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  • cltimmigrationlaw
    26.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    New USCIS Guidance Encourages STEM Graduates to Self-Petition for EB-2 NIW Green Cards

    On January 21, 2022, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) announced their updated guidance on adjudicating requests for Employment-Based, Second Preference National Interest Waivers (“NIW”). NIWs are reserved for eligible foreign nationals with advanced degrees (masters or higher) or “exceptional ability” who seek to live permanently in the U.S. to perform work considered in the national interest. The EB-2 NIW program allows prospective immigrants to skip the time-consuming and burdensome Permanent Labor Certification (“PERM”) process and apply directly for lawful permanent residence with or without a U.S. sponsor employer. The EB-2 NIW green card option is the one of the few available green card paths that may be “self-petitioned,” meaning that EB-2 NIW applicants do not require an employer sponsor. USCIS uses its discretion to grant NIW applications on a case-by-case basis. Read more here:  https://www.charlottelaw.net/blog/New-USCIS-Guidance-Encourages-STEM-Graduates-to-Self-Petition-for-EB-2-NIW-Green-Cards

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  • joorneybusinessplans
    29.09.2021 - 7 monts ago

    If Your E2 Business Plan Changed During COVID, Your E-2 Visa Renewal May Still Be OK. Here’s Why.

    It seems as if the pandemic has affected every part of our lives. Even something as simple as grocery shopping took a hit. Remember when we couldn’t find butter and toilet paper? Life here in the US is slowly feeling more “normal” — more vaccinations, fewer masks, less physical distance between us and our friends, family and colleagues — but we’re not yet fully back to business as usual. Because of this, many E2 Business Plan with E-2 visa renewals coming up right now are feeling understandably anxious. Because of COVID-19, these businesses have not performed as expected, which means they didn’t meet the financial or hiring projections they originally expected, had to pivot or change their business model, or otherwise fell short of the goals outlined in their last E-2 visa application. Our team of experienced consultants, project managers, and writers are here to help you – or your clients – produce convincing, succinct documents that give your business or investor immigration case an edge. We’ve written over 5,000 business plans for immigration and commercial purposes. In other words, we know a thing or two.

    Read More If Your E2 Business Plan Changed During COVID, Your E-2 Visa Renewal May Still Be OK. Here’s Why.

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  • joorneybusinessplancanada
    26.07.2021 - 10 monts ago

    EB2 NIW Business Plan vs. Ontario Business Plan: Different Yet Similar

      Are you vetting your options of immigrating to the United States or Ontario, Canada on a business visa? If yes, then you must know that irrespective of the different immigration policies, an EB2 NIW Business Plan or Ontario Business Plan is a necessity to make it work.

    EB2 Nation Interest Waiver Business Plan

    EB2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) is a second preference immigrant visa for foreign entrepreneurs. National interest is a significant aspect to get the labour certification and valid job offer exempted to apply for EB2 NIW visa. Here are enlisted the eligibility criteria for an EB2 NIW visa, of which the applicant must meet at least 3 –

    A degree or diploma or certificate to prove your educational qualification from a recognized college or university.

    Proof of exceptional abilities in the field of Science, Arts and Business.

    A license or certificate allowing to practice the profession you are in.

    A minimum of 10 years of full-time work experience in the chosen profession.

    Acknowledgement of your contributions and achievements in the related field.

    Therefore, a well-written EB2 NIW business plan should emphasize on the successful track record of the foreign entrepreneur while shedding light on how the proposed endeavour will benefit the US economy and its people. The substantial merit of the venture in consort with the financial ability to develop it in the US is of utmost importance.

    Ontario Business Plan

    On the other hand, Ontario being the industrial hub of Canada offers enormous opportunities to budding entrepreneurs. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is one such category that allows foreign entrepreneurs seeking to start a new business or purchasing an existing one to apply for permanent residence. A well-structured Ontario Business Plan is critical to apply for OINP entrepreneur stream wherein the minimum requirement includes –

    A feasible business idea that can positively impact the local and Ontario economy as a whole by making profit and creating employment opportunities.

    Documentation to prove academic qualifications.

    Minimum 2 years of progressive work experience as a senior manager or business owner in the last 60 months.

    Personal net worth of minimum CAD 800,000 within GTA (Greater Toronto Area) while CAD 400,000 in case of outside GTA. Of this personal net worth, you must make an investment of at least CAD 600,000 and CAD 200,000 within GTA and outside GTA respectively.

    Active involvement in the business on day-to-day basis.

    Different yet Common grounds

    Despite having different eligibility criteria for EB2 NIW and OINP visa applications, both have a common modus operandi. Both EB2 NIW business plan and Ontario business plan focuses on

    Positive impact of the proposed venture on the country’s economy.

    Creating ample job opportunities for locals and employing citizens or PR on permanent full-time positions.

    Meeting the median wage level of the country or province.

    Besides this, a winning business plan meticulously covers the business idea, its mission & vision, ownership structure, products or services, competition, marketing strategy and financial projections.

    In other words, the EB2 NIW Business Plan as well as the Ontario business plan must provide in-depth and thorough information on the core requirements. Therefore, it is always recommended to take the help of a professional with expertise in writing business plans. These professionals are adept in crafting complex business plans in simplified manner to turn the table for success.

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  • joorneybusinessplans
    26.07.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Shake Up Your Bank Business Plan with a Pitch Deck

      Pitch decks are brief presentations of your business in the form of slides, usually made in PowerPoint. They are intended for meetings with investors where they show a brief overview of your business, and present its key features. However, they are not common in Bank Business Plan, which usually start off with just an executive summary to convey the most important components of a business. Because loan officers go through dozens of business plans on a regular basis, be sure to make yours stand out. Of course, there are many strategies for making your business plan unique, and one of them is to include a pitch deck.

