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    ВАУ, юхуа вспомнил, что такое продвижение и контент

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    # ごめんなさい ᵎᵎ

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    I dare you to fuck Shotaro

    Pairing: Osaki Shotaro x (fem!bodied) reader

    Word count: 6066 words

    AU/Genre: college!AU, smut, strangers to friends to enemies (meh) to lovers, fuckboy!Shotaro

    Other idols: Lee Donghyuck / Haechan (bc it wouldn’t be a ybbp fic without him), Chou Tzuyu (Twice), Wang Yiren (Everglow), Han Jisung / Han (Stray Kids), Ju Haknyeon and Son Youngjae / Eric (The Boyz)

    Warnings: mentioned past Haechan x reader, truth or dare, being dared to fuck (??), oral, fingering, rimming and slight anal play (f receiving), sex toys, praise, creampie, unprotected sex (wrap the willy, silly)

    Summary: Osaki Shotaro. A man, a reputation. Don't let his adorable exterior fool you, that boy is freaky. Shotaro is widely known to be fuckboy number one, always a line of guys and girls waiting to get a taste of his performance. He might have a baby-like face, but his shenanigans in the sheets are everything but.

    Would it be possible that this particular boy can help you with your little problem of not being able to cum?

    (Spoiler: Donghyuck thinks: yes!)

    You have a secret. Well, it's not really a secret anymore since the last party you attended, a game of truth or dare forcing you to reveal it to the public, but it's pretty personal.

    Honestly, you've struggled with this for some time now. It had not only cost you your nerves, but also several relationships and hook-ups that could have been great, but turned out to be, over and over again, nothing but disappointing.

    The problem is surely not with you, since you can get yourself off just fine with a bit of work and patience, but with them. The thing is: no one's ever made you cum, and gradually you begin to believe that no one ever will.

    I mean, yeah, they'd gotten an 'almost' or an 'just a little more' or a few clenches out of you, but never the real thing. Of course, you're aware that this is not the end of the world, this is not that huge of a problem, but you can't help but to fantasize how it would be if someone finally made you cum. You'd probably fall in love with them immediately.

    You believe that this has something to do with how long you've been trying for, like you're putting yourself under pressure at this point, thinking about nothing else but 'are they going to make me cum' while they're at it, you're not even relishing in the feeling of being with someone anymore. It's just always in the back of your head, and it pains you.

    Maybe you should've accepted it by now. Maybe you should've just given up at this point, but there's this tiny little sparkle of hope that someday your knight in shining amour will come and save you from your misery.

    Another weekend, another party, another game of truth or dare. You're sitting around in a circle with some of your friends, and some people that are not particularly your friends, but you've seen them around before.

    Yiren, your closest friend ever since you started college, sits next to you. It's her turn to chose between truth or dare right now, and she's nervously picking at her fingernails.

    Is this an overreaction? No. Because the person at the other end of the question or dare is going to be no other than Lee Donghyuck, and he is globally known to put people in the meanest situations. He's actually the one to hold accountable for the slip of your not-being-able-to-make-cum-problem.

    "Truth?" Yiren finally decides on, hoping that Donghyuck will have mercy on her, but an evil grin begins to spread over his face. Even over the loud music blasting from downstairs, you can hear Yiren gulp.

    "Who in this room would you fuck?"

    Yiren presses her lips together. You know her all too well, noticing this specific look in her eyes as she's trying to come up with a clever reply. "Definitely not you, you ass."

    "Okay, ouch, but that was not the question," Donghyuck reminds her and she rolls her eyes in annoyance, scanning over the group of people scattered around.

    "I don't want to shag any of you fuckers," Yiren whines as her eyes come back to rest on Donghyuck who has a smug look on his face.

    "You know what happens if you don't answer, right?" He asks, though he already knows the answer, and he knows that by setting up the rule that everyone who doesn't do a dare or answer a truth has to jump into the pool butt naked, he's already won the game.

    "Fuck you, Hyuck," Yiren snarls, squinting her eyes at the mean little gremlin across from her, "Alright, if I had to let anyone of you stick his dick inside me, it would probably be Eric."

    Loud noises appear, a wide variety of clapping, shouting, cursing and laughing is being displayed to your ears, and you can't help but to grin yourself. Eric looks more than proud, as if he's about to get up and ask Yiren out after what she'd said.

