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  • blu-joons
    21.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Imitation Game ~ Byun Baekhyun

    Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as Baekhyun walked into the kitchen, holding onto his hip as he limped slightly, with you immediately fearing the worst as he came home from the studio.

    “Please don’t tell me that you’ve injured yourself again,” you sighed, sliding off of the stool that you sat on and making your way across to pull a chair out for Baekhyun to sit on.

    As you walked across, Baekhyun’s eyes were on your hands. As ever, you had one on your baby bump, but your other was pressed against your hip too as you tried to ease the spot of pain that had been making you suffer for the past couple of weeks in your pregnancy.

    Baekhyun sat down as soon as you pulled out a chair for him, biting down on his bottom lip as he sat down. You hobbled back across to where you were sat once he was up, watching his hands move to press against his tummy.

    “Have you got any thoughts for what you want for dinner?” You asked, “if you’re injured then we can have whatever you want to make you feel better?”

    His head nodded in reply to you as he thought for a moment. Whilst you waited for Baekhyun’s reply, you brought your hands forward and rested them against your bump, almost identical to where Baekhyun’s hands were on his tummy.

    As he looked around the kitchen, an idea popped into Baekhyun’s head, chuckling to himself as your eyes looked across to him.

    “I was thinking about maybe ordering in a pizza,” he suggested, “something really spicy with as many chillies as possible.”

    “Really?” You groaned back across to him, “I’ve eaten enough spicy pizzas with all of these cravings to last me a lifetime whilst pregnant?”

    His head nodded back at you, refusing to change his mind. Your shoulders dropped as you realised how stubborn his eyes were too, surprised that Baekhyun was willing to order it for dinner considering how often he declined whenever you offered a piece to him.

    “Are you going to eat any of it?” You asked Baekhyun, wanting to be absolutely sure.

    His head still nodded, leaving you confused. You didn’t want to argue with him whilst he recovered from whatever the problem was, picking up your phone to start ordering.

    “Do you want anything else whilst we wait for food?” You asked Baekhyun, leaving your phone open on the menu whilst you checked on him.

    “There is one thing that you could do whilst we wait, I really fancy a massage.”

    You continued to look at Baekhyun with a perplexed expression, shaking your head across at him. As his smile grew, so did your suspicion, beginning to wonder what was going on with him.

    “Are you really injured?” You quizzed, sceptically looking at him.

    “Why would you say such a thing?” Baekhyun gasped, “whenever your bump gives you pain in your hip, I don’t doubt you.”

    Your eyes widened as you began to piece together all of the little things that Baekhyun had done since he got home. The way he had pain in his hip, how he wanted to order something that you had craved, how he begged for a massage just like you always did from him whenever you were in too much pain.

    “Are you mocking me?” You enquired, staring across at Baekhyun, “you’re just getting your own back for all of the things that I do to you?”

    “I might be,” Baekhyun innocently smiled, “I wanted to see how long it would take for you to notice me doing all of the things that you’ve been doing whilst you’re pregnant.”

    You leant across the table and hit against Baekhyun’s arm, finally giving him a reason to really be in pain. His expression widened as you did so, but your shoulders shrugged back at him, knowing that it was the least that he deserved for imitating you.

    “Maybe we should still order this pizza,” you told him, “if you really want to imitate me, then we might as well do it properly.”

    Baekhyun’s head immediately shook, uttering several apologies across at you. Panic hit him hard as he realised what you were up to, watching as your hand started to scroll through the menu as if you were still ordering whilst Baekhyun was imitating you.

    “I’ll cook for you,” Baekhyun told you, reaching across the table to hide your phone, “maybe we shouldn’t order pizza, that was a bad idea.”

    Your head shook back across to him, “I still have a bit of a craving for it, and you obviously would quite like to order it for dinner too, you said so, didn’t you?”

    “I made a mistake; I couldn’t think of anything worse for dinner.”

    As Baekhyun took your phone and placed it into your pocket, you knew that you had gotten under his skin. He was terrified of having to have the pizza, having watched you in disgust as you ate it for most of your pregnancy. Just the smell was off putting for him let alone actually having to sit and eat it too.

    “I shouldn’t have imitated you, I’m sorry,” Baekhyun repeated again and again. “I’ll cook and I’ll even give you a massage after dinner too if the bump is troubling you. I won’t even moan about having to give you one too.”

    “You really don’t want the pizza, do you?”

    “I’ll cook whatever you want,” he told you, letting you know just how much he didn’t want for you to order. For Baekhyun to cook was rare, but he was willing to do just about everything to make it up to you for imitating you.

    On the other side of the table, you were quite enjoying watching Baekhyun beg for your understanding, knowing that you could wind him up plenty with this.

    “I’ll let you off with the cooking as long as you promise not to imitate me again,” you warned Baekhyun, “and as long as you hurry up and give me my phone back too, I promise that I won’t order anything on it.”

    “I’m sorry for imitating you,” he replied, “but you shouldn’t make it so easy for me to be able to pick up on all of your habits whilst you’re pregnant.”

    You shot a glare across at Baekhyun as he still managed to pass comment, bringing him to apologise to you again. Reluctantly, he took your phone out of his pocket and passed it back across to you, watching as you pressed the home button on your phone.

    Your head shook at how panicked his eyes still were, chuckling away to yourself. You were never going to admit it to Baekhyun, but you were pretty impressed by how well he had managed to pick up on all of the little things that you do.

    “What do we do for dinner now? I might not be injured, but I am still hungry,” Baekhyun frowned, resting his head down against the top of the table.

    “How about we order something?” You asked, watching his eyes glance across at you. “And I promise that we won’t order in any pizza.”

    “I think that’s a good idea,” Baekhyun mused, “I’ll order it, I should pay to apologise for being so harsh to you earlier.”

    “Do I get to pick what we have though? I mean I am pregnant after all.”

    “You can’t guilt me with that one Y/N!”



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  • hiraya-m
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Handa na ba kayong mag Movie Night kasama ang mga Mahiwaga nating miyembro? Ihanda na ang popcorn at mga kumot. Padilimin na ang mga ilaw at maupo at magpalubay para sa ating movie marathon! Ang naglipas na mga araw ay nakakalungkot man, gayunpaman, hindi huli ang lahat para ating ipagdiriwang ang unang buwan ng Hiraya Manawari. (Happy 1st Month again y'all!)

    [Ready to have a Movie Night with our Mahiwagang members? Prepare your popcorn and blankets. Dim the lights and sit back and chill to tonight's movie marathon! Things may have been rough but it's never too late to formally celebrate the first month of Hiraya Manawari. (Happy 1st Month again y'all!)]

    Big thank you to our Mahiwagang member @starlighthan, for the idea!

    Showing from May 19 - July 1.

    Seven Sundays

    Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina

    Top Cast: Ronaldo Valdez, Aga Muhlach, Dingdong Dantes, Enrique Gil, Cristine Reyes

    Cinema One

    Rainbow Sunset

    Director: Joel Lamangan

    Top Cast: Eddie Garcia, Tony Mabesa, Gloria Romero

    Cinema Two

    Four Sisters and a Wedding

    Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina

    Top Cast: Coney Reyes, Bea Alonzo, Angel Locsin, Toni Gonzaga, Shaina Magdayao, Enchong Dee

    Cinema Three

    Kita Kita

    Director: Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

    Top Cast: Alessandra de Rossi, Empoy Marquez

    Cinema Four

    That Thing Called Tadhana

    Director: Antoinette Jadaone

    Top Cast: Angelica Panganiban, JM de Guzman

    Cinema Five

    More Than Blue

    Director: Nuel Naval

    Top Cast: JC Santos, Yassi Pressman

    Cinema Six

    Crazy Beautiful You

    Director: Mae Czarina Cruz-Alviar

    Top Cast: Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla

    Cinema Seven

    The Hows of Us

    Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina

    Top Cast: Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla

    Cinema Eight

    She's Dating The Gangster

    Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina

    Top Cast: Kathryn Bernaro, Daniel Padilla

    Cinema Nine

    Diary ng Panget

    Director: Andoy Ranay

    Top Cast: James Reid, Nadine Lustre

    Cinema Ten

    My Ex and Whys

    Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina

    Top Cast: Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil

    Cinema Eleven


    Director: Olivia Lamasan

    Top Cast: Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla

    Cinema Twelve

    Only Hiraya Manawari members can participate in this event. For non-members, you can apply to our network and look forward for our events that'll be coming soon!

    #☼ 。.⋆.hm #nct imagines#exo imagines#skz imagines#tbz imagines#enhypen imagines#txt imagines#filo au #nct filo au #exo filo au #skz filo au #tbz filo au #enhypen filo au #txt filo au
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  • kpopfairyland
    17.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Chanyeol and the almost date night

    (I suck at naming things.... specially drabbles..........)

    Chanyeol x Reader (fem? only mentions matching underwear...)

    Fluff, suggestive


    “You look beautiful,” said a voice from the door.

    With a scream and a jump you turned around. Chanyeol grinned at you, his arms crossed he leaned against the doorframe. Lately he got into the habit of sneaking up on you. For a man this tall and clumsy he could be surprisingly quiet.

    “How long have you been standing there?”

    “Long enough to know that your underwear is matching.”

    “That was suppose to be a surprise for after the date.” You tried to glare at him, but his stupid grin made you smile yourself.

    “I will pretend to be surprised,” he said and stepped closer. His hand came around your waist and he pult you up. His lips met yours and what started out as a soft caress turned into a needy moan. He pressed closer, pushing you back until you hit your vanity table. Something dropped to the floor and the smell of roses filled the air.

    “My face wash.”

    “Leave it. I get you a knew one.”

    Chanyeol trailed kisses down your throat, tasting your skin and making you moan again.

    “How about you surprise me with your matching underwear now?”

    “And skip the dinner and gallery? No chance.”

    His lips found your sweet spot and his hand came up to caress your face.

    With shaky knees you had to admit that his arguments were the better once.

    “One the other hand, we could always go tomorrow.”

    “Good girl.”

    #exo fluff#exo drabble#exo imagines#exo scenarios #chanyeol x reader #chanyeol x you
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  • blu-joons
    17.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    The First Confession ~ Kim Junmyeon

    Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as Junmyeon looked away from you with a role of your eyes. Your heart was racing already, but as you watched him seemingly dismiss everything that you had told him, all you wanted was for the ground to swallow you up.

    Things didn’t feel like they could get any worse for you as you tried to figure out how Junmyeon was feeling. The look disappointment in his expression almost felt like a stab to the heart for you as you tried to keep a hold of your composure.

    You had hoped for better as you confessed to Junmyeon, but things didn’t feel as if they could get any worse for you, no matter how hard you tried.

    “Maybe I’ll just go,” you whispered, beginning to pick your bag up from the floor underneath the table that you were sat at in the coffee store, “it was a bad idea for me to come and do this.”

    “Wait, no,” Junmyeon called out as soon as he watched you slightly raise from the chair that you were sat in. “Don’t go, just stay here for a moment, I don’t want you to go anywhere,” Junmyeon told you.

    You sighed back at him, “it’s obvious that I’ve made a mistake, spare me the embarrassment.”

    Junmyeon’s head shook as he reached out to wrap his hand around your wrist, pulling you back so that you were sat in your chair again. The last thing that you wanted was to be tormented any longer, you had pretty much managed to ruin your friendship with just three words, without having to sit yourself in front of Junmyeon any longer.

    “You haven’t made a mistake,” he assured you as he kept his eyes looking across at you. “If anything, I’m annoyed at myself that you’ve just said what you’ve said, annoyed that I waited so long so you did it first.”

    “You’re annoyed that I told you that I like you?” You asked in confusion, too humiliated to really focus on what Junmyeon was saying to you. “If you’re annoyed, then why don’t you just let me go home and then this can be over and done with?”

    “Can you listen to me properly?” Junmyeon laughed as you tried to pull your hand out of his grip. “I’m not annoyed that you like me, I’m just annoyed that you got to confess before I did, I waited too long, and you beat me to it.”

