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  • geasthewritingrat
    22.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    Eskel SFW alphabet (N-S)

    Pairings; Eskel x reader Gender Neutral! Eskel’s S/O is referred to with they/them pronouns Eskel is based around the game version since game!Eskel is my favourite Eskel! O-S under the cut.

    Nicknames - what do they call their S/O? Eskel probably calls his S/O a collection of sweet things, from “dear” to “sweetheart”, but his absolute favourite is “dove”. There’s just something about it that connects perfectly to his S/O in his head.

    On cloud nine - what are they like when they are in love? Is it obvious? How do they express their feelings? Heart eyes, for sure. Every time he looks at his S/O. It’s painfully obvious, especially to the other wolves, but also very cute. He gives his S/O neat little trinkets or snacks from the towns he visits when he’s taking on contracts, but he doesn’t give them them in an obvious way, he just puts it down somewhere they’re guaranteed to see it, then watches their reaction.

    PDA - are they upfront about their relationship? Do they brag with their S/O in front of others? Or are they rather shy to kiss etc when others are watching? Eskel doesn’t seem like much of a heavy PDA kind of guy, but when he’s somewhere he feels comfortable and safe, for example Kaer Morhen or his S/O’s humble abode, he’s a lot more likely to kiss his S/O’s cheeks or hold them close.

    Quirk - some random ability they have that’s beneficial in a relationship. I mean - he’s a witcher, his enhanced senses are gonna come in handy for just about anything. But, other than the obvious, he’s surprisingly good at reading people and finding ways to help them.

    Romance - how romantic are they? What would they do to make their s/o happy? Cliché or rather creative? Not too terribly cliche, but every now and then he’ll bust out some candles & flowers with a warm bath so that he and his S/O can get some well deserved rest and relaxation.

    Support - are they helping their s/o achieve their goals? Do they believe in them? Absolutely. He’s like a cheerleader when his S/O tells him they have something they want to do, pom-poms and all.

    - Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please remember that sometimes you can only do things with support, so please don’t hesitate to ask for it. There are people out there that would be more than happy to help you achieve your goals, don’t be afraid to reach out. As always, I have been Geas, and you have been awesome, never forget that. -

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  • 0dde11eth
    22.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Wolves love chewing leather.

    Geralt has given into the temptation on occasion, much to jaskiers annoyance. Do you know what those boots cost geralt!?

    Eskel sometimes will nibble a hole into his glove when stressed.

    Feral baby Lambert...

    When kaer morhen was at its peak was a terror. Every Witcher had their armor falling apart from this small child. He would tear through an entire dorms boots within a night. He could somehow chew through a swords scabbard. (With teeth marks in the swords blade.)

    Currently lambert has it more under control. But if you annoy him, he can and will chew through one of your beds legs, resulting in it breaking in the middle of the night.

    Vesimir has everything leather in the entire keep under strict lock and key. There is even a spell that the mages created specifically to keep Lambert out of the "leather room" that is still In place to this day.

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  • yanihomelock
    22.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    "And I promise you I'll write 'I love you' With my fingers on your sleeping hand"

    ~ The Amazing Devil / The calling

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  • thesleepy1
    22.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Loved On A Summer's Morn

    A/N: We got an anon request, baby! They wanted a sequel to Born On A Summer’s morn. I see you, wanting the newborn fluff. Thank you for requesting something quick and easy. I can give you fluffy Eskel blurbs anyday. 

    Pairings: Eskel x Reader 

    Summary: Eskel spends the morning with his bundle of fleece and you by his side. 

    Or, “Hey 👋 do you think you could write a follow up for born on a summers morn? I’m just craving some fluff of Eskel with his new born. Love your writing xx” 

    Word count: 320

    Warnings: NONE!

    Part 1

    Eskel took the warmed, filled cow horn with as much grace as he held his boy. Poranek’s fit into the crook made by his arm as if destined to lay there. As the babe’s arms squirmed and his body flailed, Eskel held him in place. The witcher brought the tip of the horn to his son’s mouth and waited patiently for the boy to catch the scent of heated milk. 

    It did not take long for Poranek’s small, pink tongue to dart out and take hold of the feeder. His little, curled fists paused in their bashing of Eskel’s chest. His demands were finally answered.

    “Were you hungry?” Eskel teased his suckling son, the babe never faltering in his first meal.

    Depthless brown eyes looked up for the source of the baritone voice, the vibrations against his small body. Poranek met Eskel’s aching smile with a curious expression. There was an unspoken recognition in the quirk of the boy’s brow, in the way he tried to grab hold of Eskel’s finger with his own. He tried his hardest, Eskel watched, but he could barely wrap his hand around Eskel’s smallest finger. 

    “He’s beautiful,” you spoke next to Eskel’s side. Your hair was dampened with sweat, your clothes hung off your shoulder, and a clear fatigue was in your form, but nothing would have stopped you from witnessing this. Sunlight came in showers through the opened window, dust flew like fairies blessing your son with gifts. “I've never seen a creature as stunning.” 

    “I have,” Eskel said, devotion coating his words like caramel over a crisp apple. He looked at you. The way your skin glowed in the sun’s light. How your lips were the shade of cherry blossoms. He took in the way you leaned in close, warm shoulder pressed against his to look on fondly at your newborn. “You take my breath away and I have never been so grateful.” 

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  • justhereforeskel
    21.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Whoops my brain slipped 🍷🐺💜

    I played with some new lighting, I think the moonlight attempt came out pretty good! (*^▽^*)

    There isn't a chance in heck the full version would survive here, so have a crop of totally just Damien chilling in the moonlight nothing more nope (✿◕‿◕✿)

    The rest is in the normal place...

