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  • elizabeth-virnien
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Yuriko sneaked next to Elizabeth and leaned close to her ear, whispering.

    "Eli-chan, are you nuts for Shin?~"

    - Eeeeh!? Y-yuri-Yuri! Why sneak up on me like that!

    - H-huh...? W-w-whaaat?! W-what does that mean? Umm... I'm... I-I'm definitely not some... nut for Shin, right?

    #diabolik oc#elizabeth_vi#yuriko tsukino#elishin #(( LOL YURIKO 😳🛐🛐 #(( soup 🤝 nut #(( But I know what do you mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)👍 #(( This girl doesn't understand puns ;-; #(( But the short answer to Yuriko's question is yes :)
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  • elizabeth-virnien
    27.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Well, to be honest, this is my third time drawing Shin... It's kind of rushed and it's kind of crooked... Also, my tablet refused to work again, so I'm sad ;-;

    But that won't stop me from enjoying the day 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 Me and Eli-chi wish the best boy a happy birthday! (人-ω-)。o.゚。*・♡

    (I drew from the base, so I'll add a link soon 😤✨)

    @ask---shin---tsukinami Heeey, my King, happy birthday! 🥳🤍

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  • elizabeth-virnien
    24.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    So. How about Elizabeth and Shin? 👀

    Recommend romantic candidates for my muses and see their reaction!

    - Oh... You know, he can seem very cruel... Well, actually he is, but... As I got to know him better, I realized that he has a lot of good sides. It certainly doesn't excuse the fact that Shin acts too cruel to others at times, but... I really seem to have fallen deeply in love with him if I'm used to seeing only good things in him... For me, he has always been and always will be the best.

    #diabolik oc#elizabeth_vi#bscornersafeandaway#shin tsukinami#elishin #(( This girl drowned deeply into him 💀💓
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  • elizabeth-virnien
    11.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Should I make their relationship canon? 🤔

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  • elizabeth-virnien
    05.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    ‘❤' + @ask---shin---tsukinami

    send ‘❤' + a url & i’ll write positivity / what i think abt them.

    - Positive words, right...? Hmm... I know. I can make you happy by telling you that I made pecan cookies!

    - Hehe, but that won't be enough. But... Hmm... You already know how much I love you... I'm... always thinking of you... I always want to be useful to you and I want you to be happy... And I'm really willing to do anything! I know you're a Founder and that you don't need anything, but... But at least accept my cookies. And smile.

    💖 @ask---shin---tsukinami 💖

    #diabolik oc#elizabeth_vi#shin tsukinami#elishin #(( Dami-chan you must die of my love (人-ω-)。o.゚。*・♡
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  • yuriko-tsukino-rp
    05.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    ShipShipShipShip 😤✨

    Rukiko & Elishin

    (( OMFG! YES! WAAAHHHHH! 😍😍😍😍

    This is amazing! I love it! And I love you, sweetie! You are spoiling me 🥺

    They all look so cute! Chibi girls and chibi boys, ohhh, my heart can't take it! 🥰🥰🥰🥰



    #answered asks#elizabeth virnien#yuriko tsukino #ask shin tsukinami #shin tsukinami #ask ruki mukami #ruki mukami#elishin#rukiko #(( i know i should be working )) #(( but now my head is full of fluffy thoughts )) #(( awwh thank you )) #(( my heart melts right now!! ))
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  • elizabeth-virnien
    19.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Give your heart to him! We know that you want to.


    - G-give my heart...? To whom? Umm... I don't understand... And... A-anyway, you shouldn't say such strange things! I-I don't want anything...! My heart already belongs to someone... And I don't want him to suspect me of something that isn't there!

    #diabolik oc#elizabeth_vi#elishin #(( I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! 💀
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  • ask---shin---tsukinami
    03.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    A gift~

    A little surprise for my friends~ @ask-ruki-mukami @elizabeth-virnien and specially @yuriko-tsukino-rp​ 

    What do Shu, Shin and Ruki think of Yuriko?  

    Shin:- Hm? why do you want to know?  

    well ok I will tell you, A great friend~ who is still a kid in my eyes and she has yet to learn a lot of things about world hehe! I am planning to teach her on how to become into a fox! 

    Shu:- A pillow, yes you heard me, a great pillow~ 

    She used to be close to me in our manor then she shifted to Mukamis and now she is with Ruki~ I think it is a great choice uwaahhh! now go away I want to sleep. 

    Ruki:- What kind of question is that!?

