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  • zuzu-404
    25.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Log date: 05/25/22

    CW! The following video contains:

    blood/gore/injury, death, child abuse, disturbing images, flashing images(?)

    "Turning me into a weapon *for justice* they said. They've got their weapon...I got cheated out of my childhood."

    Finally, after almost month it's done.

    This is my very first animatic so cleary it's not the best, but i'm happy to finally share it.

    I'm planning to do more projects like these in the future becouse sticking only to drawing can be kinda boring.

    The "Defined by scars" AU belongs to amazing @/katzebruh and @/skelleton_artist on Instagram.

    ❌DON'T repost, reblogs are appriciated

    Constructive criticue is always welcome.

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  • sokkas-first-fangirl
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    “So, Bruno-” Félix flung an arm around his shoulders, ignoring Bruno’s squeak. This was for a good cause; Bruno would thank him later. “Mira mentioned your favourite animals are rats?”

    “Huh?” Bruno tugged on his hair. “Sí...” His eyes narrowed. “Why?”

    Félix grinned. “Just curious. Not many people would pick them.”

    Bruno shrugged, not quite meeting his gaze. He was gripping his arm tightly and Félix’s eyes flickered down, trying to make sure his nails weren’t digging into his scars, which Julieta had warned him to watch out for. They weren’t, so he let it be.

    “They’re sweet,” Bruno continued. “And really intelligent.”

    “That so?” Félix’s smile widened. “Tell me more?”


    Bruno's having a rough few days. Mirabel tries to distract him, while Julieta and Félix hatch an idea to help.

    #how bright you burn (how brave you've been) #bruno madrigal#mirabel madrigal#julieta madrigal#pepa madrigal#felix madrigal#camilo madrigal#luisa madrigal#dolores madrigal#isabela madrigal#antonio madrigal#agustin madrigal #abuela alma madrigal #abuela madrigal#alma madrigal #la familia madrigal #not so anastasia au #encanto#encanto fanfic#encanto fanfiction #bruno my beloved #bruno is a rat dad #bruno's rats #la casa madrigal #casita #the madrigal family #the madrigal triplets #madrigal triplets#pb&j triplets#pb&j encanto
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  • roxyfoxgamer150
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    *muffled screaming behind the walls*

    U-umm, I think I accidentally teleported inside the walls.. I don't want to break anything but at the same time, uhh.. I need your give you guys these cool new weapons that I found(the weapons are one of their favorite types and have different designs) and uhh.. I can't risk teleporting right now... so could you kindly help me... pls :D.

    The trio stared at the arm outside the wall, while holding their favorite types of weapons.

    "Uh, thanks for the weapons but I'm pretty sure you and other people just made Observer more unhinged and deranged from the teleports." "ONE OF THEM TELEPORTED TO MY FUCKING BATHROOM!" "Shush- thanks for the weapons by the way! Hollow really likes the-" BANG! "HOLLOW SHUT THE FUCK UP-" "Make me, amortal."

    #encanto au#mirabel madrigal #observer mirabel au #mirabel au #random thought i had lmao #scrappy mirabel au #hollow julieta au
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  • casitafallz
    25.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Fall From Grace | P2 | Pariah Julieta’s start

    ( almost drowning tw)

    Her mouth felt like sandpaper. Dry and scratchy that every breath felt like she was inhaling hot dust and her tongue felt like it was glued to the roof of her mouth. One of many unpleasant companions Julieta had and it was getting harder to ignore through the ache that ran through her legs, exhaustion weighing her limbs down and begging for rest and she wanted

    By Dios, she wanted to listen.

    The urge to sit down, to rest… to curl up in a ball and sleep away the pain was so close. But she was so thirsty and the one thing keeping her going was the echoing sound of water ahead; echoing through the trees and she wanted that. She’d take anything of water; either a lake or a puddle… she was on her last legs; if she didn’t get water now… she wouldn’t make it to the next puddle.

    She had been out looking for water for the last two days, after she realised how lost she was because water was far more important than a way out; she trusted her family to find her; for Bruno to find her; they had to look ahead too… because she couldn’t keep wandering. She… she had to stop.

    Through her veins, she could feel the buzzing like the time Pepa had accidently shocked her, nausea in her belly and her head was hazy to the point she was having trouble keeping her attention to the sound of her salvation. In her mind, she could just kept picturing the sensation of water running down her throat; the crystal waters that felt so wonderful…

    Julieta groaned in longing. She’d kill for a glass of water.

    Sure she may regret that later but…water.

    How she made it this far, Julieta didn’t know. She knew she had to be on her third day lost to be on the last legs of dehydration; even the mercy of a rainfall and leaf hadn’t given her more than the sense of relief for a second before the regret of having something she needed and not enough of it; giving her perhaps these few minutes before she’d fall and not get back up again.

    Her family wouldn’t forgive her if she died here. Died without trying… died without fighting to get to water…. And if she did die…. Would they find her bones? Or would nature take her away in it’s many forms? Would her loss even matter in the light of events she had caused? Encanto shunned her…. Her family had been…willing to forgive, at least some of them… her death would hurt but… they’d heal.

    Perhaps they thought she had left like Bruno all that time ago. To walk away.

    Julieta hissed out as the pain in her gut increased, her hands wrapped around her middle, fingers gripping the muddy fabric of her apron. God she just wanted the pain to go.

    Her unsteady steps crunched onto a twig that vibrated through her body, pulling her attention outwards to reality; to see now hope.

    Through the overhand, she could through her blurred vision the fast motion of white; the wet rocks and the pleasing sound seemed to pull her in.


    Her mouth almost watered if she had any spare, the pain in her legs seemed to fade in her steps as she began to quicken her pace, muscles feeling like led but she pushed through.


    She could feel it in the air the closer she got, moistening her airways in her breathing and it smelt divine.

    Her knees hit the muddy bank before she really knew it, with no hesitation as she threw her arms over the edge into the icey waters that felt so good.

