a torrent, “I’m so sorry Chlo...” She whispered, “I’m so so sorry... I should’ve never let you leave...”

    “Beca I-”

    “FUCK OFF!” Beca snarled, eyes blazing with anger, “YOU DID THIS! YOU KILLED HER!”

    Tears ran down Florence’s face as the reality of her actions hit her like a ten tonne weight. Beca was right. She’d killed Chloe, she had done this to her granddaughter.

    “I never meant...” Florence shook her head, words lost to her. What could she possibly say that would explain this, what reason could there possibly be to justify this?

    “Get away from us.” Beca held Chloe against her, shielding her from Florence as she glared hatefully at her, “I’m taking her home. That’s all she wanted, all she wanted was to come home. How could you have killed her for that?!”

    As a weeping Florence backed off, Beca continued to stroke Chloe’s face, rocking her still body gently in her arms.

    “I love you.” Beca whispered, “I love you so much Chloe. I’m sorry... I’m so sorry...”


    Florence stood on a hill above the graveyard, dark sunglasses hiding her red eyes from anyone that would look her way. Not that they would, no-one even knew she was here. She wasn’t supposed to be here, but they were burying her granddaughter today... 

    She watched the mourners huddled together, watched her son hold his weeping wife close, watched Chloe’s friends press together in an attempt to comfort each other, watched Beca drop to her knees as Chloe’s coffin was lowered into the ground as if she wanted to follow her in. 

    Her heart lay shattered in her chest. She had never meant for it to end like this, all she had wanted to do was protect her family line, protect their legacy... but in one simple act of anger she had been the one to doom it.

    Florence had seen enough as a woman with short blonde hair gently helped a sobbing Beca to her feet, holding her against her as Beca wept into her chest. It was time for her to leave.

    “I’m sorry Chloe...” She whispered, “I never meant for this to happen.”


    Beca sniffed as she got into the back of the car, followed by the blonde who had cradled her at Chloe’s graveside.

    “Did you see Florence?” Beca rolled her eyes a little, “I can’t believe she actually came.”

    “I know.” The woman next to her huffed, removing her sunglasses to reveal a familiar pair of intensely blue eyes, “But that’s why we had a funeral remember? Just to make sure we really sold it. And you definitely did, sinking to your knees like that? You always were dramatic...”

    Beca laughed as she leaned over to press a longing kiss to her lips, “You know you love that about about me Beale.”

    “I do.” Chloe grinned, brushing Beca’s hair from her eyes, “And it was worth it... she won’t ever bother us again.”

    “Does that mean you can change your hair back?” Beca frowned a little as she twirled some of Chloe’s blonde hair her finger, “Not that you’re not really hot as blonde, I just miss your red hair...”

    Chloe giggled, snapping her fingers as Beca’s expression lit up with delight to see it return to it’s natural red state.


    “Perfect.” Beca cupped Chloe’s face in her hands, “Just like you.”

    “I love you Becs.” Chloe’s expression misted with emotion, “I never want to be apart from you again.”

    “Me neither.” Beca shook her head, “We won’t ever be apart like that again, I promise. Just you and me forever Chlo.”

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    Can I get, "I don't mean to bother you." "You're not.", with Dean? Please and thank you. :)

    He's busy. You should go.

    Your feet don't move.

    You shouldn't bother him with something like this. Just go.

    Still, nothing.

    Your fingers pick at the loose threads in your pockets as you gnaw on your bottom lip, weight shifting from foot to foot. The sounds of Dean tinkering underneath Baby fill the garage, his feet sticking out from under the front of the car the only visible part of him.

    Ah, screw it.

    "Hey, Dean?"

    There's a loud thunk as something slams into the bottom of the Impala, followed by-

    "Shit, damnit. Jesus, Y/N-" he rolls slowly out on the creeper cart, one hand on his forehead, rubbing- "you can't sneak up on me like that."

    Your hand is over your mouth, mortification rushing through your system. "Oh my god, Dean, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?"

    He sits up, looks up at you from the ground. "Not sure, how's it look?"

    He takes his greased hand away, and a small trail of blood is released down his temple in a steady stream. You grab a rag off the tool bench, check it for general cleanliness, and then bend down on your knees, push it against his head gently.

    "I'm so sorry," you say again.

    "Hey, I'm the one who didn't hear you come in here, so it's really my fault for going soft, apparently." He grins at you and covers your hand with his, taking over the job of holding the cloth.

    You let go, rock back on your heels. "I know, you're working. I don't mean to bother you. Or maim you, for that matter," you add sheepishly.

    "You're not. Bothering me, that is. But you've got a good start on the maiming." He winks, and your face flushes for reasons other than stark embarrassment.

    "So...?" He looks at you with raised eyebrows. "What's up?"

    "It's nothing," you say quickly.

    "It was enough to give me a concussion," he replies jokingly. Then he sees the tight look on your face, the residual puffiness around your eyes. "Hey, spill it, kid. What's going on?"

    Your teeth find your bottom lip again, and then Dean reaches out to take your hand in his, waiting patiently.

    You clear your throat. "I, uh...I was going to ask if we could do something. Anything. I need to distract myself from thinking about...yeah."

    He squeezes your hand, his eyes soft. "Yeah, I get that. Why do you think I'm out here, changing parts that probably don't need changing?" His gaze drifts to the side, features clouding. "That hunt's not something I want to think about, either."

    You squeeze his hand this time, a small smile finding your face. "Need any help? I'm pretty good at handing people things, like wrenches or screwdrivers."

    He lets go of you and hops off the rolling cart, putting the rag back on the bench and touching his skin gingerly to make sure the blood clotted. "Oh no, if you're helping me you aren't getting off that easy. Hop on."

    You look at the cart, forehead scrunching. "Um...I'm not so sure you want me to-"

    "Just get on."

    You start to regret your decision as you slowly sit down, but before you can readjust to lay on your back Dean is suddenly standing behind you, hands on your waist.


    Your eyes grow wide. "Wait, ready for what?"

    And then you're screeching at the top of your lungs as he starts pushing you across the garage floor, much too fast for safety and not fast enough as your screams turn to wild laughter. Around the car, down the edges of the garage, spinning you in circles as you hold on for dear life and laugh and laugh until your stomach hurts.


