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  • lxghtbound
    17.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    ok but

    before i sleep

    totally thinkin abt that ask meme, the one with one muse puttin a hand over the other's mouth

    totally thinkin abt the two muses sneaking off into a dark corner or hidden bit to be all affectionate n stuff, and theyre all giggly n everything. someone walks by and one muse puts their hand over the other muse's mouth, but obv theyre BOTH the problem bc they're both just so happy to be with each other

    even better if the person walking past absolutely realises theyre there and knows what's going on but just rolls their eyes and moves on

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  • kpopfairyland
    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Chanyeol and the almost date night

    (I suck at naming things.... specially drabbles..........)

    Chanyeol x Reader (fem? only mentions matching underwear...)

    Fluff, suggestive


    “You look beautiful,” said a voice from the door.

    With a scream and a jump you turned around. Chanyeol grinned at you, his arms crossed he leaned against the doorframe. Lately he got into the habit of sneaking up on you. For a man this tall and clumsy he could be surprisingly quiet.

    “How long have you been standing there?”

    “Long enough to know that your underwear is matching.”

    “That was suppose to be a surprise for after the date.” You tried to glare at him, but his stupid grin made you smile yourself.

    “I will pretend to be surprised,” he said and stepped closer. His hand came around your waist and he pult you up. His lips met yours and what started out as a soft caress turned into a needy moan. He pressed closer, pushing you back until you hit your vanity table. Something dropped to the floor and the smell of roses filled the air.

    “My face wash.”

    “Leave it. I get you a knew one.”

    Chanyeol trailed kisses down your throat, tasting your skin and making you moan again.

    “How about you surprise me with your matching underwear now?”

    “And skip the dinner and gallery? No chance.”

    His lips found your sweet spot and his hand came up to caress your face.

    With shaky knees you had to admit that his arguments were the better once.

    “One the other hand, we could always go tomorrow.”

    “Good girl.”

    #exo fluff#exo drabble#exo imagines#exo scenarios #chanyeol x reader #chanyeol x you
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  • blu-joons
    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    The First Confession ~ Kim Junmyeon

    Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as Junmyeon looked away from you with a role of your eyes. Your heart was racing already, but as you watched him seemingly dismiss everything that you had told him, all you wanted was for the ground to swallow you up.

    Things didn’t feel like they could get any worse for you as you tried to figure out how Junmyeon was feeling. The look disappointment in his expression almost felt like a stab to the heart for you as you tried to keep a hold of your composure.

    You had hoped for better as you confessed to Junmyeon, but things didn’t feel as if they could get any worse for you, no matter how hard you tried.

    “Maybe I’ll just go,” you whispered, beginning to pick your bag up from the floor underneath the table that you were sat at in the coffee store, “it was a bad idea for me to come and do this.”

    “Wait, no,” Junmyeon called out as soon as he watched you slightly raise from the chair that you were sat in. “Don’t go, just stay here for a moment, I don’t want you to go anywhere,” Junmyeon told you.

    You sighed back at him, “it’s obvious that I’ve made a mistake, spare me the embarrassment.”

    Junmyeon’s head shook as he reached out to wrap his hand around your wrist, pulling you back so that you were sat in your chair again. The last thing that you wanted was to be tormented any longer, you had pretty much managed to ruin your friendship with just three words, without having to sit yourself in front of Junmyeon any longer.

    “You haven’t made a mistake,” he assured you as he kept his eyes looking across at you. “If anything, I’m annoyed at myself that you’ve just said what you’ve said, annoyed that I waited so long so you did it first.”

    “You’re annoyed that I told you that I like you?” You asked in confusion, too humiliated to really focus on what Junmyeon was saying to you. “If you’re annoyed, then why don’t you just let me go home and then this can be over and done with?”

    “Can you listen to me properly?” Junmyeon laughed as you tried to pull your hand out of his grip. “I’m not annoyed that you like me, I’m just annoyed that you got to confess before I did, I waited too long, and you beat me to it.”

    As Junmyeon repeated what he had to say to you again, it began to sink in a little bit better. With your eyes looking across at him again, you noticed the small pout that was on his face, irritated that you had beaten him to it in an attempt to take your friendship elsewhere.

    “Y-you wanted to confess to me?” You asked him nervously, wanting to make sure that you had understood what was going on, “what were you waiting for? Why didn’t you?”

    He had a list as long as his arm of reasons why he was terrified to confess to you. The last thing that Junmyeon wanted to do was ruin your friendship, with not even a hint from you that there was a chance that you liked him.

    And just like you wanted to be spared the humiliation of feeling as if Junmyeon didn’t like you back, he wanted the same. He couldn’t imagine himself being around you knowing that you knew that he liked you, only for you not to feel the same way as he did.

    “I regret waiting for as long as I did,” Junmyeon admitted to you.

    “Not for one second did I ever even get the feeling that you might like me Junmyeon.”

    “And I didn’t with you too,” he laughed.

    “All this time we were secretly in competition for something as stupid as who would be the first one to confess to the other.”

    He through his head back in disbelief as Junmyeon realised how ridiculous it sounded. All the time that the two of you could had been together, was wasted, as the two of you stewed over your feelings and tried to figure out what was best.

    “I’m still annoyed that you won though, I always thought I’d be the one to do it first, and so did all of the boys too.”

    Your head shook back at Junmyeon, “you shouldn’t have waited for so long then, you should have been brave like I was.”

    It was the bragging rights that you had always wanted, and that Junmyeon wanted too. Knowing now that he’d have to carry on with you being able to be the one to brag about confessing first killed him slightly on the inside.

    “I can’t wait to tell everyone about this,” you teased, “the boys will be stunned when they know that I got there before you did.”

    “I’ve not actually said that I like you yet,” Junmyeon suddenly spoke up, halting the growing smile on your face. “I said that I was going to confess, but I never said that I liked you,” he warned you, determined to try and find a way to stop you basking in the success of being first for just a moment.

    Your eyes rolled at the smile on his face which quickly gave Junmyeon away. “Everyone knows that you like me, the boys have been telling me for long enough,” you told him, watching the expression on Junmyeon’s face drop too.

    His head shook as he realised that the boys had snaked him too, “I knew that I should have never told any of them that I liked you, I should’ve known they’d never keep their mouths shut.”

    “Say it,” you whispered as Junmyeon finished venting, leaning in a little closer to him at the table. “I promise that I won’t brag about being the first one to confess if you tell me right now that you like me,” you told him.

    A sigh came from Junmyeon as he knew that you had him cornered, it was either bragging rights, or giving up the one thing that he could still hold against you up, and he knew exactly which one he could live more comfortably with too.

    “You know that I like you,” Junmyeon smiled in reply to you, more than willing to tell you how he felt about you. “I think ever since I met you, I liked you, I was just too afraid to admit it, especially when you started talking to me.”

    “I thought you hated me when I first started working at the company,” you responded, “I never thought that the two of us would find ourselves in this position a couple of years down the line, fighting over who could be the first to confess to the other.”

    “You thought all of us boys hated you because we kept teasing you all the time.”

    Your head nodded as you remembered the many things that they had said to you, “I was annoyed at you more than anyone because you let them do it, I never imagined back then when you were shy it was because you fancied me.”

    Junmyeon couldn’t believe how much of a wreck he was around you too, although even now, he still found his stomach knotting whenever he was around you.

    “I couldn’t imagine myself ever liking anyone else Y/N.”

    “And I couldn’t imagine liking anyone other than you too.”



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  • your-rose-highness
    14.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Tell me what is love (Chapter 15)

    The sun rose a little early the next day. It probably shone a little brighter too. Whatever was the reason, Baekhyun had woken up from the first of many no nightmare sleeps that day. Opening his eyes before his dreaded alarm went off, his brain immediately took him to the recap the night earlier.

    She had said yes. Yes! But it came with a catch. She needed time to move on completely, and he respected that, probably respected her even more for being so thoughtful for both herself and him. It was crazy to him how one day and the courage to act, take a step (albeit a tiny one) could do wonders.

