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  • dreamyteam
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Jungwon Dating Headcanons

    genre: fluff

    pairing: enhypen jungwon x reader

    warnings: nothing

    word count:

    Every time I see a video of him

    He seems so shy?

    So maybe a cute friends to lovers trope?

    Please compliment this boy

    Especially on his leader skills

    And let him be the small spoon

    And let him be the small spoon

    I feel like his older sister would be standoffish at first

    But then grow to love you

    Poke his dimples

    Walks together

    Helping each other with anything

    Sharing clothes

    I also feel like he would enjoy inside dates more than outside dates

    If that makes sense

    Like takeout and tv>>>fancy restaurants

    Enhypen literally love you two together

    Making each other flustered over little things

    Like holding hands

    Being domestic together without realizing :(

    #kflixnet #enhypen x reader #enhypen x you #enhypen x gender neutral reader #enhypen x y/n #enhypen imagines#enhypen headcanons #Enhypen as your boyfriend #jungwon x reader #jungwon x you #jungwon x y/n #jungwon headcanons#jungwon imagines #kpop x y/n #kpop x you #kpop headcanons #kpop x reader #kpop imagines
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    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    masterlist | next

    SYNOPSIS — Jungwon Yang is an aspiring artist in the grueling city of New York, and he wants nothing more than for his dreams to come true. Unfortunately, his acerbic and unloving stepfather and stepbrothers, are in his way.

    Y/N Y/L/N on the other hand is living the life she’s always dreamed of. She’s an international pop phenomenon, partially thanks to her being under the hottest record company Mystic Records, owned by her father. While everyone knows her as a glamourous superstar, she’s frustrated with every aspect of her career being controlled. All she wants, is for the world to see and hear her true talent.

    AUTHORS NOTE - finally the first chapter is up!! i’m sorry it took so long but i had no idea how to start this and i don’t wanna put out something half-assed! hopefully i’ll be more consistent from here on out!

    TAGLIST - @enhacolor @bettyschwallocksyee @hiqhkey @rrvvby @lil-iva @steph507

    #ddeowon #RAGS! #enhypen#enhypen headcanons #enha socmed au #enhypen scenarios#enhypen imagines #enhypen social media au #enhypen x female reader #jungwon smau #jungwon x y/n #jungwon au#jungwon fluff #jungwon x reader #yang jungwon
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  • jaeyunverse
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    PAIRING(S) | sim jake x fem!reader

    GENRE(S) | fluff, angst, crack, best friends to lovers, mutual pining, high school au

    WORD COUNT | 2k

    WARNING(S) | profanity, mc has mommy issues that are mentioned very briefly. i think that’s all but lmk if you want me to add smth!!

    PROMPT | “i don’t understand why you’re acting this way.”

    AUTHOR’S NOTE | i’m sorry the title is kinda shit i cannot come up w good + relevant ones for the life of me and google was not helping BOOO but tysm for requesting anon and i hope you like the drabble!! feedback is always appreciated; i’d love to know what everything thinks :”)

    dialogue prompt event

    You had been avoiding Jake Sim. 

    Considering the fact that he was your best friend, the task was proving to be just as difficult as you had expected it to be. 

    Maybe even more so. He was surprisingly very clingy—something you had failed to notice in your friendship of four years. 

    As you turned the corner of the school library’s hallway, your eyes trained on the ground, you felt an arm being thrown around your neck.  

    You tensed at the contact and took a sharp breath. 

    “Where have you been today?” Jake questioned casually. “I’ve been searching for you everywhere. And did you buy new clothes? I’ve never seen these before. I gotta say I like this look on you.”

    Damn it. 

    You’d thought wearing a brand-new outfit would make it easier for you to hide from him. You’d even gone as far as wearing a cap and letting your hair down so it could conceal your face. Your teachers had been on your ass for wearing the accessory all day long. 

    Trying to fight the blush creeping up your neck, you shrugged him off as subtly as you could and put some distance between your bodies. “I’ve been around.” 

    “Okay.” Jake dragged out the word. You didn’t need to glance at him to know he was frowning. “You’re coming over tonight though, right? There’s a new Riverdale episode out for us to slander. Also my mom’s making lasagne and she told me to tell you to stay over.” 

    There was no way you could say no to that. Subjecting yourselves to an hour of terrible screenwriting to criticise it was basically a tradition and bonding exercise for both of you.  

    Turning Jake down would instantly make him suspicious, which would lead to him asking questions. You were a lot of things, and being a terrible liar was one of them. 

    Jake was a lot of things too, and being an absolute busybody was one of them. He’d push and push and push until you told him the truth. 

    And you couldn’t possibly confess that you had a gigantic crush on him. 

    Not only would it put your relationship in jeopardy in case he didn’t reciprocate your feelings (which you were pretty sure he didn’t), but the confirmed rejection would literally tear you apart from the inside.

    You’d rather pine after him and be content with being his best friend than chase after some stupid fantasy. Unfortunately, pining sucked ass, especially when the one you wanted but couldn’t have was always hanging around you.  

    So, you’d been trying to cut down on the time you spent with him, hoping that the distance would make your feelings disappear magically. So far, it was not working, but that didn’t mean you were going to give up.

    “Um,” you began, keeping your eyes fixed on your sneakers. “I don’t think I can come over today. I have that… thing to do.”

    Real fucking convincing, Y/N, you thought to yourself dismally.

    “What thing?” Jake questioned, sounding taken aback. You knew he damn well knew you had no thing to do. “And look at me while we’re talking, would you?” 

    “I am looking at you,” you lied. “You just don’t see it because I’m wearing a cap.” 

    You realised your mistake a second too late. 

    Jake lifted the accessory from your head the moment you uttered the words. You whirled around to face him immediately, but he had already anticipated your next move. 

    Right as you tried to snatch the cap again, your best friend raised his arm and held it over his head. 

    “Hey!” you exclaimed and took a step closer. Standing on your tiptoes, you put a hand on Jake’s shoulder for support and reached up for your belonging. 

    He simply stretched his arm higher, making it even harder for you to get your cap back. 

    “Give it back!” you huffed and tugged at his wrist, unknowingly putting all your weight on him. His free arm wrapped around your waist to keep you from jumping. 

    “Now you’re not moving away from me?” Jake taunted you, his lips brushing the shell of your ear. 

    Your breath hitched in your throat, and you couldn’t help but lean back in his hold to glance at him. 

    “Tell me what’s wrong,” he mumbled while looking down at you, your faces so close you could count his lashes and see the universe in his eyes. 

    You snapped yourself out of your reverie before you could do something you’d regret. Pulling yourself out of his arms, you stumbled back and averted your gaze. “I need to go.”

    Not bothering for a response, you turned on your heels and hurried away. The feeling of Jake’s eyes drilling holes into the back of your head only spurred you into increasing your speed. 

    You let out a deep breath and collapsed into your usual seat upon entering the library. Your cheeks felt hot, and your heart was thumping so hard you were afraid it was going to jump out of your chest. 

    You couldn’t keep this up anymore. Your feelings were starting to get out of hand, and you were beginning to lose control. 

    It wouldn’t be too long until you reached your limit. 

    Save for the encounter near the library, you did not run into Jake again.  

    You were about to mentally congratulate yourself for getting through another day when someone grabbed your wrist and tugged you towards them. 

    One moment, you were in the crowded hallway of your school  and the next, you were in an empty classroom, your best friend glowering at you. 

    “You scared me!” you exclaimed, your eyes wide with shock. 

    “You’re scaring me,” Jake countered. “What is up with you these days? I don’t understand why you’re acting this way.” 

    It took you a second to understand what he was referring to. Gulping, you dropped your gaze. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  

    “You think I can’t tell you’re avoiding me?” he demanded and took a step closer, causing you to take a step back in return. “You think I don’t notice something’s wrong?” 

    “Everything's fine. You’re being paranoid.” 

    Jake laughed humourlessly. “Don’t fuck with me, Y/N.” 

    “I’m not,” you said as calmly as you could. “Trust me, nothing’s wrong.” 

    For a moment, there was silence. Then, “You’re lying,” he said quietly. “You’re not looking at me.” 

    Taking a deep breath, you raised your head and looked Jake in the eyes. “Everything’s fine,” you repeated. 

    He searched your face. “You know you can tell me anything, right?” 

    “There is nothing to tell,” you insisted, trying desperately to convince him. 

    “Is it something at home?” He pried further. “Is your mom checking your phone again? Did she take your laptop—” 


    “I can ask my mom to talk to her, you know? I don’t like how she doesn’t trust you and keeps suffocating you all the time—” 

    “Stop it, Jake!” you finally burst out. “Stop sticking your nose in my business! You’re the one suffocating me right now so just back off. I’m not obligated to tell you shit!” 

    You regretted saying that the moment hurt flashed across Jake’s face. You opened your mouth to apologise, but he beat you to it. 

    “You’re right,” he muttered and averted his gaze, moving away from you. “You’re not answerable to me. I’m sorry for pushing you.” 

    Putting his back to you, Jake retreated to the door with slumped shoulders. You knew you had royally messed up and there was a good chance your friendship would be ruined forever if he left the classroom. 

    So, you decided to bite the bullet and tell the truth. Confessing couldn’t possibly do more damage than what had already been done. 

    “It’s you.” 

    Jake stopped in his tracks and turned around. He looked surprised to know that it indeed was him that was the issue. “It is?” 

    “Yeah,” you said, your voice cracking a bit. “There’s something I have to tell you.” 

    Jake nodded. “Of course. Anything.” 

    “I’m, uh—” you toyed with your hands, struggling to find the courage to confess— “I— I like you.”

    “What?” he whispered, shell-shocked. 

    “I’ve been avoiding you because I’m attracted to you,” you stammered. Wetting your dry lips, you forced yourself to continue, “I didn’t want to put you in a difficult position by telling you I liked you, but every time I saw you, all I could think about was what it would be like to have you want me back. I just— I didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship by confessing. I thought my feelings would fade if I stayed away, but that didn’t work out too well. I’m sorry.” 

    Jake opened his mouth to reply, but closed it when nothing escaped. Looking away, he pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a small chuckle under his breath.

    You felt your heart drop to the bottom of your stomach. You were prepared for rejection—you were aware from the very beginning that you were going to be turned down—but you weren’t prepared for whatever this was. 

    “You’re laughing,” you mumbled. “You don’t believe me.” 

    “I don’t,” Jake confirmed. “Actually, no, wait. Let me rephrase that: I want to believe you, but I can’t.” 

    “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” you demanded and crossed your arms over your chest defensively. This situation was turning out to be much worse than you had expected. 

    How could Jake just laugh at you? What about your confession had been funny? Did he think you were incapable of crushing on him? Did he think he was not good enough to be crushed on? 

    “It means,” he began, sauntering towards you, “I can’t believe I wasted weeks pining over you and holding myself back from confessing only for you to have liked me back this entire time.”

    Your eyes widened and your heart skipped a beat. Your breaths started getting shallower and your legs felt like jelly. You were starting to understand what Jake meant when he said he wanted to believe you but couldn’t. 

    “It means I can’t believe I gaslit myself into thinking you’d never feel even an ounce of what I felt for you,” he continued. You were standing toe to toe now, your faces but a few inches away. “It means I can’t believe I tortured myself when I could have just told you the truth and done this.”

    Before you could fully comprehend what Jake was saying, his hands were cupping your face and his lips were on yours. 

    You were frozen for a moment, unable to think, much less react. But then, your eyes fluttered close and you kissed him back. 

    It was everything you had imagined. Scratch that, it was so much better.

    Jake tasted like chocolate and his soft lips slotted into yours perfectly. He moved them slowly, as if wanting to relish the moment you were sharing. 

    Grabbing the neckline of his t-shirt, you pulled him lower and tilted your neck to the side to deepen the kiss. 

    Jake obliged and snaked an arm around your waist, pressing your body flush against his. Cocooned in his arms, you felt at home. 

    But then, you always felt at home with him. 

    Out of breath, you detached your lips from his and whispered, “Wow.” 

    Jake laughed and embraced you, placing his chin on top of your head. “Yeah, I know.” 

    Snuggling into his chest, you mumbled, “Now what?” 

    “Now I ask you to be my girlfriend.”

    You smiled and tipped your neck to glance at him. “And then?” 

    “Assuming you say yes,” he mused, earning a snort from you. “I take you out on a date.” 

    “And what would we do on the date?” 

    Jake smirked, raising an eyebrow. “Why don’t I pick you up at seven today and you find out?” 

    You grinned, feeling giddy at the prospect of going out on a date with your best friend turned boyfriend. 


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  • iyeonjuni
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    till death do us part — five: till it drags you down

    synopsis: in modern day where the country of decelis is governed by a constitutional monarchy, y/n never would have thought that she would get tangled up in the affairs with the king. nevertheless form a contractual marriage with him— each for their own benefit.

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    #kflixnet #k-radio! #ficscafe #enhypen x reader #enhypen smau#enhypen scenario#enhypen scenarios#enhypen angst#enhypen au #enhypen socmed au #enhypen social media au #enhypen x you #enhypen x y/n #enhypen fake texts #enhypen fic#enhypen fluff#enhypen imagine#enhypen imagines#sunghoon imagines#sunghoon scenarios #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon social media au #sunghoon angst#sunghoon fanfic #sunghoon x y/n #sunghoon x you #sunghoon fluff#sunghoon au #sunghoon fake texts #sunghoon smau
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  • jaylaxies
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    TO THE BOY : who took my v card

    PAIRING : heeseung x afab!reader
    GENRE : smut, protected sex, fingering, cunnilingus, a lot of kissing and making out, friends to lovers, fluff, angst, mentions of isa (stayc), sungchan (nct) and jin (bts), mentions of food, swimming, partying, usage of nicknames (baby, sweetheart).
    WC : 12.5k words
    SYNOPSIS : you had first attended the summer camp at the age of thirteen, and since then, heeseung had been your companion and partner in crime, supporting you in every one of your rendezvous at the camp each year. now, at the age of eighteen, you are attending it for the last time, and he promises to make these three weeks an unforgettable experience for you — even if it includes breaking a few rules.
    WARNING : 18+ content, minors dni.
    A/N : hello pretty people <3 i'm finally here with the first installment of to all the boys series! this is by far the longest fic i've written and i sincerely hope that y'all enjoy it! thank you sm for 5k+ followers :3 all likes, comments, reblogs and feedbacks are highly appreciated :D iloveyou all <3

    The briny scent of salt along with the light breeze flowing through your hair brought you back to reality. It wasn't just one of your dream full of excitement anymore, you were finally at the summer camp you'd been attending since you were thirteen.

    Nothing's changed, the place is still lively as ever, the beach clean and ready to be used by campers, the small blue butterflies fluttering their wings in excitement, welcoming you back.

    The glistening sunlight atop the clean ocean water had mesmerized you for a while, and you didn't know how long you had spent watching how it reflected off the water.

    A hand on your shoulder brought you back to reality, you turned around to see Isa with her gummy smile on display, the same one which made it easy for you to befriend her when you first came here.

    “Looking for Hee?” her grin was teasing, which made you pout in the slightest way possible.

    You indeed were looking for the said man, the guy who you had labelled as your ‘camp best friend’, the guy who had spent your past five summers with, the guy who made you fall in love with the freshness of summer — Lee Heeseung.

    “Yeah, he should've been here by now,” you looked around, completely ignoring the meaning behind her question.

    You could see campers all over the bus stop, getting their luggage bags off and waiting with their newfound friends — in the case of younger, new campers and the others reuniting with their old ones — just like you and Isa.

    Your hand automatically went up to your forehead, acting as a shield while you squinted your eyes, trying to find where your other friends were while Isa poked your side with a pout, wanting your attention at this particular moment.

    You engulfed her in a side hug, which made her smile, feeling accomplished with her motive. That's exactly when the camp counsellor blew his whistle as he stood on the levelled surface of the stool, grabbing everyone's attention.

    The soft murmurs and the sound of luggage dragging were heard before everyone stood around him in a circle while you were still distracted, your eyes still in search of a particular someone.

    “Oh! We would love to see a little enthusiasm here,” he stated sarcastically, with a playful smile as he put his hand on his ear. Some people clapped while some screamed in order to give him the excitement he wanted which made you and Isa smile.

    Mr. Kim Seokjin, your camp counsellor, smiled and bend down further. His voice increased a pitch before he screamed, “I can't hear you guys,” and suddenly the excited screams pitched a level high as well, you joining in by hooting.