    A part, a small worried part of her brain told her to find a way to purify it; but that was overcome by sheer desperation as she pulled up dual handfuls of the delouse waters to her dry, cracked lips and began to glug heavily.

    So what, at this point, if it made her sick.

    Each mouthful felt so good; fulfilling that fantasy of water; washing unto her gut, decreasing that ache and it filled her with joy she felt like she was floating with happiness that only got better the more her belly was filled.

    Her mind got sharper, she realised as she pushed herself closer to the edge finally seeing the white rapids of water flow beneath her, the splash and misted water that seemed to settle into her hair and skin. She had the impulse to just lay here; to let the water sound lull her asleep and wake later but the rational side knew it was unsafe. She had to move back first…

    Begrudgingly, Julieta swallowed a felt of nausea as she pushed her hands into the soft grass, but the strength seemed all but gone. The tiredness had leeched it all away; her lips pursed together but she tried, arms shaking as she tried to force herself to at least try and roll back from the edge.

    Unknown to Julieta, the bank she had been lying on had long since began to wear away with the water flow. The Extra weight of the human woman had weakened it’s structures but stayed with the weight balances with how spread out it was…until she began to press her hands into it, shifting the weight pressure.

    It only took a second before Julieta realised something was wrong; that she was leaning more forwards before—


    The bank under her gave abruptly with within a heartbeat and a terrifying lurch; Julieta had no time to react before she was suddenly face-first into icy colds waters that seemed to go straight to her bones, water smoothing her yelp leaving her screaming out bubbles.

    Her hands clawed through the water but she could feel it’s strength like a grip as it washed her through the rapids, pulling her down as she tried to get to the surface, her lungs burning with need for oxygen, her head spinning more than her body.

    She felt like a ragdoll. Helpless to the motion, her body thrown up into rocks, her nails scraping against the slippy stones to find a way to pull herself up. She surcease once before the water pulled her down…

    Her head felt hazy but the panic didn’t leave as the need to breath seemed to overpower her thought…

    Julieta hands caught the surface before suddenly a wave crashed and impacted into her chest, slamming her down before her head cracked against a pointed rock and darkness immediately took her….


    The sound was muffled before she felt anything, a coldness wrapping all around her, her thoughts sluggish before she felt a sudden pressure before the primal urge to suck in picked into action, spluttering before she pushed the hands away, rolled and coughed.

    Hot water spewed from her nose hand lips before she began to feel the air in her lungs, heart singing in her chest, like it never had before, her hands shaking as she felt the adrenaline course through her veins…

    “There we go…” A hand patted her on the back, almost knocking the much needed air out but she couldn’t think beyond simply breathing, her head feeling woozy and weak and she couldn’t move, resting her forehead into the wet dirt.

    “She lives.” The voice, Julieta realised, was female. In fact, as she mulled it was familiar.

    Her eyes snapped open but all she saw was the dirt. A low groan escaped her.

    “Roll her back, Hallow.” Another woman spoke that was all too familiar.

    Her eyes widened before she felt the world spin and the sky above her was spinning and suddenly, the familiar face of her daughter was above her, her hair down but too long without her glasses.

    “Mi..” She croaked.

    “Ah, no stay down, Julieta you’re too weak.” Mirabel spoke, on her wrist no close to her face, she vaguely saw some sort of arm band, a blinking light over it and there was a low hum. “Okay, she needs to get out of those clothes. Her core temperature is too low, hydration…eeesh, how the fuck are you alive… and well she’s also been without food for days. You’re a mess.”

    Julieta wanted to process everything her daughter was saying but none of that made any sense… why was she speaking like that?

    Her eyes flickered around but she felt a welt of shock to see… another Mirabel. This time her hair was pulled back from her face, glasses perched on her nose with a bag-back she seemed to put down.

    “I have a med kit. Hallow, you help me undress her, Watcher, can you get the tent set up?”

    Julieta had no strength to fight back the hands pulling at her wet clothes, or to fight the confusion what was happening; a part of her didn’t because she recognised the help though she felt her body once again cave to a much better darkness  before her torn and muddy apron was discarded down the river…


    A river that would lead back to Encanto if you followed it for long enough.

    [ I’ll do a part 3 later on. maybe a p4 concerning the family’s pov? what do you think?]
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  • roxyfoxgamer150
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    *THUD* *rolls out from a portal*Okay so- *punch punch* Since you guys are- **kick BANG BANG* Immortal and shit do you- *slice RAPID FIRE* Suffocate in water or- ("THUNDER, SPRITES, SHOCK. ") *BOOM*

    Can you bretah underwater? That's my question and bye! *two gunshots and jumps back in the portal to fight three headed water beast* *portal close*

    "I tried that once, I have no idea where the water in my lungs went, but yeah, we could breathe underwater." Observer said, pointing to Hollow, Scrap, and Akuma's OC Insert.

    Said three were in a rapid river, trying to get away from the waterfall, "AKUMA SWIM FASTER!" "I WILL IF YOU DON'T HUG MY WINGS LIKE THE WAY YOU HUG OBSERVER AT YOUR BIRTHDAY!" "BOTH OF YOU SILENCE THY MOUTH!"

    #encanto au#mirabel madrigal #observer mirabel au #mirabel au #random thought i had lmao #scrappy mirabel au #hollow julieta au #observer and scrap ask #observer and scrap qna #hollow julieta qna #hollow julieta ask
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  • casitafallz
    25.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    The AU's Reactions to Getting Stabbed With a Sword:

    Rude: Wanderer Mirabel

    That's fair: Hallow Pepa

    Not again: Pariah Julieta

    Are you gonna want this back or can I keep it: Watcher Mirabel, Dweller Bruno

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  • roxyfoxgamer150
    25.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    *a very red person came in with a basket with a note on it and suddenly leaves*

    What the note said:

    "I am very sorry for my latest ask, I am very sleep deprived just delete it if you want to."

