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    Desire | Chapter Two: Emotional Rollercoaster | TW

    Trigger warnings for this chapter: self deprecation, mentions of mental abuse, anxiety attack, and implications of self harm.

    It’s been a few days since your lunch with your friend, and you wish you could go back to that day or even last week as you’re up to your eyeballs in work for this website redesign. You just finished a meeting with your team, talking about deadlines and how to improve the site which only added to your stress levels. 

    You leave your teams meeting, running a hand through your hair, “Fuck me.” You sigh, grabbing a stick of gum from the pack in your desk drawer, and turning your spotify playlist back on to help calm your nerves that were washing over you.

    You take a deep breath, and start working again allowing your mind to go into a numb state so you could fully concentrate on your tasks at hand. 

    Your work is interrupted when you hear your discord going off in your headset. You give a quick glance over to your screen on your right thinking it was Armin, but had to look again as it wasn’t Armin’s profile picture that you saw. It was Eren’s. 

    You move your mouse over to the other screen, opening his message. 

    Eren: hey, how’s it going today? 

    You go to start typing, but you see his name popup on the bottom of the message again so you wait. Your fingers air typing over the keyboard waiting for him to send the message. 

    Eren: you busy tonight? Was just curious if you wanted to chat in discord for a bit?  

    Just us? No Armin? 

    Jesus, chill out. 

    Maybe he just wants someone to talk to, you aren’t that special to him. 

    Calm the fuck down. 

    You: yeah, i’ll be free tonight. What time you thinking? 

    Eren: how does 8 sound? By the time im done with work, getting home, food - ya know all the normal shit, that’d be the easiest time for me. 

    You: thank you for your evening schedule, ill be sure to keep that in mind LOL 

    You: that sounds good to meeee, don’t be late. 

    Eren: as if you have any room to talk miss im late to meet a new person

    You: HEY THAT WAS ONE TIME okkaaayyy. 

    Eren: imma hold you to it, that you won’t be late, don’t disappoint me

    Eren: ill see you at 8 

    Don't disappoint me? 

    Sir, I am a walking disappointment for the most part.

    Rest of the workday goes smoothly, though the thought of just you and Eren chatting tonight keeps rolling around in your brain. It’s not like it was that big of a deal, just the two of you hanging out, you just figured he would still want Armin to be there considering Armin knew him first and Eren didn’t know you that well. 

    Around 6PM you decide you are done for the day, you let out a relieved sigh standing from your desk, “Oh man, I’m beat.” You stretch before leaving your office, standing in the hallway looking into your bedroom then back to your kitchen. 

    Dinner first, or shower first? 


    Shower first so if need be I can eat while Eren and I chat?

    Yeah, let's do that. 

    So you do just that. After finishing your shower you're walking into the kitchen and start your dinner, making sure you give Beanie her evening meal as well. Your nerves are a little more on edge this evening as you see the time is getting closer to eight, and you really just weren’t sure why. 

    You ended up chalking it up to the fact that he’s still a new person to you, and you just hadn’t gotten to that level of comfort with him that you felt with your other friends. And also maybe the fact that he didn’t say what he wanted to talk about either, could just be chats but your mind is racing at the thought of it being something else. 


    You’re being crazy. 

    Why would he have anything bad to talk about? It’s not like you’ve known him long enough for anything bad to even have happened.  

    “Well here goes nothing.” You say nervously as you set your food down at your desk, turning your pc on. 

    You make sure to put on lo-fi beats to keep your nerves chilled, but didn’t want to put any actual songs on as you knew you’d probably end up singing them at random and you didn’t want your new friend to think you were crazy.  

    You open your discord and see no one is in your voice channel yet, though you are a few minutes early, you let out a small sigh, “Thank god.” As you click the channel to join not even a second later you’re hearing the ding telling you someone joined. 

    “Eren!” You say with small amounts of excitement laced in your tone. 

    “Hey (y/n), how you doing?” His tone sounds like there’s excitement there but also a bit of tiredness laced into it. 

    “Oh, just a little tired from working today. It kind of kicked my ass honestly.” You let out a small laugh. “How are you doing, though? You sound tired.” 

    It sounds like he’s stretching, letting out a small groan, “Yeah, I’m always tired though so that’s nothing new for me. But other than that I’m okay. What happened at work?” 

    Trust me, I get being tired all the time. 

    “We took on a pretty big project recently, and it’s just a lot. I think it’s a bit more than everyone on the team thought it would be so it was just stressing me out today honestly. But it’s alright.” You shove a fork full of food in your mouth. 

    “Are you always eating when you’re in discord?” Eren lets out a small laugh. 

    “Well,” You swallow your food, “To meet your schedule I didn’t have time to eat beforehand and I didn’t want to disappoint you.” You let out a small breathy laugh. 

    “So you’re a people pleaser than?” 

    Your eyes widen at his statement. “I guess so, but only for the right people, ya know?” Looking down at your desk, smiling. 


    Do you hear yourself? 

    For the right people - you just fucking met him.  

    Eren gives you a small laugh, “So I fall under the right people, huh?” A teasing tone leaves his mouth. 

    “Least right now you do.” You tease back, a smirk on your face. “But who knows that could change, you could end up being an awful person for all I know.” You laugh. 

    He laughs back, “I’ll make sure to stay being the right person for you.” 

    Right person for ME. 

    Little ol’ boring me? 

    That’s not what he meant right? 

    Surely not.. 

    You giggle, “I’ll hold you to that Eren.” You put some more food in your mouth, continuing, “So, tell me a little about yourself.” 

    “You waste no time huh?” 

    “Unless you had something else to talk about?” Nervousness washing over your tone. 

    “Nah, nah. Really just wanted to talk to you tonight is all.” You can hear him smile through the mic. 

    You let out a loud sigh, giggling, “Okay good, because I was honestly a bit nervous when you asked if we could chat tonight.” 

    You hear him messing with something near him, “Why? You thought I had something bad to say? We just met.” He laughs, as you roll your eyes to yourself knowing he was right but annoyed with yourself. Always wanting to overthink things. 

    You shrug to yourself, as if he was there with you, “Just overthink things a lot, plus you never know sometimes.” A sad laugh makes its way out of your mouth, your mind flashing back instances with you and Charley… 


    Fucking stop thinking about that asshole. 

    You’re literally talking to someone who has given you no reason to overthink at all, and yet here you are. 

    You change the subject quickly, not wanting to let your mind wander anymore. “So, have you always lived in Washington?” 

    “Not always. I moved here about two years ago to move in with my older brother. Been saving up to get my own place, but it’s nice that he’s been letting me stay here for this long. Moving in with him was a little..” He trails off, “Unexpected, honestly.” 

    You raise an eyebrow, “Oh?” 

    “Yeah, it’s fine though. Our work schedules are pretty much opposite of each other so I don’t see him that often which is fine cause we don’t always see eye to eye.” He lets out a small laugh. 

    You smile to yourself, “Do any siblings get along though, like come on?” 

    “True, but Zeke and I were never close until I moved in. So that’s probably made it worse honestly.” He laughs, “You have any siblings?”

    You smile thinking about your brother Colt, “Yeah I do, younger though. Just by a few years.”

    “Hm, I’m sure you actually get along with him though?” He laughs. 

    “For the most part. Normal sibling bullshit.” You smile, “How you liking Washington though? Armin tells me it rains all the stinkin time.” You laugh. 

    Eren lets out an exaggerated groan, “Yeah he’s not wrong about that at all. It’s good though, I like the area, people here are pretty nice and chill too. Plus working with Armin is nice,” He pauses, “Was a little worried about meeting people at the job, not much of a people person sometimes.” 

    You laugh, “Trust me, I feel that. But some people are worth it I’ve learned.”

    You two continue talking late into the night enjoying each other's company. Eren shared more about his life before moving, how his dad was a doctor and it caused him and his family to have to move a lot when he was younger. He briefly mentioned a girl named Mikasa, who he said his family took in when he was child and how they grew up together. He talked about how Zeke was never really around until about three or four years ago, but until he moved in with him, they weren’t close at all. Eren said he was lucky if he saw Zeke once a year - if that. 

    You just listened to what he wanted to share, not prying too much into his past and just taking the bits that he was willing to open up and share. Your heart feels a little warm and fuzzy that he wanted to share so much of his past with you despite you two barely knowing each other. 

    “Fuck, I didn’t even see how late it was.” He sighs, almost seeming annoyed that we couldn’t talk longer. “Yeah, I know. I was having a good time so I just kind of lost track of time honestly.” You giggle. 

    There’s a slight pause in conversation before Eren starts, “So, uhm. Tomorrow night?” He sounds almost nervous. 

    “What about tomorrow night?” You tease him. 

    “Well, you wanna do this again tomorrow night? If not that’s fine I get it.” His voice lowering as he speaks. 

    Why does he almost sound nervous asking me this? 

    It’s kind of..


    Nah, you didn’t just call someone you just met cute. 

    Get it together.

    You give him a little laugh, “Yeah, we can do this tomorrow Eren. I’d like that. Same time?”

    “If that works for you, then sure.” 

    You smile, “Of course it does, I’ll be here.” 

    You two say your goodnights, turning your pc off and heading to your bedroom. You get into your bed, covers pulled over your head as you scroll through twitter for a few minutes before bed. 

    Should I tell him thank you for opening up with me?

    That’s weird right? 

    You sound fucking weird.. 

    Let’s not scare him away. 

    You plug your phone in and go to bed before you start acting out on your thoughts.

    The following morning goes pretty smoothly, after the stressful meeting yesterday you finally had a clear head and was able to work with no issues. Your mind was wandering a little bit as you found Eren messaging you throughout the day, asking how you were and how your day was good. Talking about your favorite bands, and favorite genres of music. 

    Your heart being filled with so much joy as you talked to him, you don’t even remember the last time you’ve felt this way. It was almost a scary feeling, such an unknown feeling to you. Maybe not unknown, but it had been awhile since someone else made you feel that way.  

    You shake your head to yourself, letting out an annoyed sigh. 

     He’s just a friend. 

    Stop acting like this is anything more to you, or him. 


    Nah, shut up. 

    The joy left your heart as your mind flashes the words that Charley spoke to you before. 

