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    Armin be Eremika shipper and dirty minded spoof on titan

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    Pairing: Eren Jaeger / Mikasa Ackerman

    Setting: Canon Divergence AU; Pre-Timeskip

    Tag: Angst



    Eren was weary. He was tired, almost emptied - his very being, his mind, and his heart. He is slowly withering. Every specks of dust in the skies, the universe, it’s all telling him to just give up; he already tried - perhaps, it was time to move forward.

    But, he couldn’t. He is left there to remain begging for time to give back what he thought won’t ever be lost.

    Her feelings and her heart that she always devoted to him - how come it was all gone? Perhaps, he just didn’t know that she was tired. Emptied. 

    And along with the memories of him, she was slowly withering.

    Each tick of the clock was resonating, painfully reverberating to every tremor within his heart; the blood flow within his delicate veins threatened to halt any second, any moment now, and it is nearly unbearable. Green eyes glanced briefly at the old pocket watch that he had kept, watching as time passed by amidst the setting sun. It moved forward, as if hastily, while his feet remained planted there in front of an oaken door. 

    Everything seemed to be moving forward, except him.

    Eren gazed at the tightly shut entrance before his eyes, filled with longing, while hoping - endlessly praying that nothing had changed; it was there, all the things that he had would still be there. Dangerously feeding his thoughts were memories that kept him to a time where he wished to be - to that place, under that tree where vivid gray eyes would watch him as he fell into a peaceful slumber because she was there. 

    Mikasa was always there. She never disappeared.


    The heavy screech from the door echoed along the desolate hallways; it was enough to bring the young man back to the present - where he least wanted to be. Tucking the pocket watch discreetly under his military uniform, Eren took a breath. One deep breath. His eyes closely observed as light began to permeate through the opening crevice, eventually, revealing a young woman with dark locks. 

    Her gray eyes remained the same. Beautiful as ever.

    Over and over, he wished he told her that because it pained him. It pained him how everything was moving forward with her, even without him.

    “...Eren?” Mikasa uttered with such a gentle voice; countenance presenting its usual nonchalance.

    The brunette swallowed everything that he wanted to say, instead mumbling a word of greeting. “Sorry, I know it’s late.” He trailed off, careful with whatever might leave his mouth. “I just...”

    I just wanted to see you.

    “I just wanted to check on you.” He stated, nearly biting his lower lip in frustration.

    “Oh.” There was hesitation visible from the female; nevertheless, she did not fail to give a response. “You didn’t have to... I’m okay.”

    And, that was it - their conversation would recently transpire to something like this, empty, as if they are strangers; perhaps, asking for something more from her would be too much but he begged. He could only contain his pleas from the very depths of his heart, thinking that things would return to the way it used to be; when she would always be by his side, trace his every steps, make sure that they are together. 

    “Have you... eaten dinner?” Eren tried. “If you want, we can cook something at the kitchen.” 

    He always tried. 

    “Or, maybe you would like--”

    “Eren,” She interrupted, rather sternly. “I’m fine.”

    Momentarily, it left him dumbfounded; all the bones within him felt brittle that it could shatter. Masking his emotions was torturous at this point and perhaps even Mikasa took notice of it as he pursed his almost quivering lips. Yet, he held it - he had to; for her, he would try - he would do his best this time.

    “I see...” Eren whispered under his breath, hand gradually revealing a fabric that he had been holding all the while. 

    It was the red scarf. 

    “At least, let me give this to you.” He explained. “You left it outside the other day.”

    Upon seeing the object in his hand, gray eyes remained fixated there - as if pondering. However, a twitch from Mikasa’s fingers was visible while she held the door; he perceived that and he could only wish right now that he should have noticed more of her before. Still, hope continued to grow within him - battling against the accusations of others that it is already too late for the two of them.

    Please, take it. I promised, didn’t I? 

    That I would wrap this around you. Forever.

    So, please let me fulfill that promise to you, 


    Her lips then parted. “...you can keep it.”

    Then, followed by a gentle shut of the door while he remained there, stuck at the time when the world was just for the two of them.


    No matter how many times the sun continued to rise nor the times that it decided to fall, its promises of memories failed to answer the missing fraction in her heart. It was countless - the questions that she had in her mind, yet she counted; she tried as well, only for her to arrive at nothing. Gray eyes examined the four ivory walls that surrounded her; the radiance outside penetrated the window and it was enough to illuminate the entire room. 


    There it was again. That headache. 

    Mikasa delicately ran her fingers through her dark tresses; she wasn’t alone and voices from other people blared in her ears, like a tumultuous echo that serves as a reminder of her current reality. Painting the piece of paper was a coal ink, a man carefully writing in front of her before he stood up to finally depart. No words ever registered in her mind and it felt like she was gradually waning. 

    Everything about her is fading. 

    She is withering.

    “Mikasa?” A voice called beside her. “Are you okay?” 