    The basket was filled with numerous things that were the trio's and creator's favourites.

    Observer shrugs.

    "The ask is actually cool, and- WHAT THE FUCK HOLLOW YOU HAVE A BATTLE AXE ON DELIVERY-"

    "Thank you for giving me one of my favorite wea- I am very concerned to why all my favorite weapons are brought."

    "I HAVE A DAGGER! FINALLY! OBSERVER I CHALLE-" "Little one it needs to be a sword to duel." "Oh."

    #encanto au#mirabel madrigal #observer mirabel au #mirabel au #random thought i had lmao #scrappy mirabel au #hollow julieta au
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  • roxyfoxgamer150
    25.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Hollow is best bet for me so, how does one remove dried blood stains from one's bed??? And no it's not from that time it's from a wound.

    Hollow Julieta drank from her cup, which showed "#1 Evil Mother".

    "Well, you can use cold water, but do not scrub it, only dub it." She takes a sip again.

    "Although what kind of wound was it from? If it is from a nosebleed? If it is, use [■■■■■■■■]-"

    A pause.


    "[■■■■■■■■] What."

    "Use vinegar, at least white vinegar if it is possible, you could also use [■■■■■■■■]-"


    In another room, a younger version of the Madrigals were hanging out with Observer, Scrap, and Akuma's OC.

    "Are you a donkeycorn?" A younger Luisa asked, making Akuma's OC's eye twitch in annoyance.

    "Tsk, what you think I'm a donkey? No, I'm better than tha-!"



    Everyone was silent.

    "Scrap, was that Observer?" "Bitch I'm over here."

    Akuma's OC's ear leaned to the door, "Uh guys, you all know that Hollow has no emotions, right?" They asked, making everyone nod.

    "I think she's trying to tell us she's supposed to be furious by what ever is happening."

    #encanto au#mirabel au #random thought i had lmao #hollow julieta au #hollow julieta qna #hollow julieta ask
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  • cutepastelstarsalior
    25.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Why have one villain Bruno when you can have three!??


    Mafia boss!Bruno………..


    Evil!Bruno……..Murder the family?

    Mafia boss!Bruno: Murder the family!

    Papa!villian!Bruno: NO

    Papa!Villian!Bruno: A Bruno that kidnapped 5 year old Mirabel and Camilo, is manipulating Mirabel into destroying the family. Is also mentally and physically experimenting on her without her knowledge, has Camilo be Mirabel’s bodyguard and protector.

    Mafia boss!Bruno: Bruno raise a 10 year old Mirabel who was banish by Alma. Was banish at 17 and now a mafia leader. Kill the family’s but only Felix and Alma lived, kidnapped 5 years old Antonio.

    Evil!Bruno: a 50 year old Bruno that came from a alternate universe were the family has different powers, killed Isabela, Luisa (indirectly) and Dolores (directly). Manipulate and use Mirabel to get the candle, heavily believe that Mirabel can control the encanto and the family as a puppet master/god-like. Rip out his eye to substitute a sacrifice, was accidentally transported to canon timeline 5 years earlier. Likes and owns snakes

    If you have any questions about my au/for the character let me know!

    #my au #villain bruno au #villain papa bruno au #encanto#Bruno Madrigal#encanto au#fandom
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  • ramblesanddragons
    25.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Stars Lost Down the River Ch. 16: The Present, The Past and the Future.

    In which Bruno losses his temper but gains something else.

    #encanto #papa bruno au
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  • gamerbearmira
    25.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    I read all your works and I love them (even on AO3). The evil Antonio was perfect. but EVIL Madrigals AU, all of them are evil except Mirabel since she didn’t get a gift and are extremely rude to her. But when the candle finally falls, none of them know what to do and Mirabel gets revenge by every single rude thing they said gets return tenfold, also the passive aggressiveness.

    “Why didn’t you just get out of the way? All your are good for is just to sit there and look pretty” “What wrong? Are they talking behind your back? It doesn’t matter any more does it? All you were ever good for was being a gossip”

    I call this AU ‘an eye for an eye’

    Hello hello!

    Before we get into it, I would like to say I'm SO HAPPY. That you love my works so much! I'm also glad you love my Evil Antonio AU! With that, let's get into it!

    An Eye for an Eye

    SO, Evil Madrigals. They might have been nice to the village and all, but to Mirabel? They were horrible.

    Alma and Isabela were the worst. If they weren't completely acting like she didn't exist, they were coming for every single flaw she had, screaming about how useless she was. Pepa would purposefully rain on her and Felix wouldn't stop her. Julieta and Agustin kind of just dropped the ball and stopped caring about her or what was said to her, never defending her.

    Dolores would talk bad about her everyday, never letting her catch a break. Camilo would change into her and make fun of her, taunting her about no gift. Luisa just straight up ignored her as well. Antonio was fine at first; but after his ceremony, he was what you would...a spoiled little brat.

    For Bruno, she's on relatively good terms with him--she could see why he left and could see things from his pov.

    After Casita falls, Mirabel kind of just snaps. She couldn't take it anymore. Even after trying to save that stupid miracle, they still treated her like trash.

    She throws the insults right back. They don't care about her feelings, so she doesn't care about their feelings.

    Mirabel went ham on them. Like full on petty mode, maybe even further than that. Here are some of the things she said to them:

    Abuela: "Oh...I wonder how Abuelo Pedro would feel about the things you said? Oh wait, I forgot! He's gone..."

    Julieta and Agustin: "I wonder how it feels to be such...mediocre parents. I couldn't relate of course, but on the other hand, you must know what it's like first hand!"

    Pepa and Felix: "You should really consider getting your emotions under control...and you should control your wife better."

    Isabela: "Why don’t you just get out of the way? I mean, after all---you were only ever good for sitting there and looking pretty anyway."

    Dolores: "Awwww, what's wrong? Are they talking behind your back? It doesn’t matter any more does it? All you were ever good for was gossip.”

