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  • constantinnen
    21.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    if other teammates could help engineer move that gear up.

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  • cooltf2facts
    21.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    sniper, your throw cushion doesn't count as a gf

    “Oh, piss off, she’s real,” Sniper grumbles. “She’s just shy. She’s hesitant to come here but…”

    Engineer shouts from the next room, “Hey! Slim, come get your phone, your girlfriend’s callin’ you!”

    Sniper leaps up and bounds over to his phone. “Coming!”

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  • cooltf2facts
    21.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    the industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

    Engineer frowns. “Hm…I don’t agree with that.”

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  • mistertf2xreaderfluffballcake
    21.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    How they mercs react to you calling them handsome. Do you know what time it is? It is cheesy writing time!!! I got inspired by @snakess-17 They are also very epic writer :))


    O-Of course I am! (Did s/o really mean it? That was so cute...SCOUT think of a cheesy pick-up line uh of yeah!) He then tells you the most cheesiest pick-up line while his face is bright red.

    You bet he will flex about this. FOR A WHOLE MONTH. The others were almost at the limit. Guess what. s/o called me- Oh shut it scout we get it! lover boy. (←engi) YEAH! SHUT IT MAGGOT! (←soldier)


    THANK YOU CUPCAKE! YOU ARE ALSO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON ALIVE!!! He will also brag about it. But unlike scout, no one will stop him from doing it. If somebody cuts him off...GO TRANING MAGGOT. COME BACK HERE IF YOU DO 500 PUSH-UPS!! eek.

    He will also softly smile when you say that word. It is those rare moments where a soldier's soft side comes out fully instantly. (I mean it always does when he is around you tho)


    *GAAAAASP* Did s/o seriously say that? Pryo hugs you VERY tightly. Not just a 5-second hug a whole hour hug.

    Pyro hugs you much more than usual. Hugs everywhere and anytime. (Pyro hugs you about 3~10 times a day. )


    AWWWWW Thank you, darling! You are so nice. He is melting. (I`m burnin` up (one of the engi voice lines did you catch that? idk) He will give hundreds of compliments for the next week or so.

    If you say that while he talking to someone. He will freeze. Did you just do a cute attack on him!? Critical hit bang!

    Heavy (sorry this is short)

    He will freeze. Heavy has heard this word being used in romantic movies...*blush* did s/o just... Yup. Heavy is blushing. He rarely blushes. He then gives you about 5 bear hugs for the next few days. S/o is precious. S/o is very cute. Heavy love s/o :)) awwww heavy I love you too.


    You really *hick* think so? When you noded he legit cried. THIS IS SO SWEET!!! AWW, LOVE COME OVER HERE. GUESS WHAT S/O JUST SAID GUYS!? *SNIFF* He has a bit of body insecurity so having those comforting words come out means the whole world to him. *sniff* He will definitely talk about this with all of his friends. YOU ARE JUST THE SWEETEST HONESTLY!


    *Windows XP error sound* lol. He will just freeze. Sorry, I Didn't Quite Get That. (Siri reference this is so random. help) If you had described his face it is ''error pls send me help. Cuteness overload'' lol. He will then heat up (like a laptop/computer) Then he will restart. Then he will finally respond. wot.


    He is not sure how to react. Um, thank you s/o! He might not react much but oh boy when he is alone, his head just...KA-BOOM! Did s/o just!? ahhhh they are so sweet! help me. (he will cry about this in bed) For the next few ways, he will have too many checkups for you. Too many. Checkup again medic? Yep, (it is not a checkup it is comforting and hugging each other but anyway.

