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    20.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    I want him to ruin me x

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    20.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    boyfriends <3

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    20.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    this is so lovely 🥲

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    20.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    i messaged this mel earlier but one of ur fav players leaving ur club feels like a friend is moving abroad if that makes sense. feels like a big loss

    #or similar at least #and im not even in england #and i get to see him at the nt #BUT FUCK
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    20.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    i swear england’s squad call-ups are so unnecessarily extra. we get told exactly when it’s dropping days in advance and then the second it drops, gareth holds a press conference where he goes over all the ways the players that didn’t get called up are shit and terrible and aren’t good enough and should die whilst refusing to justify the players that he did call up. ok drama queen

    #anyway when will it drop #france germany portugal and others have released theirs #england nt#txt
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    20.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Hendo and Jack with Cerebral Palsy FC yesterday ❤️

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  • stilldreamingx
    20.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Jack Grealish playing football with the kids from Cerebral Palsy FC yesterday ❤️❤️❤️

    Hendo was there too!

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    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    People don’t even watch the Everton games and have the audacity to say that Pickford shouldn’t be England’s number 1. I don’t care about Everton but Jordan saved their ass from relegation.

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    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    They’ve done him dirty here 😂😂😂

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    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Nah, today is too much 😍

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    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    OMG STOPPPPPPP!!!!! Why are they sooooo cute!!!!!


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    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    missing him 😩

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    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Memory Loss Part V

    This is going to be the final part. Thank you so much Lia, for reading, publishing and commenting on it. I appreciate it a lot ❤️

    *TW: memory loss is mentioned

    “With the week ending tomorrow, I had to think about my whereabouts.” He nodded again in confirmation, showing that the thought had crossed his mind, too. He hung his head low, waiting to hear what he thought was going to shatter his heart into the smallest of pieces. Impossible to pick up again. Impossible to put together as one again. He still held your hand and he tried to burn that feeling of your soft skin on his into his heart. To be able to pull it out whenever the darkness would surround him too much in the future. He heard you taking a deep breath. This was it, he thought. He could already feel the little cracks in his heart. It didn't need much more, and it would crumble. You were relieved he wasn’t looking at you, as you weren’t sure whether you could’ve said anything more if his kind eyes were focussed on you. “I know it's going to be difficult for both of us with everything that's happened, but I'd like to stay – if you’ll have me.” Mason’s head snapped up at the same time as his heart stopped beating. His brown eyes stared at you in disbelief, lips slightly parted and it took a moment for your words to sink in. He waited for you to laugh or correct yourself, but the second you didn’t, and realisation kicked in, it was over for him. As much as he didn’t want to, he finally broke down. All the pent up emotions spilling over, as the tears he had tried so hard to hold back, flowed freely and dropped down onto his bedsheets. He pulled his hand from yours and buried his face in both of them. Heart-shattering sobs and erratic breaths made it past his lips and pulled at your heartstrings, while his whole body was shaking violently. You couldn’t help but freeze for a moment, simply taking in his state as it took you by surprise. You didn’t know what exactly you had expected, but such a strong reaction hadn’t crossed your mind. Not even for a second. “Oh Mase.”, you whispered quietly before shuffling closer to him, simply wrapping your arms around his trembling body as best as you could and caressed his back with your hands. Your fingers gently traced patterns over his broad shoulders and tensed back; scratching his neck and the back of his head from time to time. It took a long while until his sobs quietened down, but when they did you carefully leaned back and grabbed his wrists to gently pull his hands from his face. “Mase.” Nothing. As much as you could understand him, you needed him to look at you and let you be there for him properly. “Mase, please look at me.” When he finally locked his eyes on yours it caused that fuzzy feeling to return. Despite his bloodshot eyes, quivering lip and still falling tears, he managed to give you a small, but heart-warming smile. “Come here.”, you said. There was little resistance from him when you pulled him into your arms. He hid his face in the crook of your neck, while still sobbing – albeit less violently. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, gently caressing his back with one and scratching the back of his head with the other. Mason wrapped his arms around your waist in a tight embrace, pulling you to sit right on top of his thighs and while you technically had only known him for less than a week, it didn’t feel one bit weird or uncomfortable to be this close to him. Only when he pushed his hand under your hoodie to feel your skin beneath his fingertips, something that would always calm him instantly, you tensed a little. But you reminded yourself that it was Mason and that it was okay. He had done so much for you; this was your chance to give him something back. So, when he retracted his hand from underneath the fabric and mumbled a quiet “Sorry”, you grabbed it to push it right back. “It’s fine, Mase. Keep it there.”, you said, pressing a small kiss against the side of his head and he sighed a little, melting against your smaller frame. He placed his warm hand flat against your back, gently tracing it up and down, without ever crossing a line. The most precious pieces of his life were finally, albeit slowly, coming back together.