    “You are nothing to everyone in your life. You’re worthless.” The words are still stinging you two years later. 

    “Fuck.” You’re wiping your tears from your eyes, sniffling. 

    Your eyes glaze over as your mind starts self-sabotaging itself, tears rolling down your cheeks as you aimlessly stare at your computer screen. 

    “You don’t even mean anything to me, bitch.”    

    It’s becoming hard to breathe, though you're gasping for air there isn’t enough air in the world right now to fill your lungs. You blink hard trying to bring yourself to the present. 

    “He’s not here. He’s not here..” You curl your fingers into your palm pushing your nails into your skin to distract yourself. 

    You’re frantically trying to get air to fill your lungs, pushing your nails harder into your palm. 

    “Breathe..” You inhale, slowly breathing out, “Breathe.. Fuck come on.” You breathe in through your nose and slowly push the air out of your mouth. 

    “He’s not here.. It’s fine, just breathe.” You continue to breathe in through your nose, and out your mouth, the pressure you’ve added to your palm releases as you start to feel control coming back. 

    Your body starts shaking, you’re sobbing at this point. 

    “Fucking fuck!” You scream out, your face is soaked with tears as you grab your shirt squeezing it in your hands. You cross your arms on your desk, leaning down and resting your forehead on your arms and you let yourself just cry.

    “God, fuck you. Piece of shit is still lingering around two years later, what a joke.” You let out an annoyed laugh. 

    You run your fingers through your hair, standing up from your desk grabbing your phone and head out the balcony of your apartment. 

    The cool air brushing against your warm cheeks provides some sort of calming effect to your body. You unlock your phone and text Hitch, not able to keep this to yourself.

    You: ssssooooooooooo 

    You: i may or may not have an anxiety attack about charley again..

    You lock your phone, setting it down on the patio table taking a seat breathing in the fresh air. A few moments pass and you hear your phone chime. Turning the screen on, you see that you have a message from Eren, you don’t even bother reading it, swiping at your screen to remove the notification. You’d check it eventually but now was not the time that you wanted to check it. 

    You set your phone back down, pushing your body further into the chair, the back of your head resting on the top of the chair, closing your eyes allowing for yourself to relax. 

    Your phone starts ringing as you lazily open your eyes, putting the phone to your head, “Hello?” 

    “Babes! Sorry for the late response, I was in an important meeting. Are you okay? What happened?” Hitch’s voice is laced with concern. It had been a long time since you’ve had your last anxiety attack, let alone it being brought on because of him.   

    You breathe in, “It’s okay, sorry to kind of just dump it on you out of nowhere. I was just working, and my mind just started wandering and before I knew it, it was happening.” You sniffle, “I thought I was past this Hitch.” Silent tears roll down your cheeks. 

    “Well first off, please don’t feel bad that you said anything. I’m sorry that I wasn’t calling you sooner.” She pauses, you can hear her ruffling through some papers, “And I know, but sometimes in the healing process this type of stuff can happen. Just randomly came on?” Hitch might not know you better than Armin, but she knew you better than most. She knew it didn’t just happen randomly, but she didn’t want to just straight up ask you what happened. 

    She continues before you can answer, “You’re okay right? Nothing else happened?” Her tone sounded sad. You knew what she was talking about, but you had gotten a lot better with controlling those urges. 

    “Yeah, I’m fine. Nothing else happened, I promise. But I don’t know Hitch,”  You take a deep breath, “Eren and I were just chatting and it just happened. Just hurting myself mentally at this point, I don’t know why I can’t just be happy and let that shit go. It’s so annoying.” You sniffle. 

    “I’m glad you’re fine. But I know it can be hard, I’m sorry it hasn’t been easier for you. I really am. I’d give you a hug if I could.” She completely ignores the Eren comment, but you figured she’d ask you at a later time. 

    You smile to yourself, “I could use a hug.” You let out a small laugh. 

    “Well babes, I do have to get going before my boss yells at me. Let me know if you need anything else, or if anything else happens. I love you, you know that right?” 

    “Yeah I know, I love you too Hitch. Get back to the grind, thank you. I really mean that.” You two say your goodbyes as you head back into your apartment.

    The rest of the day goes relatively smoothly. When stuff like this happens, sometimes it’s just better that you ignore any lingering questions in your mind and just work on something. Music way too loud in your head phones as you keep working on your website project for work. 

    You shift your eyes to your right screen seeing that you have yet to answer Eren from earlier this morning. You decide not to read it, and you’ll just chalk it up to a busy day and just talk to him later this evening. You thought you’d be okay to read the message but you also didn’t think anything was going to happen earlier and well.. Something surely did happen. 

    We won’t be telling Eren this


    Absolutely not 

    While you were feeling better from earlier, it did leave a bit of a damper on your mood. You’re just hoping you’d be back to normal before eight so he didn’t have to question you.

    You kept working until a few minutes before eight, you didn’t want to give your mind the option to think about Charley again or any of the hurtful things that he said to you. Your wishes for your mood to change before eight were indeed not granted, you felt better but just had an overall weird feeling lingeringly over your whole body. 

    You join the discord right at eight, Eren already there. “Hey (y/n).” His tone sounded happy. 

    “Hey Eren. Whatta up to?” You save your work for the day, closing out of your programs. 

    “I’m pulling a you, and eating dinner.” He laughs, “You're not eating?” 

    “Nah, I just finished working for the day actually. So I haven’t eaten yet.” You rub your tired eyes. 

    “Oh,” His tone changes. “You didn’t have to get on if you had to work that late, I’m sure you’re hungry.” 

    “It’s fine actually, today was kind of rough so I just kept working to keep myself busy.” Your eyes watering again. 

    Get it fucking together. 

    He doesn’t need to hear you cry. 

    “You want to talk about it?” He sounds genuinely concerned. 

    Do we want to tell him about everything? 

    Excluding the part about him making your heart feel full of joy.. 

    He doesn’t need to know that part.. 

    “Uhm,” You pause, fighting yourself if you want to share or not. 

    “If not, that's fine. I totally understand, I just know talking to someone does help sometimes.”

    A sad smile is on your face, “Yeah I know, I appreciate it. It’s just a lot.” 

    “I get it, still fresh type of thing?” 

    You look down, “If two years ago is still fresh, then sure.” You let out a small laugh. 

    “If it makes you feel any better, some shit happened to me almost three years ago and it still hurts like it happened yesterday. It took me a while to even want to talk to Zeke about it, let alone other people so I get it. No pressure, but if you ever want to talk about it, or anything, I’m here to listen.”

    You smile to yourself, “I appreciate it Eren, I really do. Same goes for you.” 

    Fuck why is he being so nice to me? 

    Oh I don’t fucking know. 

    Probably because people can actually be nice and not have an ulterior motive.    

    After that Eren didn’t bring your day up to you at all for the rest of the evening. It was nice that he didn't try to pressure you into talking about it. You just wanted to forget about earlier. 

    He tried to cheer you up the best that he could, and it was working. He was sweet, making you laugh and saying goofy things to make you smile. Your attitude was making a complete 180 from when you first started chatting. 

    He started telling you more about himself, telling you that he had long hair that he had been growing out for a few years now. 

    “You aren’t one of those guys who looks weird with long hair right?” You snort.   

    “Wha-” He bursts out laughing, “I mean, I don’t think I do. I like it.” 

    You laugh, “I see. Well at least you like it.” “You’ve never even seen me, I could look great for all you know.” 

    You smile to yourself, twirling a piece of hair around your finger, “Well, that’s true. Didn’t picture you in my head to have long hair I will say.” 

    He laughs, “I’m sure I look nothing like what you think I do.” 

    “Hm, better or worse?” You tease. 

    “Depends on what you like.” He teases back. 

    Are we.. 


    “Imma start guessing what you look like, and I want just a yes or no.” You laugh, “It’ll be a little game.” 

    He laughs, “Okay, shoot.” 

    “Brown eyes.” You definitely pictured him with brown eyes. 


    “Oh,” You laugh, “Blonde hair?” You question. 

    He snorts, “No again. So this is how you see me huh?” 

    “Well not now obviously.” You pout. 

    “Are you.. Are you pouting cause you were wrong?” 

    “Nope, I never pout.” You lie, and Eren bursts out laughing again. 

    “I’m not guessing anymore.” You laugh. 

    “What. Princess didn’t get her way so she’s just done playing the game?” He laughs. 

    Come again. 


    Uhm, I think I’ve forgotten how to breathe. 

    He didn’t mean anything by that, right?


    Your breath catches in your throat, too stunned to speak. You blink a few times, trying to form a sentence. “Yup, it’s my way or the highway.” You joke. 

    “I’ll keep that in mind. So, do you want to actually see what I look like?” He seems eager to share so you entertain him. 

    “Sure, why not. Since my mind thinks of you completely differently.” You tease. 

    “One sec, lemme find a good picture.” You laugh, “Okay.” 

    “It’s coming your way.” He says, and in a few seconds you hear your discord going off. You move your mouse over to your messages. 

    “Oh.” Your mouth hangs open in disbelief over the picture he sent you. 


    He looks nothing like what I thought he did..

    A/N: ooohhh man, i really like how this chapter turned out if im being honest. i hope yall like it too. thank you for reading and interacting with it, it really does mean a lot <3. see yall in the next chapter.
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    for the wip game, how about "scared"?

    oh oh because you were so patient take the whole kit n kaboodle here

    eren x reader

    Eren pushes a few tendrils of dark hair out of his face, they always manage to escape his bun during a fight, some light bruising on his jaw, but barely worse for the wear as he answers your questions.

    "A-and," you swallow, he's handsome, much handsomer than you expected, and dirty from the fight. "And no civilians were left in the building?" He shoots you a move star smile.

    "All civilians were evacuated," He grunts a little, stretching, "All in a days work." You give him a professional smile.

    "The people of the city are in your debt," you turn back to the camera, "I'm f/n, reporting for E-Network news." The camera lowers and you give Eren a perfunctory nod and offer your hand.

    "Thank you for the interview." You say, and he offers you a hand. You take it and feel the warmth on your cheeks as he completely swallows your hand with his own.

    "You're welcome." You turn to leave but he catches your arm. "I have uh, more daring exploits I could talk to you about." He pauses. "Over drinks, if you'd be interesting." You laugh nervously.