    When the young woman shifted her attention to the presence beside her, she was met with ocean blue eyes. It was Armin and his clothing mirrored that of hers; that’s right, after all, they are both soldiers. However, they are not on the ground - amidst the battlefield where they would often be. An almost uncanny sensation enveloped her; she had always heard that they are in the middle of the war - but recently, they were never called to fight for anything. 

    It added yet another question within her.

    “Did you hear what the doctor said?” Armin asked. 

    “Mm.” She nodded. Lies. It never occurred to her that a doctor’s word could inflict fear, but it did. 

    And, Mikasa didn’t know why. What is it that she is afraid of?

    The young male remained to observe her. “Do you still get headaches?”

    This time, the raven-haired began to shake her head in disagreement, knowing it was just another lie. 

    “Armin.” She said softly. 

    “It’s about Eren...” The sudden mention of the male’s name from her lips brought a surprise to the other. It caused him to be speechless while his azure orbs observed his friend; nothing but immense distress was painted on Mikasa’s face - as if something was tormenting her. 

    Indeed, there was and Armin was aware of it. She gazed downwards, eyes glistening with sorrow. 

    “I don’t think I can be around him anymore.”


    Even with hours, days, and months that passed made no difference to the time that already halted long ago; his pocket watch which he had kept, as old as their treasured memories, no longer motioned a reminder that something in his life is moving forward. Eren caught a glimpse of the military personnel speaking in front of the soldiers; the topic of war, their nation, and his responsibilities were made clear. 

    But, she wasn’t there among them. 

    Mikasa was ordered not to join in the battle due to her condition. 

    Perhaps, it was for the best; that way, she would no longer have to put herself in danger again and he could leave without a trace, in her mind nor in her heart. After all, he had already foreseen what the future holds for their nation; nothing but devastation - there is no hope at all. He could only further tell himself to accept it, convince himself to be okay with it, and just continue lying to himself that if everything ends this way then he would be fine with it.

    But, it’s not. 

    Because, in a heartbeat, just one call of his name from her lips, he would come to her.

    He would abandon everything for her. 

    That’s why, he just needed one last chance to be given another path to choose in this life.

    And that is to be with her. 

    “Eren.” Armin’s voice sounded behind him; the rest of the military personnel had already departed, leaving the two of them. “Are you...going to visit Mikasa again?”

    The brunette stared at his friend before he lifted himself from the seat, not a hint of answer left from his mouth so the other proceeded to speak. “The doctor said that you shouldn’t force it.” 

    Sharp green-eyes now shifted to the blond. “I’m not forcing anything.”

    “They said it’s selective so we just have to wait.” Armin stated with a frown. “You’re just going to hurt Mikasa more.”

    Eren gritted his teeth in fiery blaze, slamming both his hands against the table with tremendous strength. “Then, how come it’s only me!?”

    His entire form trembled, whether in anger or frustration - he doesn’t know. “At least, tell me something more than just fucking wait for something that might not happen!”

    “It’s because you’re reckless!” The blond finally blurted out. “Eren, if you didn’t keep moving on your own then none of this would have happened.”

    And, it was like a direct slap to his face; no matter how much he regressed, went back in time over and over again, this is something that he brought to himself, to Mikasa, and to both of them. It wasn’t like he was trying to deny his faults - the fact that he only has himself to blame; all he wanted was another chance to make things right. 

    To make things right with her. 

    “Mikasa is still trying because of you... for you.” Armin darted his soft gaze to the floor. “That’s why, you also have to try for her.” 

    He paused. “Try to let her go.” 

    With those parting words, suddenly, the young male was alone to relish in the unbearable pain within his heart. Was this really it? Maybe it is. After all, he is already tired and everyone seemed to be very keen in accepting this new circumstance that befell all of them. Perhaps, Mikasa had also already accepted it and he is the only one holding her back. 

    Eren found himself mindlessly treading back to his dormitory and despite the darkness that engulfed the skies, he was no longer certain if time was moving forward nor backwards. All he knew was that - he was stuck, right there, at that moment, with the memories of her. His emerald orbs lingered on the broken pocket watch, halted and unmoving, parallel to his own. 

    The sound of cascading rain proceeded to pervade until a soft knock on the door finally caught his attention. Walking towards the door, the young man opened it only to meet someone he never expected to.

    It was Mikasa. 

    Except, she was drenched by the rain - nearly shivering from the cold mist of the night. The military uniform remained on her but it didn’t deny the fact that the frigidness of the atmosphere can affect anyone - even someone like herself who was deemed as a strong soldier. 

    “What are you doing!?” Eren scolded her, anger evident underneath his tone as he grabbed her wrist in an attempt to bring her shelter. To his surprise, however; the female did not move an inch. Instead, she proceeded to embrace something inside the coat of her uniform. 

    “Eren, I’m sorry.” Suddenly, Mikasa uttered. 

