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  • 2manyfandomsilove
    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Eli Hawk Moskowitz during the all vally karate tournament😍

    Look at him! I wanna be there cheering for him😌

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  • hunkydorkling
    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Literally where were you all when I made that 7 Reasons gifset of the Binary Brothers huh

    #you guys see it now #yes you see it now #i am proud for one (1) thing i have contributed to this fandom and it's this. my labor of nerdy love. my magnum opusmum pride (?) #had to sneak in a reference. had to try. #binary boyfriends#demetri alexopoulos#eli moskowitz
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  • day-dreamsinthedark
    27.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    brb rewriting cobra kai so that Johnny does his big "I don't wanna give up on him" speech in 1.4, except this time he does that and then immediately runs back to Robby and Shannon's apartment and begs Robby to let him try and be a good dad.

    think about it

    we'd get:

    jealous Robby and jealous Miguel being nice to each other so as to not piss off their shared father figure 🥺

    Talking shit when their parents aren't around and then realizing that they have a lot in common

    Robby feeling some type of way when Miguel shows him his new gf, Sam

    eventual platonic!Kiaz as best friends!!

    theoretically, romantic!Kiaz

    sorry but I think Robby would take a lot less of his dad's bullying ways and 100% would fight Johnny for being so cruel

    Robby, Eli, and Demetri would be the best of friends in another life, I don't make the rules

    Cobra Kai kids being bullied by Johnny and counseled by Robby LOL bye

    #cobra kai#miguel diaz#robby keene#johnny lawrence#eli moskowitz#hawk moskowitz#demetri alexopoulos#samantha larusso #i think this would work #i dont care about big scary drama #show me two sad teenage boys arguing over who's better at karate #and then maybe falling in love idk #i would love a scene where the boys are fighting and just can't win and then Sam comes in and flips them both on their asses #im in my feels sorry
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  • bothvinforfaen
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    look at them looking like a couple of besties 💞

    #migueli#miguel diaz #hawk cobra kai #eli moskowitz#cobra kai#my art #''but emil haven't you drawn that exact pose before?'' i hear you say #and the answer is yeah. but i didn't like it tho so i did it again but better 😌 #also hawk on the left is in his toothpaste era do u support him
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  • pinktintedmonocle
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    New chapter now up!

    #cobra kai fanfic #cobrakaifanfiction#cobrakaifanfic #cobra kai fanfiction #eli moskowitz#terry silver#demetri alexopoulos #hawk cobra kai
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  • justanxioustrash
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    i was talking to someone yesterday and i genuinely forgot it was binary brothers not binary boyfriends… god help my obsession with these two obviously gay boys

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  • jinkx-monsoon-season
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    It means forever!

    #dumb bird with a black eye #eli hawk moskowitz #cobra kai moon #demetri alexopoulos
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  • archiefan23
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    My Top 20 Favorite Cobra Kai Moments

    11. The Cobras Train In The Cement Truck/Sam and Robby Train At Miyagi-Do (2x02)


    One of the best training scenes in the entire series that highlights Johnny and Daniel’s different approaches to training their students. Nuff said.

    #cobra kai #top 20 cobra kai moments #cobra kai season 2 #miguel diaz#robby keene #eli hawk moskowitz #sam larusso#daniel larusso#johnny lawrence#2x02#ck#Youtube
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  • archiefan23
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    My Top 20 Favorite Cobra Kai Moments

    13. The Soccer Fight/Miyagi-Do VS Cobra Kai (3x04)


    This is just a fun scene of Sam leading the Miyagi-Do’s to get a little payback against Hawk/the Cobras. Even if the plan doesn’t exactly work out — it’s fun getting to see Sam show her leadership skills and some similar personality traits to a certain Sensei. While also showing the gradual progression of Demetri’s skills at karate.

    #cobra kai #top 20 cobra kai moments #cobra kai season 3 #3x04#sam larusso #eli hawk moskowitz #demetri alexopoulos#ck#miyagi do#soccer fight#Youtube
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  • greetings-and-salutations
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    “Welcome to Reseda?”