    Just as he had done years ago when he first asked her out.

    Feeling excessively chirpy, he woke up to make her breakfast- maybe his special omelette rice? She would love that, wouldn't she? To his surprise, she was already in the kitchen, fully dressed, sipping on a coffee on her laptop, typing furiously.

    “Good Morning.”, he sang, catching himself from stooping low to kiss her. Nope, they were not in that phase yet.

    Thankfully, she hadn't seen that little manoeuvre of his. 

    “Hey! Sorry I couldn't make any breakfast. I need to run to the office in a while.”

    “That's not a problem! Although, I can make you a little something before you leave. I know how cranky you are about breakfast.”, he cooed in front of her.

    She looked at him with utmost adoration, “It’s fine, really. I’ll be stopping by Minseok’s cafe and…” she trailed off, mumbling, making Baekhyun lean in to listen closely.

    “And? What was that? I missed that.”

    She looked at him expressionlessly and, taking a huge breath, continued, “I have to meet Jaebeom. He called last night. Apologized for walking out and wanted to mend things.”



    He didn't respond to that. Washing a few cups and with his back towards her, he asked, “And are you getting back together?” in the most nonchalant voice possible. 

    “I don't know.”

    The words penetrated him like a dagger through the heart. Trying to keep a calm voice, he continued, “Are you trying to get back at me? Is this a Let us torture Baekhyun session? Did I think our conversation last night pointed in a different direction? Or was I dreaming?”

    “We agreed that we’ll think about it. But that still means I will have to talk to Jaebeom. I dated the man for eight months; you didn't think those feelings would disappear overnight because you say you want me again, right?”

    “Why can't you meet him here?”

    “What? At your house?” she asked, surprised.

    “Yeah. What is the problem? Are you afraid that I will find out how much you love each other? Geez.”, he fumed.

    “I was being considerate. Would you think he will be okay with me staying with you here?....”

    “And what about me?”, he sounded hurt by her pure ignorance, “what about I would feel in any scenario? Looks like I have been put out of the picture of everyones life.”

    “You know that isn't true.”

    He did not answer. Baekhyun was tired of being second place. He quietly left the kitchen, leaving Hye hee feeling guilty for saying what she had said. As she walked over to the bus stop, realization hit her that perhaps the way things were said werent exactly right. Baekjhyun was very sensitive at the moment and anything she said would only aggravate the situation. What was most absurd to her was that she was finding it excessively difficult to come to a conclusion about her feelings. Last night, she did want to give baekhyun and her another shot. But she wasn't able to let Jaebeom go. Her brain was muddled with the two men. She sighed thinking about the mess she was sucked deep into- two guys? She had outdone herself. 


    Getting off at the intersection close to the cafe, she walked a bit to find Minseok unloading milk and bread of a truck into his cafe. It felt good to see a friendly face once again. He caught her eye and put down the carton of bread to send across the brightest smile and activvely wave at her with both his arms high in the air. Hye hee ran the distance, hugging her friend. Oh, how she had missed the earlier days of pointless banter over plots and coffee.

    “Why, hello, miss!”, he exclaimed, engulfing her into a tight hug.

    “Ugh, i missed you. I missed this place!”, she snuggled into him.

    “Well, the place is always grounded here and so am i. You've just forgotten about us missy.”, he accused, picking up his carton again. Hyehhe got the door for him and followed him in. The place was still the same and that gave her comfort. Minseok wasn't for updos and he only added more plants and a few lights here and there, apart from that, the smell, the photo corner, the planty corner and the front desk all seemed cozily familiar.

    Hye hee waited in her corner spot, sipping on a ‘in-house special’ coffee, while Minseok loaded and paid the delivery man. 

    “Okay, fill me in.”,he was determined to hear her out.

    “Jaebeom and I broke up.”


    “I left Jane’s to go over to Baekhyun’s, because i didn't want to stay there.”

    “...uh.. Okay?”He seemed confused already.

    “Baekhyun wants to start dating again.”

    “That's great, no?”, he sounded confused by her tone of absolute blankness.

    “Yeah, thats what I thought too. But now Jaebeom wants to get back together…”

    “Ooh, arent we miss popular now.”, he smirked grabbing the coffee in front of her.

    “Minseok, do not laugh.”

    “What’s the issue? Do you not like Baekhyun anymore?”, he asked.

    “No. I do. But as it seems, I can't seem to get over Jaebeom too.”

    “Thats only normal.”, he said, sipping coffee.

    Hye hee did not get his lack of ability to grasp the situation in front of her. Oh, how she missed Jane during times like these.

    “And Jane isn't talking to me.”

    “You dumped her brother.”

    “Jaebeom is coming over in an hour. We agreed to meet here. Baekhyun is already mad that i am.”

    “What did you expect? For him to jump with joy? Read about his divorce, the guy has a rough life ahead of him.”

    “He’s in a bad place, yes.”, she mumbled.

    “hye hee, do you love him?”, he asked, looking into her eyes.

    “I do. I can't think of anyone but him. But isn't this weird? Its only been a day after my break up and I go jump into his arms? Isn't that an insult to Jaebeom?”

    “You have answered your question yourself. What you feel for Jaebeom is more of the attachment. He was someone very important in your life after a long time Hye hee. It is only natural for you to want to be in his life too. But you have to make the decision here, you do care about? Who can't you live without?”

    Hye hee quieted down at his words, pondering over what he said.

    “Like for example, you clearly cannot live with me and this cafe.”, he giggled.

    “Oh, shut up, you.”

    “Alright, I’m going to leave you here with this coffee and time to think, while I clean up this place. I have a date coming over later this evening.”, he smiled.

    "Whoa, there! What was that?", She quickly asked for clarification.

    "Date what? Hello? Who's going to fill me in on what's happening?", She laughed.

    "Look at you all giddy already. Her name is Lim ji yeong, and she's a professor at SNU. We met at a party and… she's interesting. We've met a couple of times and today she's coming over to the cafe to look at… how it functions…"

    "You. She's coming to see you.. and it's a weekend. A university professor who takes time out of her precious free days to see you. Minseok, this is serious!"She laughed.

    "Oh.. i don't know..”, he said, unable to keep a straight face.

    “Well I do. This is great!”

    “I would love for you to meet her sometime. She is going to come over just before noon if you're still here.”

    Hye hee was happy for Minseok. It had been a while since she had seen him this excited over somebody. Most of his blind dates were always too clingy or too boring for him. 

    “I would love to meet her.”, she said grinning at Minseok’s embarrassed face.

    He nodded in agreement before gaily taking huge steps across the cafe floor. Checking her watch Hye hee began to introspect, as it seems, taking decisions does not honor a time constraint. Time scrolled by as she tried to sort the muddled webs in her brain, and each time she picked a thread, it was indeed that which belonged to him. 

    Baekhyun. He was indomitably a part of her she would not and could not give up. It felt like a piece of her heart was being traded for, suppressed, and rotting almost. The thought was horrifying. At times one did not really need to answer all the questions; it was the only one that mattered. The one unforgettable.


    Jaebeom was on time. A quality she had grown to adore. Unlike his sister who always had to called upon two hours in advance and made plans. Not her fault, she always quite seemed to have something up her sleeve which could not be passed on. 

    He had dressed casually, like he always did. He didn't really have dressier clothes, except maybe a few pairs of suits(again all black). Smiling brightly, Jaebeom found her easily. He walked quickly, almost swooping in for a kiss, which she ducked ever so lightly. Jaebeom read her quite well after that.

    Something had changed. Her body language seemed distanced.

    She wasn't his, anymore.

    “Hi.”, she meekily said as she met his eyes. Guilt filled. She was too easy to read indeed.

    Taking a long breath, he looked around before uttering, “so? Where are you staying?”

    “At.. Baekhyun’s. Just briefly. I’m hunting for an apartment mean while.”, she gulped.