    "But only because it'd be over quickly because he cums so fast," Yiren adds and grins, and Eric's smug facial expression falls from his face and drops onto the floor. Hell breaks lose around you as Eric gets teased and people applaud.

    Once the noise dies down, Haknyeon speaks up, "I actually thought she'd say Shotaro, not gonna lie."

    All eyes fall onto said man who grins cutely and takes a sip from his cup.

    Osaki Shotaro. A man, a reputation. Don't let his adorable exterior fool you, that boy is freaky. Shotaro is widely known to be fuckboy number one, always a line of guys and girls waiting to get a taste of his performance. He's a dancer, so you can imagine what those hips can do. He might have a baby-like face, but his shenanigans in the sheets are everything but.

    "Why him?" Han Jisung pipes up, and seems to be speaking everyone's mind.

    "Haven't you heard the rumors?" Haknyeon looks around but is only met with bewildered stares or shaking heads. "He's a pussy magnet."

    You can't help but fake a gagging noise at the expression, earning a few chuckles and a loud humored squeal from Yiren who smacks your thigh, making you grin.

    "Is it true that you made a girl cum within 30 seconds?" It sounds from Eric, a little timid as he creates direct eye-contact with Shotaro. Apparently, he's heard about the rumors too?

    Shotaro blushes a little, and the way he lowers his head and just begins grinning to himself speaks louder than any words could ever. Though, his introverted, almost shy persona makes you question the truth behind the statement. Shotaro just doesn't seem like the fuckboy everyone makes of him.

    "You freaky bastard!" Donghyuck laughs as he hits Shotaro's shoulder. "Come on, spill the tea."

    Shotaro sits up a little, looking around the circle. All eyes are on him once again, and he clears his throat nervously.

    "It is true."

    "Damn," Haknyeon brings out and people begin nodding.

    "I mean, it's not that hard, really. You just have to know a woman's body and listen to her reactions. Oh, and foreplay," Shotaro explains, and his confidence grows visibly with every word as he receives impressed looks.

    "It was fun hearing about your sex life, Taro, but could we continue? I don't want to be the only person embarrassed right now," Yiren pipes up and Shotaro nods, leaning back against the couch behind him. Donghyuck is reluctant though, he seems quite interested in Shotaro's words.

    "Hyuck, don't embarrass yourself even further. Just say you can't make a girl cum and move on! You can ask Shotaro later for tips." You roll your eyes playfully.

    The others of the group did not have to know, but you and Donghyuck go way back. Well, not really, just a few months, and you actually hooked up once. It wasn't bad, of course, how could it with how beautiful Donghyuck is, but, well, you didn't cum. And that kind of frustrated him, so you didn't do it again.

    After a few weeks of not speaking to each other, you talked it out, finally, and decided to just stay friends after all.

    "Shut up," Donghyuck growls, you know that's a sore point with him, "Wasn't it you who can't cum at all?"

    "Touché," you mumble, readjusting your position on the carpet by pulling your knees up further to your chest.

    "It's your turn, actually," Donghyuck says and you immediately regret the snarly remark you had thrown at him, "truth or dare?"


    "I dare you to fuck Shotaro."


    Donghyuck grins, feeling like he's won. "Hey," – he puts his hands up defensively – "I'm doing you a favor here."

    "Donghyuck you can't make people fuck as a dare." Tzuyu pipes up for the first time tonight, being the eldest and therefore the voice of reason of the group, Donghyuck immediately closes his mouth.

    "Facts," Haknyeon supports and you grin proudly. Though, the thought of fucking Shotaro does not leave your head as quickly as you thought.

    The lawn behind the library of your university is of perfect use for a calm get together with your friend group. To your surprise, it's the same constellation as at the party the other night, and you end up sitting right next to Shotaro.

    Whether you wanted it or not, said man has not left your brain for the past days since the party. You can't help but wonder if he actually could get you off. And at the same time, you can't say he's unattractive and doesn't spike your interest in more than one way, without lying.

    Shotaro had always been cute in your eyes. Not only cute, but really attractive, especially as you saw him at one of his dance performances once. Even so, you had never made a move on him, it just never came up. You realize that right now would be the perfect opportunity.

    How does one start a conversation, though?

    "Oh, look who's sitting together." Donghyuck grins as he eyes the both of you. You glare at him, and Shotaro turns a little red.

    That's how you start a conversation, you guess.