    As Junmyeon repeated what he had to say to you again, it began to sink in a little bit better. With your eyes looking across at him again, you noticed the small pout that was on his face, irritated that you had beaten him to it in an attempt to take your friendship elsewhere.

    “Y-you wanted to confess to me?” You asked him nervously, wanting to make sure that you had understood what was going on, “what were you waiting for? Why didn’t you?”

    He had a list as long as his arm of reasons why he was terrified to confess to you. The last thing that Junmyeon wanted to do was ruin your friendship, with not even a hint from you that there was a chance that you liked him.

    And just like you wanted to be spared the humiliation of feeling as if Junmyeon didn’t like you back, he wanted the same. He couldn’t imagine himself being around you knowing that you knew that he liked you, only for you not to feel the same way as he did.

    “I regret waiting for as long as I did,” Junmyeon admitted to you.

    “Not for one second did I ever even get the feeling that you might like me Junmyeon.”

    “And I didn’t with you too,” he laughed.

    “All this time we were secretly in competition for something as stupid as who would be the first one to confess to the other.”

    He through his head back in disbelief as Junmyeon realised how ridiculous it sounded. All the time that the two of you could had been together, was wasted, as the two of you stewed over your feelings and tried to figure out what was best.

    “I’m still annoyed that you won though, I always thought I’d be the one to do it first, and so did all of the boys too.”

    Your head shook back at Junmyeon, “you shouldn’t have waited for so long then, you should have been brave like I was.”

    It was the bragging rights that you had always wanted, and that Junmyeon wanted too. Knowing now that he’d have to carry on with you being able to be the one to brag about confessing first killed him slightly on the inside.

    “I can’t wait to tell everyone about this,” you teased, “the boys will be stunned when they know that I got there before you did.”

    “I’ve not actually said that I like you yet,” Junmyeon suddenly spoke up, halting the growing smile on your face. “I said that I was going to confess, but I never said that I liked you,” he warned you, determined to try and find a way to stop you basking in the success of being first for just a moment.

    Your eyes rolled at the smile on his face which quickly gave Junmyeon away. “Everyone knows that you like me, the boys have been telling me for long enough,” you told him, watching the expression on Junmyeon’s face drop too.

    His head shook as he realised that the boys had snaked him too, “I knew that I should have never told any of them that I liked you, I should’ve known they’d never keep their mouths shut.”

    “Say it,” you whispered as Junmyeon finished venting, leaning in a little closer to him at the table. “I promise that I won’t brag about being the first one to confess if you tell me right now that you like me,” you told him.

    A sigh came from Junmyeon as he knew that you had him cornered, it was either bragging rights, or giving up the one thing that he could still hold against you up, and he knew exactly which one he could live more comfortably with too.

    “You know that I like you,” Junmyeon smiled in reply to you, more than willing to tell you how he felt about you. “I think ever since I met you, I liked you, I was just too afraid to admit it, especially when you started talking to me.”

    “I thought you hated me when I first started working at the company,” you responded, “I never thought that the two of us would find ourselves in this position a couple of years down the line, fighting over who could be the first to confess to the other.”

    “You thought all of us boys hated you because we kept teasing you all the time.”

    Your head nodded as you remembered the many things that they had said to you, “I was annoyed at you more than anyone because you let them do it, I never imagined back then when you were shy it was because you fancied me.”

    Junmyeon couldn’t believe how much of a wreck he was around you too, although even now, he still found his stomach knotting whenever he was around you.

    “I couldn’t imagine myself ever liking anyone else Y/N.”

    “And I couldn’t imagine liking anyone other than you too.”



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  • syuga-s
    16.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    can't believe I managed to write 10k words for a fic and I'm not even finished

    #this is exciting #kpop imagines#kpop drabbles#kpop fanfic #kpop reader insert #hinting at#pentagon #and one member of #exo#hehe hi
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  • dreamylittlesugarcube
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Making a Splash

    Genre: Canon, Fluff

    Characters: You x Kyungsoo

    Warnings: None

    Word Count: 968

    Summary: You accompany Kyungsoo and the other EXO boys on a vacation and find yourself caught up in a compromising position with Kyungsoo in the pool (totally innocent though, so no worries!).

    A/N: I received a request from a lovely anon for a Kyungsoo drabble inspired by the recent episodes of EXO’s Travel the World. I hope you like it and if you enjoy what you’ve read, please like, re-blog or comment so that others can find it more easily. Thanks! 

    *Credit for GIF goes to do-kyngsoo*


    Did a vacation sound fun? Yes. 

    Did a free vacation sound fun? Heck, yes. 

    Did you know exactly what you were getting into when you climbed into a van with five  boys who together radiate the most chaotic energy you’ve ever seen? Mayyyyyybe not. 

    Between Sehun’s constant whining about everything from the choice of music to how hot or cold the van is, and Suho’s attempts at being a backseat driver, you are honestly drained by the time you reach Namhae. You can only imagine how much higher the decibel level in the car would be had EXO’s resident megaphones, also known as Chen, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol, not been absent. The only saving grace is that Kyungsoo has insisted on driving and has commandeered the passenger seat for you, citing concerns with having you sandwiched between “the children in the backseat”. 

    Finally reaching Namhae (with most of your sanity intact), you take a well-deserved nap in your room before you venturing out to explore the expansive villa that is (partially) yours for the weekend. You stumble upon Xiumin, Sehun, Suho, and Kai all snoozing in various locations around the house. The sound of water draws you to the patio where you find Kyungsoo gracefully treading water in the pool. You move to sit by the side of the pool, dipping your toes into the cool water. Kyungsoo paddles over, pulling himself up onto his elbows to rest beside you. 

    “It’s so relaxing out here–very serene,” you say, remarking on the sound of the cicadas and the calm, solitude of the clear water against your feet. 

    “And quiet”, Kyungsoo agrees, “a nice place to get away from all the noise.”

    From anyone else, those words would’ve hurt–insinuating you were being loud and intrusive– but you knew Kyungsoo well enough to know he didn’t mean it that way. Still, you could be respectful if the man wanted some time by himself. 

    “Oh–I’m sorry if I interrupted your alone time, Kyungsoo,” you say sincerely. “I’ll just head back into the house and see if any of the guys are awake.” You pull your feet from the water, ready to stand, when a surprisingly warm hand reaches out to stop you.

    “No, wait! I didn’t mean you, I was talking about them”, he clarifies, nodding his head towards the patio door. 

    Your heart warms at his words. “I definitely know what you mean,” you chuckle. A moment of silence falls over the two of you and you watch as Kyungsoo pushes off from the side, gliding to the middle of the pool. 

    “Are you wearing a swimsuit?” Kyungsoo’s dark eyes are on you, beckoning you into the water like a beacon. 

    Breathlessly, you nod, grateful you’d thought to put your bikini on under your sundress. Pulling your dress over your head, you slip into the water. Making your way to the middle of the pool to Kyungsoo, you tread water together silently. 

    “Are you tired?” Kyungsoo asks suddenly.

    Nodding your head, you’re confused when Kyungsoo touches down to the bottom and beckons you over. “I’ll support you for a bit.” He opens his arms, waiting for you to float into them. 

    You give him a look of disbelief and he returns it with a small smile. Cautiously, you drift over, yelping in surprise when one arm comes around your back, the other under your legs. Snug against his body, you aren’t exactly sure how things lead to you being princess-style carried by Kyungsoo in the middle of a pool. Not that you were complaining by any means. However, as you “rest” in Kyungsoo’s arms you feel a wave of awkwardness wash over you. What sort of conversation did one have in this situation? You weren’t great at small talk and goodness knows Kyungsoo wasn’t either. 

    “This is a little awkward, huh?” Kyungsoo starts, putting into words what you had been thinking. 

    “Yeah, maybe a little.”

    “I can change that,” Kyungsoo challenges. 

    Before you can formulate a response, Kyungsoo tightens his grip on, spinning you around in circles, before ceremoniously dunking you into the water. You sputter as water splashes vigorously around you from the upset. 

    “Kyungsoo!”, you shout in mock betrayal, “How could you?” Not even a ‘one for the money, two for the show’?!” 

    “But it’s not awkward anymore, right?” Kyungsoo shrugs his shoulders, a sheepish smile on his face. 

    “Yeah, I guess–”

    You gasp, feeling the tie of your bikini give way. You quickly grasp your top, attempting to hold the cups in place before you reveal your goods to the world. 

    “Kyungsoo–my bikini untied…”

    “Well that is awkward.” 

    If you’d had a free hand you would have given him a well-deserved, playful smack. 

    Abruptly serious, Kyungsoo shifted his weight, releasing your legs so you could stand upright. “Turn your back to me and I’ll fix it. I’m not looking, I promise.” 

    You pivot to face away from him, waiting for him to complete his task. You feel his hands gently grasp the strings, working to double-knot the long strands.

    “Hey Kyungsoo, we were thinking it was time to–”

    You look up to see Sehun and Kai standing at the edge of the pool, clearly awake from their naps, and also clearly misunderstanding the situation. 

    “ –we were thinking that it was a good time for the two of us to leave,'' Sehun finishes, roping Kai around the shoulder and pulling him back towards the door with a “Carry on, you two” over his shoulder.

    Going as quickly as they came, you stand there in shock until your suit is situated where it should be. Looking at each other, you both collapse into a fit of giggles at the hilarity of the situation, knowing the two younger members were no doubt relaying all they saw to the older members back in the house. 

    You can at least say, for one thing, that a vacation with EXO is never boring. 


    Thank you so much for reading Making a Splash! If you liked what you read, please feel free to like, comment, or re-blog so that others can find this story too. Thank you for all your support! ❤️

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  • kjms
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago



    SUMMARY: kyungsoo never had a reason to believe that you'd ever leave him, until he realised that you were practically already gone.

    GENRE: fwb au, angst

    RATING: teen

    TAGS: kissing, a little cursing, happy ending

    LENGTH: 1.6k


    The signs were all there. How could he miss it? How could he miss the fact that you were leaving him?

    Not that you were ever his to begin with. At least, not officially, but it felt like it, and it had for a very long time. You practically lived together; you only went back to your apartment a few days out of the week. You’ve met each other’s parents, and you’ve even discussed marriage. Not to each other, of course; just the possibility of it happening in the future.

    But who was he kidding? He had you in mind the entire time he spoke, with your head on his chest, fingers trailing up and down his bare stomach. He was just too afraid to make it official, afraid to fall in love again.

    With your current arrangement, it was acceptable to see other people, to basically do whatever you wanted. He hadn’t had any interest in being with anyone else for a long time, but he didn’t want to put a label on the relationship, simply because you wouldn’t technically be cheating if you found yourself in someone else’s arms. He never wanted to feel the betrayal of infidelity again, and this was his safety net.

    But it was no longer safe. He had already fallen in love with you, more than he could even begin to express. He loved waking up beside you every morning, he loved the way you would squeeze his hand every time you got excited, he loved the way you would look into his eyes and bat your eyelashes right before you complimented him.

    Which was why he had to take some distance. He’d crawl out of bed in the middle of the night to sleep on the couch instead, just so he wouldn’t end up holding you close to him throughout the entire night. Conversations didn’t last for more than a few minutes, because he hardly gave any input anymore, only replying with hums and slight nods. Eventually, that lead to you spending a loss less time at his place.

    Things were far from the same, but he felt a bit of relief; maybe he could finally get over you and stop feeling so confused and fearful. But, he also felt miserable. He missed all the things you used to do together, and he hated watching you hang your head and sigh whenever he practically ignored you. But it was for the best.

    Or, that’s what thought, up until he noticed that your favourite bedroom slippers weren’t in their usual spot. They’d always been there for as long as he could remember. You always kept them at his apartment because you were here the most, and they were the most comfortable pair you had.