    Luisa: "At least I know my worth and where it's at. Where's yours? Is it playing hide and seek?

    Camilo: "I couldn't imagine not being able to figure out my own personality! Everyone thinks I'm so fun, unlike you, who is just such a bore."

    Antonio: "Don't forget who raised you boy. You are just some spoiled little kid who can't even even take care of himself. DON’T test my patience. You wouldn't know real love if it was thrown in your face.”

    They are HURT. She's observed them for the past 10 years, watching everything that happens. Waiting. They can throw insults at her all they want, but she's used to it. They use the same ones anyway. But they've never had Mirabel fight back. And since she knows exactly where to them, she knows exactly where to hit them.

    The only ones who have some kind of redeeming qualities are Luisa and Antonio.

    For Luisa she would be a target, not as much---but she and Mirabel do get into a screaming argument, where hateful words have been thrown and the two speak from the heart. Luisa would be the one to get herself together and learn to put herself first, and then she apologizes.

    For Antonio, He would eventually ask Pepa if she really loved him and she would hesitate and he would start rethinking his choices and who he wanted to be. He only had his gift for a day, so the power hasn’t gone to his head much. But he also doesn’t know that conditional love ISN’T normal, and he would think all other families are like that. The only person who gave him unconditional love is Mirabel, so eventually he realizes his mistakes, does his best to fix them, and then apologizes.

    The only way the Madrigals can talk to Mirabel is through Bruno--And even he's hesitant. After all, he knows what it's like---he's been talked about by both the village and his family. He literally heard his family make up a whole diss track about him, so he's not as easy to talk to either.

    Mirabel is about to release her own anger on the Madrigals, and she's going to get an apology out of them, one way or another.


    I hope you like what I did here and I hope this answers your ask!

    Feel free to ask more about Mamabel, Papatonio, Housebroken, Mermay or any other AU's you find on this blog!

    I also take art suggestions for all aus on this blog, including Cocooned!

    If you have an AU idea, send it in and I'll expand on it best I can!

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  • casitafallz
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Fall From Grace | P1 | Pariah Julieta’s start


    Her nose wrinkled as she stared at the emptier shelves of ingredients with distain. Almost out of food. Not overly surprising given how busy everyone had been but…she would have thought someone would have done some shopping in the meantime. At least, someone that wasn’t her.

    Julieta’s eyes fluttered shut, a warm huff of air pushed from her lungs as she sunk her face into her hands. She was going to have to go out and get the shopping. Go out and face the rumour and gossip… and pretend that all was fine despite the fact it was unbelievably suffocating.

    Agustín wasn’t home, he couldn’t take her down with him as her support. She knew he had been busy lately with their daughters, with keeping the oven fuel stocked… trying to keep the peace. They may not agree but… he was still what she needed. Her support. Her rock. Her…hope.

    The idea of not having that… it terrified her. Julieta knew enough that she could feel the dread in her gut already. Of course, she knew sooner or later she had to do this on her own. She was a grown woman with three children. She was a Madrigal. Daughter of Alma and Pedro Madrigal. Eldest Triplet.

    Her hands dropped, fiddling with her apron for a moment before she began to write out a list of what she needed.

    She could do this.

    Julieta felt a few of Casita’s tiles shift in concern before she smiled softly, patting the counter.

    “I’ll be fine, Casita.” She hoped she sounded confident. “I won’t be gone for long.”

    Casita didn’t clink happily, deflating a little but seemed to shuffle her basket over.  Shoving the list into her pocket, Julieta took a deep breath before departing for the door, Casita ever so helpful in opening it for her.

    It was movement in the corner of her eye that pulled her attention before she stepped over the threshold, her eyes flickering towards it before she recognised the multitude of colour on her daughter’s dress.


    Isabela froze in her step down before cactus seemed to sprout around her.

    Julieta stepped away from the door, grip tightening a fraction on the basket’s side but she felt her heart tug seeing Isabela uncertain to carry on down or to return to her room. A vivid reminder of her failures as a mother.

    “I’m… about to do some shopping.” Julieta spoke, “Do you…need anything?” That sounded like a good place to start; she knew she had to start small in earning back her eldest’s favour. It’d take a while for her to accept her apology but… she had to start somewhere.

    Isabela’s next words deflated her hope.


    “Isa.” Taking a breath to motivate herself to try, Julieta carried on politely, “Please let me help. I’ve noticed you’re wearing out a few of your dresses, I can buy you a new one if—“

    “Ma, I said no.”

    Julieta’s jaw snapped shut, her eyebrow’s pulling in at her daughter’s tone before her back straightened. “Don’t use that tone on me, Isabela.”

    Isabela’s nose turned up, expression soured before she nodded curtly. “Excuse me.” She turned to head back up the steps.

    “Isa.” Julieta tried again, “Can we please talk about this later? You can’t keep avoiding me. I have apologised.”

    “Ma, I don’t care about your apologies.” Isabela snapped, her gaze sharp, brown eyes brimming with emotion. “This isn’t just about you.”

    Julieta’s grip tightened on the basket but the words felt like a slap on the face. Enough to wipe her expression away, her throat tightening a fraction before she gave a sharp nod.

    “Fine.” She inhaled deeply, trying to push the urge to cry away, eyes already feeling too hot. “If that’s how you see it, then fine. I can wait for you to stop hating me before we can talk like two adults.”

    Casita clinked unhappily as she turned and began to head away briskly back to the door out.

    “Ma,” Isabela’s voice echoed. Julieta’s foot paused on the step but didn’t turn, not wanting to face her daughter’s sharp look she could feel burning into the side of her face. “I… I don’t hate you. I’m just not ready.”

    Julieta wanted to believe that… she did. But another thing Abuela and her daughter shared was the ability to hold a long grudge; she’d have to be dying to earn any forgiveness back quickly and she had no intention of any of that. She hadn’t sunk to rock-bottom just yet.