    "I'm so sorry," you apologize to Shotaro next to you, but he smiles.

    "It's okay."

    Shotaro looks so cute up close, you find as you take in his face, cute eye smile full on display, just as his adorable bunny teeth. He's so cute, there's no way he fucks like he's rumored to.

    "Do you want to go out sometime?" Shotaro suddenly asks and you're honestly a little taken aback by his straightforwardness. You scan over his face for any sign of this being some kind of prank, but you find none.

    "Sure," you say, a smile spreading over your cheeks as you take Shotaro's phone from his hands as he gives it to you, putting in your number. Somewhere behind you, you hear someone inhale. "Donghyuck, I swear to God, one comment and I'm telling everyone about your tiny dick."

    You knows that's a lie, but it's fun getting him angry.

    "You know I can prove you wrong right now!"

    A loud protest erupts from the group as Donghyuck gets up and begins opening his belt.

    Days go by, and you and Shotaro meet up several times, but never alone. You don't talk much, but a little, and you quite enjoy his presence. You text much, though, everyday. You've not dared to push it into a suggestive direction yet.

    Last time you saw each other, though, Shotaro had seemed different, a little drunker than usual, and extremely clingy, not that you mind, per se. Though, the comments he gave off were pretty unusual.

    "Remember that night of the truth or dare game?" He had whispered in your ear. "You know I could help you out right? I'm great in bed, you know the stories. I could make you cum."

    And as much as you hate to say this, because all of it was probably true and turned you on, you hate the way he said it to you like this. It made you want him even more, yes, but it was so out of character for him that you wonder whether you even know him or not.

    His smugness doesn't fade after that evening, and he keeps throwing comments like these and you hate it, you really hate him for it. You hate his confidence, for some reason, and the way he keeps rubbing it under your nose.

    It's like something flipped the switch in him, making him all cocky and unbearable. You just want your cute Shotaro back, who might be a fuckboy, but doesn't show his smug confidence that he has every right to have. It pains you, but you find yourself spending less time with him, texting back less frequently and avoiding him when you see him in the hallways, quickly turning around and rushing in the other direction with fast steps.

    You don't know if he notices, but he doesn't show it. You really wonder what's gotten into him to make him act like that. Maybe this is just his usual self, and he's fooled you before. Maybe he's not cute, not ever, maybe he is just a douchebag.

    The worst thing about this: you still want him.

    Sometimes, you wonder how Donghyuck does it. One moment, you arrive at the party, ready to get drunk and dance with your friends, the next you're back upstairs in that stinky room that smells like cheap beer and weed, only to sit on the dirty carpet playing truth or dare once again.

    The tension in the air thickens as soon as you notice Shotaro squeezing through the door and sitting down on the floor across from you. You gulp, averting your gaze, but you find yourself repeatedly eyeing him every few seconds. He looks great with his oversized clothing, and you're sure that he sports some serious muscle underneath the layers of fabric.

    Shotaro seems to have noticed your presence as well, eyes roaming over your figure wrapped in a short skirt and a wide shirt, similar to his. You can practically feel him undressing you with his eyes, and though you're still kind of upset with him, you can't deny the tingling heat of lust rushing through your veins.

    It annoys you.

    "Guys," Donghyuck claps his hands together, making you jump, "today's alternative for the game is", he pulls a little bowl from behind his back, showing the folded pieces of paper inside to the crowd, "pick one and follow the instructions."

    The moderate level of drunkness of the group causes everyone to just nod along, agreeing to the new rule since that means none of them have to get much more creative with trying to come up with a punishment. In addition to that, Tzuyu is currently not around, and if it's not her then there's no stopping Donghyuck.

    The game starts and you wonder how it's still interesting after having played so many times before, you're honestly surprised that there's still some information about the other players that you weren't aware of.

    "Truth or dare?"


    It's Shotaro's voice and you look up at him immediately, earning an evil grin from Donghyuck that you – lucky for him – do not notice.

    "Who do you have a crush on?" Eric asks him, and even though the question is rather innocent compared to some others, Shotaro goes silent. About a minute passes by, and Shotaro seems to be deeply in thought about his next words.

    "Pass," he finally settles on, and you could swear that his eyes flicker over at you for a second. A series of gasps erupt from the crowd and Donghyuck is quick to jump onto his feet, holding the bowl with the pieces of paper right under Shotaro's nose with a grin.