    Spy (tomato time baby~)

    ...Merde help me. S/o`s kindness and cuteness are killing me (nothing bad with that just in a good way). He will say quick thanks and says he is busy (He is just exploding okay?) He will go on the rooftop then. POOF. His face is bright red, thank god his mask can hide it. *Le Sign* WHY IS S/O IS SO FUCKING DANG CUTE!!! (inside voice) Lord help him, his face is a tomato lmao. He is just so happy! S/o is just so kind. Ugh, I am such a lovesick fool...My lover is waiting for me downstairs I should go see them...My face is red...help. He will then give a million compliments about you too! :)

    This was so much fun! All of them are tomatoes~! I-I just kept on laughing when writing scout, solider, and spys part. Expeically soldiers part, gramerly kept on changing it to MORE SOLID and I cant stop laughing, that name fits him. MORE SOLID. But he turns into a liquid when you hug/cuddle him tho. Anyway, let me go back into my cave and eat some chips. Here is a piece of potato chip for you too! Only a piece tho sorry. Just kidding~ Here is a bag of chips (/*'▽')/ *insert bag of potato chip emoji here.*

    #tf2 x reader #tf2 scout x reader #tf2 soldier x reader #tf2 pyro x reader #tf2 engineer x reader #tf2 heavy x reader #tf2 demoman x reader #tf2 sniper x reader #tf2 medic x reader #tf2 spy x reader
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  • genderglitch
    21.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    current obsessions: tf2 and perfume

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  • mistertf2xreaderfluffballcake
    20.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Could you do mercs x reader who has nightmares that keep them up for days, and the mercs are trying to help the reader to deal with them? Sorry if it's too specific, have a wonderful day my guy!!:)

    OHH! This is such a good idea!! By the way, there is nothing wrong with being specific!!! :)) This ain`t gonna be cheesy but rather comfort /fluff focus! Hope you enjoy it and have a good day too!


    Scout noticed on how tired and dead you looked and he was really worried it has been about 2 days since you were like this. So the moment after breakfast he asked you about it. Your eye used to sparkle but now they looked nothing more than marble with no light. You both went somewhere private and talked about it. After explaining the problem, scout comforted you. What he did is that two hours before you sleep he made you relax. Such as by reading comics, cracking jokes, etc. And it worked! You still woke up in the middle of the night but this time instead of 3 hours of sleep you 5. So, step by step that week you were able to feel safe. Scout also has some sleep problems so he also knows some tips. :).


    He interrogated you as soon as you looked the slightest bit different. Those eyes...He knew something was up. When he talked to you he lowered his voice. Cupcake is there some up? Did a maggot hurt you!!. After explaining he asked if he could fight this nightmare. You chuckled at that. That was a sign of relief, you finally smiled. That is good. What he did to help you were give you a million comfort words. This helped you a lot...and you know that soldier only says that to you which makes your heart go fuzzy. He also borrowed (stole) everybody`s pillows. They tried to get it back then they got a whole explanation from the soldier about how his cupcake needed it the most right now. so umm...yeah no pillow for others. Only for you.


    As soon as he saw his princess/prince/ s/o look tired. It was a big nope for pyro. You ain`t gonna go nowhere pyro will comfort you 24/7. Until you feel better pyro will dedicate all their time to you and comfort you. So what if soldier yells at me for not working! The most important thing is that they comfort you! They will bring all the stuffed toys/comfort objects. Pyro will read bedtime stories. They will so hug you while reading. Once done reading they will pat your head, and slowly watch them sleep. Pat...Pat...Pat...pat....zzzzz. If you wake up again they either repeat or make the comfort castle bigger and better.


    Since he also has sleep problems he will definitely notice and ask about it. After you explain, he will make sure to help you sleep for at least the necessary amount a human needs to sleep (I am too lazy to search up) He will be comfort support. He will make dinners that are easy to digest, like instead of a heavy steak you eat some nice soup or salad. So yep, he is in charge of dinner! He will let you sleep in his workplace and he will comfort you with compliments. He will sing you songs with his guitar. You will eventually sleep thanks to his soothing Texan voice.