    Ch. 1 “Ace Degenerate”: Part 2

    Ch.1: Pt.1 | Ch.1: Pt.3

    “Tiny Dancer” Masterlist


    "So, let me get this straight." Xander had been bothering Lacey all of practice, ever since she told him about her run in with Miguel. "He's a cute guy, who doesn't know anyone around here except for you, you gave him your number, and you're not into him at all?" Lacey rolled her eyes in the mirror.

    "It's not like that, Xander." She said, but Xander just chuckled clearly not believing her.

    "Whatever you say, Chica."

    But, there really was nothing more to it. Miguel was cute, in a sort of "boy next door" type of way, but Lacey could already tell she wasn't into him like that. But she was definitely intent on being his friend. Especially since everything that happened with Shelly...

    "Well, if you're not gonna go for it, maybe I will." Xander said with a smirk earning a laugh from the girl.

    "Okay, Xander. Whatever you say."


    "Okay... I'll talk to you tomorrow, Xander. Yes, I know... Shoot, I think I see Miguel... Shut up, Xan. I gotta go... Yeah, I'll text you later... Kay, Bye." Lacey hung up her phone and ran to catch up to her new neighbor, who, by the looks of it, was also heading to the mini mart in the strip mall just down the street from their apartment complex.

    "Miguel, Hey!" He turned at the sudden voice, and smiled when he noticed who it was.

    "Lacey! How was dance class?" Miguel asked, the bell over the shop door ringing, as he held it open for her. She smiled in thanks before answering.

    "It was good. Me and Xander have been working on this lift for a while. I almost got it today, but then he dropped me." Lacey grumbled her annoyance, moving to the refrigerators against the wall, her eyes intently searching for something specific.

    "I don't know what that means, but are you okay? And who's Xander?" Miguel called over the top of a rack, on a mission of his own, it seemed.

    "Yeah. I didn't land on my head or anything. So no harm done. Oh, and Xander's my dance partner." She explained, her eyes zoning in on what she was looking for. She pulled a grape soda from the back of the shelf with a victorious grin.

    "Dance partner... right. So, are you guys like, dating?" Lacey laughed out loud at the notion.

    "Definitely not. He's my best friend. Besides, I'm not exactly his type, if you know what I mean." Lacey wiggled her eyebrows and Miguel's ears turned red in embarrassment, realizing what she meant.

    "Oh, sorry." But Lacey just laughed again.

    "Don't apologize." She said coming up beside him. "Whatcha looking for?" She asked. Miguel sighed.

    "Pepto Bismal. My yaya's sick." He turned to the man behind the cash register and called out something in Spanish that Lacey didn't understand. But, the clerk seemed to, as he responded, pointing towards the last aisle.

    "I'll meet you up front?" Lacey asked, receiving a nod of agreement from the boy, who was already trotting off to wherever the guy had said. She made her way towards the line, that was not as empty as it had been upon their intial arrival.

    "Hey, Mr. Lawrence." She greeted the man kindly. He nodded once at her, before returning to his purchase.

    "Come on, what's Spanish for "just give me my d*mn slice"?" He asked, clearly annoyed by how long the man was taking. Lacey didn't think that was the best way to handle the situation, but chose not to comment, as Miguel appeared behind her, a pink bottle in his hand. The clerk grumbled something else in Spanish. And this time Lacey had an idea what. It didn't quite take a genius to figure out it wasn't exactly nice.

    "What did you just say?" Mr. Lawrence asked, having clearly come to the same conclusion Lacey had. But the man didn't answer. Mr. Lawrence turned to Miguel next. "What did he say?" He asked, frustration evident in his tone. Miguel shook his head while scrunching up his face.

    "You don't want to know." But Mr. Lawrence was adamant.

    "No, I know it was something bad. Just tell me." Miguel sighed, looking down at Lacey awkwardly, before finally answering.

    "Uh, he said... He said you have a tiny..." The girl blushed at where this conversation was clearly going.  She'd always been a little weird about jokes like that. Lacey never really knew why. Xander said it was because she was immature, but he also said that her innocence was adorable... clearly he was bipolar on the subject.

    "He said I have a tiny wang?" Mr. Lawrence asked for clarification. Miguel nodded while Lacey made a face.