    Shotaro presses his lips together, but still reaches in to pull a piece out. Everyone's holding their breath as he unfolds it slowly, snorting as he reads what's written on the paper.


    "What is it?"

    Grinning in disbelief, Shotaro turns the piece of paper around to show everyone the writing on the inside. You close your eyes in annoyance, breathing out heavily through your nose to keep yourself from jumping Donghyuck and ripping his throat out.

    Do what Donghyuck says.

    That guy's got nerves.

    Donghyuck claps his hands together, then begins rubbing his palms against each other like a fly. "Alrighty, what should I do with you."

    "Hyuck, you're such a pain in the ass, I swear to God," you can't hold the words back that tumble out of your mouth, unfiltered.

    A big, bad mistake, you realize just seconds later.

    "Ah, if this isn't Miss Dry-Pussy."

    "It's not dry, and you know it. I can get plenty wet, it's just hard for me to cum!" You protest, sending Donghyuck a salty look all while missing the way Shotaro's eye bulge out of their sockets for a brief second at your statement.

    "Well if you have so much to say, why don't you say it to him as he makes you cum?" Donghyuck grins sinisterly, and you blink slowly at him. "Excuse me?"

    "Yes! That is my final decision. Shotaro, your punishment is: make her cum!"

    You begin to protest loudly, screaming profanities of all sorts at Donghyuck as you get dragged away into a spare room, which you later realize is actually Donghyuck's bedroom, alongside Shotaro, the door shut right into your face.

    You inhale deeply before turning around to Shotaro. He opens his mouth to say something, but you raise your hand to stop him from doing so.

    "Let's get this over with," you sigh before plopping down on Donghyuck's bed, kicking off your panties under your skirt. A few seconds go by and nothing happens, so you lift your head off the mattress to look at Shotaro. "What are you waiting for?"

    Apparently, this, because one second later, Shotaro is already hovering above you. "Tell me if I should stop."

    For a brief second, you're perplexed, but then Shotaro leans down to your neck, his breath fanning over your skin before his lips begin touching it gently. The second you feel him making direct contact with your body, you melt into the mattress. Of course, you're still confused, and a little mad (and extremely angry at Donghyuck for putting you in this situation), but that doesn't make you want him any less. Not that you would ever admit to that.

    Though, the way he begins letting his hands wander over your body makes it extremely hard to resist him.

    "J-just do it already," you let out, trying to make your voice sound as stable as possible, but failing miserably. Shotaro chuckles, making quick eye contact with you before moving down your body. He lays on his stomach in between your legs, running his hands over the expanse of your naked thighs, groping the flesh between his fingers and you dare to glance down at him.

    Big mistake, you realize, the sight of him with glazed over eyes as he stares at your core, licking his lips is too hot to handle, making you clench involuntarily. Of course, he notices, but he doesn't comment on it.

    Gently, he spreads your legs further, then leans in to kiss along the insides of your thighs. His breath tickles a little, the sensation striking right into your core as he sucks and nibbles his way up to your hole.

    Just as you think he's going to dive in finally, he only switches sides, the only thing touching your clit being his breath as he switches from your left leg to your right and the other way around, until finally, he delivers a gentle kiss onto your folds.

    You groan out, then realize what your doing and immediately slap a hand over your mouth. He might be doing fantastic so far, but he really doesn't have to know that.

    Next, he licks along your slit, parting your folds with his wet muscle before sucking on them, switching up his motions until his tongue pushes into you a little. You bite into the back of your hand at the sensation, eyebrows scrunching up as you clench for him again.

    Slowly, Shotaro works his way up to your clit, spitting on it for some extra wetness before he begins sucking. Not too hard to overwhelm you, not too gently to bore you, just perfect in intensity to make you feel the tingling sensation in your stomach beginning to form.

    After making sure your clit is wet enough, he plunges his tongue back into your hole, bringing one of his hands up to rub circles into your bundle of nerves with his thumb. You're letting out embarrassingly whiny sounds at this point, glad that the music from downstairs drowns them out just enough for Shotaro to miss them, hopefully.

    His ministrations feel incredible, honestly, the rumors seem to be true.

    "You taste so good," Shotaro mumbles against your skin before continuing to lick into you and your unoccupied hand grabs onto the sheets underneath you to ground yourself. Shotaro's oral skills? Amazing. Shotaro's oral skills combined with his dirty talk? Fuuuuuck.