    With a curt nod of acknowledgement, Julieta sucked up her anxiety and fear and pressed on through the doors and out into the unforgiving nature of Encanto.


    Julieta had felt the looks burn more than the whispers as she slowly dithered from one stall to the next; filling her basket with her much-needed supplies but there was no mistake in the coolness between her interactions with the stall-owners. It made her cheeks burn a little when she walked away to hear voices talk sharply to each other; knowing in her gut she was the topic of conversation. She hated knowing that. Hated how it made her feel.

    Her whole talk with Isa had unsettled her and now… she was just so uncomfortable.

    A part of her wanted to pack up and go now; she had most of what she needed for the next few days. She’d have Agustín or Luisa to help her if she did…

    But she had spent decades working her stall; healing the injured. She had faced people so much before and now… it felt it was all for nothing. No one to stand her ground now that she needed someone.

    Julieta set down her basket at a wall in the plaza and began to check through her list before she heard the loudly, hushed voices of two women a few meters away, examining content of a near stall.

    “‘is it true that she took Mirabel’s gift—“

    “Oh I heard directly from the Madrigals, that’s very true.”


    “I don’t know. I can’t believe anyone would follow through with it though. Poor Mirabel. All that build up just for the humiliation…”

    Julieta’s jaw clenched, but tried to focus on what she was reading; not what she was hearing as the voices continued but it didn’t last more than a few sentences before she heard the next lot of gossip.

    “She didn’t get her gift back?”

    “Why do you think she’s not got her table set up? Clearly, if the miracle didn’t grant her gift back, she must be now unworthy of it... not that I’m surprised.”

    “I heard she still got a door.”

    “A door isn’t a gift. At least Mirabel finally got something what her mother robbed her from. Now she’s facing the consequences. She getting what she deserves for bringing down the miracle in the first place” The woman scoffed with shake of her head.

    Julieta felt the air get knocked from her lungs at that, her heartbeat puling in her ears; a part of her wanted nothing more than to turn and face the two women but she felt frozen to the spot, reduced to a statue; helpless to stop the tidal wave of grief that resurfaced with guilt and humiliation at the clear opinions of Encanto.

    “I guess you really don’t know people. I never thought a mother would be so cruel.”

    Her eyes closed as the words washed over her, not hearing as the two women continued to talk as they headed away pausing to look at her as they went. For a moment, Julieta didn’t know how to breath. Like a while hand had been wrapped around her throat and was unrelenting.

    Julieta hated how those words made her feel… but she couldn’t shake that feeling that some…of that felt true. She hadn’t gotten her gift back for a reason…maybe they were right; she was unworthy to heal when she had cause so much pain to her child and family. She… caused so much…hurt…all to spare her daughter the weight of Encanto.

    Now that weight was pressing on her on lungs. Julieta couldn’t breathe.

    The basket’s weight wasn’t something she paid attention too as she forced herself to move, taking the straight road down…

    Agustín’s word of comforts had been empty. She knew her choices would come with consequences and she had almost paid for it back then after she had told Agustín of what she had done. Their marriage had almost collapse but she had clawed on to keep him happy; to make sure he understood why she did what she did.

    Julieta didn’t realise her brisk steps were taking her further out towards the trees.

    She knew she was a bad mother… but she had tried to make up for it. Luisa had been most forgiving; she understood the burden more than the other two that came with gifts. Julieta had latched onto that forgiveness with hope.

    ‘I don’t care about you’re apologies.’

    That had deflated hope with Isabela.

    Mirabel hadn’t spoken to her a lot, as much as Julieta wanted to; even after her initial apology after the bomb had dropped.

    She wanted her daughter’s forgiveness.

    Perhaps she wasn’t deserving of it as she thought…

    The basket slipped from her fingers, crunching loudly over the bushes as she began to numbly head through the treeline.

    Was Mirabel avoiding her too? Did she do too much damage? Julieta felt the tears break and fall from her eyes, spilling down her cheek.

    She couldn’t stop the overwhelming tightness around her lungs, her pulse dancing in her veins; her eyes could barely see anything but hazy green and mud without processing it.

    She knew she had to get away. To take a break; to find a way to escape that inability to breath… to escape the looks and whispers, the judgement that came with devastating truth… she needed to get away..

    She needed…..

    She needed to go.

     Julieta needed to find a space to breath.

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  • gamerbearmira
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Okay this might be a stupid question or request but can you explain the Housebroken AU to me? Cause honestly when I think Housebroken I think pets and my first thought was that they were trying to house train Parce the Jaguar

    Hello hello! I will gladly go into detail, I can see the confusion haha

    Ismaet helped me come up with the name 😩:

    They're animals, right? and 'housebroken' according to google is an animal trained to go to the bathroom outside the house- which could be taken to mean 'training/forcing someone to do something unpleasant outside/away' right? And what does Alma do? Her behavior forces the kids to leave, go outside the house, doing something that was unpleasant to her eyes (i.e being themselves and using their Gifts the way they're meant to). They do the 'unpleasant things' away from the house- you know, like playing, staining the Madrigal name, being kids.


    The kids are housebroken.

    And also- it's a double pun: House Broken. The house is broken. The house- the family- is broken. They're not together. They're broken.

    Also, I lied: It's a triple pun: House broken. Casita breaks here too, don't she? Broken house.


    So after Mirabel’s ceremony fails, Alma starts to ignore Mirabel. She pushes her aside, and forces her cousins to work harder in order to prove that the magic is ok.

    Mirabel tries to get Alma to not overwork them, but it never works.

    Her parents and her tia and tio don’t help. Her tia blames her for Bruno’s departure.

    This continued for months after her birthday, until one night, it got particularly bad. Mirabel is in the nursery, crying her eyes out. She’s got big heaving sobs, because Abuela just told this 5 year old that she was a “useless stain on the family.” and that she “needed to stay out of the way.”

    That's when the curse started; it wasn't bad at first, it was very subtle. Very little changes.

    Over time, their more animal like features started appearing.