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    Here lies all of my stand alone drabbles and blurbs, occasionally headcanons I have written for Natasha Romanoff

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    Dear Mom

    Got a Gun

    Mother’s Day


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    Here lies all of my stand alone drabbles and blurbs, occasionally headcanons, I have written for Wanda Maximoff

    Works will be added as and when they are written

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    At Last

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    You're split into two halves. Half of you that wants desperately to be looking at him, half of you that knows you'll probably die if you do. Remus looks awfully handsome today; light brown hair freshly cut, a little shorter than he usually goes, dark brown eyes like honey shot through with sunlight. His mischievous smile, his perfect nose. 

    You want to run your hands through his hair. 

    "Dove, you aren't listening, are you?" 

    You wince, panic, and say, "Hello." 

    He blinks and raises his eyebrows, laughing abruptly. "Hello to you too." 

    You feel every bit of hot blood in your body rush to your face, pressing your hands to your cheeks. 

    "Oh, I mean. Um. Uh," you giggle nervously, "I'm sorry. What were you saying?" 

    "I was saying you look lovely. Well, when you're not staring at me like a ghost. Your eyes went all empty, zombie. Where'd you go?" 

    You laugh loudly to cover up how embarrassed you feel. "Uh…" You blink. You're looking up at him and you feel nice, pretty, knowing he thinks you look lovely having shot you right up to cloud 9. 

    "Don't be embarrassed," he says kindly. 

    You duck your head anyhow, feeling scolded though he's done no such thing. Something about Remus makes you feel like you're walking on a tightrope. Elated, terrified. 

    He taps under your chin with his knuckle. "Head up. Lemme look at you." 

    "Stop," you murmur, though you do what he asks. 

    He leans back, hands shoved into his pockets and lips pulled into a quirky grin. 

    "You're being silly. Chill out," he says. 

    You shake your head at him. "You're torturing me." 

    "A little. Can you blame me? You're worse than me." 

    You don't ask him what for. Something tell you that he knows - for however much he likes you, and you suspect it's a generous amount, you like him double. 

    "You should be nicer. Imagine yourself in my position."

    "I imagine myself in lots of positions, I'm sure yours will be easy," he says agreeably. 

    You almost pass out. He closes his eyes, silent for a little while, and his head tilts to one side. He smiles. 

    "What position am I supposed to be imagining you in?" he asks in mock confusion. 

    You screech and push his shoulder with your hand. "Idiot! You're awful, you're the worst! I really, truly hate you, Lupin." 

    His eyes open just barely. "No, you don't." 

    #remus lupin x you #remus lupin x reader #remus lupin x y/n #marauders era #remus x reader #remus x you #marauders #remus lupin drabble #remus lupin blurb #marauders x reader
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  • luveline
    27.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    would you please do sirius and reader with chronic pain? thank u so much lovely 💖💖

    I dont have chronic pain so if there is anything inaccurate or inauthentic please let me know! thank you for your request <3

    You know as soon as you wake up that today is not going to be a good day, pain wise. You’re determined anyhow, because Sirius Black has asked you out on a date. Sirius Black. A date. 

    You do the things that you can. You shower and feel white hot, dizzy enough to sit on the toilet seat for a long ten minutes afterwards with your head in your hands. You get dressed. You do your hair. You blink away tears, an inescapable panging reverberating through your whole body. Pain and frustration; you’re hurting and you want it to stop, want to go on a simple date with a nice boy without this constant pain.

    You laugh to yourself at the thought. A cool boy, you amend your thoughts. 

    You’re not dressed well, for the pain or the weather. Still, hours later outside The Charm, Sirius says, “You look killer.”

    It’s a pretty pub with dark wooden beams and a huge TV in the corner. From your window seat in a padded booth you can see a gorgeous garden and a small play area with two young kids running and climbing all over. I miss being able to do that, you think. 

    Sirius is watching you when you turn back. 

    “What?” you ask, smiling. 

    He doesn’t smile so much as his eyes close a fraction, heavy black lashes edging his blue, almost grey irises. “Nothing.”

    You’re stopped from questioning him further when the waitress comes to take your order. Sirius asks for a lemonade. You don’t expect it of him. 

    “It’s quiet in here,” he says. 

    You’re distracted by pain. 

    “But well decorated,” he adds. 

    You smile and rush to answer, afraid of seeming stiff. “The telly is distracting me.” Mostly a lie.

    “Oh yeah?” he asks, arm moving behind him as he leans back to take in the rather large TV screen. He reads the headline. “Small group of ducks removed from family swimming pool. Lucky ducks.”

    He turns back to you. You look down at your hands and try to breathe in a way that doesn’t sound so pained. It is possibly one of the worst times to have a bad flare up. You really, really like Sirius, and you think he likes you when you’re not so quiet and evasive, eyes pointed at your trembling fingers. You press them flat to the table and wince. 

    Sirius edges forwards over the table. "Can I ask you something?" 

    You blink and nod and he nods in return, fingers stretching towards you as he leans in. He speaks quietly. "Are you feeling okay?" 

    "I-" you clear your throat. "I'm fine." 

    "You don't look very well," he says, "I know you're not supposed to say that to girls when you fancy them, but you're shaking." 

    You stammer through an explanation. "I'm sorry, I just- I. You know about my… condition," you say. 

    He nods patiently. 

    "It's bad today, that's all." 

    "You're hurting?" he asks. 

    "A bit." 

    Understatement of the year. You shift in your seat uncomfortably, not knowing what to expect. The waitress saves you from saying anything else, from Sirius' answer, putting your drinks down in front of you confidently. 

    "Awesome. Uh, could I ask a favour?" Sirius asks the waitress. She smiles as he powers on. "Could we get the food to go? If it's not too much trouble." 

    Your heart breaks a little bit in your chest, a feeling like cracking over your skin. It must show on your face how affected you are because Sirius, in a way you've never seen, flinches. 

    "I'm happy you're here," he says, something hot in his voice, a roughness, "but I-" He scrubs a hand through his hair and tries again. "Not to be forward, but would you let me look after you?" 

    You gawp. Sirius grimaces. 