    They were nowhere to be found. He searched the entire apartment from top to bottom, practically tore everything apart just to find them. That was when he realised that it wasn’t just your bedroom slippers that were missing — it was nearly everything that you’d ever brought here.

    How long had you been moving out? How long had you been thinking of leaving him? It felt like someone had knocked the wind out of him.

    Maybe he’d gone too far — no, he did go too far. He could only imagine how much his actions had hurt you.

    He quickly went to his phone. He needed to hear your voice, needed to know what the fuck was going on. You couldn’t answer the phone fast enough, nervously biting his lip as he waited for you to pick up.

    Then you answered with a soft ‘hello,’ and he breathed a sigh of relief. “Hi, babe. I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. How are you?”

    “Hey, Kyungsoo.” He had to hold back a sigh. You hardly ever called him by his full name. “I’m… alright, I guess.”

    It was almost like you were strangers. Like the past two years meant absolutely nothing. But, he guessed that was how you felt when he went out of his way to make you feel like you weren’t important to him.

    He couldn’t keep this up anymore. He had to mention the state of your relationship. “Your stuff is gone,” he said over the lump in his throat. “Well, most of it.”

    There was a long stretch of silence before you spoke again. “Soo, um… Do you want to talk about this in person?”

    Hearing that was enough confirmation that you really did intend to leave, but he just had to see you again if this was really over. “Yes, I do.”

    “I’ll come by later, then, and we’ll talk about it. I have to go now.”

    “Alright,” he said, and you hung up before he could finish the word completely. He sighed, slowly removing the phone from his ear. “I’ll see you later.”

    Hours had passed, and the sun was almost fully submerged beneath the horizon when you knocked on his door. He quickly got up to open it, heart racing in his chest, palms clammy as he twisted the doorknob.

    You stood there, feigning a smile for only a second, letting it fall as you walked past him, into the apartment.

    You settled onto the couch, shoulders slumped as you let out a heavy sigh. He already knew what was coming, and he thought he was prepared for it, but he was far from ready to hear it. Just the thought was enough to make his stomach twist so hard that he nearly buckled over.

    He sat next to you, and he fought the urge to bring your hand in his. Considering the circumstances, it probably wasn’t appropriate. He just kept his hands folded in his lap, nervously twiddling his thumbs as he waited for you to speak.

    “This… whatever it is… has been going on for two years now, and I was fine with it. I wasn’t ready for commitment at the time, and neither were you; it worked for us.”

    You took a pause, blinking rapidly as you looked up. You were about to cry, and he knew it. That was when he reached for your hand, brushing his thumb against the back of it. You held on to him tightly, to his surprise.

    “I don’t know when, but at some point, I… fell in love with you,” you said, brows knitted together.

    He didn’t know what he felt in that moment. His heart began to beat out of his chest, and his hands shook so much that he was sure that you could feel it. He couldn’t believe that you felt the same way, and that he pushed you away and ruined everything between you for no reason. “You… you love me,” he whispered, looking down at your intertwined hands.

    “I never said anything because I didn’t want to ruin what we had, and I thought we were more or less in a relationship anyway, just without a title. I thought it wasn’t important, but I was wrong.” You let out a sigh, pulling your hand away from him, looking directly into his eyes. “I don’t know what I did wrong, but you got distant, and that’s when I realised that it was important, and that you didn’t see this as an actual relationship like I did.”

    He wanted to let you finish speaking, but he had to interject, because you were so, so wrong. Despite how much he’d hurt you, he loved you so much and he hated the mere thought of losing you. “I love you, too,” he confessed. “I also saw us as a real couple, but I just didn’t know that you felt the same way. So, I kind of… distanced myself so I wouldn’t get hurt if you eventually slept with someone else. I’m so sorry that I hurt you in process to protect myself. I was being an idiot.”

    You sat silently for a moment, mouth slightly ajar as you struggled to find your words. Then, you slowly found his hand again, lacing your fingers between his. “Do you really love me?”

    He felt himself relax at the sound of your voice, nodding with a small smile on his face. “I didn’t think I’d tell you like this; in fact, I didn't think I'd tell you at all, but yes, I do love you,” he said. “So… where do we go from here? Do we start over? Pick up where we left off?” His body tensed up again as a thought crossed his mind, and as much as he’d respect your decision regardless, he hoped that it wasn’t what you’d choose. “Are you still leaving?”

    It took a moment, but eventually, you shook your head, holding his hand tighter. “Make it official,” you said, looking deeply into his eyes. “Tell me I’m yours.”

    You didn’t have to say it twice. He smiled, bringing his other hand up to caress your cheek. “I want you to be mine, and I want to be yours,” he whispered, leaning in closer. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

    And with a hushed ‘yes,’ you bridged the gap between you, lips brushing against his with a familiar tenderness, and he melted into it.

    He missed letting himself get lost in this feeling. He no longer had to pretend that his stomach didn’t flip every time you kissed him, that his legs didn’t turn to jelly whenever you placed your hand on his chest, and he'd make sure that he'd never do anything to comprise this feeling again if it was the last thing he did.



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  • iibonniee
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    For the one word thing, how about "Bite"? It can be any genre but I feel like it would be fun. And how about with Kai from EXO?? Thanks in advance and HAPPY 700 YOU DESERVE IT!!!

    Pairing: Kim Jongin x Fem!Reader

    Rating: Fluff

    Word Count: 0.3k

    Word: Bite

    Masterlist | 700 Followers Post

    The sunlight setting was perfect. The sun waved through each crack that was left open by the shy branches that refused to meet for a single touch. The same branches that often swayed with the wind offering a better dance. 

    The weather was balanced just between cold and warm, creating that perfect outside weather. The day screamed perfect hours until the sun met the horizon where the moon was to hold the same promise with the stars. 

    Below the tree in the cool shade sat Y/N and Jongin. The silence they sat in allowed for the birds to sing their thoughts out. The warmth of Jongin’s hand warmed her own, causing her head to loll to the right, a smile forming ever so slowly. 

    “Today is perfect.” 

    Y/N’s soft voice didn’t dare to break the songs from the birds. Rather they sounded like a song of their own to Jongin. He wouldn’t admit those silly words out loud though.

    Jongin watched carefully as she reached for the basket that held their food. His eyes followed her fluent motions of a quick back and forth game between the basket and the blanket. Soon enough everything was laid out across them.

    Y/N turned to her boyfriend, her hand holding a spoonful of food

    “Take a bite.”

    He smiled, complying with the soft request.

    The spoon was warm as well as the food. The warmth almost being too hot causing the male to cough out while trying to blow out the heat. Forcing down the bite full of food he smiled, enjoying the new taste. 

    “It’s good.” Jongin finally replied, his head backing up his sentence. He watched as her eyes lit up in excitement as her hands clapped together.

    “Good! It’s a new recipe I tried. Now, enjoy this feast with me.”

    #kai x reader #kai drabble #kim jongin x reader #kim jongin drabble #exo drabble#exo imagines#exo fluff#kvanity #700 followers special
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  • myeoning-call
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    “𝘾𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙈𝙖𝙣𝙖𝙜𝙚𝙧 𝙆𝙞𝙢 !”

    It was a disaster! How could the best hotel in Seoul - the best room hotel in Seoul - have an electricity malfunction while the VIP had just checked in? And she wasn’t answering the desperate door knocks of the staff.

    What to do?

    “Call Manager Kim! He’ll know how to deal with this! At least to ask permission to enter the room. What if she got electrocuted? What if she’s dead?”

    The manager was Kim Junmyeon. Manager of the L7 Myeongdong by LOTTE. He was changing his clothes as his shift was over for the day. He was rubbing his neck when he tied his comfy Nikes ready to leave from the back door and call it a night. He tried to ignore his ringing phone but as the good employee he was he knew he had to answer.

    “Yes, Baekhyun? You know I have fin-”
    “The VIP! She’s not answering the door and the whole floor has no electricity! Hyung! I think she’s dead!”
    “Ah please!” Yelled Junmyeon over the phone running to take the elevator.

    Were you really dead? Or scared to death in the pitch black bathroom?

    That was Manager Kim’s new task to figure out… 

    ஜ Hotel Manager!AU / VIP!AU   ஜ Pairing: Suho x Female Reader     ஜ Genre: 🔞
    ஜ Masterlist ஜ

    “Where is she?” Yelled Junmyeon, arriving at the top floor that was pitch black. He was panting as he had to take the stairs. For some reason the elevators of the hotel stopped working in addition to having no electricity on the top floor

    “It’s this room, hyung!” Baekhyun replied seeing his manager’s phone flashlight approaching as fast as he could from the end of the corridor.

    “Move away, Baekhyun!” Junmyeon pushed him. Before knocking Suho noticed how sweaty he had gotten, he even sniffed under his armpits to check if he smelled good enough. “Damn it!” Junmyeon cursed biting on his lower lip. “Why do things like this have to happen when the VIP has just checked in? Look at how I look!”

    “You look perfect, if you asked me, hyung.” Baekhyun dared and winked at his pissed enough manager.

    “As if this was the time for your unnecessary jokes, Byun Baekhyun!” Junmyeon punched Baekhyun’s shoulder. “Just move away, let me think for a moment.” Suho pressed his palms on the frame of your room looking at his feet. “Fuck this is bad… this is really really bad, fuck fuck fuck!” Junmyeon turned around pulling on his sweaty locks. “Fuck!” He slapped the wall huffing. He then cleared his throat fixing his messy hair atop of his head trying to gather his thoughts before knocking the door smoothly.

    “We tried that, but-”

    “Shhh, Baekhyun!” Junmyeon shushed him. “Let me…” He pressed his ear on your room door trying to sense any movement, and luckily he did. “Yes! I hear something.” Junmyeon knocked louder confidently after making sure that you haven’t died like Baekhyun suggested before.

    “Ma’am, can you hear me? Can you please open the door?” But you didn’t answer. “I’m going to open the door to check on your safety, please make sure you can receive me.” He advised. “Move out of the way guys, thank you but I won’t need anyone. Just make sure your phones are on, and call Eunah for me.”

    “She has left already to supervise the Busan conference, hyung.” Baekhyun lamented.

    “Is there no female staff? Is there no one at the restaurant or the spa?”

    “The female employees of the restaurant are on the early shift and the spa closed 3 hours ago.” Baekhyun added, watching Junmyeon’s frustration clearly in his facial features.

    “Of course… of course nothing is going smoothly.” Junmyeon spoke to himself. “Alright Baekhyun, just stay reachable, now everyone please take your leave, we don’t want to scare this poor woman any further with having 5 male strangers in front of her dark hotel room. And please Baekhyun, figure out where the emergency electrician is, he should be available 24/7, why is this not resolved yet?”

    “Yes, hyung.”

    Baekhyun and his teammates bowed at Junmyeon leaving him to deal with the mess. Junmyeon gulped before opening the door with his master key.

    “Ma’am.” Junmyeon knocked the door again louder once the door opened. “I’m the hotel manager, I’m here to help you and apologise for this inconvenience.” He tried sounding nice enough as he made his entrance through the hotel room. “Ma’am? Can you tell me where you’re at, please?” Tried Junmyeon with his perfect English and cute voice.

    “FUCK YOU!” You screamed turning off the water making your voice loud and clear as you crouched in the shower unable to move in case you slipped. It was pitch black, not a single source of light and you couldn’t walk out either because of orientation was not optimal being so dark in the bathroom. “What took you so fucking long? Am I a joke to you? I’m going to sue you so bad!” You continued ranting.

    Junmyeon shivered in his spot. He knew this was bad with his impeccable hotel reputation. “Ma’am, I’m here to help, are you hurt?”

    “Just turn on the light, you asshole!”

    “We’re working on it, ma’am. Can I know of your location?”

    “In the bathroom, you moron! Why do you think I’m not moving? I’m wet and naked and I can’t get a bathrobe because I’ll slip and if that happens kiss your awful hotel goodbye!”