    Shotaro keeps his thumb working on your clit as he begins licking a little lower until his tongue swipes over your rim. All muscles in your lower region seem to clench simultaneously, a choked moan leaving your mouth that you couldn't hold back.

    "Hm, did that feel good?"

    He does it again, this time applying more pressure and you respond with another whine, pushing your hips onto his tongue. Shotaro continues, throwing more spit into the mix that you can feel trickling down onto Donghyuck's bed, but that's honestly his own fault.

    His tongue pushes past your ring muscle and your eyes roll back at the amazing feeling. Once Shotaro seems satisfied with how wet both of your holes are, he removes his thumb from your clit.

    "I want you to be loud for me, can you do that? Let me know what feels good, yeah?"

    Hazy minded, you nod, and this honestly surprised you after your initial plan to let this flop. Shotaro attaches his lips to your clit this time, and he begins pressing his tongue flat against it, grinding it all over the sensitive nub. Meanwhile, his middle finger circles your hole before slowly pushing inside.

    Finally begin filled so deeply makes you moan again, and you begin to lose all control and give into him. The sounds just casually flow out of your mouth now, letting him know that he's doing so great.

    He moves the digit inside of you, feeling up your walls and stretching you out just a little more before he adds a second finger. Shotaro moves them in and out of you, letting you adjust to the feeling of having something inside of you before he stills, angling his fingers upwards to directly push into your g-spot.

    At this, you choke out a groan, shuffling to prop yourself up onto your forearms to be able to look at him, and fuck does he look hot like this. Shotaro repeats the motions and you fall back onto your back, eyes rolled back into your head.

    His other hand pushes your legs further apart, and he moves a little until he you feel the pointer finger of his other hand circle your rim. You mewl, pushing back into the sensation and Shotaro chuckles against your clit.

    You hate to admit this, but what he's doing seems to be working. The way he's been touching you, and the way you've been holding back all this time, not focussing on orgasming at all apparently is all you needed all this time.

    With other words: you're close, you're really close, and Shotaro speeds up his movements just slightly before maintaining a steady pace, feeling the way you keep clenching around him as you grind against his tongue.

    You try to warn him, tell him that it's happening, it's really going to happen, but you can't, just too overwhelmed with what you're feeling to get out a proper syllable. Instead, you stutter out his name, or parts of it, and moan loudly.

    The finger on your puckered hole finally pushes in, not far, just enough for you to really feel it, and that's what does it for you. Your hands fly up to grab at his hair, pushing him closer into your core as finally, after all these years, your long awaited orgasm washes over you.

    You see stars, toes curling almost painfully as you scream out, with your eyes closed and muscles clenching as you let the wave of pleasure consume you fully as it washes over your form.

    It's intense, to say the least, so much more than when you do it yourself, and as the throbbing finally dies down and Shotaro gently cups your sex, you feel high like never before. The situation is so overwhelming that you feel your throat close up a little, tears forming underneath your eyelids.

    He made you cum, someone just made you cum. Osaki Shotaro did just make you cum, and seemingly effortlessly, at that. It's too much, and you can't even think straight. You're afraid what will happen next, you're afraid that you're going to cry in front of him, having to explain yourself.

    The anxious feeling quickly fades as you feel Shotaro lay down beside you, wrapping an arm around your body to pull you into his chest. You deeply inhale his scent, cuddling into him without a care in the world about how pathetic you might seem right now, pushing him away all this time until now. Because he's there for you, and he holds you, and he doesn't push you to do anything.

    You wake up. For a second, you ask yourself where you are, then memories of the night prior come flying back into your brain. Pushing the blanket off of you, you realize that someone had put your panties back on, and you really hope that someone was Shotaro.

    Getting up, you stumble out of the room, mind still fuzzy from sleep as you make your way into the kitchen to get something to drink. Glass filled to the brim in your hand, you turn away from the faucet to sit down at the table for a minute to collect your senses.

    You shriek, water spilling everywhere as you're met with Donghyuck's form already sitting at the table. Hair tousled and face still puffy from sleeping, he grins at you knowingly.

    "You scared me, you nasty gnome," you huff, not even bothering to dry the water stains on the floor with anything but your sock before you sit down.

    "How was it?" Donghyuck's smirk does not falter in the slightest.


