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  • asksuchen
    21.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    Chen: I hope hyung has a lesson or two to teach me when he comes home... óωò
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  • upilnyaexo
    20.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    [INDO SUB] Kisah Seram EXO #ExoTravelTheWorldOnLadderSeason3

    Link Nonton : TELEGRAM

    *don't reupload without credit!, enjoyedddd eri~ happy watching!!!*

    #baekhyun#chanyeol#chen#exo#kai#kyungsoo#lay#oh sehun#suho#xiumin #exo ladder s3 #exo ladder season 3 #exo indo sub #exo ladder
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  • writingstuffandmore
    20.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    EXO Mafia Yandere Poly Au Reaction

    Pairing:- OT9 x fem reader

    Genre: Angst, Fluff (at end)

    AU!: Mafia, Yandere

    Warning: mentions of swearing, curse words, killing

    Requested: Yes

    A/N: I am so sorry for the huge delay 😭😭 I hope you will like it and also.. I did some research for the type of Yandere. Please forgive me for any error.. I hope you enjoy it! A small reminder this is just my portrayal of them for fiction purpose..

    Also since Chen is married I haven't mentioned his name.

    Tagging: @finding-galaxys @changshapatrol @bbhmystar @atiny-exol

    It's been two months. Two freaken months, since this has began. The cold shoulders and responses at first you can get their small smiles, eye smiles which held so much of warmth but now it's nothing! It feels as if it's just you living on this mansion all alone with a bunch servants who are your only family. Who have been the only ones taking care of you no matter who much work they have.

    It was too much for you to handle, you had planned to talk to them but how and when yet you knew it was necessary not only for you but for the little angel who was about to come in a few months. By some miracle you were getting your answers the very next day.

    The next day you woke up with slight headache due to the amount of tears shed, slightly brushing your teeth and then gargling with lukewarm water you came out of the room only to be hit with a totally rich aroma of food and fragrance of roses along with soft music playing in the background. You really thought that you had died because for the past almost two months the house was eerily quiet and such sudden noise was rather quite scary frankly to be said, it was a gentle tap and your name being called did you turn to see Kyungsoo and Suho standing with soft smiles plastered on their faces.

    As you saw them, the first reaction was to go and hug them tightly but as you were so upset for the this all time, you coldly greeted them before going to the kitchen. Both Kyungsoo and Suho exchanged a glance before following you thinking that it maybe because of the hormones.

    Kyungsoo: Hey, babe. Both me and hyung prepared this food for you and don’t worry, i had spoken to the doctor as well as the pediatrician, so its completely safe for you to eat.

    Y/N (coldly): Thank you but i can’t anything for now except for a slice or two of bread as i feel nauseous and might vomit but maybe later on i might try to eat. You have food, i will leave.

    Xiumin who just came back with Chanyeol after buying some milkshakes, fresh fruit juices, fruits and medicines for you were all stunned when they heard this conversation exchange and the way you left with a small plate carrying two slices without greeting them. Chanyeol aggressively rubbed his temples before plopping on the ouch loudly with the others.

    Chanyeol: What just happened? Is it because of her raging horm-

    Xiumin: Its more than that. There is something which is bothering her and especially due to lack of our presence both in staying here and having a decent conversation, might be adding fuel to her frustration.

    The others nodded to his response and that’s when Ms Dia the head house in charge entered the living room. She saw the gentlemen sitting, greeted them, asked them about their work and was about to leave before Suho stopped her.

    Suho: Dia aunty, what has happened to Y/N? Is everything okay? is the baby troubling her or something?

    Ms Dia: Son, the baby developing may at times troubles every mother, its only when  it creates serious issues for the mother, we have to look in. Anyways, Its more than the changes of hormones and baby troubling. The problem is you all.

    Them: US???????

    Ms Dia slightly nodded before speaking: Yes, you all. Do you guys realize how long its been since you had a proper food at the dining with Y/N or having a  conversation with her asking about how is she feeling, maybe spending like 2 mins out of your busy schedule. Nothing, did you do. As much as rude i am being sounding but that’s not how things work especially if you have a woman whose carrying your own child in question. As much as it sounds a sweet and happy stuff which it really is but it becomes really exhaustive for the mother in question. Its not just about her mood change, or food cravings its more than the bullshit seen in the movies and tv shows. My only suggestion would be that give her 10 mins and then talk to her but please let her do the whole monotone as only then you would understand.