    He only smirked at that, throwing his head back, chuckling at the thought. 

    Hye hee only watched him and from the corner of her eye she found Minseok glancing her way every now and then between serves. 

    “SO.. one fight and you go running back to your beloved?”, he carelessly muttered, all the while looking out the window.

    “I just didn't know where to go. Jane is your sister, and I…”

    “Do I seem like a plaything to you?”, he cut her off before she could continue.

    “So what? You begged him to take you back? Your celebrity boyfriend?”

    “Ofcourse not. We did date but he is also my friend.”

    “Right. So you got what you needed and now you're making your way back to that bastard.”


    “You used me. Didn't you? Got his attention, and now when he is available again, you have conned me into believing that it was MY idea to break up with you.”,his voice rose slightly, making the people in the cafe give a glance at them. Minseok seemed tense at this event, fiddling with his phone, wondering whom to call incase she was in danger.

    “I did not. I did like you. You were indeed my first boyfriend after him and I…” she broke into tears, trying very hard to not sob in a room full of strangers. 

    “Oh shut up! I very well am aware of how you women con men to get through ends.” he hissed. 

    This was a side she was very unaware of. Jane had told her about her brother’s temper long when they hadn't  been best friends. He had gotten better at controlling it after his last break up with his long term girlfriend.

    Or maybe not at all. 

    “You, are not getting away from this. Think you can just throw me a dumpster and run off with that rich boy, huh? I will ensure that is the last thing you ever do.”

    He got up violently and held her wrist tight to drag her out of her chair. The room filled with Hye hee’s screams and the people in the cafe moved away in fear. 


    Minseok, who had been filling orders, shocked at the shrill voice, snapped in their direction, shattering a glass as he quickly ran towards them.

    “Sir! You cannot just behave this way here…”, he intruded between them.

    Jaebeom was not in the mood to be schooled then.

    “SIR! I will have to ask you leave the cafe immediately and are banned from the premises.”, Minseok was using all his power to separate them, his hands around Jaebeom’s collar. 

    Jaebeom  was so overcome with rage, that he did not even glance at him, his eyes shooting arrows at Hye hee. 

    Minseok finally overpowered him enough to throw him out of the room. Hye hee stood horrified. Minseok returned, and sat her down, holding her hand up to examine the bruise on her wrist. She couldn't hear him. All sounds seemed to be muffled to her ears. He left her side briefly to bring her a glass of water and had her take in a few sips. 

    Everything happened so fast. Only a few moments ago she was pondering how she would let him go and now this. An ache brought her attention back to reality and she looked down at her arm. A tear dropped on the red bruise marks and she could not stop herself from breaking down. 

    Minseok took her to his room inside, his first aid box out. He iced the wound before applying an ointment. Both did not utter a word, while Hye hee softly sobbed all along. Minseok looked at her, his eyes filled with pain, his palm carressing her cheek softly, as he spoke, “Rest here. He’ll be here soon.”, leaving to attend his customers who were at the door, curious and wondering if she was alright.

    Hye hee glanced at her wrist once again and the tears wouldn't stop. She wondered if the tears responded to the physical pain or that of the heart. The back door swung open and she felt a familiar scent and arms envelop her. 

    He was here.


    “Hye hee, are you alright?”, his voice shook with worry.

    Finding her bright bruised wrist, his jaw clenched in anger. He caressed her arm, sitting beside her on the very chair he had sat on when he had met her again after so many years.

    “He did this to you?”, he grunted.

    “He didn't like that I was staying with you.”

    “Where does this asshole live, I’ll show him…”, he shook with anger, eyes filled with vengeance.

    Hye hee couldn't bring herself to say anything. She only buried herself in his shoulder and cried uncontrollably. It hurt baekhyun to watch her weep the way she did, but all he could do for now was stay close. The two sat in eachother’s embrace for quite some time.


    As Jaebeom walked in, he shot hye hee a smile, wondering if he was the one she had been waiting for. She was not looking at him. He busied himself in taking orders, occasionally glancing in their direction. Somehow, it didn't seem as though the two were amicable. Voices rose once a while and minseok began worrying about the trajectory of their discussion. When he first seemed to be mad, he almost picked up the phone to dial for the local police, but thought he could be overreacting. 

    Thats when it struck him, he scrolled through his contacts to find it: B-Hyehee. The contact glowed on his screen.

    Byun Baekhyun.

    He had come here so often looking for hye hee, even after they had met, that one day Minseok made up his mind to just speak to him.
    Handing him his ice coffee (with barely any coffee, it was embarrassing to serve him as a barista). 
    “Are you here looking for her again?”, he whispered.
    Baekhyun’s head snapped in his direction as he began glancing around nervously to check if anyone had recognised him.
    Minseok rolled his eyes at him. “Really? Did you think you were that well camouflaged? I met you once and didn't catch your face that well, and it is easy for me to spot you amongst many, also no thanks to your absolutely great dressing sense of black overalls.”
    “They are sweats. Not overalls.”, Baekhyun defended.
    “Whatever the hell they are. She won't be here today. Stopped by yesterday already.”
    “How about you tell me when she visits?”
    “Why on earth would I do that?”
    “Because I miss her.”. A simple sentence. Minseok would not have paid heed to that. But something about the way he said it made him trust.
    He had typed in his number in Minseok’s that evening. Baekhyun wondered how easily he had given out his number to a stranger. For a moment, he had returned to being Baekhyun, a young man from Baekhyun, a K-pop sensation. 

    Minseok quickly dialled him for the first time in his life. A surprised voice met him on the other end. 

    “Baekhyun- sshi?”

    “Yes? Who is this?”

    Minseok hastily introduced himself before informing him of the dangerous rise of events unfolding in front of him. He had barely finished his sentence before the line went dead. Minseok was positive he was hurrying over. A wave of comfort was only washing over him when he heard hye hee scream in terror and pain.

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  • your-rose-highness
    14.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Tell me what is love- chapter 15 is being penned and will be uploaded in an hour. :D

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    13.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    exposing myself on instagram

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  • bedtimebrain
    13.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    EXO D.O.: Dish of love

    Characters: U x Ksoo   Genre: Chef Ksoo, cooking competition, fluff Description:  You met ksoo at a cooking competition, falling hard and fast for him. But will the both of you end up tgt?  

    “Kyungsoo, the leek and onion also needs to go in right?”

    You sat across the kitchen counter looking at Kyungsoo — pan in one hand, ready to start the stove… with his (definitely) semi prepared ingredients.

    Turning his head, his little confused frown morphed into a silent exclamation when he saw his unchopped onion and leek.

    ‘Oh right! I forgot’ and you facepalmed yourself on his behalf.

    He got right down to it, chopping the onions as skilful as can be. Someone needs to tell you how to stop getting butterflies over that forearm and skilful hands.

    Needless to say, being neighbours doesn’t help your feelings tame themselves either. Not sure if it’s a blessing in disguise or just Cupid fooling around with you.

    You and kyungsoo met at an overseas mini cooking contest (which is having the semi finals this week) and happened to be partners for a couple of preliminaries. Although kyungsoo was abit shy at first, you guys hit off incredibly well the moment pans and knives fell into both of your hands.

    And as the magic of the universe does it, you ended up being neighbours with him after your previous rental ran into some problems.

    He’s quiet, endearingly slow-witted, adorably determined and surprisingly full of hidden manly charms. Just mere 8 weeks together was enough for you to fall hard and fast for him.

    The semi final of the cooking contest was this week and you, Kyungsoo, Jinki and Mabel were the only ones left in the game. To sharpen your skills ahead of the semi, kyungsoo and you have volunteered to be lab rats for each other. Friendly rivalry~

    ‘Ok ok, its done, its done. Try it’

    You picked a well flavoured looking chicken piece off the plate and savoured it thoughtfully.