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  • bowieandqueen11
    21.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Haunt Of The Hunt / Eskel Imagine

    Request: Can I have Eskel comforting you after getting hurt? I live for him just being ✨soft✨

    Me too, anon. Me too. Also, I’m sorry I read this as you getting hurt so apologies if I’ve got that the wrong way round! <3

    Warning: mentions of injury/ blood/ descriptions of wounds and needles!

    (I do not own the Witcher or its characters, all rights go to creators. Gif credit goes to @spicyinsanity.)


    The forest seemed to crackle around him, but even it couldn’t hold a flame to Eskel’s charred nerves. Despite his experience, his fingers shook against your arm with every further inch he thread the needle through your patchwork skin. He was too busy worrying about the mossy log you were perched on, a makeshift chair muddled out of this messy campsite the two of you had sprung up a few days prior, and the way your legs were beginning to shiver with the cold of autumn’s bite. His only solace was the waning fire on the edge of the clearing, yet even its flames seemed to crackle and die out against the wind’s power. He sighed, apologising taciturnly, sorrowfully in response to the grunt of pain that slips out as he finishes sewing up the deep gash.

    You were too busy trying to take your mind off the agonising pain that seemed to course torrents through your body by gazing over the stretching fields of flowers around your perimeter to ease his own suffering. If only Dandelion were here. He would be able to wax poetic, tune lost to the blooms even despite the circumstances. Even he would be able to find beauty in the waxy wyvern feathers that lay blanketed on the riot of snapping red, burning sugar gold and cloudy cream wildflowers. Within the stars spilled across the sky like thrown pebbles from the shore, the hazy darkness permeated by the still remnant sound of townsfolk yowling back to their homes. Yes, the flowers here truly were beautiful, even if splattered with crimson blood and the scent of death.

    It had felt like eons since Eskel had spoken, and the bitter silence was nearly driving you out of your mind with madness. Every so often he would grunt hoarsely, reaching down to focus instead on tying yet another loop of bandage around your abdomen. The scowl on his face told you he was upset - but you knew it wasn’t with you. No, you knew your Witcher too well to miss the sorrow that dipped the corners of his eyes as he wiped the last splashes of Wyvern blood away from your throat. How gentle his strokes were despite the action, how tender his fingers were against your pulse as he tipped you back to look at him.


    ‘I’m not angry.’ He frowned, quickly and unsightly, but not with malice. More to let you know that he was ashamed of himself for giving away his feelings so easily. For making certain now, that you would worry over him when it was you all the realm’s focus should be on. 

    You raise an eyebrow, trying to raise a grin through the pain. Once he finishes wiping away the last drops and drops the rag back down onto his satchel, you sigh in relief at the feeling of Eskel’s warm, broad palm just holding your chin within their safe grasp. Despite the strength of his fingers splayed against the bottom of your jaw, he knows that you’ve noticed how much they’re shaking.

    ‘I know you too well to know that you’re angry’, you begin to drawl, reaching out with your unbruised hand to brush the back of your fingers against the twisted knot lying on his lip. ‘I also know, that you’re blaming yourself for this. Which is complete poppycock, Eskel.’ He flinches at your touch, still so vulnerable. His golden eyes gaze steadily into your own, though, even through the tears that begin to muddy their sombrely scrunched depths. ‘And I won’t stand for it.’

    ‘But it was my fault. Y/n.’ He grabs your hand, drawing it away from where it was tenderly and familiarly beginning to trace down the outline of his scar. He instead raises it to his lips, kissing the back and curling it within his own. He rests it against his cheek as he opens up his other arm, offering himself up to you.

    You gladly accept, scooting down from your perch and instead resting clumsily on his lap, settling against his racing heartbeat. His hands tighten around your waist, dropping your still intertwined hand onto your thigh. He’s so gentle, so careful not to move you to much as he positions himself back against the tree trunk so you’re resting properly upright. So delicate, as he shifts you against his leather trousers, that it nearly breaks your heart. ‘It was my fault that you were here. I knew I should have left you safe within the inn, instead of allowing you to follow me into the wilds. I was - I was careless.’

    You can feel his chin shake against the top of your head as he continues. ‘I....’ he swallows thickly, before taking in a drawn out breath. ‘I could have lost you. And then I would have lost all the best parts of myself. Not even a Witcher can survive when they’re left with just a husk, Y/n. And I was stupid enough to think I was smart enough - I was skilled enough to never let it happen. How foolish I am, and I... I’m so sorry.’

    ‘Eskel, if I hear you apologise one more time I swear I’m going to Lil’ Bleater loose on you once we get back to Kaer Morhen.’ He laughed at that, hands wringing tighter around your midriff. But he still laughed, and the sound was the most divine noise the path could have ever brought you. 

    ‘You know, I’m more afraid of Lambert’s reaction if he finds that little devil loose in his room again than I am of the two of you put together.’

    ‘I don’t doubt it. His swearing rant was enough even to make Vesemir run out of the keep’, you giggle, simultaneously lighting your heart in relief at the soothing tone the grumble of his voice has taken once again. For a moment he’s silent, until you realise the pressure you feel against your back is no longer solely the feel of his armour’s spikes, but the press of his large ear against the dip of your spine. 

    He’s listening to your heartbeat, breath evening out in time in a way that makes you believe he’s trying to match his own to yours. He does this often, although he’s too embarrassed to admit it. He likes to slow his rate, mixing the sound with your own until it feels as though one march. One joined parade of lovers, one sole beat, one indication that he could ever live the life of a normal man. Eventually, he will straighten himself back up. He’ll press a kiss against the back of your neck, a lingering one full of compassion and hope and diligence, before resting his forehead back against your hair.

    He’ll say his usual musings when he becomes lost. ‘Perhaps’, he’ll whisper into the swift jasmine mist of the night, ‘I will keep you here forever. We can live among the sunflower stalks, and make pomegranate wine and look up at the stars.’

    ‘And be happy forever?’, you’ll finish, biting your bottom lip. 