    His eyes widened at her statement, struggling to find the words to say. “Why are you...?”

    Despite the droplets of rain that bestowed them, it did not hide the veils of tears that streamed down her gray eyes. Eventually, she revealed what she had kept under her coat; its vivid colors bathing in cold waters that cascaded from the heavens. But it was already wilting, hastily, just like the time that had halted for the two of them.

    “I’ve been trying... I tried.” Mikasa struggled between her words and slowly, she felt warmth as Eren pulled her to a gentle embrace. 

    They both watched as the purple flowers scattered on the ground, immediately fading. Withering. 

    Her form continued to tremble against him. “Eren, I don’t think I can do it.” 

    Perhaps, this is all he needed to move forward.

    “I won’t ever remember you anymore.”

    Finally, he can move forward.

    #aot#eremika#mikasa ackerman#eren jaeger #just trying to see if i can still write before i continue OWH #i wrote this during lunch break so completely half-assed tbh #fluff what fluff this is pure sadness
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    21.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Eren: You’re so clingy.

    Mikasa: You came into my bed??

    #attack on titan #eren#mikasa#eremika#source: tumblr#incorrect quotes #aot incorrect quotes #aot#snk
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    Eren being a husband to Mikasa in junior high and spoof on titan

    #attack on titan eren #Eren Jaeger#Eremika#Mikasa Ackerman#Aot#snk #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin
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    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Sorry but this fanart is so cute


    IT REALLY IS!! 🥹 God does he have a little ‘M’ tattooed on his face?

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    Lady Vengeance: The First Sequence

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/V1z5xJB

    by Sweetsoul35

    Sometimes when a woman is wronged, She can turn into your most lethal enemy.

      AOT is to Hajime Isayama Kill bill to Tarantino

    I'll base it on kill bill, But I'll change some parts as well.

    Words: 7032, Chapters: 4/4, Language: English

    Series: Part 1 of Anime Fics

    Fandoms: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan, Kill Bill (Movies)

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con

    Categories: F/F, F/M, Gen

    Characters: Mikasa Ackerman, Mikasa Ackerman's Parents, Eren Yeager, Reiner Braun, Levi Ackerman, Hange Zoë, Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss, Ymir (Shingeki no Kyojin), Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhart, Jean Kirstein, Petra Ral, Erwin Smith, Zeke Yeager

    Relationships: Mikasa Ackerman/Eren Yeager, Annie Leonhart/Eren Yeager, Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss/Ymir, Erwin Smith/Hange Zoë, Levi Ackerman/Petra Ral

    Additional Tags: Revenge, AOT Week, Modern Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan, Betrayal, Partner Betrayal, Post-Betrayal

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/V1z5xJB

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    god why does every song make me think of them


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    𝙴𝚙𝚑𝚎𝚖𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚕 𝚃𝚒𝚖𝚎: 𝙸 𝙻𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚃𝚘 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚈𝚘𝚞.


    This will be a book series, so there are multiple other books coming after this.

    Updates will be every Friday. [timings of updates depend on my availability, specific timings will be set later on]

    There will be five other chapters coming after this.

    Also, special thanks to a friend of mine for helping out on this!



    As the world silenced, I did too. And as you fell in love, I slipped away. The clouds passing day by day only counted the time that passed between us. It looked as if we lived on other poles. It seemed as if we didn't recognize who we were. Your eyes only clouded with longing and devotion, and mine full of anger and blindness. Perhaps it was my fault. It may have been wrongdoing. Maybe it was my raging desire to fulfil my goal. But I know that you should have been allowed to stay.

    As you stayed, watching and waiting, forestalling my next move. Anticipating that maybe, just maybe, I would have given you an eye of affection. Something you dearly desired. However no, instead I turned my head. I forgot, and I left. I never turned back. I never went back to be forgiven.

    “Could I even be forgiven?”

    You are one full of passion and skill. I am nothing but a man of raging anger and disappointment. You give people a pleasing eye and an eye you give. 

    “Even as I die, I want to be at the front of her mind. “

    I wanted to be your first thought. The first page of every chapter you flip by. But by the act of anger, by the act I had done, you have nothing but to watch as the one you claim to love falls into an abyss of anger. An abyss of nothing but regret over the departed time.

    “I don’t know what happens after I die, but I know... you can make it to the other side of the walls.”

     I have given you the time to choose your fate, whether we will part our ways or whether you’ll beg me to stay. If you’d want your freedom, stop me now, because all I know is that I did it for our town. I did it for our home. I did it for you. All I wanted was for you to feel free and in your loving world, but I have gotten out of control. And that is truly my fault.

    The trees tremble and disappear into the old moulting earth. You can see the effect of my love for you. All I ever wanted was for you to feel safe, but I could never keep you or anyone, for the matter, safe. You had to keep me safe. If only I had taken my time. If only I had appreciated what I was given, maybe it would all be OK. I have driven myself head-first into the blazing sun; I have set my bars too high, and I have lifted my want for something as stupid as the freedom to heights unimaginable. You weren't aware that I did this for you. You never knew you were my motivation to bring out a better part of our disgusting world. 