    "I mean. We can go home. Sit somewhere that isn't these back aching chairs, get you a proper cup of tea. You don't look like you should be out of bed, darling." 

    You nibble the corner of your bottom lip, conflicted. 

    "Sirius, I can look after myself. I can. I do it everyday." 

    He looks properly chastised. "Right, I'm sorry. I shouldn't assume." 

    "Maybe not," you say, smiling, "but. If you want to look after me," your voice dips to a murmur, "that's okay with me. I'm really not feeling very well." 

    "Right," he says. He grins like you've pulled one over on him and he loves it. 

    The food comes and Sirius ushers you with a heart searing amount of care into his car, the takeaway boxes hot on your lap. You go back to your place because that's where all your things are, and you're glad for it when not long after you're in your comfiest clothing and Sirius has borrowed a mismatched pair of pajamas. He looks very cute in lilac plaid bottoms. You eat dinner on the sofa and give up halfway through. Sirius gives up with you without any complaints, traipsing after you into your kitchen. 

    He watches you fill your hot water bottle with a startling intensity. 

    "What?" you ask, laughing under your breath. "Why're you watching me? Go sit back down." 

    "I wanna know how to do it." 

    "The hot water bottle?" 

    "Yeah. When you need it hot again, I'll know." 

    You bite back a smile and show him. You turn from him to take a handful of painkillers and he's frowning when you turn back around. 

    "Is it awful?" he asks. He instantly looks apologetic but doesn't take back the question. 

    "It's bad. But I have to live with it, so…" 

    You try your best to sound unaffected. Sometimes, when you have to deal with it everyday, people expect you to get used to it. But it's not something you can get used to. You think you're used to the pain and then realise how horrified you are with everything else - the days off, the life you can't lead, the permanent nature of it. You come to terms with that and suddenly the pain is flaring up and unimaginable, and you think - how am I going to do this forever? 

    Sirius stops leaning on the counter to open his arms. 

    You step into them, his affection burning through an invisible layer, filling you with a comforting relief. 

    "Poor girl," he says, and he doesn't sound condescending. 

    "It's really okay," you say quietly. 

    He rubs your back, long and slow, pulling your shirt up a silver with every sweep of his hand. You've hugged him before, though not like this. He smells like cedar. 

    "Sorry about our date," you murmur, feeling slightly sorry for him and very sorry for yourself. 

    "Hey, don't be. I only wanted to spend time with you. I don't care if that's here or at some dingy pub." 

    "It wasn't dingy," you murmur. 

    He laughs and it vibrates through his chest and into yours, his hands careful but adoring where they caress you. "Wasn't the point." 

    You stall, arms tight around his back. You could get used to this, this closeness, this feeling. 

    "Don't be sorry," he says, barely discernible, the ghost of his lips against your temple and his breath hot on your skin. "I just wanted to see you." 

    There, from under the pain – excitement. Dizzy pleasure. Knowing that you stand at the beginning of love. 

    The hug ends before you really want it to and Sirius nudges you with his hip until you're back on the sofa. He straightens the blanket over your legs and slouches beside you, his side pressed to your side and your hand pulled into his lap. He toys with your fingers. 

    You lean your head against his shoulder, chest rising and falling, staggered breaths. 

    His hand moves to the hot water bottle, at first feeling for warmth. He leaves it there and you're unsure whether it's forgetful or on purpose. Either way, it's nice. 

    "Anything I can do, sweet thing?" he whispers. 

    You sigh, almost happy, almost content. "No, this is good." 

    When you shudder and twinge and your breathing hikes he puts a tentative arm behind your neck and talks quietly to distract you. A steady constant, the dulcet tone of his voice, like a tether through the fog. 

    #sirius x you #sirius orion black #sirius black x reader #sirius black x you #sirius x reader fluff #sirius black imagine #marauders era#marauders #sirius black drabble
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  • zoe8stay
    27.05.2022 - 33 minutes ago


    'Hah, they even updated our devices' a sigh escaped your lips as you stood up from the floor and turned to Hyunjin reaching a hand for him to grab and get up but he didn't move. He stared at his device, eyes getting teary. 'Hyun? Are you okay?' You mentally slapped yourself for calling him Hyun, who did you think you are? His best friend?

    'He's my friend!' he looked up at you, letting the tears fall down his cheeks. You stood there like 🧍‍♀️...I'm sorry

    'Is he going to die?' he asked.

    'No, we won't let this happen!' you placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled warmly at him. Hyunjin looked at you with teary eyes then pulled you into a hug and cried on your shoulder. You were taken aback at first but let him cry it all out.

    17. he won't die


    Pairings: Hwang Hyunjin x female reader


    Synopsis: What do people know about the afterlife? Nothing! Living peacefully in the afterlife and working as a grim reaper was something completely normal for you but one day your life turns upside down when you cross paths with a human stuck between life and death.


    Warnings: swearing, food, suggestive (if you squint), suicide, mentions of anxiety, graphic description of a trauma, death of a character and other mature themes and topics


    please reblog and/or comment



    @yaelx @starlostseungmin @insanejaneposts @staykkk @seungly @reallyloudstarlight @notonehorangdan @gold-dragon-slayer @lost-leopard-beanie @sadbixth11 @nightrayseishina Let me know if you want to be added to the taglist :)

    #stray kids #stray kids imagines #hyunjin imagines#kpop#seungmin imagines #bang chan imagines #lee know imagines #stray kids headcanons #stray kids drabbles #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids scenarios #stray kids x y/n #stray kids x you #stray kids x stay #stray kids x reader #skz x stay #skz x you #skz x y/n #skz x reader #hyunjin x female reader #hwang hyunjin x reader #hyunjin x you #hyunjin x reader #hyunjin x y/n #kpop scenarios#kpop imagines #kpop x yn #kpop x you #kpop x reader #zoe8stay 🦋 stray kids
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  • loeycity
    27.05.2022 - 34 minutes ago

    Hii, so It’s been a long time since you wrote about Haechan so I was wondering if you still could🫣 And so I’ve been thinking about Haechan being a solo artist and then he meets reader and finds her notes where she writes lyrics and reader is embarrassed 😳 ( + she has a little crush on him🥴) but Haechan wants her to write for him :)))

    That’s all I hope it’s doable and that you will enjoy writing (if you want to do it). Have a great day Remi 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hi anon! Thanks for your request, hope you enjoy this one. Also, for anyone wondering who "Remi" is in this ask, that was my previous alias since I go by Vee now.