    Big bear will comfort you. He also sometimes have nightmare from the past so he can relate. He will read you the most interesting books ever. Like the one where it makes you at peace and wonders about life in general. About 2 hours before you sleep he will let you in his room and chill with him. If you don`t like reading then he will read it to you instead. You would lay your head on his chest and he would be holding a book with one hand while the other patting your head :)).


    He will be drinking less when he needs to support you. (wow) He will put all of his focus on you. He will hug you on the couch 24/7 and tell you cool stories. And guess what s/o! He exploded into a million pieces you should have seen it! His face was priceless hahaha! *s/o giggles* Aww! Your laugh is so cute love! :)). He will start to quiet down once he sees you looking sleepy. And then!... Oh, you are so precious...Good night s/o.


    When you explained your issue he instantly asked if you would like to sleep/chill in his van. Of course, you said yes. He was really nervous, he is not really used to comforting others. So, he tried everything in his power to help, and he will be less shy to give you hugs. He will share some interesting stories from the past. When he hears you laugh his heart melted. He made his van clean for you! To make you comfortable. :)), If you wake up he will be there for you to comfort you. Shhh Its okay love. Breath in and out ok? ~After a few momment~ Do you want something to drink? You need blankets? Oh, you dont want either? Hmm, what do you want then? *respond* Y-You want cuddles!? Um... (why is s/o so cute.) Of course, you can have cuddles :).


    This man is a doctor he knows everything about what you need. He will keep you in the med bay. You just chilling on the hospital bed. If he has a comforting hour with you every night, nobody that walks in ain't getting treatment, you need comfort the most right now. Hey medic!!! I have a broken arm!!! I don`t care scout, come back in 1 hour. So, Leave! You know medic maybe you should check- No s/o right now it is comfort hour. My focus is on you right now. Now, where were we in the story? :)


    He can relate sometimes nightmares do keep him up at night, so he does have some knowledge about it. He has read a few books about treatments so that`s good. He will let you sleep in the smoking room. With the most fanciest things ever. Everything is top quality. He will pat your head a lot. He will talk about all the gossip. Did you know s/o- *continues on* Once he sees a sign of sleepiness in your face he will stop and pat your head in a nice pattern. If you wake up he will comfort you again. Oh, you woke up s/o? Come over here on my lap :).

    This was so cool to write. Nightmares sucks...I used to get a lot of nightmares as a child so this was interesting. But, now these days I don`t get any nightmares, which is good but it makes me forget about how I felt in the past. So...This was nostalgic in a way. Thank you for the wonderful request anon! \(*´ω`*)/

    #asks #tf2 x reader #tf2 scout x reader #tf2 soldier x reader #tf2 pyro x reader #tf2 engineer x reader #tf2 heavy x reader #tf2 demoman x reader #tf2 sniper x reader #tf2 medic x reader #tf2 spy x reader
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  • deepsix-art
    20.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    2 gifts for friends and an updated design concept for an older character of mine! (leo it's leo lmao) getting back into the swing of art is surprisingly hard lol

    #art #artists on tumblr #oc art #tf2 oc art #tf2 ocs#tf2#tf2 engineer#tf2 sniper#gorillaz #gifts for friends
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  • asexualfag4kpop
    20.05.2022 - 7 hours ago


