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  • neon-draws-sometimes
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Some doodles I made before bed and a wip fresh! swap design

    wanna add patches on the overalls and circlar sunglasses to him tho

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  • crybaby-writings
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    mutuals to get high and go to all the meow wolf locations with

    #◇— ash's diary #cw: drugs#meow wolf
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  • swampgallows
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    excedrin is so fucking powerful dude if i ever did real drugs it would rearrange my dna. actually maybe i should then

    #wish ssris actually did what they were supposed to do. lol. lmao #drugs wont make covid go away though #drugs cw /
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  • snarp
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Both the devices which I ordinarily use to self-administer my nightly regimen of cannabinoid anti-inflammatories are presently Fucked, and have been so since the day before Dad was hospitalized, leaving me full of lesions, swollen joints, and brainfog, and thereby rendering my hands too shaky to do the necessary cleaning/refilling/part replacements. NEVER put off weed vape maintenance.

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  • imreszekeres
    26.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    have YOU ever wondered what murderboy Imre Szekeres is like on the hit drug WEED? NOW YOU KNOW!!!!

    #ok to rb I GUESS LOL #imre #no full name as this is a shitposttttt #drugs cw #🦝.txt #bsf spam #you'll find out who Helena is soon btw >_>;;
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  • aleksa-sims
    26.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    My RL Sims-Story (18+)

    !CW! Addiction, Drugs, Drug use

    Three days later, Ana & I went to D.’s place with Jacob. Actually, Daniel & I had completely different plans for this evening, but my sister had slowly arrived at a point, that was really scary! It was now impossible to overlook, that something went wrong with Ana: How could this happen? 😧....I’ve been so busy with my own shit in the last weeks & months, that I totally let Ana down.😭 

    Jacob saw Ana doing a Line! I left my drugs there on the table. 🤦‍♀️ 😢 I was with Daniel next door, to talk to him about what I did....with P.! 😞 But then, I heard Jacob and Ana argue. Ana said so many mean things about me.😔 I was so ashamed!...I saw Ana’s ex-boyfriend David yesterday. That Vampire guy. But I just haven’t told Ana yet. 

    Ana (to Jacob): Ahhh, look what I did, J.!! I did the same shit as my sister. 🤪 😵

    Jacob: Ana! Are you insane? 😦 You know what you took? Why are you doing this?

    Ana: Yeah! I did a line! And? A. & Daniel do this all the time and the two are fine! Why shouldn’t the two of us have fun? My sister is constantly doing these.... exciting things without thinking about consequences. She doesn’t give a shit, you know? So why not? 🤪 🤷‍♀️

    Jacob: Shut up Ana before you say something you’ll regret, you talk about your sister!

    Me: Ana? 😟 What’s up here??

    Ana: Oh, here she is! And, A.? Did you tell Daniel who visited you the other day? In your room? 😏......Damn! This shit is soo gooood! I really get you now, sis!

    Me: Ana, you’re scaring me! 😧

    Ana: Do you know how many times you scared me? 😠 But ok, I got it! All this is not so bad! You’re fine!.....Now just fuck off! 😒 Go, and... fuck with Daniel! That’s why you’re here???...I think your... visitor, didn’t really satisfy you. 😄 🤪 🤣

    Me: Do you know what you’re saying? 😞 What the fuck did I do to you? Why are you insulting me? 😩

    Ana: You met David, you crazy bitch! I hate you! 😠

    Me: Who told you this? 😠 .....Fucking SAY IT, Ana!

    Ana: Something is wrong with you! I swear! 😞

    Me: I met David yesterday by chance! This was not planned or a date! What do you think of me? I would never do anything with David or someone you like or who likes you.

    Ana: And what was with Daniel? He just changed his mind, you know why? He found out that you like it in bed with two men... 😈 🤭

    Me: I-...Idk what to say, Ana? I didn’t know you felt that way about me.😞 And you were the one who encouraged me to.....date Daniel! 

    Ana: It won’t take long and you will run away from home again, just like you did last year with Nico! You always let me down, but I’m always there for you and try everything to make you feel better. 