    "What?!" Donghyuck shrieks, alarmed, "What do you think?!"

    "I slept okay, your mattress is a little too soft for me."

    "I meant cumming???"

    You stifle a laugh, "I don't know what you're talking about."

    "Don't act like it, the whole neighborhood heard you moaning the house down last night," Donghyuck deadpans and a small blush creeps onto your face.

    "Okay, you win. It was great."

    "So he- he really-?"

    "Yes, he made me finish."

    Donghyuck pads your back, nodding proudly, "I'm glad."

    "Thank you?"

    "So are you, like, together now?" Donghyuck nudges your shoulder with his, wiggling his eyebrows, but you only raise yours in response.

    "No, why would we?"

    Donghyuck's happy face drops, a frown appearing instead, "what do you mean, I made him perfect for you." You look at him as if he's crazy, with squinted eyes and furrowed brows.

    "I told him that you like straightforward boys, like me!"

    "You did what?!" You shriek, slapping onto his arm repeatedly, Donghyuck flinching away, "that's why he was acting so weirdly all of a sudden?!"

    The whole morning, you try to contact Shotaro, calling and texting him several times, but he never picks up nor responds to your armies of question marks. You're concerned, but mostly just annoyed because you can't wait to tell him that he should, please, for the love of God, just behave like himself and not like Donghyuck, and you'll marry him in a heartbeat.

    The wrinkles on your forehead increase with every movement of the hour arm of the clock on your wall when he hasn't responded all noon either. You've tidied your whole dorm room, even cleaning the windows and bathroom, went shopping for groceries and scrolled on TikTok until your battery died (which lead to you screeching loudly, ramming the charger into your phone with such force you're surprised it didn't break).

    When it's slowly dawning outside, you decide that it's enough. You text Yiren, and being the popular It-girl she is, she sends you Shotaro's address just a couple of minutes later. You don't know where she got it from, but honestly, you don't want to know.

    Slipping into your jacket after making sure you look presentable and smell fresh and rosy, you make your way outside. Shotaro's dorm room seems to be pretty close to the house Donghyuck lives in, and you're not sure if that's a good or a bad thing.

    After a few minutes, you stand in front of his door. You inhale deeply, then exhale quickly through your mouth to encourage yourself before you smash your finger onto the door bell.

    Half a minute later – approximately, it's not like you were counting the seconds or anything – the door opens, revealing Shotaro's figure. You believe he'd gotten a little taller and a little more muscular since last night, or at least he seems like it as your eyes fall directly onto his naked torso.

    Your mouth falls open, and you shamelessly ogle his defined pecs before catching yourself, sucking the drool that's been creeping out of your mouth back inside, eyes snapping up to lock with his.

    "Hi," is all you bring out. Maybe you should've rehearsed this a little more.


    "Can," you look at your hands as you pull the sleeves of your shirt over them, then back into his eyes, "I come in?"

    He nods, stepping aside to let you enter. You do, kicking your shoes off before stepping forward to sit on his couch, fanning yourself with your hands since you're more than a little nervous now.

    Shotaro sits down next to you, and an awkward silence arises.

    "I like you," you suddenly blurt out, deciding to go for broke and just put it out there.

    "You do?" Shotaro raises his eyebrows at your statement. You nod your head harshly, and Shotaro begins smiling.

    "I like you too."

    Now, you only have to find out how in the hell Donghyuck convinced him to behave like a douchebag.

    "Ya, Taro, come over here for a second," Donghyuck pulls Shotaro away into the kitchen, the younger stunned by the action, but not fighting against it. Once they're inside, the music a little muffled by the closed door and tiles on the walls, Donghyuck pours Shotaro a drink which the ladder gladly accepts.

    "So," Donghyuck fills his own cup with the same questionable mixture and takes a sip, Shotaro following suit, "tell me all your secrets."

    "What do you mean," Shotaro grins cutely, taking another sip from the surprisingly sweet drink.

    "You know what I mean. Help a brother out, you seem to know a whole lot about girls, so spill the tea, my man. I'll give you anything in return."

    Shotaro giggles at Donghyuck's eagerness, "alright, but you seem to know ___ really well, so tell me everything you know about her, then I'll tell you what to do."

    "Alright," Donghyuck's eyebrows jump up quickly, tongue poking through his cheek before he continues talking, "I've actually been with her, but it didn't work out. But I guess that means she's into guys like me."