    SCOUT: has a gaming/ like a unus annus style channel. Frequently gets all of the others to participate. long running joke about how jerma and him are long lost brothers. does a few speedpaints and tutorial videos from time to time and of course baseball videos. has his own gfuel flavor 😔 calls his subs his “boyz (gender neutral)”
    SNIPER: foraging, hunting and survival videos. “Surviving 3 months in the australian outback” “How to use every part of a moose” “how to preserve animal bones” has a ton of thirsty af fans bc he frequently is seen without a shirt in his survival videos and due to his deep voice 😳🫣 has gotten lots of request to do asmr, always says he will do one at 4 million subscribers (currently at 3.8 million 😰) also revealed the fact he can play the sax on a medic livestream and everyone was SHOOK. calls his subscribers “roos”
    SOLDIER: educational channel about various wars and general military stuff. also does mre tasting videos and raccoon care taking videos. frequently appears in scouts videos bc this man loves doing dumb shit. one of his videos blew up and the conservatives started flooding in but he immediately was like “FUCK OFF YOU UNAMERICAN ASSHOLES”subscribers are called “cadets”
    ENGIE: obviously he does stuff about engineering but also does videos about grilling and southern cuisine. very popular due to his high quality editing, personality and lovely voice. running joke for his channel is people calling him any variation of dad, he prides himself on it because he often gets emails and comments from people telling him about how he is the father figure people wanted growing up. first time he got a comment like that he cried 😭 also does TheBackyardScientist type videos when Scout appears on his channel. also does videos with demo sometimes. does restoration videos also. AND GUITAR AND VOCAL COVERS OF OLD COUNTRY SONGS 😭😭 calls his subscribers his “darlings”
    MEDIC: does similar videos to Ask A Mortician. also dove care and has videos on different medical procedures from around the world and from different time periods. also has basic first aid videos on his channel. calls his subscribers “meine kleine tauben” has random little german lessons in his videos sometimes. had his beloved sometimes help him with videos and he became a fan favorite bc… ough lorge hubby with deep voice and medic talked him into making his own channel. plays his violin on livestreams sometimes (engie, demo and sniper sometimes play with him)
    HEAVY: reads classic russian and latin on his channel and does teaching videos about the languages he knows and about chess. very vibey and videos you can fall asleep to easily. also tells stories about his family sometimes. does gun care videos too. calls his subscribers his “медвежата” also gets called a dad by people 😭
    DEMOMAN: does videos about cryptids and how to hunt them 😰 also does videos about the occult, on how to make your own alcohol (with the help of engie), piano and bagpipe videos also videos on what its like living life with only one eye. subs are called “lads” 🏃🏻
    PYRO: gameplay videos / guides. Minecraft and other games like that are a staple on their channel. Do unboxing videos on different subscription boxes containing cute items. also do videos about mental and physical health (specifically concerning burn victims) always provide subtitles as soon as the videos come out so everyone can enjoy and understand them. also… plush restoration and doll customization videos… subscribers are called “matches” or “lil sparks” and are very protective of pyro
    SPY: does film reviews and video essays on like topics that only a niche group of people appreciate. also does very high quality and realistic sfx makeup plus makeup reviews and rant videos about shitty brands. also due to his vast knowledge on languages and different cultures he dies a lot of videos on that plus videos on wine and suits cuz hes a fancy bitch. (and no heidi im sorry but imagining spy as the nostalgia critic makes me want to scream so he is going to be NORMAL)
    #tf2 #team fortress scout #team fortress engineer #team fortress two #team fortress 2 #tf2 sniper#tf2 scout#tf2 soldier#tf2 demoman#tf2 pyro#tf2 spy#tf2 engineer#tf2 medic#tf2 heavy #team fortress demoman
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  • 17bbirds
    20.05.2022 - 7 hours ago
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  • 3days-ofbread
    20.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Ok but like.... how do all the mercs act as like "big brother/dad" to pyro

    oh boy do i have some information for you


    -He has permanent dad energy, it comes natural.

    -Lots of humoring Pyro like going to tea parties or talking to stuffed animals. As the brother to a bunch of sisters, he's used to it.

    -Calls Pyro all sorts of things in Russian. It can range from 'firestarter'

    to 'puppy'.


    -Again with the talking to stuffed animals thing, but he takes it seriously. Like, really seriously. Like screaming at the top of his lungs at them while they're in formation seriously.

    -He absolutely taught Pyro how to flare jump.

    -Everyone's used to Soldier and brushes him off when he tries to order them around, but Pyro can just waltz in and leave with the entire team at their heels. Soldier really respects that.


    -You know the domination lines where he calls Pyro 'Mumbles' or something similar? Those, but (affectionate).