    You sat there like that, tangled together, sharing warmth and love for what felt like an eternity. But at the same time, it was too early when he pulled his face from your neck. Dried tears were staining his flushed cheeks and his hair was a little messy from where you pushed your fingers through it, and yet he looked as handsome as ever before. You stared at each other, taking in the soft look in each other’s eyes. There was this tension surrounding the both of you, pulling you both in. His honey-brown eyes staring deep into yours, making you feel all giddy. It would have been the perfect opportunity for a first kiss, but you didn’t feel ready for it. It was too early and too rushed and when there was one thing you didn’t want to do then it was rushing whatever was between you and Mason. You had taken another small step, but it was too early for something else than hugs and shy touches, so you averted your eyes into your lap. Mason sensed how you were close to getting uncomfortable. “I want you to know, that we’re not doing anything you don’t want to, y/n. Just because you have decided to stay doesn't mean that something has to change. I’m here when you need me, and I’ll give you space whenever you want it. You can sleep here, but you can also sleep in your bed for as long as you want to.” You pressed your nose against his neck, breathing in his familiar scent and relaxing in his arms. “Thank you, Mase.” You felt him press a little kiss to the side of your head and smiled. It was beyond you how such a caring, kind-hearted and loving person had chosen you out of all people. He had chosen you and despite you not remembering, he kept choosing you on every single day. You snuggled a little closer to him, your arms tightening around his shoulders and while for the first time in a week your head had finally shut up, there were several things running through Mason’s while he held you close to him: That you were the best thing to ever happen to him. That he never wanted to let you go again. That he wanted you to sleep in his bed so that he could cuddle you and hold you forever. And that he really didn’t want to leave for the game the next day.

    “You should sleep Mase.” He nodded at your words but did not loosen his grip around you in the slightest. “You have to get up early tomorrow and there’s an important game coming up for you guys.” Mason buried his face in your neck once more. He wasn’t ready to let go yet, albeit he knew that you were right. The day had been tiring and with his emotions spilling over the way they had, he needed the sleep more than ever before. You gently combed through his hair, scratching his scalp in the process at which Mason hummed lowly. You had a faint idea that he didn’t want to let go because deep inside there was still this fear of waking up to you being gone. A fear that came naturally with a situation like this. “I’ll sleep in my bed, Mase, but I promise you I’ll still be here tomorrow. Wake me for breakfast, will you?” “Yeah.” You smiled at his little voice crack, pressing another small kiss to his head. It was insane how this man had stolen your heart within only a couple of days and you questioned yourself a little, wondering whether you were moving too quickly, but it felt like your head had forgotten everything, while your heart could still remember. 