    Isabela, Dolores, and Luisa had grown ears (with their human ones just...disappearing??) Camilo's and Mirabel's ears were pointed; Camilo's skin had scales and Mirabel had grown a new set of arms.

    The kids didn't seem to mind. They actually liked them. When Mirabel and Cami lo started drawing pictures with them like that, they started to change behavior wise.

    Isabela and Dolores would take the other 3 to go play, often abandonig their chores entirely just so they could go play.

    This did not fly well with Abuela. She blamed the entire situation on Mirabel, saying she was hurting the family.

    Dolores heard, and she told Isabela and they both devised a plan: to run away. They weren't gonna let her or the others get beat down first something they can't control.

    So, in the dead of night, they ran away. To a treehouse systen Isabela had made with vines, large trees and some hard work. They would live there now, it was their new home.

    The adults searched for months, and even Bruno came back to help, but it never worked. They never found them.

    The family was devastated; and rightfully so. After another 5 years, Papa had another baby---another Gift to make up for the lost ones in Alma's words.

    Antonio was born, and the family was overly protective of him. But it wasn't enough.

    Antonio started to show symptoms---and not even 5 months after he was born, he was taken in the dead of night, never seen again.


    I hope this answers your ask! This AU is still in the works, but if you want more info or have ideas, don't be afraid to ask or suggest!

    Feel free to ask more about Mamabel, Papatonio, Housebroken, Mermay or any other AU's you find on this blog!

    I also take art suggestions for all aus on this blog, including Cocooned!

    If you have an AU idea, send it in and I'll expand on it best I can!

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  • gamerbearmira
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Mirabel was two now. Two and already learning how to dance.

    Antonio fully blamed his parents constantly dancing with each other for her fascination with it. All the twirling and fun moves...

    The fact that their entire side of the family loved to dance was conveniently forgotten by the boy as he laid all the blame on her trying to dance before she could even walk steadily on his parents.

    In their defense Mirabel was still as clumsy as they remembered. So her not yet being able to walk steadily was fully blamed on that.

    "There we go princessa. Just like that." Antonio found his parents teaching her how to dance...or rather he found his mother with a soft rainbow over her head as she watch his father teach Mirabel.

    Antonio was amused and fond as he saw his papa hold Mirabels tiny hands in his own bigger ones as the little girl stood with her feet on top of her Abuelos.

    Mirabel was focusing hard, her tongue poking out slightly between her lips, as she stared down at her little feet on top of Felix's. As if she were already trying to memorize the steps.

    "There we go. And now we twirl." Felix said as he gently moved her off of his feet and slowly carefully twirled her with one hand.

    "And dip." Felix said and he gently dipped Mirabel who giggled happily.

    "There we go! That's how you do it! Soon you'll be dancing like a pro!" Felix said beaming at Mirabel who beamed back up at him and giggled happily.

    "Abuelo! Besos!' Mirabel made grabby hands and was immediately swept up into his arms for kisses and she did her best to give him a million quick kisses on his cheek like how her Abuela did.

    "Besos for one of the prettiest girls in the universe!" Felix said and gave her a bunch of loud dramatic kisses in return. She giggled happily at each one.

    "One of?" Pepa asked raising an eyebrow at her husband who grinned at her.

    "Of course. My lovely amazing and wonderful Esposa is definitely one of the most beautiful women in the universe and our just as beautiful and amazing daughter is another." Felix said and Pepa laughed as she walked over and kissed his cheek.

    "Tia Lola Pretty!" Mirabel agreed and then made grabby hands at her Abuela who was more than happy to sweep her up.

    "Abuela prettier!" Mirabel said as if it were obvious and Pepa peppered her in kisses again.

    "And what about your Abuelo huh princessa? What's he?" Felix asked staring at his nieta lovingly and she beamed at him.

    "Old!" Mirabel said immediately with no hesitation and Pepa snorted at that.

    "... You've spent too much time with Tio Cami princessa."


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  • gamerbearmira
    24.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    If I may suggest an AU...

    Isabela is beauty, Luisa is Brawn. Mirabel should be Brain. So imagine a genius Mirabel AU. Either her being completely done with everyone and dryly pointing out their idiocy...or her being a mad scientist who invented stuff.

    Hello hello! I love when you guys send in AU's, so let's get into it!

    •After her ceremony, she threw herself into books. She was already pretty smart as a little kid, but now? She was probably the smartest in the Encanto.

    •She's not as self conscious about not having a gift. No reason to, she knew she had self worth in other things.

    •Her sewing is even better in this AU---her stitches are precise and meaningful. Her style is bold and loud, and she likes it.

    •She was by far the smartest in her family. Any problems they had, she quickly solved with what she deemed was pretty basic problem solving.

    •Whenever Isabela would say something to her about not helping, Mirabel was quick to shoot back.

    "Maybe if you stopped trying so hard, you'd be able to actually help." Isabela sneer flipping her hair.
    Mirabel dodged her hair and the flowers. Isabela was one of the most predictable Madrigals, so Mirabel knew to duck out if the way. "Yeah, because you throwing some of the same flowers here and there is just soooooo helpful. You keep telling yourself that while I put up some actual decorations."

    •Isabela was a little butt hurt about that one for the rest of the night.

    •Mirabel also came to realize how...dumb her family was. She didn't flat out say it, but she pointed it out.

    •She saw Luisa gathering donkeys...again. She walked over and watched from the side.

    "Luisa, why don't you just...repair the fence?" She pointed to the broken gate. "Just build it up with stronger wood and replace the gate and they won't escape any more."

    •Luisa looked at her sister bewildered. She hadn't thought of it like that.

    •Another time she saw Pepa watering the fields again. She had done it like 3 times that day.

    "Tia, you know you can just get them dig an irrigation system. That way you won't have to constantly re water the crops." Mirabel dryly said.

    •While Antonio was growing up, she made sure he had common sense. She didn't want him to be as dense and stupid as the rest of the family.