    -Side note-- each class calls Pyro's stuffed animals a different name 'cause they can't tell what Pyro's saying. Scout gives them "cool" names, ex: Buzzkill, two of them are referred to as Rip and Tear; his favorite, though, is a baseball themed teddy bear, which he named Jeremy and considers to be the coolest.

    -Pyro likes to play Catch, so they do that from time to time, and sometimes hours on end.


    -They both love explosions, it's a perfect match.

    -Demoman has a certain viewpoint of Pyro, especially when he's drunk. It's essentially "heehoo small person :)" and he tends to coo over them because of that.


    -The "mom friend" instincts combined with thing that likes being taken care of... perfect.

    -Pyro loves helping Engie with whatever he needs! Obviously, Spychecking on the battlefields, but Pyro will stand by Engie while he works, available to fetch a tool or component.

    -Whenever Engie cooks, Pyro's serving gets a spoonful of sugar in it, whatever that may be.


    -Admittedly, not all of the reasons he likes Pyro are wholesome. Y'know, killing machine at your disposal. But we're putting that aside.

    -The routine check-ups on the crew are essentially playing doctor to Pyro. Medic checked himself before all the others, but he still lets them fiddle with the tools and try to mimic what he was doing. Of course, nothing too dangerous, Pyro might get too excited and accidentally kill someone.


    -Spychecking again. Sniper's pretty good at it on his own, but he appreciates the help. And as you can imagine, Sniper and Spy don't get along, let alone Sniper and the BLU Spy.

    -Will play along with Pyro if needed. He has a stuffed koala for sentimental reasons (who might or might not have a name, Sniper refuses to tell anyone) and it occasionally joins the other stuffed animals in their escapades.


    -Technically, he hates them. But he does little subconscious things, like handing over his cigarette if he notices them eyeing it, or (mostly involuntary) playing hide and seek. (Spy is always the seeker. If he really wanted to, he could hide and no one would ever see him again.)

    -Extension to the hide and seek thing; Pyro's stuffed animals will sometimes play. They'll hide them in little corners or inside cabinets, and Spy can always find them right away while the other mercs will struggle. If he's alone, he'll mutter "Je t'ai trouvé", or another French sentence along those lines.

    -Spy doesn't really have "names" for them. In english he'll just refer to them as "one of Pyro's things". In French, he's labelled them by number and will sometimes call the stuffed animal its respective number. So you could say that's what he named them?

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  • polyam-tf2
    20.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    How The Mercs Show Affection, Part One

    Pyro gives gifts. Seeing someone's Face light up Brings them so Much Happiness! You better Expect little Gifts of Flower Crowns everywhere. Their gifts when they're Hallucinating aren't well thought out but They're everywhere. When they aren't Hallucinating the Gifts are better thought out but rarer.

    Engie he Really shows it by doing Favors for People. Is something taking Too long for them? Having tech troubles? He'll try his Best to fix it or even Improve it if he has the time. He also loves Teaching others How to do it Themselves

    Spy doesn't really know how to show his Love in a healthy way but He knows How the Weight of Secrets Drags on. So he tries to get them to Do better in the Ways he knows how and Publicizes Secrets. This doesn't seem Like he loves anyone If you don't know him But when he sits with them when they seem Down and Gives them his Advice his love comes through. He'll watch quietly smiling as they take over the world and Only congratulates them when they've Succeeded. And if they Don't? He'll be there to give them Tips on how to do it Better next Time.

    A man with a big Family who's gone Through so much, Heavy shows his love by Protecting whoever he loves from any danger he thinks they Can't handle. When things aren't that serious he's Always up for conversation and board games.

    Sniper rarely ever stayed in one Place at once so Keeping in contact with People who Mean a lot to Him is how He shows his Love for Them. He came from a Really affectionate Family and Suddenly he Stoped having any Affection from Anyone apart From an occasional talk to his Parents for a Really Long Time. So he doesn't really know how to Take affection from people.