    ‘Hmm’, he’ll reply, sounding far too much like Geralt to make you believe this dream could ever come true. That he could ever escape his fate, and that you wouldn’t become entangled within its clutches. ‘Yes, happy and in love forever, my sweet dove.’ 

    His nose will brush against your pulse point as you lean back to kiss him. ‘Sounds like a fortunate life to me, my dear Witcher.’ There will be no more tears today - no heartache, no loss, no foraging for coin and shelter and kindness, no hiding. Just pure adoration, rolling out like basking sunlight from the radiant Witcher wrapped around your back, grasping onto you as if terrified that life will suddenly tear you away.

    ‘Then I give the rest of my life to you, my love.’

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  • lokibus
    21.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Hello there ~ just poppin in to say I think you're very lovely (and also shame on me I just realised i hadn't followed you yet??)

    Hmm also it's time for some self love, so rec your top 3 fanfics you've written please <3

    first of all, thank you so much for your ask, dear 🥰 you made my morning!

    oh my top three? hm lemme see (you just made me realise that my doc isn’t up to date haha) these are not ranked, but just three I’m throwing out there

    Cliffside (tumblr - ao3)

    (Eskel x Geralt, M because fuckbuddies but off screen)

    this was a gift for Nel for our server Secret Solstice and I enjoyed writing it immensely! I remember I was quite proud of it — I should maybe give it a reread^^

    homeward bound (tumblr - ao3)


    coincidentally one of my least known/read/shared works, but I love it to pieces. it’s written for Decembert 2021 for the promt “homeward bound” and for some reason I got the idea stuck in my head that Lambert meets a sweet old couple on the path and they take him in immediately. warning for side character death, though.

    Of Stars and Seas (tumblr - ao3)

    (Geralt x Lambert, Gen)

    okay so it’s very hard for me to pick favourites of my fics, because I write them mainly for myself and... yeah

    but I think you’d like this one? Geralt and Lambert, soft pondering of the universe. Bit of sleepy philosophising about the beauty of the stars and seas <3


    Again, thank you. You put a big smile on my face and I’m grateful for that 🤗❤

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  • queenxxxsupreme
    21.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    With Love Will Come Worry (Netflix!Eskel x Witch)

    A/N: Hi guys! I know it’s been a hot minute but hopefully I can get back into the swing of things for the summer :)  And just a little FYI.... Hopefully there will only be 2ish more parts before we are done!

    Note: Thanks to @writingmysanity we have a title for this series! Broken Paths and Fallen Cities. Thank you so much babe for the help!! You have no idea how much I appreciate it!

    Warnings: nothing outside of canon, fluff

    Word Count: 2.0k

    Summary: You have a little chat with the witcher, and the both of you realize just how worrying the coming Spring makes you. 

    To Any Semblance of Touch | Down A Chilling Hall, A Fire Grows (smut) | To Survive is To Suffer | To Follow The Heat of The Flame | Sober Thoughts Spoken By Intoxicated Lips | What’s Lost Cannot Be Found, But Can Be Forged | Of Mornings Soft and Delightful | Mischievous Encounters in Unfortunate Places (smut) | Beneath The Willow I Fall | A Convergence of Cataclysmic Sorts (Prelude)

    You watched from atop one of the ramparts as Eskel and Lambert trained together.

    Snow fell gently from the sky. A light breeze blew through the keep. It was warmer than it had been all winter. The current snowfall wasn’t sticking to the rocks and stone of the keep. 

    Spring was just around the corner. 

    Before you knew it, you would be left alone at Kaer Morhen once more. You found yourself saddened by the thought. Usually by the end of winter, you were eager to have the keep to yourself. You liked your alone time and the wolves had a habit of driving you mad. But now, you didn’t want to see a particular witcher go. 

    When the wind shifted just a bit, it carried your scent directly to Eskel. He turned his head to look in your direction. His eyes only briefly found you before he turned back to block a blow from Lambert’s sword. 

    Their sparring continued for a few more minutes until Eskel knocked Lambert’s sword from his hand.

    As Lambert trudged into the keep, unhappy with his defeat, Eskel climbed the ramparts to get to you. 

    “Were you trying to distract me, witch?” He brushed the slushy snow and mud off of his hands.

    “Only a little.” You couldn’t help but grin. 

    He moved to walk past you into the keep but you stopped him, one hand on his arm to keep him from walking away. Your other hand found his chin. There was a cut just below his cheekbone. The blood was still wet. 

    “Did Lambert try to take your head off?” You turned his head to better inspect the wound.. 

    “Just twice.” Eskel chuckled, seeing no issue with the superficial injury. He received far worse from creatures nastier than Lambert. 

    You placed your fingers over the cut and recited a spell under your breath. 

    “You didn’t have to do that, you know.” He pulled your hand from his face. “I’m a witcher. We’re meant for that sort of thing.”

    “To cut each other up on your time off?” You raised a brow at him before turning and walking down a small staircase. You didn’t want to go inside just yet.

    “It’s nothing you need to worry your pretty little head over, doll.” Eskel fell in step next to you. 

    You said nothing, folding your hands at your waist.

    “So what are your plans in a couple weeks after the snow has melted?” You chose not to look at him and instead focused on the stables. 

    “I am undecided.” He admitted, letting out a breath. “Coen is leaving the second the temperature lifts. He’s eager to get back to the Path. I’m sure Lambert won’t be too far behind him. Geralt said he’d be waiting a couple more weeks until all of the snow has melted to leave. Vesemir isn’t sure when he will be leaving yet.”

    “Have you got any ideas as to where you’d like to end up?”

    Eskel shook his head lightly, blue eyes flickering over the walls ahead. 

    “Well, witcher, what is on your mind? You’ve usually already mapped out your journey by now.”

    Eskel turned his head to look at you, opening his mouth as if to speak but at the last moment, he stopped himself with a chuckle and shake of his head. 