    •When the cracks started, she didn't tell the family at the party. She knew Abuela would try to make her look bad.

    •She decided to figure it out herself. She didn't go to Luisa for help, she went to Bruni's room and found the vision. It was relatively easy to figure out. If no one had seen or found the vision, it had t jave still been in the room after he left.

    •She had figured out hours before the engagement where Bruno was--After all, she had taught Antonio to have common sense, and he had told her that the rats told him that Bruno was living in the walls.

    •She would save the miracle, with or without the help of her family. After all, she wasn't stupid.


    I love Genius Mirabel ❤ She's definitely saving the Miracle with almost no help, save for Antonio, Bruno and MAYBE Dolores.

    Feel free to ask more about Mamabel, Papatonio, Housebroken, Mermay or any other AU's you find on this blog!

    I also take art suggestions for all aus on this blog, including Cocooned!

    If you have an AU idea, send it in and I'll expand on it best I can!

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  • theglareyousee
    24.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    In the middle of the day, in the middle of the jungle, treading the middle of a well-worn path leading towards the setting sun, Alma Madrigal pauses.


    lots of middles in this here sentence lmao

    ch 2 is coming along nicely, so I might have it up by the end of the week. no promises tho >.>

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  • gamerbearmira
    24.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    "You took to being an Abuela easy Tia." Isabela said smirking at her aunt who was cuddling little Mirabel who was happy to be showered in kisses and affection.

    They all tried to ignore or forget how it might be because of how little affection they gave her before.

    "I wasn't expecting Tonito to give me my first nieta but I am more than ready to have nietas and nietos." Pepa said and she cuddled Mirabel more, peppering her face in kisses.

    "Now I'm a bit jealous..." Julieta said looking at Pepa and Mirabel.

    "Don't worry. Isabela or Luisa might settle down and make you an Abuela soon." Pepa said grinning at her sister who snorted.

    "Abuela Abuela!" Mirabel apparently didn't like that Pepa wasn't giving her attention now. She got Pepas attention and then made her best imitation of a kiss face and patted her cheek.

    "Aw you want more kisses Mira? Besos for Mira?" Pepa asked and Mirabel beamed.

    "Si! Si! Beso!" Mirabel said happily as she pressed a sloppy toddler kiss to Pepas cheek.

    She was back to being smothered in a million kisses in an instant.



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  • oncexinxmyxdreams
    24.05.2022 - 20 hours ago


    As planned, it's published on May 24th, Alejandra and Francisca's birthday. 🎂 Thanks to those who have liked my posts for this story (especially @purpledragon557!) Thanks to you all who have followed, reblogged and liked all the Encanto stuff I've posted. I'm so glad this movie has impacted us.

    I'm hoping I can get a chapter up once a week, but I'll do the best I can. To quote Bruno...

    #alejandra cordova#bruno madrigal#encanto #Miracles Come in Pairs #chapter one: calm #papa bruno au
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  • gamerbearmira
    24.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Peter Pan Antoni? I can see an off shoot where he comes and finds 15 year old Mirabel and brings her to be the lost kids mother

    Hello hello! Sorry this took so long to write, I've been busy with finals and I'm just now finishing this on my lunch period 😩

    But here we go! This the snippet I got ;) In this AU, Antonio was never at Casita, and Bruno went to Neverland when he was much younger, around Mirabel's age. Let's get into it!

    Written by: Me!

    Warnings: Mentions of Abandonment

    Type: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff

    Words: 1,490


    Neverlands New Mom

    Mirabel sat in her room…no. Nursery. She sat in the nursery. She had been there for the past decade. Looking to her side, the clock read 12:05 a.m. That was it. It had officially been one week since any of her family interacted with her. Her mom, dad, and sister Luisa had been busy all week. Abuela and Isabela deemed everything she did wrong, so she avoided them regardless. Pepa and Felix had their own kids to worry about, and Dolores and Camilo had chores.

    She just wanted someone to talk to. Someone to be her familia, anybody, she didn’t care.

    “Maybe I’ll just go to sleep,” she said, shaking her head as she stood. She turned and climbed into bed, gently placing her glasses onto the table. “Buenos noches Casita,” she whispered before closing her eyes. The house clicked its tiles.

    After about 2 hours of not being able to sleep, she heard the nursery window open and something hit the floor. Mirabel kept her eyes shut and did not move. She stayed dead still. The little pitter patter of feet ran across the floor, before finally stopping.

    Right in front of her bed.

    She held her breath and didn’t move. “Why isn't Casita doing anything?!” she thought. She heard the person move again, taking something off the bedside table.

    “Psst,” the voice said. It sounded child-like—no older than 5 or 6 maybe. “Pssst…wake up!” it whispered again.

    Mirabel was hesitant. This random voice appeared out of nowhere and now was calling her. On one hand, she’s scared out of her mind. On the other hand…it's a child and Casita hadn’t reacted so…

    Mirabel opened her eyes and quinted as she looked at the blurred blob next to her. The blob moved and she clenched her eyes shut. When no pain came, she opened her eyes to see…a boy. Getting a better look at him, she realized that he couldn’t have been older than 4, maybe 5. His hair was curly and untamed, and his clothes were tattered, and there were a couple holes here and there. His wide, curious eyes watched her sit up, and look at him. For a moment, they just sat and looked at each other, before the boy finally spoke up.

    “Hola,” he whispered, looking at Mirabel with a smile.

    “H…Hola,” Mirabel said quietly. “Who…are you?” she asked. The boy smiled wider and put his hands on his hips.

    “My name is Antonio! But you can call me Tonio,” he proudly declared. “What’s your name?”

    “Mirabel…Mirabel Madrigal,” she moved forward a bit. “Why are you here? How did you get in? This is the second level!”

    Antonio giggled, shaking his head. “I got in through the window! Your house is very nice,” Casita clicked its floorboards happily, to which Antonio smiled. “And I’m here to take you with me.”