    He went over all the rules, some causing a series of sighs and boos considering how it wasn't allowed for the campers to leave their cabins after ten pm maximum.

    Both of you knew the rules by heart despite breaking them tons of times, never been caught once though. After the last rule was announced, he welcomed everyone yet again and demanded another set of cheering.

    You were about to join in but a deep-voiced hollered just near your ear made you stop in your tracks, a strong hand wrapped around your waist just in time to prevent you from tripping over.

    The culprit for both? Lee Heeseung. He looked at you with shining eyes while a boyish laugh escaped his mouth as he pulled you in a hug.

    You hugged him back after overcoming the initial shock of him surprising you. Your little jumps only added to his chuckle as your heart warmed at the silly prank of your friend.

    It was comforting, home-like almost. Your eyes shut down for a second as you took it all in before opening and stepping back with a smile.

    He mirrored your action, looking at you up and down while you observed him too. His outfit wasn't over the top yet it looked like it was made just for him. A pair of long black shorts along with a light blue, half-sleeved shirt and a pair of sports shoes, he looked like a child. His tousled, slightly wavy hair only added to your amusement.

    “Did I scare you, y/n?” his smile was teasing.

    You simply shook your head with a scrunched nose, not admitting the fact that you indeed were startled for a moment to him. The comfort of his embrace did make you feel at ease.

    Isa only smiled from a distance, nodding slightly as a ‘hello’ to Hee, which he returned, before leaving you two to catch up with each other.

    You both didn't care about the commotion all around you as everyone rushed to get settled in their respective cabins, only walking slowly while dragging your luggage towards your own room.

    “Missed me?” he was in the mood to tease you, his lips curving up as he saw you roll your eyes.

    “Of course not, Lee.”

    “Too bad, cause I missed you a lot.”

    His words were filled with sincerity, you could tell it without even looking at him and you didn't want to look at him, mostly because you were aware of his eyes on you, waiting for a reaction but you stayed mum.

    That was the first time he admitted that he missed you. The way you both communicated was honestly not the best, only texting when you both were at the camp and never afterwards. It was like an unspoken fact how you both had a shy interior, conveying feelings, even the platonic ones, got hard for you at times.

    So seeing Heeseung being free-spirited and jolly made you want to return his energy.

    “I missed you too.” you softly spoke and he lit up like a Christmas tree.

    For the rest of your five-minute walk, you talked about how this place looked as lively as ever, Heeseung also filled you in about his university admissions and the well being of his family, you telling him the same.

    You stared at him the whole time he talked, observing his face which looked a lot more mature than last year.

    His jawline looked sharper, his adam's apple more prominent and attractive. His face was well sculpted which you could easily compare to that of a Greek God and youthful skin shone brightly as his cherry lips continued to move while his nose looked pointy enough to make you want to want to poke it, specs perfectly perched on it.

    “Earth to y/n.” he waved his big hands in front of your face, which widened your eyes and successfully snapped you out of your admiration session.

    “I'm sorry, what were you saying?” you asked sheepishly and he only gave you a smile in return.

    “I was talking about how it's our last year here,” he pouted and you stopped with realisation.

    You won't ever see Heeseung after these weeks get over. Or maybe you would, you never know.


    “Don't worry, we'll make it worth it,” he said, holding your hand and giving it a light squeeze.

    A small smile settled on your face, “We will.” and you squeezed his hand back.

    It took you two hours to finally settle in and unpack your clothes, make your little cabin more lively with your books on the shelf and Isa's music player accompanied the calm ambience. Isa seemed mysterious to you, she loved to disappear during the night, claiming to have found a treehouse in the woods where she liked to sleep.

    That's what she told you, at least.

    To uplift the spirits of the newcomers, a day one party was organised, just exactly how it happens each year. Only, the number of campers looked more than the usual, the camp had a reputation now and hence the surge in-crowd.

    Heeseung knocked on your door, he wanted to walk with you and catch up at the party. His cabin being just in front of yours made it even more convenient for him to reach you.

    “You look great,” his compliment made you smile, your clothes were simply stylish, not too extravagant, just perfect for the night. Your outfit colour also complimented Heeseung's black shirt, making it seem like you two planned it beforehand.

    “You don't look too bad yourself, Hee.” it had been a few hours and yet he had shown you his smile numerous times.

    Isa joined you guys later with some more friends of yours, sitting together at a table while Mr. Jin had paused the DJ for a while, going on about the various activities you guys will be participating in during your stay at the sunshine camp.

    Typical stuff, some of which you did each year with a few new additions here and there. He happily explained all the newly added information to you guys, everyone focusing on him. Some more than others as you could see the majority of the female population drooling over the twenty-nine-year-old instructor.

    “—New musical equipment has been added, they're all kept in the new cabin, the one near mess hall—” your focus deviated for a second when Heeseung yawned, keeping his head on your shoulder.

    You looked over at him and he kept his eyes focused on the front. The position was comforting so you ended up leaning against his head too, which made him bite his smile, the action that you conveniently missed.

    “I can play the guitar for you now,” he whispered, remembering how he told you he played yet he couldn't show you due to lack of instruments.

    “I'll look forward to it.” you looked at him looking at you, the proximity, however, made you look away first.

    Heeseung had always been touchy with you, in a friendly way, of course. But it felt different this time. Maybe it was just the realisation that you won't be here next year, or maybe the fact that Heeseung had grown to have a subtle flirty nature.

    The party went on afterwards, you drank a few carbonated drinks and had the snacks which you craved, also dancing with your group and getting to know a few new campers.

    It was light and enjoyable, your cheeks hurt from how much you laughed at the horrible dance moves everyone kept showing, only Heeseung kept it minimal, his body rolls looking effortless.

    Good at everything, that's what Heeseung was.

    He also insisted to walk you and Isa back to your cabin, yours being a few steps away from his. You also acknowledged that his roommate, Sungchan, had nerdy abilities and always carried a book around, almost similar to what you did back at home.

    He successfully had your attention after whining like a preschooler, Sungchan raising his brow at his behaviour but not questioning much.

    It was normal that Lee Heeseung dropped you at your doorstep, wishing you a good night. But again, he had sworn to surprise you each moment he could.

    “Where's my good night kiss?” he bent down to get on your eye level.

    And that successfully stopped you from going inside, “What?” your eyes widened a fraction.

    And his laugh bloomed up seeing your confused expression.

    “I'm kidding—” he paused when you stood up straighter and planted a featherlight kiss on his cheekbone.

    “Good night, Hee,” you stifled your laugh and rushed inside.

    All he could do was stare at the closed door, his fingertips reaching to touch the area where you kissed him, his mouth soon curling up again, continuing his laugh from before.

    And both of you slept with your heartbeats a little more faster than the usual. Why? It was a normal, friendly kiss after all. The kind only meant for teasing.

    Because, if he can flirt, then so can you.

    Two days had passed since that kiss incident took place and you both didn't acknowledge it the next day, continuing to work according to your activity schedule, being the best friends you were. And it was better that way. Heeseung didn't pull up any tricks in the meantime, maintaining harmony between you two.

    And a majority of your friends were in the new music room, trying out the random instruments but you were here to listen to Heeseung play the guitar.

    He held it professionally, tuning the strings as you all sat down surrounding him. He didn't mind the attention, especially when it concerned the thing he loved — music.

    I'm so tired... by Lauv and Troye Sivan. That's what Heeseung had claimed to be his favourite song two summers back, and that's what he intended to play today.

    Although, you had also discussed how he loved 'say you won't let go' by James Arthur. He called the song mainstream yet the genuine tone made it one of his favourites. “It's the feeling of longing, the need to tell someone how much you want them in your life.” he had said after deep thought, “That's cheesy.” you had laughed.

    But you did agree.

    But at this moment, his voice felt amazing as he sang for everyone, the small smile on his face while doing so made it even better.

    His mellifluous voice filled the room, even the younger ones stopped to listen to his deep vocals hitting each note perfectly.

    You had heard him humming to songs before but he never sang them in a full-fledged manner, always keeping it to himself or grinning saying how he'd want to be perfect for you to hear it.

    And he defined perfection, his eyes kept coming back to see your face, and the way your mouth was agape made him feel proud for working on his vocal abilities.

    He sat there, strumming his guitar while you all sang along until Sungchan suggested sitting outside, a bonfire would be the perfect add on to the fussy and warm vibe. You all agreed, setting everything up.

    Yet again, Heeseung sat down with you, his face glowing with the cosy fire in front of you all.

    You were too immersed, your mind fully invested in music and the booming laughter from the jokes your friends kept on making that you didn't hear your phone ring until Isa pointed it out.

    You hurriedly excused yourself for, the caller was someone who rarely reached out to you. Heeseung's eyes followed you, observing your actions since you rarely got any call other than your family.

    “Hello? Jake?” you asked, confused.

    “Y/n! I hope I didn't disturb you.”

    “Of course not! Is anything wrong though?”

    “Yeah, I saw your potted plant, Mr. Pots, looking dry and sad on your window so I wondered if I can keep it with me till the time you return?”

    Jake always paid attention to everything, so it made sense when he noticed your plant. And your heart swells with this small offer of his.

    “Aren't you the sweetest? I'd love that, Jakey.”

    A few more words were exchanged between you and your ‘neighbour cum childhood best friend turned friend’ before you ended the call, going back to sit down on the big log like seat surrounding the fire.

    Heeseung had stopped singing by now, he was busy eating marshmallows with a pout.

    “It's honestly sad how it's the first time I've properly heard you sing,” you looked at Heeseung who had a stuffed mouth.

    “You've got the voice of an angel, Hee.”

    Even in the dim lights, you could see a faint shade of red adorning the tip of his ears. It was evident how he was waiting for your compliment all this time.

    He simply stuffed your mouth with a marshmallow, not knowing how to handle compliments well. You slapped his shoulder, trying not to laugh while chewing on the sweet treat.

    “Where'd you go?” he asked you, diverting the topic.

    “Oh, I got a call.” you shrugged.


    Your eyes went wide first, then turned into crescents as you laughed at his guess.

    “It was my neighbour!”

    “The one you had a crush on?” he came closer.

    You slapped his shoulder again.

    “No, I did not! And I've been single all my life.” you leaned in while emphasizing on your sentence.

    “You mean, you've never dated before?” he asked again to confirm your statement.

    “Stop reminding me that I'm single, oh lord!”

    “Good,” he whispered and you paused.

    The scene might have looked like something straight out of a movie, your faces close enough for you to breathe in the same air and for a moment, you kept staring at each other until a voice snapped you back to reality, again.

    “Just friends, huh?” Isa teased and everyone cheered, some kids looked confused while others smirked.

    Your heart kept hammering in your chest, it was like you were the centre of attention for the majority of the day and, even though you did like to have the attention of your best friend, it made you flustered this very time. You weren't sure if you wanted to know the reason why.

    Heeseung looked elsewhere, still smiling which confused you further. You glared at Isa before grabbing the marshmallow from Hee, getting comfortable once again.

    Maybe this was your last shot at getting some romance before finals and college. Or maybe it was just a game. Either way, you were ready for both.

    It had been a week since Heeseung played the guitar. The week was full of mixed signals. You weren't dense, it was evident what you were doing. His hugs were prolonged, and his protectiveness sprang out at the most random times, just like how he saved you from tripping three days back at the trek, holding you by your waist.

    He didn't know what exactly he was doing, all he knew was how he loved to see you being a flustered mess around him, more when you retorted back with the same energy.

    Flirting was something that came to him almost naturally, you wondered what this one year did to him. The shyness was still there, but his confidence almost overpowered it.

    Exactly like now, he sat in front of you, the canoe just big enough to fit you both in. It was supposed to be a group activity where the instructor was supposed to be guiding all the canoes. But Heeseung had different plans.

    And you had no objections, not when the sky above you looked majestic. It was like a canvas, the glittering water beneath made look like a picture-perfect scene, like diamonds shining beneath you. The faint hues of pink and purple covering with the delicate clouds.

    Most of all, while you stared at the cotton candy-esque beauty in front of you, Heeseung spent his time staring at you instead.

    “How did you find this place?” your eyes sparkled with awe, “It's beautiful.” it came out as a whisper.

    He looked up, taking in the scene as well, “Found it last year, I've been wanting to show this to you ever since,” he paused, his gaze back on you again.

    “And I agree. So beautiful.”

    He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, “You are beautiful.”

    Your mouth opened and closed, your head tilted while you tried to articulate your current emotion into words.

    “That's the first time you've called me that,” you spoke in a low voice, fiddling with your rings.

    “That's not true,” he argued, “I've called you that a thousand times in my mind.”

    You gulped down, speechless. The canoe kept still, only ever moving due to the subtle ripples in the water. He softly held your chin, making you look up at his glowing face, lip bitten to conceal his smile, “I mean it.”

    “I—” you were cut short of your reply when your phone rang even in the area with low network connectivity.

    Heeseung sat back, exhaling and looking elsewhere, you could have sworn it was the look of disappointment on his face.

    “Isa, what's wrong?” you picked up the call, putting it on speaker.

    “Where are you, y/n? The instructor figured two people were missing and now they're searching for you!” she informed you in a breath. “Come back as fast as possible.”

    You both looked at each other before cussing.


    When you talked about breaking the rules, getting a punishment wasn't something you had planned along with it. You had rowed the boat back at an alarming speed, it wasn't each day when the students who've always been good, break the rules for the very first time. Or get caught breaking in your case.

    Heeseung poked your cheek seeing you pout when you both got scolded for not following the rules. The lecture went on longer than you had anticipated. It further resulted in you both missing out on the bonfire session for the next night, and cleaning up the playground area. That's what the punishment slip read at least.

    You both worked in silence, except for the usual humming from Heeseung, and you could have sworn his voice was therapeutic.

    “Do you remember when it rained here?” you broke the silence, “And we ended up taking shelter under that tree.” you pointed it out at a distance.

    “And you slept on my shoulder and caught cold later?” his face lit up with the memory.

    You scrunched up your nose remembering how Heeseung stayed by your side the entire time, he was the epitome of purity two years back, so much that he even asked if he could touch you to help you sit straight.

    “I was focusing more on the part where we engraved our initials on that very tree.” you both walked closer to it, the poorly carved heart along with one H and the other, your initial, came in view as he ran his thumb on it.

    “Someone might mistake it for a lovers mark, with the heart and all, y'know?” he tilted his head back as mischief glowed in his eyes.

    “You'd love that, won't you, Hee?”

    “Oh I definitely would,” he bent down to your height yet again, filling you up with anticipation.

    But he only bent down further, “Do you regret it?” Heeseung asked, completely changing the topic, picking up a plastic bottle and throwing it in his trash bag.

    His question could have meant anything yet your mind knew exactly what he was talking about.

    “Going out to see the prettiest sky with you? Never.” a smile adorned your face as you reminisced how enchanting the colours looked as they blended with each other.

    “Even if it meant breaking the rules?” he looked at you expectantly.

    “Even if it meant breaking the rules.”

    Time kept on running, and it worried you, simply because your feelings conflicted and the clock was ticking away. The second week at the camp and your distress was showing, yet you somehow managed to keep up with your activities and duties, mentally reminding yourself to not lose your mind over a certain guy.

    While it did seem like you were the only one panicking, even though you did a fantastic job of hiding it, the other party wasn't less. Heeseung, just like you, was at a war with his newfound feelings.

    Again, you both weren't dumb to not realise what it was but, you chose to ignore it for the sake of your friendship, and the time — one and a half weeks.

    You decided not to think about it anymore, going with the flow being the only good option in your opinion. And it provided you with great pleasure since Heeseung acted like his usual self, joyous and flirty, something that you almost craved at this very moment.

    “Any song requests, m'lady?” Heeseung asked, holding your hand as you all gathered around for another of the open guitar and singing sessions, something which had taken a happy little place in your heart. A few campers gagged at Heeseung's highly friendly public display of affection.

    You scrunched your nose, thinking, while Isa made you sit between her and Hee, pushing you towards him not so subtly.

    “Surprise me, Hee,” you said and he smiled, knowing exactly what he wanted to play.

    He strummed the strings a few times, warming his fingers up as everyone got comfortable around him as he went on for a minute.

    You leaned your head against Isa's shoulder, closing your eyes as an unknown feeling bloomed up in your chest. Was it fear? Excitement? Maybe a mix of both.

    “I met you in the dark, you lit me up.” his deep voice mixed with the cool breeze of the night.

    It made your heart beat fast, remembering what he had said about that song a few summers back.