    Me: Since 7 months I am back at Mom & Dad, Ana! And every time I tried to talk to you or help you, you always played everything down or changed the subject. I want to be there for you, but you don’t fucking let me! 😩  

    Ana: Ugh! 🤦‍♀️ You’re such a crybaby! 

    Daniel: Stop fighting! And you Ana, it would be best for you, if you lie down and just....chill! But you’re fine! Right?

    Ana: Ohh, yeaah! I’ve never felt anything so fucking good! I can feel my mind leaving my body.... Aahh...how cool is this.

    Me: 🤦‍♀️ 😞.... Come with me Ana, we lie down together!

    Ana: You? No! I want Jacob with me! But not YOU! 😠...🙁

    When Ana pushed me away from her, I went over and took my fucking drugs off the table. Well, and  I also did a line. Yeah! 🤷‍♀️ 😞 .... 

    I felt so sorry for Daniel! He was disappointed with me because of Philip, that he was with me. Daniel is actually a totally nice and empathic guy. When I first met him, I didn’t really like him. He seemed to me like a super-annoying smug ass. But you’ll see and actually Daniel’s story is very sad. I mean, what will happen to him!! 😢 But it wasn’t about drugs!! Nevertheless, since this horrible, traumatic incident, we both stopped taking drugs and Daniel is still clean today.🤍

    I told him what happened, when P. came to me & and if he comes back one day, I will go to him. I promissed, Philip!

    Daniel: You don’t know what will be in 8 months! It would be different if you two were still together, but you split up. 🤷‍♂️

    Me: Philip believes in this promise, but-...I just feel that it won’t work as he imagines....And besides, I keep thinking about you, I don’t know what this is with the two of us? We’ve only had one night so far, and you wanted us to be friends with benefits. 🤷‍♀️

    Daniel: I want you to be my girl. Just give me a fair chance! But if you already know, that you will go to him as soon as he shows up again, then... this is not fair. 😕

    Me: You’re right! 😞...I can’t go on like this! And who knows what will be in 8 months? What I have learned so far is, that in the end, everything comes completely different. And that with you is actually a good thing! I’ve always wanted someone like you. I don’t have to hide or lie all the time, I can do anything I want with you. You don’t tell me what to do and you don’t lock me up.

    Daniel: I would never lock you up! Why?

    Me: You know why. 😞 But forget that! I believe you! 🙂 And I’ve never experienced you getting angry or freaking out. I mean, even that now! I thought you were gonna make me really bad.

    Daniel: You came to me to sort this out! As long as we can talk about such things, like two reasonable adults, in a calm tone, there’s no reason for me to make you down. You know?.....And that was really not ok what Ana said to you, but you saw how much your sister needs you. Even if she claims the opposite. I also think, that Ana is not well and she needs help, A.! Otherwise, she’s gonna get hooked on this stuff, like you and me. But... come on, let’s go over to the couch. You’re totally high too!

    Me: Wait!... I won’t let you go! I wanna stay with you, as long as it’s possible! 🤗

    After a few hours the night was already over and Daniel and I fell asleep on the couch. We have always looked after Ana and yeah, she was ok! The next morning D. asked me, if I wanted to go away with him for a few days. He said, that I will like it there and he wants to show me some things. But first, I have to convince my parents, because they will certainly not let me go with Daniel. 😒 That’s why, I invited him to my home. 😬...   OH, and my Mom saw Philip sneaking out of my room. Yup, that was so clear! 🤦‍♀️

    And as for Ana. I knew now that Ana was not well. David, her Ex, told me what really happened when they broke up. But Ana doesn’t let anyone get closer to her, not even me! Which is why, it will be very difficult to help Ana. 🙁

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  • deluxewhump
    26.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Bloodbag AU Rescue Arc: We’re Alone

    Summary: a Vampire has rescued its beloved mortal pet after he was kidnapped and poorly treated by a group of cruel Vamps.

    CW: vampire whumpers and caretaker, bloodbag whumpee, abuse, rescue, drugging, bruising


    Carlo pushed against the iron arms that held him. He twisted in his bad dreams, cold and sweating all at once. He couldn’t tell how much force he was using— his strength was a thing that came and went, and sometimes using it left him so dizzy he blacked out.

    Blacking out was better than waking.

