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  • arquitecturadelanada
    25.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Hiii I'd like to join your game please 🪞

    zuhair murad (couture). spring 2022

    #🖤 #elle's mini game :: 🪞 #game :: open!
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  • mentally-ell
    25.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Thank you for telling me I reblogged my own post, because how else would I have known? Certainly not when I reblogged it

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  • arquitecturadelanada
    25.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago


    Ooh elle your new theme reminds me of these

    From yinglin chen's collection!! Really his whole collection matches ur vibes!! <3

    i'm obsessed!!! that collection is a DREAM!!! i've never been more in love ♡

    balmain (paris fashion week). fall 2022

    #🖤 #elle's mini game :: 🪞 #game :: open!
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  • maddiesflame
    25.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago
    Good Girl Complex headers

    like/reblog if saved © maddiesflame

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  • vievecorcityrp
    25.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago


    FACE CLAIM: Elle Fanning 

    GENDER: Female 

    SPECIES: Vampire, Sisters of the Night 

    AGE: 220 

    SEXUALITY: Bisexual 

    OCCUPATION: Socialite, Charity Worker & Author 

    DISTRICT: Klin 


    During the 1800’s, Daphne Montagu was born into an upper class family in the Victorian Court. Her goal in life was set to be that of every other upper class woman of the era, to marry and take part in her husband's interests and business, at least, that was what her father hoped she would yearn for. But Daphne was not fond of the idea that she should be less educated, less respected than every potential man her father lined up for her to marry. God forbid she should end up spouseless. They were mostly dull Dukes and vulgar Viscounts, or at least that was what she noted in her diary. Still, she was well versed in poetry, literature, art, but she hoped to be more. 

    It was while she was having her own portrait painted that she met a man named Zuri. He was different from most others that came to their home and seemed to value what she had to say, rather than just the face he was painting. They fell in love over the weeks spent together, but his proposal for Daphne’s hand in marriage was declined by her father, as expected. 

    Saddened, Daphne eventually married the man chosen for her. But some years later, reunited with Zuri in a passionate love affair. Unbeknownst to Daphne, Zuri was now a vampire. Eventually, Zuri confided in Daphne about his true nature and promised her that he could free her from the life was currently living. She could eternally be young and beautiful, but most importantly, free of any confines to shape the world into something better— something they both hoped to achieve. Fleeing, the transition was not easy to face, but Daphne was a quick learner and was eager to gain enough composure to feed without killing. 

    As the years passed and she harnessed her new powers, Daphne went on to become many things, an author, artist, poet, a civil rights activist— most notably part of the original group of women that began the Suffragette Movement, for which she served a brief prison sentence for disrupting a meeting with the Prime Minister— Founder of one of the first academic schools for young girls, journalist and owner of property. Zuri and Daphne remained lovers for a long time, but eventually drifted— both focused on issues they knew were far greater than themselves— but occasionally find themselves drawn together to this day. 

    Joining the Sisters of the Night coven seemed like a natural fit for Daphne, attracted to the types of like minded women she found there. Daphne can often be found accompanied by her Familiar at charity events, gala’s & other social gatherings when she’s not busy partaking in some form of campaign, or publishing a new novel. 

    PERSONALITY: Brave, Fierce, Righteous, Intelligent, Democratic, Compassionate.

    CHARACTER TYPE: Original

    BLOG: @daphnemontagu​

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  • fraudsbeware
    25.05.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    Why is it that Shane Ortega no longer claiming to be whatever his last tribe was? Because he was found out! If he truly belonged to a tribe would he not continue to fight? Why go quietly into the night?

    But what happens to the community after a FRAUD is called out? The interviews they have taken, the stories they have claimed as their own, what of those lies that have been told. Or the speakers bureau that now pimps you out as an expert in Native America affairs. What about the follow up with them?

    Where is the retraction of the story?

    They have taken up space and claimed resources as their own for years. They have made a livelihood on their lies and they are allowed to go quietly into the night.

    Where is the outrage for actual Native people?

    There is none. Native people must continue to appease these wannabees and there followers, we must continue to allow these frauds lest we get cancelled ourselves.

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  • nepotisminanotherlife
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i believed each step would become my last, yet my feet kept meeting the ground harshly every second, the damp grass beneath me caused shivers to arise upon my body. my breathing was growing stronger as the incline rose, the peach coloured sky beginning to take its shift, replacing the dark blue.

    it couldn’t have been past five in the morning, i felt only alive. how could i possibly feel something else when i was around her? pandora sparked something in me that i could never quite fathom to understand nor explain.