    You didn't open your eyes, even when everyone started singing along with him, you doing the same under your breath.

    Heeseung was staring and you could feel it, but you couldn't muster the courage to look at him, knowing how his eyes are always full of sincerity, especially when he sings.

    “Just say you won't let go,” he breathes out slowly, ending the song just as you open your eyes, only to find him looking at you.

    Releasing a shaky breath, you smiled at him as one of the younger guy started playing an upbeat song, changing the mood right after, which you were thankful for.

    “She isn't going anywhere, Hee,” Sungchan whispered in his ear and he bit his lip.

    “We have only a week left, we don't know what comes after that.” He said, trying to suppress his feelings which wouldn't do him good.

    That night, when you hugged him good night, you held on to him tight. Both of you knew that just friends weren't a title anymore, it was a bar higher than that, just a bit higher since you both weren't ready to accept it.

    But you did know you would have to confront him soon.

    “You look distraught,” Isa sat down with you on your bed, eyes worried.

    “Why do you pair me with Hee?” you asked her before you could stop.

    “Because he looks at you with love in his eyes.” she smiled.

    You let out a breathy laugh, “Love is a big word.”

    “It is, but it won't be hard for you both.” she shrugged.

    “It will,” you whispered, finally admitting that you wanted to be with Heeseung.


    “We only have a week left together, then the camp would be over and we won't be returning here the next summer,” you explained, your gaze on the floor.

    She wrapped her arms around your shoulder, a warm vanilla smell filling up your senses, “You don't know what the future holds, maybe you'll meet someday again? But you'll regret not trying, won't you?” her voice was soft.

    You gulped down, letting it sink in, “Yeah, I'll think about it maybe?”

    The probability of being rejected filled up your mind but you decided not to speak about it anymore. You hugged Isa softly, thanking her for listening to you and she simply kissed your forehead before giving you space.

    You drifted off to sleep thinking about Heeseung and how would it feel if he actually kisses you someday. You wonder if he would have kissed you before had you not been interrupted.

    Your mind was full of him, it made you blush even. What you didn't know was — you were the main occupant of Heeseung's mind too.

    The next day was comparatively normal, the sky was clear, the activities were fun, it made you feel like a kid again with the artwork sprawled on the table in front of you and how that one fifteen-year-old was being super nice to you, helping you draw with his own expertise which was highly appreciated considering how he good he was at it.

    Heeseung was trying not to have a meltdown at how you were giving all your attention to a kid instead of him, and so he did what he had to — he dipped his finger in paint and brushed it against your cheekbone.

    Which successfully made you look at him, your eyebrows raised and mouth open with confusion, “Hee what the fuc—”

    “Shh, not in front of the kids.” he put the clean finger against your lips. “Let's go and get you cleaned.” he smiled and the guy in front of you rolled his eyes.

    He grinned and held your hand, dragging you to the empty washroom and water dispenser area, taking out his handkerchief and keeping it under the flowing tap water.

    “What's on your mind, Hee?” you whispered when he came closer to wipe your paint stain, his fingers holding your chin up.

    “Just wanted your undivided attention.” his hand caressed the contour of your mouth, “All done!” he said acting like he didn't do it in the first place.

    “You could have just called me like a normal person,” you were amused.

    “But I wouldn't have gotten you alone then, would I?” his tone was lower, alluring even.

    You paused as your heart hammered against your chest, you had to stay strong and not break your calm facade, “You got me alone, now what?” you challenged him.

    He comes forward, trapping you between his body and the wall, “Come on, sweetheart, I just wanna spend some time with you.” he whispered and the proximity was enough to make your head spin, in a good way.

    Your hand rested on his chest and it made you feel myriads better when you felt his heart beating fast as well. His lips were ghosting just above yours, one move and they'll touch.

    “As much as I admire the budding romance here, you both should head back to your art activities.” Mr. Jin spoke up, coming out of the washroom, not bothering to look at you which made you push Her away. “You both have plenty of time at night anyways.” he nonchalantly spoke and left before you could say anything.

    “Ugh,” you groaned with embarrassment, covering your face as he laughed.

    “Hey, he's right, meet me by the dinner area at two in the morning,” he whispered before holding your hands in his, taking them away from your face and gently kissing on your cheek.

    You gasped and he only smiled, his eyes enchanting and genuine. “See you,” he said before leaving you being a breathless mess.

    Lee Heeseung was a mystery to you, so lively and full of zeal yet he always did things with you least expected him to do.

    Like now, you both were outside, lying on the wooden lunch table outside, staring at the blanket of stars as the pale moon glowed with the infinite sky.

    It was silent as you took the scenery in, Heeseung doing the same, stealing a few glances towards you. It felt romantic and as much as you loved it, you hated it the equal amount. You didn't want him to sweet talk his way into something which wouldn't result in anything. You curse the bad timings.

    But you couldn't help but feel the tingles where he kissed on your cheek earlier.

    “Do you believe in love, Hee?” your eyes stayed on a star which visibly shone brighter than its companions. He stayed quiet for a while.

    “Love definitely exists. It's everywhere if you pay attention to the detail,” he spoke slowly, trying to piece his words together, “Like, the way you're looking at the stars, your eyes adore them, they're full of love.”

    You turned to look at him and he could see exactly what he was talking about, the small glimmer in your eyes paired with a speck of confusion. You liked his theory.

    “Hm, the sky is breathtakingly beautiful.” you smiled.

    And he returned it softly, his hand inching closer to your small ones.

    “Why the sudden question?” he asked softly, his pinky finger intertwined with yours which gave you a sense of comfort. He made you feel warm and fuzzy.

    “I was just wondering,” your gaze fell on his hand which now captured your own hand fully, “I completed reading a book earlier, the characters were undeniably in love, does that even exist in real life?”

    You weren't sure what you expected him to answer, love was indeed a big word, the one which you shouldn't even be thinking about, less talking about it, yet you were curious about his opinion.

    “How did they fall in love?” he asked back, “The characters, I mean.”

    “They were friends until they decided they can't be it anymore, not when they had feelings for each other,” you explained, remembering the sweet plot which had made you squeal like a kid.

    “So, love is friendship,” he stated, looking up at the exact star which you were focused on, noticing how the star adjacent to it was shining just as bright.

    You didn't dare look at him. Friendship, he says. Friends, that's what you two are.

    His grip on your hand tightened, securing it as his heartbeat screamed — don't let go.

    And you didn't. The conversation was over and even the glistening stars could tell that the two friends had finally come to terms with their feelings — primarily focusing on the part which said that you liked each other.

    The corner of his mouth slightly turned upwards seeing you dozing off, he checked his watch which displayed four in the morning, most of your time was spent in silence and he wouldn't change a single thing about it.

    He softly called out your name, helping you stand up but your body ended up leaning against his chest, his strong arms wrapped around you to help you walk back, “Come on, let's get you into bed.” he whispered.

    A soft pair of lips touching your forehead was the last thing you remembered before you fell into the world of dreamland.

    Sleep wasn't an option for Heeseung that night, his brain muddled into thinking about the events which took place earlier.

    He sighed, changing sides to get comfortable on his bed, he noticed how Sungchan was sound asleep, hugging his plushie while doing so. He wanted to be that way with you, mood uplifting as he recalled how perfectly his bigger hand encased your smaller one and yet he wanted more.

    With all the instances where he almost kissed you, he too, just like you, wonders what it would feel like if he does so. Your lips gravitate his own, closer each time. It's almost tortuous how close yet far you are from him. He wants you. He needs you.

    Finding hints for your ongoing treasure hunt was definitely not your priority.

    Three days left. You all would leave on the third one.

    And no progress, you both acted as if you were lovers for the past two days since Heeseung declared friendship as love. With that being said, you unequivocally needed answers. And a break.

    Hence, you stepped into the denser part of the forest, leaving the hint hunting to your teammates — Heeseung, Isa, Sungchan, and three others.

    Sitting down on the huge stone, you stared at the vibrant green trees and small, colourful birds in the sky, their chirps cheering you up by a trifle.

    “Why are we making it so hard?” you spoke, talking to the one bird which landed next to you, standing on the stone as your companion. “Confessing sounds scary, what if he says no?” you groaned and the bird chirped, which sounded like a shout of encouragement.

    You smiled at the cute ave, soon staring into a distance, zoning out until a sound of branch snapping brought you back to reality.

    “Lord, y/n! I thought something happened to you.” Heeseung's urgent voice made you realise that maybe going off without informing your friend was a bad idea.

    And before you knew it, he had you in his arms, hugging you close. You pursed your lips, hugging him back as his smell brought you immense comfort, his hand patting your back softly.

    Hesitantly, you stepped back to see his expression morphed into that of a worried one. It had just been thirty minutes, enough for him to worry.

    “I'm sorry, I—” he didn't let you finish, cupping your cheek.

    “No, I'm sorry but I can't control myself no more,” he said, stepping further, leaving no space between you both.

    He tilted your face, giving your cheek a single caress, “Pretty.” he whispered in his deepest voice.

    Your heart fluttered when he pressed his lips against yours, capturing you in a delicate kiss — your first kiss.

    His hand slipped down the curve of your waist, pressing your body closer, which made you stand on your tippy-toes, sighing into the short-lived kiss.

    He pulled back, taking a brief second to catch his breath while also staring at you with intensity. Your own eyes staring back. Doe-eyed bambi, that's what he reminded you of.

    The air swirled around you, sending a shiver down your spine. He wasted no time in grabbing your nape and smashing his lips against yours, this particular moment being more fervent that the first one. You held on to his arm as your knees got weaker with each passing second, but your conflicted voice was louder.

    “Hee—” you stepped back, “What are we?” you searched his eyes, a small frown settling on your face.

    “I know it sounds like I'm making a big fuss over a kiss but, where will it take us?” confrontation wasn't your strong suit, your throat felt restricted whenever you were upset, and you were sure your eyes looked teary at that very moment.

    “I—” he faltered, looking down, seemingly trying to get a grip and give you an answer.

    He had none.

    You looked at him expectantly but deep inside your mind, you knew how it would end. It was as if your bond existed only during the camp, with no texting, no calls whatsoever once you went home.

    Taking an airy breath, you nodded with a pathetic smile. “I see.”

    And you walked away, a stray tear sliding down your cheek. You shouldn't have said anything. Heeseung stared at your figure, biting his quivering lip as he kept thinking of an answer. All he wanted to do was to embrace you, tell how you mean the world to him but it was too late, you had left already, leaving him with the expression of deep guilt.

    The hunt was over, your team lost since half the members weren't even focused on playing. You went back to your room. It was evident and well versed in your mind — the idea that you had a knack for ruining things. Yet you never thought it would hurt this much.

    “Are you alright, love?” Isa softly asked and your tough facade broke.

    She held you without any question the entire time you cried, softly caressing your back all along.

    You were so lucky to have her.

    “You're my strong girl, come on!” she wiped your tears away with a smile once you had calmed down enough. You thanked her, mustering the energy to smile.

    “You can tell me when you're ready, okay? But now we have to lift up your mood, you look way prettier when you smile, y'know?” her angelic aura made you feel better.

    That's exactly when you remembered — it was the unofficial party night, the one thrown each year and even the camp officials didn't object it.

    That's when you also remember how Heeseung would attend it too. And for the nth time, your heart and mind were at war. You wanted to attend it and Isa's hopeful smile made you feel secure enough to go.

    You thanked the universe for your eyes weren't swollen. Red rimmed, yes, but not swollen. And even with your crushed spirits, you managed to get yourself in a dress, ready and presentable, just fine.

    It meant nothing, you expected too much when it wasn't meant to be.

    You closed your eyes, leaning back against the chair in the room, sipping on your cold drink which contrasted well against your hot palm.

    “He hurt you, didn't he?” you snapped open your eyes to see the boy who helped you with art, well, before Heeseung smudged paint on your cheek that is. You never asked for his name, you realised.

    “Who?” you asked over the slightly loud music, knowing the answer already.

    “The one who's been staring at me ever since I sat down next to you, he probably wants to throw me away right now.” he humorously spoke, eyes pointing at the guy you almost dreaded to see.

    Almost. Because you couldn't deny how stupidly attractive he looked in black, especially with his gold-rimmed glasses that you had grown fond of.

    He was staring at you, the look on his face screaming a mix of jealousy and defeat.

    When you didn't reply, he continued, “He's so jealous, I wonder what he did.” the statement wasn't funny yet it made you giggle, which in turn made the boy smile.

    “I'll leave before he comes to punch me,” he looked at you, “Take care of yourself and know that I'm only a call away.” he winked at you, giving you a piece of paper with his number and you hearty laughed.

    Kids these days, such charmers. But then you looked up, again, to see Heeseung with clenched jaw and fist. Which made you look away just as fast.

    You didn't know what to make of it.

    Either way, you acted like the whole ordeal didn't affect you, which was burdensome but soon you were being dragged by Isa to sit down with the other campers of your age. You mentally thanked Isa for yet another distraction.

    'No kids policy' they had stated. But their activities were the opposite.

    “Guys, I know this sounds absurd but come on, it'll be fun and we can't do much without alcohol anyways.” a guy named jeongin said, proposing the idea of playing truth or dare.

    Others groaned and looked at each other, contemplating whether they wanted to embarrass themselves or not. They chose the prior.

    “I can't believe everyone actually agreed to this,” Sungchan whispered sitting next to you, drinking his coke as if it was a can of beer.

    “We honestly have nothing else to do, the camp is full of restrictions,“ you said back, looking around to find any trace of Heeseung.

    As if on cue, he came inside the already crowded room, sitting right across from you.

    You wanted to hear what he had in mind, not used to him being this silent and deep in thought.

    “So, are we gonna sit and ask each other about their crushes?” he questioned, and that made you laugh genuinely.

    “And give dares to kiss each other?” you added, which gave elicited a chuckle out of him.

    Surprisingly, the first question asked was about jeongin's crush, the blush on his face was capture worthy and his friends made sure to click some pictures of his red ears.

    He ended up telling you all about this girl back at home who stole his heart. As cheesy as it was, it made you envious by a smidge. Your lover staying close to you would be like a dream, convenient and just what you need.

    Another roar of scream was heard, joined by you as well, when this one blonde girl was asked to kiss the guy sitting next to her, which she ended up doing — the crowd didn't expect it in the least and that's what made the situation better. The faint blush on both their faces was a cherry on top.

    However, it also gave you a painful flashback of what went down in the woods a few hours back. Everything reminded you of him. The kiss was sweetly bitter, it should have turned out differently, you wished.

    He was still looking your way.

    “Isa, truth or dare?” the same girl asked her, actively grasping your attention as well.

    “Truth?” she said with a smile.

    “Have you ever faked an orgasm?”

    She hid her face, laughing and nodding, “Yeah, I have but you can't blame me for it!”

    Some guys looked horrified, suddenly nervous about it while the other girls agreed with a nod.

    But Sungchan was fast to change the topic, his mind scheming a plan with it, “So, Heeseung,” he grabbed everyone's attention, “Is there anyone who'd you want to kiss in this room?”

    You would have glared at him had the question not left you flabbergasted even if it wasn't directed towards you, straightforward at least.

    Unknowingly, you held your breath in, greatly anticipating him to say no.

    “I do.” the confidence in his voice made you shiver.

    It was powerful enough for you to finally look up. Just as expected, he was staring at you already, eyes darker than ever.

    And even though it wasn't a surprise to others how Heeseung wanted you, his honestly did come off as an unexpected confession, something which was unspoken till now.

    “Who?” another girl asked, trying to get the obvious answer out of him.

    “Moving on,” he was quick to deflect the question, asking one to the person sitting next to him.

    “Damn he actually wants you,” Sungchan said, whistling lowly, only for you to hear.

    “I hate you so much,” you groaned.

    “You're welcome,” he quipped.

    Heeseung's act of bravery shifted the confidence of the room, the dares got dirtier, questions personal and everyone was keen on knowing more.

    Isa kept looking at you while Sungchan kept making small talks when he observed how fidgety and silent you were.

    And suddenly everything in the world intrigued you and screamed at you for attention, the dimly lit golden lights, the faint smell of pasta lingering, the loose thread of your dress which you played with, everything.

    Except for his eyes.

    They knew they already had your attention, the attraction was magnetic almost. That bambi look had recently been found to be the perfect tool to make you a flustered mess.

    The next person, however, grabbed your focus, asking about your selection of truth or dare.

    “Truth,” you gulped, knowing well that you don't necessarily have to be honest.