    “Can’t,” he murmured, trying to twist away. “Please, no. Please.”

    Whichever Vampire held him felt monstrously like strong, and he knew his resistance was pointless. Still, he did not think he would survive much more. Even a little drink might be more than he could take.

    “Hush,” the Vampire said. Such a familiar voice. But not Erik. “Don’t fight me, Carlo. You’re safe, little one.”

    He faltered, and the Vampire took his wrists in one hand and secured them so he could not fight and push away anymore. He opened his eyes blearily, sure he was not dreaming for the first time in hours.

    “Hello,” Maxim said gently. Carlo looked at the smooth planes of his ageless face, the inhuman shine deep in the pupils of his eyes.

    “I thought you were one of them,” he apologized hoarsely. His throat was scratchy, from screaming or being choked he could not remember.

    The Vampire shook its head. “You’re home. Well, one of my homes.”

    Carlo looked around. He was in an unfamiliar bed, half in Maxim’s arms. The walls were knotty pine, the ceiling vaulted and dark.


    “Far away from the city. Northern Maine, actually. We’re on a lake, deep in the woods. The only way here is an access road, which hasn’t been maintained since the eighties.”

    Carlo blinked at him, taking it all in as best he could. He was hundreds of miles from Baltimore, from Erik and his fledglings and cruel Vampire friends, from the house that had been his personal hell— again. “We’re alone?” he dared to hope.

    Maxim smiled at him a little sadly. “Entirely. Here.”

    He scooped a handful of pills and capsules that may have been vitamins from a bedside table into his palm.

    “Can you take these for me?”

    Carlo did, without question. He sputtered on a bottle of lukewarm water but got them all down, his throat aching in protest. He touched his neck and hissed, drew back his hand.

    “Don’t touch,” Maxim said softly, drawing his hand away. “Let them close.”

    Carlo turned his neck experimentally this way and that, feeling the deep bruising on each side. He lay his head back, closing his eyes so he would not cry.

    “They’ll heal,” said the Vampire, as if reading his mind. “You’ll heal. I won’t let anyone else touch you, ever again.”

    Carlo opened his eyes. What sort of promise was that?

    “Erik has made his last mistake with me in harming you,”Maxim explained, brushing Carlo’s hair back with gentle, carding fingers. “I’ve tolerated him too long already.”

    “Why?” Carlo whispered. He was so weak, and the gentle touches were making his eyes heavy. No matter what Maxim decided for him, he would accept it. There was safety in that. Peace.

    The Vampire shrugged. “It’s how it is, sometimes, with Vampires and their makers.”

    Carlo frowned. He made a sleepy noise of confusion.

    “It’s why I’ve put up with him as long as I have. Why he does things to keep me under his thumb, or at least angry enough at him to speak to him. He’s always been like this.”

    Carlo’s mind was growing hazy. Outside the black window, a tangled windchime spun in a sudden gust. Rain began to patter against the pane. Erik…. Maxims maker? It was difficult to imagine, and it made some old alarm go off deep in his bones, though he did not know why.

    But you’re nothing like him, he wanted to say, but his mouth was no longer under his command. He wondered gratefully if Maxim gave him something to make him sleep.

    “Shh,” the Vampire soothed, his petting growing slower, more infrequent to let his pet drop off to sleep. “Sleep, little mortal.”

    #pet whump #an opposite vampire au #bloodbag whumpee#vampire caretaker #drug use cw #abuse cw#bruises cw #will add taglist later #vampire whump
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  • dilfsisko
    26.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    I take a hit of my bong and then proceed to spend the next 30 minutes crying about Andrei Bolkonsky

    #els.txt #drugs cw #war and peace posting #feel like pure shite just want him back
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  • percentstardust
    26.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    “   hey, i got you .   ” // sam

    found family starters | accepting

    The detox process was hell. It would be better if she were in a facility, but the nearest one didn't have an open bed yet. So, for now, she's going through the motions of it outside of a hospital. She left Woodsboro to do this. To get clean. To get better. To understand if the dead people she saw were real or if they were all in her head. Woodsboro suffocated her. She had to get out before she lost her mind. Which lead to her packing a bag and a suitcase before disappearing into the night. She hated abandoning Tara, but she would understand one day. This was for her, after all.