    I never should’ve acted. I should’ve thought of our future, not our past. I was blinded by the fact that I wanted to correct our disrupted past that I forgot what could happen later. Just by this, I have become a stranger to you all. I have become a stranger to my family. 

    “I guess we were never meant to be.”

    #eren x mikasa #attack on titan #eremika #shingeki no kyoujin #angst#snk mikasa#snk eren#writers
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    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    fall back into place // eren jaeger x mikasa ackerman

    nsfw // 3.2k // smut, fluff, porn with feelings, childhood friends to lovers, loss of virginity, begging, corruption, light dom/sub

    "What am I to you?” Eren says, and Mikasa feels the bed drop out from under her.
    What isn’t he to her, would be an easier question to answer, and thousands of responses spring into Mikasa’s mind: brother, friend, rival, nuisance, crush, leader, her reason for being. Maybe in another life, her lover. None of these are quite right, she realizes, letting the words melt under her tongue, tasting bitter and incomplete in her mouth. “You’re family,” she says, finally, without meeting Eren’s gaze, and as she speaks the word she’s painfully, painfully aware of its insufficiency.
    “Family?” He inches closer to her, so their knees are brushing, and the touch feels warm and electric against the coolness of the sheets. “Is that your final answer?”

    Mikasa's been fantasizing about Eren for years. As it turns out, her desire may not be as unrequited as she thought.

    It’s late at night, and everyone is drunk except for her.

    Well, so she thinks, anyway, judging by the raucous laughter coming from the campsite, its dim lantern-lights flickering outside her window. The scouts had finally gotten their hands on a stash of wine, and were currently basking in the collective glory of their success, punch-drunk and rapidly cycling through emotions. Mikasa has never really been one for partying, so she’d snuck away from the group, winding up back at the cabin, alone. No one had noticed that she’d left.

    She sits at the head of her bed, folding forward to drop her forehead to her knees. Fuck, she’s more hopeless than she thought, going slack-jawed and shaky-handed at the way Eren’s eyes glowed green under the moonlight. It’s pathetic, the hold he has over her, how utterly reduced she is at the thought of him. It really is.

    “Hey.” Eren ducks his head to stand in the doorway, leaning against the wooden frame. “You left early.”

    “I’m just a little tired,” she says, and bends down to unwork the lattice of her shoelaces, shucking off her boots onto the floor.

    “Mikasa.” He takes his seat next to her on the bed, the mattress underneath her sagging at his sudden weight. “I can tell you’re thinking about something. Probably getting yourself all freaked out over it, too.” He sighs, crossing one foot over his knee in a figure four. “Just tell me what the problem is before I have to go and find out for myself.”

    “It’s nothing you have to concern yourself with,” she says, but he shoots her that razor-sharp look that says listen to me if you know what’s good for you, and she acquiesces. “Fine. Would you… would you mind if I asked you a question?” It’s a stupid one, one she already knows the answer to, even if it isn’t the one she wants, but she’s asking anyway, just to hear it from him.

    His brows knit. “Hopefully nothing weird, but yeah, I guess so.”

    “What do you think about me?”

    Three heartbeats pass before he speaks, ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum. “Let me ask you instead. What am I to you?” Eren says, and she feels the bed drop out from under her.

    What isn’t he to her, would be an easier question to answer, and thousands of responses spring into Mikasa’s mind: brother, friend, rival, nuisance, crush, leader, her reason for being. Maybe in another life, her lover. None of these are quite right, she realizes, letting the words melt under her tongue, tasting bitter and incomplete in her mouth. “You’re family,” she says, finally, without meeting Eren’s gaze, and as she speaks the word she’s painfully, painfully aware of its insufficiency.

    “Family?” He inches closer to her, so their knees are brushing, and the touch feels warm and electric against the coolness of the sheets. “Is that your final answer?”

    “What else would we be?” Mikasa breathes, her head spinning a little at the heat of Eren’s skin against her own.

    “You’re a smart girl, Mikasa.” Eren runs his fingers along her leg, light and deliberate as he digs his nails into the muscle of her thigh. “I don’t know of many people who jerk themselves off every night thinking about their family.” He laughs, humorlessly, and his smile is empty, self-indulgent. Like he already knows he’s got her pinned down exactly where he wants her. “Do you?”

    “I— you have it all wrong,” Mikasa says, and she hears her pulse pounding hot and loud in her ears. “It wasn’t like that.”