    The all four nodded and thanked her before planning something for you.

    Chanyeol: I am getting angry and i might go and punch someone. 

    Kyungsoo: Yah! as much as i wanna hate to admit but god damn it, its our own fault. 

    Suho: I know a way.

    After an hour, these four knocked at your room’s door and you didn’t had the option to say no because you too wanted your answers,Therefore, you called them in while trying to busing yourself in the novel in your hand. 

    Xiumin: Hey princess!! I missed you so much! I missed your hugs especially being your Minnie.

    You had a small smile appearing but you quickly let it down and hmmed at his response.

    Suho: Are you still angry with us? Say something.

    What does he mean by still? and this furthered angered you. Not so gently you placed the book on the bed before coldly glaring at them.

    Y/N: What do you guys want now? If its for food. I told you I will have it when I feel be-

    Suho: Even you know this not the conversation we all our looking forward to.

    Y/N: Then, I don’t know what do you wanna know then? I am alive and so is the baby and thats all what its matters in this household right?

    Chanyeol: Oh come on Y-

    Kyungsoo (cut off Chanyeol’s sentence): Its a priority baby along with your health and happ-

    Y/N: If you all mattered my happiness then, this wouldn’t have happened. I get that working as a mafia is a serious profession with responsibilities and duties on another level but what did I ask you guys in whole these months even in my pregnancy? Nothing!! I didn’t expected anything because I knew what was happening. Even my health got deteriorated, sleep got affected I didn’t say anything because I knew you had too much on plate. You all were physically and emotionally more drained. The only thing I asked was if we could spend like 5 mins together out of the 24 hours. Was it too much? If then 10 seconds or probably 5 seconds were enough for me. What did i get in return nothing except for cold shoulders, cold responses, not a single look given at me felt loved or warmth. Thats why i separated myself but I couldn’t do well but thankfully I had Dia aunty or else i would have di-

    Kyungsoo: Don’t you dare to complete that shit babe. You know well how bad and crazy we can go even if someone tries to even think about you at the first place.

    Y/N: But this didn’t help me at all. I would just ask one thing from you, take your time before answering me. Do you want.. no wait, Do you want both me and the baby?

    This sentence was powerful enough for them to feel that the land below their feet has had gone before long, bringing tears to their eyes and making them cry.

    All of them: We are so sorry Y/N. Please... We didn’t meant to do what has happened. I-If you w-want you c-could leave us because we don’t deserve you. Just remember that if you leave us none of us would be alive. We are sorry and w-we l-love you.

    Okay, now you are too are crying and is being emotional. 

    Y/N: I-I am sor-

    Xiumin: You don’t need to apologize baby. Maybe, at least through this we all kept our feelings on the table and this strengthened our bond right?

    Xiumin gently rubbed your back before kissing your forehead.

    Chanyeol: Hey, lets eat food now.

    You then heard an ear deafening scream, turning all the heads towards the source. 

    Baekhyun: I am sorry but I just a lizard on that stupid wall! I will ask someone to sh-

    Lay: Idiot, you can’t say this in front of someone who is pregnant.

    Baekhyun: But our child will carry o- Okay, I am sorry.

    Lay looked at you with a soft smile before kissing your nose and the womb: Hey, my two beautiful angels. I am extremely sorry for the emotional trouble you too had to carry but here i am with a small surprise just for you. Can you guess for us angel?

    You nodded but couldn’t come up with anything. Your cute confused look made all of them giggle.

    Baekhyun: The surprise is that we all our going for a month’s vacation to your favourite beach. We are leaving tomorrow morning which is exactly like 12-14 hours from now but don’t worry. The closet and wardrobe would be there. Only your essentials would be kept.

    You squealed in happiness and was about to jump before Lay stopped you.

    Lay : Princess, you have to be careful especially this floor isn’t meant for jumping. Also, Kai and Sehun would directly join at the resort after completing the tasks.

    You couldn’t be more happier, maybe it does require some efforts and confrontation but the results are worth off. Here, you were happy by looking at the new affection side after your pregnancy reveal but at the same time you have unlocked their new side of clingy behavior type. Good luck with that!!