    “Nastiest place you've had sex before?”

    You opened your mouth once, tilting your head, contemplating whether or not to tell them. Sex life wasn't something that you guys usually discussed about.

    “I'm a virgin,” you shared, “So, none?” you looked around and Isa only smiled at you adoringly which gave you an easing feel.

    “Saving yourself for someone particular?” Jeongin asked, tone teasing.

    “Uh, not exactly?” everyone was listening intently. Kids.

    “I just want my first to be with—” you paused, your eyes boring into his, “—someone I trust.”

    And just like that, you blinked back as if you didn't direct it to someone. Yet the tip of your ears were burning with all the attention, which soon shifted after receiving a few comments on your sentence, calling you cute.

    You wanted to leave, his gaze made you feel smaller and you couldn't deny that even though he did leave you hanging, you still wanted him.

    During the entirety of the party, you didn't interact with him, which was a disappointment yet a relief and, going back to your cabin suddenly reminded you how tired your body was, sleep engulfing you as soon as you lay down on your bed, not having it in you to spare a minute for changing your outfit into something more comfortable.

    And even then, till the point your eyes closed as you swept into the dreamland, Heeseung's dark eyes serenaded your mind and that was the last thing you thought of before sleeping.

    Frantic knocking on your cabin door woke you up. Sighing, you checked your phone for the time.

    Two in the morning.

    As usual, Isa wasn't in the room. Hesitation bloomed up in your mind, wondering if it's safe to open the door, considering how it was just a series of rushed knocks with no name-calling whatsoever.

    Still in your dress, you tiptoed to grab the small curtain on the tiny window, peeking out to see who the culprit who woke you up from your dreamless sleep was.

    Lee Heeseung.

    Your heartbeat rose again, you clutched your chest, your legs taking you to the door automatically and you opened it wide for him, his hand still mid-air from knocking.

    His dishevelled appearance prompted you to take a deep analysis of him.

    Moonlight shone on him, and he was out of breath, eyes slightly glistening and mouth barely open for the higher intake of oxygen. He was still in his black shirt, the top few buttons being unbuttoned at the current moment which just exposed his torso.

    “Heeseung?” you breathed out, making sure you weren't dreaming.

    “Is Isa here?” he asked, voice stern.

    And you'd be lying if you deny the disappointment that filled up your body with his question.

    He wasn't here for you.

    You tried not to frown but your voice did quiver while answering, “Oh, n—no she's not here.” you gulped, mentally scolding yourself for being a puddle in front of him.

    “Good,” he stepped in further, closing the door behind him which confused you enough to tilt your head, observing him with raised brows.

    Another step.

    There wasn't much space at the entrance, making it easy for him to have you standing against the wall.

    “Hee—” you were cut off by his body being pressed to yours, warmth radiating his body.

    He was serious, yet you could see the minute efforts of his, which were overpowered by his want.

    He wanted you.

    He didn't come here to meet Isa, simply wanting to make sure you had privacy.

    For a second, you thought that he'll kiss you right away, but instead, he stopped — his forehead against yours as he searched your face with any hint of discomfort.

    “I'm sorry,” he whispered, just like he had done before.

    Your sanity was hanging by a thread, the tension so high that it made you weak in the knees. The pause was merely two-second long, it felt like eternity still. Your thoughts turned static and his tall frame held you up in place.

    The next moment, his lips are on yours. Your eyes flutter close as you kiss him back.

    How could you ever say no to him?

    You gasp at his fervency, hands wrapping around his neck as you pull him closer at the same time he squeezes your waist, getting a gasp out of you, which was enough for his tongue to taste you.

    He hummed, so perfect.

    Was it jealousy from seeing you with a kid? Was it the constant reminder that he won't be able to do it again if not done now? Was it the realization that he was so down bad for you?

    Maybe all of it, that's why he couldn't stop until you both had to break up for a split second, catching your breath but he held on to you, tight. Forehead still on yours, the dim light making his wet lips shine brightly.

    He called your name with such need, “I don't know what we are or where this kiss will take us,” he confessed, “But I know that I don't want to regret not kissing you when I had the chance to.” he breathes out.

    He cupped your cheek, caressing it gently with his thumb. “And I can't seem to let you go,” he smiled softly, “Not when I have you in my arms, no.”

    “Then don't,” you whisper, holding on to his arm.

    “Touch me, ruin me, Hee,” you were drunk in his essence. “I trust you.”

    “I just want my first to be with—” you paused, your eyes boring into his, “—someone I trust.”

    “I just want my first to be with—” you paused, your eyes boring into his, “—someone I trust.”

    That's what you had said, looking at him, that's what drove him crazy. He has to have you.

    “And I trust you too.” he softly pecked your lips.

    Your skin tingles wherever he touches you, and he kisses you until your legs hit the bed.

    Despite his longing desire, he takes it slow and helps you lay down on your bed, him removing his shoes and getting on top of you. You wondered if he could see the rapid heaving of your chest, or how anxious you were.

    He leaned over, looking at you with those gorgeous brown eyes, “Do you want this?”

    You felt tingles all over your body, a little more around your lower abdomen, but you nodded nevertheless. You wanted him.

    “I need words, baby,” he planted another kiss on your lips.

    “Yes, yes I do,” you whispered and he smiled, “Do you want it too, Hee?” you asked.

    “Fuck, yes! I want you so much.” he groaned.

    Addiction would be the right word to describe it. You were addicted to his lips, slightly chapped yet giving you the perfect friction, while he was addicted to your now red and slightly swollen ones — credit to him.

    “So pretty,” he breathed out, stroking the corner of your lip with his thumb. He held you up slightly, zipping down your dress till your collarbones were fully exposed for him to see. And he paused there to admire you for a second, staring as if he hadn't seen anyone in a bra before.

    Your legs rested back against the mattress as he sprinkled little kisses on your neck, nibbling at certain places for a while before pressing himself against your thigh.

    He was hard.

    Something about this made you moan and Heeseung could have sworn it to be the prettiest sound he'd ever heard. With that, he fully-stripped you out of your dress, leaving you in your lace panties and a bra, straps falling down as he made space to place even more open-mouthed kisses on your clavicle.

    You sighed, kneading your fingers in his silky hair, eyes closing with the euphoric sensation coursing through your body. He felt perfect, his skin burning with need made the whole room feel hotter.

    “I should have kissed you sooner,” he groaned, and it made you wetter than you already were, panties soaking wet and he was just getting started.

    You tugged on his shirt, which he removed in a swift — courtesy of the number of unbuttoned buttons. It was mesmerising, you had never been this intimate with anyone, so running your fingers on his toned torso felt like something coming straight out of your dream.

    “Does it feel good, baby?” he asked you.

    “Hmm,” you held on his shoulder as he got rid of your bra, slowly swirling his finger around your nipples — making them harden under his touch, “So good!” you gasped.

    He chuckled, replacing his fingers with his mouth, sucking on your tits gently while he decided to explore greater areas with you, by caressing your lower abdomen, inching closer to your pathetically wet core with each passing second.

    You wanted to say something, to do something yet all you could muster was a weak whimper as you clenched around nothing. His tongue worked wonders on your boobs and you couldn't help but look at him.

    He was so invested, you could see how he was at a war with himself, wanting to fuck you right that second but also in need to make you feel good.

    “M—more,” you mumbled lowly.

    “Yeah?“ he gently touched your wetness, “Want more?” he asked, moving your panties to the side and rubbing one of his finger against your folds.

    “So wet, did I make you that needy?” he bit his lip, enjoying each second of making you a shy mess.

    His arm flexed as he experimentally dipped his two digits deep inside your pussy, giving it a good stretch before slowly pumping it in and out. A short moan escaped your mouth, turning into a hum right after.

    That encouraged him to further get down, spreading your legs even more, completely discarding your panties before continuing to use his slender fingers on your folds, thumb further stimulating your clit.

    His breath could be felt on your core, your fingers only brought his face closer to where you needed him the most.

    “I've heard that scissoring helps,” he explained before spreading his fingers inside you, stretching your walls even more.

    “Y—you've heard?” you asked, biting your lip to conceal a moan.

    He let out a breathy laugh, brushing his lips against your pussy, “I've never done this before, sweetheart,” he confessed, somehow shy. “You're my first as well.”

    Your heartbeat skyrocketed at his revelation, you couldn't help but hold yourself up, grabbing his hand and making him look right at your breathless and very naked self.

    “What?” you had honestly thought that he had some experience, he most certainly did seem like he knew what he was doing.

    “Like I said, I trust you,” he whispered, thumb brushing delicately on your cheekbone.

    Despite the fact that you felt insanely needy, just like Heeseung, you couldn't help but feel loved at his nonchalant gestures.

    Without saying much, you pulled him in yet another kiss. It was mesmerising to say the least and he ended up smiling into the kiss, gently squeezing your tit and gasping when he felt your fingers near his clothed crotch.

    “Fuck,” he groaned deeply, not stopping for a second as he plunged his fingers with a newfound speed. “Perfect.” he praised, worshipping your body with each peck and caress he left on you.

    Massaging his cock, which was fully hardened now, you couldn't wait to feel him around you. Also slightly scared as you wondered if you'll be able to take him in.

    Just as before, you tugged on his jeans the next, whimpering as a way to beg him for more, which he understood, getting up and unbuckling his belt before sliding his jeans down along with his boxers.

    Now that his cock was free and hit his lower abdomen, you gasped to see his size. He was big. You hadn't seen a dick in real life before but knowing from the porn videos you had previously watched, his dick was certainly admirable. His tip was leaking with precum.

    “Oh god—” you breathed out when he took out two foil packets from the discarded jeans, holding them close to his stomach, which also put grabbed your attention, he had faint abs which suited his body well.

    “You came prepared, I see.” teasing Heeseung was like your second nature.

    “Sungchan gave them to me to use with you, but who knew it'll actually come in handy?” he got on top of you again, his dick pressing against your inner thigh.

    His expression turned serious the exact moment he asked you the next question, “You sure about this?”

    “Yes,” you nodded, “Please, Hee, I need you so much.”

    The desire in your voice made his dick twitch, he cursed yet again and grabbed one packet of condom.

    “Hee—” you stopped him, grabbing the rubber from him, “Can I put it on you?” you weren't sure where that bravery came from, although you didn't regret it a bit. Especially when you saw him shiver at your offer, he was just as desperate if not more.

    You squeezed his shaft, rolling the condom down his dick. He licked his lips while watching your actions the whole time, throwing his head back, “I'll fucking cum if you keep doing that,” he said when you generously kissed his tip before moving back.

    He wanted to fuck you then and there.

    “You drive me crazy,” he groaned, his lips ghosting your neck.

    He positioned himself, his tip at your entrance as you wrapped your arms around his shoulder, foreheads touching.

    “I'll go slow, let me know when to stop, yeah?”

    He assured you even though it was the first for him too.

    You whispered out another yes, closing your eyes as he pumped his dick a few times before entering your cunt, your wetness making it easy for him to bottom out.

    The voice you let out was a mixture of moan and whimper, the stretch making you clench around his dick as he groaned your name.

    You took deep breaths as Heeseung showered you with pepper light kisses all over your face and neck, caressing every part of your body as best as he could muster.

    He could have sworn you looked like an angel.

    “So pretty, so fucking beautiful oh lord—” his voice strained as he started thrusting into you, slowly and sloppily, as best as he could acclimatise with the newfound experience — just as you were doing.

    And soon enough, the pleasure took over the pain. Your moans grew louder enough to resonate in your cabin and you genuinely hoped no one else heard you or they won't let you breathe the next day.

    His name was on your tongue, your mind, your whole body.

    Lee Heeseung, the guy you gave your virginity to.

    And the guy who gave his virginity to you.

    His hair bounced with each time he pistoned in you, breathing getting harder and lips pressed on the side of your cheek, close to your ear.

    “You close, baby?” he asked softly.

    “Mhm, you feel so good, Hee,” you brokenly mumble, gasping when he rubs your clit, other hand also shifting you impossibly closer to him.

    He still took it slow, memorising each of your expressions and your voice, imprinting the whole thing in his mind to stay forever.

    He went on as if he was devoted was you while you admired him for being so good to you. He mapped out your blissful face as you softly rocked your hips against his.

    Your pussy throbbed as you approached your orgasm, “H–hee, I'm so close—”

    He could feel it, your legs shaking and your walls clenching around him which succeeded in making his dick twitch, his own orgasm close.

    “Go on, sweetheart,” he kissed your temple.

    Your back arched as you released your juices all over his cock, your walls squeezing his cock, making him feel proud of himself for being able to please you and also the boost for him to come.

    The sight only stimulated him to moan out your name lowly, filling the condom up with his own cum before collapsing on top of you, making sure to not put too much of his weight on you.

    You certainly did feel sore after that session, your fingers softly brushing his hair away from his forehead as you pressed a soft kiss there, which successfully made him snuggle closer to your body.

    “Thank you,” it came out as a whisper.

    “No, thank you for trusting me,” he said earnestly.

    He took off the now cum filled rubber and threw it in the trashcan kept beside your bed.

    You smiled, warmth spreading in your chest as you cradled his neck, pulling him in. The kiss was slow and sensual, the heart-melting kind and you enjoyed how his tongue explored your mouth. A sigh leaves your mouth in unison.

    “How do you feel?” you couldn't help but ask him.

    “Euphoric,” he smiled as you laughed. “And you?” he asked, tracing your spine.

    “Well, I feel heavenly,” you grinned, content with the proximity.

    “Come on, let's get you cleaned up.” he got up, getting you his black shirt to cover up for a while as he wore his boxers.

    You quietly scanned his body, wondering how you got lucky enough to share this moment with someone so attractive. His red and swollen lips made him look even more appealing.

    He helped you get up, holding your waist when you told him how sore your legs feel, holding you by your waist and helping you settle on the sink as he gets a few paper napkins.

    You observe as he cleans you up with the wet napkins, mouth forming into a pout with concentration — the whole situation making you feel shy.

    “Why?” he asked as he noticed you avoiding eye contact. “Shy now? You were moaning my name just a few minutes back—” you cut him off by slapping his shoulder.

    He laughed, settling himself between your legs when you wrapped your arms around him, burying your face in his neck.

    “I like you a lot, y/n,” he confessed and you held on tighter.

    It felt like a dream — like you'd wake up tomorrow and he won't be there with you.

    “I like you a lot more,” you whispered.

    And it felt real — his lips on yours, they felt real, the butterflies in your stomach, they all felt real.

    He held you tenderly, as he had always wanted to, singing you to sleep and whining each time you opened your eyes to look at him. His tousled hair covered his eyes, which in your opinion, made him look even prettier. You called him cute, acting as if you didn't beg for his dick a while back.

    He falls asleep faster in your embrace, hugging you just the way he wanted to, when he was envious of Sungchan's poor plushie. But hey, he did get you after all.

    With another look regarded with fondness, you kissed his cheek, murmuring a 'good night' to him before joining him in the dreamland.

    To say Isa was shocked would be an understatement. Coming back to see Heeseung and you cuddling like the tooth-rotting, fluffy couple from a cheesy rom-com while sleeping together wasn't a scene she had expected to see.

    She also thanked the blanket for covering a very shirtless Hee and a very loose-shirt-clad you, rushing to freshen up, leaving soon after to give you both privacy.

    It was the last day at the camp, you all would leave tomorrow morning. But you were happy, waking up in Heeseung's arms, he pulled you closer when he saw you awake.

    “Morning, Bambi,” you cooed.

    “Is that what I am now?” he asked groggily.

    You hummed, soon letting out a yelp as he helped you stand up again. He knew you were sore still and he made it his mission to stay by your side the whole day.

    He accompanied you while freshening up, the tip of his ears getting red seeing you wearing his shirt, the top buttons were undone and your hair was messy.

    He called you pretty endlessly.

    Even during the breakfast, he made sure you say down first and got you the food himself as you avoided the questions thrown by both your roommates — which he answered after coming back, “She's tired, don't bother her.” he exaggerated, succeeding in making you roll your eyes, it made him giggle.

    Stupidly cute Lee Heeseung.

    He then insisted on sitting at the same spot under the tree where you had carved your initials. “Now we really do look like a couple,” he smirked, coming closer.

    “Let's be it then,” you pecked his nose, “For a day.”

    A day, that's what you had since you both despised the idea of online dating now that you had a taste of what you could be when together.