    PAIRING: Lee Donghyuck (Haechan) x Reader GENRE: humour, idol!AU, solo artist!Haechan, lyricist!Reader. WARNINGS: swearing. WORD COUNT: 1.6k

    Masterlist / Be added to my general taglist!

    "I got my peaches out in Georgia... I get my light right from the source, yeah..."

    Donghyuck sings along to the music that plays through his headphones as he enters the building, flashing his ID card to the security guard at the front desk before being waved through the scanners. It's eleven in the morning and surprisingly quiet in the lobby for a Wednesday, but the activity ramps up as the elevator takes him to the ninth floor. Immediately, he's greeted by a group of bowing rookies, who seem to be on the verge of breaking out into excited hysterics at his mere presence. He gets it – it's not everyday that Haechan, Korea's biggest solo superstar, says 'good morning' to you and actually acknowledges that you exist, but he gives them his best smile and wishes them luck as they continue thanking him.

    Cute kids, he thinks as he walks away, sipping from the cup of coffee in his hand. I remember those days.

    Actually, maybe he shouldn't remember those days. Sharing a dorm with six other boys, spending endless hours in the practice rooms until he passes out, calling his mom and wishing he could just give up because it's too hard. He wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her encouragement to just keep going, but he's hoping the newer generations after him aren't suffering in the same way he did. Either way, that's not a problem for now, so he pushes the shudder-inducing memory out of his mind.

    As he walks through the hallways and towards the recording studios, he makes a brief stop at the second one on the right, knocking thrice before a voice shouts "come in". Turning the knob, he peeks his head into the space, seeing a figure sitting at a desk with monitors surrounding him.

    "Yo, Canada," he calls out, causing the figure to spin around in his chair. It's Mark Lee, the company's genius producer that's responsible for at least half of Donghyuck's best-selling albums. He's known this man since they were both trainees at SM Entertainment in their youth, having debuted in the same group and lived the idol life to its extent together, but the status of 'childhood bestie' isn't going to stop him from telling Mark how atrocious that beanie looks on him. As a self-proclaimed fashion police, he can't sit around and do nothing while his friend suffers like this.

    "What the fuck are you wearing on your head?" is what he comes up with, glaring in slight disgust at the piece of fabric.

    Mark frowns, tugging the beanie lower. "My girlfriend gave it to me. Why, does it look bad?"

    Donghyuck raises an eyebrow, then sighs. "Never mind. It's... slightly questionable, that's all."

    "Well, she thinks I look cute with it," the producer grumbles, searching for a nearby reflective surface to check his appearance.

    "Whatever, not a big deal," he shrugs. "Do you know if that new lyricist is here yet?"

    Mark turns back to face him. "Yeah, in the studio across the hall. Got here about twenty minutes ago actually."

    "Cool, thanks."

    "Hey, go easy on her, alright? She doesn't need you scaring her away on her first day."

    "I never scare people away," Donghyuck scoffs.

    Mark snorts. "Right, then what happened with that other guy who came in for the last album?"

    "He... left."

    "He left."

    "Yup, he left."

    "I find that hard to believe, you know."

    "Don't you have work to be doing?" he complains. "Go back to moaning into the mic or whatever."

    "I could literally make this album the shittiest thing you've ever released," Mark threatens.

    "Do it, I dare you."

    The man's only response is a shake of his head as he swivels in his chair to face the monitors again. Donghyuck grins as he tosses a "see you later" to the producer and leaves him to do what he does best in peace, stepping into the hallway and heading towards the recording studio Mark had mentioned.

    When he pushes the door open, he's met with a sight that freezes him temporarily in the doorway. It's you – or to be more precise, it's you lying upside down on the couch with your legs against the wall and a notebook in your hands. Your socks have sunflowers on them, same with the woven bracelet on your wrist. From the top of the collar on your jacket, he can see a sun charm on a silver chain. He doesn't know quite what to do other than clear his throat to announce his arrival, which causes your eyes to snap towards him in panic.

    "Oh my god!" you exclaim, scrambling to right your position as the notebook falls out of your hands and onto the ground. You lean down to pick it up, only to bang your head on the edge of the coffee table. Wincing, you rub the injured spot while giving him a sheepish smile. "Sorry, I wasn't expecting you to come in so early."

    Donghyuck holds back a laugh. "You must be the new lyricist, I assume?"

    "Yeah, that's me!" you reply, standing up and walking over with an outstretched hand. "And you must be Haechan. Nice to meet you!"

    He extends his own into a handshake. "Call me Donghyuck, please. Haechan is my stage name."

    "Okay, Donghyuck it is!"

    He's not sure what you're waiting for as you stand and watch him expectedly until you suddenly realize that you're supposed to be leading this meeting and usher him over to the couches. You're either extremely nervous or running on too much caffeine (he can't tell which one), but he finds your excitement endearing for some reason. Normally, he can't stand the chatty type. You, on the other hand... you're tolerable.

    "So, I listened to the demo the company sent over during our initial talks," you begin, voice immediately dropping into a serious tone. "And I have to say, I think you could really hit the ball out of the park with this one."

    "You'll have to thank Mark for that," he says. "He's the one who put together the beat."

    "It's really good! Sensual and smooth with just the right amount of punch to really make it stick. For a song like that, you'll definitely need lyrics that can match the vibes and not be completely off. I can't tell you the number of times I've been called to fix a lyrical demo because some idiot decided a love song needed a ton of swearing."

    Donghyuck leans back into his seat. "And you're telling me you have what it takes to write those lyrics?"

    "I already did," you smile, puffing your chest out proudly. Here, take a look."

    You pick up your notebook and pass it over to him, tugging at one of the many coloured notes that stick out from the top until he's looking at a page with scribbled handwriting. Similar to his own shitty chicken scratch, he'll admit, but at least it's legible.

    "I also have some other examples of lyrical work I've done in case you were interested in checking them out too," you tell him, tapping the book. "This is where I write all my ideas down, so feel free to look through it."