    "Ew, don't say it." She complained, earning a light chuckle from Miguel.

    "Tell him he has a tiny wang." Mr. Lawrence shot back, making Lacey frown. One, that wasn't a good comeback, at all. And two, just...ew.

    "I speak English, a*shole." The cashier answered for himself, but Mr. Lawrence glared at him.

    "Oh, really?" He then proceeded to throw a wad of crumbled bills at the man, and storm out the door, the bell ringing loudly as he did. Lacey offered an apologetic smile to the cashier.

    "I'm sorry about him. He's my neighbor. He doesn't really have a filter." She tried to explain, but the man just waved away her apology, opting to ring up her soda in silence.

    "2.50." She fished the cash out of her bag swiftly and handed it to him.

    "Thank you." She said politely, before moving out of the way, so Miguel could pay for his yaya's Pepto. She was just about to invite him to come to the mall with her and Xander on Saturday, when the tinkling bell on the door sounded once again, interrupting her, when, this time, it was followed by a familiar voice.

    "Y'all get it, I gotta p*ss!" Lacey moved closer to Miguel, clearing the aisle for Kyler, Brucks and a few other guys she recognized from school to pass.

    "Hey, I know you..." Miguel's words stopped Kyler in his tracks and he looked towards his friends nervously.

    "No. You don't." He responded, clearly trying to get him to shut up. Miguel either didn't notice, or didn't care, as he continued.

    "No, I do... wait, I remember! You guys are on the football team at West Valley, right? I saw you practicing when me and my mom were there yesterday to fill out some paperwork. I'm starting there this year-" But Miguel's rambling was interrupted by Kyler's fist. Lacey gasped loudly.


    "What the he*l?"

    "Hey, take it outside!"

    The dancer looked on in worry, as the group of jocks dragged Miguel from the market, and into the dark parking lot. When did it get so dark?

    "Why you got to blow up our spot?" Bruck's asked, the annoyance clear on his face as they threw Miguel to the ground.

    "Man, he thought we were in college, dumb-a*s!" Kyler added. It didn't take a genius to figure out what they had been up to.

    "I didn't know you guys were trying to buy beer. I'm sorry." Miguel tried to apologize, but was quickly interrupted by a swift kick to the gut. Lacey cringed, stopping a few feet away, and watching the altercation, helplessly.

    "Ooh, what do we got here? Yeah, what do you got?" They picked up the pink bottle Miguel had dropped, and scoffed at its contents. "Pepto."

    "Oh, sh*t, someone has frickin' diarrhea." They roared with laughter.

    "Hey, we should call him 'Rhea." Kyler commented, making Lacey frown.

    "Give it back, dude." Miguel reached for the bottle, but Kyler held it further above his head.

    "What are you... It's for my grandma." He complained, fighting to get it back, but the guys just laughed some more.

    "Oh, it's for your grandma. Ah, sh*t, I'm sorry, man." Lacey didn't think he sounded very sorry. "Hey, you want it? Hey, you can take all that..." The girl outwardly cringed as Bruck's held Miguel back and Kyler poured the Pepto Bismal on his head. This was getting out of hand...

    "Kyler, stop!" The boys turned at the voice, tense, but less so when the recognized her small figure.

    "Lacey, what are you doing here?" Kyler asked, clearly annoyed by her sudden appearance, but more so as one would be of a little sibling, rather than some random girl he knew from school. But, just about everyone had a soft spot for little Lacey Rogers. It was impossible to be mad at her. And picking on her, out of the question. Even the meanest of bullies have tried, and were immediately taken down by her kind smile, and jubilant presence.

    "What am I doing? What are you doing? He said he was sorry." She tried to reason with the boy, who just shook his head.

    "This doesn't concern you, Lacey. Go home." He ordered, but Lacey wasn't going to leave her new friend all alone with them.

    "Miguel's walking me home." She lied, causing Kyler to sigh, clearly done with the conversation and wanting to get back to what he had been doing, that being torturing Miguel.

    "Lacey, just move." But the girl just crossed her arms defiantly. Or, what she hoped came across as defianty, and not like the angry toddler Xander often compared her to.