    "I um, I think that would be fine."


    "Do you get tired of it?" You whisper, slightly slumped over the bar, feeling the warmth of your drinks in your face as you look at your equally drunk date. "Do you get tired of it, Eren?"

    "What part of it?" He muses.

    "The um," you swallow, "The always being on call. The responsibilities. Everything." You reach out, impulsively and cup his face, he leans into the warmth of your touch.

    "Yeah, but," he smiles, "Kids draw pictures of me. Of me, like I'll be honest," he shrugs, "I was never gonna cure cancer, I'm not that smart. I was never gonna uh, walk on the moon, or be a teacher, or run for office, even if I had like," he nuzzles your hand a little, "The best of intentions, without these powers I never would have changed the world." He reaches an arm out and flexes, studying his own scarred palm. "Don't feel worthy of the kids pictures always, you know?"

    "I do." You whisper. "But you are, to me." He moves forward and then stops, his lips an inch from yours.

    "I really wanna kiss you." He breathes.

    "Then do it." You mutter, his eyes are somehow greener up close.

    "We're both too drunk," he says, dipping his head a little and for a moment you think that he's falling but his lips catch at your collarbone, drawing a burning line up your neck to your ear. "It wouldn't be seemly." A low moan escapes your lips. "Careful," he growls, "Don't we both have," you feel his hands on your waist, "Reputations to uphold?" You feel his hand brush the knife on your thigh. "Did you think I wouldn't notice it was you, just because you played a little shy for the cameras?"

    "E-eren," you stammer.

    "We're in a public place." He says, pulling away, his hands tracing your thigh. "Come quietly, and I'll see you get a fair deal in court." You purse your lips.

    "I can't do that." You whisper. "You really are handsome up close, though." He shakes his head at you.

    "Flattery will get you-" He doesn't finish the sentence because you mock horror and throw the rest of your drink in his face, dashing off through the crowded restaurant. He sputters for a full second, blinking and swearing violently as he sees you dash out the backdoor. He follows you, slamming some bills on the counter. "Shit, shit," he slams the backdoor of the restaurant and takes off into the snow. The footprints disappear after a few steps he sees the tire tracks. He bends down at the last steps imprinted in the fresh snow, seeing how the skid, like you'd been shoved into the vehicle.


    "Am I done?" You pass Eren's glass over to a man in a dark suit, his eyes obscured by glasses. "Can I be done?"

    "This has his DNA on it?" You nod." He places it carefully in a briefcase, then takes a cigar out, lighting it, despite the fact that you're in the back of a sleek sedan, tearing through the city. "You're out when I say you're out." He lights the cigar and you frown. "You want one?"

    "No." You wave the smoke away. "I want out, I'm a thief, I'm not a villain."

    "They don't see the difference," he says, his gold tooth glinting in the low light. "That hero would throw you in prison with the rest of us, no questions asked."

    "I don't know if that's true." You say quietly, and he laughs.

    "Don't tell me you've got a crush on-"

    "Shut up," you snap and sparks roll off your form. He flaps his hands, showing you his palms.

    "Alright alright, calm down." He passes you a folder. "Get this done for me. Don't make me threaten you again." You swallow, thinking of the pictures he'd sent you of your sister, how scared she'd been, hands trembling as she held the newspaper up to date the photo.

    "it's not necessary." You open the file, and take a pair of glasses out of your pocket. "Evidence locker B, city hall. Just that one box?" He nods.

    "Listen I don't give a shit what else you take, as long as I get my shit it won't matter."


    Eren is freshly showered, teeth brushed, hair drying around his shoulders as he flicks the light in his bedroom off.

    "Please don't scream." He hears, as he feels your hand cover his mouth, your body pressed to his back. He whirls around, and quickly pins you to the wall with one fist around your throat.

    "What are you doing here?" He hisses, eyes practically glowing in the darkness. You claw at his fist.

    "Please, I said," you wheeze. "Sorry, about the drink-" He relaxes his grip an inch. "Need, need your help."

    "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't call the police right now."

    "M-my phone is in my pocket," you choke out, "Passcode 984772." He takes it and punches it in. "Go to the first set of texts with an unknown number." He notes that there's almost no activity on it, opens the message. It's a picture, the one that's been keeping you up at night, the thing that's got you at the end of a powerful man's leash. "They have m-my sister, and if they knew I was here, they'd kill me. In the morning," you whisper, he's nearly released you, brow furrowed at the image of this young woman being held captive, "In the morning I'm going to rob city hall."

    "The fuck you are." Eren tosses your phone, "At the very least I'm not letting you out of my sight." You give him a sad little smile and there's a soft pop, you've teleported 15 feet across the room out of his hold.

    "I'm afraid," you rub your throat and now, with his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he can see your body, see it's shape in the dark lingerie you've chosen to break into his apartment in, "I'm afraid that you won't be able to stop me, even if you try." He dives for you but you move again, he chases you around the apartment for a few minutes, until he tackles you hard onto his bed.

    "Stay," and you hear the low growl is back in his voice, feel his thigh separate your legs, "And I'll make it worth your while." He's shirtless, and he smells like pine and shampoo, his hair is loose and waving, and you can't deny how fucking handsome he is.

    "Eren I-"

    "You come here to warn me?" He kisses your neck, pulling a moan from your lips, "Wearing this, huh, dirty fuckin' thing." He takes it in his hands and rips it right down the middle.

    "Fuck," you breathe, feeling his lips on your neck, his teeth on your soft skin. "Please, Eren-"

    "You don't get to ask me for shit," he snarls, shoving your thighs apart, parting your folds with a finger, "Showed up here, broke into my fuckin' apartment so that I'd fuck you huh, some crazed villain fangirl-"

    "No," you protest, "Need your help-"

    "I'm gonna save your sister," he snaps, "And you're not breaking in anywhere tomorrow morning because I'm gonna fuck your legs out from under you." You feel him slip two fingers inside you,

    "Oh my god," you hiss, arching your back off the bed, "Yes, Eren please-" He lands a harsh slap on your thigh with his free hand-

    "You're gonna be a good girl for me," he lifts his head from  your neck and holds your gaze. "From now on. Understood?" You nod as he scissors his fingers inside of you.

    "'Ren," you choke out, "Eren please, I, wanna be good for you-"

    "And you're gonna be," he says, but it's kinder now, he can afford to be kinder now, because from the first time he met you, from when you made eye contact in the darkness of a closed art gallery, to when you'd waltzed behind masks at a charity gala, to today, when he thought he'd finally had you, when he let his guard down, he's been aching for this, burning for this.

    He removes his hands, ignoring your impatient whine as he slowly eases himself inside you, lacing your fingers together as you writhe at the stretch.

    "Shhh," he presses a kiss to your cheek, "You got this, baby, you can take it," you claw at his back as he starts to fuck you slowly, picking up speed.

    "I've wanted you," you whisper, "Forever."

    "I don't fuck fans," he grunts, a teasing glint in his eye.

    "Good thing I've tried to kill you, then." You gasp, and he barks out a laugh before slamming his hips hard enough against you so that you keen,

    "Try harder." You can't hear him, can't feel or think or draw conclusions, because you're too busy dragging your nails down his back as he groans above you, his heavy cock nudging against your bundle of nerves with every thrust,

    He can tell you're getting closer and of course there's part of you that doesn't want to give him the satisfaction, but you can't help it, youre babbling praise as you cum together, he chokes out a loud animalistic snarl as he cums deep inside you, hands pinning yours to the mattress. You take a few minutes, sweaty foreheads pressed together, catching your breath.

    "What now?" You whisper, and he kisses you.

    "We go get your sister."

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    The way they hold on to their hair>everything else

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    Ice & Fire Series Masterlist

    Pairing: Eren Jaeger X Yuuta Okkotsu

    Genre: Fantasy AU, romance, smut, angst, fluff, a crossover between Attack On Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen, loosely based on Game of Thrones and Eragon

    Series Summary: Yuuta Okkotsu, the kind-hearted firstborn prince of the kingdom of Nymeria, finds himself stranded on an island that had been thought to only exist in legend. It is there he meets the last of the Valyrians, a dragon-blood named Eren Jaeger. While their days on the island are happy, they can’t last forever. Yuuta has a duty as prince to his kingdom that he must fulfill, and it is this duty that ultimately tears them apart.

    Content Warnings: BL/Yaoi, hybrids/monsters, magic/fantasy, infidelity, power imbalances, graphic depictions of violence and death, explicit sexual content (blow job, anal sex, rimming, cunnilingus, exhibitionism, monsterfucking, 69, cum-eating, spit play, deep-throating, double penetration, sadism, masochism, blood play/consumption, choking/asphyxiation kink, handjob, drunk sex, orgy), dub-con, virginity loss, drugs (alcohol), traumatic backstories, unrequited love, yandere tropes, corruption arc, major character death

    If you'd like to read it on AO3 you can do so HERE

    Written by Sandra from @smfics/@princess-jaeger and Kana from @ficsforeren/@sundaysundaes


    Prologue: The Death of The Dragons / The Birth of The Wolves

    Word Count: 5K

    Summary: The origins of the kingdom of Nymeria and the fall of the Valyrian race. The circumstances that lead up to the meeting between dragon and prince. The world Eren and Yuuta live in is unjust and cruel, but it’s a world they both must face if they are to survive.

    Chapter 1: The Meaning of Legend

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 2: The Dragon's Treasures

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 3: The Son of The Usurper

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 4: The Black Dread

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 5: The Sun and The Stars

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 6: The Prince Returns

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 7: The Lost Girl

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 8: The End of The Beginning

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 9: The Unfaithful One

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 10: The Direwolves

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 11: The Maiden's First Love

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 12: The Faceless Woman

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 13: The Demise of The Golden Lions

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 14: The White Wolf

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 15: The Rebirth of The Emperor

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 16: The Final War

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 17: The Fading Curse

    Word Count: 


    Chapter 18: The Blissful Dream

    Word Count: 


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    Ice & Fire - Prologue

    Series Masterlist

    Pairing: Eren Jaeger X Yuuta Okkotsu

    Genre: Fantasy AU, romance, smut, angst, fluff, a crossover between Attack On Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen, loosely based on Game of Thrones and Eragon

    Series Summary: Yuuta Okkotsu, the kind-hearted firstborn prince of the kingdom of Nymeria, finds himself stranded on an island that had been thought to only exist in legend. It is there he meets the last of the Valyrians, a dragon-blood named Eren Jaeger. While their days on the island are happy, they can’t last forever. Yuuta has a duty as prince to his kingdom that he must fulfill, and it is this duty that ultimately tears them apart.