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  • feam-tortress
    20.05.2022 - 10 hours ago


    #recreating him in various creative mediums is my coping mechanism #tf2#tf2 engineer
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  • reinnins
    20.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    woah buggy boys

    #I love bug fortress so much #go check out @/engibeetus #they have the og bug stuff #that is a spyder baby disguised as an engibee grub #please let me hold the grubs #tf2#tf2 engineer#tf2 soldier#tf2 medic#tf2 demonan#tf2 pyro#tart arts#doodles#engibee#medibug#demobeetle#pyrofly
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  • ao3feed-tf2ships
    20.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Scarlet Silk

    read it on the AO3 at https://archiveofourown.org/works/39088482

    by RayClubs

    His first mistake, he thought belatedly as he watched deep garnet spread over sangria of the silk lapel, was mistiming his Audemars Piguet watch by a quarter of a second.

    Words: 1000, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 1 of Violence Drabbles

    Fandoms: Team Fortress 2

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Engineer (Team Fortress 2), Spy (Team Fortress 2)

    Relationships: Engineer & Spy (Team Fortress 2)

    Additional Tags: Gunshot Wounds, One Shot

    read it on the AO3 at https://archiveofourown.org/works/39088482

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  • doobnnoob-tf2
    20.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    prompt:  what are the Mercs’ comfort foods?

    Scout:  Mac and Cheese, especially when made with shell pasta

    Soldier:  Meatloaf

    Pyro:  Strawberry Milkshakes, or anything strawberry in general but they love milkshakes the most

    Demoman:  Shepherd’s Pie

    Heavy:  Pelmeni, though he can’t quite get them how his Mama makes them.. with the lack of bear meat and all

    Engineer:  Chicken Fried Steak

    Medic:   Rinderroulade, it’s the one thing he knows how to cook without potentially burning the base down

    Sniper:  Fairy Bread, and he will drop kick the first person to make fun of him for it

    Spy:  Nutella, and a spoon

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  • tf2-engineer-in-the-backrooms
    20.05.2022 - 14 hours ago



    [Loading Memory...

    Memory Corrupted, Show Anyways?]

    [ ✓ Yes] [ • No]


    [Presenting Memory...]

    It's a Sunny day out. I'm outside, sitting on the front porch. I have a toy with me, so I wouldn't be lonely while waiting. It's been four minutes. Dad isn't here yet. He said he wouldn't be late. I hugged my toy a bit tighter. I'm a big boy. I'm not scared. I'm not.

    It's about to turn Evening.

    I don't wanna stay out late...

    Hours passed.

    It's Evening.

    Dad haven't come back yet.

    Grandpa told me to come inside. I didn't wanna, but I don't wanna miss dinner. So I went back inside. Grandpa told me to wait at the table.

    He said he's making me my favourite food! I'm excited! I wished Dad could enjoy it with me...

    Pappy and I talked about [Blank] while eating! Daddy always told me not to, but Papa lets me!

    ...he still hasn't come back. I miss him.

    Papa told me he'll be back in the morning.

    I hope he does.

    [Close Memory?]

    [ ✓ Yes] [ • No]

    [Memory Closed.]

    #[ howdy partner | asks ] #[ that's...me... | muse content ] #unreality#engineer tf2#memory
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  • mistertf2xreaderfluffballcake
    20.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    How does the merc react to you asking for cuddles? They all are very happy.


    He was reading his comic on the floor, you wanted a cuddle after a hard day of work. So you took the comic book and hugged him. Hey Babe! Give it back. You then silently asked for cuddle ''Scout may I have some cuddles?'' Then you pulled the cute card out and made the cute face. Bang! That went straight through his heart damn. Critical hit ''Aww okay. Come over here'' When you were hugging him, you gotta say his heart was beating so fast lol.