    ‘Kyungsoo if you’re cooking for a friend this taste fantastic. But for a cooking show… its nothing special’ you commented

    ‘Ahh.. you’re right. I actually came up with this recipe on my own, so i thought…’ he trailed off with a small little pout that did not manage to escape your sight

    ‘Actually why don’t you try a creamy version…’ and here goes another night of R&D for the both of you.


    ‘And you have 15 minutes left!’

    The judges shouted above the clanking of pots and slamming of oven doors.

    You’re almost done with your dish, except for the pasta which will be cooked in your special sauce.

    You quickly grabbed the strained pasta you left aside, but in a split second they were all spilled over on the ground.

    ‘Omg, I’m so sorry!’ Mabel exclaimed.

    ‘Why did you have to run!’ you were frustrated and in absolute panic

    ‘Now what ..’ you started, but kyungsoo who was using the cooking space behind you both interrupted

    ‘Y/N just get over it, it’s already spilled. There’s no time for you to be upset’

    You glared at kyungsoo, easy for you to say.. But he was right anyway, you clenched you teeth and swallowed your rage. What the heck could you do to replace your pasta? You glanced around a magical drop of inspiration and  noticed mabel herself also prepared pasta. Surely she wouldn’t mind giving you some at this critical juncture?  

    Mabel caught your eyes and it was as if she heard your thoughts. She reached for her pasta bowl and smiled at you. 

    Except that she went on to protectively dumped all her sauce over it. 


    Someone needs to tell you more about how to pull the hair out of an evil wench. 

    In the end kyungsoo offered you his sushi rice which completely didnt go well with the prawns and paste you prepared. And with much anger and disappointment you lost your chance to finals to mabel. Who o-so totally deserves it. 

    The moment the judges called for a wrap for today. You took off your apron, and threw it on your table right in the face of mabel. The audacity of her to act like she didn’t see it and ran up to kyungsoo straight and ask to have a taste of his dish. 

    You left the kitchen straight to cool off and Jinki followed you out and offered jokes and comfort so you would at least feel better before going for the semi-finals party. 


    At the dinner, mabel and kyungsoo sat together, being the stars of the night. You really have nothing against that, only that mabel wasn’t acting quite right ?

    You never noticed before, but it does seem pretty obvious now that mabel likes kyungsoo. All the occasional touching and that voice that goes up a few pitches just for him. Wrapping meat for him in lettuce when he didn’t even ask for it. 

    It was almost absolutely unbearable to be sitting opposite them. Watching that little thief who just took your podium spot about to steal your guy. Can’t she tell that kyungsoo obviously hates the touching?  But oh gawd, maybe kyungsoo does enjoy the feeding.  

    You dunked down 2 shots and tried to ignore those two. 

    But the night only got worse. In her tipsy state, mabel very smoothly took the chance to lean herself on kyungsoo. You sucked in a deep breath of annoyance, perhaps sensing you were about to reach your tolerance limit for the day, jinki whispered in your ear to take a breather together outside. 

    Without hesitation, you drank a whole mouthful from the bottle before getting up. The amount you drank tonight was enough to make you lose your balance just a little as you stood up. 

    ‘Ya ya, y/n. Don’t drink so much if you can’t ’ kyungsoo took the soju bottles in front of you away from across the table and his knee-jerk reaction almost shook the leaning-tower-of-Mabel off her seat.  Jinki caught you and you watch kyungsoo catch mabel, to stop her from falling.

    You ignored him and thought to yourself ya stay with mabel the whole night then, traitor. And you went out to sit by the bench outside the restaurant with jinki.

    ‘Honestly, y/n if you like him so much why don’t you just tell him? I think he likes you too.’

    Shocked you looked at jinki ‘i was that obvious about liking him??’ 

    ‘No girl, but the two of you have that couple chemistry. You know what i mean? Everyone has been wondering if the both of you are together. Perhaps that’s why mabel decided to make her move since the both of you aren’t really progressing.’

    You sighed and jinki laughed at you, putting his arms over your shoulders.

    ‘Comeon, its not that tough! just do it tonight y/n, if he says he doesnt like you just blame it on the alcohol and pretend you never said it.’ 

    Ok, he has a point. ‘But i dont know how the start , omg.’ 

    ‘Simple does it. ‘i-like-you’, give it a try. you can look at me and practice now’

    Giggling, you looked at jinki, and put on a straight face ‘ i...like you’, but somehow the situation just felt funny and the both of you started laughing. 

    ‘ah, i dont think i can do it. Anyway i’m gna go home, im tired and not really in the mood to be watching a kdrama inside. Help me tell the rest alright, and thanks for being the best confidant jinki.’


    ksoo’s pov

    ‘ah thank you, you don’t have to wrap it for me’ he gulped down the vegetable wrap and tried to put some space between him and mabel. Mabel’s proximity was making him feel extremely uncomfortable. 

    is y/n still affected by what happened in the afternoon? she doesn’t seem to be in a great mood. 

    He wanted to give the meat he was grilling to you, but jinki beat him to do it. Was there something on between the both of you ? 

    He saw jinki following you out after the competition today. Surely to comfort you. 

    Only now did he realize he had been stuck with mabel ever since the competition ended. What a friend he was to not give word of concern at all. 

    He can’t help but noticed that you were drinking alot today, frowning, wanting to tell you to slow down but he just kept hesitating about doing it. what a loser kyungsoo.  

    While he was trying to adjust mabel’s leaning body on him, he caught, from the corner of his eye, jinki whispering in your ear. He can’t help but turn his head to stare at the both of you. 

    The next moment you were both up and you lost your balance. Worried for you he took the bottles away from your area ‘ Ya ya, y/n. Don’t drink so much if you can’t’ 

    You gave him such a hateful look it caught him off guard and his eyes travelled to jinki’s hands that were steadying you, on your arm and waist. 

    he was sure 10 minutes had passed and the both of you were still not back. strangely anxious, he kept looking over at the restaurant door and wondered where the both of you had gone. he couldn’t wait a minute longer and headed out after ignoring her whining asking him to stay. 

    ‘i.. like you’ he heard your voice, and just right in front of him the both of you were seated, back facing him. 

    he felt his heart drop and immediately turned back into the restaurant. Did he just lose his chance with you? did you really like jinki? was it all in his mind? he thought you liked him too. 

    all the thought ran through his head at a speed of 200km/h. he had originally wanted to confess to you after the competition, so there wouldnt be distractions or burdens when the both of you face each other as rivals. 

    he slowly sat back down on the table, and poured a shot for himself.


    It was past 12am and the door bell rang, who could it be at this hour?

    You opened the door to find kyungsoo standing in front of you.

    ‘Are you okay? You left early without telling me, just wanted to check in on you’

    Though you have sobered up a little you are still in no mood for a decent conversion.

    ‘Yeh I’m fine’ you relied and stared blankly at him

    ‘Uhm..’ you knew he was searching for something to say as he reached to scratch the back of his head.

    ‘Okay then rest well, come over I’ll cook you hangover soup tomorrow’

    You shared an awkward moment with him by looking at him and simply giving a nod as a reply, and just as he started walking away

    ‘Do Kyungsoo’

    You opened the door and called out, and he turned on his heels taking a step toward you

    You felt a rush of adrenaline as you impulsively wanted to do what you’re about to do next. The power of alcohol pumped through your blood like a charge of courage. And without thinking, you pulled right at his jacket’s zipper, closed your eyes and pressed your lips to his.

    It lasted a second or two before you pulled away. Your heart beating fast and you bit on your upper lip. What’s going to happen next ?

    Stunned. Kyungsoo fumbled backwards just ever so slightly as you let him go. Eyes wide, staring at you, at the air, whatever. And you figured it’s now or never.

    ‘I like you’

    But his expression remained the same and you couldn’t make out what was he thinking. The both of you stood there for maybe 20seconds maybe a minute but it felt like forever right there and then.