    This is pretty good, he muses to himself as he reads through the rhymes, occasionally singing as he tries to piece together the proposed lyrics with the snippets of Mark's demo. Flipping through the notebook, he curiously examines the penned lines that cover the pages, amused at how your brain seems to work. You're all over the place and messy in your thought process, but it's somehow satisfying to see everything come together at the end. He doesn't know why, but he likes this unorthodox method of yours – word vomit it out onto paper and then see what happens.

    The next page, however, surprises him. Instead of lyrics, he stares at haphazardly-scribbled notes on a topic none other than himself.

    Haechan Lee... really smooth and nice voice... has to be something that suits his tone... maybe some high notes???... don't know if a rap segment will do, although he's capable of it... I wonder what his favourite food is... kimchi jiggae, really?... okay, he's pretty hot if I'm being honest... and he's single?!?!

    "Well, you're not wrong," he chuckles aloud. "I do like kimchi jiggae."

    You blink at him in confusion. "What?"

    He holds up the open page. "The part where you wondered what my favourite food was? It's kimchi jiggae."

    The way your fingers desperately snatch the notebook out of his hands makes him laugh, hearing you mumble an apology quietly as your face flushes. He clearly wasn't meant to see your little research project, but he can't stop himself from nudging your foot to get your attention when you refuse to make eye contact with him.

    "Hey, don't worry too much about that," he reassures you. "I thought it was pretty cute."

    "I'm really sorry," you sigh, covering your face with your hands. "I just wanted to know what I was getting myself into and then I found pictures of you and -"

    Your words cut off as he pries your fingers gently away from your face – god, you're even more adorable up close. Should he keep teasing you a bit more? Or maybe he should hold back for a while until you're not looking like you might cry at any moment.

    "I like the lyrics," he says softly. "And I'd love to make them part of the actual song if you'll let me use them."

    Your eyes widen with hope. "You mean that?"

    "Of course," he nods. "You have a talent for songwriting. Oh, and maybe I'll make you some kimchi jiggae sometime. I look hot when I cook, by the way."

    Mortified by embarrassment, you move to hide your face once more while he breaks out into another laugh, but he sees the way you smile behind your hands and shoots you a mischievous wink.

    He'll take it easy on you... for now.

    © LOEYCITY 2022. All Rights Reserved. Plagiarizing, copying, re-posting, translating or stealing my work in any way, shape or form is not allowed. Anyone who is caught having violated my copyright rules will be reported.

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  • gridgirldrabbles
    27.05.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    thoughts on what max would be like comforting you when you’ve lost someone <3 I’m going through the most right now

    anon, I’m so sorry, I hope you’re okay ❤️

    he would be so supportive of you, I have no doubt about that. he would drop literally whatever he was doing to come and be with you, getting the first flight so he could make sure you were okay as soon as possible. as soon as he was with you he wouldn’t let you out of his sight, making sure you felt safe and okay. he would make you tea to calm you down, run you baths, anything to get you to relax in the slightest. max would definitely understand that the grieving process can be long, and he would be supportive every step of the way. he wouldn’t push you to talk about anything, but he would also be all ears when you were ready to talk.

    overall I think he would be super supportive and would try his absolute best to help you in every way possible.

    #mv1 #max verstappen drabble #max verstappen imagine
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  • dapnee
    27.05.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    Nothing kills me more than accidentally opening a private call with someone cause discord lagged.

    #drabblings of dapnee
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  • wttcsms
    27.05.2022 - 47 minutes ago

    some shigaraki fluff :pp - 🐾

    people always talk about things that others take for granted. food, money, clothes, a place to stay. as if things are the most important to people. as if things are the only luxuries people are allowed to indulge in.

    hardly anyone ever acknowledges the privilege of being able to feel however you want to. to feel like you deserve something, to be allowed to want something for yourself, without the unnecessary, overwhelming sensation of guilt. happiness, excitement, joy—

    —shigaraki thinks he’s incapable of indulging in these types of feelings, unless they’re derived from terror and seeing the success of his mission. for a while, it doesn’t bother him. for a while, he doesn’t even feel the guilt. and then he meets you, and only one feeling remains:


    he’s not unfamiliar with the urge of wanting something. all villains want something. most villains see no issue in taking what it is that they want to possess, either. and even if they do find fault in themselves that forces them to realize they are undeserving of what it is they want, they’re greedy enough to take it anyway, ignoring the tiny voice of reason that tells them they shouldn’t. that’s what makes them a villain.

    that’s what makes tomura.

    only now, he is filled with the wanting, and he is hearing the voice inside his head that tells him he is completely and entirely undeserving of you, and he cannot bring himself to be selfish. 

    (it’s quite bothersome, really.)

    so rather than plot and plan how he can capture you and keep you to himself, he chooses to sit in the corner table of the quaint little cafe you work at. he keeps quiet, barely speaking, and hardly ever looking at you (because he thinks he might not be able to stop once he does, and the last thing he needs is for you to think he likes you or anything). he pretends that his heart doesn’t grow twice as large every time you smile at him and ask him if he wants the same thing (iced mocha latte with two pumps of white chocolate syrup; you told him that he must have a sweet tooth. it was in that moment that tomura allowed himself to look at you before he answered with a simple yes.)

    (the truth is, he overheard you recommend that drink to a different customer. you claimed it was your favorite. the truth is, he is not a coffee drinker whatsoever. the truth is, he doesn’t even have a sweet tooth. the truth is, he doesn’t think he’s deserving of anything sweet in this world.) 

    he’s careful not to touch your hands when you hand him the cup. he’s careful not to notice the smile you give him. he’s careful, so careful, the most careful he’s ever been in his whole entire lifetime. for once, he wishes his hands weren’t built to destroy. he wishes he could pretend to be clumsy, to let his fingers brush against yours without the fear of hurting you. he wishes he wasn’t the villain. 

    “oops, i almost forgot your straw!” you reach into your apron, handing him a wrapped straw. the action catches him by surprise. your fingers touch his, and for just one second, tomura forgets about everything. the guilt, the terror he’s caused, the terror he will cause, the inevitable destruction. he wonders what’s going on in your mind as you don’t immediately withdraw your hands from his. the warmth from a touch that was barely there in the first place is forever burned into his memory. (when you get so little of someone, you cling onto whatever you can get.)