    Junmyeon bit his gathered fist knowing how probable all you said was. He walked to the kitchenette to look for the emergency flashlight that should be in the cabinet’s second drawer. He turned it on walking towards the ensuite bathroom.

    “Ma’am, I’m inside the bedroom.” Junmyeon stated, swallowing thickly. “I can push a flashlight for you so you can see your way. Is that ok with you?”

    “Just get me that already! Ughr! I’m freezing, you stupid incompetent fucker!”

    Junmyeon opened the bathroom door slowly pushing the flashlight so it could roll towards the shower area. You finally saw where you were slowly getting out of the shower finding the bathrobe where you had placed it. You put it on feeling some needed warmth while you shivered.

    “Is everything alright, ma’am?” Junmyeon asked with a small voice.

    “No!” You pushed the door open. “Nothing is fucking ok you bastard!” You pointed the flashlight at Junmyeon’s face coming closer, almost blinding him as he narrowed his eyes in discomfort. When you saw the man in front of you you suddenly felt ashamed of your language and the way you stormed out of the bathroom, after all it’s not like he was the one who cut off the power in your room in purpose, plus he was being polite and trying to help you, plus his sweaty fringe and beautiful features that you could clearly define in the dark room were a good reason to calm yourself down.

    “My sincere apologies, ma’am.” Junmyeon bowed a polite 90º bow, legs well firm and hands at his sides tightly. “Please accept my apologies, rest assured that I’m doing my utmost to have this situation corrected. The stay will be 100% free of charge and we will upgrade you for full-board room service if desired.”

    You cleared your throat holding on your robe at your chest looking away for a moment to gather your thoughts. Was it the lack of male presence in your life? Or was this man in front of you simply too powerful? Whatever it was, he was certainly no joke and a deadly one. The hotel must’ve hand-picked him to calm your nerves somehow knowing your type? How was that even possible? No! You shook your head. You needed to focus on the problem at hand.

    “And who are you, feeling adventurous enough to offer me all that, may I ask?” You asked sweetly, fixing your tone of voice as you tried to fix your hair the best you could.

    “I’m the manager of the hotel, ma’am. Kim Junmyeon at your service, ma’am.” He bowed again, raising his head this time smiling.

    Dear lord, if his worried face was deadly, his smile was yet the most lethal weapon you’ve ever been in front of. Men knew what they were good at and weren’t afraid to use it.

    “Who’s the owner of this place? Plus where is the damn power? It’s been no less than 15 whole minutes.”

    “The owner is Kim Junseo, and I’ll go check how it’s going with the repair.”

    “Not so fast!” You extended your arm blocking his way, surprising even yourself.

    Junmyeon looked from your arm to your face gulping, thinking he was still screwed no matter how nice he sounded. “Yes, ma’am?”

    “Kim Junseo, and you’re Kim Junmyeon? Are you related?”

    You noticed how Junmyeon exhaled, shutting his eyes discomforted with the question.

    “Kim Junseo is my uncle.” He confessed.

    “And I take it that he won’t be really happy with what is happening, am I correct?”

    “Yes ma’am.” Junmyeon almost stuttered.

    “I’m guessing, family inheritance… and you’re trying to prove yourself… and this would ruin your reputation even though he’s working your ass off… am I correct?”

    Junmyeon had his eyes widened listening to how you were more or less describing his screwed family situation. Did you know who he was?

    “Ma’am, if you don’t mind me asking, would you happen to know my uncle?”

    “You’re not in a position to ask me anything.” You teased walking towards your bed sitting down confidently. Then suddenly as you sat the room lit up, thanking the heavens that you were seated when the light came because you would have fainted if you were still as close to Junmyeon as before.

    “Ah finally…” Junmyeon released a relieved exhale, feeling his chest.

    “Do you think that solves the issue?” You interrupted his moment of relief.

    Junmyeon looked at you, holding his breath blinking nervously. “I’ll do anything ma’am, but please don’t… if I may…”

    “Not to complain to your evil uncle, is that what you want to ask me?”

    Junmyeon nodded, biting on his upper lip. “I- if there’s a possibility to please you in any way or form, I’ll do it. I’ll do anything.” He went on his knees pressing his hands on his thighs looking down, an action that you truly didn’t expect, making you hot and bothered not sure why.

    “I’ll finish my shower and think about it.” When you stood to head to the bathroom Junmyeon took your hand between his stopping you.

    “I apologise, please tell me what I could do.” Junmyeon begged speaking in pout.

    You took your hand away as you didn’t expect him to be so desperate. It looked like you disliked his action, but in reality you didn’t know how much this man was affecting you until his skin touched yours. He managed to stir something inside you that you thought was dead. Lust and desire filled your jolting body so much that you needed to cool down.

    “Fine. Stay where you are until I’m done. I need to wash up because I’m a mess.” You agreed.

    “You look wonderful to me.” Junmyeon spoke to himself audible enough for you to hear, making you turn around.

    “True, I look wonderful, but unlike you.” You pointed at him. “I like to look decent.” You stated trying to sound harsh so he wouldn’t know how his words made your body wobble.

    “Ah… yes.” Junmyeon looked at himself knowing very well how inappropriately looking in front of a VIP he was. “That’s because I had finished my shift and when the incident happened I rushed back and the elevator was not working then I had to take the stairs-”

    “Seems like you have a lot of stamina to be able to run 15 floors.” You surprised him by coming close to him.

    “I-” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I work out… I suppose.”

    When you locked eyes there was an awkward but much needed moment of silence. It was when both scanned the other. You discovered his beauty spots, especially that one atop of his upper lip. His silky black as night locks, his defined and sharp jaw and glistening porcelain skin. Junmyeon on the other hand was paying more attention to your exposed neck and how your hair was still dripping. The way your smudged fiery red lipstick was still making quite the presence as well as your lingering perfume smell that filled his beautiful nose.

    “How much are you willing to do for me, Kim Junmyeon?” Your confidence grew when you read that he liked what he saw himself.

    “I’ll do anything… you want… I’ll do anything I know I’m good at…”

    “And that is?” You licked your lips enjoying how his gaze darkened suggestively when you dared run your fingers through his fringe to reveal yet the most iconic and perfect eyebrows that spoke a language of their own, the knit aggressively as your touch seemed to activate something inside him.

    Junmyeon responded by holding your head in place, sliding his hands and locking at the back of your neck, resting his thumbs on your cheeks and attacking your lips, tasting the lipstick that was bugging him ever since the lights came back on. He pushed his incredibly eager tongue inside your mouth invading it without a single spec of shame. He kissed hotely and passionately as if your mouth provided him with life and he depended on it. He deepened the kiss when he angled his head making you walk backwards with his force and finally bump your knees on to the bed where you flinched detaching your lips. You panted heavily watching him wipe his lips with the back of his hand with a darkened gaze.

    “What are you doing!?” You asked, feeling overwhelmed.

    “Oh-” Junmyeon widened his eyes in confusion. “I thought- Oh my god!” He bowed over and over. “Please accept my apologies, ma’am.” He went on his knees again.

    “Why did you kiss me?” You acted all offended.

    “I deserve to die. How can I make it up to you? I don’t know what has come into my head, I read the room wrongly. Please tell me how I can fix this mistake!” Junmyeon almost cried, palms flat on the floor looking down nervously shaking.

    You found it adorable, but also quite sexy. The fact that his fringe was down, his sweat visible at his back and the pants you could deliciously hear. He ticked all the boxes for you to be sitting in front of him finding yourself running your hands through his sweaty silky dark hair.

    He was confused while trying to read your actions. By now you truly couldn’t hide how you chew on the inside of your cheek and how hungry has the most handsome man in Korea made you.

    “How did you get this scar?” You asked out of context, feeling his scar at the bridge of his nose with your thumb, confusing this poor man who tried to look as cool as possible.

    “Erh- ah… I was about 7.” He replied shyly, his cheeks tinting like ripe peaches.

    “I didn’t ask how old you were. Is it because you got it in a clumsy way?” You smiled, feeling his appetising cheek.

    Junmyeon nodded, avoiding your eyes. “My older brother opened the door of a cabinet and I ran into it. It’s because my eyesight is not that good.”

    You laughed loudly covering your mouth. “I really thought you were going to say that you were fighting someone or something like that.” You kept laughing. “So you can’t see me clearly?”

    “I- I can.” He gulped making his glorious Adams apple bub up and down a few times making it impossible not to jump on him to taste his skin already.

    “You can come closer.” You pulled him by his collar forcing him to lift himself and press his palms on the mattress instead, caging you with his body. “Can you see me better now?”

    Junmyeon nodded, finally thinking that perhaps he didn’t make such a bad mistake in kissing you. “I can see you perfectly.” He whispered, his lips at the level of your chin, thinking if it would be a good idea to attach them to your neck.

    “How do you have such a pretty face, Kim Junmyeon?” You asked, removing his fringe away from his forehead to appreciate the whole view. You didn’t expect an answer, you just indulged in feeling with your fingertips the most perfectly shaped male eyebrows your fingers would ever have the pleasure to feel. “How are you not a model or an actor? Is it because you’re a bit short? Are all men in your family this orgasmic to look at?”

    Junmyeon winced when he heard the word. It was becoming torturous not to let him play with you the way you were playing with him. He had becomed your slave, at your mercy awaiting for further orders.

    “I want to touch you.” He managed to verbalise with difficulty as his whole body sweated.

    “How would you touch me Mr. Korea?” You teased spreading your legs, your knees at each side of his body.

    He didn’t reply, instead he slowly took his hands landing them on your thighs, never breaking eye contact till he arrived at your waist. Junmyeon got adventurous pulling the knot of your robe open with his teeth finally revealing your bareness to him. You felt weak for a moment wanting to snap your legs closed, but he stopped you when he dipped his head between your legs feeling his tongue shamelessly tasting your arousal. You fought him for a few seconds before letting him push you further till your back hit the mattress.

    “Junmyeon!” You screamed pulling his hair. “Stop! I can’t!”

    But you totally could, because somehow not seeing his face made it in your head easily to give in.

    “You taste like honey.” He growled as you felt his digit replace his tongue. “Where is your secret spot? Hm?” He kept his pace steady when you lifted your head to watch him finger you.

    “I’m going to punish you for this!” You threw your head back as your back arched when he cupped one of your breasts pulling at your pebbled nipple. “THERE!” You gave away clenching your walls around his finger, just then realising what you were doing and how vulnerable you were in front of this god looking man.

    After a million thoughts combined while you rode your high looking at the ceiling. You heard your pants feeling little kisses being peppered all over your thighs and legs. You were being adored like you’ve never experienced before, but was this you at all?

    You flinched, straightening and sitting up covering yourself and tying your bathrobe the hardest you could. You saw Junmyeon’s disappointed and confused expression, still on his knees at the edge of the bed.

    “Did I hurt you?” He asked innocently, trying to come closer.

    “NO! Stay where you are!” You voiced in panic.

    You watched his frustration when he looked down exhaling and running his fingers through his dreamy hair. You were too ashamed to even kick him out or say the next word. You just consumed in shame and silence took over you.

    “I’m sorry.” He began. “I guess I couldn’t control myself, you’re just too irresistible, and that has nothing to do with anything. This is the first time in my life I acted on an impulse that I couldn't fight.” Junmyeon confessed, exposing himself.

    You buried your face between your folded knees that you hugged tightly wishing that Junmyeon disappeared and got amnesia in the process, but instead you heard him chuckle and the mattress next to you dipping, feeling his hand on your head.

    “___? Are you shy?”

    You peeked from between your knees just enough to see his cheeky and beautiful smile that showed his bunny teeth as his hypnosyng eyes vanished into half moons feeling how your heart stopped beating for a moment contemplating the view that unfolded inside your hotel room and in your very own bed.

    “Please~” You whined, hiding again.

    “I swear you’re driving me insane. If you just give me a chance to stay and talk a little bit?”

    You lifted your head, pouting, being surprised when he took your lips suddenly. You gasped but soon melted into the kiss letting him get more comfortable, his hand reaching for your shoulder feeling your skin that ached so much for his touch.