    "Guys like you?"

    "Bold, straightforward, extroverted, loud, funny, beautiful, sexy, something like that."

    Shotaro chuckles.

    "I think you should tell her this..." Donghyuck says before leaning forward to whisper into Shotaro's ear, the younger nodding, taking everything in to be able to win you over.

    "I can't believe you- actually, I don't care, just know that Donghyuck's full of shit and you should never listen to a thing he says," you giggle and Shotaro smiles, nodding.

    You gaze into each other's eyes.

    "Not to be... weird, but, uh," you fiddle with your sleeves until Shotaro reaches out to grab your hand. You look up at him, and suddenly, his lips are on yours, kissing you passionately.

    Your hands roam his exposed skin, pulling him closer to you until he's hovering above you, your tongues dancing together as you grind your hips up against his. You're hoisted up, Shotaro carrying the both of you to his bedroom.

    "Please make me cum again," you sigh into the kiss and you can feel Shotaro chuckling against your lips. Quickly, both of your clothing is discarded on the floor as you lay on the bed, and his fingers stroke over your walls, getting you ready for his cock.

    He rolls you onto your side to lay behind you, hoisting one of your legs up to push the tip of his length against your hole. You whine at the feeling, pushing back against him until you feel him beginning to fill you.

    Shotaro's big, really big, but not big enough to hurt or make you uncomfortable. He fills you slowly, pressing gentle kisses to your neck as he bottoms out, your eyes closing at the sensation.

    Gently, he begins moving inside of you, hips pressing deeply against yours to make you feel all of him deep in you. You feel hazy already, the stimulation of his slow strokes such a stark contrast to the usual frantic rhythm you're accustomed to.

    "I think you're going to like this," Shotaro whispers against your neck. You wonder what he means, but the next second, you feel a vibrating sensation tingling over your clit, forcing a surprised whimper out of you.

    Your hands fly behind you, one to grab onto the back of his head, the other onto his ass to make sure he isn't going anywhere. The tip of his cock drags deliciously over your g-spot in this position, and you believe he must've studied the arts of sex long enough to graduate.

    "Is it good, baby?" He breathes into your neck, "because to me this feels like heaven."

    You whine, pressing further back against him while nodding your head weakly, too lost in the pleasure to speak. He understands, seemingly also the effect his words have on you, so he continues.

    "You're doing so good for me baby, just relax, let me take care of you. You're so beautiful, fuck."

    He presses the vibrator directly onto your clit, upping the intensity of the device and you feel the knot in your stomach tighten. Shotaro distracts you with his words as the question of 'is he going to make me cum again' threaten to creep back into your brain.

    "You're so wet for me, so pretty," Shotaro moans into your ear, hand holding onto your hips to be able to fuck into you a little faster, "You're doing so well, taking me so well, feels so fucking good."

    "H- 'm-" you whine out, so close to cumming that you can taste it on the tip of your tongue, moving your hips in sync with his.

    "Let go for me, baby," Shotaro gasps, hips not stuttering as he pushes your over the edge, and this time, it's even more intense than last time, bringing tears to your eyes that immediately begin rolling down your cheeks to seep into the sheets, all while you moan like there's no tomorrow.

    "Thank you," you sob turning your head to lock your lips with his as Shotaro removes the vibrator by shutting it off and throwing it off the bed.

    "Can you handle it a bit more?" Shotaro asks against your lips, and you nod.

    "Cum in me, please."

    Shotaro groans at this, the pace of his thrusts quickening, his grip on your hips hardening as he pistons his hips harshly against yours. You whine out, weak from your orgasm, but still so willing to take all that he's giving you.

    It doesn't take long for him to cum, pushing into you deeply as he empties himself, choking out a deep groan.

    You lay there in silence, catching your breaths. You turn around, cuddling into his chest and he wraps his arms around you to pull you closer, making you feel safe in his arms. Your heart swells and you can't believe you're right here with him, and he's gotten you off again.

    Your breath comes out shakily before you speak, "you're the first ever to make me cum, and I know it is way too early for this, so don't take it seriously, but I think I love you."

    Shotaro chuckles, pressing a kiss to the top of your head, "it's okay. I'd love to be the only one that ever made you cum..."

    "Is this you asking me out?" You mumble, already half asleep at this point, "because I'd love to go out with you."

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