    "No." She argued, having put her foot down, hypothetically and physically right in the line of fire. Which just wouldn't do for Kyler. He wasn't gonna be the first guy to let Lacey Rogers get hurt...

    "For God's sakes- Brucks, grab her." He ordered the burly guy, who nodded his head, and, before Lacey could blink she was being dragged out of the way, Kyler and his goons turning back to Miguel.

    "Hey! Get off me!" She cried out angrily, as they proceeded to beat up Miguel, who was doing a rather poor job of defending himself.  "Leave him alone!" But no one was listening to Lacey, their attention fully focused on the boy in front of them, now clutching at his injuries protectively. They shoved him against the hood of Mr. Lawrence's dingy old red car.

    "Hey! Watch the car, man." Lacey turned to see her blonde neighbor charging towards them and sighed in relief. Surely he'd end this...

    "Who's this dude?" One of the guys asked, but no one bothered to answer him, as Mr. Lawrence gestured towards Miguel, who was trying to catch his breath against the hood, and Lacey, who was still in her hostage situation, a few feet away.

    "Just leave the dorks alone." He ordered, but the boys only laughed.

    "You see this guy? Eating his dinner at the mini mart like a bum." Lacey frowned. She knew he was a bum, but it wasn't nice to point that out.

    "Wait, I-I think I know this guy." Bruck's said, his grip on Lacey loosening enough for her to free herself and run over to Miguel to check on him. "He's the jerk-off that cleaned my dad's septic tank." Huh... So, not a bum. He had a job. Oops?

    "That explains why he smells like sh*t." Kyler laughed at his own joke, while Lacey wrapped Miguel's arm around her shoulder to help him stand. He smiled at her gratefully, though, in his current state, it came across as more of a grimace.

    "All right, trust me, you guys are p*ssing off the wrong guy on the wrong day, all right?" Mr. Lawrence warned, a threatening undertone in his voice. Lacey and Miguel looked at each other nervously.

    "Really?" Apparently the other guys didn't take the threat as seriously...

    "Yeah, really." Miguel turned to Lacey.

    "We should go." He said. Lacey quick to nod in agreement.


    And then, all he*l broke loose...

    "Lacey, get behind me!" Miguel ordered as Mr. Lawrence side kicked Kyler in the stomach, the rest of the football players jumping in, almost immediately, to fight back.

    "What do we do?" The girl asked, cringing as she watched her neighbor punch a guy she didn't know the name of in the face, hard.

    "Looks like he's got this covered... oh, sh*t!" Lacey looked away, hiding her face in one of the clean spots on the back of Miguel's Pepto-stained shirt, when she heard a sickening crack.

    "Is that all you got, ladies?" He asked. Lacey peeked up to see everyone on the ground, groaning in pain. That is, everyone, but Kyler...

    "Mr. Lawrence, look out!" But, apparently, he didn't need Lacey's warning as the man turned around and caught Kyler in a chokehold.

    "What's the matter? Having trouble breathing?" He asked in a condescending tone, that Lacey found a little unnecessary. She couldn't have said anything if she had wanted to, though. For, that was when the two teens heard the sirens.

    "Hey, get off the kid!" And, suddenly, Mr. Lawrence was being pepper sprayed, handcuffed, and shoved in the back of a police cruiser.


    "Hey, It's not his fault!"

    But, Lacey and Miguel's pleas went on deaf ears, as the car with Mr. Lawrence in it drove off.

    "Are you kids okay?" Lacey looked up at the new voice only to discover that the officer from the second car was looking at her and Miguel, the familiar feigned concern you would usually see from receptionists and cashiers coating her features. Miguel answered for the both of them.

    "We're fine. He wasn't trying to hurt us-" Miguel tried to explain, but the cop cut him off.

    "You should get your girlfriend home. It's late. You don't wanna run into anymore of the wrong sorts." Neither teen even bothered to correct the woman anymore, as Lacey moved to help Miguel down the sidewalk. They were a good ways home before the girl opened her mouth to speak again.

    "Welcome to Reseda?" She offered, though it sounded more like a question. Miguel laughed, and the pair fell into another comfortable silence, the only sound being the boy's grunts of pain and their footsteps on the pavement, until he broke it.