    “thank you.” he manages to say, the words scraping against his throat. 

    “of course.” 

    and when you finally pull back your hand, your hand brushes against the tips of his fingers once more, a gesture too calculated to be entirely accidental. 

    (the longing isn’t one-sided). 

    #shigaraki x reader #bnha x reader #drabble#one shot#imagine #tomura shigaraki x reader #note: not entirely fluffy but i tried!! #personally he's not a character i normally write for but i hope u got something out of this!! #wttcsms writing warmups #fluff
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  • ry0m3n
    27.05.2022 - 49 minutes ago


    pairring: r. sukuna x gn!reader (could be romantic or platonic) 

    estimated wc: 766 

    description: you help sukuna dye his hair during quarantine. 

    content notes: modern au. sukuna has his own body. long haired sukuna. maybe ooc sukuna. mention of eating ramen. implied that yn & sukuna are living together. headcanon format. not proofread bc i’m tired.

    affiliations: @cursedarchiveblog. @tokyometronetwork. @downtown-roponggi. 

    note: done in collaboration w @ry0chann <33 she’ll be writing about buying the hair dye with sukuna !! (will be linked once it's posted <33)

    masterlist. taglists. comms. requests. 


    “I’m not going to risk losing my hair just to get my roots dyed. No way,” he said. He kept declining your offers multiple times at first. “What if my hair falls out?!” He didn’t entirely trust you with his hair. It took him quite a while to grow it out to its current length. 

    You saying that you’ll get him a wig if it falls out didn’t seem to impress him, either. 

    Over time he grew annoyed with the blond roots that became more and more visible as the days went by. Due to the continued lockdown he couldn’t make an appointment with his usual hair stylist. And he didn’t trust himself to do a good job with dying his hair. It was just his roots that needed a touch up, but still he didn’t have much faith in himself with it. 


    Sukuna had scheduled a zoom call with his usual hair stylist so that she could explain what you should do. 

    You listened attentively, wanting to be able to do your best. You might act all nonchalant with Sukuna about this, wanting to tease him, but you also really didn’t want to mess up his hair. You knew how much he prided his hair. He’s been growing it out since before the two of you had even met. 


    Sukuna had washed his hair the previous night and put it in a braided bun (a braid that’s put up in a bun). You were helping him untie his hair and comb it. You had to get all the knots and tangles out (if there even are any). Once his hair was combed, you started to section it. You were going to start at the bottom of his hair so that you can section them in such a way that you didn’t have to pin everything together up top. 

    You started with the first layer, applying the dye with a little brush before running your fingers over it to make sure you covered all the blond hair. You almost forgot to wear gloves, but luckily Sukuna reminded you. 

    The entire process of applying the dye took nearly thirty minutes. Sukuna loosely tied his hair in a ponytail. The once-white towel that hung around his shoulders had its corners pinned together at Sukuna’s chest to avoid it sliding off. It also had a good few pink stains. You also managed to write both yours and Sukuna’s name on it with some leftover dye. 


    While waiting for the dye to be properly absorbed, you and Sukuna had ramen for lunch and listened to a podcast the two of you recently discovered. 

    You made sure to sneak in a few photos of Sukuna. He had his usual scowl adorning his face as he concentrated on eating whilst also typing something on his phone. His roots looked much darker than the rest of his hair due to the dye being much darker than the actual colour it makes your hair. 

    You ended up editing one photo to give Sukuna some drawn on cat ears and whiskers, adding sparkles around him. “Mister Grumpy Pants finally let me dye his hair !!” was added onto the final image that you posted on your Instagram story. You had purposefully not tagged him. 

    Poor Sukuna was confused at first about why some of his friends were making fun of him via text… Until he saw the image of him on your Instagram story. He of course proceeded to scold you. But he didn’t tell you to take it down, at least. 


    When the waiting period was finally over, you managed to convince Sukuna to let you rinse his hair. He at first insisted on doing it himself, but per usual gave in and let you do it. 

    Sukuna was bent over the bathtub, hair hanging into the tub. You used the hand-held showerhead to rinse his hair. Before letting the water go anywhere near his scalp, you let Sukuna feel the temperature of the water and give the okay. 

    Once again you wore gloves to avoid staining your hands. You dragged your fingers through his hair while letting the water run through it. The water that fell from Sukuna’s hair was a lovely cherry blossom pink. You wondered if it might stain the bathtub. 

    Once finished, you conditioned Sukuna’s hair and then helped him dry his hair as well. 

    It turned out much better than Sukuna expected. 

    #sukuna x reader #sukuna fluff#sukuna headcanons #ryomen sukuna fluff #ryomen sukuna x reader #sukuna drabble#jjk sukuna#jjk fluff #jjk x reader #jjk headcanons#jjk#jujutsu kaisen #.words: mine #.words: safe #cursed.archive #.downtown roponggi #tokyometronetwork
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  • my-my-only-angel
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    hello again <3

    could i get james x ravenclaw!reader he’s trying to convince to date him or something w

    “there’s no music playing.” “we don’t need it.”

    tysm <333

    p.s. sorry abt the severus asks again ❤️

    Dancing in the dark | J.P

    Pairing: James Potter x Reader. Kinda enemies to lovers. 

    A/N: ofc you can love! great prompt choice and no need to apologise <3

    “The rules of seven minutes in heaven are simple” Sirius said shaking an empty pillow case out “everybody puts in an item of theirs, we take turns blindly choosing one. Then you go into the broom closet for seven minutes with the person whose item you picked.” 

    When the pillow case came your way you dropped the only thing in your pocket into it - a tube of cherry lip balm. It hit the bottom with a soft thud and you wondered vaguely if anyone would pull it out. You’d never been to a Gryffindor party before and you didn’t know what to expect. 

    Once everyone had dropped their item in, Sirius approached you “Newbies first” he said. You closed your eyes and reached in, fingers brushing across various random items. Finally you found something cold and small that intrigued you, it could have been a marble but you didn’t think so because of the small indents you could feel across the surface. You closed your fingers around it, pulling it from the bag and opening your eyes. Unfolding your hand you saw that a tiny golden snitch was sitting in your palm, the little silver wings slowly unfurling. 