    “Just lagging behind, I suppose.”

    You rolled your eyes.

    “Whatever you say. You and I both know that isn’t the truth.”

    “Are you reading my mind, witch?”  He came to a stop. You went a few steps further before turning to face him. 

    “Unfortunately, I don’t need to read your mind to know you’ve got something going on inside that stubborn head of yours.” You adjusted your cloak to keep as much of the cold out as you could. Though it wasn’t as cold as it had been, it was still pretty chilly. 

    Eskel looked down at you for a moment.

    “I have thought about…. maybe waiting a little longer than usual. Or perhaps not traveling the Path this year.” His voice was hushed as if he was afraid to admit that he didn’t want to leave the keep. 

    “What?” You furrowed your brow. “What do you mean?”

    He let out a frustrated sigh. 

    “Let’s just say there’s someone here that I’d like to stay near a little longer.”

    You took in a breath through your nose, your eyes falling to his medallion.

    You were that someone. 

    “You’d sacrifice your only pay for me?” You murmured.

    The tension in the air grew thick rather quickly. 

    Eskel moved to lean against the half wall with his hands, looking down over the side of the cliff that Kaer Morhen rested on. 

    He had told himself over and over again that he needed to be honest with how he felt, to be true to what he thought was right. But now that the honest emotions were coming to the surface, it created a knot in his gut. What if his thoughts and feelings were one sided? 

    His silence made you all the more anxious. Perhaps he hadn’t thought about that. What if he wasn’t thinking at all? Stupid witcher. What if he was only thinking about a warm bed at night? 


    “Don’t do that, Y/N.” He shook his head firmly, holding a hand up in your direction. 

    “I didn’t do any—,”

    “It was the tone you said my name in, like you’re preparing to kill me softly.” He gripped the wall with enough strength to turn his knuckles white. 

    “If you’d quit interrupting me and let me get a gods damn word out, perhaps we could have an actual conversation and not start a mess today.” 

    Eskel looked over his shoulder at you. You took a deep breath, adjusting your hands at your waist. 

    “I can’t let you stay here any longer than what you normally do.”

    The witcher pushed himself away from the wall, turning to face you instead. 

    “You don’t have to let me do anything. I do whatever it is that I want.”

    You nodded once.

    “That is true. But what if…. What if I don’t want you to stay?”

    His broad shoulders slumped. The stern and all too sure of himself stance that he had disappeared. 

    This was what he feared most: unrequited desires. 

    “Eskel, you and I both know that you need to be out there. You need to be on the Path. It’s who you are—,”

    “Spare me that bullshit, witch.” He cut you off, nostrils flaring as anger and pain spiked in his veins. “You wouldn’t want me to stay, would you? Not because you think it’s what’s best for me.”

    You took in a breath, rubbing your palms together. You could feel the ridges from the scars caused by your use of fire magic. The wounds had healed up, but they left behind terrible markings.

    “Eskel, I…” You couldn’t find the right words. Everything you wanted to say seemed like too much or not enough. What was right? What if what you said was wrong? You had a terrible habit of saying the wrong thing.

    He shook his head, turning to storm away. He took your silence as a confirmation of his words. Of course you wouldn’t want him to stay. No one ever wanted the witcher to stay. 

    You picked up the skirt to your dress and hurried to follow him. 

    “Wait, Eskel!” You placed your hand on his arm but he jerked away and spun around to face you in the same instant. 

    He towered over you, blue eyes looking at you with such an intensity that you could’ve probably turned to ash right where you stood. His jaw was locked tightly and the scarred corner of his lip curled up in almost a snarl. 

    “I-I want— I want nothing more than to keep you here.” Your heart raced frantically in your chest and thumped so loudly you were sure that even if Eskel had human-like hearing, he would have been able to hear it. “Three years I’ve been here, only coming and going on occasion. And-And finally we….” You gestured between the both of you. “But think logically, Eskel.”

    Something similar to a growl seemed to vibrate within his chest. He leaned his head down just a little more to press his forehead against yours. Blue eyes fluttered shut. He let out a tense breath that turned to a cloud as it left his lips and fanned over your face. 

    “I wish you could travel the Path with me.”

    You closed your eyes, placing your hand on his arm. 

    You wanted to go too. You’d give anything to be able to leave Kaer Morhen, but it wasn’t safe. Your day trips every few months hadn’t caused trouble so far, but traveling with a witcher was bound to bring more attention to yourself than what you already drew.

    “We still have a few more weeks.” You reminded him, pulling away so that you could properly look at him. “We don’t have to worry about it until then.”

    “But I will.” He grumbled.

    “No you won’t.” You moved your hand to his chest and gave him a little shove away from you. He chuckled from the back of his throat and stepped back with your playful shove. “Because if you constantly let it worry you until the day you leave, then I will have no choice but to turn you into a rat.” 

    You pointed at him, your index finger gentle prodding at his chest. 

    “A rat?” Eskel raised a brow, taking your hand before you could pull it away from him. 


    “Well, then perhaps I will have to do that. If I am turned into a rat, then I can stay here in Kaer Morhen with you.” With one quick jerking motion, you were pulled into his chest. 

    “I’d feed you to the drowners down by the lake.” You looked up at him, trying your best not to grin. But it was extremely difficult to hide your grin, to contain the happiness that this man somehow had the ability to draw from you. 

    “You’d feed rat-me to drowners? You mean little witch.” He pressed a kiss to your lips once, then twice.

    A sudden burst of cold air hit you, making you shiver.  

    “Let’s go inside.” You suggested. “This wind is bullshit.”

    “I can keep you warm out here.” Eskel wrapped both of his arms around you, engulfing you completely but also crushing you into his chest. 

    “You big oaf!” You grunted, pushing against him. His chest rumbled as he found your attempts to get to freedom amusing. 