    *couple of weeks later

    You were stood outside, looking over where Summer played with Lewis, when you felt someone coming up behind you and you smiled when Mason wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you back to lean against his chest. “Missed you.”, he whispered before he pressed a kiss to your temple. You hummed a little as the warm feeling that you only ever had with him made its way into your body. “Missed you, too.” It was insane how much you missed him and his hugs and kisses whenever he was away. Even if it was for some mere minutes. Sometimes you worried, that you were in too deep, but then you caught him staring at you in the most random moments as if you had hung the moon and you were reminded that he felt the same. He was your person and his arms were your comfort place. You turned around in his arms and looked at his handsome face, at the way his cute freckles adorned his nose and cheeks and finally you locked your eyes on his. You pouted your lips slightly, a wordless plea for him to kiss you, but all he did was smirk. “You want something?” The glint in his gentle eyes made your tummy flutter in the best way possible. “Kiss me, please?”, you whispered and who was he to say no to that. He gently grabbed your cheek with one hand, his thumb brushing right under your eye, before he closed his eyes and slotted his lips perfectly over yours. You kissed him back instantly, not wanting to miss a single precious second of his kiss that made you feel all giddy inside. A feeling that you were certain you could never get tired of and you were very much addicted to. When he intensified the kiss slowly, you released a soft sigh into his mouth, melting against his warm body with your arms around his waist. Mason took the chance to gently glide his tongue against yours, exploring your mouth and savouring the moment with you. His hand on your waist gripped you a little tighter, making sure you wouldn’t let go just yet. You made a soft noise in the back of your throat at the way the tips of his fingers pushed lightly under your shirt and skimmed over the warm skin on your waist. He wanted to keep kissing you, he wanted to kiss you into next week and if he was being honest with himself, he wanted to kiss you always and forever. The way you felt against his body, the way your lips fit so perfectly against his own would forever be engraved in his whole being. You only parted when you both needed some time to regain your breathing, but you stayed close. Close enough for his lips to keep brushing against yours and his breath to mingle with yours. You grinned happily at him before pecking his lips a couple more times.

    “Jacket or hoodie?”, he asked out of nowhere, catching you off guard. “Huh?” “You’re freezing, love. Do you want my jacket or my hoodie?” He pressed a single kiss against the tip of your nose. Your cold skin confirming his words and without an answer from you, he pulled away from you to get out of his jacket. “Hold, please.”, he said, handing you his jacket. He wasn’t even sure why he had asked in the first place. After years of having you by his side, he knew that you’d take his hoodie over a jacket any day, so he pulled his hoodie off; his t-shirt riding up in the process, too. Your eyes dropped to see the Calvin’s peaking out of his jeans, something you loved to see – especially when you were leaning against the doorframe, and he was busy cooking whatever meal had crossed his mind during training. Whenever he’d reach up to grab something out of the cabinet the waistband would peak out and make your thoughts disappear within a second. Lost in your thoughts about the last time it happened, you missed how he held the hoodie out for you to take. “y/n, you’re with me?” He flicked the tip of your nose in a teasing manner which finally made you snap out of your daze. Realising he had caught you staring you blushed and grabbed his hoodie. He helped you pull it over your head, before putting his jacket back on. “You’re cute when you blush.”, Mason said, his fingertips brushing over the cold skin on your cheek. You smiled and shuffled closer to him. His body heat seemed to attract you like a magnet and because he knew that, he wrapped his arms around your shoulders and his puffer jacket around your body at the same time. You propped your chin against his chest, staring at him lovingly. He was just so pretty. “Thank you.”, you smiled, but he shook his head. “What for?” “For being the way you are. It’s everything I could’ve ever asked for and more.” Mason’s lips stretched into one of those beautiful smiles that you loved so much, and he couldn’t hide the soft blush that was covering his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. “You’re all I ever want, too.” He pressed a gentle kiss against your lips before pulling back to look at your pretty face a little longer. He was as mesmerised by you as you were by him. You were effortlessly beautiful, and he couldn’t comprehend why you chose him out of all people – twice. You pushed your hands under his shirt, feeling his skin on yours before locking your eyes back on his. “I love you.”

    His lips part in surprise and he was sure his heart skipped not only one but ten beats. He blinked once; twice and then again, waiting for you to disappear because there was no way it wasn’t a dream, but you stayed right in front of him. You stood there with your hands against his back, fingers gently pressing into his skin, your head angled back slightly and a shy, but oh so beautiful smile on your face. He leaned down, to meet you. “Say it again.”, he said. His lips brushing against yours in the process. You peck his lips lovingly, not getting over how much love was shining in his brown eyes. “I love you, Mason.”, you repeat without pulling your head back. “So much, you have no idea.” He shook his head, fighting back the tears. This was everything he could ever want. You were everything he could ever want. You were his forever. “I love you, y/n. So much more than I’ll ever be able to express.”

    part 4 // sxhsnehdj this was the perfect ending!!! honestly i’m sad that it’s already over but you again made my heart skip, this was so so so cute!! also, you really don’t have to thank me, i was so lucky to receive these from you and be able to read it, so thank you so much for this great story!! ly xx

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    chilly is back 💙

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    if england nt bring back the red away kit for the world cup i won't even be mad when we go out in the group stages x