    You stared at it, wondering who it could possibly belong to when you heard someone clear their throat. You looked up and James Potter was standing in front of you looking uncharacteristically sheepish. “That’s mine” he said and you groaned rolling your eyes “of course it is.” 

    Someone out there had it out for you. They had to, there was simply no other explanation for it. How else had you pulled out James bloody Potter’s item from a bag with over 20 things in? 

    James Potter was the bane of your existence, you hated him purely for the fact that you didn’t hate him at all - not really. You’d had an on and off again crush on him since your 3rd year and he’d never looked at you twice. That was until last year when he’d sat down at your table in the library and proclaimed you the most beautiful girl in the castle and asked you to go on a date with him. He was joking of course, you were sure of it. Why would James Potter seriously ask you out? He didn't even know you. He asked you constantly since then and it was such a cruel joke because you really did like him. 

    You sighed deeply and stalked off in the direction of the broom closet, anger rolling from you in waves. James followed you, looking disheartened at your reaction. He closed the door behind you, plunging the both of you in darkness and you jumped as you realised in the tight space his body was only inches from yours. You could smell the scent of his soap, the soft cedar of his cologne, could feel the heat rolling from his body. You were glad that it was dark so that he couldn’t see how your face flushed at the proximity. 

    “No funny business, Potter” you said sternly “let’s just get these seven minutes over with.” 

    James sighed and you felt the tickle of his warm breath “okay” he said in a voice so dejected that you felt a little bit bad for being so harsh. 

    “When we get out of here” he said “i'll leave you alone, i'm sorry for bothering you all this time when it’s clear you're not interested I just really hoped you’d say yes one day because I really like you.”

    He sounded so sincere that you began to feel confused, hadn’t it all been a massive prank? “You like me?” you asked shyly.

    “Why else do you think ive been asking you out for the past few months?” James asked, confused.

    “I thought you were trying to be funny, that it was all a prank.”

    Even in the dark you saw hurt briefly flash across his handsome features “I'd never do that, why would you think that?” 

    “Well Sirius is always standing behind you giving you thumbs up” you defended.

    “Because I get nervous asking!” 

    “And - and you don’t know anything about me, you didn’t even notice me for years. How could you like me?” 

    James cut you off “In second year” he said “you used to wear blue ribbons in your hair, you're smart but you often forget to do your homework, you get really excited when they have pancakes at breakfast…”

    Your breath caught in your throat as he listed off all the little ways that he knew you, you’d thought yourself invisible but to James you might as well have been the only person in the castle. 

    He reached out and gently traced a line down your nose “and when your nervous” he said his voice dropping to a whisper “your nose scrunches up” you giggled nervously at his proximity, you could see the shine of his hazel eyes behind his glasses “like this” he said tapping your nose “and it’s adorable.” 

    “Oh James” you said “you do know me, all this time. I'm sorry I never gave you a chance, I’d love to go on a date with you.” 

    James grinned and it transformed his features beautifully “really?” he said and he looked adorably excited that you wondered how you’d ever mistaken his intentions before. 

    You laughed, “Yes really James.”

    “What about right now?” he said.

    “The game…?” you questioned and James’ eyes took on a mischievous glint. 

    “About that” he said and then he reached his arm above your head and pressed on the panel behind you. The wooden back of the broom closet swung open revealing a passeaway out. 

    You gasped “James Potter” you chastised “have you known how to get us out the whole time?” 

    He grinned, hazel eyes sparkling “yes but I wasn’t gonna show it to you when I had the perfect excuse to stand close to you.” 

    You smacked his shoulder lightly and he took your hand in his, lacing your fingers together “come on.” 

    He led you through the passageway and all the way to the astronomy tower. You didn’t think about your friends that you’d left back at the party, or about what you were doing; you simply let him lead. 

    “The stars are beautiful,” you said softly, looking at the view from the tower. 

    “Like you” James said and you looked down sheepishly “oh shut up.” 

    “It’s true” he said then he took your hand in his “let’s dance.”

    You gave him a look “there’s no music.”

    “We don’t need it,” he said, spinning you until you fell back into his chest. 

    He gently swayed you across the tower, making you laugh with corny jokes and sweet smiles. The time spent in his arms flew by and soon you’d been there hours, feeling like there was nowhere you’d rather be than here. Standing under a blanket of stars, dancing slowly with James Potter and seeing nothing but each other. 

    #Lils-writes#James potter #James Potter x reader #James Potter x reader fluff #James Potter x you #James Potter x y/n #James Potter fluff #James Potter x you fluff #James Potter one shot #James Potter comfort #James Potter drabble #enemies to lovers #marauders era #marauders era one shot
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  • serenityslutt
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Could you do one like un abrazo but ot7?🥺 readerxTae, and she’s like a sister to the other members, and everyone notices that she’s been really down and try to make her feel better (angst+fluff)

    I’d love too thank you for the cute request!

    I know I said I was going to take the day off because of my school work but I can’t help but post I have so much motivation rn!




    ~ te quiero

    Pairing: taehyung x f!reader x ot7

    Genre: lovers, friends, fluff, slight angst , overthinking reader

    No warnings

    “Y esa nube nublada sigue tus pasos”

    You’re having one of those moments where you bury yourself in your head and remember all those bad memories with hurtful words and sad tears. You don’t know how or why you got here but those memories will always be fresh on your mind. Nothing can make them disappear no matter how hard you try. Someone had said something to you that made you over think and you didn’t like that. Some days you push it aside some you reflect on it. Both aren’t good for you also brushing your feelings away isn’t good.


    “____” you snap out of your thoughts looking at tae “are you okay” you smiled nodding “I’m fine” when in reality you feel like shit inside. He looks at you not really believing you. He grabbed you pulling you closer to him “lay with me” you smiled nodding against his chest. If you’re having a bad day he wants to make you feel better with his love.


    “____” jimin looks at you wanting to cheer you up “yes” you slowly smiled at him “what’s up with you” you laugh “nothing im fine” he taps his finger on his thigh “you lying” you shake your head “yoongi” you tried to stop him “n-no” they all might be your boyfriend friends and they care for you as a sister but yoongi really is your brother he can pull what’s in your head right now. “I’m not kidding jimin don’t” jimin seeing the scared and annoyance in your eyes. You quickly get up before yoongi got the chance to reach the both of you.