    With a quick murmur of a few Elder words, you were suddenly out of Eskel’s arms and standing behind him. 

    He spun around to face you.

    “You’re such a troublemaker.” You shook your head at him, brushing out your blouse and skirt. “Now, are you going to walk me back to the keep like a proper gentleman? Or will I have to walk myself?”

    He let out an exaggerated huff, rolling his eyes.

    “You’d think after three years that you’d learn not to act so high and mighty here in this shithole.” He teased you as he approached. Eskel offered you his elbow, making you smile just a little. 

    “I think I am still hoping that perhaps one day you boys will pick up on a few manners.” You hooked your arm underneath his elbow, holding on to where his arm bent. 

    “Manners and witchers don’t exactly coincide, witch.”

    “So I’ve learned.” You hummed.

    A comfortable silence fell between you both for a few moments. 

    “Would you keep a talisman on you while you are on the path, witcher?” You turned your head to look at him.

    “What would its purpose be?”

    You shook your head gently, your eyes flickering around the outside of the keep. 

    “Just to give me a bit of peace of mind, I suppose. It would let me know if your heart stops beating.”


    “I can show you once it’s made, but I haven’t made it yet. It’s only been a thought.”

    Eskel kept his eyes on you for a few moments. 

    “Does it worry you that I may not return?” His voice was quiet.

    “Oh, witcher.” You let out a sigh. “There are many things about you that worry me.”

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  • geasthewritingrat
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Eskel SFW alphabet (G-M)

    Pairings; Eskel x reader Gender Neutral! Eskel’s S/O is referred to with they/them pronouns Eskel is based around the game version since game!Eskel is my favourite Eskel! H-M under the cut.

    Gratitude - how grateful are they in general? Are they aware of what their S/O is doing for them? Always incredibly grateful for everything his S/O does. Clean his armour once and he’ll think them a saint, clean it twice and he’ll think about getting a ring next time he’s in town. He makes sure his S/O knows how much he loves them - maybe not through words at first but it has the same impact nonetheless.

    Honesty - do they have any secrets they hide from their S/O? Or do they share everything? The only secrets he’s likely to keep are his deep rooted trauma and any surprises he thinks up for his S/O’s birthday. On quieter nights, when neither him nor his S/O can rest easily, he tells them tales from his travels, sometimes even the gritty, gruesome ones.

    Inspiration - did their S/O change them somehow, or the other way around? Like trying new things or helped them overcome personal problems? After a while of being with his S/O, he realises that he’s more than his scars, more than just a monster hunting machine, and that he deserves every ounce of love that his S/O gives to him.

    Jealousy - do they get jealous easily? How do they deal with it? He trusts his S/O wholeheartedly, wouldn’t be with them otherwise, but he knows damn well what evils the world can offer, so he keeps a close eye when strangers are around. If someone bothers his S/O, he’s quick to wrap an arm around their waist and pull them close to him.

    Kiss - are they a good kisser? What was their first kiss like? It may take him a short while to figure out everything his S/O likes or doesn’t like, but Eskel is indeed a good kisser. Great, even. Phenomenal.

    Love confession - how would they confess to their S/O? Poor guy has it planned out, subtly asking them about things they like so he can get them a gift to confess with, but when the time comes, he forgets everything Jaskier told him to say. It still ends up being beautiful, of course, but later down the line he admits that there was originally a lot more elegance & grace to his confession than there was in the moment.

    Marriage - do they want to get married? How do they propose? What would the marriage be like? If his S/O doesn’t want to get married, that’s completely fine with him. He knows his S/O loves him, and his S/O knows he loves them. But if he were to get married, he’d propose in the same field he often takes his S/O and Lil’ Bleater to, kneeling beneath the huge tree and showing off a simple, yet delightful ring. He’d love for the other wolves and their companions to be there for a celebratory dinner, but a small “I do” with just him and his S/O would be best.

    - Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! We’ve talked today about a guy who’d treat his S/O with more care and adoration than anyone could ever begin to describe, so let’s part with the knowledge that you are enough and that you deserve good things in life. As always, I have been Geas, and you have been awesome, never forget that. -

    #eskel my beloved #eskel x reader #the witcher x reader #witcher x reader
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  • dreamofbecoming
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    and chapter 3 is live! i did it! i’m gonna sleep straight through until tomorrow morning!

    it’s so much shorter than i planned and literally half of my outline just got scrapped but i actually quite like how it turned out

    please enjoy some Soft Wolfy Boys

    #the witcher #netflix the witcher #geralt of rivia #eskel#ciri #cirilla fiona elen riannon #jaskier#dandelion #yennefer of vengerberg #geraskier #eh most of those aren't in this particular chapter #but they are in the fic in general! #chapter 4 is on its way i swear #i'm like 5k words in and these dumb boys aren't done #can't make any promises on time but i'm trying i promise! #personal#my writing#fanfiction
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  • basilsexual
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    So I've just received the PROSTHETICS magazine and while it's a great read with awesome pics...

    No Basil pic in there and the info sprinkled in like sugar:

    “Oh yeah so the team had to readjust the costume and dummy because Basil Eidenbenz's head is smaller than the original actor's and the stuff didn't fit.”

    It was Hissrich's plan all along to fuck Eskel over. It was not a “we have to take an emergency route with a less suiting actor.”

    Dunno how to feel abt that.

    #netflix eskel#eskel#twn eskel#basil eidenbenz #thue ersted rasmussen #anti lsh #the witcher netflix #FUCK YOU LAUREN
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  • cosmos-coma
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    hiii can i request the "hiding their face in the other's neck" prompt with eskel plss?

    Portraits and Pink Faces

    A/N: This one took me a little bit to figure out, but I finally settled on a premise I wanted to explore! I hope you like it as much as you'll like Eskel's gesture!

    Pairing: Eskel x reader

    WC: 2k

    Warnings: gn!reader (no pronouns), unbeta’d.