    “Wait!” You broke the kiss panting, seeing his disappointment. “What about you? I feel so-”

    “I thought you’d never ask.” Junmyeon smiled satisfyingly, raising himself grabbing his jumper from the back of his neck, yanking it over his head. You weren’t sure if it was part of the show, but you certainly have never had this view in your life.

    Junmyeon was sweaty all over, but surprisingly smelling good. Like something clean and most definitely beautiful. He was lean and quite toned, and without much effort or flexing you could see all the glorious lines he was graced with on his abs. His skin was flushed but shining, and then after a shameless scan your eyes finally landed on his cute and unusual belly-button which made you smile and look away for a second. Junmyeon was very conscious of it, but proud at the same time.

    “I guess the only impressive thing that I own is my fish mouth navel.” He felt his torso, coming closer. “Come on, I know you’re dying to touch it.”

    He brought your hand which was way colder than his burning body. He hissed when the cold sensation of your fingers showing his closed teeth.

    “You’re stunning, Kim Junmyeon-ssi.”

    “Oh!” Junmyeon crocked an eyebrow. “Look at you using Korean honorifics, ___-ssi.”

    “I guess I’m so in awe that you deserve to have an honorific.”

    Junmyeon bit his lower lip trying to contain himself. He guessed you were shy but also into him, and given the situation when your shower was interrupted, he came up with an idea to make it less awkward, or at least in his head it worked.

    Suddenly Junmyeon bent and slid one of his hands underneath your knees while the other was placed on your back lifting you as you weighted but a feather. How strong was this man? You were so mesmerised that you didn't care where he was taking you as long as you could indulge in watching his face up close as well as all the veins that came to life to greet you.

    “I’m sweaty and as I don’t use perfume, I don’t want you to think that I stink. That’s how nervous you made me ever since my eyes landed on you when the power came back.” He explained putting you down undoing his belt right away. “So how about we shower and give me some of that honey from your lips under the water?” He winked this time making you lose it.

    You covered your face with both hands hearing the distinctive sound of the steel buckle from his belt hitting the marble flooring of the big hotel bathroom making a loud echo. You shivered as you felt both of your arms being grabbed guiding forward.

    “Come here, princess.” He whispered onto your ear as he started the water that hit his sturdy back. “Let's get to know each other, hm?” He suggested untying your robe.

    When you rid yourself from it you jumped on his chest encircling your arms around his neck finding comfort on his shoulder hiding how nervous you really were.


    “Yes, princess.” He replied, closing the shower door behind you. “I want to kiss you again, can I?”

    You removed your head to see yet the most deadliest look. Wet hair and wet lips. This time it was you who attacked him first. Junmyeon wrapped his arms tightly around you, feeling your breasts pressed against him as well as his manhood growing between your legs which made you extremely aware of the situation you were in while devouring each other with sloppy hungry kisses.

    “I can’t.” Junmyeon broke the kiss, pressing your back on the cold tiled shower. “I said we’ll talk, but I can’t.” He instructed you to hold on to him as he lifted one of your legs. “I have to have you now. Please say you want this.”

    You nodded, bringing your arm over your mouth biting on it as he inserted a diggit again making sure you’d adjust. He removed it to spit on his fingers to lubricate the area well. All while you died inside watching him being so sexy and caring all at the same time.

    “___.” He groaned once inside. “Why do you feel so good?” He asked licking your shoulder before starting to rock himself pounding into you. “I can’t get enough of this feeling.” He thrusted steadily hitting you right back in the same place from before when you orgasmed.

    “Junmyeon, you’re too much.” You managed to verbalise. “I’m done.” You clenched around him and that’s when he threw his head back to display all that sexy show for you. Head back his own hand pulling on his hair as he removed himself releasing on your belly while pumping himself dry.

    It was insanely sexy and all too fast to let it sink in.


    After he made sure you let him lather your body adoring every inch of it you suggested he shower himself, taking yourself out of the bathroom almost running. You wore the bathrobe and hoodie jumping inside the duvet covering your face with the pillow.

    What have you just done? Was the manager of the hotel you stayed in naked having a shower in your ensuite? Did you just have sex with a total stranger?

    That stranger that you saw in your potential business presentation pictures that you zoomed at and wondered who he was…?

    The same one you asked about and learned his name as well as his life and there you were in Seoul to buy their hotel…?

    Did all this really happen?

    You heard the water turning off and soon the door of the bathroom opening. Junmyeon came out humming with his Disney prince voice getting closer. What should you do now? You were just so embarrassed to face him, so nothing came to your head other than act asleep.

    “You look so angelical sleeping, my princess.” He whispered, kissing the crown of your head. “I really need to go, otherwise my uncle will skin me alive because unfortunately there’s CCTV and they’re going to know how long I stayed here.” He added, writing a note leaving it on the nightstand beside you. “Please don’t break my heart and call me when you’re awake.”


    A/N: Long time since my last Suhito fic, right? So you’re going to have to wait until his birthday to know what will happen next MUHAHAHAHA

    Thanks for reading ^_^

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  • eviebyme
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Can you do baekhyun as a boyfriend or ideal type 6.40 a.m his birth time

    Baekhyun Ideal Type

    Sun in Taurus, Gemini Ascendent, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries, Lilith in Capricorn, Juno in Aries

    Most compatible signs: Aquarius/Cancer


    Around his age.


    Most likely Korean, or someone fluent in Korean and knowledgable of Korean culture


    Thick, dark hair


    Clear skin

    Lovely smile

    Prominent facial features (think sharp jawline, nose...etc)


    Affectionate - He just needs a cuddle buddy. Baekhyun loves being comfortable and will use his significant other as an energy source he can snuggle with to recharge. A romantic relationship to him is just that - romantic. He does want a partner who is his best friend but also wants a very affectionate relationship. I can see Baekhyun being a bit reserved when it comes to PDA but he will love small forms of affection like hand holding or hugging.

    Down to Earth - Baekhyun is a homebody. He prefers to stay in the comfort of his own home, rather than getting dressed up and going out to new places he's never been. He does loves a good party and socializing with friends, but would prefer to host them (or he needs a day or two to recharge after going out). A partner who is either a homebody like him or doesn't mind spending time with him at home is ideal.

    Trustworthy - He's pretty laid back in relationships. He's trusting and doesn't get jealous when his partner is off doing their own thing. However, if you give him a reason to question your loyalty he will NEVER forget. In fact it will probably end the relationship. But for him to get to that point his significant other would need to do something unforgivable, like cheat. Nevertheless, he needs a partner who won't take advantage of his trusting nature and will be as loyal and honest with him as he is with them.

    Black Sheep - Hmmm I'm not sure how to explain this one. You know that one person who everyone knows but is always alone and doing their own thing? And they're just super mysterious?? Yeah that person is Baekhyun's type. He just wants to know more about them soo bad. He is attracted to mystery and loves to include people who are usually on the outside. People who do not fit in just intrigue him. This person can be shy or reserved or they might just be in their own world - he will notice them and accept the challenge to get them to open up.

    Passionate - We all know Baekhyun is a hard worker. He values hard work and believes that it pays off. Someone who is determined and passionate towards their goals is extremely attractive to him (laziness frustrates him). He loves to cheer people on and support them and you can bet he will be his significant others #1 fan in whatever they do.


    Baking and/or cooking

    Trivia (random lol but I can see him being attracted to someone who know a little bit about a lot)


    Making DIY crafts (like making soaps or candles)

    Playing video games


    ✨Works in Progress✨

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    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Exo reactions: their s/o gets along with their mom

    Requested by anon (I hope you enjoy it! And thank you again for the request 💖💖) I am so sorry for the wait! Also I'm sorry that some are shorter than others, I definitely wanted to make them as different as possible.

    Btw I won't be writing for Chen, I will only write platonic stuff for him.


    After a long day of practice, all Xiumin wanted was to collapse in bed with you. Once inside, he was taken back by the fact that his mom was there. She was sitting next to you with a cup of coffee in her hand. She was saying something that he didn't quite catch, but it caused you to laugh. Neither of you had noticed his presence yet. 

    "Hey, mom." 

    Giving him a warm smile, she motioned for him to come over to her. Walking over to her, he gave her a quick hug before leaning over to give you a quick kiss on the cheek. 

    "If I had known you were coming over, I would have left early and made sure to make some dinner." He said as he took a seat on the opposite side of her. 

    She waved it off. She explained, "It was more of a last minute decision." "I kept having to reschedule lunch dates with Y/N, and I felt bad. I also missed them. They're so lovely."

    This definitely caught his attention. It was definitely news to him that you went out to lunch with his mom. However, it brought him comfort to know that you two got along. 

    "How about I go make dinner and you two stay put?" He asked. Before either of you could refuse, he was up in record time and already heading to the kitchen.

    At that moment, he was just so happy that two important people in his life were so close and getting along. 


    This holiday season, you weren't able to spend it with your family, but thankfully, your wonderful boyfriend invited you to spend it with him and his family. 

    You had met everyone before and gotten along well, but this was different.

    So many different possibilities swam through your head. What if you accidentally offended someone? What if you accidentally ruined a priceless antique? 

    Suho tried to console you and brush off your worries. He constantly reminded you that everything was going to be fine and how much they adored you.

    He was correct in this regard.

    For the entire duration of the stay, you were stuck by his mom's side. She told you stories about Suho as a kid. She even taught you some of the family recipes.

    Suho wanted to be upset that he didn't get alone time with you, but seeing you bond with his mom eased the annoyance. 

    It especially made him realize that buying that engagement ring wasn't a mistake.


    Lay could sense that you were nervous about meeting his mom. He knew it from the moment you stepped off the plane. He wishes he could take your anxiety away. 

    Once you had arrived, his mom warmly welcomed you into the home, as he knew she would. Small talk was made throughout the evening and you soon eased up. 

    While Lay ran to the store for his mom, leaving you behind, she pulled you aside. 

    "Thank you for making my son happy." He's told me so much about you that I already feel like I know you. " She squeezed your hand lightly. "And from what I'm seeing is that you're an incredible person." She smiled. 

    Her words brought you so much comfort. Afterwards, she began telling you a bunch of embarrassing and cute stories about Lay from his childhood. Thankfully, you had some stories to share about your boyfriend as well. 

    When he returned, he discovered you two in a fit of laughter. He wasn't sure what caused it, but seeing the two of you close made him happy. 


    You and your boyfriend rarely had the same days off. You were both extremely busy most of the time, so when you did get together, you tried to spend as much time as possible together.

    Baekhyun already had in mind what he had in store for you. A movie marathon, then a romantic dinner.

    But when you came out of your shared bedroom all dressed up, he was caught off guard.

    "Are you going somewhere?" He asked, making you look up from your phone.

    Once you saw the living room set up for your movie marathon, you smacked your forehead. "I am so sorry," you said. You couldn't believe you forgot. 

    "It's okay." He tried not to sound disappointed. "I just can't believe you got called into work." 

    "I didn't get called in."

    There was a brief hesitation from him, "Then why are you dressed up?" Unless you're going to see your friends? " He was trying to tread lightly and did not want to come off as him accusing you of anything. 

    A smile formed on your face at this. "Actually, I'm going out to lunch with your mom." You explained it. 

    "Oh, just out with my mom." But once he realized what was said, he stood up straight and a huge smile formed on his face. "You guys going out for lunch? Is this like a regular thing you two do? " 

    Nodding your head yes, "we try to get together at least once a week." You shrugged.

    You didn't know how much joy this brought him. He always wanted you two to get along, and to know you're close enough to do this made him so happy. To your surprise, he gave you a quick kiss before ushering you to the door.

    "Don't keep my mom waiting. Have fun, you guys."

    His reaction caused you to laugh, but you knew that he was just excited to know that you two were close. 


    Chanyeol was sick. He didn't want to admit it, but he was. He hated being stuck in bed, but once you found out, he was not allowed to get up unless for emergencies.