    “Take me where?” Mirabel pressed. The boy didn’t even look worried or scared. He looked quite happy, actually.

    “To Neverland of course!” He made jazz hands.

    “N-Neverland? What is that?” Mirabel asked, a bit scared. Why did this random little boy want to take her away? What was Neverland?

    “It’s the world's best place to be! My friends and I are all like you—We’re lost kids! And Lost Kids always end up in Neverland, thanks to me,” Antonio spun around in circles, giggling some more. “We never grow up! And you get to come with me, where you'll be happy forever!”

    Mirabel blinked a couple times before shaking her head, moving to sit on the edge of her bed. “Lost Kid? B-but I’m not lost, I have a family, a home!”

    Antonio frowned. He knew she didn’t understand. Moving to sit next to her on her bed, he held her hand. “I know it’s sad. It’s always sad at first. When your family doesn’t love you and they leave you all alone,” Mirabel looked into Antonio’s eyes. They looked understanding. “But…that’s how it is. We Lost Kids have to stick together. We’ve been lonely and we don’t have a mom in Neverland. And seeing you—Well you could be our mom! You won’t grow up, but you don’t have to grow up to have a mom! And you’ll never be lonely again!”

    Mirabel looked back into her lap, still holding Antonio’s hand. Neverland…it didn't sound bad. After all, she wouldn’t be lonely…and it sounded like the kids weren’t supervised, she couldn’t leave them like that! And from what it sounded like, she didn’t have to worry about not having a Gift—

    But wouldn’t her family miss her? Wouldn’t they worry? She thought hard and long. And came to one final conclusion—no. They wouldn’t. It had been a whole week, and not once had she been acknowledged. So she could leave and—

    “Mirabel?” Antonio called, snapping Mirabel out of her thoughts. SHe looked down at him, and he was standing in front of her, holding her hand. “We have to go now,” he said gently. He was only 5. But even he could understand the situation at hand.

    “Leave? Right now? Don’t I have to pack my things or—” Casita flipped the tiles and Mirabel’s everyday bag appeared next to her. She opened it and peeked inside. In it were 2 dresses, some needles and threads, and her spare glasses. “Casita?” She looked at the house. She knew that Casita understood and it made her think—had the house done this before?

    “Antonio, I have one more question before we go,” Mirabel asked, walking over to him.

    “Anything!” he beamed.

    “Have you…have you done this before? Have you been to Casita before?” Mirabel said, swinging her bag over her head. Antonio thought hard for a moment, eyes closing in concentration. A moment later he perked up.

    “Yes! A long time ago, I came here and picked a kid—his name is Bruno. I think he's your age,” Antonio smiled. “Why?”

    Mirabel nodded. Casita had done this before. Mirabel had seen the family tree—in between her mama and tia was a young boy, who’s name was Bruno. They didn’t talk about Bruno. Abuela had said he’d run away before any of the grandkids were born, and never came back. But now it was making sense. He didn’t run away—he had willingly left with Antonio to Neverland, and was living there because he was left alone by himself. And now it was Mirabel’s turn—but she didn’t feel bad. Now, she might have a chance to be happy; and maybe meet Tio Bruno!

    "Are you ready?" He asked, holding out his hand again. Mirabel took it and nodded.

    "I'm ready." She then watched him climb onto the windowsill. "Wait…how are we going to get there?"

    Antonio laughed. "We're going to fly of course!" He jumped out the window, to which Mirabel threw her head out the window. She looked around frantically, wondering why he just did that. "Up here!" He called. Mirabel looked up and saw that he was flying! He was really flying!

    "H-How are you doing that?" Mirabel whispered loudly.

    Antonio flew close and took her hands. "You just gotta believe," he guided her onto the windowsill where she shakily squated.

    "Tonio, I-I don't think this is very safe," she whimpered. Antonio shook his head, continuing to hold her hand.

    "Come on; just close your eyes and think hard about flying. I promise, you won't fall," Antonio gently stated. Mirabel looked into his eyes and saw no lie. She would have to trust him.

    Closing her eyes, she kept thinking about flying. She loved the idea of flying, ever since she was little—that's one of the reasons she loved butterflies so much. She kept thinking and thinking about it. While she was doing that, Antonio slowly pulled her away from the window. She didn't fall though; her body levitated mid air, and she stayed there.

    "You can open them now," Antonio said. Mirabel opened one eye and looked down. She was flying! She was really doing it! "See? It's easy!" Antonio said again.

    "I-I'm doing it!" She laughed. It didn't take her long to get the hang of it, as it was surprisingly easy. She and Antonio spun around in circles, Mirabel smiling the first genuine smile she had shown in a while.

    "Now that we've got that, we must go," Antonio grabbed her hand again, getting ready to go. "Second star to the right and straight 'till morning!"

    Mirabel looked back at the house one last time, and waved sadly. "Adios Casita," she patted the house beam, to which it sadly waved its window shutters. "Maybe I'll see you again one day."

    With that, both Mirabel and Antonio left, soaring high above the clouds and towards the stars. Mirabel would miss her family and Casita, but she knew this was for the best. These kids felt alone and needed a mother, and if she needed to be that mother, so be it.

    And now, she was off.

    To Neverland.


    I hope you like this! Took me a hot minute to right, but I digress :)

    Feel free to ask more about Mamabel, Papatonio, Housebroken, Mermay or any other AU's you find on this blog!

    I also take art suggestions for all aus on this blog, including Cocooned!

    If you have an AU idea, send it in and I'll expand on it best I can!

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  • toaverse
    24.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Based on this post of how Dolores and Bruno communicate -

    How does Dolores understand what Bruno is writing in her arm? She can't see, so she can't read?

    Oof, good question.

    After doing a quick google search, I found out that kids learn to read at the age of 6-7, advanced kids at 4-5 years old.

    Either Alma and the adults started to teach the kids to read at 4 and Dolores remembers a few words, or this post is quite inaccurate.

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