    It was late in fall, not technically winter yet but the air had a chill about it that told you the season's change wasn't far behind. Away from the cool breeze and nature’s autumnal touch, Eskel and the other wolves were spending time in the library, attempting to read up and research their respective subjects. Lambert, however, couldn’t seem to pay attention to his book and even Geralt looked rather bored with his. 

    “Okay, I just have to ask… What’s the deal with rich people?” Lambert piped up, trying to rope the other two into his conversation. 

    “Lambert that’s an extremely vague and broad question…” Geralt piped in, happy for a reason to put down his book. Eskel however did his best to hold out, keeping his books open and just somewhat listening to the conversation permeating before him. 

    “Well, I mean why do they spend their money on such stupid stuff? Okay- Big comfortable house, nice food, I can get behind that. But I had a contract last season where some rich lady thought a Barghest stole her prized breeding dog or some shit.” he said, eyes rolling so hard that it physically hurt to watch. “I tried to tell her that that wasn’t how it worked but-” he waved his hand, almost to clean the slate of the story so he could get back on track. “This woman had in her house a painting of her and that stupid dog that her husband supposedly commissioned. Shit must’ve cost at least 300 orens!” Lambert shook his head and put his feet up on the table, despite the many reminders Vesemir had given him since he was but a pup. 

    This time it was Geralt who shook his head, also leaning back in his chair, though his feet stayed firmly planted on the ground. “Bullshit…”.

    “I wish! You should have seen that damn painting, that thing was scaled to life! I mean, why the fuck would you waste your money on some life-size oily canvas?”

    Geralt picked up another book and pretended to be productive by thumbing through it and shrugged his shoulders a bit. “Humans think they have to immortalize their love with lots of big art… sometimes it can be nice though.”

    “Oh? Like when a cute bard writes you love songs and follows you around for literal years singing them to you? Like that?” The degree of shit-eating grin on Lambert's face was one of the absolute highest order, reserved for only his best jabs. He leaned back further in his triumph, the back legs of the chair now balancing most of his weight. 

    “Oh, piss off…” Geralt remarked, pushing the young witcher's legs off the table and causing him to flounder for balance before, (un)fortunately, landing on all four legs of the chair. Lambert’s shitty huge grin only got wider as he flipped Geralt off wordlessly. 

    Finally, Eskel picked his head up out of his book. “Is that something people do often? Get the art of the ones they love?” He looked between his two brothers, trying to seem only vaguely interested lest he attracts too much attention.

    Geralt nodded a bit and put down his second book as well. “It’s more common to make art of loved ones. Regular folks just don’t have the money to spend on things like that…” 

    Eskel nodded slowly, a swirl of ideas now moving through his head, that is until Lambert brought him back to the present. “Why? You got something planned for your dear darling lover?” Lambert grinned, drawing out the last few words just to rile him up. This, along with the wiggling eyebrows earned the young witcher a swift, brotherly smack from Geralt. 

    “So what are you thinking of doing?” Geralt asked, turning to him with genuine interest as Lambert went to smack him in return for asking the same question he did. Eskel smiled a bit as he watched them, shaking his head. He knew that Lambert had a genuine interest too as you and the youngest witcher had become good friends since you first met a few winters ago. But he also knew how easy a target he was right now to the young witcher’s fun and games.

    “I… I don’t know yet.” Eskel admitted and rubbed the back of his neck, he wasn't even sure what you would like. Art wasn't exactly a topic the two of you had come across on the path frequently; neither of you really having the money nor the space to consider significant art pieces, so he felt like he was flying in blind. 

    Rubbing the sore spot on the back of his head Lambert donned a bit more of a serious expression now and placed his feet back on the table. “Well, we’re sorta limited with materials here… I don’t suppose you know how to work with clay or anything? I mean, you seem like a hands-on kinda guy.” he said, thinking out loud. 

    “You could see if Jask will teach you a song on his lute” Geralt mentioned with a wave of his hand towards the general direction of his bard.

    Lambert shook his head and let out a small snort before interjecting. “Listen, I love you as much as a younger sibling can, big guy… but your fingers are gonna be too big to press down on only a single string on that little instrument...” 

    Eskel frowned as he gazed down at his hands; he had to admit he didn’t have slender fingers, so maybe his brother was right….?

    Ciri, who they all forgot was sitting in the corner, rolled her eyes and finally spoke up. “Why don’t you just sketch for her? I mean… it can't be that hard, can it? And it doesn't matter how big your fingers are.” 

    “That’s… actually not a bad idea,” Geralt remarked, turning back to Eskel. “You used to draw in your bestiary all the time, it can't be too different, can it?” 

    Can it?


    The next few days were… a challenge, and it proved to be more difficult than Ciri or Geralt had initially let on. You were like a picture of home to your witcher, something that countless drawings in a notebook couldn't seem to capture, and so many stayed half-finished and abandoned. 

    Now you two found yourselves back in the library; Eskel seated at one of the tables with a large book, while you curled up beside the fireplace, toes warming as your blanket insulated the rest of your body. You two were happily spending your time adjacent to each other, each absorbed in your own activities yet near enough to feel like you're sharing time. 

    Behind the large book resting in the witcher's lap was a small notebook adorned with a multitude of sketches. The current one was almost done and he felt like he may actually have captured you this time; the warm glow of the fire, the folds of the blanket surrounding you, and the soft smile as you read over the book in your hands. It wasn’t quite all he had hoped, but he was getting close.

    Furrowing his brow in concentration he looked over at you one more time to get the last few details he wanted… but you were no longer there. Eskel sat up straighter and went to call out for you when something moved behind him.

    “Whatcha working on?” You asked as you leaned over him to look, though you got a quick glance, it wasn't enough to make it out much as he quickly shut the notebook with a clap of the pages. 

