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  • pierremichelofavignon
    28.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    every time i do sabre i am once again reminded that i am very much NOT a sabreur

    #i have the speed and the reflexes! they are just the Wrong Reflexes! #my coach: so if someone attacks to your head you need to go into quinte #me knowing that this is what i need to do: *parries in quarte* #which if you don't know. quinte in sabre (but not foil) is lifting your sword up horizontally to block downward head cuts #quarte is parrying by crossing your sword across your body #effective for most attacks in foil! effective for 1 attack in sabre #i can do so many cool things in foil the only parries i don't use are septime and quinte bc theyre not as useful as the others #i can do ceding parries from sixte to prime (one of my favourite moves). i am a good foilist. i am even comparatively quick #however i am not a sabreur. #neon talks fencing #fencing rank goes foil sabre épée. tho i do know some good stuff i learned in épée that you can use in foil (envelopments and binds my #beloveds) however the only thing thats really transferable is neuvieme (same as sabre quinte used against flick attacks). which i dont #really use anyway. idk if balestras are helpful in foil but they're fun #ANYWAY #this is bc of that one sabre supremacy post. foil supremacy actually but i can recognise and appreciate sabre as something i cannot do well #épéeists on THIN ice tho
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  • kateyee
    28.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Aaron hotchner imagine: (thought of while at work lmao)

    What if Aaron killed Haley instead of Foyet? What if instead of Aaron driving to the house in tears, we have him driving to the house, looking like a crazed but also poised man. He knows what he's going to do once he reaches the house. His chance has finally come, to kill his wife. He has a serial killer to pin it on too. What if he got away with it? What if he had killed his wife and blamed the, now dead, foyet? It would be easy. Who wouldn't believe the BAU's Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner? Especially over that of a known serial killer. He would still tell jack to "help him with the case", as much as he despised haley, he loved his son. Every killer has a silver lining.

    #will flesh out more this evening I think #cat's 📚#cat's 💭#aaron hotchner#criminal minds#BAU #Aaron hotchner imagine #criminal minds imagine
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  • christineead
    28.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Bitches be shipping Robin and Nancy for fun after season 3 despite them having like one scene together

    Bitches be reading fanfiction and be shipping them for real but knowing they will never be canon

    Bitches be seeing interviews and photos for season 4 and thinking maybe there is a chance

    Bitches be scrolling the ronance tag before the 27th and thinking that Robin and Nancy are for sure gonna be canon

    Bitches be getting their hopes up

    Bitches be watching part 1 in one sitting and realising they are clowns and that Robin probably won’t even get an on screen kiss, not even Vickie because where the fuck did she go

    Bitches still be hoping that the Duffer brothers are straightbaiting again with Steve and Nancy

    It’s me I’m bitches

    #stranger things#ronance#nancy wheeler#robin buckley #stranger things s4 #stranger things spoilers #robin x nancy #steve harrington #they are perfect for eachother and you can not change my mind #HAROLD #the way Robin jumped after Nancy #i- i just want them to hold hands #please it’s not even gay #just a little hand holding #god would not be mad
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  • maraeffect
    28.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    ngl everyone around autumn and i are getting priced out on rent and im ('': slightly (very) scared!!! like florida specifically is having an extremely bad housing bubble to the point that we're officially the most unaffordable state in the US i'm 🤡🤡🤡

    #our lease is up in december and im fucking praying they arent increasing our rent much #like all our friends and locals are seeing rent going up $600 a month all the sudden #if we have to leave the area or the STATE even?? holy fuck #im going to shit my fucking pants guys!!! oh my god!!!! #chatter
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  • vox-off
    28.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    i'm unable to open my store this morning because my opening partners never showed up and starbucks policy forbids anybody entering the store alone

    so i've just been sittin here in the parking lot until the next in shows up and the number of people willing to sit at our speaker box unacknowledged for five minutes or more is absolutely astounding to me

    and the ones who pull around and try to open the doors after sitting unacknowledged for ten minutes at the box. then try to call us even though there is very obviously nobody in the building

    it's the little things

    #voxbox #makes up for the fact that i'm having to sit in this fucking parking lot FOR OVER TWO HOURS #but i really do find it funny. grovel for your caffeine fix bitches. plead with an empty starbucks to give you coffee #even though there's a gas station right across the street and another starbucks three blocks away #we probably have so many mobiles piled up by now
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  • daddyslildummy
    28.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    You're so needy and precious. Why don't you use your words to tell us how you wanna be used and babied?