    Why bother with them?

    A great way of grabbing an investor's attention at the get go is by presenting them a Pitch Deck, and the same can be said for loan officers. Not only do these slides provide essential information, but they include eye catching visuals and graphs as well. Slides are a creative and concise way of displaying facts about your business. Therefore, they can be a great asset in getting approval for a bank loan, and here are a couple of main reasons why:

    They save time

    While an executive summary has a similar purpose as a pitch deck, they can be lengthy and boring. Many make a mistake of going on about their business in executive summaries and making them just too long. It is a sure way to lose anyone’s attention.

    People do not like to waste time, and busy loan officers most definitely don’t. Time is money, so be sure to get to the point. Your audience doesn't want to go through pages and pages of documetns just to find what they are looking for.

    This is why adding these decks is ideal for bank business plans. They are only several slides long with just the right information about your business.

    They grab attention

    A big part of Pitch Deck is their overall design. Because they include important numbers and graphs, these should be presented in an aesthetically pleasing way. This is another guaranteed way of making your bank business plan stand out from all the rest, and more importantly linger in the minds of your audience.

    A good design has multiple purposes, not just to look pretty, but to be functional too. Your decks should be well organised and easy to read. Having a cluster of numbers and graphs can be overwhelming which makes people lose interest and skip over your deck.

    If only a few bank business plans include pitch decks, having one in your plan can surely make it stand out from the rest. It is a great way for it to be different in a sea of business plans, that loan officers read on a weekly basis. They are a way to breathe new life into an otherwise boring document, and most definitely a fun and exciting way to introduce your business. Having an attention grabbing Bank Business Plan is winning half the battle in getting a bank loan.

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  • problemeule
    05.07.2021 - 10 monts ago

    yknow I’m very grateful for what puberty 2: electric boogaloo has done for my voice but sometimes I still wish I was a tenor :/

    #tenors sound sO beautiful I cannot deal #instead I’m a scratchy baritone with zero range lol #not that I could sing before but now… oof #well practice makes perfect I guess #I do have some hope that I’ll get some more depth yet (what with hysto etc ahead of me plus I’m only a bit less than 2 yrs in so) #eule personal #disclaimer: I absolutely cannot sing I just croak around and try to harmonize #I’m just using baritone as a descriptor of whereabout my croaking is #my calm relaxed voice is slightly below 100Hz #like 90-95ish maybe? #the deepest I can go is 80ish #E2/Eb2 at 442 according to my tuning app on my phone 😬 #I don’t have a lot of fine control (esp in that low range) so it’s a bit vague #in other news 64 days!
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  • joorneybusinessplancanada
    21.06.2021 - 11 monts ago

    How a Professional EB2 NIW Business Plan Will Help You on Your Entrepreneur Pathway to the United States

      The best way to get a green card in the United States on the basis of your exceptional abilities and accomplishments is through National Interest Waiver (NIW). NIW is a self-petition option under the EB2 category, especially for entrepreneurs. However, the Entrepreneur Pathway through this green card category requires a well-written EB2 NIW Business Plan. Read on to know more…

    EB2 & National Interest Waiver (NIW)

    Many believe that immigration to the United States is a fairly simple process for smart & intelligent people with a list of significant accomplishments. Applying under EB2, a second preference permanent worker visa for immigration has its own hurdles. It requires an employment letter and labour certifications while meeting the basic criteria of –

    Having an academic record comprising either a Bachelor’s degree with 5 years of experience in the related field or an advanced degree like a Doctorate or Masters.

    Showing outstanding skills and expertise in the fields of Science, Arts, or Business, which are way above the basic level.

    However, when it comes to EB2 applicants applying under NIW category, they must meet 3 important points. These are –

    The proposed venture must be of national importance and has significant accomplishments. Letter of recommendations from the experts in the specific field, attesting the contributions can be of added advantage.

    The foreign applicant must be well-positioned to facilitate and advance the proposed venture.

    Waiving off the labour certification and employment letter must be beneficial for the United States.

    Significance of EB2 NIW Business plan

    The entrepreneur pathway for foreign applicants seeking a start-up in the United States, an impactful and comprehensive EB2 NIW business plan is a must. This EB2 NIW Business Plan should focus on –

    The thorough analysis of the proposed venture, highlighting your business experience and list of substantial accomplishments with the earlier ventures.

    Describing how the proposed venture is of national importance and implies national benefits within the specific field. For instance, improving the environment, healthcare, education for American kids and so on.

    Determining the opportunities and issues considered to be of national interest by conducting market research. Market research proves how the proposed venture will benefit the US economy and its people. For instance, increasing affordability for proposed products/ services.

    Quantifying the monetary gain and other benefits to the US. For instance, better pay and working conditions for the Americans.

    Corroborating the prospect of immense job opportunities, the proposed venture will create to employ US nationals.

    By smartly tailoring all these points in the EB2 NIW business plan, you create a dedicated blueprint for your entrepreneur pathway in the US.

    If you are confident that your business will stand out in the US market, it is worth spending some extra money and takes expert advice from professionals. These professionals know the importance of crafting a strong business plan to show why that your pursuit of the entrepreneur pathway is genuine, well-intended, and likely to succeed. Expert business plan writers believe in empowering the clients on their Entrepreneur Pathway to make the best choices to set up and establish a business in the US.

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  • dennishahn2610
    12.05.2021 - 1 year ago
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