    “Nothing..!” He half-shouted, quickly trying to tuck it into his shirt and out of sight.

    “Ah, Ah… not so fast, I know what I saw…” you remarked with a grin as you plopped down into his lap. He was too much of a gentleman to move you, so you were happy to know he was stuck here and subject to your ever-growing curiosity. “Now let's see here…”. You pulled his notebook out of his tunic and held it in your lap to flip through.

    “No, it’s not ready-” He rushed, but it was too late, all his doodles of you were now being flipped through and seen by the one person he was hoping to surprise with them. The stunned silence from you made Eskel grow antsy and he began shifting in his chair.

    “Eskel, are these me..?” you flipped through them faster and faster until you finally landed on the last and most complete one. “It is me…” the soft aura of awe you held seemed to grow like wildfire inside you and was quickly turned into a bubbling sensation of love and pride in your chest.

    Eskel’s face radiated with heat as his cheeks began to redden, too embarrassed to look you in the eyes as you assessed his work. “It wasn't ready yet… I just wanted to surprise you…” his voice was quiet and soft against the sound of your fingers brushing over the paper in careful strokes. 

    “Eskel these are so good..!” you leaned forward and planted a kiss on his pink cheek. His drawings were by no means the great work of a professional, but they were nowhere near as bad as he had feared. You loved the messy lines that made up your form, the way that each attempt had started at a different part of you that he loved, and the way he included every mark, freckle, and mole that made you unique. “Eskel, you really captured the warmth of the library here, look at that warmth! And the way you made my eyes! This is how you see me?”

    Eskel’s face had since moved into your neck as you talked, trying to escape the embarrassment of having someone see work he wasn't yet proud of. “Can we please stop talking about them?”

    With a wide smile, you kissed his temple and hummed happily. “Okay… But, I have to ask why you’ve gone so far to do these? You never sketched before on the path and then suddenly you’ve been sitting away from me and scribbling in a notebook for four days straight…” you asked. It had felt so sudden to you then when he first distanced himself, and you had been worried you had accidentally done something wrong. 

    “Well, I…” he started, peeking out from your neck to look up at you. “ I was talking to my brothers and we were talking about how lots of people make art for their loved ones… and I just wanted to do the same for you… to give you something normal couples have.”

    Your smile softened but did not fade in the slightest. “Eskel, my love… I know you love me. You tell me with every rise and set of the sun, and while I adore these drawings of me, I don't need something physical to remind me of how much we love each other.” you spoke and took his hand, bringing it close. “You show your love to me every day by lighting our fires when I get cold, by giving me the extra special edge pieces at dinner…” Grinning again now you leaned in to kiss him. “And by thinking about me even when I’m not around.”

    Eskel’s expression finally broke into an easy heartfelt smile as you handed him back his notebook. “Well we should probably finish it, shouldn't we?” you asked, stealing one more kiss before moving off his lap to sit back in your spot. “Ready when you are, my love.” 

    Eskel only chuckled a bit and nodded; while you see his love in simple acts to keep you comfortable, he saw your love for him in the simple way that you encouraged all of his endeavors, no matter how small. “Okay, Dear. Just like that…”.


    Taglist: @writingmysanity @open--till--midnight

    #I was really struggling to write this at first #i think im just in a bit of a funk #but i like the way this ended so hopefully that can keep me going! #Eskel #eskel x reader #eskel x y/n #eskel x you #the witcher#witcher eskel #geralt of rivia #geralt#jaskier#lambert#witcher lambert
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  • penandinkprincess
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    a concept: witchers wearing out baby selkie!jask with tug of war

    tiny baby seal growls and head thrashes, witchers holding on with LITERALLY zero effort. finally letting go and letting jaskier think he’s won. little seal bouncing around the room with his rope held up proudly, tripping over his flippers occasionally bc land movement is v hard already with baby limbs and made harder while trying to also hold a thing up and not trip on it, too. 

    #selkie!jask verse #their reactions are V different when they have to play tug of war #vesemir is the classic dad move of if anyone else is around will be stone faced no reaction #the SECOND he's alone tho? #'yeah that's a good pup. so ferocious. oh what a growl' #eskel just smiles watching jaskier doing his best play kill #geralt just lays on his back and ponders what his life is until a seal pup is shoving a cold nose into his face #lambert is monotone: 'wow. so fucking threatening. what a killer.'
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  • penandinkprincess
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Eskel having the braincell for a moment: what if we stuffed drowner skins with like... fat or something. Would. Would that feel like his mama enough?

    (Alternatively: drowner skin bottle)

    (This is based on the real seal rehabilitation trick of making a "wetsuit mom" to comfort the orphaned babies https://youtu.be/-UOe0siGsxo )

    oh trust i am well aware of fake mama seals. ya girl was hyperfixated on the andre movie like nOBODY'S BUSINESS AS A WEE LASS.

    and YES.

    i am crying imagining the world's GROSSEST arts and crafts time with witchers just trying their best

    they finally finish this disgusting drowner fake mama and go to find jaskier where he's been given to ciri and yen to look after

    aaaaand find yen holding a perfectly happy sleeping baby after putting on a sweater over a leather jacket and casting a charm to warm it

    yen rocking a tiny fuzzy bundle in a giant wingback chair, legs crossed, holding a tiny selkie comfort suckling in his sleep on a small bundle of canvas rolled into a cylinder and soaked in some sweetened goats milk: "idiots"

    #asks #selkie!jask verse #poor eskel though feeling SO PROUD of his invention
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  • mysoulspiralbound
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    me: *minding my own business*my brain: What if beauty and the beast witcher au.

    Jaskier as Belle obviously. Pretty, but fascinated with art, literature, poetry, and *gasps in mock horror* music. And he just has this wanderlust for adventure he can't have. He might have been a viscount once, but it's too faded from his memory, like Belle, his mother is dead, so it's just him and his kind of disgraced father (oc because i can't think of a character to put here)

    Priscilla and Essi run the library together and they are practically family to Jaskier. He's read every book in that place at least once but that won't stop him from reading them again.