    You already know the answer to this question! she is the love of mine~ the one I cherish~ the one who is the poetry to my soul and my one and only angel~ 

    What about Elishin?? what do you guys think about this?  

    Ruki:- Talk about Bad tastes.... I really do not think it is a good ship... but if Elizabeth is happy then I guess it is fine. 

    Shu:- whatever Ruki said, I honestly do not care about this heeh~

    Shin:- Wow! who gave you two the right to criticize me!? 

    and well of course! Eli is my girlfriend of course I like her~ she is mine~ 

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  • elizabeth-virnien
    24.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Hugs Eli from behind.

    Happy Birthday my love~

    [Elizabeth flinches slightly when she feels an embrace from behind. But when she hears Shin's voice, she blushes slightly. Then a faint smile appears on her face. Elizabeth turns to face him and hugs him back.]

    - Shin... Thank you... But... how did you know? Um... I... didn't want to tell you...

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  • elizabeth-virnien
    20.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Eli-chaan~ How did Shin bite you the first time?~

    Send my muse anons about their relationships.

    - O-oh... w-well... It was... very painful... and scary... I wondered if Founders fed on blood... because Shin had the same fangs... as the vampires... And... um... h-he seemed determined to answer my question with action... And it really hurt. Although... then he bit me again... and the feeling changed. That's what I said... what did you do? Because the pain felt softer... Um... m-maybe it even felt good... Ugh! N-never mind!

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  • elizabeth-virnien
    19.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Now Elizabeth since you offered this opportunity, tell us how exactly you and Shin got together and where is your relationship currently going?

    Send my muse anons about their relationships.

    - W-well... it's... o-oh... umm.. S-so! I-it actually happened so strangely... Shin was... always making fun of me and was very rude... n-not that that's changed, of course, but... I followed him myself. Shin seemed like a very interesting person and I wanted to know more about him... I never thought I'd meet anyone other than humans here... Maybe that's why he caught my attention. Oh, and also! The first time we met was when a cat came into the school. And this cat was going exactly to Shin and he was the one who led me to his class... I-I mean... It's unlikely that a cat would like an evil person, right?! Or... was he attracted by the smell of ham... Umm... N-never mind! I'm getting off topic... So, yes... slowly... but Shin did let me closer to him... And... I'm... really happy about that...

    - Development of our relationship... Umm... well... I-I don't know... We're not really planning anything... Although... he wants to steal me away from Sakamaki... um... n-not that I mind... But... he's really busy right now, so... we don't see each other much... ugh... I miss him a little... But I understand him. And I will obediently wait... But... when he comes back I don't think I can let him go for a while... Uh... these thoughts made me a little sad.

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  • elizabeth-virnien
    21.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    [The hedcanons about Elizabeth and yandere Shin's relationship]

    We did these headcanons with Dami (@ask---shin---tsukinami) when we had a mini rp with Yandere Shin. Thank you so much, Dami ♡

    There are violent and manipulative scenes, so please don't read for those who don't like it!

    Shin always has his eyes on Elizabeth, she cannot go anywhere without his permission. His familiars are really always outside her room if Shin goes out on business

    Shin will torture her in the dungeon if he is suspicious. Sometimes he making her live there without a reason, just because he had a nightmare of her leaving.

    Shin won't show any mercy if he spots her talking to a classmate or something. If he sees it, he will kill the man in front of Elizabeth without further ado. Then she will be punished severely.

    Elizabeth did not immediately realize how possessive Shin was. At first glance, he didn't seem like one at all. He often teased her, but he was just as kind. And when Elizabeth realized what he really was, it was too late. And she still couldn't bring herself to stop loving him. Maybe it's fear that does it to her, or maybe she just loves those rare moments when Shin shows her mercy.

    If Elizabeth yells at Shin or resists, in addition to the simple punishment, he may starve her. It is important for Elizabeth to eat meat and he knows it. He may not feed her for three days until her head is foggy. And when Elizabeth starts almost begging Shin, he will take pity on her.

    If Elizabeth was a good girl, however, Shin could pamper her. It could be the usual kisses or hugs, and he could also give her something from the sweets.

    Shin often uses verbal threats against Elizabeth. He doesn't miss a chance to show that if she does do something wrong, she will be punished. Elizabeth is easily manipulated in this way, and Shin knows it.

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  • elizabeth-virnien
    18.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    🤍 + elizabeth × shin //if it hasn't been asked already 😅

    SEND ME 🤍 + A SHIP AND I’LL TELL YOU…     [   VOL. 3   ]

    ♡ Elizabeth Virnien × Shin Tsukinami ♡

    Who cooks meals for the other?