    #god John in the red kit don't @ me #keeley.txt #England nt
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    england world cup kits ⚽️

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    I think I wanna marry you - Mason Mount

    Request: Could you write a request about mason proposing to you please? I give you full freedom on what to write but just with that concept🥰hope that’s okay I just haven’t seen much about that one. Wanted to also say that I really enjoy reading your stories❤️

    Warning: none, fluffy and lovely Mase

    Tag list: @masonxomount @chelsealover​

    You and Mason have been together for more than two years now, getting through the ups and down every couple must face. All the things, the experiences you lived through shaped you, made you stronger, definitely helped you become two different people since the day he first asked you out. 

    You grew up together, for better or worse, and you were ready to take it a step further.

    The day Mason saw his best friend Declan telling him he was going to get married to his girlfriend Lauren was when he decided it was time to take the big step for you too.

    The moments when he came home and found you watching all those wedding related shows like Say yes to the dress or Four weddings (not succeeding in trying to hide some emotional tears rolling down your cheeks) were the ones that gave him the proof that he was going to do the right thing.

    He felt the need to do it in the best and biggest way possible, trying to keep it discreet and low profile at the same time as you liked. Mason knew you weren’t a big fan of lavish things, you’d rather keep it simple and cosy as you always said these were things meant to be lived by the couple only, not for the whole public to see and cheer on as if you were at one of his football games.

    The proposal was going to be such a great thing, maybe one of the greatest of his life, and as a natural consequence he couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. He struggled about finding the perfect idea, the location, what he would wear, becoming a little like an obsession.

    The fact that he couldn’t say a word to you tortured him so his only solution was to shower his worries upon his friends and family.

    “I could book a whole restaurant just for us only, maybe hire some musician like someone who plays the violin”

    “Nah, too cliché” As Mason was walking back and forth in your living room, rattling off some ideas for his proposal to you, his best friends Ben and Declan were sitting there on your sofa, trying to help him, or better, listening to his rants.

    “Yeah, I was thinking the same…and what about something on a rooftop? Like somewhere where we could see London skyline”

    “Yeah, add the violinist and you’re ready for some of those stupid wedding shows” Ben blurted out, making Declan burst out in a loud laughter.

    “You’re not helping guys” Mason glared at them, stopping with his hands on his hips. “Declan, how did you do that with Lauren?”

    “Ha ha, that's cheating! You can’t copy my proposal, Mase” He giggled.

    “I’m not cheating! I’m just asking for your help!”

    “Well” Ben cleared his voice, sitting upright on the sofa as his new posture was a way to stop laughing at his teammate and start helping him seriously. “What’s something she really likes? Like a place”

    “Mhh well…she loves the sea”

    “Great! So we already have the place”

    “Then you can do something like writing her a letter where you tell her your feelings and read it out loud”

    “Are you guys serious?”

    “Yeah Mase, you have to do something quite romantic for her to say yes!”

    “And what if she says no??” Panic was clearly visible in his chocolate brown orbs.

    “Mate, she’ll never do that! Relax!”

    Even though, at first, that afternoon would look like a completely unproductive meeting, the three of them managed to plan the most romantic proposal they could think of.

    Mason still had a couple of weeks to set up everything before going on holiday in Italy, on the Amalfi coast where he would drop the question.

    You’ve always dreamed about going there as it was one of the places in your travel bucket list so it was needless to say that when Mason surprised you with that destination you were the happiest girl ever.

    When the infamous day arrived, Mason was somewhat nervous to say the least but you clearly didn’t know the reason behind it, you spent all the day asking him whether there was something wrong, whether he was feeling unwell but every time you asked him some of those questions he would fake a smile and tell you that everything was fine.

    He booked dinner in one the most renowned restaurants in Positano, getting a table on a balcony facing the sea just for the two of you.

    “You look really good tonight” 

    "Tonight only?” You teased him, smiling before sipping on your cold white wine.

    He rolled his eyes playfully, smirking.

    “You always look good but tonight especially…maybe is the moon”

    “Aww someone’s getting romantic”

    “I always am romantic!”

    Mason was trying really hard to hide his nervousness, which was growing with each passing minute.