    Your heart dropped ever so slightly as the adrenaline faded at the moment of uncertainty

    ‘Whatever Kyungsoo’ you reached to close the door

    ‘Wait’ his hands are now holding onto the door, opposing your motion he pulled it back open

    ‘Me ? Not jinki?’ He asked

    ‘What?’ You blurted out absolutely confused but answered

    ‘Yes you’

    With all seriousness still on his face, Kyungsoo took a step right into your apartment and closed the door behind him.

    ‘Thank God, y/n’

    And before you knew it, with the brightest smile, his hands was on your face pulling you in for a deeper kiss.

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  • iibonniee
    13.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    For the one word thing, how about "Bite"? It can be any genre but I feel like it would be fun. And how about with Kai from EXO?? Thanks in advance and HAPPY 700 YOU DESERVE IT!!!

    Pairing: Kim Jongin x Fem!Reader

    Rating: Fluff

    Word Count: 0.3k

    Word: Bite

    Masterlist | 700 Followers Post

    The sunlight setting was perfect. The sun waved through each crack that was left open by the shy branches that refused to meet for a single touch. The same branches that often swayed with the wind offering a better dance. 

    The weather was balanced just between cold and warm, creating that perfect outside weather. The day screamed perfect hours until the sun met the horizon where the moon was to hold the same promise with the stars. 

    Below the tree in the cool shade sat Y/N and Jongin. The silence they sat in allowed for the birds to sing their thoughts out. The warmth of Jongin’s hand warmed her own, causing her head to loll to the right, a smile forming ever so slowly. 

    “Today is perfect.” 

    Y/N’s soft voice didn’t dare to break the songs from the birds. Rather they sounded like a song of their own to Jongin. He wouldn’t admit those silly words out loud though.

    Jongin watched carefully as she reached for the basket that held their food. His eyes followed her fluent motions of a quick back and forth game between the basket and the blanket. Soon enough everything was laid out across them.

    Y/N turned to her boyfriend, her hand holding a spoonful of food

    “Take a bite.”

    He smiled, complying with the soft request.

    The spoon was warm as well as the food. The warmth almost being too hot causing the male to cough out while trying to blow out the heat. Forcing down the bite full of food he smiled, enjoying the new taste. 

    “It’s good.” Jongin finally replied, his head backing up his sentence. He watched as her eyes lit up in excitement as her hands clapped together.

    “Good! It’s a new recipe I tried. Now, enjoy this feast with me.”

    #kai x reader #kai drabble #kim jongin x reader #kim jongin drabble #exo drabble#exo imagines#exo fluff#kvanity #700 followers special
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  • haus-of-wu-ao3
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    nothing on my mind except vampire noble taemin (who has air powers btw) just covertly visiting his idol boyfriend jongin at night by flying up to jongin's high rise apartment and slipping in through the window.

    jongin just sleeps better when taemin is there, even if taemin barely has to sleep at all and is simply just going through youtube documentaries, trying to learn all there is about the universe despite the fact that pureblood vampires live for centuries.

    taemin always slips out before dawn, before the harsh UV rays of sunlight can burn him, and he always leaves a handwritten note.

    #taemin#kai#taekai#shinee#exo#superm#kpop rpf#fic inspo #series: the magical everyday #aka magical realism au/vampire taemin au #k thinks out loud #is this...fluff? or a teaser for what will come once i sit my ass down and focus
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  • wonwoosthetic
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Any concepts, short one shots or mtl you would like to send to me while I‘m sitting at the hairdresser?☺️ and before something new gets posted in the evening later👀

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  • dilatedpupils95
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    One Week (III)

    Characters: Sehun x Y/N x Junmyeon

    Chapters: I, II

    Genre: Fluff; Angst; Smut (in the future)

    Summary: What could one week change in a casual friendship between a woman and a man? Sehun–the friend who unabashedly flirts and banters with you in the guise of friendship. Junmyeon–the friend who tried to woo you once, but now was just content in maintaining a casual friendship with you. When Sehun proposed a one-week relationship with you, you found yourself unearthing feelings for him you never thought were there. When Junmyeon ended up in a one-week study program abroad with you, you found yourself realizing that he just might be the guy you have been searching all your life.

    But all you have is one week.

    One week to figure out who is “the one”.


    You looked to your right, and the bright face of Junmyeon came greeting you, his smile shining through the dusk of six o'clock.

    You smiled at him and nodded, but nonetheless continued walking to the direction of the train station, not minding his car slowly matching your even pace.

    "May I walk you home?"

    You looked at him again, and this time, laughed loudly more than you wanted to. Not only because of the fact that he can't exactly "walk" you home, as you're pretty sure you're going to ride his car.

    But also because it has been years since somebody offered to walk you home.

    "I've got a long way ahead of me, my friend."

    Junmyeon's face scrunched at the label given to him. At least she sees me as a friend. Gotta start somewhere.

    "Please, Y/N?"

    The sound of his voice was enough to persuade you, but looking at him again--his lips, now slightly pouting at you, as if he will be sulking all evening if you reject his request--was the point that completely changed your mind.

    And when you opened the door to his car, the smile that was growing on your face grew even wider.


    "Can you advise me on something?"

    You gave a glance at Junmyeon's side profile, his left hand on the steering wheel, and his right, comfortably deposited on his thigh. You may have probably been staring for too long, that he looked at you momentarily as if to recheck if you have heard him.

    "Okay," you say rather gently.

    You looked at him again, noticing the toothy smile he unconsciously gave at the sound of your voice.

    "What would you do if the person you have liked for years have not reciprocated nor noticed your affection for him?"

    You don't know why it happened, but at Junmyeon's question, Sehun's face quickly flashed before your mind. You shook your head a little in an effort to physically erase his image from your head, but Junmyeon was too quick to notice the gesture.

    "Do you think something's might be wrong with me? Do you think I ought to change something about me?" Junmyeon added.

    And at that, Sehun popped in your mind again, your own brain cells intent in making you believe that the question begs for a quick roundtrip ride about you and Sehun's history.

    Which only existed per your account.

    "Once upon  a time," you begin, which made Junmyeon glance at you interestingly, and to be honest, quite confusingly, "I liked a guy."

    A guy,  Junmyeon repeated in his mind. She has once liked a guy. That's normal right? He debates in his head.

    "Or I thought, I liked him.

    "I thought I liked him as more than a friend."

    And with that, Sehun's face popped in Junmyeon's head. He tried to think of all the other guy friends you have in university, but then realized that no one else comes close to the position Sehun held in your life.

    But no, she might have other friends, Junmyeon rationalizes, even though he knows that he might be a little in denial with this.

    "One day, it just dawned on me that I liked him," you start again. "From that little seed of affection, a flower fully bloomed in my chest, hoping that maybe--just maybe--one day, he will see me, not as a friend, but as a woman.

    "From there, I started dressing up for him. I bought summer dresses with sweetheart necklines, because he said I looked good on them. I wore my hair down because he mentioned in more than one occasion that I looked more natural with it than with my ponytail--" you paused, as Junmyeon gave an almost inaudible "ponytails are great", to which you gave him a grin. "So, I basically did everything I thought would make him like me.

    "For months, I've tried to secretly make him like me. There are times when I think I looked super good, but then he would be cold and very indifferent, as if he didn’t compliment me last week for the floral dress I was wearing, though my legs are begging to be in jeans." You bit your lip, remembering that time Sehun didn't even return your "hi" your light blue wrap dress swaying with the wind, as he deposited himself nonchalantly on a chair and texted furiously on his phone.

    "I often make excuses him--maybe he's just tired. Maybe he's just going through some personal things that's why he's not noticing me lately.

    "I also made an effort to pay extra attention to other girls he hang out with. And that's when the self-blames happened--I started thinking that maybe, just maybe, something is wrong with me, you know?" You say, completely oblivious to Junmyeon's jaw tightening with the words you just said. "Maybe I just have to change myself--my demeanor, my behaviour, even the way I speak--for him to like me.

