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  • soymin
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    sorry, I just didn't wanna offend you or anything since I don't talk to you often, and I'll keep that in mind.

    glad you're doing well, ohh I'll be looking forward to that^^ but also don't push yourself too much. I'm doing good, I also got a couple of drafts in progress

    ahh dont worry! u dont offend me at all, call me anything u'd like <3. thank you, ill be looking forward to your work too !! how was last week for you :)

    #ur so sweet mwa #inbox ෆ #(´ ω `) mutuals #my fae (ゝ。∂)
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  • soymin
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    heya szyu, hru lovely?

    u can call me soyu because ur my friend <3 and since the z in szyu is an honorific :)) but im doing great, hopefully i can finish some writing because ive been soo unmotivated. what about you angel?

    #inbox ෆ #(´ ω `) mutuals #my fae (ゝ。∂)
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  • earthangel-kj
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    The Reconciliation of Titania and Oberon by Joseph Noel Patton

    #classical art#fine art#painting#traditional painting#fairies#faeries#fae#oberon#titania #a midsummer night's dream #fairy tale art #fairy tale aesthetic
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  • nzaircraft
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Fiji Airways 737 Max landing at Christchurch

    Type: Boeing 737-8MAX

    Registration: DQ-FAE

    Location: Christchurch International Airport

    Date: 03/05/2022

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  • jellygay
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    A lazy & sloppy Gloom bust sketch thingy. Hands down one of my fav OCs. Hope I get to play them again since our last dnd campaign ended.

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  • jangwonie
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    omg architecture’s going to be the death of me T_T i still have so much to finish and school literally ends this week :((

    #fae’s rambles! ✿
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  • ilynaevis
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    jia my love!! hru doing? i hope you're well bestie!! <33

    FAEEEE 🫶🫶🫶 i’m doing okay !! lots of schoolwork which… isn’t ideal LMFAO but thank u i hope ur doing well too ☝️☝️

    #moots from kwangya #fae 🧚🏻‍♀️
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  • yesitsloulou
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Well, I got two prompts out of three done. So feeling proud of myself cause I had writer's block all week and didn't think I'd be able to write anything. So here's my submission for the Injury prompt.

    Part One Sacrifice Part Two Submit

    The Value of a Ruined Man Pt 3

    "You are a guest in my home, but act as if you are the master. Lording your rule over me."

    Eric glared at Jason, who only grinned at his complaint. It had been a week since he had taken residency in his home. In that time Eric had worked himself ragged to meet the false god's demands. 

    "If the house were not lacking one and in such disarray. I would not have take command. Though you must admit. I do make a fine master." 

    Anger bubbled up in Eric and spilled over. Jason's playful insults were too much for him today. 

    "Why not spit in my face? I would prefer that to your mockery."

    Jason's hands stilled mid-cut of a potato and he cocked his head to the side. A arch brow told Eric that his words had taken him aback.

    "Your anger has become a rarity. So what truly brings it out today? My words are not enough to draw it forth so lie not."

    Eric sat down with a groan. His marred leg drew his attention. Throbbing painfully from overuse. Biting his tongue, he glared at Jason as he did his best to calmed his anger before answering. 

    "Pain. Pain is what draws my anger forth and makes me lash out at your mockery."

    Laying the knife down, Jason wiped his hands on a rag. Eric watched him make his way over to him. He startled as Jason knelt before him as a knight would do for his king. His surprised grew as Jason ran his hands along his leg. Eric's breath hitched and he flinched as the touch soothed the pain instantly.

    "So much pain. Why did you not voice your discomfort sooner?"

    Eric gulped, he turned from Jason. Shame. Shame of how weak he was. Shame of his limitations. Shame of making another take care of him. Though Jason had been taken care of him all week. He still wanted to pretend that he was not the burden he truly was.

    "Holding your tongue will not keep me from asking for an answer. My stubbornness matches yours." 

    Jason's hands continued to rub his leg and send sparks of pleasure to the rest of Eric's body. Loosing his resolve to keep his thoughts to himself. Eric answered.