    "So, we're bonded right? Like I figure the awkward "New Friend" phase doesn't need to happen." Miguel voiced his thoughts, which caused Lacey to giggle a little.

    "I just watched you get the crap beat out of you." She pointed out. "We're bonded for life." He smiled down at her.

    "Cool." He noted, causing Lacey to roll her eyes, but, if he noticed, he didn't say anything.

    "Cool." She repeated, as the apartment complex came into hazy nighttime view in front of them. "Now, c'mon, Miggy. Let's get you home."


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  • archiefan23
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    My Top 20 Favorite Cobra Kai Moments

    17. The Arcade Fight/Miyagi-Do VS CK/Sam Suffers From A PTSD Fueled Panic Attack/Robby’s Juvie Fight/Hawk Breaks Demetri’s Arm (3x05)


    This is when the brutality in the series got cranked up to a million. Yeah, I know. The school fight in S2 could be considered that as well, but hear me out. This is in almost the direct aftermath of that horrific moment for these kids. Miguel just got out of his coma. Sam’s still struggling with PTSD, while leading the Miyagi-Do’s (trying to desperately do the right thing). Hawk’s going deeper into being Kreese’s ruthless student (re: Kreese trying to turn him into Silver 2.0) as a way to deal with it all. With everything coming to a head in this brutal fight — where Hawk breaks his former best (and oldest) friend’s arm. While Sam feels the brunt of her PTSD, unable to save her friends as they call out for her help. The way Jacob, Mary, and Gianni play the scene — you can feel the sheer intensity and emotional weight of it all.

    #cobra kai #top 20 cobra kai moments #cobra kai season 3 #3x05#sam larusso#robby keene#tory nichols #eli hawk moskowitz #demetri alexopoulos #miyagi-do vs cobra kai #arcade fight #brutal and intense #Youtube
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  • archiefan23
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    My Top 20 Favorite Cobra Kai Moments

    18. Daniel Confronts Johnny About The Cobras Vandalizing Miyagi-Do/Johnny Chooses To Be The Bigger Man (2x05)


    This scene is incredible! You can feel the emotions coming from Daniel with every word. While Johnny (who was oblivious to Hawk vandalizing Miyagi-Do) tries to do the right thing by following Carmen’s earlier advice. Then, half the Cobras (who hated being bullies and following Hawk) leave with Daniel to join Miyagi-Do. This scene has a lot of what I love about this show. Even though this clip has the epic score removed, it still hits all the right chords.

    #cobra kai #top 20 cobra kai moments #cobra kai season 2 #2x05#daniel larusso#johnny lawrence#miguel diaz#john kreese #eli hawk moskowitz #aisha robinson #one of the most emotionally intense scenes in CK #Youtube
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  • ao3feed-binarybfs
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Home is Where I Wanna Be, But I Guess I'm Already There

    read on AO3 here

    by Ithinkwehaveanemergency

    "Apparently I'm insanely possessive and territorial about you, and you're not even mine."

    Demetri shakes his head, disappointed in himself, his actions over the past few days, weeks even. Eli pushes away from the railing and steps closer. It makes Demetri look him in the eye again, face pinched with anxiety and guilt.

    Eli shrugs lightly, hands shoved in his pockets.

    "Of course I am," he answers.

    Words: 1958, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 13 of Naive Melody (post s4 one shots)

    Fandoms: Cobra Kai (Web Series)

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Demetri Alexopoulos, Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz

    Relationships: Demetri Alexopoulos/Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz

    Additional Tags: Childhood Friends, Friends to Lovers, Love Confessions, Friendship/Love, Fluff and Angst, Getting Together

    read on AO3 here

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  • neoghoulukaku
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    PART 2

    Hawk: Team Moon?

    Cameron: Yes...I'm a pacifist

    Demetri: Consider the obvious fact that you two are close

    Hawk: Aren't you best friends with Robby? So that's makes you Team Miyagi-Do💢?

    Cameron: That's a higher plane of loyalty there, under Team Robby, not Miyagi-Do.

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  • qualityplaidturkey
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Ok but like SamHawk could totally serve Ginny and Marcus….