    Content Warnings: BL/Yaoi, hybrids/monsters, magic/fantasy, infidelity, power imbalances, graphic depictions of violence and death, explicit sexual content (blow job, anal sex, rimming, cunnilingus, exhibitionism, monsterfucking, 69, cum-eating, spit play, deep-throating, double penetration, sadism, masochism, blood play/consumption, choking/asphyxiation kink, handjob, drunk sex, orgy), dub-con, virginity loss, drugs (alcohol), traumatic backstories, unrequited love, yandere tropes, corruption arc, major character death

    Written by Sandra from @smfics/@princess-jaeger and Kana from @ficsforeren/@sundaysundaes


    Valyria, they called it. The Island of the Dragons.

    The outsiders believed it was a myth. A legend. That the tale of the beasts who once ruled the world was simply a story parents invented to put their children to sleep. No one had ever seen a dragon soaring in the sky. No one had ever had shivers running down their spines at the sounds of their bellow. No one had ever felt the heat of the blue flames that seeped through the creature’s teeth. No one had ever witnessed the glorious tale of a Rider and their Dragon. How their power reigned over the world, providing peace and serenity to their people, and how their frozen fire and bloodied desire were the ones that consumed them too in the end. No one, except the Valyrians themselves. They remembered. 

    The Valyrians walked upon the ground that their ancestor, the mighty dragon Balerion, built from scratch with his blood and sweat. They stood on his bones, ones that were turned to dust, and they worshiped his name, the only thing that was left of him. But the dragon magic that once streamed under his skin was inherited by every Valyrian that was born into the world. It took the shape of the delicate iridescent scales that veneered their human skin, the two jagged horns that were perched upon their heads, a tail strong enough to smother the air out of a man’s lungs, and a string of marbled teeth made of knives.

    They resembled the appearance of the devils that crawled their way out from the underworld, but the Gods were merciful enough to grant them the ability to conceal every part of them that was inhuman. Once a Valyrian was old enough–strong enough–to have control over their magic, they could embrace their human parts better. They could turn their scales transparent and hide their beauty from the world. They could use their magic like an invisible veil, cloaking their horns and tail. They could appear human. They could live like humans.

    But even so, the Valyrians no longer possessed the thirst for knowledge their ancestors did. They weren’t as courageous, as fearless, and as greedy as they were. Even with blue flames dancing on their palms, they never used it to enslave other races. They were content with what their island had given them. 

    The outsiders, those who lived on the other side of the sea, had never seen a dragon’s wrath, only stories of it. Their incognizance could make them reckless and foolish. It could make them dangerous. Their curiosity could threaten the life of every Valyrian, fight their loyal husbands, and harm innocent children and their loving mothers. It was in their nature for humans to judge others by their appearance, and when their opponents embodied the look of a monster, it was only right for them to raise their weapons against them. 

    The Valyrians could tyrannize over the outsiders if they wanted to. They had the power to do so but chose not to. Yet that was not enough to convince a stranger, especially those who were already shrouded with fear. The dragon hybrids chose to avoid conflict and live a peaceful life, staying deep in the serenity the island provided them. They chose not to step outside and travel the world, no matter how beautiful they may seem, as they believed that the only living beings who thrived on the other end of the sea were monsters.

    Legends are meant to be stories, their tall tales a source of wisdom and a tool for learning. But when a child believes these legends enough to stop questioning their authenticity, they become a threat to the world around them. 

    A bright Valyrian boy, defiant in his nature, was so consumed by his curiosity that it made him foolish. Armin was the name his father gave him, meaning hero in their language, in hopes that his son would become a savior to his kind, one that would return the peace to the island if a calamity ever arose. Little did he know that his son would be the one who would anger the Gods and bring catastrophe to their land.

    A treasure chest full of clothes and jewelry was found washed ashore one day, on a beach where Armin often spent his time daydreaming about the outside world. Though they had their own preference for clothing and accessories, hybrids were always fond of shiny gemstones, but at that time, nothing caught his attention more than a leather book the size of a large stepping stone. The inside of the treasure box was dry, despite the journey full of storms and crashing waves it must have gone through before it reached his beach. The book was not ruined.

    Armin flipped through the pages. The words were written in a different language but even if they weren’t, it would not have mattered. None of the Valyrians were literate as they preferred to communicate verbally. They drew on the walls and walked their fingers across the sand, but they had never invented words to be placed on parchments. 

    The boy landed his cerulean eyes on a set of illustrations sketched by a human's hand. Words and languages weren't needed to explain that he was seeing a drawing of flaming water, land made of ice, and fields of sand spreading wide as if it was endless.

    Beautiful, Armin wondered, stars dancing in his eyes as they gleamed in awe. Is this what the outside world looks like? 

    That was how it all started. One boy, desperate to seek an answer to his question, decided to take action to fulfill his thirst. With a wooden boat he made with his talented hands, a week's worth of food, and a breechclout made from a wolf’s fur to protect him from the wind, Armin roamed the ocean at dawn. He let the waves carry him away from the paradise he once called home, seeking another heaven that would satisfy his curiosity. 

    But what stood on the other side of the sea was no such thing.

    It was hell on earth.

    They found him the second he stepped down from his boat. The outsiders approached menacingly with javelins gripped tightly between their hands. They questioned his identity with their deep, guttural voices in a language the boy had never spoken of. The golden-haired boy cowered in fear, his sapphire eyes quivering like the crystal-like water behind him. In his frightened state, the boy lost focus on his power, and the invisible cloak around him provided by his magic, vanished. The outsiders watched him with widened eyes, faces turning pasty at the sight of his horns and tail. They didn’t find beauty in his scales. 

    “A d-demon,” one of them said and the boy took a step back, lost his footing, and fell onto the sand. Sea water drenched his skin, and while it usually calmed him down in the past, it only made him feel frantic. The boy tried to communicate with his gentle heart, his hands raised in surrender but they mistook it for a threat. A man, twice his size, shouted at him, his voice ringing vehemently enough to awaken the boy’s instinct to protect himself. His human eyes turned snake-like as he stretched out a hand before him, palm splayed with heat trickling from his fingertips. In the next second, blue flames materialized out of thin air.

    And it burned the man into dust. 

    The boy was just as frightened of himself as the other males, but the humans were much faster to regain their composure. Acting on impulse, they restrained the boy with ropes that dug tortuously into his skin, threw a rag over his head, and brought him to a dungeon where they would spend hours tormenting him. They mutilated him, chopped off his hands so he wouldn’t be able to use his fire magic. Each question was answered with a wail, and once they had grown tired, the humans tried to burn him alive, wanting him to experience the same painful death that had befallen their comrade. Armin might not have been invincible to daggers, but he welcomed the heat of the flames like an old friend. He couldn’t be burned, his bones remained strong, and his skin was unscathed. At that moment, fear was no longer the only thing that swelled inside those humans' merciless hearts. There was greed. They saw his power as a gift, and they wanted to take it for themselves.

    The boy pleaded for his life and they promised him freedom if he could lead them to his home. Gullible and desperate, Armin led them back to the sea. They stopped in the middle of the ocean, their bodies weak and dehydrated. The outsiders were confused as they could see nothing but water glimmering like diamonds under the sun. There was magic shrouding the island, a protection field that prevented anyone but the Valyrians from seeing the island until they passed through it. The humans, not knowing about the invisible cloak that concealed the island, were furious, assuming that the boy had tricked them and led them astray. But then Armin stretched out his hand, and like a curtain being tugged to the side, the island appeared before their eyes.

    The outsiders rejoiced. They were one step closer to getting what they wanted.

    Armin, despite his willingness to cooperate, had his head detached from his neck the second they arrived on the island. That day, from daylight to nighttime, the humans wreaked havoc on their island with their spears and swords. The outside world was cold and cruel, and the humans were trained for survival and warfare. But the hybrids were nothing like them, too used to living in tranquility to be able to take the life of another. The battle was one-sided. 

    Humans didn’t just walk away victorious. They robbed everything they could, raped every woman, tortured every man, and murdered the elderly all in one night. They tied up the children’s hands and legs and they tossed them to the back of their boats, carrying them back to their own land so they could experiment with their powers. They ripped the scales out of their skins. They used their bodies to test their weapons. They wanted to know every bit of their weakness and steal away every bit of their strength. The children didn’t last long, dying from being unable to withstand the pain. The massacre put an end to their race. The dragons had perished, all except one.

    Eren Jaeger, a nine-year-old hybrid, managed to escape the massacre at the cost of his family’s lives. He saw the way his father gasped as a javelin struck past his heart. He heard the sound of his brother’s cry as they chopped off his legs and fed his body to their hounds. He felt the way his mother embraced him with her trembling arms as she asked him to flee for his life and leave her behind. 

    “You have to go or they will take you away,” she urged him, her voice quavering in terror. “Run. And when you feel like you can’t run anymore, run faster. You have to live.”

    “But mother–”

    “Eren.” She placed her hands on his shoulders, casting him the same smile that Eren had fallen in love with from the day he was born. “You have to live so you can remember us.” She kissed his tears away but she didn’t let him do the same. She pushed her child forward, yelling, “Run!”

    Eren did, without having a second to bid his goodbye. He sprinted faster than the wind, even if each stride felt like he was stepping onto shards of broken glass. He dived into the sea, and he let the tide and the storm be his shield and shelter.

    And he never looked back.



    Nymeria was the home of the Gods. Vibrant with colors, perfused with life. 

    As one of the eight kingdoms that ruled the continent, its beauty stretched endlessly from the drift ice in the north sea to the mangrove jungles in the south. Petals of cherry blossom trees performed a graceful dance with the wind in the spring, while the scent of thriving bamboo permeated the air throughout the year. 

    The first emperor, Michizane Sugawara, built his kingdom from scratch. He was known as the Wolf of The North, due to his fierceness and loyalty. But an old lady would tell her grandchildren a different story of how he regained that title. 