    “No?” Eren tightens his grip on her thigh, leaning in so that his lips brush the sensitive patch of skin behind her ear. “You think I couldn’t hear you fucking your fingers to the thought of me? You think I couldn’t hear you moaning my name? The walls in the barracks weren’t that thick, you know.” He licks a wet stripe down her neck, long and languid, and chuckles at the way her leg twitches under his hands. “Oh, but obviously I have it all wrong, hmm? I guess it wasn’t like that after all. Why don’t you tell me,” he says, “why don’t you explain to me what it was like, then.”

    An achy heat spreads across Mikasa’s face. She knows exactly what it was like: how she used to lie awake on the rickety cot of their barrack, stuffing two fingers inside of her and wishing they were Eren’s, wishing for his hands against her hips, for his tongue to lap up the slick dripping down her thighs. Under the shroud of darkness, praying that none of the other Scouts would slip out from the heavy weight of their sleep, she came alone, wrist in her mouth to stifle her screams. When she pulled it away, panting, the outline of her teeth was carved into her skin, red and raw and tender to the touch.

    “I wanted you,” she says, and closes her eyes so she doesn’t have to look at him, his smug I-told-you-so expression and the slightness of his smile.

    “Open your eyes,” Eren says, and when she does his face is inches away from hers, his eyes dark and narrowed. “Look at me when I’m talking to you.” He brings his hand up to cup the side of her face, and his palm scrapes rough against her skin. “So you wanted me then. And now?”

    He’s teasing her now, she’s aware of this; she’s also aware of the buzzing, too-light feeling pooling in her stomach and crawling up the back of her throat. He’s insatiable in this way, always has been, since they were kids. Unsatisfied with anything until it’s concrete, tangible, indisputable: I want you, I want you, I want you.

    “I still do,” she whispers, and Eren’s mouth is on hers, warm and soft, gentle at first and then pushing in closer, deeper. He curves his hand around her jaw, thumb swiping back and forth over her skin. It feels out of place, the gentleness of his touch, the sweetness of his lips, against the coarseness of his hands, the way they bite angrily into her thigh.

    “Do you like it when I touch you like this?” he says, and glides his hand further up her leg.  Mikasa moans in response, so he snakes his hands under the hem of her shirt, skims his fingers over the lace of her bra. When he rolls her nipple between his fingers, squeezing her breast with his other hand, she cries out, heat throbbing at the apex of her thighs.

    She needs him closer. The layers of clothing in between them are suddenly tight and itchy against her skin, and she raises her arms over her head, yanking at the collar of her shirt. “Take it off,” she says, “all of it. Please.”

    “Goddamn,” Eren laughs, and he catches her wrists in one hand, pulling off her shirt with the other. He tosses it to the side, where it puddles on the hardwood floor. “You’re so eager for me already.” Mikasa’s exposed now, and the cold night air bites at her skin, Eren’s eyes roaming over her body. She crosses her arms over her chest, too-aware of her nakedness, vulnerable in front of him like something on display.

    “What are you doing?” Eren’s eyebrows are drawn together, his jaw set, and he wrenches Mikasa’s arms down. “Don’t ever hide from me like that again, Mikasa.”

    “I just… wanna be good for you,” she mumbles, and his grip clenches tighter around her forearms.

    “You are,” he says. “You’re so, so good for me.” He flattens his tongue against her solar plexus, licking down the valley in between her breasts. “So beautiful. Can I show you?”

    “Okay,” she says, and he closes his mouth around her nipple, flicking his tongue over it in a way that makes something deep, deep inside of her stir. “Eren.” Mikasa throws her head back, threading her hand through the mess of his hair. “Eren, I want… I need more.”

    He releases her breast, mouth wet and glistening in the darkness, and glances up to meet her gaze. “What do you need, baby?”

    “I want to see you.”

    “Yeah?” He slips his shirt over his head, casting it aside to tangle with hers on the ground. “That all?”

    No, it’s not all, not even close, because Eren’s beautiful, and he’s here with her and no one else. No one else gets to see him like this, gets to trace their hands across the muscles of his body, to feel the firmness underneath, the weight of his tongue in their mouth. No one else gets to be his and his alone.

    “I want you to touch me,” she says.

    “Hmm.” He presses his lips against her neck, nipping her pulse between his teeth. “Use your words, Mikasa. Where?” He toys with the belt buckle at her waist, fingers trailing across her stomach. “Here?”

    “Please,” she says, and it comes out in a humiliating, high-pitched whine, but her skin is blazing where Eren’s meets it and her heartbeat is hammering faster, faster and she needs his hands on her. Everywhere, anywhere, as long as he’s touching her.

    “You’re going to have to ask me nicer than that,” he says, and his movement slows to a stop.

    “Please,” Mikasa says, again. She can’t stand it, can’t stand the buzz of energy with nowhere to release, the ache where the air fills in the gaps between their bodies. “Eren, please, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted this, how much I’ve fantasized about you, please, please, just touch me, I’m begging you. I’m begging you. I can’t take it anymore.”