    "But then one day, I was supposed to meet him for a rather romantic--or I guess, it was at least romantic for me--" you laughed, remembering the disillusion you were in a few years ago. "I was dressed to the nines--I even bought new underwear for that occasion because I really felt like it was the right time for him to realize that the girl he has been looking for--it's me, and I'm just right there in front of him, ready for him to take.

    "But when he showed up to our favorite restaurant, with his arms interlinked with a girl whose dress was definitely way fancier than mine, and wearing her hear in a low messy updo--someone whose style was completely different from the one I thought he liked--I felt cold. I felt like freezing water has been poured over me, and I was able to see things clearly for the first time."

    You looked at Junmyeon, who by then, has stopped in the car over the side of the road and whose eyes were already on yours. "It was then when I realized that nothing's wrong with him.

    "Most especially, nothing's wrong with me.

    "The truth is that, he just doesn’t like me that way."

    Junmyeon didn't know how to feel. He felt foolish at asking the question. But he likewise felt somehow relieved to hear your realization that you are fine--perfect in his eyes, even--and nothing's wrong with you.

    "I was just unlucky that I am not his type."


    "Is that why you rejected my advances before?"


    "Because you simply did not like me?"

    You turned to Junmyeon. Fortunately, a sly smile was playing on his lips, making you realize that he was having his fun on this.

    You sighed, staring at the long winding road before you.

    "They say that couples who have broken up need at least three months to recover before they enter into yet another relationship. It's infamously called as the '3-month rule,'" you explained.

    "Otherwise, a rebound relationship is bound to happen, which will hurt the recently broken person more, putting his in more misery than he was before."

    At this, you looked at him and said, "When you tirelessly invited me to coffee dates for a month, you and Geuhui have just been broken up for two months, Junmyeon."

    Junmyeon's head turned so fast you thought he had whiplash, his mouth slightly opened, as if you just landed a bomb on him.

    "I did not reject you.

    "I just wanted to wait the three-month period.

    "I just wanted to protect you from a likely painful rebound relationship with me."


    "Minseok hyung? It's late--why are you still here?" Sehun called out to the guy staring at the empty parking lot and scratching his head in confusion.

    "Well, I called Junmyeon to pick me up here at six o'clock," he explains, "But I don’t know where the hell he went to. I told him to fetch me at exactly six because I was supposed to meet someone."

    Sehun laughed at Minseok's misery. He pulled his phone out from his trusty leather satchel, deciding to wait with his hyung for Junmyeon.

    "Ah the motherfucker."

    Sehun turned to Minseok, but stopped before he could even begin to walk to his hyung's direction.

    Because there, glowing in Minseok's phone, is the answer why Junmyeon couldn't be here tonight.

    "He picked up Y/N, instead of picking me up!" Minseok exclaimed, staring at the photo posted by Suho in his IG stories, with him and Y/N singing to Chelsea Cutler and Noah Kahan's "Crazier".

    But Sehun has become oblivious to all of these already, his ears glowing red in jealousy, his steps quick to hatch his most awaited plan.

    One that he has been thinking every night. One that he has kept and suppressed all these years.


    It was midnight, and you are just preparing to go to bed when the doorbell to your unit rang.

    Could it be Junmyeon? You ask yourself, thinking you might have left something at his car.

    But when you opened the door it was Sehun.

    Speaking of the devil, you couldn’t help thinking, as you remembered tonight's conversation with Junmyeon.

    You just didn’t realize just how close that conversation could be related so much to tonight's events when he said his next words.

    Or no--maybe overturn is the more appropriate term.

    Because what he said next completely overturned what you thought was an absolutely plain friendship between the two of you.

    "Date me for one week."

    You were too stunned to speak and didn't reply.

    And so he repeated the words.

    "Date me for one week, Y/N. Date me for a week and I will walk you home every goddamn night."

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  • wordycerty
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Pairing: Yixing x Reader Genre: Fluff Rating: G Summary: At the company’s milestone celebration party, Yixing has a surprise for you, his hardest worker. Word Count: 0.6k Warnings: None

    Inspired by this post.

    As always, the office party was a success. Everyone who worked for and with Yixing turned up to celebrate another major milestone. However, this time was a little different.

    “Can I have your attention for a minute?” Yixing gently tapped a champagne glass with a fork. A hush fell over the room as all eyes turned to him. When it was reasonably quiet, he continued. “Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. Without your sacrifices, we wouldn’t have gotten this far. Serving a thousand clients is insane, yet we did it!” Applause filled the room.

    He scanned the room until he found you near the drink table, watching him with a soft smile that warmed his heart. “While I’d like to take credit for keeping things in order and running smoothly, no one would believe me.” The crowd chuckled knowingly. “So, with the insistence of everyone here at Zhang Advertising, I’d like to present our first annual employee of the year award,” he extended his hand in your direction, “to you, _____. Could you come up here, please?”

    You nearly dropped your glass of wine. The way everyone looked at you fondly, obviously in on this. How did he keep it from you? Yixing usually couldn’t do anything without your input or help. Sure, he wasn’t completely helpless, but he had the hardest time keeping secrets from you. Someone took your glass from you and gentle hands guided you to the front of the room where he waited. When you were within reach, he slung an arm around your shoulders and pulled you close.

    “Without you, we likely would have gone out of business months ago. You came in, all business and sunshine, and helped turn this ship around. We cannot appreciate you and all that you’ve done enough.”

    You shook your head. “It’s what you hired me to do! An assistant does their best to keep things from falling apart.”

    “Mm, yeah, but you pulled off six-day work weeks with countless hours of overtime. You made sure every project met our standards and exceeded client expectations. You protected our reputation while keeping the morale up. We all agree that you make this place worth working for. I personally can’t imagine anyone else being able to bring the passion, diligence, and competence you have with you every day you show up.”

    You bowed your head, unable to deny the truth in his words. You considered the company and its employees to be family and treated it as such.

    “So,” he reached behind you and picked up a gift bag, “we want you to have this.”

    You took the bag with a murmured thanks and peeked inside. There were several gift cards for shopping, spas, and food. You easily knew who helped pick out each card based on what conversations you remembered having.

    “Also, there’s this.” You looked up to find Yixing handing you a key.

    “What’s this for?” You took it and eyed it. It didn’t look familiar and had no telling markings.

    “Well, I thought my Vice President should have her own office.”

    Your neck snapped when you turned to look at him. “Your what?”

    “I think it’s time you got the promotion you deserve. I—no, we—would be honored to have you be the Vice President of Zhang Advertising.” He patted your shoulders. “It’s the least we could do after all you’ve done for us.”

    You blinked back tears, overcome with emotion and barely able to speak. Nonetheless, you nodded.

    He pulled you into a hug as the room erupted with applause and cheers. “Here’s to another year, yeah?”

    #exo-writers-net#exo fluff#lay fluff#yixing fluff#exo scenarios#exo imagines#exo drabbles #exo as rich kids #ceo!yixing #assistant!reader #yixing x reader #yixing x you #platonic love
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  • your-rose-highness
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Tell me What is Love (CH- 14)

    Chapter 14

    After the boys left that evening and a brief phone call with Sarang and Taeyeon, Baekhyun noticed that Hye hee had been awfully quiet for hours huddled in her room. He was in half mind, pacing back and forth in the living room. What had she meant when she said she walked out of her relationship because of him? It certainly didn't seem so earlier that night with them glued to each other. The thought annoyed him but he quickly brushed it off. What was he to do? Now? Now that he was so close to her, overnight, it made no sense. It didn't give him enough time to think his actions through, or even what would be best for the two of them. He certainly couldn't jump back into a relationship, when just dealing with a divorce. But again, he was technically single for a while now, at least in his head. It wouldn't be right to bring this up or drop hints about this with Hye hee. He wasn't in love but she had been.

    Was she really in love with him?

    Was he really just coming in the way of her life, thirdwheeling in her life, just when she was beginning to be happy. Baekhyun shook his head and the intrusive thoughts that seemed to not stop passing by made him question anything and everything he had ever done. Sure, he had made mistakes but did that mean he didn't deserve to be happy anymore; even more so, with the one girl he had loved and then shattered all the same. 