    Michizane was only a baby who had barely learned how to smile when his people perceived him as a vessel of a vengeful spirit. He was born with an anomaly, where his eyes were blood red instead of gentle brown like his parents. From the day he breathed his first air, a deadly plague spread through the entire village, taking every newborn’s life, and sending the elderly to eternal sleep. The soothing rains turned into storms, flooding their land and destroying their paddies. The gentle breeze evolved into a hurricane and swept away their houses. They were too afraid to question the Gods and so they put the blame on a child who still craved his mother’s warmth. 

    On a night of the full moon, they snatched the baby away from his mother’s arms. They cast him into the woods, far away in the north, where the starving wolves roam around, searching for prey. The people sat down and prayed at the gate, not for the baby’s safety, but to offer his life to the Forest Gods, hoping that it would stop the calamity that befell their homes. 

    His people abandoned him, and the wolves took him into their pack. Michizane was raised in the woods and the wolves taught him their language and the meaning of family. He learned compassion. He learned how to forgive and rely on each other’s strength. Because when the snow falls and the wind blows, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

    The catastrophe that struck the village continued long after they last listened to the sound of Michizane’s fretful cry. The people remained hungry, their children were only bones and skin. One day, a pack of wolves walked into their village with silence in their steps and glowing eyes. They were not ordinary beasts, three times the size of the wolves that guarded their woods, heavier with more massive jaws and teeth that could tear a man’s leg with a single bite. They did not fear fire. They did not fear blades. The people screamed in their helpless state, and the mothers cried as the wolves howled.

    Then a man stepped in, a stranger by face but not by name, and the wolves turned as still as the dead.

    “I am Michizane Sugawara,” the man said, his eyes glowing in the night like a scarlet moon but they were as gentle as the breeze that kissed his cheeks. “The man you once cast away.”

    “The vengeful spirit!” a brawny man shouted, pointing his javelin at his face. A beast covered with smoke gray fur lunged forward in response, standing before Michizane like a mother wolf protecting its pup. The man took a step back, his face turned pasty at the sight of its bared teeth.

    “Easy,” Michizane said, his hand stroking the direwolf’s fur, and the growling that rumbled deep within its chest turned into a soft purr. His opponent watched his every movement closely, but the one who seemed like a threat was not Michizane. It was himself.

    “I am not here for revenge,” Michizane explained, grabbing the sack he carried on one shoulder and emptying its insides. Mangos and berries tumbled to the ground, rolling and knocking themselves against the peasants’ feet. The people stared in bewilderment. Where did he find these fruits? They wondered. They were certain that there was nothing left for them to harvest, as the storms had destroyed everything to the ground.

    “I found them in the forest,” Michizane answered their silent question. “There is more than I can carry. Come with me. I’ll show you the path.”

    The people turned their heads, staring at each other’s faces with frowns breaking on their temples. “B-but…” A lady spoke, her voice was as frail as a spiderweb. “There are… wolves in the forest.”

    “Yes, there are,” Michizane responded with a smile, caressing the beast with one hand and it leaned further into his touch like a small kitten. “They’re my family.”

    “Why should we trust you?” Her husband said, firmer in tone even when his knees were trembling under his weight. “What if you lead us into the forest and toss us to the wolves?”

    “Because I’m not like you.” The tenderness in Michizane’s voice began to waver as his patience ran thin. “I don’t sacrifice a human’s life to save my own. I am here to give you an option. Pledge your loyalty to me and I will make sure your children could sleep with their stomachs full. Put your faith in me and I will let the wolves protect you, the way they protected me. I doubt you can survive the next winter if you remain in this state. We can survive together. We will survive together.”

    Words alone would not be enough to suddenly turn their fear into devotion, but at least, they managed to light a flicker of flame in their hearts, enough for them to be brave. They kept their weapons and torches in their hands but they followed his trail without a word. The wolves stood on their sides, their teeth no longer bared, and they were as silent as the night itself. When they entered the forest, they were welcomed by the sight of mango trees coming into fruit, dangling tantalizingly before their eyes.

    “Take as many as you wish,” Michizane said. “I will not let you starve.”

    Instead of sprinting toward the trees, the villagers dropped down to their knees, their arms stretched out as they pressed their foreheads to the ground. They called upon his name, chanting it like prayer as they spoke their gratitudes. His red eyes shone in elation, happy to welcome his new family, but an innocent child pointed his hand at him. “A demon,” the child said before his mother clasped her palm against his mouth, shushing him down.

    “He’s not a demon. He’s our savior.” She bowed to him. “He’s our king.”

    The demon in the darkness was the answer to their prayer all along. The lost hero. The new emperor. The Wolf of The North.

    Michizane brought his people together, protected them under his claws and teeth, and guided them to live a life full of love and forgiveness. The empire that started small, grew immensely over the years as more people came to seek the taste of serenity that he provided. Centuries passed by, and Nymeria remained prosperous. They said their soils were blessed by the deities, that when a man tossed a broken branch into the dirt, the earth would restore it to its glory by the next morning. Food was never scarce. Children never ran out of laughter. Men guffawed all day and mothers sang their favorite lullabies to their smiling babies. People created names for their Gods, and they chanted them in their prayers with their eyes closed and their heads bowed low enough for their skin to graze the earth.

    But a thousand prayers were left unheard once a man, driven by his vanity and lust for power, claimed the throne and betrayed his ancestors’ will. The Gods stopped giving them their blessings, and they simply watched from the heavens above.

    And they watched how Nymeria slowly began to rot from the inside.

    Emperor Okkotsu was not born a vile man. He was just like Michizane himself. Determined. Goal-driven. Strong and courageous. A respectable man who would never lay a hand on the innocents. He wished only to preserve peace in his kingdom. The only thing that separated them was the fact that Michizane kept the turmoil in his chest buried deep behind the smile that he showcased to his people. He would rather suffer alone than bring his people to shed tears with him. Emperor Okkotsu, on the other hand, was not one to put on a facade. When he was suffused with joy, the women rejoiced in pretty clothes and the men fell asleep with smiles on their faces. When anger consumed him, he let his wrath burn everything around him. When he was swallowed by grief, the children cried in his presence.

    Nymeria was an ally to every kingdom, except one: The Dricans. Known as The Golden Lions, they were powerful, fierce, and strong like the king of the jungle itself. They were one of the eight kingdoms that presided over the continent, second in strength only to the wolves. But unlike the Nymerians who were content with living within the borders of their land, the Dricans wanted more. Fueled by greed, the lions roared and the wolves perceived it as a threat.

    It was the last night of winter when a Nymerian princess was captured by the Dricans. They sliced her flesh open, destroyed her honor, and sent back her corpse to her brother, the king himself. The Dricans sent their regards, a message strapped to her casket said. The Emperor remained muted but the direwolves howled. And the world watched with bated breath as he took his revenge.

    The diplomatic acts between the two kingdoms did not work as the Emperor was determined to make Drican pay for their sins. Insulted by his act, they decided to settle it for good. Yuuta Okkotsu, his firstborn, witnessed the terror that the Dricans spread throughout their lands from the spaces between his mother’s fingers. Drican invaded their home at the break of dawn, burning down their fields and tainting their crystal lakes with shades of crimson. Though shocked by the sudden aggression, Nymerians were strong enough to put up a fight.

    The war between the two dynasties lasted for the entire summer. Blood of Nymerian warriors pooled and dried on the ground, their skins scorched by the blazing sun, frozen when the night kissed them goodbye. Many innocent lives were taken away. A widow’s wail echoed through the night, and the fireflies went silent as they mourned her husband’s death. The Emperor was running out of options. He couldn’t win without a new source of power. And in his desperate need, his advisor whispered in his ear.

    There was a rumor, he said, that a witch lived somewhere in a forested ravine in the rugged mountain that stood a hundred miles away from the palace. A lady with ginger hair and a smile wicked enough to spread goosebumps on a man’s skin. Nobara, they called her, a strange name for a strange woman, but the Emperor wanted her more than he longed to feast on a wild boar. He sent twelve brave men to take her captive. Only five of them returned, dragging the witch behind them like cattle. 

    The Emperor asked her to create a spell, one that would grant him an immense amount of power. He informed her that it was necessary for him to protect his realm, to give his people the peaceful life they desired, just like in the old days. The witch, knowing that Drican was the one who waged the war, granted him his wish. She cast a spell on him, and he perceived it as a gift. A blessing from the Gods. Her only warning for him was to not harm the innocents, an easy feat as he had sworn to protect them even before she shrouded him with her magic.

     For her spell to work, a sacrifice was necessary. A human’s life. The more he killed, the stronger he became. The Emperor could feel the surge of energy flowing through his system as he drove his sword deep inside his opponent’s chest. Anguish was a hurricane churning inside his chest that he tried to put a blind eye on. There was no need for the two kingdoms to sacrifice the lives of their brave men, but it was a point of no return.

    The Emperor deceived himself by believing that one death of his enemy would guarantee a life for his people. He stopped seeing the Dricans as humans. He perceived them as devils. And by the power bestowed by the Gods, he would send them back to the land of the dead.

    The Emperor had the strength to decapitate a whole army by himself. Within three days, the Dricans kneeled before him, pleading for mercy. Their foreheads were glued to the ground, their body shaking in fear, and their lips were bitten hard to suppress their tears. The Emperor, for once, stopped raising his sword. He tried to find the will within himself to forgive, but before he could find it, a Drican soldier, unwilling to surrender, rose to his feet, snatched a knife hidden underneath his cloak, and tossed it forward. The dagger pierced through the air, aiming straight for the Emperor’s head but the spell protected him, hardened his skin, making it impenetrable. There was not a scratch on his body, and not a drop of blood was shed. The dagger clattered on the earth before the Emperor retrieved it with one hand. In the next second, the Drican soldier’s head was split into two, his own knife flying past through his skull. 

    The Dricans didn’t seek mercy, the Emperor concluded. They sought a chance to betray him, to strike him down when he was in his most vulnerable state. He wouldn’t give it to them. He wouldn’t let a traitor walk on his land.