    Beverley took her in. She was there for her when her own mother wasn't. She didn't yell at her. She didn't blame her for her failed marriage. She didn't tell her she wished she didn't have her. In fact, she was helping her, comforting her though this personal hell. Sam did this to herself, but can anyone blame her? She needed her mother's support, not her ire. Beverley was like the mother she needed and for that she is thankful.

    She's soaked from the shower she was running, shendidnt even bother to fully undress. She's in one of her old Woodsboro high t-shirts, sleep shorts are worn with them. She clings to Beverley as she shakes, wanting them and the pain she feels to go away.

    "Everything hurts." She buries her face into Bev's neck, gritting her teeth through the pain.

    #infernalrampage #& answered ask ( sam carpenter ) #mom bev for sam bc.. #YES #drug addiction cw #maternal abuse cw
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  • bloodenjoyer
    26.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Why is. there an onion

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  • merridelicious
    26.05.2022 - 14 hours ago


    i just put it together that it’s bc uma thurman’s character in pulp fiction snorts cocaine

    #how did i not notice this until now #pulp fiction#drugs cw#host posts
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  • hanzierbrak
    26.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    me when stoner jonathan byers

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  • genderpains
    26.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Vent tw//

    um so I know some of my muts and maybe followers have did/osdd/ are systems etc. um and I was wondering if anyone have advice discerning psychosis from plural symptoms. I got high and saw other people in my head talking about how I’m the body/host. This only happens when I’m high btw. I’m one of those ppl who when I imagine something I can’t actually see it. But I saw them. They had colors and they didn’t look or sound like me. I’m sorta scared. I don’t want to be faking this or or it’s just my imagination cuz I sorta absorbed info on plurality through online. I just got my heart to stop racing I’m p sure I had a panic attack I don’t really remember. I’m scared, and I have my therapy appointment tomorrow and idk if I should bring it up cuz I really really don’t wanna be going through psychosis/mania rn. I’m doing good and I don’t want to ruin it

    #lazarus rambles#vent tw#vent cw#tw dissociation#tw psychosis#tw drugs#tw hallucinations#tw delusions#tw mania #idk what else to tag #so tell me if y’all need me to tag anything on my blog
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  • jmbeaubier
    26.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    being on ritalin really is just starting the day slowly rotating in a noisy microwave until the first dose kicks in. there's an audible ding and you pop up ready to face your boss and send two emails

    #wednesday max#drugs cw #and the less said about the experimental regimen the better #quietly rotating the idea that maybe she has no idea what she's doing and i should start saving up for a private practitioner
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  • peridyke
    26.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    I got the steven universe weed btw

    #cw drugs #i feel like if i got caught calling this steven universe weed the government would do somethibg bad to me
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  • rawrrawr0221
    26.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    ms paint snavid sillies

    snavid tbh on his own under the cut

    #metal gear #metal gear solid #mgs#solid snake #jones fanart - metal gear #rawrart#smoking cw#weed cw#drugs cw
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  • skeptiquewrites
    26.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Microfic: Dark Dream

    for @drarrymicrofic prompt 'prisoner' by raphael lake, aaron levy & dan levy. cw: recreational drug use

    "I still don't understand why anyone would try this." Every dose was a gamble. When his patients lost, they were imprisoned in a nightmare, reinforced with their own magic.

    Draco looks wistful when he answers, "Because, Potter, the very first time you take it, it feels like falling in love."

    #drarry#drarrymicrofic#fifty words #cw: recreational drug use #healer harry #will anyone believe me if i say this is the least dark i could go?
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  • mistocore
    25.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    i actually havent watched cats in like a while now im long overdue

    #cant remember the last time i sat down and watched 98 #last time i watched 2019 i took two edibles and james corden ruined my high so bad that i got angry #cw drug mention in tags sorry
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  • walrusi
    25.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    not erectile dysfunction guy again🤦‍♂️

    #illustration#oc#sketch #artists on tumblr #digital art#scribbles#ref sheet#sf#tw drugs#cw drugs #tw self harm #cw self harm #idk what to tag this as my bad #anyways this is just for his artfight page #since his rawings onthere are soooo old T_T
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