    “My girlfriend,” he breathed out, kissing you tenderly, “For a day.” his forehead bumped against yours softly. The cool breeze uplifts your mood as you sat with him, hand in hand, exchanging soft kisses between your conversations.

    Safe to say, he didn't leave your side the entire day, pouting and calling you his girlfriend with a goofy smile — which grew further when you called him your pretty boy.

    You were elated, smiling the whole day which came naturally to you, courtesy of your boyfriend. The pain subsided soon, which allowed you to take a walk for a while now that it was nighttime.

    Heeseung had gone to his cabin for a while to pack his belongings, he wanted you to come along but you had different plans.

    Grabbing a towel, you slowly made your way through the park and to that very place where the lake was. The part used for swimming practices to be precise.

    Stripping yourself until you were in your bra and panties, you slowly walked into the lake, the lukewarm water reaching your chest. You sighed, staring at the night sky, mentally reminding yourself that you'll have to leave tomorrow.

    You had grown to love this place, you spend all your summers here. Meeting Heeseung only added to your list of joys.

    And just like that, you closed your eyes and enjoyed your minute of solitude.

    “Really? Without me?” you turned to see Heeseung removing his t-shirt, and getting in the water with you.

    You had no clue how he found you but you were glad. You hummed teasingly and he wrapped his arms around you.

    “No one's around, wanna make out?” he offered, eyes shining.

    “I don't know, Hee. What if someone sees us—” he didn't let you continue your teasing any further.

    His lips were on yours already.

    This feeling — amazing.

    You weren't sure what love was. But you knew that Heeseung was the closest person you could associate with the word — love.

    He was delighted to know that Isa won't be the room yet again and he took that opportunity to spend the night with you. It consisted of plethora of kisses and a – as said by Heeseung – diminutive amount of touching.

    But he did love to hold you, to grip your body and caress all of it, being deep into body worshipping as per your observations.

    “Good night, girlfriend,” he said with a full heartedly.

    He made you happy.

    Especially when he held on to you the entire night and didn't let go of you even when you woke up. You could see the sadness in his eyes, a small frown on his face.

    “Can't we stay for longer?” he asked, knowing the answer already.

    You hated time.

    His hand never left yours till you reached the bus area, saying your goodbyes to everyone. He held it tighter when the art guy came all the way over to say bye to you.

    You found his jealousy cute.

    Isa was supposed to leave in the same bus as you, which would give you more time with her later, whereas Sungchan had another bus, just like Heeseung — all going different ways.

    Mr. Jin had winked seeing your locked fingers, “Plenty of time at night, just as I said,” he started, “Ah, young love!” he gushed.

    You both exchanged looks, trying to get away and to save yourself from further embarassment.

    “Everyone is staring,” you whispered when he pulled you closer by your belt loop.

    “Let them,” he mumbled.

    The luggage was loaded, the buses scheduled to depart in five minutes and you both were having a hard time letting go. Keeping your tears at bay was another challenge for you.

    “I'll miss you so much,” he sighed and you said the same.

    He even gave you a chocolate bar to give to your little sister. He remembered these little things about you which made it even harder for you to leave him.

    And then he kissed your for the last time, passionately under the sky, with no care about others who we openly watching, someone mumbled ‘about time’ but you were too busy absorbing everything Hee had to offer.

    His lips were still sweet from the drink he had during breakfast, his smell ever strong — perfectly enough to send your brain into overdrive.

    And just like that, your summer romance came to an end, the end which you despised more than anything.

    Being the angel he was, he gave you his prettiest smile before parting ways.

    The first tear fell down when the bus officially left the camp, Isa holding you through it all.

    She was an angel.

    Yes, you hated how it ended all so fast, but going back, you wouldn't change a thing.

    He put in efforts to text you. His enthusiasm made your cheeks hurt from smiling too much. Which made your sister suspicious of you having a boyfriend.

    But again, you didn't have any labels after your one-day-relationship. Your first and only relationship.

    Things switched a month later when his mocks for university started, his undivided attention on studying and his career, which you admired.

    Until you lost touch.

    All his socials went down, deactivated when the exams came but he did have the decency to tell you in advance, and you knew it wouldn't be the same after.

    And you were right.

    That's how your summer romance came to a bittersweet end.

    So you wrote him a letter.

    The one you'd never send out. Ever.

    Dear Lee Heeseung,
    First of all, I absolutely despise how much I miss your honey doe eyes which I looked forward to seeing each day during the entirety of the camp. You're like the epitome of perfection with your good looks, neverending talents and most importantly, your impressive approach at sweet-talking.
    That's the core reason why I came to the realisation that I am capable of liking a certain person beyond words. You had me conflicted, Hee.
    You were calm, collected, yet nervous and charming, you called me pretty while showing me the most glorious sky I had ever laid my eyes upon. Perhaps that was the cue for me to stop. But you made it so hard that I only fell harder.
    You think you were so cool, calling me pretty names, stealing me away and nonchalantly singing songs which you knew would send me deeper into the spiral.
    When I met you for the first time, I was taller and you were a lean guy who cried each time you fell down during trails and games. But then you came back taller, prettier with a mischievous glint in your eyes and I knew this year wasn't going to be remotely the same when things switched and you were the one who kept my frame up the entire time, almost like a bodyguard. But at the same time, you made my knees go weak. Sure, your looks were alluring from the very start but I never saw you beyond the line of friends.
    But I knew I was a goner when you asked me for a good night kiss. A very sly move of you. Then you actually kissed me in the woods and completely took over my mind, also accepting how you indeed wanted to kiss me.
    I could have sworn I hated that day, we didn't have answers. But once you came over knocking on the door at night and kissed me with everything you had offered, and gave me a piece of you I would never forget. And I fell in love with that day.
    Friends falling for each other, how cliché of us, isn't it? ’Friendship is love’ you had said, was that your way to confess early? I wouldn't deny, it made my heart skip a beat.
    I loved you. I loved how caring you were, I would be lying if I said I didn't want more of you.
    I'm uncertain as to why I'm writing this, maybe because it stings how short-lived our ‘romance’ was. I could simply blame the distance for it, however, I also wonder — Should we have tried harder?
    Love, The girl who took your v card.


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  • chiyuv
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    🗗 UNLIKELIHOOD | p. sunghoon

    n. the state or fact of not being likely to happen, be done, or be true.

    PRECIS. the chances of you confessing to your crush sums to zero when you realise you have to pretend to have a crush on sunghoon, just to help your friend hide her feelings for the ice prince.

    or, alternatively, in which you borrow an eraser from your friend, yi kyeong, which has sunghoon's name written on it ( or so you think ) so, when the mentioned boy sees it, you have no other choice but to lie that you have a crush on him to avoid disclosing your friend's secret.

    GENRE. humour, fluff, angst if you squint hard enough, coming of age, setter!sunghoon pls im on my knees

    WARNINGS. profanities, food mentions, crying, dumb jokes, kys and kms jokes at times. sungchan cameo yayaya it was originally sunoo but that made things a tad bit harder. more or less an inner monologue.

    NOTE. i said i won't be writing but here we are. this is very very slightly inspired by kieta hatsukoi. this, in no way, is supposed to disrespect the manga plot in anyway. i'm aware that it's a bl manga + show, i respect that. i wanted to write something with the plot and i know i could've made this a bl fic but first, i'm simply not comfortable with romantic portrayals of idol x idol ships and second, i'm not experienced with writing x male reader fics and i don't want to get anything wrong. besides, nothing really is same except the eraser and name incident. on another note, the pronouns for reader used here are they / them to make this more inclusive so you can imagine it whichever way you wish. send an ask / comment to join the taglist. happy reading <3


    ❝ on a scale of zero to ten, what is the unlikelihood of— ❞

    ،، one. creating a problem for yourself ،، two. failing at solving the problem ،، three. miscommunicate and worsen the problem ،، four. solving the problem but still have a problem ،، five. almost create another problem

    series taglist. [ open ] @fairybangtan @tobiosbbyghorl @gsknikki @marievllr-abg @staymiracle @iamsimplyasimp @cyuuupid @love-4-keum @softforqiankun @hobistigma

    permanant taglist. @heeseungmahalko @enhacolor @blessed-sky @angelwonie @emotora @hannieyooon @nikkitc0703 @parkmejeon004 @sproutswonies @ashxxkook @haecube @jangwonie @luviehyck @ahnneyong @bigtoewinwin @blushlin @catjungs @flwerkitty @hiqhkey @hira127 @evangelinevolturi @squiishymeow @ilandsghost @hueningluvr @i6hoons @ja4hyvn @jdhluvbot @karsohn @kyleeanne @love-4-keum @mina-yoo334 @msxflower @neptoonnn @outrologist @ramye0nz @rendezrei @soobana @soobin-chois @stopeatread @sunoope @toibua @w3bqrl @wccycc @yunki4evr

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  • heeseung-min
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Yandere Jay as a ceo(he's rich²) and y/n as his personal assistant that he always favors. Then someone started a rumor that y/n sleeps w/ jay(if u're comfortable to write that) and ofc jay unalived the person who started the rumor


    You started to work as Jay's assistant two months ago. At first, you thought you will not get accepted to the company but thankfully you did. The salary is good enough to pay your rent and your groceries.

    You also noticed how different your boss when he talked to you than when he talked to other workers.

    When he talks to you, he will stare at your face and nodding at everything you say. Sometimes, he even treats you to lunch or dinner when you work overnight and he will gives you gift when he back from overseas trip.

    But, when it comes to other staffs he didn't even consider to look at them for a second and the way he sounds also very cold. So, these things cause a rumor to start.

    "I think y/n is sleeping with boss."

    "She must begging him on knees to let her stay here. I mean look at her, she's not suitable in this place."

    "What a whore"

    "She should resign at this point. I'm sick of that bitch face."

    You were holding your tears inside the stall. You can't protect yourself even what they said were false. Why people always like to assume things without checking the truth first? You waited until they went out from the toilet and started crying for few minutes before washing your face to hide your puffy eyes.

    You were reading the event for today in front of Jay's desk but then he interrupted you with his curious face.

    "What happen to your face?"

    You stunned. Had you didn't hide it very well with your makeup?

    "What do you mean, sir?"

    "You looked like you just finished crying."

    Shit. How did he know? You controlled your face from having a shock reaction and just let out awkward smile with some confuse look.

    "I- I didn't understand what you said, sir"

    "Nevermind, you can go out now."

    You decided to make a tea to quench your thirst. Just when you wanted to pour the hot water, someone talked to you.

    "Oh hi Y/N!"

    "ahh hi"

    "Are you making a tea for Mr.Jay? What a good assistant you are. You really tried hard, huh?"

    "No, I just made this for myself."

    The woman in front of you rolled her eyes and fake a smile to you. You continued pouring the hot water into your mug but then the woman pushed you on purpose and made the hot water splashed on your hand. You screamed loudly because of the shock and your tears running down without stop. The woman became scared and panic at what she had done. She ran out from there leaving you hurting.

    Nobody even come to help you treating the wound. You winced when you rubbing the antiseptic on the wound.

    After two hours spending your time to calm down from the incident, you got a call from Jay to come inside his room. You hid your hand so he didn't see you getting hurt.

    "Do you need anything, sir?"

    Jay stopped looking at the files and stared at you. He stood up and slowly walked closer to you. You couldn't step back because he already put his hand on your waist and another hand was holding your hand that was hurting.

    "Who did this to you, y/n?"

    "huh? no-nothing happen, sir?"

    Jay squeezed your hand a little bit made you shouted a little. You looked at the man's face who started to change to a cruel one.

    "You were hurting, baby. Just tell me please."

    Jay's soft voice made you cracked sobs and leaned to his chest. Jay hold you and murmured some words to comfort you. You told him about the rumors and who hurt your hand.

    "I told you, didn't I? You only need me no one else. Now, I want you to rest on the couch and let me take care of everything."

    Jay said lastly before he gave you forehead kisses. You just let him because you were too tired with what already happened. He brought you to the couch and put his coat to cover your body.

    "Kim, I need you to do something."

    Well, that would be the last day for those one who decided it's a good idea to mess with you.

    Hello😄😄😄 how is your day? Is it good? If yes, then I'm very glad that happen. If not? Don't be sad. Rainbows always come after rain so, your happiness will come soon😆😆 I hope you guys enjoy thiss
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  • 17caratssi
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Little Boyfriend! Sim Jaeyun

    I will make this as a short series for lil jake <3

    You never had a boyfriend before and the first person to ever confessed to you was none other than your deskmate.

    "Please focus on the lesson. Your mark on the first test wasn't good," you murmured uninterestingly at your boyfriend. You can definitely tell he was boring his eyes on you for half an hour now.

    "Sim Jaeyun, I'll tell the teacher you're not-"

    "Okay okay, don't tell the teacher," he eventually gave in from peeking at you over and over. Chuckling as he turned his head- not his body, to the front, it caught the English teacher's attention.

    "Sim Jaeyun, read the third paragraph and proceed with your answer,"

    Sigh, "Why did I even date this dumbass,"

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  • iceprincesgf
    26.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    i've just discovered ur acc and omg it has so many things i love aaaahhh and your writing is so good oml

    i was wondering what do you think would of enhypen's legal would use if they had a bondage kinked

    also if u have a list of anons, can i please be “🌙” anon?

    HI LOVIE, yes you can be my 🌙 anon :D thank you for your feedback, it really made my day :[

    &&what would enhypen’s hyungline! use if they had a bondage kink?&&

    heeseung (🦌) — heeseung def has a bondage kink idc what anyone says!!!!! he'd probably use his necktie to shut you up, would tie it around your lips so you can bite on it (because he loves when you drool on it but that's our secret! 😊) if he thinks you're being too loud. WE ALL KNOW HOW FUCKING HOT HE LOOKS WITH NECKTIES — flashback to his enlog, i was screaming and crying, dear engenes — and if he ever discovers that you think he looks hot with that, he'd 10000% bring it into your sex life. he'd probably tie your hands with the tie too, especially when you're being a brat, he'd loosen the material to pull it off of his collar swiftly and wrap it around your wrists as he makes out with you messily. he's the type to fuck you senseless with your hands tied with something that is his because he finds it intimate that way :] i also feel like holding eye contact during something as intimate as sex is very important to him, he wouldn't wanna cover your pretty doe-like eyes as you spasm around his cock

    jay (🦅) — jongseong MMMM, okay, he's into a lot of things but if there's something he really likes playing out when you two are fucking, then it'd be tying your hands and legs to the bedposts with chains because uh, yeah, DON'T ASK ME WHY, he thinks it's hot 🤷🏾‍♀️. i think this way, he earns this little bubble of superiority that you're completely under his mercy and that he can do whatever he wants (with your consent of course). he'd probably also be into teasing the shit out of you while you're helpless underneath him. it would boost his ego everytime you whine and move (although to no avail) to feel him around you better. he'd fuck you that way (except he'd untie your legs because that may be uncomfortable for you) and shush your little cries, begging him to fuck you in any position other than missionary, since he finds it amusing to not let you reach your high and get you to beg him to fuck you properly 😇 i think i have spoken enough about his begging kink lmao kms

    jake (🐶) — i know i keep pushing on sub lean jake agenda BUT HEAR ME OUT, you tying his hands together while you suck him off or even ride him

    sunghoon (🐧) — EHEM, so about my bf, let's go. sunghoon is probably gonna cuff your hands because you look hotter that way. he would've definitely tried using ropes or ties but there's something about how red the skin of your wrist gets when he uncuffs you, it's like a temporary reminder that you belong to someone already. would probably also sign his name below the marks to accentuate the feeling, man’s possessive 😇 (not complaining, that's actually hot). he'd make you put your arms around his neck while you sit over him so that in a way, he stays ‘locked’ with you and can also have easy access to your lips and breasts. he'd nip at your skin whenever he feels it is unmarked and would make you ride him or even hold your ass above his hips so that he can fuck into you if you feel too tired to carry on by yourself. whatever it is, he'll show you the prettiest stars that night. he's confident in himself, he knows he can fuck you really well and prides himself over it!