    And so the Emperor sent an order to slaughter them all. Every Drican, let it be men, women, or infants. Everyone needed to die. He was swallowed by his wrath that he forgot the caution the witch had given him. And when he took an innocent’s life for the first time, the amount of energy that flowed through him was a hundred times more intense. The witch had lied to him, the Emperor thought. Innocent lives didn’t weaken the spell, it strengthened it. Killing a faithful wife would grant him the same amount of power that he felt when he slaughtered ten vicious men. Killing a child would give him the strength to crack the earth open with a swing of his sword. With every innocent life he took, the greater magic he possessed. 

    The war lasted for months but it ended in one night. It was not followed by cheers of victory, only eerie silence.

    Drican had fallen, and from their ashes, Nymeria rose stronger than ever.

    Peace returned once again, but it was never the same. Before he ascended to the throne, the Emperor was once a kind, loving husband, and a doting parent to his children, Yuuta and Rika. Now, his sanity deteriorated with each passing second. The spell got to his head. He became addicted to power. He murdered each of his enemies but they never granted him the same power that he felt when he took innocent lives. He needed it. He needed to kill. But when he had run out of enemies to slay, his lust for power turned him blind.

    Yuuta, a twelve-year-old boy at that time, was unable to catch a wink of sleep. It was the night of the full moon when he stepped down from his bed, dragging his little feet as he made his way to his parent’s chamber. He wished to see his mother, wanting to fall asleep with his head on her lap as he listened to the same lullaby she always hummed and sang to him to wash away his nightmares. It was childish of him to still want to be spoiled like that despite his age, but his mother never complained once. She found him endearing, and she was his first love. 

    The little boy landed a hand on the door, pushing it open as he rubbed his eyes away from sleep. “Mother,” he called but no one came to answer. Stepping further inside the room, he witnessed his mother lay down on the bed, her long black hair strewn across her pillow. Looming above her, trapping her waist between his knees, was the man who wore the same face as his father. But instead of a smile and affection in his eyes, the man bared his teeth, his eyes glowing as he curled his strong fingers around her neck, choking the life out of her.

    Yuuta was petrified, his feet icebound to the ground as he watched with his big blue eyes shaking in disbelief. By the time he found his voice, his mother’s body had turned limp. Her beautiful eyes had lost their gleam, and she stared hollowly at her husband’s face. Yuuta saw the way his father sighed in relief, almost as if he was drowning in ecstasy. He stared at his hands, laughing as he felt power coursing through his veins. He felt alive, better than he had ever been.

    Then the man stopped, sensing the little noise that Yuuta made as his breath hitched in his throat. His father spun his head around, facing his child and the tiny hairs on Yuuta’s nape stood in fear.

    That man was not his father. 

    Yuuta ran as if the devil was chasing after him. He ran without looking back, his lungs burning and his heart bleeding. He returned to his chamber, locked the door, and pressed his back against it. His knees shook underneath his weight and he slid down to the floor. With both hands covering his mouth, he shut his eyes closed and sobbed. His younger sister, Rika, who was staying in the same room, woke up from her sleep at the sound of his muffled cry. 

    “Yuuta?” She crawled down from her bed, dragging her quilt behind her as she made her way toward her brother. “Yuuta, what’s wrong?” She went down to her knees before him, checking on his face with bleary eyes. “Why are you crying? A nightmare?”

    “R-Rika…” Her name was strangled in his throat. “Mother–Mother is–”

    The sound of a fist meeting door was heard from the other side and Yuuta jerked violently in surprise, returning back to his feet with his arms wrapped protectively around his sister. “Yuuta,” his father called, his thunderous voice was never laced with tenderness in the last few years. “Answer the door.”


    “Yuuta?” Rika, who sensed the horror in her brother’s voice, started to mimic his body language. “What is happening?”

    “Yuuta.” His father’s voice pitched lower. 

    “Go away, Father!”

    Enraged, the Emperor smashed the door with one hand. The children shrieked, holding each other tight as they fell to their knees. Yuuta embraced his sister close, placing his palms over her ears to silence her surroundings. The boy was still sobbing fervently, body shivering from head to toe, but in his eyes, there was a hint of bravery that the Emperor had seen in his worst enemy. No matter how much his feet were itching to run, Yuuta was determined to protect his sister. 

    “Stay away,” the boy said, peering deep into his father’s eyes with the intensity of a cornered wolf. “I won’t let you hurt Rika.”

    The little girl was clutching onto his shirt, clawing at Yuuta’s chest as her tears stained his fabric. “Y-Yuuta, I’m scared.”

    “It’s alright, Rika,” Yuuta replied, pressing his cheek against her forehead as he maintained his gaze on his father’s face. The tremble in his voice was no longer as apparent as before. “I will protect you.”

    The sight of his children crouching in fear before him momentarily broke the spell that fogged his thoughts. The bloodlust in his eyes flickered like candlelight being swayed by the wind before it vanished completely. As if losing his strength at once, the Emperor kneeled on the ground, his face contorted in pain as he watched the siblings with his eyes rimmed by his tears. “I’m sorry,” the old man said repeatedly as he watched his trembling hands in horror. He seemed afraid, not of anyone but himself. “Please forgive me.” He reached out a hand, wanting to take his son’s hand but the boy took a step back.

    “D-don’t touch me,” Yuuta said. He could tell that whatever it was that possessed his father a moment ago had left its vessel, but his fear made him hesitant.

    Grave sadness overtook the Emperor’s face. “Yuuta… There are… Voices in my head.” His father confessed, and for the first time in his life, his son watched the hero who brought victory and honor to his empire–to his family–crumble in agony. “I can’t stop them… I had to do it. I needed to do it.”

    “You killed Mother,” Yuuta said, each word vocalized with a dagger scratching against his throat.

    “I didn’t mean to.” The man shook his head, pleading for forgiveness. “I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’m going insane, Yuuta. I can’t stop it. I just wanted to feel alive and the next thing I knew, I–” The man cast his gaze down to his hands, splaying his palms before he clenched them into fists. “This power is a curse. That witch… I have to find that witch to reverse it but…” He gritted his teeth, trying to stop a sob from fleeing out of his mouth. “My wife… My wife is gone… I killed her…”

    Yuuta did not believe his words, but he stayed in silence, watching the tears line his father’s cheeks as he cried silently in shame. When the man elevated his face, he swore to him, “I won’t hurt you. I promise I won’t hurt you. My children… You are the only ones I have left.” 

    There was no guarantee that the Emperor would stay true to his promise. Even the man himself didn’t find the strength to believe in it. But despite what he had done, he was still the father who nurtured him, who taught him the meaning of life, the man who made his kingdom feel like home. Yuuta felt his heart break into pieces, even more than it already had. 

    On the next morning, as the servants cleaned and buried his wife’s corpse, Yuuta and Rika were escorted out of the palace without being given a chance to state their prayers. Afraid that he would harm his children in the future the way he did his wife, the Emperor sent them away to his relatives at the opposite end of the world, far away in the west. He bid his final words not with a goodbye but with an apology, leaving his children confused and shaken, but Yuuta never spoke a word. No matter how frail and heartbroken his father seemed, he would never be able to forget the wicked gleam in his eyes as he rejoiced over his wife’s death.

    “I will find a way to cure myself,” his father promised them. “I will return to how I was. My sister will take care of you until then. Yuuta, Rika, we will be together again soon.”

    The children traveled across the sea, accompanied by their most trusted knights to protect them and servants to attend to their needs. They rode the waves, making their way to visit their relatives in the west. That day, the sunset was the most beautiful one Yuuta had ever seen but he could not find the strength to appreciate it. And as if the sky listened to the storm that raged within his chest, the clouds turned dark and the heavens cried for his sake.

    The gulls were tossed paper in a storm, flashes of white in the gray, tumbling as they struggled against the gale. Heavy droplets of rain felt like ice daggers on their skin, and the tides churned below them, tilting the ship from side to side. As the children and the servants struggled to find their way to the deck, fighting against the rainstorm, a sudden crash of waves toppled the ship and sent Yuuta’s body flying backward. He was clutching against the railing, screaming for help as he felt his fingers starting to lose grip. Beneath him, the sea rose as great mountains, anger in the form of water, turbulent and unforgiving.

    He heard Rika shouting his name, her voice was a whisper among the thunders that rumbled through the sky. Before a hand could reach him, the storm stole him away.

     Yuuta fell into the bottomless sea, forced to fight against its rage. And with no weapon in his hands, he let the Gods decide on his fate.


    Tagging: @brujaovermoxy @erentoes @starry-supernova @itsalicewickedmcgee @jaeger-xo @whore4jean @ninachan00 @raechulashleigh @fqiryspit

    Thank you for reading!

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  • rueren
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    i cannot stop thinking about rich boy!eren pouting n grumbling literally every single time you reach for your card. he spoils you so much, buying you anything you want without question. you barely even have to ask for anything honestly, his first instinct is always to buy it for you.

    "no baby, i got this one. you got it last time, remember?" "okay, and? since when are we keeping track anyways?"

    if he notices your amazon or whatever shopping website account is linked with your card and instantly grumbles, he's changing the card info before you come back. don't you know that's his job? he loves you, wants to spoil you, pamper you, wants to take care of you. you're too good to him, let him show you how much he loves you in his own way.

    "baby, did we use my account to buy that dress last time?" "hmm? yeah, you got it from yours." "then how come the card is under your name?" he kisses your temple, grinning when he sees your screen with a couple items in your cart. "what's mine is yours, isn't it? doesn't matter the name. go on, it'll look good on you”

    anytime you lift a hand to reach for your wallet he's stuffing your handback down into your bag, flashing his card at the cashier. he just loves trailing along behind you holding all your bags.

    absolutely loves paying for your nails. more than anything he loves coming with you to get them done, picking your colour for you.

    just yeah,,,,, mind full

    #ruu writes #file.eren #file.aot #eren yeager fluff #eren jeager fluff #eren yeager x yn #eren jeager x yn #aot drabbles
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  • jaegeristsworld
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    They’re best friends they just don’t know it yet

    #attack on titan #aot#eren aot#eren yeager #shingeki no kyojin #snk#snk eren#eren jaeger #shingeki no kyoujin eren #aot season 4 #attack on titan season 4 #jean kirschstein#aot jean#jean aot#jean kirstein #Jean shingeki no kyojin #Jean snk
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  • philliamwrites
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    eren has no filter and no subtle bone in his body, we all know that.

    but the part of his brain judging when it’s the right time to say the right things is also broken.

    he’ll dick you down so good, pound into you and bend you every way like you’re nothing but his cute, little fucktoy, his fleshlight, and over the sound of his balls slapping against your drooling hole he’d say, “Gosh, you are so beautiful, so so gorgeous. I always wanna be with you, you are my everything, my whole and all, my world. I wanna stay with you forever.”

    and then you two would be strolling down the pavement following a riverbed holding hands as the setting sun casts ripples of soft cotton pink and peach orange over the sky. children’s laughter would echo from the vibrant grass field as they pick flowers. eren would gently stroke your hand with his rough thumb, smiling so placidly, so content like a cat in the sun.

    and then he’d ask, “You wanna go home and suck my dick?”