    I will not give up. I love her, and I think she loves me too. Does she not? Or is the thought of him being part of her life again something excruciating for her?

    He knocked at her door lightly before hearing noises of her sniffling softly. 

    “Hye hee? You okay?” he carefully asked, peeping through the one inch of the opening.

    She looked terrible. Wiping her already red nose on her sleeve, she sat upon being approached.

    “I’m fine. I just spoke to Jane. she was distraught that I broke up with her brother, worse that I moved in with you.”

    “That's hardly a reason. You didn't have a place to stay. Isn't she being a little too rude…” he tried reasoning.

    “I don't blame her. It was her brother, and he wasn't particularly in a good space emotionally. Jane was finally happy to have her brother close enough to feel like a family again”, she stopped to whimper, “and I ruined it again for them. I wish I hadn't ever dated him or agreed to date him. I just don't know what to do anymore. I have lost my best friend over something so trivial.”

    Baekhyun stayed quiet, just holding her hand, trying to calm herself down. 

    Thanks, is all she could mutter. Baekhyun’s mind was already guilt-tripping him throughout. 

    He had been the one to make her weep this way years ago, and he wasn't there to console her.

    “Dinner?” he asked, his voice breaking.

    “You do not have to worry about me. I’ll start apartment hunting tomorrow and be out of your hair soon.”

    “You want to leave? Why? This place is big enough for you to live comfortably….”

    “I doubt Taeyeon and your daughter would be thrilled to find me in your house days after she left.”

    Baekhyun fumed. When he didn't answer her, she continued, “I don't want to be a nuisance to you….”

    “It's me who has been one for you, though, haven't I? I muddled in your relationship and your friendship. It has been me who had made you unhappy years ago, and again, it's me who breaks you once again….”

    “Why would you break my relationship? This is my problem and hardly yours.” hye hee spoke, her voice crystal clear.

    “You told me you broke up because of me…what was I supposed to…”, Baekhyun was cut off.

    Hye hee seemed like she had had enough. Facing him, she began enunciating her situation. Baekhyun was in for a wild ride that evening.

    “I’m so sick of you behaving this way, Baek. Do you want to know? Well, yes. I was afraid of being in a relationship for the longest time to the point I just enjoyed my own company too much. Truth being, I kept looking for you in everyone. You would think this would stop someday after many years, but it doesn't! It just kept getting harder. Jaebeom made me feel safe, but as I experienced yesterday, it still doesn't seem to affect me! I’m still hung up on you! I was fucking feeling your arms wrapped around me the entire time! But I don't blame you for this! My head doesn't seem to stop craving you every time. I was mad at you for breaking my heart but never for not being able to move on! That's all me.” she breathed heavily after her rant. It felt good to let all that out of the chest. 


    “Just shut up and cook something for me. I’m hungry and have a headache.”

    Mumbling a soft, “yes, ma'am”, Baekhyun left as confused as ever. Half giddy that she loved him and half annoyed with himself, the man began making her favourite kimbap rolls she loved when she had these migraines. 

    Hye hee took a hot shower to calm her nerves and her migraine. All the crying and the yelling did no good for her. She was tired and hungry. Baekhyun had already set the table before the tv when she headed downstairs. 

    They ate quietly, the tv show filling the silence between them. Years after it all, it seemed like they had returned to their younger selves, who so often bickered. Both of them had been headstrong, and though Hye hee had softened with age, her old self was peeking through the blinds again. It was as though it needed an outlet, a safe space to bloom again. She had been too careful with Jaebeom, and that should have been a hint of how it would end. With Jane and Minseok, she was often spicy because they knew her well. 

    “There’s more in the kitchen.”, baekhyun being the first to speak as he noticed she had quickly cleared her crab kimbap.

    “Thanks, I’ll get some more. Would you like seconds?”

    “Just two.” he wasn't looking at her, eyes glued to the tv screen.

    They cleared the entire platter, and Baekhyun had learnt to cook quite well. Necessity was the mother of all inventions, indeed. As the tv show played on, the two found themselves chuckling to the punchlines, surprising each other.

    “The shows are still funny, ain't it?”, Baekhyun whispered, smiling.

    “Yeah, Yoo JaeSeok is the best indeed.”, she replied, a smile on her face.

    Baekhyun glanced at her. The soft light of the tv fell on her face making her face glow in the dim room. Her hair was half dry now, and she looked soft. Something was different. She was carefree. The smile reflected her calm heart, making her look so adorable.

    “I wish to start over.”, he blurted without thinking.

    “Huh?” she sharply turned at his voice. 

    “I want to start over. Afresh. A clean slate. However, you want it to be. Just don't leave. I’ll let you make the decisions. Slow, fast or in between, I don't care. Let's quit thinking of how it would be or what troubles would arise, and I’ll get over them with you. I’ll protect you from the world and its evil words. I just need you to have faith in me. Just this once.”

    A light appeared at the end of a dark, dingy tunnel. She had waited for this ever since he had cheated on her. For him to come back, no baggage along. 

    Her cellphone glowed in her room as the two sat discussing their feelings. 

    Jaebeom: Hye hee. 

    Jaebeom: I’m sorry. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did. Let us just talk it out. I miss you. I miss you bad.

    Jaebeom: I have to go over to Jane’s soon for her medicines. Let me know if you want to talk. I hope you do and can forgive me this once.

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  • kpopimaginings
    06.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    “Take it back” - Baekhyun

    You and Baekhyun were sat on the sofa together, doing not much of anything and enjoying each other's company when his tummy started rumbling. He whined and slid down on the sofa.

    "I want japchae," he complained.

    "You know where the kitchen is," you pointed out.

    "I'm too lazy," he continued to moan.

    "Well, you're nearly off the sofa already," you joked.

    In response he slid further down until he was laying on the floor.

    "Getting up is too much effort," mumbled your pouting boyfriend. "I'm too hungry to move."

    "Then you should have made food sooner, shouldn't you?"

    He just lay he was and kept groaning.

    "See, this is why D.O's my bias."

    "Yah!" he shouted, sitting up abruptly.

    "That made you move," you quipped.

    "Take it back," he pouted.

    "But you're annoying," you continued teasing.

    Finally, Baekhyun stood up and began tickling you, eventually lying on top of you on the sofa.

    "Take. It. Back," he requested between tickle assaults.

    "Ok, ok, fine!" you managed to breathe out among the squeals and giggles leaving you.

    "Who's your Exo bias?"

    "You, Baekhyun," you told him.

    "And your SuperM bias?"

    "Taemin," you grinned.

    As you'd expected your boyfriend proceeded to squeeze your waist making you squirm again.

    "Who's your SuperM bias?" he asked again.


    "Thank you," he told you with a cheeky grin, before simply collapsing against your chest.

    "Hey, Baek," you said after a moments calm and quiet.

    He hummed to let you know he was listening.

    "Wanna go out for food? You can get japchae without having to cook."

    "Good idea," he agreed, staying laid on you for a moment longer before eventually getting up and offering you his hand.

    You gratefully took it, letting him pull you to your feet so that the pair of you could get ready to head out for dinner.


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  • blu-joons
    06.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Bump Cuddles ~ Park Chanyeol

    An excited grin appeared on Chanyeol’s face as soon as he watched you walk out of the bathroom door in your pyjamas, shuffling along the bed straight away to make plenty of room for you as you made your way across, laying on top of the duvet, dropping with a sigh.

    His eyes immediately landed on your bump and the rise in your shirt as it struggled to stretch to cover the entirety of your growing bump. “It looks so big these days.”

    “Tell me about it,” you laughed as a hand rested over the top of your tummy, “my lower back especially is really starting to feel the weight of carrying this thing around.”

    “It’ll be worth it,” Chanyeol reminded you as he shuffled slightly down the bed to able to rest his head as well as his hand against your bump. “I know it’s hurting a lot now, but when our baby arrives, the pain will be worth it, I promise you.”