    #enhypen imagines #enhypen x reader #enhypen hard hours #enhypen smut#heeseung smut#sunghoon smut#jake smut#jay smut #(🌙) anon!
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  • iceprincesgf
    26.05.2022 - 7 hours ago
    don't u just suddenly think about sucking sunghoon's pretty dick off to the point he's soo sensitive but couldn't refuse bcs that man gives me the vibe of someone who like getting head smm he don't care if his dick r about to fall off or smth

    - 🌐

    OH NY GOD, i think about this every night (REAL). sunghoon is the type to take control over everything (romantically or sexually, he just likes being the caretaker in your relationship) but the moment you're on your knees, with your pretty eyelashes fluttering close everytime you take him slightly deeper than before, HE'S GONNA BE ON THE VERGE OF TEARS. he isn't sure if it's because of the way you suck him off or if it's just the image of you on your knees, all pretty for him while you make him feel good, but bff he is NOT complaining, he's just in his little own bubble where you're sucking him off for the rest of your life (i can volunteer!). it takes him barely a few minutes (maybe even lesser) to spill his cum onto your tongue but knowing you, he'd happily allow you to overstimulate him to the point his thighs are shaking while he looks down at you with hooded eyes and his forehead is covered with a sheen of sweat

    #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon smut#sunghoon imagines#enhypen imagines #enhypen x reader #enhypen hard hours #enhypen smut #(🌐) anon! #now i am h word #killing myself fr because he'll never be mine
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  • enha-doodles
    26.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    CHAPTER 3 || ♫︎❣

    ➸ʚ Genre ɞ : Horror ( killer au )

    ➸ʚ Pairing ɞ : enhypenxreader!

    ➸ʚ Warning ɞ : gore, violence , cursing , killing , blood , betrayal , lot of plot twists

    ➸ʚ Featuring ɞ : Enhypen , Y/N , TxT , Chareoyoung ( itzy ) , Sana ( twice ) and winter ( aespa )

    ➸ʚ Plot ɞ : Several people are chosen to be in a game of "serial killer" which telecasts all over the world . 14 people Vs 1 killer . The people are unknown to who the killer is . You could think what can go wrong ? The path where the killer has to kill to win . If the people find out who the killer is , they win . Winners will get 1 billion won each . To confirm the killer , they will have a meeting and a voting will be held . The killer cannot kill after the meeting has been declared till the meeting day is over . If you vote out the wrong person , they'll be eliminated . Will money be the end of thier lives ? Will money be the cause of friendships ending ? Will the need of money cause betrayal and pain ?

    ➸ʚ Disclaimer ɞ : This is all a work of fiction and my imagination . Credits of the GIFs to the owners . None of the members have the same personality or resonate the traits mentioned below . I apologize in advance for making the idols mean / rude .

    The students were minding their own business when a staff entered the room to make an announcement . "The director has called everyone in this room to his office right now " he left the dumfounded teacher and kids who were wondering if they fucked up something . The 'class press' group was just doing a project together for thier council while the basketball team had to attend detention to complete their notes . Y/n and nikis's group were in detention for not doing thier homework while winter and yuna were there for some lame prank they did on the professor thinking it was funny . Good for yuna because she had left early due to some family stuff leaving winter alone who was trying her best to flirt with Jake while he was concentrating on physics . They all looked at the teacher as if to confirm whether this was real or some prank but she didn't know either so she told everyone to go to his office and come back quickly if it was a joke . She warned them that she will talk about this to the director so if they bunk this detention , they'll get less grades in thier finals . When everyone was walking Niki came beside y/n and hung an arm around her shoulder "what can it be ? I did nothing wrong and looking at your face I know you didn't as well" Sana and Chareoyoung were busy giggling about thier new crush so you stayed at the back with Niki . You leaned into him lazily and stated "I think it's about some trip or university function ." "Ahh that makes sense" you both chuckled and entered the office where you saw everyone taking a seat . You sat beside your friends while Niki sat beside his . You saw how there were 18 chairs in total . Two on the either ends and 8 on the either sides . But nonetheless 3 of the chairs were empty , well one belongs to the director who was yet to come . After everyone settled down the director came in . Everybody stood up to greet him a good afternoon which wasn't so good . It was a couple of minutes spent in silence . No one daring to talk while the director had a file with him while he would take glances at every person now and then .


    "so umm why are we called here again ?" Asked sunoo to the man sitting in the very end of the long table . All the people present there could feel a odd aura from him . Not that they never felt it before but today being called by him and him just staring at them silently for endless minutes with that sick smile made it more odd . Even if they were curious , nobody wanted to actually stay in that room with their one and only pyschotic director Hwang . He finally spoke up which caused many students to frown " you all are called here because I have some offer for you " . Heeseung asked "and what might that be?" . Hwang started again "I want you all to participate in a TV programe , and offc you will get paid" everyone was now confused , 'that couldn't be it' was going on in all of thier minds . "And why are we the only ones called instead of you asking in all classes that who are interested ?" Asked jay . 'good point park' everyone thought silently . 'tch brats , it's because the earlier batch denied already' hwang said inside in mind but kept a smile and rose up from his seat . "It's because I find you all the best people for this show , if you remember I keep an eye on every student . That's why I haven't called a particular friend group or asked in all classes . Hope that clears all your questions " you narrowed your eyes "what makes you think we will agree ?" 'so annoying kids these days' "your getting money , extra internal marks for this and you'll be aired on international TV . What do you say ?" It was a pretty convincing deal but you weren't going to fall in his plan . You know something is off and you can't be the only one . But his next question made you have second thoughts "and after this show , everyone will be given a particular dorm in a building where only you can enter and only you can live . Your parents and siblings won't be allowed and they will be informed by the school . How's the deal " winter squealed trying to cling to beomgyu "I agree , that's basically everything we've ever wanted " beomgyu rolled his eyes standing up , shrugging winter off in the process " I'll let you know in a few days " hwang said " you all are only getting 5 days to decide and if you don't answer , we will take that as a no and your grade will drop 5% due to ignoring the offer Instead of staright up telling your answer . Everyone has to come at this office room after 5 days at the same time as today . You may all leave " as everyone stood up , you saw hwang mouthing something to someone but when you turned to see who it was , you heard Sana call you . You eyed the room one last time while leaving with your friends and everyone . " So staying away from parents was all it needed to have thier attention huh" laughed hwang before he stood up and walked towards his special office to make more plans about the show . Well it should be grand , shouldn't it ?


    " I don't think we should join guys " Chareoyoung said . You were all in a empty class as you were called after the classes had ended and everyone went to their houses , a place that can't be called home for them . You were very hesitant about it but your answer was mostly no . "Ugh shut up , I think we should . It's a great deal" said winter rolling her eyes and standing before going to sit beside Heeseung who instantly stood up when she did . He sat beside taehyun leaving winter alone there who was embarrassed but still kept her attitude . "I don't think so , he seems so sketchy plus he was never a good man . I sometimes think if he is actually insane , it's probably something sick ." Said Jake . "We have 5 days so let's discuss it tomorrow at detention , it's pretty late now." Said beomgyu taking his bag "are you perhaps scared ?" Mocked Sunghoon blocking his way to which he earned a death glare but he wasn't going to back up . "You wouldn't want me to show you how brave I am park" said beomgy glaring at him before bumping into is shoulders hard and leaving . "I thought someone would definitely true hands " said Chareoyoung standing up so she can leave too . "Think about it calmly , okay everyone? And even tho it's a to-be said thing don't let anyone know about this " said Sunoo while leaving with jungwon . You and Niki went home and that day none of the students were able to sleep . Boy this is going to be a long ride .


    Masterlist || Next

    A/n : I am finally back <3 i promise 4th chapter will be more than 1k words. ( All 3 chapters were more than 1k so ill try to make 4th chapter 2k )

    Taglist : @axartia @nikipedia07 @lovesickxmina

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  • soobisunfairy
    26.05.2022 - 8 hours ago
    Profile 2: the sassy girls + dongpyo

    Choi yn - A college student, she's smart, and kind. Yeonjun's younger sister, she used to date ni-ki when he's still a trainee but broke up when i-land happened. After cutting ties with riki, she didn't know what happen to him not until she saw him again in her shop buying cakes.

    Park sooyoung (Joy) - Red velvet's member, yn's friend. They met when yn helped her choose a perfume after that she invited yn to have lunch with her, and becomes friend after talking and knowing each other.

    Jennie kim - Blackpink's member, she knows yn and they're already friends even before she debuted. They met in new zealand.

    Jang wonyoung - Ive's member, they met when yn visited music bank because yeonjun asked for her presence. Wonyoung thinks yn is so pretty and sweet so she approached her and offers to be friend

    Son dongpyo - Mirae's member, he's yn's bff in school, they're both loud and loves to talk a lot so they become friends.

    Note: pls don't mind the age differences lol, T_T

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  • kpophubb
    26.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    🏴‍☠️N̸o̸ M̸o̸r̸e̸ 𝕷𝖔𝖓𝖊𝖑𝖞 𝕹𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙𝖘

    【Enhypen Hard Hours ☠️❌]

    G͟͟͟͞͞͞e͟͟͟͞͞͞n͟͟͟͞͞͞r͟͟͟͞͞͞e͟͟͟͞͞͞: 18+ ѕмυт, σяαℓ ѕєχ,αиαℓ ѕєχ, нαяя ∂σм! ѕυиgнσσи, α вιт σf ∂ιяту тαℓкιиg, ∂єg∂яα∂αтισи, υηρяσтєɕтєԃ ѕєχ

    ❥ƿѧıяıṅɢ: sunghoon x fem reader


    When your lovely boyfriend, sunghoon, was away from you for too long, you couldn’t help but feel deserted and utterly isolated because every cell of your body twitched to be near him. Not only did you miss the way he gave you the sweetest eye-smile and warmest hugs, you also yearned for the way he’d always love your body, degrade you like his little fuckdoll and fill your pussy to the brim with his cum. That leaked from his heavenly, thick cock.

    It’s been a week since he’s been away, occupied with his schedule and comeback preparations and with the mc work at mubank every Friday, your only time together was greatly hampered. And ofcourse, it hurt you a lot that even the little time you had with the man you loved was also being torn apart from you.

    But tonight was different. Tonight was the once in a blue moon night when sunghoon had promised to come over and “play with you” so here you are now, infront of your mirror, fondling your body parts in your black lingerie. You trace your moisturised body with your fingers, absorbing the feel of your skin under his touch and when you bring your hands to your neck choker, you close your eyes shut and gasp, travelling back to the day he gifted you with it.

    “This is a sign doll. A choker than indicates that you’re my cute little fuck doll. Treasure it.” He smirked at you and licked your lips, pressing you against the wall, pinning your wrists and speaking to you with his dominant, seductive voice. And so, you wore this all the time when he came over to have sex, taking delight in the way you silently declared that he and he alone had the right to fuck you so hard and deep.

    The door opens with a creak noise and you rush to receive your guest, your boyfriend and for a split second there freeze from the way he looks so sinfully handsome tonight. Just the sight of his tall lean figure wrapped in full black clothes and dark intimidating eyes, make you feel your core twitch from anticipation.

    “Missed you baby girl.” Sunghoon leans in for a hug and kisses the top of your head. “Missed you more..daddy.” You whine under your breathe and feel the last word change the setting completely. You can hear him grin, a familiar cold grin that gives you goosebumps as you feel him wrap your legs around his waist and carry you to your shared bed. With him around, you knew that your emptiness will end in the most satisfying way and you will have to live no more lonely nights.

    “You look so sexy tonight baby.” Sunghoon gasps, his eyes glistening when his vision lands on the lingerie peeking through your robe. Tracing his hands on top of it in slow motions, he frees you from your robe till you’re lying flat on the bed with your body in full display for him to see. Your glowy skin showing here and there through the transparent lacy material and your eyes depicting a plunging need that he’s never seen before.

    “I’ve dressed up for you..sunghoon.” You almost mewl under his intimidating gaze and your body shakes a little from the way he keeps glaring at every corner of it with lust and greed filled eyes. Spreading your legs and throwing them over his shoulders, he lowers his face to your pussy-level and eyes your clothed cunt- the material soaking wet from your striking horniness and need.

    “Please….I need you there. Daddy..” you cry out and close your eyes shut, pointing your hole to sunghoon by brushing aside the material- the impact causing him to jolt and grin lewdly from satisfaction. Electricity surges through his body and in a split second, he slaps your hands away and replaces it with his instead.

    “Such a dirty slut for me..yeah?”

    Those are the last words you hear because now, the only noises that fill the room are the noises of your helpless whimpers as he presses his mouth onto yours- his tongue sliding inside for utter dominance. You feel his hot tongue swirling inside of your mouth and his spit cover it completely and his hands? They’ve already successfully slipped you out of your sexy lingerie that is maybe a little bit torn off from desperation and already flung aside to the floor.

    “Look at you. Always being so slippery because of me.” Hoon teasingly arches his eyebrows, taking pleasure in the way you look so pathetic and whiny, trembling under him. You feel his fingers rub your clitoris aggressively and feel another one of his large hands press your boob, the intoxicating mouth detaching from your lips to travel beneath to your chin, your collarbone, neck and cleavage till they’re all coated with his saliva and decorated with his reddish hickeys.

    You practically scream the moment you feel him slide his finger inside your cunt, his lean fingers travelling deep and hitting spots that make you black out from pleasure all the while as you feel him take one of your abused tit inside his mouth. He sucks your nipple with great force teasing the bud with his tongue and also thrusts more of his digits inside you- the sensation causing you to arch your back and grip onto the bed sheets to keep yourself from passing out.


    “What doll?” He cooes gritting your other tit with his sharp teeth.

    “AHH. Daddy..please..I need your cock inside me now. I beg you.” You plead with teary eyes, feeling your orgasm build up from his steady motions.

    But instead of being nice to you, he’s cruel to you as usual and decides to edge you like every other night. That’s how he was. Painfully satisfying. Teasing you till you practically got on your knees and begged for his cock to penetrate you.

    “Not so easy doll.”

    With that, sunghoon gives a sly grin and brings his face towards your shining wet pussy, eyeing your cunt with his fingers still gliding in and out of you. He attaches his wet mouth to your clit, sucking it and stimulating it with his lips and tongue, taking pleasure in the way you squirm due to his little movements.

    As if your moans were already not loud enough and now you feel excruciating pain from the way he digs his nails into your sensitive inner thigh with a free finger and you practically scream like a maniac with him doing this to you.

    “Come on. Cum on my fingers baby.” He commands and in no less than seconds, you feel yourself spill all over his mouth and he takes great delight in watching and cleaning your cum that comes oozing out your hole.

    He finally frees himself from his clothes and takes out his big cock, sprung up to his stomach, caressing the pink tip while looking at you to get your desperate reaction. Hoon feels his cock twitch at his tip and veins running more blood to it when he finds you licking your lips and looking at it like a hungry hawk eyeing its meal.

    Right when you think he was about to put an end to your misery and finally give you his cock, your eyes light up from the new shade of intimacy you spot in his stare. In a flash, he has your lower body bent and he groans sexily the moment he sees your ass and the hole he’s planned to thrust into tonight. Immediately, he latches his mouth down there and licks your opening, groping your ass cheeks in the process and fondling your supple skin up and down with his nails.

    “Daddy…what are you..-“

    “Ssh. Gotta show you how much I missed fucking you doll.” He mutters with his mouth still glued to your butt and the next thing you know is how your vision becomes starry and you have your hands over your mouth from screaming out his name. So loudly, that you were sure even your neighbours could hear.

    Thrusting in and out of you with a rough, fast pace both of you pant and moan as you feel his big cock hit your sensitive spots and reach deep inside of you, taking you to unimaginable places. His moans become even more pleasing when he feels your walls clench around his thick length.

    “Gosh…” he closes his eyes and gives a final thrust, before he feels you release around him.


    He grunts like an order and your body being under his spell and his large hands turning your small frame backwards till your naked body is pressed to the sheets, he climbs on top of you now. Spreading your ass cheeks with his hands with a touch so penetrating that you know would leave marks, he adjusts himself inside you again and keeps thrusting into you. He uses his free mouth to bite your flesh hungrily before bringing it upwards and licking your bare back and shoulders.

    “I’m so close baby. Hang in there.” Hoon whispers against your earlobes and finally releases himself, his cum shooting deep inside of you.

    So you thought you were gonna be left free for a second, but you were wrong. Your sex sessions have never been slow paced. Both of you were thirsty for eachother, always having your mouth on eachother’s bodies,hitting rounds like there’s no end to your desperation and the way your body feels for eachother. He gathers some of your cum on his fingers and sexily shoves it inside your mouth, watching you gag from the sudden forced impact.

    “See? This is how you taste doll.” He winks at you lewdly, eyeying you carefully as you gulp down your own juices.

    “But my daddy’s cum tastes better.”