    (i hate him)

    #going further and further down the rabbit hole #i wanna pole dance on eren's dick #the cumbling is cuming #thoughts on my short king #aot smut #aot x reader #aot x you #aot x y/n #snk smut #snk x reader #snk x you #snk x y/n #eren smut #eren jaeger smut #eren yeager smut #eren x reader #eren x you #eren x y/n #phill.☾
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  • incorrectsnkships
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Eren Armin

    #incorrectsnkships #attack on titan #aot #shingeki no kyojin #snk#gay#eremin #eren x armin #eren yeager x armin arlert #eren yeager#armin arlert #and if you’re wondering #he was completely fine
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  • iamthecabbage
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago



    coming soon!


    coming soon!
    #eren yeager x reader #eren yeager imagine
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  • zorosbellywarmer
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    i made a little something for while u read eren fanfics, enjoy 🫶🏻

    #eren x reader #eren yeager #eren jaeger smut #eren jaeger x reader #eren yeager smut #eren yeager x reader #eren jaeger #eren x yn #eren x you #Spotify
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  • shikabaneren
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Never the same after I found out that Eren and Isabel are literally parallels in terms of eyes and energy and death (tho not the same execution but hey you get it)

    #eren yeager#isabel magnolia#aot#snk #shingeki no kyojin #attack on titan #aot final season #how did i not notice this
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  • shikabaneren
    27.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Eren Yeager is not responsible

    I've ranted this about with moon but still I wanted this to be paid attention or something

    First of all bringing this up is not invalidating Levi Squad's death because it happened years back, no, because no matter how old a death scene might be, the characters mean something to us and their death has affected us and besides I lowk loved them

    This is about Eren having fingers pointed at him for not dying and being the cause of their death which is not, why? Because

    If you're not an ignorant loser and have scrolled down, you can see that Eren wants to fight but Levi Squad isn't allowing him to, tells him to trust them. God why? Since Levi took custody of him, it is their job, their responsibility to protect Eren who is a valuable asset to Humanity as he wields a power like never before, if they let him fight that's them not fulfilling the duty they were assigned to and not only that they're letting Eren die or get taken, if Eren dies or get taken, Humanity has lost its last hope

    And also Eren not trusting them hurts their pride, it feels like Eren is underestimating them, when they're the Levi Squad led by Captain Levi who is Humanity's Strongest Soldier and also they're saying that because yeah they want Eren to trust them, to believe them since they are a squad, if there is no trust then the Squad cannot operate smoothly which in the previous episodes/chapters is what they're trying to do for better communication or for an upper hand in controlling Eren

    If you wanted this to be prevented you should look at the courtroom scene where if Levi didn't beat the shit out of Eren and was handed to the Military Police but no, the Survey Corps was desperate and Levi had beaten Eren up

    So am I saying this is the SC's fault? No. Honestly who wouldn't be desperate to end the Titans and find answers. Am I saying it is Levi Squad's fault? Fuck no, like I said this is their responsibility and fighting the Female Titan is just them doing their job and also avenging their comrades. And God as much as I love Annie I'd say it is her that is responsible for Levi Squad's death

    Because if Annie wasn't there then Levi Squad would still be alive even if Eren was with them

    I don't know what made you guys think that Eren is at fault here, but I can clearly see some of you haven't read some shit right

    #eren yeager#petra ral#oluo bossard#gunther schultz#eld jinn#levi ackerman#survey corps #og levi squad #annie leonhart#aot #shingeki no kyojin #snk #attack on titan #im so fed up with people blaming eren for this when clearly we see annie killing them didn't we? #if not then ill gladly list it out for you #annie sliced gunther's nape #annie bit eld's body off #roundhoused oluo #and ofc there's no forgetting the infamous tree scene where annie smashed her gigantic foot on petra #sometimes this fandom makes me want to slap all of them #this is like blaming a child because their parents are always working
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  • joon-hi
    27.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    EX BOYFRIEND!! Eren who invites you to his house for lunch

    EX BOYFRIEND!! Eren who will prepare a lunch for you but will order anything for you if you ask

    EX BOYFRIEND!! Eren who ask about who your new boyfriend is, and what he's like

    EX BOYFRIEND!! Eren who gets mad when you tell him your new boyfriend fucks you better then Eren to make him mad

    EX BOYFRIEND!! Eren who grabs your neck whispering "Don't fucking mess with me" then brings you to his bedroom

    "EREN WHAT THE FUCK!" You choke out as he throws you on the bed pouncing on you "you know what the fuck you were doing by fucking telling me 'My boyfriend fucks better than you surprisingly' y'know how crazy that drives me?! Knowing another man is fucking you?! How you moan HIS name and not MINE?!" Eren growls over your face then quickly smashes his lips into yours kind of hurting a bit

    "Eren I can't! You're my EX! I am dating someone else, this is cheating!" My good side said but quickly shut the fuck up and kissed him again, he smirks in the kiss taking off your shirt and bra not taking the time to admire your body

    "Mhm fuck I missed these" he lowly growled, quickly slapping your breast then moving on to get your pants off as quickly as possible. He finally took off your skinny jeans to admire the wet spot on your panties "fuck Eren don't tease" you moaned out

    "Be fucking patient, I need to admire what I lost for 7 months" he snapped back taking of your underwear, he stared at your slick-shaved pussy squeezing on nothing "ah fuck look at this" he smirked sticking one digit into your pussy, you squealed feeling a little shock of pleasure shock you

    "wow sensitive, he must have bot fucked you since the day we broke up" he laughed, he added 2 more fingers to enhance the pleasure, he loved the lewd faces you would make just for him. "EREN please I-I can't take it anymore" you nearly squealed "fine" he said standing up, he took off his shirt to show his 6 pack, then he took off his pants then his boxers, yeah can't even describe what his dick looks like, its just too incredible to describe, but lemme try to describe it, 11inch dick, thick, when its hard its rock solid, pink mushroom tip, white pre cum (which taste delicious)

    "Ok Y/n, im giving you two options" he said smirking "you can either suck my dick and I will fuck you so hard you can't even remember your name, or I can suck your wet cunt and we will make love" he said gripping your thighs and bringing you to the end of the bed *your thoughts* "fuck this is hard, I want him to fuck me hard, but I want him to fuck me passionately, with love, and it would last longer...." *out of thoughts* "t-the second o-op-option?" You stuttered, for some reason his intense lustful stare is making my voice small "More descriptive baby" he smirked leaning in closer to your face "u-uh the one y-you said a-after the fi-first option" you stuttered looking at him with wide eyes hoping he would be kind and just understand what I'm saying cause its awkward to cast "suck my clit so you can fuck me with love" like no that is weird

    "baby I don't know what you mean" he said with innocent confused eyes but a wide devilish smirk "CAN YOU PLEASE SUCK MY CLIT AND FUCK ME WITH LOVE" you blurted out (cringe) cringing on the inside because you knew you could have rephrased that a little better then a desperate cry "That's all you had to say" he stopped smirking to act serious the went down on you, you squealed again because of how skilled his tongue was, he was going DOWN on you, you soon felt like his tongue movements were a little too specific, and you soon you realized he was spelling his name letter by letter E-R-E-N Y-E-A-G-E-R "fuck you taste so good" he hungrily growled "f-fuck E-Eren i-im gonna c-" "cum for me" he said and you did

    The End


    "Fuck you don't understand how much I love eating you out" he said licking his lips, "now lets make the magic happen" he laughed "Eren shut the fuck up that was corny" you laughed "that was corny what about the 'SUCK MY CLIT AND FUCK ME WITH LOVE' hm?" He grinned kissing me passionately and softer then before "lets not talk about that" you giggled kissing him back

    he the slowly rubbed his cock against your wet clit to lubricate his cock, he then rubbed his cock and slid it in "Fuck!" You screamed from the pain "fuuuuuuuuck" Eren growled finally bottoming out, after a while he asked If yoy was ok, you said yes, and he softly started thrusting in and out, after a while you wasn't feeling shit "EREN HARDER PLEASE" "uh uh you said you wanted me to make love to you" he scolded "please" you begged "fine" he said like before, he then grabbed your legs put them on his shoulders then started pounding into your wet cunt "OH MY GOD EREN" you screamed making him chuckle "isn't this what you wanted?!" He asked you knowing you couldn't speak, you just laid there eyes rolling back repeating the same word "eren"

    *I'm tired so I'm summing it up* "im gonna cum Eren" you moaned out finally finding the voice to say that, "in or out?" He asked "what?" You asked about to fucking cum "do you want me to cum in or out?!" He asked impatiently "in!" You screamed cumming hard "FUCK" Eren yelled filling you up, which felt weird since he hasn't filled you up in 7 months

    *five minutes after resting and cockwarming* "I missed you so much baby" Eren said holding you tight "me too..." You said "can you please break up with your boyfriend and we can get back together?" He asked pulling away to look in your eyes "what boyfriend?" You asked smirking with wide innocent eyes "you brat" he laughed "why would you lie about you being single for 7 months, I have been single for 7 months WAITING on you!" He laughed hugging you again "eh, ladies gotta have 'me' time you know" you smiled finally sleeping.

    The actual end <3

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  • erenhrtz
    27.05.2022 - 21 hours ago


    cw: Fem!Reader x Stoner!Eren, smoking

    wc: 0.2k

    a/n: very rushed, readers dialogue in pink, also i wanted to write something real quick bcs i just could not get this situation out of my head sorry it’s bad😭

    It was 2:03 AM, you were sleeping peacefully until you were awoken by a slight buzzing noise. Your phone illuminated the ceiling of your bedroom, your sleepy eyes try to adjust to the contact name. Eren.