    He was bored and miserable.

    What made it worse was that he was alone in bed. He couldn't even cuddle with you without the fear of getting you sick. 

    All he could do was just lie there and mope. There was nothing he wanted to watch or read, so he was getting bored fast. Glancing at the clock, he realized you hadn't checked in on him in a couple of hours. He began to worry. As carefully as possible, he stood up from the bed. 

    His body ached and he was tired, but he pushed that aside as he went to look for you.

    Once he got to the kitchen, that's where he found you. Your back was facing him and you were doing something. 

    He was about to say something, but he heard a familiar voice.

    His mom

    He was confused, but he saw you adjust your phone. That's when he realized that you were face timing his mom. It seemed like she was helping you cook something, and he remembered the soup his mom would make for him when he was a kid. She was teaching you how to make the soup to make him feel better. 

    He felt a tug at his heart. Instead of interrupting the moment, he quietly made his way back to bed. 


    He simply desired a quiet and pleasant evening at home for his birthday. So when he came home and saw you and your mother in his kitchen, he was taken aback.

    "Hi." He said, making you both stop what you were doing. 

    His mom was the first one to reach him, and she pulled him into a hug. "Happy birthday, sweetheart." 

    Once they pulled away, he gave you a quick kiss. "Happy Birthday." You smiled. You moved back into the kitchen to check on the food. 

    "You guys shouldn't have done this." He said as he went to check what you two were doing. 

    "Of course we did," his mom spoke up. Besides, I love cooking with Y/N. We've had so much fun. " She added

    This broke off into small conversations about their days, and the two of you fell into a fit of laughter. 

    There was some inside joke going on between the two of you, and he didn't dare to pry. D.o smiled at the sight of you two joking around and having fun. 


    Family was very important to Kai, so it meant a lot to him that you and his mom got along. You have met her countless times, so it has become normal to see her almost every day. 

    She always made you feel included and always checked in on you. 

    It made Kai feel at ease, especially since he was getting ready to go on tour. He was worried that you would get lonely, but his mom promised to check in on you. 

    Even though he wouldn't be there personally for you, it made him feel better that his mom was going to be there. 

    Once he left, to his surprise, you two literally spent every day together. When he called the other you, you two almost shared the same stories of what you had gotten up to. 

    But this made him think about maybe proposing to you. He already had the thought in the back of his mind, but seeing how well you fit into his family definitely gave him the answer he needed.


    Sehun knew from the moment you met his mom that you two were going to get along well. 

    He was correct, of course, and he didn't let you forget it either. 

    He loved seeing you come back from hanging out with her and having a bright smile on your face. You always told him all the jokes and stories she had told you. 

    The only thing he couldn't get from you was what she would get him for his birthday or Christmas. That's when you were sworn to secrecy. 

    He would always tease you, but your bond with his mom was definitely something he never teased about. It actually meant the world to him that you two were close.

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    cloudysvt | store entrance

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    Requests are now open!

    Writing for birthdays is stressing me out at the moment, so that’s going to stop and I’m going to be writing mostly reactions for myself, but you can request anything that fits within my guidelines.

    If you sent a request while they were closed, it has been deleted, but you are welcome to send it again now.

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    The 9th Infantry Couple - Part 3 | Chanyeol

    Sergeant Chanyeol x Sniper Reader, soldier!au Word count: 5896 (😮‍💨) Genre: fluff, slight angst, almost smut. Author: maari Warnings: suggestive, reader being insecure. Note: Well that’s way long than I expected lol I was going to make this part a lot darker and it would have a lot action, but since I'm needy it's going to be a lot more fluff than I was imagining. I’m already developing the part 4 👀 Summary: You and Chanyeol are together and now you’re going to meet he’s family. ⫷ Exo Masterlist

    << Previous

    Playlist: my arms (ledger), take me away (lifehouse), only hope (switchfoot), maybe (james arthur), your guardian angel (the red jumpsuit apparatus).

    "You and Park tricked me." Y/N raised her head upon hearing the last name, found Jin sitting in front of her as he placed the tray with food on the table. "I don't know what you're talking about." she tried to play dumb as she felt her heart flutter at the memory of him. “You two are dating!” "Well actually…" she took a deep breath, it was still weird having to admit it out loud and a part of her was afraid. Afraid because things were going too well. "We're just together." she shrugged and saw her colleague raise his eyebrows. "It's the same thing." he replied and she opened her mouth to reply but he continued. "I knew all that hate you said you felt was just repressed sexual tension." Y/N took the napkin and threw it at Jin, who laughed like a child. "I can't wait for you to get a girlfriend soon and leave me alone." she replied and Jin mocked her. “People in love tend to want others to experience the same thing.” "Shut up." Y/N rolled her eyes theatrically. She knew her colleague was doing this to annoy her and she wouldn't play that game. “By the way, where is Park?”

    The Sergeant immediately entered the commander's office, had been called in emergency to talk to the superior and imagined that it would be about investigations into terrorist cells in the region, after they had been pursued, the army had made it a priority to find out everything what they could about the group. “Park, sit down.” the superior spoke after he saw the soldier salute. Chanyeol obeyed, fearfully. The conversation was serious then. “How is your relationship with Y/N?” Chanyeol pondered, it had come as a surprise to most of his army mates but it was no longer news that he and Y/N were dating. Half the division had been shocked when they'd shown up together the day after the attack, laughing at each other like never before, side by side. Chanyeol needed a lot of self-control not to hug her around the waist, because his whole body was asking for it at every moment. But he knew the division's limits and he wouldn't do that, not in front of the soldiers. The other half was confused, including some recruits that Park used to train and who had witnessed the various fights between the two. He knew that the gossip had reached his superiors' ears so he hadn't notified what was happening between them, it was personal so it shouldn't matter to anyone, he didn't imagine that this was a matter of extreme importance when there were no rules against relationships between soldiers at the base. "Good, sir." he replied simply and saw the superior take a deep breath. “Do you know she is an orphan?” Chanyeol nodded in agreement. "Well, our intelligence discovered the whereabouts of Y/N's father." Chanyeol controlled the urge to smile. This must be good, she could finally make peace with her past, it would definitely take a huge weight off her back. “Were they investigating Y/N?” he asked cautiously and saw the superior deny it. “You know Choi Seung?” "The politician?" Chanyeol asked and the superior nodded, making him frown. “Wasn't he being investigated for corruption? He was arrested." The superior laughed in disbelief. “He got a good judge to overturn the case a few years ago, he was missing until the latest terrorist attacks.” Chanyeol wished he didn't understand what the superior was talking about because if that's what he imagined, the situation would get a lot more complicated than it should have. “Does he finance?” he asked bluntly knowing he wouldn't like the answer. “No, Park. He is one of the leaders.” Holy crap. It wasn't such bad news from a strategic point of view for the army, now they knew who the enemy really was and they could go after him if it weren't for one detail. “But what does Y/N have to do with it?” he questioned, seeing the superior look away for a brief moment. “It was as much of a surprise to me as it will be to you.” Chanyeol raised an eyebrow waiting for him to continue. "Choi is Y/N's father." Oh. That wasn't bad. It was a catastrophe. Chanyeol clasped his hands together as he blinked non-stop trying to digest the news. “How did you… find out?” he needed to know the details but didn't know if really wanted to. How would he break this kind of news to her? “After he was released from prison, we’re closely watching every step of him. One of our undercover agents found out that Choi knew that the woman he had been involved with in the past had given birth to a child, as there are no secrets in that region it wasn’t difficult for him to find Y/N's mother's acquaintances and find out what happened to the kid. Choi is very interested in keeping his group in the region where Y/N was born, it's an area near the border with humble people, he's influential. Choi informed that he has personal matters to resolve with the army.” Chanyeol took a deep breath. If Choi knew it was only a matter of time before he tried to contact Y/N, he would come after her. “Who will tell her? You or me?” “No, that kind of information cannot get out.” Chanyeol frowned. "Don't you want her to know?" he understood the superior's strategy but that was her story, a story she had no idea about, so he didn't agree with the decision. “It's not just that, Park. If we tell Y/N, who's guarantee she won't go after her father and join him?" "I do!" Chanyeol responded firmly. That was absurd, she would never join a terrorist group because she found out that her father is the leader. No, Y/N didn't have that kind of character. She could have all her flaws and well, he'd already seen the worst side of her, but she would never do that. The army was her life. “It's safer for her and for everyone else. That's an order, Park.” he decreed and Chanyeol was silent. Every cell in his body screamed at him for the first time to disobey a direct order because he knew it was wrong but the position he was in wasn’t at all comfortable. He was in love with Y/N ​​and was her superior, knowing that it could impact her life in an irreversible way. How could he hide vital information like that from her?