    Wrong choice of words. Wrong choice of tone. But absolutefuckingly the right trigger for the situation. Sunghoon abruptly pulls you over from the bed, sweat trickling down his forehead and bangs wet from the continuous anal sex, but eyes still hungry and looking for more. He positions you quickly on his lap, gesturing you to sit on his dick and ride it. Ride it and take him to the gates of heaven and hell, like you always do. You adjust yourself on his length finally, and start your motion upwards and downwards as you feel his hitched breaths landing on the crook of your neck and hands play with your titties. The tongue kissing session that follows with this- never fails to plaster your mouth with his drug like addicting taste. And Poison like intoxicating mouth.

    “I’ll never get tired of you doll.”

    “Me neither.”

    “I fucking love you.”


    And that was exactly how your lonely nights would end and happiness would overwhelm the whole room whenever you’d snuggle up inside sunghoon’s arms at the end. The silvery moonlit rays illuminating your faces and the stars witnessing your blissful moments filled with silly laughters and unsaid love confessions.

    “I got a little something for you.” Sunghoon politely says as he nuzzles your soft hair with his fingers.

    “What is it hoonie?”

    He looks through the pocket of his black jacket that was lying on the side table and pulls out a purple phone strap. It was a pair, a pair of a purple and blue phone straps, decorated cutely and radiating couple energy.

    “Matching phone straps.” He shyly whispers.

    “WAIT WHAT?”


    “Shut up. 😳😒 I know this is so unlike me..but..it’s cute okay?..thought it’d suit you and felt that you will like it so…”

    The shy boy stammers with red tinted cheeks, flustered to the core and eyes brimming with endless affection. You melt seeing this adorable sight, and give him a peck on his hot cheeks.

    “Thank you my shy but cute boyfriend.😘☺️🙈”

    “I’ll be sure to tell-“


    “If you tell the members, I’ll really kill you y/n.”😐😳🫣 he shrugs, tickling you as a threat till you’re both a playful, blushing mess in eachother’s loving arms.💕

    ————————— тнє єηԃ——————

    For @light164star hope you enjoyed! Please reblog to show your appreciation!🖤

    🅃🄰🄶🄻🄸🅂🅃 : @moonlit-stay @light164star @heejakeysworld

    #enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #enha smut #enha hard hours #enha hard thoughts #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon smut #park sunghoon smut #park sunghoon x reader #sunghoon x you #sunghoon x y/n #enhypen x engene #enhypen x reader #enhypen headcanons#enhypen drabbles#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen fanfic #enha x y/n #enha x engene #enha drabbles#enha imagines#enha headcanons#enhypen headcanon #enhypen sunghoon smut
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    26.05.2022 - 8 hours ago
    Profile 1: en-high-pain

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  • heeracha
    26.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    seven. / eight. — park "genuine red flag friend" jongseong. / nine.

    wrong owner, babe. — p. jay

    synopsis: coming from a meeting, you were rushing out of the office to go to your next class. after a few hours later, you realize you left your phone in the office, so you went to go get it, but when you asked your professor where your phone was, he said he already returned it to the owner. which owner? the one on your lockscreen. who’s your lockscreen? the guy you’ve had a crush on for months, park jongseong.

    pairing: jay x fem!reader

    content/genre: college au (as always sigh), slowburn? probably. fluff and angst.

    warning(s): swearing, as always. jay being a red flag. <3 use of 'baby'

    note: and me suddenly going mia is my red flag <3 i really hope i stop ghosting bcs i feel bad UCBFSDHJSD anyway enjoy ^_^

    taglist:@cparqx @c9tnoos @enhaluvrsworld @bloomedberry @hoonlv @that-awkward-shiz @omgjwon @blearis @fairycheol @a-noona-mous @allorysayshi  @nicelicious @nishmrriki @eitaababe @ahnneyong @axolotlboo @enhyped-up @msxflower  @faeriihearts @solitxre @sophiko22 @centheodd @143pjs @bambisgirl @sunshinble @ryurass @dekusgirl @luvwonies @sweetjaemss @meowoni @sjyuniverse @kyutekyuala @kimiczi @elevenlatte @luvrjn @leeis @qghosty @jakey-sims @cyuuupid @strwbryparfait @exatse @yourlocalhotgf @hee-in @koroktsuya @ily-cuz-i @moon-lys @verifiedsunghoonsimp  @raehyun-byeoll @idyllicangel @amakumos @hrjchive @enhasengene @luv4cheol

    #yasssss purrrrrrrr <3 #Hiraya-M#enhypen imagines#enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios #enhypen x reader #enhypen sns au #enhypen soft hours #enhypen social media au #enhypen social au #jay imagines #jay soft hours #jay x reader #jay reactions#jay fluff#jay scenarios#jay smau
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  • not-me-haha
    26.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    If only.... - yjw

    SEVENTH CHAPTER: am i scared?

    The walk back to Jungwons house was silent. He insisted to go to his house to treat your wound. It was getting late and his house was nearby anyway.

    You were still confused about Yoonjae and Jungwon's relationship. And more importantly you had now figured that Jungwon was a vampire. You had clearly seen his shining white fangs while he talked to Yoonjae.

    Most elderly people had always shared stories about vampires, assuming they were common during those times. But times change. Vampires were considered to have vanished for the past few decades and noone had seen them in person or noone has been alive to say that they had seen a vampire. Though many unsolved death cases lead to the fact that Vampires infact still roamed your city.

    "This is your house?!" You asked Jungwon shocked by the size and beauty of his house. You knew he was rich but once you got to know him you completely forgot that.

    "Um, yeah" he replied awkwardly, not because of his house but because he was in his own thoughts thinking about the past events. More importantly the fact that he knew that you had found out his secret.

    As you walked in you could notice how magnificent the house was on the inside and it was well-maintained! "Jungwon dear you're home?" Questioned an old lady as she walked towards you both. "Oh and you've brought a friend. Would you both like some rose milk? I'll send it over to you."

    "Just send one glass, I dont want anything right now. And why are you awake right now Jenny?" Jungwon and the lady seemed close as though they'd known each other for a very long time.

    You simply smiled at the old lady and followed Jungwon to his room. The passage to his room was full of beautiful paintings all depicting strong messages. Jungwon had got some necessary stuff to treat your wound which you had covered up with his handkerchief. He shut the door behind you and took out some cotton balls. "Why are you so silent?" You spoke out to cut out the awkwardness. The question was valid though, Jungwon wasn't his usual self.

    "No reason" he sighed.

    "I'm not going to tell anyone" you said trying to reassure him.

    "Are you not scared Y/N?"

    "No" you said firmly. But it seemed like Jungwon couldnt believe you. He moved your hand that was covering the wound with his handkerchief which was now bloody. The blood hadnt stopped from gushing out of the opening. Jungwons body stiffened. He took in a deep breath and tried to stop the crimson blood. One cotton ball after another. It took a while for it to stop. You were feeling just fine, it stung a bit. But on the other hand you had no clue how bad it was for Jungwon. His thirst grew as he tried to contain it. His mind started burning as his hands shivered, his hands became colder and colder as his unquenchable thirst grew and overcame his will. Soon he had lost it.

    He pushed you inside the bathroom but trying not to use his overwhelming strength. "Lock it! Lock it- from the inside" he yelled as his voice became deeper and unrecognizable. You did as he said, locked yourself in. You were frightened by Jungwons strength as you heard him bang and throw things around.

    His shrieks and yells, you could here them so clearly were filled with pain and regret. You were scared for him and you. Looking through the little slits in the door you could see Jungwon, see how pale his skin had become, how bloodshot his eyes were, how not human he looked. You held your neck once you realised the wound had opened once again. Staring at the fresh blood on your fingertips you sat down on the bathroom floor. You were shaking and beyond terrified. Jungwons yells didnt stop instead they grew louder as his thirst overpowered him.

    Suddenly you heard the old lady knock onto the door. "Jungwon dear, are you okay?" Jungwon dropped the broken glass pieces from his hands and quieted down. "You have your little friend inside dont you? Let her out. Let her be safe Jungwon." The old lady continued. Jungwon said nothing.

    "Rain droplets fall on the leaves, making a sound that makes you dream. It says believe in love, believe in trust, it's not as tough as it may seem" Jenny began to sing as she slightly pushed the door open coming in with her arms open to take Jungwon in her warm embrace. Soon tears began dropping of Jungwons face as he looked down at his feet, the broken glass displaying his face which showed numerous emotions but not one of them was positive.

    "I'm so proud of you" Jenny began. "You didnt hurt anyone". Upon hearing that Jungwon broke down, crying like he couldnt stop it.

    Soon Jungwon stopped crying and got up and left the room to wash up and clean the mess he had made.

    "You can come out dear" Jenny said to you.

    "Everything is alright".

    You got up, your legs weak and your heart still banging on your chest. You washed your blood stained hands and walked out to see Jungwon walk inside his room.

    He had changed his clothes and was carrying a towel to dry his wet hair. He took a shower this fast.

    He looked straight into your eyes without any emotion and picked up a band aid and covered up your wound. His hands were warmer now.

    "Now are you scared?" He questioned but didnt ask for an answer and left the room gesturing you to drink the rose milk Jenny had brought for you.

    You sure were scared.

    Masterlist hehe

    Note: I'll add the special chapter soon :)

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  • bunnybeehun
    26.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    part-time barista!jake who’s the reason for the large influx of customers in the cafe lately. he’s a tad bit flirty with everyone but that’s what gets to them to come back and no one can blame him for doing his job, right? you’re not one to care much for schematics, only wanting to get your order so that you can manage to push your way through all of the studying and lecture notes. it kind of hurts jake’s pride a little (though he’ll never say it out loud) the first time you don’t return his smile and refuse his offer for a free cookie. who the hell refuses a free cookie? after some time, he gets to know your order by heart to the point where it’s ready by the time you’re at the front of the line. while he’s got tons of regulars, you’re the one that stands out the most because of the lack of attention you give him. your academic drive has him intrigued.  

    he begins to play a little game, mostly to himself more than anything. a game where he tries to get you smile in the momentary exchanges between the two of you. you end up developing a black and forth banter with each other, jake’s cheesy pick up lines and jokes becoming a part of your day that you oddly look forward to. while his smile does send flutters to your heart, you choose to ignore it the same way you always answer no to his offer of a free cookie. 

    it isn’t until finals week begins that, jake’s boss, min yoongi gives him the entire week off so that he can study. and so for the week, jake enters the cafe as a customer rather than an employee. all of the seats are occupied save for the one across from you. he takes in a deep breath, mustering up the courage to ask if he could sit across for you. 

    “you gotta pay up if you wanna sit here,” you say as you glance up from your laptop, fingers momentarily leaving the keyboard as your attention settles on jake. this table has been yours for the entire semester. while it didn’t actually have your name on it, it might as well have with how much time you’ve spent with it. 

    “pay up as in?”

    “a cookie will do.” a smile graces jake’s face as he sets his things down across from you.

    “one cookie coming right up.”

    #sim jake imagines #sim jake fluff #enhypen fluff#enhypen scenarios #sim jake x reader #sim jaeyun imagines #sim jake scenarios #sim jake #sim jaeyun fluff #sim jaeyun x reader #jake barista agenda #kpop imagines#kpop drabbles
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    my heart bel♡ngs to daddy [series]

    [young sugar daddy jake x fem.reader au]


    [check here for this series's general warnings and playlist]

    [‼️chapter warnings‼️: smut [mdni], daddy kink, spanking, reader loses her virginity, oral, fingering, mentions of blood because of it being the reader's first time, swearing, alcohol, rich people slander LOL, mentions of pervy rich people, jake being a fucking tease] 

    *feel free to lmk if i missed anything 

    *note: reader wears glasses

    *also sorry if there are any errors regarding grammar oops



    chapter 1: business proposal 

    school, bar, home; that's what your life has been for the past however many months it's been since you first acquired your position as a bartender. the bar has basically been your life since you started working there, and you didn't hate it, but that doesn't necessarily mean you loved it either. shifts were often long and strenuous, especially on friday nights in which every rich person in the city wants to drink until they get alcohol poisoning. 

    working at a "rich peoples' bar" had its benefits though; huge parties meant large amounts of tips even though most of your tip money went into paying rent and school tuition. but hey, it's better than being stuck in the family house you worked so desperately to get out of. 

    juggling university and your job oftentimes stressed you out and made you wonder if you should choose one over the other, but you never forget to remind yourself that you can't work at the bar forever even if it felt like an easy way out. 

    "y/n!" yeji, your friend from university and coworker, called out, prompting you to snap out of your thoughts and look in her direction, "i'm heading out now, so do you think you can handle the rest of the night without your favorite coworker?" she joked as you nudged her arm. "oh no, whatever will i do without you?" you said sarcastically, yeji pulling you into a hug afterward. you both laughed as you waved at each other, her waking out the door, holding it open for someone who was coming in as she was leaving. 

    he approached your section of the bar as you were wiping down its surface, wanting to make sure the expensive marble countertops were kept presentable all throughout the night. a sleazy part of you liked wiping down the counters because it gave you a chance to get more tips by showing your cleavage, and yes, it always worked with the pervy and horny rich men as funny and pathetic as it may sound. the tight, black long sleeve button up paired with a short skirt and a (fake) diamond necklace really makes for a good night money wise. the 'uniform' is arguably what gets you tips in the first place considering that more than 90% of the consumers are greedy rich people. for a seemingly classy bar, the management loves to dress their female employees like hookers. 

    it took a second for you to realize that you were lost in your thoughts again, aimlessly wiping nothing off the marble countertop. you were so distracted that you looked up to see an extremely handsome young man seated on one of the barstools and had no idea how long he'd been waiting there just staring at the drink menu. "o-oh, i'm so sorry, what can i get for you?" you asked shyly as you folded the rag you were using and pushed it to the side. he chuckled lightly at your embarrassed expression and body language before responding. "just a glass of armand de brignac ace of spades brut rosé," he said nonchalantly as he pointed at the pretty pink bottle with a smirk as if ordering a $500 champagne was normal. 

    you turned around to fetch a crystal wine glass and couldn't help but turn red because of how fucking sexy this guy was. you almost didn't trust yourself to pour this expensive alcohol because of how sweaty your hands were, but you shook it off and quickly placed the wine glass on the table, pushing it toward him. "let me know if you want to order anything else," you smiled, trying to keep your eyes off of him, knowing that you wouldn't be able to look away if you were to spare even the tiniest glance at him. 

    "thank you, beautiful," he said, taking a sip of his expensive champagne. his comment caused you to promptly snap your head up at him, wondering if he was actually serious or if he was just another flirty (and possibly horny) rich guy. "why, thank you," you flirted back subtly, slightly leaning against the counter on your elbows, hoping to get a few tips. he let out a gentle chuckle as he reached one of his veiny hands out toward your neck to take a hold of your necklace. you blushed in surprise at this touch but didn't pull away.

    "such a shame," he sighed as he admired your chest area in a somehow amorous and non perverted manner, "a beautiful woman like you should have real diamonds resting against her pretty skin..." his voice trailed off as he let go of your necklace.

    man, he really indirectly pointed out how broke you are, and also how the fuck could he tell these diamonds were fake with his naked eye? rich people surprise you every time. 

    you couldn't tell if the reason you were blushing was because of the fact that his hands were dangerously close to your neck and chest or if you were embarrassed at the fact that you couldn't afford a real diamond necklace. you were at a loss for words for a hot minute as you looked down at your necklace that seemed to sparkle less now that he pointed out how it isn't genuine. 

    "i'm sorry... just thinking out loud," he sighed as he looked you in your eyes, making your breathing hitch for a second. "oh, n-no you're fine," you responded, trying to laugh it off, "would you like anything else? a refill maybe?" you said as you looked down at his almost-empty wine glass. 

    "well," he started as he shifted in the barstool, now resting one of his elbows upon the counter, "i would like to buy you a real diamond necklace, but if we're talking in terms of me wanting anything else from the bar, i think i'm fine for now." he smirked and took another sip of his drink. god, he was such a tease, but you didn't mind because he was so unbelievably attractive. 

    "you're so sweet," you laughed shyly as you tried to hide your face, "but you seem a bit tipsy, so make sure to be safe out there when you head out." a fake pout formed on his face as he looked at you again. "trying to get rid of me already? i promise i'm not drunk, beautiful," he chuckled as his eyes traveled down to the sparkling crystal wine glass that was now empty. you'd be lying if you said that you weren't on the brink of kissing him because of his smooth comments, but you had to remind yourself that these situations are normal at the rich people bars; they flirt, you fall for them, they take you home, you fall harder, they leave because you meant nothing to them in the first place. 