    The defeat in his voice caused the other's hands to still. Silence grew thick and Eric was afraid to be the first to shatter it with his bitterness. A soft gasp escaped him and broke it. Jason had pressed his lips to his leg.

    "Give me your shame and I will give you pleasure in return."

    Eric felt his face burn. Jason indeed needed shame for he had none when it came to offering Eric pleasure or asking for it in return. Though Eric was weak, he had yet to give in.

    "I'll give you my shame, but I want my title as master of the house restored."

    Jason smirked.

    "Clever, but I want more than your shame for that title."

    "Does your greed know no limits?"

    "I am not greedy, I only ask for what is fair. And what is fair is your shame and a kiss."

    Eric huffed. Perhaps it would be unwise to give Jason his shame. If he had it not, he would give into Jason's demands for affection and pleasure.

    "You called me clever, so I will continue to be clever. I will give you nothing."

    Jason's smirk dropped and he frowned. 

    "Fine. As master I command you to rest till I call you for supper." 

    The annoyance and care the command was given with made Eric smile. Standing, he made his way to his room. Sleep came easy to him as his leg no longer pained him. He dreamt of Jason. In the dream, Jason asked for a kiss. Eric easily gave it to him. He was less reserved and less concerned of the consequences of such a action.

    When he awake, Jason greeted him with a smug grin. 

    "Your smile tells of how sweet your dream was."

    Eric blushed. Had Jason slipped into his dreams to steal a kiss from him. Could he do such a thing? 

    "You presume too much."

    "Tell me then of what you dreamed of. So I presume nothing."

    "Is the stew done?"

    Jason chuckled as Eric avoided answering him and gave a quick nod. Eric followed silently behind Jason and ate his meal in silence. His eyes could not keep from finding their way to Jason's lips. He thought of the kiss from the dream and his embarrassment grew. Perhaps he should have give Jason his shame. 

    #InjuryMay2022 #house of ashes #jason kolchek #dark pictures house of ashes #the dark pictures #the dark pictures anthology #eric king #eric x jason #eric/jason#JEric #fae jason? #hoathemeweek#hoa fanfic#flirting #and it continues #hoathememonth
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  • hyperfixates-on-fandoms
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    writing a bnha fae au. need a beta please. how to get one?

    #bnha#beta reader#fae au#writblr#mha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia
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  • goatmeats-fr
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    some fun new projects i’ve decided to acquire!

    #flight rising#dragon share #the fae is already finished but the other two are still v much wips #jaguar gene#flaunt gene#tapir gene #also let's hear it for the garden sets! i owe them my life and my dragon wardrobes
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  • rphrrt
    16.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    A lil late to the party, but Merry Black Fae Day

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  • ifyviii
    16.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    daily sketch OC modern AU

    #world of wacraft #kaldorei#night elf#night fae #world of warcraft shadowlands #warcraft shadowlands#shadowlands#warcraft druid#druid#druid oc #night elf druid #modern au#original character #artists on tumblr #digital drawing #world of warcraft #world of warcraft fanart
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  • fairymint
    16.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    thinking about how ridiculously touch starved that Felix is.

    how, no matter the context, he will melt in your fingertips, because he is too busy running around to enjoy things like this.

    #headcanon. #felix fae.
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  • liabcc
    16.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Alana champion 🐽🐽

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  • yesitsloulou
    16.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    And it continues. Here is my submission for the Submit prompt for the HOA Theme Month.

    Part One Sacrifice

    The Value of a Ruined Man Pt 2

    A bright light awake Eric, blind panic filled him. Had his mind fabricated the night's events? Had he plummeted into the dark sea as he had originally intended? Was he at the gates that would surely deny him entry?

    "A beauty such as yourself should learn to rise with the sun."

    The cheery greeting from the false god brought Eric to his true reality. Glaring at Jason, who was silhouetted by the morning sun, he hid away in the safety of the blankets. Stubbornly refusing to partake in the mockery.