    “It’s easy for you to say,” you teased as Chanyeol tilted his head back to look up at you, “you don’t fancy carrying some of this pain for me, do you? So, I can move around a little more.”

    As much as you joked, you knew that if Chanyeol could swap positions with you when you were suffering, he absolutely would. He hated seeing you in so much pain, even though he knew the moments of suffering now would be rewarded when your little one arrived in just over a month.

    “It’s the perfect size for me to be able to cuddle up to,” Chanyeol commented as he nuzzled his head a little closer against your bump, “everything about it just seems to fit perfectly, I can get the perfect cuddles from your bump these days.”

    Ever since your bump started to show, Chanyeol enjoyed cuddling around it, but as the months passed, he enjoyed it even more. These days he could feel most things, the kicks, the wriggles, trying his best to experience as much as possible.

    “Are you comfy?” He asked you once he had settled himself by your side, wanting to make sure that you had enough room as you laid on the bed.

    Truthfully, you couldn’t remember the last time you had been comfortable, but you were content as you laid with Chanyeol beside you, and that was enough for you. Your head nodded in reply to you, despite the little niggles of displeasure that came your way.

    “Tell me if you want me to move,” Chanyeol then whispered as he began to trace his hand over the top of your bump in a circular motion, “or if the baby starts kicking a lot too.”

    You smiled appreciatively just in time before Chanyeol’s head turned back down, with his eyes turning to study your bump once again. “They’ve been kicking a lot today actually, that side that you’re laying on has taken quite a beating whilst you’ve been at work.”

    “Really?” Chanyeol panicked, moving his hand to cover the left side of your bump straight away, “I even told them last night to be good for you whilst I was at work.”

    Talking to your bump was another of Chanyeol’s favourite things to do. You’d lost count of the number of one-sided conversations that you had listened to when Chanyeol spoke to them, sometimes getting a kick in the form of a reply if he was particularly lucky.

    “You’re going to miss this once the baby arrives, aren’t you?” You asked him.

    “Of course, bump cuddles are my favourite part of the day.”

    Whilst Chanyeol always imagined that he would be a doting dad, he never imagined himself getting quite so attached so quickly. Every single time he saw your bump, he had the urge to touch it or hold it, and often talk to it too, he couldn’t get enough of your baby, and they hadn’t even entered the world yet.

    “I can’t imagine myself not being able to feel your bump anymore,” he then added as your hand reached across to start brushing gently through his hair.

    The smile on his face grew as you did so, feeling the tug through the little knots that he had in your hair. “Without you cuddling up to my bump so often and doing so much, I wonder sometimes how much pain I could have been in whilst pregnant.”

    “I told you since the day when you showed me the test that I would take care of you,” Chanyeol reminded you, “I wanted to do the best job of that.”

    Your head nodded as he looked to you for reassurance to make sure that that was just what he had done. Whilst he couldn’t solve everything for you, he wanted to try his best to be there for you whenever you needed him to be.

    “Just imagine how crazy everything will be when the baby arrives,” he sniggered, “I’ll have two incredible people to cuddle up to then.”

    The way Chanyeol spoke made your heart race, “I don’t think our baby could get any luckier being able to say that you’ll be their daddy Chanyeol.”

    “I just want to be the best dad ever,” he grinned, “like I’ve hopefully been the best husband too.”

    You didn’t even need to think as you replied to his statement, “I can categorically tell you that you’ve been the best husband ever.”

    It was all that he needed to hear, knowing that you had felt supported by him. Pregnancy had shown you a different side to Chanyeol, he was softer, sweeter, and definitely much more protective of you too, keeping an eye on you every single second that he spent with you.

    “I don’t know how I feel about sharing you,” you laughed, “I’m so used to being the only one to receive cuddles from you.”

    Chanyeol’s eyes flickered up to look at you again, “there’s enough of me to go round,” he proudly told you, “and I’m sure that they’ll be plenty of times when I can cuddle you both, we can do bump cuddles, without the bump.”

    “Just with the baby now on my tummy and not in it?” You quizzed, to which Chanyeol nodded his head in reply to you.

    “I’ll make sure that I cuddle the both of you,” Chanyeol promised you with a wide smile, “I’ll have plenty of time for our baby and for you, with some time off of work too, you’ll probably both get sick of the sight of me wanting to constantly cuddle you both.”

    Your head shook back at him as a laugh escaped Chanyeol, one filled of excitement. He couldn’t stress enough how excited he was, it was a chapter that he had wanted to open for so long, and at last it was happening.

    “I think someone’s agreeing,” he noted as he felt a small kick against your bump, in the exact same spot where your baby had kicked for most of the day.

    “I think they’re agreeing that they can’t wait to get cuddled by you,” you told Chanyeol, tugging a little harder through his hair, “who can blame them? I bet they’re nice and snug in there with how well you cuddle my bump.”

    A flustered Chanyeol looked back to your bump, “I promised them on the day that you found out that you were pregnant that I’d take care of them too.”

    “You’ve done a good job of that, I don’t think I’ve bumped by bump once whilst I’ve been pregnant, and that’s all down to you.”

    “I just can’t wait to have them in my arms now,” he admitted.

    Your head nodded in agreement with him, “we’ve got just over a month left, and then thousands of cuddles with them ahead of us.”

    “Thousands? I’m never letting my baby go,” he joked, “they’ll be wrapped up in my arms forever, just like you will be too.”

    “I’m sure we wouldn’t have it any other way.”



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  • gothicnakamoto
    05.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    hii. im going 2 be writing multiple fics about kai (exo) inspired by songs from igor, a tyler the creator album. if you have any ideas pls feel free to tell me :]

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  • hashiraofthehiddenleaf
    05.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Hey I don’t know if anyone on here is still active but hiii it’s admin Lex, I’m back! I stopped writing for quite a while but I plan to start writing again soon. All inbox requests will be deleted so we can start fresh!! Our requests are open!

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  • exoafterhours
    05.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    - ℍ𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕪 𝕓𝕚𝕣𝕥𝕙𝕕𝕒𝕪 𝕓𝕒𝕖𝕜𝕙𝕪𝕦𝕟 🎂🍓🐶

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  • exoafterhours
    05.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    - 𝙃𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙮 𝙗𝙞𝙧𝙩𝙝𝙙𝙖𝙮 𝙗𝙖𝙚𝙠 🎂🍓🐶

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  • kpoptrashlord-007
    04.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Summer Drabble Requests

    Hihi! We’re moving into summer and I realised I never announced that my prompt list is available to use so... let’s do it!

    Here’s a Summer Prompt List I made! 

    Send in an idol (I mainly do female reader inserts) and genre as well as the prompt and anything else you want included!

    Here are the bands I’m writing for these days:




    ... Enhypen




    Stray Kids

    I’m open to smut (no minors!), fluff, angst, and yandere/mafia requests!

    Feel free to request whatever and I’ll do it when I can <3 

    Due to time constraints, I’ll be keeping the word count to these under 2k if possible. Thanks ya muchly!

    Oh, and if these summer prompts aren’t your thing, here’s the rest of the prompt lists I’ve made.

    Current Requests;;

    ATZ ;; San ;; Forbidden Fruit

    EN ;; Jay ;; Grazing Lips

    EN ;; Jake ;; Skinny Dipping

    EN ;; All ;; The Knock

    NCT ;; YangYang ;; Grazing Lips / First Dance

    SKZ ;; Chan ;; Habitual Sin

    SVT ;; S.Coups ;; Cherry Knot

    #kpop x reader #kpop smut#kpop fluff#yandere kpop #astro x reader #ateez x reader #bts x reader #enhypen x reader #exo x reader #nct x reader #seventeen x reader #skz x reader #astro fluff#ateez smut#yandere ateez#bts smut#yandere bts#enhypen fluff#exo smut#yandere exo#nct smut#yandere nct#seventeen smut#skz smut#yandere skz
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