    “You’re such a good girl for me,” Eren says, and unbuttons the fly of her pants, pushing them past her hips, ankles, until the thin cotton of her underwear is the only thing that separates them. “Always doing exactly what I tell you to.” He swipes his finger over her clit in lazy circles, laughing at the way she lolls her head backwards, gasping. “Fuck,” he groans, loud and sharp in the night’s silence. “You’re so wet already, baby. Is this all for me?”

    “For you,” she says, and wraps her hand around his bicep, the smooth muscles shifting as he rubs her clit. “You’re all I’ve ever wanted, Eren, I swear it. God, I wanted you so bad I– I  thought I would die sometimes.” He quickens the pace of his strokes, and she bucks her hips upwards, grinding against the pad of his finger. “Used to— touch myself thinking about you. Used to pretend it was you doing it.”

    “Should’ve said something before,” Eren says, placing his other hand on her shoulder to shove her back against the headboard. “All you had to do was ask. Would’ve taken care of you.” He pulls off her underwear, slipping a finger inside of her, and Mikasa can’t breathe.

    She can’t breathe, because the pain between her legs is finally dissipating, a static shock pulsing through her body instead. For all the nights she’s dreamed of him, having him on top of her, under her, inside her, she finally has him, and he’s strong and solid and so, so good.

    “Fuck, I can feel you,” Eren whispers, voice tinged with equal parts amazement and astonishment. “So fucking tight. Fuck.” He thrusts another finger in, deeper this time, and Mikasa cries out at the sudden stretch. “Nobody’s ever been inside this pussy but me, huh?”

    “You’re the only one that I want,” she says, rocking against his him. “Couldn’t ever be with anybody else.”

    “Shit.” Eren scissors his fingers, and Mikasa reaches out and pulls him closer to her, nails carving red scrapes into the muscles of his back. “You’re so fucking pretty like this. God, you’re perfect.”

    Perfect. Normally she’d object, brush off the label in favor of something more objective, holistic. The usage of the word has never truly resonated with her; she’s never seen the world so black-and-white. Everything good is underlined by the bad, she’s realized, everything bad harbors good within. And of all things, she’s certainly not one to ever be called perfect: her with her short temper, her fury, her blindness to anything else when she sees what she wants. But here, in the dark, Eren’s skin warm against hers, his fingers curling deep inside of her, something heavy clenching her lower stomach in vice grip, she finally understands. She feels cared for, wanted. She feels perfect.  

    “Come for me, Mikasa,” Eren murmurs as her cries rise louder and louder. “Be a good girl and come on my fingers. I know you can.”

    She can, and she does, a tremor tearing through her body as she jerks forward, spilling out over Eren’s fingers. She squeezes her eyes shut as she shudders, her limbs light, liquid, sinking through the bed, the ground, only held up by Eren’s palms underneath them, and by his voice whispering I know, baby, I know. It’s okay. You’re doing so well.

    Before she can open her eyes again, Eren’s shifting away from her, and she hears the rattling of his belt buckle, fingers fumbling desperately in the dark.

    “God, I need you,” he says. “You have no idea how sexy you are like that. Driving me fucking crazy, fuck.”

    He kisses her, faster this time, tongue forcing past her lips and circling her own. He lets out a self-satisfied moan, a soft little hmm sound that reverberates down her throat. She softens, lets herself go limp in his arms, because he’s here, and he’s holding her, and the world is melting fuzzy and fluid around her as his hands run over her body. “Eren,” she says, and he presses down on her hips, her back flush against the mattress, and all at once he is inside of her.

    It isn’t how she expected it would be, she thinks, and even her own thoughts are distorted, muffled and distant like they’re being broadcasted from someone else’s brain. Pain radiates from between her legs, the place that Eren’s claimed for himself, where they’re connected. It feels heavy and full and intrusive, something she has to mold herself around to accommodate, a sort of stretch that burns.

    Eren makes a strangled noise, somewhere between a gasp and a groan, harsh and like it’s clawing its way up his throat. “Shh,” he says, and she realizes that she’s whimpering, writhing under his body. “Mikasa. Do you trust me?”

    His face is twisted in a way she’s never seen before, flushed and raw, jaw clenched like he’s trying to stop himself from saying something. “I trust you,” she whispers.

    “Good,” he says, and grabs her hips flush against his, skin to skin. “Just let me make you feel good, then. Just let me do that for you, okay?”

    She nods, and then she’s crying out as Eren fucks into her, the force of his thrusts stabbing and sharp at first, but eventually subsiding into a dull pressure, a tingling feeling that effervesces throughout her whole body. Eren plants his wrists on either side of her head, caging her in, and the strands of hair falling loose from his ponytail brush across Mikasa’s face, bouncing as he ruts his hips against hers.

    “Feels so fucking good,” Mikasa whines, and wraps her legs around Eren’s waist, digging her heels into the small of his back. “Used to dream about you fucking me. How good your cock would feel inside me,” she pants. “Woke up soaking wet with my pussy fucking throbbing, thinking about you. Fuck, Eren, I need you, please don’t stop.”