    Made a SUPER long post but Tumblr ate it 😭

    I wanna be treated like I'm not just too little to do things but also too dumb!

    Don't let me watch anything but cartoons and porn but I'm just a little baby slut who's too dumb to understand the news or anything not made for an infant.

    Bully me 🙈 accidentally slip mean things in my diaper like small plastic toys or pinecones. Not enough to hurt but enough to be pincy and uncomfortable.

    Let my diapers leak occasionally to remind me how much I need you to change me and keep me dry.

    Feed me gross bland mushy baby food and bottles of milk. If I complain, add cum. Make sure to get food all round my mouth when you feed me.

    Inspect me all the time! Grab my boobs and tell me if I'm a good girl one day I'll have nice big boobs like mommy. Every diaper change tell me how wet my pussy is. Edge me! Especially if I start thinking too much.

    I love the rule that I can't change anything and adult does. So if you put my paci in I have to wait for you to take it out again. If you pull my dress up to show my diaper I can't fix it. It would be so embarrassing walking around with my hair just slightly off knowing I can't do anything to fix it cos Daddy did my hair that morning.

    Double diapering me so I can spend all day eating you our or cockwarmjng you without needing any bathroom breaks.

    #asks#anon #thanks now im even more needy and wet
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  • mrslittletall
    28.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    ... I can't remember 2020.

    #little talks about stuff #what did I even do in 2020? #which games did I play? #which stories did I write? #aaaah!
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  • soul-write
    28.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    i wanna draw a map

    #royal rambles #in which they talk about shit they wanna do but wont #seriously tho i have so many plans for this summer and i know i wont do shit #which is sad tbh #i wanna learn to draw realistically and learn more german and maybe even learn how to code and start a journal with stuff in is and #so much more but i know i wont do any of these #gosh this has become a vent #sorry
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  • silversynthesis
    28.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    Seeing my wardens & hawkes’ portraits like this makes me think that Inquisiton really missed out on the opportunity to make our own icons (I know that they wanted the tarot aesthetic and that’s why they didn’t, just think it would have been a neat possibility, especially with the graphics ^^)

    #can't do anything about da2's horrible pixel-y quality sorry #anway I haven't actually shared yet how Sitri and Ghislaine look in-game; so this is your first look! #I *love* ghislaine's smirk here; it's soo good #i sadly couldn't find anything even remotely close to Sitri's actual hairsytle; at least some very wonderful modders added textured hair #maybe one day I'll find a good sims 4 cc hairstyle that resembles hers and that's allowed to be ported #my ocs#levia tabris#sitri aeducan#kion surana#ghislaine andras#marianne hawke#graham hawke
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  • mcctina
    28.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    my week has been less than pog to say the least

    #vent incoming feel free to ignore it #i have a cold that just progressively gets worse because that’s what colds tend to do and now my roommate has informed me that their #partner has covid so the likelihood of them having covid is very very high #i had two weird dates the past week and my friends asked me to move my birthday party to a different weekend because they wanted to visit #one of our friends in their uni town which made me kind of sad because first of all #that’s my birthday party and i was kind of looking forward to celebrating it that weekend because it’s way more chill for me since i have #to travel home and stuff and also they didn’t even ask me if i also wanted to come #like that’s also a friend of mine and they didn’t even consider that #and it isn’t even like it’s just one it’s literally my whole friend group #and i know i’m being a bit of a bitcg because it’s really nice that they want to visit her in her new city but they never once visited me #even though i’ve lived out of town for almost a year now while my other friend only has been there 3 months #i think i’m just kind of overwhelmed with my birthday coming up and. lol these things going wrong but man . i’m just a bit sad rn #nasa.rambles #covid mention
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  • red--thedragon
    28.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    online trans spaces are like "respect nonbinary identities! Nonbinary people can be anything!" and then claim that nonbinary people all look and act the same, androgyny or any kind of gender-confusing presentation is impossible in the "real world", everyone can automatically tell what genitals you were born with, and nonbinary people who medically transition "fully" transition and are binary transes in training while nonbinary people who don't medically transition are the only "real" ones