    You may ask why the other two boys are joining directly at the resort because they have to kill all the people who posed a threat to you and especially that bodyguard of yours who kept you company while they were busy. Damn, it was such a frustrating for not to shoot him right then and there but the things you do in love. Especially for the person whom you love crazily!

    #exosnet#suhosnet#exo#suho#xiumin#lay#baekhyun#chanyeol#kai#sehun#kyungsoo#chen#exo moodboard #exo mafia!au #exo mafia fanfic #exo mafia moodboard #exo yandere#anonymous #send me anons #send me asks #exo scenarios#exo ot9#exo reaction#exo requests#exo members #send me things #send me feedback
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  • bird-pinkxx
    20.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Xiumin is EXO own paparazzi 😹

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  • deauyu
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    SUHO : there are people watching online too, Hi guys! i'm so excited to be here but also very nervous. My English is not perfect so I apologize in advance in case if I make a mistake.

    no honey..your english really so clear without any korean accent tho 🤩🤩

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  • istoleacookie
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    KAI - KLOOR Concert - Jekyll stage.

    [211212] KAI stage for his version of "JEKYLL"

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  • exoarmydays
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    (we are often editing and adding more info)

    What's your name/age/personal twitter account?

    I don't share personal information.

    Where are you from? What timezone do you use for the countdown?

    USA, but I'm currently living in another country (non-english) for school. We use PST (Pacific Standard Time) for our countdowns.

    Do you speak korean?


    Do you use the help of ADMs? Are you currently looking for ADMs? Where can I apply for be an ADM?

    We do use the help of adms. Any openings will be announced in our twitter and tumblr page, as well as the forms for application.

    Why did you start the account?

    As a way to keep track of my own countdown, and decided to leave it open to anyone who may want to tag along.

    Who's your bias?

    To keep the account neutral of any biased accusations, I prefer not to share that.

    Do you work for SME? Is this account from SM Entertaiment?

    No, we are not related by any means to SME. (Believe or not we do get this question a lot).

    What does ROKA means?

    Republic of Korea Army.

    Why some members serve longer in the military? Why Suho and Baekhyun had more days than the rest of the members?

    Korean army hold different positions and services. Baekhyun and Suho served as social worker and that position holds 100 days more than an active duty soldier, which is the position the other exo members served so far (except Lay, Kai and Sehun).

    Can they still work while in the army?


    When will Kai and Sehun enlist?

    There's no way of knowing until them or SME announce it.

    What is discharge due COVID-19 protocol? Why was Xiumin and D.O. discharged early than their official discharge date?

    Discharge due COVID-19 protocol is when the soldier leaves for his last vacation and doesn't need to come back to his base to avoid any spread of the corona virus. He's free of his military duties but it's still active in the military system. Which means he's not considered a regular citizen yet and can't go back to work or leave the country until his official discharge date. Both Xiumin and D.O. ended their service under that protocol.

    What is the age to enlist at ROKA?

    Any age between 20 to 30 years, korean age system.

    What's korean age system? I saw somewhere that the enlistment age is between 18 and 28 years.

    You add 2 years to someone’s age, 1 year if they already had their birthday that year.

    Example: A person's 29th birthday is December 31th. By January 1st, that person is 30 years old, and when his birthday arrives, his age doesn't change, only at January 1st from the next year.

    How do you count down the days? What app do you use for the countdowns?

    BigDay and Goondori (I use iOS, so I'm not really sure if they are available for other systems).

    Don't forget to check our main menu for more information.

    Please credit us properly if you use any of our information.

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  • exoarmydays
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    EXO Members Military Enlistments and Discharges Dates

    Currently serving: Chanyeol and Baekhyun.


    XIUMIN (Completed) - Active Duty Soldier

    Enlistment date: May 7, 2019.

    Dischage Date: December 06, 2020.

    He was discharged from the base November 23, 2020 due COVID-19 protocol. His official discharge from the military system was his official discharge date.

    SUHO (Completed) - Social Service Worker

    Enlistment date: May 14, 2020.

    Discharge date: February 12, 2022.

    LAY (Exempted)

    Lay is a Chinese member and in China there’s no mandatory military service thus he won’t be serving.

    BAEKHYUN (Serving) - Social Service Worker

    Enlistment date: May 6, 2021.

    Discharge date: Expected to be February 5, 2023.