    “pandora, please.” i gasped, my lungs fought for air as this was the first time i had ran quite this fast.

    she was in tears, i couldn’t see her face, but i could hear an occasional sob mixed in with her own heavy breathing.

    she didn’t answer me and i noticed we were reaching the top of the hill, worried of what may come next, i speed up so i fall in line with her, causing her to stop in her tracks.

    the air was cold. it hugged me supportively though, if it were any other circumstance, i would tilt my head up to the wind and smile, communicating through energies.

    for a few moments, we both just stood there. he blond hair was messily placed on her right shoulder in a braid. a few strands hung around her face. her blue eyes so pale, they could almost be mistaken for a silvery colour. her lips were plump from biting them, a soft red replacing her usually pink ones. though her eyes were swollen and she was attempting to calm her breathing, i couldn’t help but think.

    she looks just like an artwork.

    a strong urge to run back down the hill to fetch a canvas so i could paint her whispered through my mind.

    finally catching my breath, i breathed out. “pandora,” her name flew out of my mouth so quietly, a small wind hitched on my lips as her name flew past them. it was as if i had a jar full of words left and i was truly savouring each and everyone of them.

    it broke my heart. she could hardly look at me. i knew i deserved it, but my god, i would burn all my books just for her to look at me for a moment.

    “i,” i paused, i slowly dropped down to the floor, sitting with my legs to one side as i looked up at pandora’s wonderful face that was casted down onto the floor. acting in defiance, she tilts her head towards the horizon instead. i stay seated and stare at the horizon myself.

    “…i understand i was foolish. i truly do. i shouldn’t have-“ an involuntary shiver of a breath ran through me, forcing me to take a breath. i complied.

    “i shouldn’t have kissed you. i am truly sorry that i did that to you. that i put you in that situation.”

    i paused and looked down to my lap. the bottom of my nightgown was damp from the grass. i fiddled with my hands, realising that i’m not sure where i want this situation to go. i’ve said what i said, i’m not sure if i would prefer pandora to reply or to simply walk off. at the moment, i think her storming off would make more sense.

    from the corner of my eye, i see pandora’s delicate hands move to her face to cover it. it makes me sad, not only does her sorrow stir something inside of me, i feel a surge of anxiousness run through me. as if for just a few moments, the world cannot see the loveliness of her face.

    to my surprise, it is pandora who speaks now. “it is not that you kissed me, y/n.” she sighed miserably. “it is that you have kissed me now.”

    my head rises, the confusion already testing itself on my face. “i- i don’t understand…” for the first time since we have been out here, our eyes meet. i don’t feel as if time has stopped. i feel as if we have stopped and the whole rest of the world has sped up and is circling around us continuously.

    “i am happy now. i have moved on, i spent months convincing myself to accepting that i would never be enough for you in that regard.” her bottom lip quivered slightly now, her voice sounded pushed. as if she were swallowing the sound of a cry, i could feel the pain. “i watched while you became infatuated with regulus. i was there when you got over him. i water, and waited for the day you would see me as someone you could love. but-“ she paused again, this time letting a short and sharp sob escape from her throat. her hands shook to the back of her neck as she blinked away a few tears.

    “but i’ve realised now, i can’t sit and wait for you to love me. because you never will, you will only yearn for a short time until you begin to take an interest in someone else. and i’ve realised now that this is because you cannot love like others. and i know, i know that is not all your doing. i understand how you grew up, but i want someone to love me romantically. so please, do not kiss me. do not send me mixed signals. please do not try to convince yourself that you love me, because you don’t.”

    i imagine each piece of the grass below me gripping onto me and trying to pull me under the soil. i sat there as pandora down the hill. away from me. forever it felt like. i stated out onto the horizon, the sun finally making its way up as the tears continued to make their way down, dampening my nightgown even further.

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  • hotchaways
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    riley’s mini celebration! 🎊

    WEEEE just wanted to do this because of the immense love ive received for my fics and i just hit a 100 yesterday 🫣 absolutely grateful and wanted to do this as a thank you and because writing is therapeutic for me <3 (and also might not have a new fic posted until next month because i have this major exam in nursing school coming up)

    you’re free to send in any kind of prompt to your liking, but here are a few lists that i’ve kept for some inspiration for my fics! 

    one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen   

    send in a request (or two if you want) with the character of your choice, chosen prompt, and the genre (e.g comfort, fluff) and i will serve you with a drabble :D

    #riley's mini celebration! #aaron hotchner #aaron hotchner x reader #criminal minds #criminal minds fanfic #one shot#drabble #aaron hotchner imagine #aaron hotchner fluff #spencer reid #spencer reid x reader #spencer reid imagine #jennifer jareau #jennifer jareau x reader #jennifer jareau imagine #emily prentiss x reader #emily prentiss #elle greenaway x reader #elle greenaway #elle greenaway imagine #derek morgan x reader #derek morgan imagine #criminal minds fanfiction
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  • mentally-ell
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I got called Miss Dictionary today

    Hermione kinnie moment 😎

    #ell's rambles #cw harry potter
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  • braindead-virtually-tv
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Happy Wednesday!!!

    AIOBH!! We got through TWO (2) Nxt eps without kidnapping!!! 😲😲😲😲😲

    I am rooting for you today!! Remember you are a wonderful young person and very loved!!!

    Hi there, hope you're having a great day and I'm rooting for you too! 🤩

    #my mother elle #ask #daily lunch notes
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  • blackpinkofficialupdates
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    Rosé in Tiffany & Co. for Elle Korea (June 2022)
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  • blackpinkofficialupdates
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    Rosé in Tiffany & Co. for Elle Korea (June 2022)
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