    You know jimin is just worrying about you but you feel dumb. You feel like everything that’s running through your head and hurting you is stupid. You already feel dumb for feeling and thinking this way you don’t need your own brother telling you that too. You know he will never say something like that you’re his baby he just wants to see you happy and smiley. His little ball of happiness he will always protect.


    After that day jimin still talked to yoongi, yoongi isn’t surprised with the way you’re acting this isn’t your first time feeling like this. He’s just sad you still choose to hide and not tell him how you feel. So he planned to have a little intervention.

    This is how you got stuck in a room full of your brothers and boyfriend “I’m fine” taehyung hugged you closer “baby you’re not fine” you play with the ring yoongi gifted you years ago “you have that look in your eyes ____” yoongi gets closer to you “you can lie to them but you can’t lie to me” your heart breaks you love your brother too much to ever lie to him. “Flower it’s okay to tell us how you feel” he squeezed your hand in encouragement.

    “____ talk to us” jin smiled at you as you look at all of them seeing they are really worried “guys it’s not that serious just my thoughts”. “What are you thinking about” you try to explain but you can’t you don’t know why “i don’t know I cant explain it you know I suck when explaining what I feel” they nod. Tae kissed your cheek “we don’t want to see you sad” you smiled “I know I’m sorry I made you guys worry I’ll stop thinking these stuff for you guys ” jungkook looks at you “you can’t because of us you have to stop for yourself too” jimin nods. “You cant keep letting your thoughts mess with your feelings” jimin look at you as he said that.

    “You know we all care about you” you nod as you smile at hoseok. They’re slowly making you feel better “so no more thinking about mean stuff _____” you nod at namjoon. “Ohhh look at us being good big brothers” hoseok laughs making the mood even lighter. “I love you ___” yoongi hugged “me too” you smiled against your brother warm hug. Taehyung kissed your cheek “I love you so much my flower” you smile as you kiss his head “I love you” you hugged Both of their heads.

    “Hey we love you too” they all jumped on the three of you making everyone laugh. “Im hungry” they all look at you “so what we in the mood for” they pull there phones trying to find what you feel like eating. “Whatever you know I’ll eat whatever you guys get” Jimin shakes his head “not whatever you have to want something” oh this will be a long night.



    「 -ㅅ-「 ㄱ -ㅅ-ㄱ

    Y’all seen this in the bangtan bomb🥹

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  • kim-seung-mo
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    some of these requests I get are so weirdly specific it's kinda funny ngl 💀💀

    #elietalk #it also makes it really hard for me to write 8 different scenarios #that's probably why I have 51 requests in my inbox #I'm thinking about making all the weirdly specific ones drabbles
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  • levmada
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I’m imagining a canonverse au where Erwin lived. When they visit Liberio, he convinces Levi, who is scared shitless of that “shitty metal safety hazard” to ride the ferris wheel with him.

    Levi is used to being in the air of course, but normally he’s in perfect control of himself, and he never ends up this high. The ascent is so slow!! Erwin can distract him for only so long before they reach the very top, everything is rocking, and they're stopped dead in the air

    Needless to say he’s gripping the bars for dear life.

    Erwin was aware of Levis apprehension long before this, even though he didn't say it outright, so his hand is resting low on his back and they're sitting close enough for their sides to touch - but Levi needs more.

    So, Erwin begins to point out all there is to see: the mountain ranges, the docks, the library they explored earlier…

    Levi is at the mercy of Erwin's low, sure voice and finds himself relaxing purely on principle. He takes a new, bigger breath, and actually laughs - out of what, he doesn’t know.

    “Glad you’re enjoying himself.”

    Erwin chuckles a little and kisses his hairline. “Thank you for indulging me.”


    taglist: @halloweenmedic | @erwinfortheblade | @jayteacups | @chaotic-nick | @b-o-n-e-daddy | + link to be added

    #im so weak for them oh my god #eruri drabble#aot drabble #levi x erwin #eruri headcanons #erwin x levi #eruri au #levi ackerman x erwin smith #eruri.thoughts
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  • achainoflinks
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    Forging a God


    "Gods are born, not made..."

    When the Goddess Hylia fell in love with a mortal, and what she did to keep him

    "Gods are born, not made. For thousands of years, I have reincarnated your soul so that it may be tested, so that it may grow.

    A mortal capable of killing a god, broken into four pieces, each trait purified and refined, then reforged into one.

    It was not enough to break you through space; I had to break you through time, so you would be eternal. Eternal and capable of hosting another deity.

    Your light burned too bright, so I tempered it with shadow.

    You contained all of the sky and the land, so I reforged you in the great sea.

    You were born mortal, powerful in flesh but not in spirit, so I tested your mettle in dreams.

    And finally, when you could hold the full Triforce without harm, drawing upon their power freely, containing the greatest evil of the land in a drop of your blood, you were ready.

    So I reunited you through the guardians of time, drawing all timelines back together into one soul.

    But you were too much for your mortal form, your soul overflowing. So I stayed my hand.

    You fell in battle, and you were reborn into the wilds with nothing, no companion, no training, no memory

    Only the purest form of the Hero's Spirit."

    Zelda smiled, eyes golden and radiant as she stepped closer to Link.

    "I am the Goddess Hylia, and you are my Hero."

    #legend of zelda #loz#Hylia#Zelda#Demise’s Curse#Hylia’s Blessing #Skyward Sword Trials of the hero #but for all the links #Link#fic #Hylia’s Chosen Hero #Goddess Hylia#Hylia/Link#Zelink #reincarnarating hero’s spirit #based on the nine links from linked universe #linked universe#Zelda timeline#Drabble
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  • kakairu-shrine
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    New Drabble: Solace

    Solace (100 words) by demonofabove Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Naruto Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Hatake Kakashi/Umino Iruka Characters: Hatake Kakashi, Umino Iruka Additional Tags: Drabble, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Cute, Established Relationship, Feels Series: Part 13 of Short & Sweet: A Collection of Drabbles & Ficlets Summary:

    Kakashi seeks comfort after a hard mission.

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