    The bed shifted as Jason's weight settled down by his hip. The same heat he felt yesterday at Jason gentle touch burned him once more. 

    "If your body is willing. You may stay in bed till you hunger for more than my touch." 

    Eric's breath grew shaky and heat spread through him. He had not been touched since Rachel's departure. Memories and his hand were never enough to sate his need.

    Waves of panic washed over him as Jason revealed his blushing face with a rough tug of his hand. He towered over him once more.

    Swallowing down his desire, Eric found his voice. Though it was filled with fragile conviction, it still denied his desperate wants.

    "I will not give a wolf that pretends to be a shepherd a taste of flesh."

    "I am no wolf. I am no shepherd."

    Jason smirked as he soothed Eric's messy hair back. The gentle touch made Eric dizzy. What spell had this being cast upon him? Why was he so eager for even the faintest of touches from Jason? Why was he weak for a being he had met on a full moon?

    "You would only have to give me your name to know what I truly am. Or do you like to be called mine?"

    A spark of anger ignited a fire in Eric's chest as Jason reminded him of his supposed claim. 

    Pulling from the pleasant touch, he put distance between them. Keeping his lips sealed in defiance. 

    "Stubborn mortal. One day you will give in and your name will taste as sweet as your lips."

    Eric's heart stuttered and he rushed his steps, only to falter and fall. A solid warmth met him instead of his dusty floor. He tried to pulled away, but instantly missed the warmth. Weakness made him press back.

    "Perhaps that day will be upon us sooner than either of us thought."

    "Do you like the sound of your own voice? Enough to say absurdities with such frequency?"

    Jason chuckled at Eric's quip.

    "It is not my voice that I am fond of."

    A blush blossomed upon Eric's face, more vivid than before. Forcing strength to fill him, he pulled away. 

    "I will not fall for your false sweetness. Take it and your pity away. Leave me to my sorrow and misery. Leave me to my death!"

    Darkness shadowed Jason's handsome features. A calm filled the room and Eric's anger bleed away, replaced by fear.

    "You may asked for my departure all you want. I will not leave till your beloved sorrow and misery lay dead at my feet!" 

    Jason's voice boomed like thunder. Eric shrank back. Cowering before the coming storm. When not storm battered him, he dared to look upon Jason's face. The anger that darkened it was long gone. Sadness is all Eric could find.

    "Let me help you. Let me bring joy to you. Let me make life a gift once more."

    The pleas made Eric feel guilt. Jason's mockery had been playful and he had soured it with anger and fear.

    "I am unworthy."

    "Foolish mortal. No one is unworthy."

    Sighing, Eric gave Jason a weak smile. He received one that shone like the sun. 

    "Foolish savior of weak men and speaker of sweet mockery. I will let you do as you ask."

    #house of ashes #jason kolchek #dark pictures house of ashes #the dark pictures #the dark pictures anthology #hoa#eric king #eric x jason #eric/jason#JEric #fae jason? #hoa fanfic#SubmitMay2022#hoathememonth #and it continues
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  • childeindenial
    16.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    oh i am so sleepy now oh no... oh no... sleeps

    #✩‧₊ϟ almighty decree! #i have to look up persona5 stuff so i am prepared #cant let fae down i take my media consuming SERIOUSLY
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  • unanimouslalablah
    16.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Capp Wedding, 1961

    Scribonia, Octavius, Andromache, and Hector's deaths were VERY fresh, but their final wishes was for Consort and Contessa to continue on with the wedding.

    The Danes, Normans, and newly settled Gales chose their side in the feud, and the neutral Gossamers and Summerdreams made their way to see the Capp couple tie the knot.

    Despite the happiness, there was a lot of stress with the wedding planning. Contessa MADE SURE Consort signed an IRON CLAD prenup (which lasts for 200 years), and dealing with the paperwork, and the estates of their parents.

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  • rosahope
    16.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    anyway my tall elezen lady wol has a blog again

    #❥    putting the fae in faeilure.「 ooc 」 #there's nothing on the blog yet but she's heeeeere
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