    Updates can occur with the date.

    CHEN (Completed) - Active Duty Soldier

    Enlistment date: October 26, 2020.

    Discharge date: April 25, 2022.

    CHANYEOL (Serving) - Active Duty Soldier

    Enlistment date: March 29, 2021.

    Discharge date: September 28, 2022.

    Updates can occur with the date.

    D.O. (Completed) - Active Duty Soldier

    Enlistment date: July 1st, 2019.

    Discharge date: January 25, 2021.

    He was discharged from the base December 28, 2020 due COVID-19 protocol. His official discharge from the military system was his official discharge date.


    Not available yet.


    Not available yet.

    For more info, please check our main menu.

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    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    main menu

    We will only answer questions or personal messages at our CuriousCat page. Any of those made at our twitter or tumblr page will be ignored.

    Please write down your twitter user at the beginning of your question. That way, if we find your question important enough to share at our twitter profile and our FAQ, you will be notified. (example: @yourusername questionquestionquestion)

    Please make sure to check our FAQ before sending your question/message.

    If you have a message about any error, news or info (imediate news) relevant to our page, please feel free to send it to us at our twitter or tumblr. Those will be the only type of messages we will be answering in those pages. If on twitter, please send it at our dms, we often have trouble with finding questions or important messages at our mentions.

    Please do not use our twitter user for spam messages or twitter promotions. We will report your tweet if it's a current matter, as that makes it hard for us to find a relevant tweet or mention.

    We don't tolerate any type of fanwar or fight between our own fandom. We are open to all exo-ls or admirers, being multifandom or not. What matter to us it's the love and admiration to our boys.

    We have zero tolerance with akgaes (solo stans) and don't accept them in any of our socials. You will be blocked if we identify you.

    Do not interact with burner accounts (haters or trolls), that’s just giving the attention they seek. Just report the tweet and share so others can do the same. You can share with us through DMs and we will help you report it. If we see someone who follows us interacting with those type of tweets, specially the ones we share to report together, and even tag us, we will be blocking you as well.

    If you're about to correct an info shared by us, such as news, translations or countdown dates, please make sure to have solid proof of your correction. We won't be taking just your word for it.

    And final, please remember: we are not a fanbase. We had to unfortunately add these rules due to last occurances at our twitter page and the different outcomes to that, which some was not public. Please take this into consideration before any suggestions at our CuriousCat.

    Please check out as well our SNS and FAQ pages before trying to reach us with any questions or messages.

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    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    main menu

    Twitter: ExoArmyDays

    CuriousCat: ExoArmyDays (Please check the rules before asking us)

    These are our only SNS pages. Any other social pages are NOT related to us at all and are not allowed. If you do find any social claiming to be us, we ask you to please send us the link to it through any of our sns pages and to please report. Thank you.

    Please check out as well our Rules and our FAQ before trying to reach us with any questions or messages.

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  • averagekpoppermideko87
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    #What I Think About Male K-Pop Idols Who Are Fathers #male k-pop idols who are fathers #male korean idols who are fathers #male idols who are fathers #male k-pop idols #male korean idols #male idols#exo chen #big bang taeyang #ikon bobby#2pm chansung#honest opinions#honest rant#k-pop rant#k-pop#rant#may 2022#2022 release #average kpopper mideko #kpop rants
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  • suchendiary
    18.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    babamyeon on vacation!

    doll: babadoll

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  • starsinseafoam
    18.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    played around with some shading with x-exo chen. One of my favorite looks from obsession era!

    #chen#exo#exo chen#kim jongdae #alina's artistry tag
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  • lukai-m
    18.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    when exo cbx says do you like chocolate? is it sweet on your lips?

    #idk there’s just something about that line that makes me completely feral #like uuuuuugh SPARE ME!!! 😩🥴 #exo#baekhyun#xiumin#exo cbx#mine#Chen
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  • mardyart
    17.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    rock band au hhh🎸

    #clearly inspired by 90s jrock bands!!! #chanyeol in skirts am i right #exo#exo fanart#exo art#baekhyun#chanyeol#jongdae#chen#kyungsoo #d.o. #minseok#xiumin#art#fanart #artists on tumblr
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  • x-pcy
    17.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    ♡ jongdae // smile on my face // exploration ♡

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