    It will most likely be Elizabeth. She will be practicing her cooking and Shin will have to eat her food. But it won't just be for the experience, but also just in case Elizabeth wants to cheer Shin up and do something nice for him.

    Who spams the other with memes? 

    Elizabeth and Shin prefer real fellowship... So I don't think anyone would send memes, much less spam.

    Who likes to tidy around the house?

    Since both Elizabeth and Shin are tidy, their house is always tidy. But if anything, they'll both clean it up. Or the familiars will do it.

    Who likes to play pranks on the other?

    No doubt it's Shin. He likes to tease Elizabeth, but sometimes it comes to her tears. She's very easy to scare, which Shin takes advantage of. But, if this goes on too long, Elizabeth will pull herself together and get her revenge. Well, she'll try...

    Who asked the other to move in with them?

    It was also Shin. He was very angry about the fact that Elizabeth was living with vampires, especially with Sakamaki. And Elizabeth herself was not happy about it. So when Shin suggested she run away to him, she happily agreed.

    Who is in charge of the music during a car ride?

    Neither Elizabeth nor Shin are interested in any particular genre of music. So I think they would have left it at that. Although perhaps Elizabeth would have put on some calm and quiet music.

    Who is more likely to tickle the other mercilessly?

    It happens quite rarely, but it could have been Shin. Although Elizabeth might well have started it first, because she really likes to hear Shin laugh. But of course she can't get away with it that easily...

    Who needs to hold the other during scary movies?

    I think Shin would have used this moment a little differently. As mentioned earlier, Elizabeth is easily frightened. She would tremble at every rustle. Of course, Shin would scare her. But in the end, he would still put his arms around her and calm her down.

    Who has to help the other when it comes to technology?

    I think Elizabeth would help Shin with that. If something wasn't working for him, he'd probably resort to brute force... So Elizabeth has to get there in time so that Shin doesn't make things worse...

    Who likes to get a bit frisky in public / an inappropriate setting?

    Shin. He can hug her or even kiss her neck in public, scaring her that he's about to bite her. Embarrassing Elizabeth is really fun for him. Only then would he have to hold Elizabeth so she wouldn't run away from the embarrassment...

    Who wakes up first, and do they wake up the other or let them rest?

    Elizabeth and Shin don't need sleep. But if they do sleep, Elizabeth would be the first to wake up. She would never wake Shin because she understands how tired he is. He always tells her that he doesn't need to rest, but Elizabeth doesn't believe it. And she would do anything to make his sleep last longer.

    Who is always taking pictures of the other when they aren’t looking?

    Both Elizabeth and Shin do this. But if Elizabeth can be spotted doing it, not Shin. One day Elizabeth was looking through her pictures and noticed that in one picture Shin was looking right at her. It made her blush thickly. Shin knows what she's doing and lets her have her fun because he's doing the same thing herself. But she doesn't yet know that Shin even has her crying face...

    Who always forgets their wallet and never ends up paying for anything?

    Oh, no, neither Shin nor Elizabeth ever forgets the money. Elizabeth always seriously protests when Shin agrees to pay for the shopping, so he has to defer to her and pay equally.

    Who can’t sleep because the other snores or moves too much at night?

    Elizabeth and Shin sleep quietly. But Elizabeth can toss and turn in her sleep a lot, or even talk, which can wake Shin up. So one day Shin woke up and had to wake Elizabeth up because she was having a nightmare. But if Elizabeth is in his arms, they can really sleep a lot without waking up.

    Who is better at video games, and do they let the other win or show no mercy?

    Elizabeth is bad at games, so Shin has the advantage here. And of course he doesn't give her a chance to win. But Elizabeth doesn't mind that either.

    Who always gets up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and accidentally wakes up the other?

    As mentioned earlier, Elizabeth and Shin sleep quietly most of the time. But if Elizabeth does decide to leave the bed, Shin is sure to wake up and not let her do so.

    #diabolik oc#elizabeth_vi#shin tsukinami#EliShin #(( it's not canon yet )) #(( but I like it ;; ))
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  • elizabeth-virnien
    29.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Eli-chan, I dare you to kiss Shin! ;)

    Send “I dare you to kiss…” with an url/name and my muse will have to kiss that person on the lips.

    - Yuri-Yuri, even you?!

    [Elizabeth blushes again at the impending event. But then she sighs deeply.]

    - Right... I should show more initiative... This is my chance to show Shin that I am superior to him in some way!