    Valdo Marx gets to be Gaston because who else it quite that hate-able. He's not even a proper bard, he only knows a handful of town approved songs and that is only to show off to Jaskier despite the number of times he has been told that's not the kind of music Jask likes.

    Geralt is the beast because, ya know, unlearning being called a monster and all that. He was cursed by a mage for a perceived slight, but he really was just that socially awkward. The decade or so of isolation not not helped his ability to talk to people in anything other than grunts, Jaskier isn't even really sure if he can speak for a bit, if he hadn't already heard him speak in the deal he's made. Geralt's not even really looking for revenge for the buttercups Jaskier's father picked, he just wants to make sure villagers aren't going to come storm the keep and hurt his family. Jaskier gets it kind of, but dammit he's still trapped here and he's still very vocal about not being happy about it.

    Eskel and Lambert are the clock and candle stick respectively. Is giving Lambert the ability to set things on fire with his hands a good idea? No not really, but that most certainly has not stopped me. It fits okay. Also, Aiden's in the background as the feather duster love interest because I love him too much as a character concept to cut him out completely.

    Yennefer is the wardrobe but she is more supportive in a snarky way to Jaskier at first. Eventually she kind of starts to care more about him (season 2 vibes) because they're both trapped.

    Vesemir gets to be Mrs. Potts because if there is anyone capable of taking care of a bunch of reckless kids/trainees it's him. No it does not take him a day to adopt Jask, give him more credit. Jaskier doesn't come downstairs the first day, he adopts him in two. Ciri, in her adventurous spirit and stubborn need to be independent is chip.

    Last but not least, Little Bleater is the footstool. Originally, jask doesn't have a horse, but luckily, animals were not included in the curse, so Roach later fills the role of Philipe.

    Anyway, this got really long, so I'm ending it here for now. I might right more for this later though.

    #the witcher #the witcher netflix #jaskier #geralt of rivia #eskel#lambert#vesemir #beauty and the beast #beauty and the beast au #yennefer of vengerberg #ciri#princess cirilla #princess cirilla fiona elen riannon #julian alfred pankratz #this got out of hand #oops#geraskier#eventual geraskier
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  • open--till--midnight
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Eskel vs Caranthir

    #the witcher#eskel #the witcher 3 : wild hunt #tw3 #the witcher 3 #eskel witcher#witcher 3 #the wild hunt #caranthir
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  • geasthewritingrat
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Eskel: I was eating bread you fucking assholes I almost choked

    Geralt: asshole singular, I didn't do anything!

    Eskel: yes that's true you didn't know what would happen, Lambert you're the mother fucker!

    Lambert: *cackling in the background*

    #source: discord crew #incorrect quotes #incorrect the witcher quotes #incorrect witcher quotes #the witcher incorrect quotes #witcher incorrect quotes #puppy pile#wolf boys #wolf school boys #geralt #geralt of rivia #eskel#eskel <3 #eskel my beloved #lambert
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  • purpurniymstitel
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    My wolf medallion hums whenever I think abt Witcher!Silco drinking potions and them making him all veiny and feral and dark eyed, teeth bared, drool flying outta the mouth and all that other shmexy stuff

    #yeah this shit is not going away for a long time #haha witcher Silco go brrrrrrrr #also imagine him vander and benzo as geralt lambert and eskel in that one scene where they get absolutely shitfaced #oh my #Witcher ! Silco
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  • writingmysanity
    20.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Witcher Blurb #2

    based on THIS post

    word count: 312

    The day was going as per normal, Ciri is running around doing her lessons, focusing hard to replicate her mentors actions and many times additional instructions, in an attempt to help the girl along. 

    Unlike normal, though, was her new shadow.

    Lambert has been following her around the entire day, always about 10 feet back and resting against the nearest wall, looking rather bored. Eskel shakes off the urge to ask his brother just what in the world he could be doing, but Ciri doesnt seem to mind him being there and figures its some sort of bonding ritual the pup had come up with to get closer to his niece. 

    He is about to walk away when Ciri accidentally knocks into a vile she was meant to keep upright, the small ashen poof coating her as if she had been working in the dirt all day, the force blowing her hair in all sorts of directions. 

    This was her third mess up in a row, the steam nearly visible coming from her ears and she fights the urge to scream.

    “ARE YOU-” she pauses for just a second, Eskel watching as his brother fills in seamlessly, hiding the chuckle in his voice.

    “Fucking,” he offers, waving a hand dismissivly before going back to picking at his fingers.

    “-KIDDING ME?” she finishes without so much as a hesitation. Snorting a laugh, eskel slides into the space next to his brother.

    “Okay, ill bite. What was that all about?” Lambert fights his own grin.

    “Song bird banned Ciri from swearing, something about it not being lady like… So i volunteered to help.” he shrugs, as if it was obvious. 

    “You just like saying fuck,” eskel dedapans, barely hiding the amusement in his tone. Lamberts even baritone beside him makes his shoulders shake with silent laughter.

    “That doesn’t make my job any less important.”


    Tag list: @errruvande @thesleepy1 @deans-ch-ch-cherrypie @queenxxxsupreme @screechingdreamercollectorsblog @open--till--midnight @one-eyed-captain-kinky

    @seidenbros @cosmos-coma @deanmcogorman

    If you would like to be added to the tag list, please send me a message or ask or something.

    #lambert witcher#the witcher#eskel #the witcher imagine #witcher eskel#lambert#kaer morhen#netflix eskel #netflix!eskel #netflix!lambert #game!eskel #game!lambert #uncle lambert#uncle eskel #uncles being uncles #to the perfectly honest #this is just how they are #chaos #pure unbridled chaos
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