    “Park, are you listening to me?” Y/N asked loudly, seeing the boy blink a few times and turn his attention to her. "What?" She sighed, Chanyeol had been airy and distracted for weeks, many times in training he didn't even pay attention to the soldiers' exercises. Chanyeol was absent-minded but not when he worked, when the sergeant pose appeared he was so meticulous with every little detail it was boring. And Y/N was watching him more than she should have? Probably. "Since your last meeting with the commander you've been like this." she commented and felt his hand caress her arm. They were at the cinema, far from the base, on the first break they were able to take together, and yet he wasn't there. "It's your impression." he commented and saw her curl her lip. He couldn't help but think about what he knew when he was by her side, he felt a wave of guilt take over his entire body. “You’re the first to say that there are no coincidences.” "Because it’s truth." "And yet you want to convince me that it's just a coincidence that you've been distracted since then?" Y/N was stubborn and he knew she wouldn't accept that short answer from him. "I think you've forgotten how a movie theater works." he brought his mouth to her ear and whispered, making her smile discreetly as she looked at him out of the corner of her eye. Park was avoiding the subject, but it wasn't just because they were in the theater waiting for the movie to start that she was going to forget. One day he would speak, she would find a way to extract what she wanted to know. "I'll get more chocolate." she warned and moved away, feeling her body ask for contact to be reestablished. It was common now, she was used to being physically closer to him. She didn't want to act like a silly in love teenager, so she convinced herself that 5 minutes wouldn't hurt. She would buy the chocolates and get back before the movie started and the lights went out. That was the plan and she was doing fine, just waited for the attendant to get the bars she had chosen. "Y/N?" she turned when heard her name coming from a voice she didn't even know and was more confused when saw the face. A much older man than she had ever seen. Discreetly, she brought her right hand up to the waistband of her pants where her personal weapon was. Should she be cautious? Yes. Would she distrust anyone? Ever. "May I help?" she replied, her expression not at all bland. "It's so nice to finally meet you." she saw the man smile widely. "I'm sorry, I think you must be confusing me with someone. I don't know who you’re." she admitted and took the chocolates that the attendant had held out, took the money out of her pocket and handed it to the woman, ready to leave. If not for the man in front of her. "I know that, but I know who you are." Okay, that was weird and very suspicious. Her soldier side was on alert. "Pardon?" "Y/N, I'm Choi Seung, I'm your father." She felt all her blood run cold and her jaw dropped, unable to control herself. She was first confused and then laughed nervously. One, two, three times. Until she saw that the man was still serious, almost ashamed to be there. It was really strange, all her life had never experienced that, no one had ever come and tried to claim paternity. "I don’t have father." she replied low and through gritted teeth, stepping to the side to avoid the man in front of her. "Please." she heard the man speak, causing her to stop for a deep breath before facing him again. “I just ask for a chance to explain myself.” Y/N pondered, not knowing how to respond. She had so many questions and while part of her wanted to just turn her back and pretend it hadn't happened, the other part was curious for the answers. Would it be worth tinkering with the unknown past? [...] “Y/N” Chanyeol caught the attention of the woman lying next to him on the bed, watching her stare at the ceiling of his room without blinking. "Yes?" she replied, half astonished. "You talked about me but you're also distracted and don't tell me it's because of the movie because you didn't even pay attention." he laughed, expecting Y/N to do the same but it didn't. On the contrary, she took a deep breath before sitting on the bed, losing contact with Chanyeol's embrace, his hand fell from her side on the mattress. It was the first time they were just lying in bed, both of them unable to stop thinking about the dark clouds that haunted their heads. On their first night after the date. “Something has happened.” she started and Chanyeol put his hands behind his head, waiting for her to continue, she was so airy that the movement didn't catch her attention like it always did. "I don’t know where to start." she admitted. Chanyeol was worried but not knowing what to say. Unlike him, who always had someone to tell all the problems and inconveniences in his life, he had his parents and his sister, Y/N wasn’t in the habit of opening up to people because she never had anyone to count on. She always kept everything she felt to herself, not because she thought sharing would make her vulnerable, but because she didn't have anyone she felt comfortable talking to about her life. Until she was with Chanyeol. Even though she trusted him, she still found it hard to have to share it all with him. “Start from the beginning.” his hand went up to her leg and caressed it. It was easier said than done. "Okay. My father came to me.” she went straight and Chanyeol's eyes widened. It wasn't the sort of thing she would joke about and considering recent events, he knew it would happen sooner or later. He just didn't expect it to be so soon. "What?" Chanyeol saw her biting her lip, visibly annoyed, and tried to soften his reaction. “Wait, your father?” “At the cinema, when I went to buy the chocolates, a man called my name and said he was my father.” Chanyeol adjusted his position, took his hands from behind his head and sat facing Y/N with his back against the headboard, taking a good look at the woman in front of him. He was close by, watching over her, he probably knew they were together. This was no good. "I thought you didn't know who your father was." "And I don’t know!" she said, irritated with herself for making such a big deal out of it. "I wouldn't even stop to listen because even if he's my father, it doesn't make any difference." Chanyeol looked at her suspiciously, he knew she was trying to convince herself and not him. "But..." he encouraged her to continue. "But I think I deserve to know the truth." she shrugged and Chanyeol felt a lump form in his throat, along with the heaviness his heart felt seeing her so shaken by it. It wasn't common to see Y/N so vulnerable and although Chanyeol's will was always to protect her, out of sheer instinct, he felt bad this time because he was hiding important information from her. She was right, she deserved to know the truth! "What do you think?" she asked uncertainly. "You’re right." he replied and had to bite his tongue to keep from speaking what he knew. All his self-control was hanging by a thread. “But do you really want to go through this now? I mean, it's kind of weird for him to show up after so long. If he really is your father.” Y/N nodded silently, she thought so too, that's why she was so confused. It was the first time her past, which she had no knowledge of, gave her a headache. When she finally was at peace with herself. "Hey." she looked at Chanyeol, he was smiling slightly and took the opportunity to bring a hand to her cheek, making a subtle caress. "Forget about that, it's not worth stressing over anyway." he asked and saw that she grimaced. Of course, she wouldn't let this story go, but the more he could keep her from getting too involved, he would. "Is weird." she admitted, the heat of Chanyeol's palm was doing that to her. "What?" "It's the first time this has happened to me." she saw that he was confused and tried to explain. "That someone shows up saying it's my dad and I have someone to talk to about it." Chanyeol felt his heart weigh once more, guilt filling every space. But he confessed that he was happy to be the person Y/N trusted to share that, it meant he was important. Okay, they'd been together for a few weeks now and he knew they'd become more attached to each other because of their passion. But it was special to hear that from her. Without saying anything, he didn't want to spoil the moment, the hand that was on her cheek went to the back of her neck and brought her closer so that the lips could calmly meet. He felt her melt in his arms as he captured her bottom lip and heard her sigh, laying her hand on his shoulder. When Chanyeol moved away, receiving Y/N's complaint, he looked at her deeply. “No matter what happens, I will always be by your side supporting you.” Y/N smiled, feeling her heart beat faster. "You’re good at it." "What?" he asked, amused. "Distract me." Y/N saw him smile widely and hug her around the waist with both arms, bringing her to the bed and getting on top of her. "I haven't even started yet." [...] "Wait!" “Come on, Y/N.” Chanyeol pulled his girlfriend by the hand but she tried at all costs to walk slowly. Much slower. "I'm going to fall, Park!" she complained, trying to balance her heels and the pie in her free hand as he tugged. "I told you you didn't have to-" he started to speak but stopped walking, causing Y/N to do the same. “Did you just call me Park?” he spoke with a pout and she was confused, then laughed. "It’s your name!" "Not for you, I thought we'd gotten to the nickname part." Y/N laughed once more, finding it amusing but swallowed the laugh when she saw that he was serious. She felt her cheeks start to burn. “You want me to call you what? Supreme baby of my life?” she asked and saw Chanyeol looking at her expectantly and then disappointedly, shaking his head and pulling her again. "You cut the whole mood, just love was enough." he complained and she bit her lip to keep from laughing again. Love. She liked that word but still couldn't speak it out loud to him. But Y/N felt her legs shake as Chanyeol stopped in front of the house that would be their destination for the next two days. “Calm down, Chanyeol. Wait!" she spoke as she watched him struggle to ring the bell with bags in hand. He turned to face her without understanding. "What's it?" he asked worriedly as he noticed that her eyes kept looking around. Her hands were busy, so it kept her from scratching the back of her neck. “Are you sure you want to do this?” "It's the fifth time you've asked me that just on the way over here." he remembered and she took a deep breath, unable not to look nervous. “Because I want to make sure this is a really good idea.” Chanyeol stopped everything when he heard her trembling voice, dropped the bags on the floor and brought both hands to her face, forcing her to look into his eyes. “It was my mother who invited you, she wants to meet you. You don’t need to be afraid." he assured and his thumb caressed her skin, making her smile slightly. When Chanyeol had told her that he'd told his parents he was finally dating, she hadn't cared and tried not to think about it too much, but when he'd announced that next weekend they would have some time off together his family had invited her to visit them, Y/N became nervous and very anxious. With Chanyeol it was all new, he was the one she had the first date with, he was the first person she could open up about her feelings, the first person she told about being an orphan. He was her first boyfriend. Consequently, meeting her boyfriend's family would also be her first time and that worried her a lot for two reasons: she had never been in the role of daughter-in-law and she wasn't that experienced with family. "Trust me." he asked and she couldn't resist, smiling broadly and nodding. She didn't even need to answer, of course she trusted him. He returned the smile and kissed her forehead, pulling away to pick up the bags again and pull her by the hand as they headed towards the front door. Y/N took a deep breath, feeling her hands sweat as she tightly gripped the pie she was holding and squeezed Chanyeol's hand before the door opened. "Honey!" Chanyeol's father yelled and soon after pulled his son into a tight hug. Y/N smiled discreetly as she saw her boyfriend drop the bags on the floor to return the hug while he laughed. She didn't know why but Chanyeol's laugh reminded her of a child's and she couldn't control her smile every time she heard that sound. When the two moved away, Chanyeol's father faced Y/N with a polite smile. “Dad, this is Y/N, my girlfriend.” Chanyeol proudly introduced her and she smiled back, then bowed. "It's very nice to meet you, sir!" she answered. "Equally." he held out his hand to her. “Please let me take it in!” he ordered the pie and Y/N delivered it, soon after he made room for the two of them to enter. Chanyeol took the bags and nodded for her to go ahead. And so she did, watching the house and smelling a pleasant scent. “Make yourself comfortable!” Chanyeol's father left for a moment and Y/N looked at her boyfriend nervously. Not all the adrenaline in the world would be able to anesthetize all the anxiety she was feeling, no mission had made her heart beat as fast as it did at that moment. And when Chanyeol's mother appeared with a wide smile and her eyes shining at the sight of her son, Y/N was sure she would faint from being so nervous, her hands couldn't stop wiping the sweat between her palms on the jeans she was wearing. However, even nervous and afraid of what her boyfriend's parents would think of her, Y/N did nothing but smile when she saw Chanyeol get lost in her mother's embrace even though he was 3 times bigger than her, dropping the bags once again on the floor to return the hug. She felt her heart warm with happiness, she knew how important that reunion was for her boyfriend and how much family meant to him, so seeing him happy, she felt happy too. “Mom, this is Y/N.” Chanyeol spoke up, after pulling away from the hug and his mom turned to face Y/N. “It's great to meet you!” Y/N did the same greeting she did with the father and saw Chanyeol's mother approach to extend her hand, Y/N quickly grabbed it. "It's nice to finally meet you in person, my son talked a lot about you." the two shook hands and Y/N kept the smile but frowned. "Oh really?" she asked interestedly and glanced at her boyfriend for a brief second. "I knew he liked you before he even told me you were dating." she continued and I could hear Chanyeol's father's muffled laugh. "OK!" Chanyeol slurred and approached his mother, placing his hands on her shoulder. “Mom, where is Y/N going to sleep?” he looked back at his girlfriend. "My mom has a rule that guys and girls can't sleep in the same room so-" “I'm not that old-fashioned. That was when you were younger.” his mother defended herself, making him look confused. "I know what my son does in my absence, so you can sleep in his old room." she explained to Y/N that she just nodded, looking at her boyfriend next. Chanyeol was completely in shock and had such a funny face that Y/N couldn't control her laughter, catching the attention of his mother who glared at him. "I know you're not that innocent, son." she patted his arm a few times and Y/N saw his ears turn red. “Well, while you guys take your bags to your room, we're going to set the table. You must be hungry.” Chanyeol's father spoke up and they both agreed. Chanyeol took the bags and went ahead, while the parents walked back to the kitchen laughing, and Y/N followed her boyfriend. She admired the room when she arrived, it was much more organized than she had imagined and saw a guitar in the corner. She had recently discovered that he was passionate about music but hadn’t yet had time to hear him play or sing, although she knew that the moment that happened, she would fall in love with him even more. Chanyeol turned to face her after putting the bags on the bed, he was embarrassed and it was obvious, Y/N found it amusing. When she could have imagined that she would see Chanyeol blush because of his mother. "You're not going to talk about it to anyone in the division." he warned and she bit her lip to hold back her laughter. "Sure!" she promised, motioning as if she was sealing her lips. He looked at her suspiciously and she raised her arms in surrender. I'll tell everyone, she thought. Chanyeol walked over and held her hand, it was freezing cold and even though she was enjoying herself, he knew she was still anxious. So he brought the back of her hand to his lips and placed a soft kiss. "Come on, my parents can't wait to talk to you!" Y/N smiled nervously and hoped it would live up to Chanyeol's parents' expectations. Dinner was better than Y/N could have imagined. Although Chanyeol's mother seemed serious, she was sweet and liked to talk, and his father even seeming to be more serious had a sense of humor that Y/N noticed his boyfriend had inherited. That particular night was the first time she hadn't felt alone. When mothers went to visit colleagues at the base, Y/N always felt a tightness in her chest because it was a kind of thing she would never understand, she wouldn't know what it felt like to see a relative after so long, what it was like to hug someone so strong enough to not want to let go. She'd never had anyone to go back to. But here, along with her boyfriend and his family, it was the exact opposite of what she'd ever felt before. She felt at home, that was all she could describe. Even with her cheeks hurting from laughing, she didn't want to stop. Not while she was hearing stories from Chanyeol that she never had the opportunity to. Embarrassing stories that only parents would have the courage to tell. They spent hours talking, until Chanyeol's mother, kindly as usual, suggested they go to sleep after they had eaten the pie Y/N brought. It was late and they must both be tired, as she claimed. Neither of them objected, because it was true, and after Y/N thanked them for the food and accommodation, the two went to Chanyeol's old room. Y/N swapped her jeans for a sweatshirt and Chanyeol took off his, going straight to the guitar and picking it up, to sit on the edge of the bed right away while Y/N lay down comfortably.. Chanyeol started to strum some song and she just admired him in silence, the concentrated and at the same time serene expression gave her a peace that she wished she had forever. It was ironic how that was the same Chanyeol she hated a while ago. "Now I know where you got so much humor from your father." Y/N spoke and saw Chanyeol laugh, still strumming the guitar. “If Baekhyun were here, you would have fainted from laughing.” he said "I still can't believe you two dropped the 1 meter cake on your school principal's head." “What was supposed to be volunteer work at the school ended up turning into a two-day suspension.” Y/N tried not to laugh even louder, her stomach was already hurting from this story. "You would have liked to meet Baekhyun." "What happened to him?" she asked, curious. “He was kicked out of the army for being too loud.” Chanyeol smiled, memories flooding his head once more. "Really?" Y/N asked, shocked. “He spent two weeks in the air force.” he stared at her. "He would have been a great pilot if he didn't scream that he was going to die in testing." Y/N frowned. “Wait, in the tests?” she asked and he nodded in agreement. “He didn’t even get off the ground with an airship then?” “He got kicked out before that.” Y/N laughed once more. She was sure that this was the kind of best friend she would have imagined Chanyeol to have. “Now he lives very well with his wife.” Chanyeol shrugged and turned his attention to the guitar. “He says it was the best thing that could have happened to him.” “Been kicked out?” Y/N asked, laughing. “Make his own family.” Y/N was silent. Until that night she hadn't understood the real meaning of family, but now she knew why so many people fight to death for it. Why it's so important. "You can say it." she listened to Chanyeol and looked at him as if he had discovered her biggest secret. “What song do you want me to play?” She almost breathed a sigh of relief at hearing it and smiled faintly. "Anything." she replied and hugged the pillow, already tired. Chanyeol changed the song, his fingering more relaxed this time, following a pleasant rhythm and Y/N felt her eyelids get heavier. She would have fallen asleep to the tune if he hadn't started singing, the husky, tuned voice taking her by surprise. I will never let you fall I'll stand up with you forever I'll be there for you through it all Even if saving you sends me to heaven Y/N felt her whole body tingle not only with the voice but also with the lyrics. Although she had seen Chanyeol's potential to be a hopeless romantic, this was the first time he'd done something so intimate, not in a carnal way. He'd gone to the bottom of Y/N's soul, touched her heart in a way that she didn't realize she was crying until he looked her in the eyes and stopped at what he'd done. "You’re crying?" he asked completely in disbelief and Y/N even shook her head but couldn't speak. Chanyeol dropped the guitar next to him and approached his girlfriend who was trying to smile but in reality was making a face. She wanted to say that it wasn't because she was sad but because she had felt so loved, that she was thrilled. But she understood her boyfriend's desperation, of course, it wasn't like she was the most emotional person in the world, not even when she'd been shot on a mission. However, his gesture, even though so small, had somehow moved her a lot. Chanyeol hugged her tight, lifting her torso off the mattress so she could meet his own and stroked her hair. Since he hadn't seen her so emotional like that, he realized he hated it. He hated to see her cry, it was strange to see her vulnerable like that. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry." he confessed and felt her put her hand on his torso and put pressure on him to move away, he did so but reluctantly. "You know, all my first times were with you." she spoke quietly, taking a deep breath as he reached up to dry her face. "All of them?" he raised an eyebrow suggestively and Y/N chuckled. “Well, maybe just not that one.” she emphasized the last part and stared at him deeply. “You were the first one I really opened up to about my past without feeling like a weakling, you’re my first serious boyfriend, the first one that I met the family and also the first person I hated.” Chanyeol rolled his eyes, smiling. "Everyone knows it's because you love me." "Yeah, exactly." Y/N nodded and saw Chanyeol's eyes widen. He'd joked but she'd admitted it? "Huh?" was all he managed to say, making Y/N smile widely without holding back her happiness. “I love you, Park Chanyeol.” she laughed nervously and he continued in the same way. "And I'll confess, you serenading me was the most beautiful thing you've ever done for me." she approached, the trunks meeting again as she hugged him once more. “More than me saving your life?” he asked, his arms tightening around her again. "Well, I saved you first then." she shrugged and saw him laugh. “Do me a favor?” he asked and she agreed. "Shut up and Kiss Me." "Yes, sir." When Y/N approached smiling and felt his hot breath so close, she just closed her eyes and felt her whole body heat up when their lips touched softly but confidently. They could feel their hearts beating in the same rhythm and their hands didn't take long to find their favorite places to explore, Y/N on the back of his neck and Chanyeol on her waist, a little bolder he ignored the blouse she wore to caress her skin for down, making her shiver from head to toe. Y/N tried to get better in bed, trying to kneel on the mattress but he didn't let her and covered her whole body with his while their tongues met in a more sensual dance, she didn't have the strength to object so she just fixed her legs so that they entwine together with his. Piece by piece was thrown away, breaking down any barriers that kept the skins from finally meeting. Chanyeol broke the kiss to stare Y/N in the eye, deeply the way he did and it didn't help her panting at all. "I want to look at you, all night." he asked, making her smile in response. Even with the air in her lungs, she brought his face closer and went back to kissing him more thirstily as his hands roamed her body and burned every bit of pure desire. Yearning to be together again, Y/N dug her nails into his long back as her wish was fulfilled, Chanyeol pulled his lips away to bury his face in the back of her neck and the sounds he made so close to her ear were driving her crazy. combined with the rhythm as the bodies collided. With a little more control over himself, Chanyeol looked back into her eyes and she was lost in the intense glow, their hearts beating faster and faster as they neared their climax. He kept what he promised, he stared at her the whole time and she felt her body practically come apart when they were done, taking a deep breath. Chanyeol collapsed on top of her, trying his best not to weigh her down as she gently stroked his hair. When her legs were no longer shaky and they had caught their breath, he lay down beside her and pulled her chin in for a long peck, feeling his whole body sink into the bed with exhaustion. "Hey." he called out to her and Y/N stared at him, her eyes getting heavier and heavier. "Yeah?" "I love you too. So much."