    [Elizabeth approaches Shin. When she sees him, she is still a little embarrassed. But she doesn't back down. She sits down next to him and even though he was doing something, she kisses him briefly on the lips.]

    - Y-you know, Shin... I've kissed you more times in this short time... So... I won!


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  • elizabeth-virnien
    29.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    How did you meet Shin, Elizabeth-chan? (=∩_∩=)

    - E-eeeh?! W-why are you all suddenly interested in our relationship...!?

    [Elizabeth blushes, lowering her gaze. Then she begins to remember the first time she met Shin at school. A faint smile appears on her face.]

    - It... was at school. I had just moved to this town, so I didn't know much... I met Shin when a kitten tried to come into his class. It turned out that cat was really attached to him... And... That's when I learned about the Founders and... about Shin himself... But he seemed nice to me, so I came the next day... and the next. Of course, the first time he... tasted my blood... I was scared... but... I didn't hate him. Shin was really nice to me... And I'm grateful to him for telling me so much... and for protecting me.


    #diabolik oc#elizabeth_vi#shin tsukinami#EliShin #((omg this is totally unexpected 💀❤️))
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  • elizabeth-virnien
    29.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    I dare you to kiss Shin! :DDD

    Send “I dare you to kiss…” with an url/name and my muse will have to kiss that person on the lips.

    - Th-thee fourth time...? Oooh...

    [Elizabeth sighs embarrassedly, looking at Shin again.]

    - But... now I'm really going to do everything myself!

    [Elizabeth moves closer to Shin and kisses him boldly on the lips. Surprisingly, the kiss really wasn't the kind Elizabeth always gave him. It was more assertive, but very tender. Elizabeth pulls away from Shin and looks away embarrassed.]

    - A-and... wh-what was it like?


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  • elizabeth-virnien
    28.12.2021 - 4 monts ago


    I dare you to kiss Shin!

    Send “I dare you to kiss…” with an url/name and my muse will have to kiss that person on the lips.

    - You...! You're just messing with us, Maki!

    [Elizabeth blushes again, frowning at her brother, and then shifting her gaze back to Shin. Of course, she didn't have a problem kissing him at all, but it was too embarrassing for the girl. Besides, this was the second time she had been asked to do so. She took a deep breath and stepped toward Shin with more courage.]

    - D-don't make fun of me...

    [Elizabeth moved closer to Shin's face again and touched her lips to his.]

    #diabolik oc#elizabeth_vi#shin tsukinami#EliShin #((omg she can't take it anymore :'D))
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  • elizabeth-virnien
    28.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    (( I dare you to kiss ask---shin---tsukinami 💕))

    Send “I dare you to kiss…” with an url/name and my muse will have to kiss that person on the lips.

    - Eeeeh!? Ugh... w-well... N-not that I mind... but... ugh...

    [Elizabeth blushes thickly, and then looks at Shin out of the corner of her eye. She lowers her head again in embarrassment.]

    - Sh-shin...?

    [She looks up at him. Then, rising on her toes and holding Shin's hands, she lightly touches his lips. Elizabeth lowers her head again, covering her scarlet face with her hands.]


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  • elizabeth-virnien
    27.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    I do not celebrate Christmas but I think you might like a gift so

    [Elizabeth took a long look at the necklace Shin had given her. She opened her eyes slightly. She was so happy now that she was ready to cry.]

    - Shin, it...

    [Elizabeth began to rub her already wet eyes. She didn't want to cry, but the feelings were really strong. Elizabeth really liked this gift. And the fact that it was from Shin made her very happy.]

    - I-it really is so beautiful... You shouldn't have done something like that...

    [Elizabeth wiped her eyes one last time and then looked at Shin. She hugged him tightly.]

    - Thank you... I'm so glad to get a gift from you... And it's really very very beautiful...

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  • elizabeth-virnien
    29.11.2021 - 5 monts ago

    A girl confesses to Shin and when he refuses and tries to leave the girl is hugging Shin from behing.

    [Elizabeth was on her way to Shin's for lunch at recess. Elizabeth was just approaching his class when she saw this picture. Shin made it clear to her that he wasn't going to reciprocate her feelings, but it was as if she didn't want to accept it. She hugged Shin tightly. Elizabeth felt her anger boil up inside her. But she decided to keep her composure. She knew it wasn't Shin's fault. Elizabeth slowly walked over to them and then looked at the girl. Now that she came closer to her, her anger even intensified.]

    - Please step away from him. Shin told you he would not accept your feelings. You'll just have to live with it.

    [As much as Elizabeth wanted to remain calm, her voice grew colder and colder.]

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