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  • qualityplaidturkey
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    “Just let my sister live!”

    Sam grabbed at Anthony’s hands as he continued to fight out of her grasp. The killer was coming after them, his masked face getting closer and closer to their places on the open field. Miguel was dead. Tory was dead. Moon and Eli. Everyone was gone. All cause of that witch bitch Sarah Fier. Sam couldn’t take anymore of the people she loved dying. And here was selfish little Tony, trying to sacrifice himself.

    “Anthony! No!”

    Anthony turned back to Sam and swept her leg. In any other circumstance, she would’ve had the strength to fight back. She would’ve gotten up first and ran towards the axe. But instead she just fell onto her back, choking on the blood in her throat. The world went hazy as Anthony ran towards the killer, his arms reaching out to stab him with the knife. Anthony wasn’t stupid. He’d played enough video games for hours on end to know that a knife and an axe weren’t the same. A slicing sound shot through the air and Anthony’s body hit the ground next to her. His arm was stretched out like hers, their fingertips almost touching. His chest rose and fell slowly as he turned his head to look at her. A tear ran down Sams face. Stupid Tony. Always trying to be the better asshole. Anthonys face formed a little smile before a knife ripped into his chest. The killer was ontop of him, his hands twisting the knife in Anthony’s chest. The light left his eyes, his pupils shrinking and his face relaxing. His eyes closed and for a moment, Sam pretended he was sleeping. That he was alive and that he didn’t just get stabbed infront of her. For her. Because of her.

    “Goodbye Tony.”

    Sam took one last breath and let the falling sensation take her away.

    (Excerpt from a fanfic I’ll never write)

    #cobra kai#robby keene#sam larusso#eli moskowitz#tory nichols#anthony larusso#fear street #spoiler alert: Sam lives and has to deal with the survivors guilt 🤭😍 #I love making her suffer 😛 #y’all ab to be sick of me with my Fear Street AU
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  • neoghoulukaku
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Cameron: Not taking sides in this feud

    Hawk: Are you team Cobra Kai?

    Demetri: Or Team Miyagi-Do?

    Cameron: I'm Team Moon


    Demetri:...can't argue with that

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  • idontknowkaratebutiknowcrazy
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    All the Things You Are on Ao3

    by bat_country

    "How do you tell your best friend that his biological father is a Vietnam War veteran who had multiple indictments for dumping toxic waste?"

    “I mean, that’s a start - the straightforward approach. ‘Your biological father is a Vietnam War veteran who had multiple indictments for dumping toxic waste… and that’s where it starts getting wild.’”

    Miguel raised his eyebrows questioningly at Hawk, silently prodding him to go on.

    “He has… another biological father. He has two biological fathers. Demetri’s cloned. From them,” Hawk said, bringing up a second file on his laptop.

    The file had two names listed: Terrence Silver, and Daniel LaRusso.

    Okay, you’re seriously missing out if you haven’t read this incredible love letter to Demetri by @baldwinboy5ive !!!

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  • bothvinforfaen
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    have some (sort of) warmups

    #migueli#miguel diaz #hawk cobra kai #eli moskowitz#cobra kai#my art #ignore the mistakes i know they're there lmao
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  • neoghoulukaku
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Therapist: What do you do when you are deeply emotional?

    Johnny: Drink my life away and dig a hole...

    Daniel: Sit in a pile of frustration and sadness as I lament how horrible I am compared to Miyagi

    Miguel: Leave, go on an angry spree

    Sam: Go through a crisis and put myself in this box

    Robby: Blame myself and reflect on my wrongdoings while suffering

    Demetri: Try not to wallow in depression and self pity

    Eli/Hawk: Lose Confidence and become weak

    Tory: Go on an angry spree mad at the world

    Cameron:...Bottle it up and hold it in...

    Therapist: Just how dark is everyone😨

    #cobra kai #sorry for being depressing #cobra kai fanfic #johnny lawrence#daniel larusso#robby keene#miguel diaz#samantha larusso#demetri alexopoulos #eli moskowitz #tory nichols#oc#my ocs #Cameron is my oc #from my fanfic
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