    The seafood dinner you had that night was particularly good, with local dishes and the unique atmosphere of the moonlight caressing your features and the sea breeze wrapping your tanned bodies.

    As the dinner came to its end, Mason paid for everything, thanking the staff for giving you the privacy he asked for and headed towards the beach, where a much appreciated surprise was awaiting you.

    You were kind of confused, as you thought you were going to have a stroll in the old town, looking for some souvenirs to gift your loved ones with. Instead he told you he wasn’t feeling like it and he wanted to chill on the beach.

    “Mase, tell me where are we going” You asked following his lead.

    “Be patient babe and trust me, I’m not going to take anywhere dangerous” Mason giggled, never letting go of your fingers. His hold on them was so soft yet firm as he was really looking forward to the moment he would ask you the infamous question that he couldn’t stop thinking about.

    You took a few steps on the sand as you saw something similar to a pavilion, long white curtains hanging down from the wooden poles as the perimeter of the structure was lit with small candles all around it that made the whole picture even more beautiful.

    After a first glance, you were somewhat shocked and confused, since you didn’t know that it had been created just for you. Your puzzled look made Mason shiver a bit as he gave a shy smile.

    “Is it…is it for us?”

    “Yeah, for us only”

    Once you arrived at the gazebo, your boyfriend gestured for you to take a seat on the round cream pillows lying on the dark towel on the sand.

    Mason sat in front of you, never letting go of your hand.

    “Mase, what’s happening?” You giggled nervously, hoping no one would look at you or take pictures.

    “Don’t worry, nobody will see us as I’ve been granted a special permission for the beach to be just for us”

    You rolled your eyes, partly annoyed by that VIP gesture but grateful too because of your shyness.

    “I hope you’re enjoying this holiday as much as I am, since it was something you were really looking forward to…” He paused for a moment, looking down at your fingers he was softly brushing. “You love the sea so I thought this was the perfect place for, you know, being together and all of that…” Mason prepared his speech with Declan and Ben but the anxiety of the moment had the upper hand so all he had in mind became nothing but a blurry memory.

    “We…the years we spent together have been incredible, I mean we had our problems but also our happy moments that I will always cherish in my heart as some of the best moments in my life…your endless support means the world to me, you’re always there with me even when you can’t physically be present and you have no idea how grateful I am for that. 

    You help me be a better person…you don’t need to be any better cause you’re already perfect the way you are, with all your flaws and everything. Not to mention the way you interact with my family…God, Summer loves you so much, you’re literally her favourite auntie and I love so much seeing you play with her or cuddling her…”

    During his speech, the smile never left your lips and you looked at him with eyes full of love as they would get wet with all the emotional tears you were trying to hide, exactly as you did while watching brides getting married on tv.

    “I want all of this to become our routine, I want to spend every single moment with you so i wanted to ask you” Mason interrupted his words as well as his eye contact with you to take the engagement ring out of his pocket. As he opened the tiny, burgundy box in front of you, you couldn’t believe it. It was happening: Mason was asking you to marry him.

    The box revealed a shiny silver solitaire ring with a small diamond on top. It was the ring you showed him at a jewellery store in London some weeks ago and you joked about it being your engagement ring. In the end it became your engagement ring for real.

    You finally let your tears roll down your cheeks freely, as you reached the peak of the tension that had been building up that night.

    “Will you marry me?”

    You looked at him who was, as the tradition would suggest, kneeled before you. You covered your trembling mouth with your shaking hands, as you vehemently nodded at his question.

    “Yes, yes of course!!"

    He looked at you with glistening eyes and a soft smile, before he looked away to slip the solitaire on your ring finger.

    The fine piece of jewellery shone so bright it reminded you of the brighter future you had ahead of you with him by your side.

    When he got up you immediately wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing him on the lips.

    “I can’t wait to be your wife”

    “Yeah…Mrs Y/N Mount sounds quite good”

    "I love you Mase, I love you so so much" You whispered smiling, your forehead against his as your eyes were closed, trying to convince yourself that what you just lived was real and not just another episode of Four Weddings.

    “I love you more, my future wife. Can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you”

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    husbands <3

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    gonna watch england nt youtube videos so I can feel something

    #I’ve had a rough week #and it’s Tuesday #england nt#-ash
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