    He was reading the American history upside down (wait how) just laying on his bed. Just tired. He didn't feel like training or beating up other teammates. You too were very tired. So you went into his room. WHAT IS IT MAGGOT. It's me s/o. OH GOD, I AM SO SORRY CUPCAKE! It's fine hehe. He loved hearing you giggle. He then sited up from his bed. You then came in front of him. cupcake? I-I order you to cuddle with me. You were blushing. Bang Critical hit. OF COURSE CUPCAKE! He then pulled you onto the bed and cuddled with you. :)


    Pryo...Always gives you cuddles...so you don`t really need to ask for them honestly. They just know when you need it. :)) No words they just know. But! Pryo will ask you for cuddles! He would first make a drawing with you both cuddling and give it to you. It is a signal for you to please cuddle with him. Of course, you accept :))


    You dragged him out of his workshop. What's wrong sugar? I-I (You felt so embarrassed doing this...) I-I want some cuddles! You closed your eyes for a second when you opened it. You saw a tomato. You saw a bright red tomato man. lol. He then finally opened his mouth. ''Um...Sugar... (you then flinched a bit is he perhaps mad for me interrupting him working?) You can`t keep doing such cute things...You are going to make seriously explode due to your cuteness.'' You both were now bright red tomatoes. So the real question is, did you get your cuddle? Yes


    Yes. Of course, the big bear boy gave you a snuggle when you asked for some. You shyly asked for one and he just quietly closed the book he was reading and look at you dead in the eye and smiled. Of course. S/o can always snuggle with Heavy. Thank you heavy :). Also, he does not give a crap if people are watching. Heavy is not worried if you ask to cuddle in public, He likes to keep it private but honestly does not care. If people comment about he will just stare and then go ''So?'' lol


    Can I have cuddles demo? Of course princess/ prince/ s/o. Come over here, love. He is also another merc who does not care if others are around you. He has no problem with it. Are there like 10 people around you while you snuggle? Don't care. Is there a whole crown around you? Don't care. Are you in a bar? Don`t care. Not gonna lie he loves it when he sees you blush when he cuddle you in public. D-Demo what is it?*blush* Hmm? I am just cuddling with ye. Oh hello, s/o friend! :)


    He will shyly accept your cuddling request. Oh! U-Um yeah sure! Don`t worry it's just daily explosions going off in his head due to your cuteness :)) He will literally melt in your arms if you pat his head while it happens. (Lord this man is now a liquid) lol


    He will smugly accept your request. Oh~You want a cuddle~haha you little dove come over here! :)) Lol. He will be shy to ask you for cuddles. So, he will try to look serious when so. Like he just suddenly picks you up, places you on top of his lap, and continues just working on his paperwork like nothing happened. If you even dare to try to get off, he will place a hand on your waist and bring you closer. Nope, you ain`t going anywhere.


    This smug and sneaky french fancy man fricking know it when you want a snuggle. Will he give it to you? Nope, He wants to see you ask for cuddles in front of him. Even if you give 100 signs of hey I want a cuddle he will just ignore it. (sign or signal ain`t gonna do crap) He really just wants to see you ask for them using your own words. (He honestly just wants to see you adorably/cutely ask for a cuddle) So. Yep, when you asked them he had the smuggest smile ever. ''Oh? You want some cuddles? hehe. Of course mon amour~.'' (He was so fucking happy) He then pulls you into his lap and head pats you while giving you a million compliments. ''Good job my love :)''

    This was fun :). Since tomorrow is the weekend you know what that means~! It means I will write a lot. I am so bored tomorrow so yeah. More writing is coming right up! :)) I hope you enjoyed it!

    #tf2 x reader #tf2 scout x reader #tf2 soldier x reader #tf2 pyro x reader #tf2 engineer x reader #tf2 heavy x reader #tf2 demoman x reader #tf2 sniper x reader #tf2 medic x reader #tf2 spy x reader
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  • fandomandangstlover
    20.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    So I made their AU Version because I could

    Anyways Muffineer <3

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