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    An exo react plsss to their s/o snuggling cutely with their pets. Thankies!!

    Hello, awesome Anon! I have finished your EXO Reacts request and hope that it is as cute to read as it was to write. I so enjoyed looking up pictures of all the EXO pets (such cuties, all of them!). Thank you again for the request!

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    EXO reacts to their partners cutely snuggling their pets

    A/N: Thank you to the lovely Anon who suggested this "EXO Reacts". It was so much fun to look up all of the cute EXO pets pictures. As far as I could tell, Lay and Chen don't appear to have any known pets at this time, but let me know if they do! Enjoy! Please like, comment, or re-blog to share our EXO cuties with the world!

    *Please note: I do not own any of the pictures above, so credit should go to the original owners.*


    *Comes home from filming a travel show with his members to find you napping with Tan.* “How cute”. *Exhausted himself, he slides into bed, careful not to wake you.*Giving Tan some well-deserved head scratches, he happily drifts off to sleep.*


    *Gets done with a V-Live to find Mongryong happily settled in your lap as you listen to a podcast.* Playfully scoots Mongryong over just a bit so that he can rest his head on your thigh.* “There’s enough room for both of us, right?” *Cheeky grin.*


    *Finally sends Sehun home after a video games livestream. Walks in to see Toben and Zzar fighting over who gets your lap* * “I see the kids are at it again today, love?”* *Attempts to join in on the fight, but loses to Toben*


    *Slips quietly into the apartment, arriving home late after filming for his latest drama. Finds you asleep on the couch, 100 Days My Prince on in the background, Meokmul occupies the space on your tummy and Huchu at your feet.* * “You did well keeping mom safe while I’ve been gone.”* *Scratches the dogs’ heads affectionately*. 


    *Wakes up after a long night of dance practice to find Monggu, Jjanggu and Jjangah all piled on top of you.* *Sits down and puts his head on your shoulder*. *I couldn’t let them have all the fun, right?”* *Laughs adorably*


    *Arrives home late after filming a promotion for Grey Suit.* *Finds you asleep on the couch, having fallen asleep while waiting for him. Byuk lays on your stomach, keeping watch over you.* *Takes out his phone to capture this moment of cuteness. *Sets as his lock screen*


    *Walks in to see you snuggling with Vivi while you read a book.* *Whispers to you: “You don’t love him more than me, right?”* *Whispers to Vivi: “You don’t love her more than me, right?”* *Gives affectionate head scratches to both you and Vivi* 

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    Pairing: Yixing x Reader Genre: Fluff Rating: G Summary: At the company’s milestone celebration party, Yixing has a surprise for you, his hardest worker. Word Count: 0.6k Warnings: None

    Inspired by this post.

    As always, the office party was a success. Everyone who worked for and with Yixing turned up to celebrate another major milestone. However, this time was a little different.

    “Can I have your attention for a minute?” Yixing gently tapped a champagne glass with a fork. A hush fell over the room as all eyes turned to him. When it was reasonably quiet, he continued. “Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. Without your sacrifices, we wouldn’t have gotten this far. Serving a thousand clients is insane, yet we did it!” Applause filled the room.

    He scanned the room until he found you near the drink table, watching him with a soft smile that warmed his heart. “While I’d like to take credit for keeping things in order and running smoothly, no one would believe me.” The crowd chuckled knowingly. “So, with the insistence of everyone here at Zhang Advertising, I’d like to present our first annual employee of the year award,” he extended his hand in your direction, “to you, _____. Could you come up here, please?”

    You nearly dropped your glass of wine. The way everyone looked at you fondly, obviously in on this. How did he keep it from you? Yixing usually couldn’t do anything without your input or help. Sure, he wasn’t completely helpless, but he had the hardest time keeping secrets from you. Someone took your glass from you and gentle hands guided you to the front of the room where he waited. When you were within reach, he slung an arm around your shoulders and pulled you close.

    “Without you, we likely would have gone out of business months ago. You came in, all business and sunshine, and helped turn this ship around. We cannot appreciate you and all that you’ve done enough.”

    You shook your head. “It’s what you hired me to do! An assistant does their best to keep things from falling apart.”

    “Mm, yeah, but you pulled off six-day work weeks with countless hours of overtime. You made sure every project met our standards and exceeded client expectations. You protected our reputation while keeping the morale up. We all agree that you make this place worth working for. I personally can’t imagine anyone else being able to bring the passion, diligence, and competence you have with you every day you show up.”

    You bowed your head, unable to deny the truth in his words. You considered the company and its employees to be family and treated it as such.

    “So,” he reached behind you and picked up a gift bag, “we want you to have this.”

    You took the bag with a murmured thanks and peeked inside. There were several gift cards for shopping, spas, and food. You easily knew who helped pick out each card based on what conversations you remembered having.

    “Also, there’s this.” You looked up to find Yixing handing you a key.

    “What’s this for?” You took it and eyed it. It didn’t look familiar and had no telling markings.

    “Well, I thought my Vice President should have her own office.”

    Your neck snapped when you turned to look at him. “Your what?”

    “I think it’s time you got the promotion you deserve. I—no, we—would be honored to have you be the Vice President of Zhang Advertising.” He patted your shoulders. “It’s the least we could do after all you’ve done for us.”

    You blinked back tears, overcome with emotion and barely able to speak. Nonetheless, you nodded.

    He pulled you into a hug as the room erupted with applause and cheers. “Here’s to another year, yeah?”

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    EXO as Rich Kids

    I saw this post and got a good laugh with a cute idea. Here are the drabbles I was inspired to write.

    Minseok | Junmyeon | Yixing

    Baekhyun | Jongdae | Chanyeol

    Kyungsoo | Jongin | Sehun

    #exo-writers-net#exo drabbles#exo scenarios#exo imagines #exo chaebol au #exo ceo au #exo x reader #exo x you #minseok x reader #minseok x you #xiumin x reader #xiumin x you #junmyeon x reader #junmyeon x you #suho x you #suho x reader #lay x you #lay x reader #yixing x reader #yixing x you #baekhyun x reader #baekhyun x you #jongdae x reader #jongdae x you #chen x reader #chen x you #chanyeol x reader #chanyeol x you #kyungsoo x reader #kyungsoo x you
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