    He groans and tosses his head back, grabbing her hand in his and pinning it onto the pillow. Beads of sweat drip down his face, his neck, and Mikasa runs her tongue along his jaw, licking up the salt that gathers there.  

    “Get up,” Eren breathes, and pulls out without warning. The sudden emptiness is almost more painful than the intrusion, the dissatisfaction of being so, so close to what she wants and then having it taken away. twists a hand into Mikasa’s hair, wrenching her up so her back is to him now, his other hand hooking under the bones of her hips. The hand on the back of her head forces her down into the pillow, and she tastes the dry linen of her sheets, skin still buzzing hot and itchy at the lack of his touch.

    He snaps his hips against hers, and his dick presses into her, so deep in this new position that she feels its weight in her stomach. Every time he draws back, slowly, and then rams into her again, that pressure builds, low and heavy in her gut. Being at his mercy like this, his balls smacking against her ass with every thrust, makes her feel light, untouchable, fucking ecstatic. Eren yanks hard around his fistful of her hair, scalp stinging, and pulls her head back so that her back is arched and his lips are at her ear.

    “You’re such a good little slut for me,” he says, words broken by his breaths coming fast and ragged. “I want to hear you say it.”

    “I’m a slut for you.”

    When he winds his hand down her body to stroke up and down her clit, the pressure in her stomach only builds.    

    “You’re close, baby, I can feel you,” Eren says, rubbing circles over her clit. “Let go, Mikasa, oh fuck, give it to me, baby, please.”

    She isn’t sure what it is he wants her to give to him, but it doesn’t matter. She’ll give him anything he wants: her innocence, her life, her body. Anything he wants, he can have it, mark it, lay ownership to her however he pleases. So she gives him all of her, clenching around his cock as she comes, vision fading white at the edges and a slow, sticky lightness creeping through her limbs. She’s shaking, hands clutching at the mess of the sheets, face shoved into the pillow as Eren’s thighs slam into hers from behind. Somewhere in the back of her mind she recognizes Eren’s low moan, his voice calling say my name, say my fucking name, and she falls forward, spiraling, unable to form thoughts around Eren, Eren, Eren.

    He comes shortly after, his movements growing frenzied and sloppy. He moans as he fucks hard into her, a pulsating heat blooming from the place where their bodies connect.

    “Holy shit,” she says, head still reeling, legs still trembling hard against the bed. Eren exhales a long, shuddering breath as he pulls out, and she feels the warmth of him come leaking down her thighs. She should be disgusted at the vulgarity of it, but she relishes in the vulnerability of the exchange: that which was once inside of him now being inside of her.  

    He laughs, taking her into his arms to flip her around onto her back, and kisses her, soft and cautious. Like he can’t quite believe that she’s his, that she’s here with him, that she isn’t going to shatter under his touch. “You’re so beautiful,” he says, and Mikasa smiles against his lips.

    “I’m really happy,” she whispers. She doesn’t want to say it too loud, isn’t sure if speaking the feeling into existence will cause it to vanish as quickly as it arrived. “I never thought this would happen to us. That I would finally get to be yours.”

    “So,” he says, falling back against the pillow, “you still wondering what I think about you?”

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  • tamhrayis
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    My one question about 139.5 is where tf is everyone???? Armin, Annie, Connie, Levi??? Did they all just abandon Mikasa? Like it would have made SO MUCH more sense for Mikasa and Armin to visit Eren’s grave together rather than Mikasa and Suit-kun. I’m all for EM, but my smol blond bean deserves some attention too! He and Eren were like brothers!

    Well, I think many people shared the same opinion as you when 139.5 came out, but as time went by, I also believe Isayama wanted to generally focus on EM and the whole concept of repeating cycles because ending is only a beginning. But yeah, it would be a nice touch overall!

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  • ao3feed-eremika
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    The Other Answer

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/OHbkcEm

    by secretconstellations

    "There is a silent, desperate plea inside green irises. What am I to you? Family? Perhaps, but what does she mean by family?"

    A small drabble of how I imagined Mikasa's other answer.

    Words: 322, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: Mikasa Ackerman, Eren Yeager

    Relationships: Mikasa Ackerman/Eren Yeager

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/OHbkcEm

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  • tamhrayis
    20.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Why do people automatically assume that since Mikasa got married and had kids, she's happy? Is it because she's a woman and domesticity and motherhood is 'innate' to women? Since she doesn't look particularly happy in 139.5. (Granted she doesn't do anything but visit Eren's grave which yes I am still salty about but what can you do, right)

    Tbh, I really care less about that aspect of 139.5 because it has been such an exhausting ongoing debate on Twitter💀But what I still don’t get is how people focus too much on it while the whole point of those panels was to show that Mika still cherishes Eren and their love was stable and constant even if the world around them changed.