    'never get attached to rich people' was always your golden rule, but you weren't thinking rationally in this particular moment. you were only thinking about him; a rich man whose name you didn't even know yet, and you couldn't help but mentally sigh at the fact that he could never be yours.

    "what's on your mind, hm? you look lost in thought," he said, his thick accent music to your ears. you immediately snap out of your thoughts for the nth time tonight, turning red at the fact that you were so obviously disconnected from the situation. "o-oh, it's nothing," you stuttered embarrassingly, "just a little tired; long night, you know?" you lied even though you knew that he could see right through you like you were a piece of glass. 

    "is that so?" he smirked then let out a sigh, "i would love to keep talking." you pushed your glasses up and glanced at the clock. it's only half past ten, what's the harm staying for a little longer. 

    "i'll stay if you stay with me," you said in a mildly seductive tone as you leaned forward onto the counter, again, hoping to make a few tips. "what made you think that i planned to leave?" he asked, leaning in closer and making you visibly flustered. he smirked, fully aware of the effect he has on you. 

    "get yourself something to drink. it's on me," he said as he pulled out a black card, your eyes widening at the sight of it. god, he made you feel like a peasant. "b-but everything here is so expensive, a-and i'd hate for you to spend that kind of money on me-"

    "don't worry about it, princess. i only spend by the thousand, so get anything that your heart desires."

    his confidence made a knot form in your stomach. oh, how the tables have turned; now you're the horny one. 


    you didn't get blackout drunk so-to-say, but you drank enough alcohol to have a headache when you woke up the next morning, and it took you more than just a few minutes to remember what the hell happened last night. you then realized that you never even asked that guy what his name was and immediately felt like a fucking idiot.

    thank god it was your day off because you may have had to call in sick because of the pounding headache that you were suffering-


    you groaned as you turned to check who was calling you, and to your surprise, it was yeji. as you hit 'answer,' you hoped she wasn't calling because of short staff at work. 

    "hey, y/n! sorry if i'm waking you up, even though it's 3PM," she joked as you groaned and sat up, "there's someone here who just asked for you. uhhh, he has dyed blond hair, average height, and he's veryyyy handsome. he's seated at your section of the bar waiting for you if you want to head over and see what he wants, but i can tell him that it's your day off if you want me to-"

    "i'll be right over!"

    you quickly hung up the phone and jumped out of bed to get ready. you sobered up so quickly that it could've been a world record. after taking shower so quick that it could've also been a world record, you got dressed in a cute but classy outfit that showed just enough skin to tease him then dashed out the door. 


    you took a deep breath before opening the fancy double doors to get inside the bar, immediately looking over to your side of the bar to see him sitting there patiently waiting for you to show up. you tried your best to casually walk over to your section of the bar but before you could get any closer, yeji spotted you and excitedly ran in your direction, engulfing you in a hug. she let go of you to turn your head to the side with both of her hands, "you see him?!" she exclaimed, quickly prompting you to slap your hand over her mouth. "shush, yej! he has ears, you know!" you whisper-yelled as you both slowly walked over to that side of the bar. as soon as you were close enough to him, yeji gave you a stern pat on the shoulder and rushed back over to the other side of the bar. 

    "so," you said flirtatiously as you put your hand on one of his broad shoulders, "i heard you were looking for me." your touch startled him, causing his shoulder to tense up, but he quickly calmed down after he realized it was you. "well, you heard right," he said, his signature smirk forming on his face. you smirked back, looking into his pretty brown eyes and trying to exude the same confidence that he was even though you were nervous out of your pants. 

    "you didn't even know who to request seeing as you don't even know my name," you teased as you sat on the stool next to him. "and yet, here you are, miss?" he asked, somehow coming off more confident than you even though he was literally asking a question. "y/l/n y/n" you chuckled, "and you?" 

    "jake, jake sim, sim jaeyun. depends who you ask," he said with a hint of sarcasm as held his hand out for you to shake it as if you two were meeting for the first time. you rolled your eyes playfully as you leaned in closer to him. "so, what business do you have with me, jake?" you asked teasingly as you placed your hand on his warm forearm, flustering him. "hmm, i don't know," he said as he put his free hand on top of yours, "maybe we could go out? after all, it is your day off." you looked at him with slight disbelief, not expecting him to ask you to go out with him. "so, like a date?" you asked, cocking your head to the side. "it's whatever you want it to be, princess," he smirked as he stood up, holding his hand out to help you off the high barstool. 

    "have fun, guys!" yeji yelled from across the bar as if she'd been watching us the whole time (which she probably was). jake smiled sheepishly as waved back at her, his other hand holding yours as you left the bar together.


    you sat nervously in the passenger's seat of his fancy car, not knowing what to expect out of this little "date" that you two were about to go on. "so, where are we going, jake?" you ask casually, glancing at his perfect side profile. "we're gonna head further into gangnam's shopping centers. i did say i wanted to get you some real diamonds, right?" your eyes widened in a mixture of shock and surprise. 

    "y-you're kidding, right?" you laughed sheepishly, but he shook his head, shocking you even further. "nope. we're getting you a pretty little necklace," he said nonchalantly as he parked the car and unbuckled his seatbelt, quickly getting out of the car to open the door for you. handsome and a gentleman? score.

    you took jake's hand as he led you into a jewelry store that you never even imagined walking into, let alone buying anything from. your eyes lit up at the immense sparking of diamonds in every corner of the establishment. jake seemed to notice your astonishment and giggled at your cute mannerisms. "go ahead and look around, beautiful," jake politely urged, "your only parameter is that it has to be one thousand or over; i only spend by the thousand, remember?" he smirked as he lifted your chin up with his index finger. you nodded and your cheeks turned a bright shade of pink as jake moved his finger away from your face.

    you were completely clueless on how to even begin navigating this jewelry store, so you looked up at jake for a bit of guidance. "you're so cute," he cooed as he wrapped his hand around your waist, pulling you close as he walked you toward one of the huge glass cases of diamond jewelry, "no need to be nervous, y/n." you smiled shyly as you felt the warmth of his arm against your waist. the glass cases were lined with dark red velvet that complimented the shine of the gold and diamonds that rested upon its surface.

    after awhile of looking closely at a few necklaces, you finally found a piece that caught your eye. jake noticed the way you gazed at it through the jewelry case and immediately asked an employee to take it out for you. "here," jake said as he gently moved your hair onto your shoulder, clasping the necklace before moving your hair back to its original position, "it looks beautiful on you, princess." you blushed as you looked at yourself in the mirror, the diamond necklace resting against your skin. "do you like this one?" the employee asked the two of you, looking from you to jake, looking visibly flustered at how attractive jake was. you looked at jake and nodded. he smiled as he unclasped the necklace and handed it back over to the employee. "we'll take it," jake said as he held you close. 

    "your total comes out to ₩1,897,267.50," the employee said casually as she took jake's black card and swiped it on the pin pad, handing it back to him once the transaction was completed. the price was enough to make you nauseous.

    "i told you that real diamonds would look beautiful around your neck," jake said as he gently caressed the necklace that laid against your soft skin, causing goosebumps to run down your body, "but you wanna know what would look even better around your neck?" he asked as you looked deeply into his eyes, nodding for him to continue. "my hand," he said as he leaned in closer, your lips brushing against his as your heartbeat rises to a level you didn't know existed. 

    "what are you implying, hm?" you teased, "show me, jake." 


    a simple car make out session turned into you two stumbling into his house, no, sorry, his mansion, bursting into his huge bedroom, and throwing yourselves down on his king size bed. 

    "god, you're fucking hot," you breathed out as you toyed with one of the buttons on his shirt. he chuckled and smirked and began to kiss down your neck and shoulders, making your whole body flutter with anticipation. 

    anticipation because you'd never done anything like this before; you were a virgin. 

    "jake wait," you said softly as you played with his smooth hair, making him stop immediately to make sure he wasn't breaking any of your boundaries, "i, um, i've never done this before." your face turning red in embarrassment from having admitted that you were a virgin. 

    "we can stop if you want to-" jake started before you smashed your lips against his, another make out session beginning soon after. "who told you that i wanted to stop?" you asked as you teasingly brushed your fingertips against his cheek. "we'll take it slow, okay? i promise i'll make you feel good, princess."

    slowly, you let him take your shirt and bottoms off, leaving you only in your matching black bra and panties. "such a pretty little body," jake breathed out as he ran his hands down your exposed skin, "you're all mine." you bit your lip and nodded as you toyed with his belt, eventually taking it off along with his pants, moaning at the sight of how hard he was. 

    he took the diamond necklace off your neck and placed it on his bedside table. "the only thing around your neck is gonna be my hand, isn't that right?" he asked as he positioned himself against the headboard of his bed, motioning for you to sit between his legs. "mhm, jakey," you responded as you cozied your back against his chest. "already such a good girl," he smirked against the back of your head as he planted a kiss on your neck, "let me show you what good girls deserve." slowly, he slid your panties down your legs, teasing your inner thighs in the process, causing you to shiver. 

    "let me know if it's too much, okay?" jake said as he began to inch his hand closer and closer to your wet entrance until he eventually brought his fingers to your clit. you gasped at the contact as he began to rub circles around it, putting one of his fingers inside you slowly and beginning to pump it in and out of you. "f-feels good," you moaned out softly as you gripped onto one of his muscular thighs. "yeah? feels good? you're so tight, princess. you might have a little trouble taking my cock," he teased as he began to finger you at a faster pace. you whined out for him, begging him to put another finger in. "please, jakey?" you asked softly, your legs trembling desperately. "how could i say no to such a good girl?" jake cooed as he inserted another finger, moaning at the way your walls squeezed both his ring and middle finger. 

    lewd moans and noises escaped your lips as jake continued to finger you, moving his free hand up to your boobs, grabbing and caressing them as he pleased you. 

    "w-wanna cum so bad," you whimpered as jake slowed his fingers down, pulling them out of you. "not yet, princess," jake said sternly as he moved you aside to pull his retraining boxers down, revealing his hard length. your eyes lit up innocently at the sight of his member as jake chuckled, pumping himself a few times to tease you. 

    "c-can i touch?" you asked softly as you leaned even closer to him. "i would love you to, beautiful, but tonight is about you. you can touch daddy next time, i promise." he said, proceeding to plant a kiss on your soft lips. "now spread your legs for me sweetheart," jake said softly yet sternly. you followed his orders, leaning against a pillow and spreading your legs for him. he brought his head down between your legs and dragged his tongue up and down your helplessly dripping warmth without warning, causing you to whine and gasp and the new feeling as jake continued to work his tongue around your pussy. 

    "jakey," you whined out, biting your lip, "so good. please don't stop." you felt him smirk against your warmth, proceeding to suck on your clit as he held onto your thighs for stability even though they weren't much help considering how much they were trembling. he took mental notes of the way your body reacted to the different things that he did to you, making sure that he pleased you as much as possible.

    jake looked up, wiping your excess arousal off of his lips then lining himself up with your mildly overstimulated entrance. "tell me if it hurts, okay, baby? it'll feel good after a little while." jake reassured as he teased your entrance with his tip that leaked precum. you nodded as you let jake push your thighs down onto the bed, eventually pushing a few inches of himself inside your tight entrance. you flinched at the feeling, but jake was quick to offer you his hand to hold, which you gladly accepted. "god, you're so fucking tight," jake groaned out, "i'm so lucky to be the first person who gets to feel you." you whined and nodded. "a-all for you. i'm all daddy's." he smirked against your neck before sucking on a soft section of skin. "yeah, that's right."

    soon, he began to slowly move himself in and out of you gently, letting you adjust to his size. "jake, m-more please," you begged quietly as you looked into his eyes. he bit his lip as he began to pick up the pace, causing his head to fall into the crook of your neck as he groaned at the way your walls violently clenched around his cock. 

    "fuck, can we switch positions, baby?" jake whispered into your ear, "i want to see that pretty ass bounce against my cock." you nodded as jake got off of you. "ass up, face down, princess," he commanded to which you naturally obeyed, nestling your cheek into the sheets as you arched your back, inviting him to destroy you. "please hurry," you begged, "w-wanna feel you." jake scoffed as he landed a harsh spank on your ass, riling you up even more. "it's your first time and you're already so needy," jake tsked as he shoved himself back inside you, making you moan at the sudden wave of pleasure. 

    jake spanked your ass harshly as he pounded into you, your helpless moans and mewls fueling his desire to please you. "jake! so good," you moaned out as you gripped onto the bedsheets. "mhm? daddy making you feel good?" jake asked amorously as he pulled you up so that you back rested against his sweaty chest. "s-so good, jakey," you moaned softly, his thrusts becoming slower as he rubbed your clit, aiding you in reaching your high. 

    you practically melted into his hands as you felt your cum run down his veiny member, moaning out his name as he left hickeys on your neck. he slowly lowered your body back down onto the bed to begin ramming himself into you again, making you cry out as he praised you for being such a good toy. "already such a slut and it's only your first time," jake breathed out as his strokes became less uniform and more sloppy. "where do you want daddy's cum, princess?" he asked as he tugged your hair. "i-inside me, please," you moaned softly as jake pulled out of you and laid you down on your back, wanting to look into your eyes while he released his seed inside you. 

    you let him continue littering your neck with bites and hickeys as you clawed into his back, moaning uncontrollably at the amount of pleasure being delivered to your body from his. "jakey," you moaned out as his thrusts became stronger, chasing his high as your walls squeezed his hard cock. the sight of his sweaty, toned abs were enough for you to cum all over him again.

    "god, you feel so fucking good," jake growled into your ear as his seed coated your tight walls, "next time, we'll go harder, how does that sound, princess?" he asked, you nodding as he kissed your jaw in a caring manner. 

    next time, you thought. those two words circulated through your mind.

    you both collapsed onto his now unmade bed, panting and sweating but also sharing a few laughs and soft kisses. jake slid his hand between your thighs, bringing his big hand toward your now sore entrance as he planted a kiss on your cheek. "aw, i'm sorry, princess," jake said sweetly, "sorry i made you bleed; it happens when it's your first time, but i promise you'll feel better soon." you smiled shyly into his collarbone. his words struck a soft spot in your heart. it felt almost... intimate. 

    "so," jake started, breaking the awkward silence before it could fully set in, "dinner?"


    as if you hadn't gotten enough of the 'rich life' experience today, jake surprised you once again by taking you to a nauseatingly expensive restaurant that you never thought you'd set foot into. a typical white tablecloth was draped around a single round table that was decorated with pretty rose petals and a tea light; super cliché and predictable of a fancy restaurant, but still romantic nonetheless. 

    "jake?" you asked, prompting him to look up from the menu that you were sure he's seen more than a million times, "has anyone ever told you how sweet you are?" he bit his lip shyly and looked down at the table again. "shhh, you're making me blush, y/n," jake whined as his puppy dog eyes glimmered in the dim lights. "what? i'm serious," you giggled as he put his hand on the nape of his neck, getting shy again. wanting to keep up the whole confident act, you pulled out your phone and took a candid photo of him looking all shy, giggling at the photo you got as a result.

    "hey!" he whined again, "two can play that game." jake pulled his phone out of his pocket and snapped a picture of you in return, making you cover your face shyly as he teased you for being cute. "see," jake said as he showed the picture to you, "now i have a cute little contact photo for you." you swatted at him playfully as he let out soft laughs, trying not to make the two of you look like idiots inside this fancy restaurant. 

    you were on your phone deciding what his name should be on your phone, and you hoped you weren't the only one overthinking it. you went from

    jake sim




    jake :)


    jake... your fingers lingered over your keyboard before ultimately deciding on


    was the heart emoji too intense? maybe. but did you care? no. 

    little did you know, jake was on the other side of the table having the same dilemma.

    y/n y/l/n

    no, that's too formal 


    no, that's too generic

    y/n :)

    no, that seems a little creepy

    y/n 💕

    he was unsure at first, but ultimately decided that he was going to keep it like that.

    "y/n?" jake asked, probably noticing how unnecessarily focused you were on your phone. "oh, yeah," you smiled sheepishly as you looked up from your phone, "sorry about that." he smiled shyly at you as you took a sip of water from a fancy wine glass. 

    "hey," jake started, "do you mind if i ask you a question? well, it's more of a proposal; a "business proposal" if you will." he said with air quotes. you cocked your head to the side in confusion but nodded for him to continue. 

    "have you every had a sugar daddy before?"


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