    Why was he calling you at this time? What did he need? Was he hurt? Maybe he just wants to talk? You lay down and think for a second on wether or not you should pick it up.

    Thinking for a second you decide to pick up your phone and click the green answer button. You say in a sleepy voice, “Hello?“

    Eren sighs on the other end of the phone “Hey babe.” Confused, you decide to ask why he called you. “Ah it was nothing I just wanted to hear my girlfriends voice.” Girlfriend? Was he out of his mind? The two of you broke up a month ago, it was quite messy but you got through it.

    “Eren…W-we’re not together anymore, what are you saying?”

    You hear some rustling over the phone.

    “Eren, why did you call me? And what are you even doing right now.”

    Eren starts coughing.

    “Sorry I was doing something.”

    “Doing what?”

    “Nothing, don’t worry about it…”

    You didn’t understand why Eren was acting so weird. Until you realized he was smoking. And most likely high.

    “Eren, are you high right now?”

    “Maybe.” He said with a low tone

    “I miss you so much baby, I’m sorry I ever did anything.”

    “Ugh I can’t talk to you like this” rolling your eyes, you end the call and place your phone down on your nightstand.

    You knew if the conversation kept going he will regret it when he was sober.

    #eren yeager #eren x y/n #eren angst #attack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin eren
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  • softxsuki
    27.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    (Part 2 of 🌙s request) and find that Eren returned to pick up her stuff and her two pets she loved and care for. As Eren returned to his room and putting Y/Ns stuff away and goes to the bed and check on her as she eats her breakfast. Then, Eren noticed she still felt a little hurt from her parents treatment towards her before comforting her. After Eren comforts Y/N, he chose to spend the day with her during their day off by going to the beach, getting ice cream, shopping, and -

    Moving in With Eren

    Pt.2 of this request!

    Pairing: Eren x Fem!Autistic!Reader
    Warnings: crying, feeling anxious, reader has a breakdown, rough relationship with parents
    Genre: Fluff and Comfort
    Post-Type: Oneshot
    Word Count: 1.7k
    Summary: In which you officially move in with Eren after leaving your parent's house because they were overworking you and treating you badly. Eren makes you comfortable in your new home with him and take you out for the day. Later on you cry in his arms as you express your worries and anxieties to him about everything that happened.
    [A/N: Hello love. Thank you again for being so patient with me. FInally got this done for you! I didn't mention the beach because it felt like too much to squeeze in and I also have a post with Eren and reader going to the beach already. I hope you enjoy this request and hope that everything is well with you! <3]

    You wake up in a stir, sitting up in a room that wasn’t yours, and that’s when it hit you–Eren brought you to his house last night. He offered to let you move in with him, which you agreed to quickly due to the situation with your parent’s overworking you.

    Anxiety slowly creeps through you as you realize you’re alone in his bedroom. You take a moment to frantically look around and notice a few boxes stacked up in the corner as some familiar items catch your attention–they were yours. Your eyes continue to wander around the room, stopping at some food and a note on the bedside table with the words To My Angel written sloppily on top. The note reads:

    Good morning, beautiful. Sorry I couldn’t be there with you when you woke up. Mikasa came with me to get breakfast early this morning and is helping me get your belongings from your house. Eat up, and heat the food up if it's cold. Love you, I’ll be home soon.



    Eren and Mikasa had left early that morning to get you breakfast and rush over to your house where your sibling helped pack your things. They piled all your belongings into Eren’s car before your parent’s could wake up and realize what was going on.

    You quietly eat your breakfast that thankfully wasn’t too cold, and try to keep yourself calm. You could feel your nerves balling up tighter and larger in the pit of your stomach. Were you acting clingy for feeling like you needed Eren at that moment? Was it okay that you were starting to feel anxious for not having him around?

    Your anxious thoughts are ripped apart as the bedroom door opens and Eren comes stumbling in with a few boxes in his arms. He sets the boxes down with the other ones, whispering a ‘that’s the last one’ before his eyes meet your own.

    “You’re awake! Good morning,” he closes the distance between you and presses a kiss to your forehead as he takes a seat beside you.

    “‘Morning,” you mumble between bites of your food, instantly feeling calm in his presence.

    Eren’s hands rest over your legs that are hidden beneath the covers and he soothingly rubs small circles on them above the covers.

    “How’re you feeling today?” He cautiously asks you with a smile.

    You swallow the last of your food and chase it down with a drink that Eren also left for you, before meeting his eyes and beginning to speak honestly, “I’m still a little shaken up from yesterday. This all happened so quickly and I don’t think I’ve fully moved on from it just yet…” 

    “That’s okay. I don’t expect you to move on from it overnight. But moving in with me is a new start for you. Like I told you last night, we’ll get through this together,” he reaches over and gives your hand a gentle squeeze, “And to start you off on that healing journey, I took the day off so I’m yours for the day.”

    You perk up at that, happy to know that you could spend the whole day with your boyfriend. Excitedly, you jump up from bed, tackling Eren in a hug before rushing off to unpack your things and get ready for your day.

    When all your belongings are packed away (with Eren’s help) you both head to a shopping center where you spend a majority of your day. Eren buys you anything you need to feel comfortable in your new shared home, even some decorations that might make you feel more at home. He was intent on making sure you were happy the whole day, even if the outing was a temporary distraction from the pain you still felt from your parent’s words. 

    The day passes by fairly quickly and the sun begins to set as the both of you leave the mall with many bags. You drive back home and abandon your shopping bags in the car as you walk to one of your favorite restaurants with Eren, which is pretty close to your new home.

    Dinner is refreshing as you converse with your boyfriend and eat your favorite food. It was almost like the stress and overwhelming feelings from your home had melted off your back. You could enjoy a meal in peace without worrying about finishing quickly so you could complete your chores and rush to sleep to repeat the same stressful cycle all over again. You were beyond relieved as you watched Eren who was sitting across from you, eating happily.

    After dinner, Eren buys the both of you some ice cream from a cute little ice cream shop nearby and you walk hand in hand back home while eating it, enjoying the cool night air as you felt at peace for the first time in so long. A cool breeze brushes past you, making you sigh contentedly, pleased with how the day turned out. Never again will you feel pressured or overworked at home. 

    You return back to your newly shared home, remembering first to get your shopping bags from the car before entering your home. You place your bags down and begin to unwind, showering and getting changed into some pajamas, when Eren grabs your hand.

    “Come with me. I wanna show you something,” he urges, leading you out of the bedroom and into the hall towards a closed door that you knew was an empty room Eren had in his house.

    He opens the door and your eyes widen in surprise. In the once empty room was a cozy room full of your favorite comforting things including some areas to sit and wind-down from feeling overwhelmed or over-stimulated. 

    You look back at Eren with tears in your eyes.

    “When did you do all this?” You ask.

    Eren gently wipes your tears away and pulls you into his warm chest, hugging you tightly to him.

    “Mikasa helped me put it all together. I wanted you to have a place where you could feel calm whenever you needed it. This is your home now and I never want you to feel overwhelmed or stressed again, but if things do ever get overwhelming or become too much for you, now you have a place where you can collect yourself again and feel at ease,” he explains gently, still hugging you close to him.

    “I love it,” you say, needing him to know how much you appreciated the gesture.

    “Good, glad I did a decent job.”

    You were feeling more and more at home by the hour and words couldn’t do justice for how grateful you were for Eren that he was doing so much for you to make you feel like this was your home as well. You hug him back tightly and enter the room to take a closer look at everything as Eren watches you with a smile from the doorway.

    Later that night when you’re both in bed with the TV playing in the background he notices how clingy you had been with him the whole night since he brought you back to his home the previous night. You’d never leave his side and even through the night you’d cling tightly to him, needing to feel his warmth to reassure you that he was still there, so he decides to mention it.

    As he brings the topic up, your heart hammers a little heavily in your chest. You didn’t want to really talk about it, but if he’s noticed, then you figured you might as well just get it out in the open. 

    “I guess I’ve just been feeling a little anxious whenever you’re not around,” you begin, anxiously fiddling with your fingers, which Eren quickly takes a hold of, calming you down, “I’ve just been feeling like I need you near…often. Just to make sure that this is all real and I won’t just wake up tomorrow back at home with my parents receiving the same bad treatment and still be trapped there, getting overworked. I’m sorry if I’ve seemed too clingy. I can back off a bit…”

    Just talking about it out loud makes you breakdown and panic as you begin to cry, breathing heavily as you look for something to distract you. Eren brings you smoothly into his bare chest and you inhale his familiar, comforting scent, which helps ground you. 

    “It’s alright, Y/N” he coos, rubbing his hands up and down your back as you continue to cry in his chest, “I didn’t bring it up because it bothered me. I just want to make sure you’re okay, but thank you for telling me. You’re not clingy at all, I love being close to you and if I could, I’d drag you to work with me so I could see you the whole day, but I can’t.”

    “But please know that this is real. You’re here with me and I won’t let anything happen to you that will ever make you feel like that again. When you’re ready to talk to your parents again I’ll be there with you too. I just want you to be comfortable and happy, but if keeping me close for now makes you comfortable, then that’s okay. I’m here for you, angel,” he emphasizes, swaying back and forth slowly to help calm you down as he whispers how much he loves you into your hair, reminding you that he’ll never leave your side. 

    Eren reaches over into the bedside table and takes out your favorite music box and turns it on. The light melody floats through the room and Eren hums along to the familiar tune, continuing to hold you close to him. A few minutes pass until you finally calm down, going still in his arms as you enjoy his body heat that radiates into your own skin, sighing in relief. 

    “Feeling better?” He hushly asks.

    “Mhm, much. Thank you…”

    “Any time. You know I’ll always be here to take care of you,” he presses small kisses to the top of your head.

    You spend the rest of the evening in his arms, engaging in small talk as you weren’t quite ready to sleep just yet. You wanted to enjoy his company for a while longer while you were both still wide awake.

    That day, Eren proved again just like every other time, that he was there for you as he went out of his way to make sure you were comfortable and happy. You couldn’t have asked for a better man to be in your life.


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