    #ask#t-talks#eremika #attack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin
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  • acheloi
    20.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    “I’ve dug two graves for us my dear”

    “Can’t pretend that I was perfect, leaving you in fear”

    #aot #attack on titan #snk #shingeki no kyojin #eremika#eren yeager#eren jaeger#snk eren#mikasa ackerman#mikasa aot #eren x mikasa #ships that will be the death of me #eren and mikasa #xxxtentacion #i cant do this
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  • k-yoya-fan
    20.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Im sorry but eren & historia's bond were not so strong as some certain fans would wish it to make it out to be(they do have a nice friendshipbond but it's not as deep as people want it to be). Its been told through the story MUTIPLE times that Armin & Mikasa were his strongest bond his most Precious people. They didn't even interact much (literally like 4 interactions saving him, protecting her from being eaten, telling her plan because he dosent want her be taken advantage of & knows she can't stop him) & suddenly they have the strongest bond? Suddenly they have romantic feelings? When none of them were confirmed to have feelings? Suddenly they have sex? You think eren who just found out what going to happen was in the mood to slide his dick? This is aot not ANr nor a romantic drama series. In one convo they had he literally told her he will manipulate her to shut her mouth so the plan can go smooth.

    Totally not like what I said was said right there 😃

    Aww how romantic its "US" (refering to thier comrades but it isn't "Me" 3<

    How romantic is it to be horrified after heart the outrageous most inhumane plan? As if it wasn't proven the rumbling was done for all his comrades.

    Aww eren wants to stop the cycle of royals eating each other in which he hates & continues cycle of titans which he despises just how romantic is to be manipulated by ur lover 😃

    Wow historia teasing mikasa knowing mikasa was planing to have a family with eren with her hand on Mikasa's stomach. Seems about right that historia would do something like that with eren when she's aware of EM 's relationship especially to her friend mikasa. Isn't it funny how historia fans ship her with eren when she's an EM shipper herself? Lord 🤣 & the fact that YUMIHISU IS RIGHT THERE! Far more deeper ship & confirmed romantic feelings on Yimirs side. They have everything!

    Not sure where the idea of EH came from as its a crack ship produced by fans with a stupid theory thats been debunked before the theory even happened. They got too attached to ANR & forgot about the actual story.

    #may god help yall #aot #attack on titan #snk #shingeki no kyoujin #eren jaeger#eren yaegar#eremika#eren yeager#mikasa ackerman#historia reiss #anti erehisu fandom #anti erehisu#yumihisu
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  • petty-ha
    20.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    "Once Again"

    ✧ Pairing: Eren Jaeger x Mikasa Ackerman

    ✿ Reblogs are highly appreciated m.list


    “Eren, today, once again, I sit by the tree you loved to sleep near— and the one you will forever be sleeping in. Four years have passed since the day you destroyed, and at the same time, saved our world. Us Eldians have made peace with the rest of the world, and we have been given the freedom you died for. Everyone has moved on and the people no longer see us as monsters; we have you to thank for that.

    Here I am, back to where everything started. I remember when you, Armin, and me would race here. Armin would tell us stories of what he read about the outside world while you lay down on the grass with your eyes closed, then I would wake you up if you accidentally fall asleep.

    The scarf you gave me, despite being old and ragged, I still wear it. Armin has asked a few times if I want to get a similar one, but I always declined his offer to buy me one. It is the scarf you wrapped around my neck when my days were cold and dark, and I don't want to replace the one thing that reminds me of your warmth. Eren, even after your death, my feelings for you haven't changed the slightest. you're still the one I love more than anything in the world, and it will remain like that until the end of time.

    Once again, I sit here as the wind blows through my hair. This day is so similar to the ones we had and shared with each other back in our childhood. The only difference is that the walls that used to lock us away from the rest of the beautifully cruel world are no longer here, no longer caging us.

    Eren, the cramped walls that shielded us from the world's wrath and shielded the world from our former abilities to turn into man-eating giants, with your powers and sacrifice, have been taken down. Eren, thanks to you, the freedom you fought and died for has been achieved. by all of us, and by yourself.”

    as Mikasa closed her diary, she heard the voices of her friends calling her. she set down her notebook and pen on the dirty-white-colored blanket she sat on, and stood to embrace them.

    her childhood friend Armin; her friends from the now-disbanded scout regiment Jean, Historia, and Connie; her marleyan friends Pieck, Reiner, Yelena, Onyankopon, and Annie; her relative and former squad captain— that they used to fear but now so-bravely teased and called incomplete— Levi and the two marleyan kids who took care of him named Gabi and Falco.

    As they finished greeting each other, Mikasa remembered that she had forgotten to write one sentence in her diary. as she thought of adding it in, she decided that it might be better to say it.

    “To the boy who sought freedom, thank you.”

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  • beatotsundere
    20.05.2022 - 2 days ago


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