    #this post is because i'm still annoyed that 'transandrophobia' is the term. that sounds so much like its about androgyny-phobia to me #which there ABSOLUTELY IS #i would argue that a good third of all homophobia AND transphobia has its roots in a hatred of the androgynous and unclear-of-gender #if not more #red rambles #point stands on its own though #even people who try not to perpetuate some of the most egregious 'no such thing as an amab enby' type shit still do the rest
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  • mirpik
    28.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    who took this f ucking url its my god given right

    #squeak #badically my mom lied to me and saifni was half italian even though i wadnt?? #i believed her so i said i was half italian and sjit and. #she confrssed it wad a lie eventually
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  • thegothicviking
    28.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    Whatever the hell this goof is doing...I am so glad I got it on tape! For my birthday! ❤

    Prague 16-05-2022 / 05-16-2022

    BONUS: A long "foreplay" + birthday Paulchard kiss

    (Btw don't know why I turned the phone and was filming the paulchard kiss like that...:) I'll probably re-upload and edit it at some point!)

    #yes I am the one that shouts Küssen even thought thats probably not correct german but whatevs #this goof humped the air on my bday and i take that as a bday gift thank you herr Lindemann really appreciated! #rammstein #when the viking turned 30 #rammstein 2022#rammstein live #rammstein prague 16 - 05 - 2022
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  • dreamsandflowers
    28.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    Ace baby, why you not doing homework on SHO before the match 😑😬

    #I really thought Ace gonna beat sho for sure lol #that was like an easy win smh #nj #I even expected dick togo to interfere #OK sho was really on a roll #I did not expect this match to suck this bad
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  • qich3n
    28.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    my kageyama smau freshamn boyfriend header is so ass i’ll remake a new one soon guys🙏

    #danny talks #PLS IT LOOKS LIKE I DIDNT EVEN TRY WITH IT #let me redeem myself🙏
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  • annoyingloudmicrowavecultist
    28.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    putting all of the silly gay lawyer people in my backpack and carrying them to therapy

    #aa spoilers in tags #only for the first game though #why is this game so DEVASTATING what the FUCK #literally in the span of like idk an hour?? it went from #‘haha funny witnesses being silly’ to ‘the power of teamwork aww’ to ‘the guy who’s been the main antagonist up to this point #actually has the most horrifically tragic backstory ever and you only have 3 days to save him #and you’re not only working against one of the most powerful people in the court system but also against the guy you’re trying to save #because said backstory left him with a lot of guilt and a lot of trauma #merry christmas!’ #and then literally everyone was sad #like what the FUCK #and like… i haven’t even mentioned maya #‘i wish i hadn’t woken up at all’ :emoji_1: #so scared for the third game because i think that’s the prequel… #pluto talks#// liveblogging#kinda
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  • rhapsodyinferno
    28.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    there's something about listening to Isabella's Birthday Song while reading phinabella fanfics ahsjakshs

    #song's talk tag #im really going through it #they were my very first ship before i even found out what shipping was ;w;
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  • fikayotomori
    28.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    forgot to get a little bevvy for the train and now im just sitting here thirsty :/

    #pray 4 me and my dehydration #it’s not even a 30 minute journey and i’m like :/ gonna die of thirst
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  • i-am-an-atomic-bomb
    28.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    i’ve been getting my friend into mcr and by proxy she wants to consume content related to 2000s ‘emo’ culture or whatever cause she wasn’t there (and i barely was due to an older former emo cousin, having unlimited internet access at a too young age & cringe post-mcr-breakup fandom shit)

    and she said she wants to watch suicide room,,,,,,,,,babygirl you will never replicate what randomly watching this movie on facebook in multiple parts did to the braincells of polish queer emo teenagers in 2010

    #i don’t even know if this film is good cause the fact that i watched it as a literal child is a personality trait #like i don’t think i was even 10 #personal#suicide room#sala samobójców#mcr#i guess
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  • roylustang
    28.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    I fully believe god is my ally in this life

    #EXCEPT FOR RUNNING but that’s probably my Journey tm or something idk #I’ve always believed that bc my life always turns out good esp for the important stuff I don’t have much control over #and also random things that super stress me out #like forgetting to take into account I have to take an on arrival covid test when I come back to japan #and that I’ll probably then miss my flight bc I only have a 2 hour layover #but starting on Wednesday I don’t have to take it anymore #so I won’t miss my flight or my train yeehaw #just in motherfucking time #I found a travel clinic to go to but if the US got rid of those that’s be even greater #maddie’s misadventures
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