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  • ladyeroway
    22.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    The gm dropped an interesting tidbit about Juniper and her Druid nature during a chat with an NPC last night. She didn’t grow up around other druids so any ability she has gained has been using her gut.

    So far she has met 2 druids - one is a troll who seems to have an affinity with earth and another who has an affinity with rats. The NPC mentioned she has only ever heard of Druid’s having one affinity. Juniper can turn into multiple animals and plants.

    It surprised her that it wasn’t the case for everyone and she seems to have more of an affinity for nature as a whole. Given she knows nothing of her biological family it has raised an interesting question as to why she can and other druids stick to one affinity.

    #juniper valerian #obviously we are playing with the fact there are not many druids in our world #it’s an interesting take I didn’t see coming #we are also about to go to the Fae realm #which I am sure will be fun #rpg shenanigans
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  • arson-avian
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Vibe of the night drabble(ish); Early spring mornings in the Fae realm

    The branches of willows, still barren from last winter, sway in the cold, crisp winds as it picks up slightly, seeing you awake. You walk along the path, shivering a bit but, not unpleasantly. The cuffs of your pants damp from dew drops that lay glistening on blades of grass and other of the like, and the mist, thick and alluring. The spirits hollow and moan a "good morning" to you. You smile back, hiking your way up the half dirt-half stone path, to a hill that over looks a good portion of the forest. At the top, your breath comes in loud, visible puffs, drifting off into the air. After catching your breath, you rifle through your coat pocket, searching for a small ceramic object. Once you find it, you pull it out. It's a whistle, smaller than your thumb but bigger than your nail and is white and pearly, with shimmering engravings, where it was colored in. Taking a deep breath in, you blow gently into the wind instrument. The high soprano like keen echos throughout the valley and continues on out of reach of our ears. Suddenly, flowers start bloom and the animals start to rouse, as the fae wake up to their call.

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  • badcompanys
    21.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    imagine you’re eleanor, and for some otherworldly reason, you get to experience something you only dreamed about. a realm full of magic and wonder  and beauty and natural flora and fauna and holy shit! there are so many fae creatures. 

    you never thought that you would see something like this. and you never want to leave. this place becomes your home and you will fight to protect it.

    you work hard at befriending the creatures here. no longer resorting to the quick and easy ‘friend or foe’ tactics. you embrace everything around you and submerge yourself in the reality of it all.

    it’s mindblowing. you never leave this place. never return home. and feel little remorse about it all. maybe  this place was meant to be your home after all.

    #eleanor : this is the best day of my life. #i want to live in a fae realm too ellie.
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  • garbagewitchcraft
    16.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Looking for blogs to follow

    Like this post if your blog focuses on/has a lot of:


    fae work

    astral travel/astral work

    polish/slavic folklore



    if you’re somehow related to death and after your visit, the people/animals die

    animal magic


    azazel and uriel specifically

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  • tokkionline
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    lea atwell lived in the land of humans before everything changed; before she was foolish enough to thank the one creature she was never supposed to thank, a high standing member of the fae nobility. now, she finds herself in the mysterious and terrifying land of the feyfolk, with no other choice but to train as a chevalier for the royal guard as an attempt to repay an impossible debt

    #silver's ocs #thanking a fae basically means you are indebted to them #so she gets taken to the faerie realm #and the favor she has to fill is train and become a chevalier for the military
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  • insomtiny
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    so many things have been happening out of nowhere lately, what's next a panic reunion

    #too bad ryan ross fell into the fae realm and can't get out and br*ndon ur*e's a freak #kyra's ramblings
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  • tryxyhijinks
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    There is currently an equal chance of either Joey Batey or a young Paul McCartney showing up on my dash and I have to say. They don't look alike. But somehow they really, really do.

    #my current theory is that both of them spent some formative years outside time in the fae realm #but I'm open to other suggestions
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  • daedric-sorceress
    01.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    🧚🏻‍♀️🍃☀️𝘛𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘤𝘦 𝘩𝘰𝘭𝘥𝘴 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘮𝘢𝘨𝘪𝘤 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘯 𝘢𝘯𝘺 𝘱𝘢𝘭𝘢𝘤𝘦 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘭𝘥.☀️🍃🧚🏻‍♀️

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  • hyah-lian
    27.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Not loz/lu/miltiverse links shit

    I. Love crop tops so fucking much.

    I have 3 or 4 and need m o r e

    #crop tops make me powerful #they are very Gender #which is weird to say bc when i was still trying to pretend to be a cis b4 i was like yeah im trans af #i wanted to burn even thinking of them. like. i was so caught up in dysphoria and hell #now im like. look. cool refreshed little gay. just a guy with some skin. massive euphoria. #i could be a queercoded villain with my black croptop and green hair #or maybe im a fancy adventurer who is leaning heavily towards 'bard who helps make the town a community and has no wife of his own' #or maybe im an escapee from the fae realm and im gonna steal your fucking cupcakes Henry #im a fucking god when i wear crop tops ok #im a very tired adult ehh??? *vague hand gestures about gender* who needs some sleep #probly deleting later. i was deadass asleep and woke up because i forgot i made tea #and im trying to stay awake to finish drinking it
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  • rotwd
    26.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    "Monsters are real, and ghosts are real, too. They live inside of us, and sometimes, they win." - Author Unknown.

    After many weeks of arguing and debating, threatening and what have you, an agreement was made among the more important figures of each Realms. They'd known the plan to separate each Realm was something that had been conjured up and improved for over a millennia, and finally that plan had to come to fruition.

    Each Realm was to cut all links to one another through Moot Points, leaving the locations of the remaining ones to only a trusted few. The Wardens oversaw the majority of this, aiding in moving natural magical sources to their own Realm for safe keeping. There had been a reason the Wardens had been mainly Wardens for many years, and now was their time to step up and issue the finality once everything was complete.

    With many of the magical outlets finally in their Realm, Earth had been cut off completely -- no Moot Points were to remain in order to keep the humans as safe as possible from any attack. Humans were often non magical by birth, only carrying the genes if they were crossed with a species from another Realm and so could not properly defend themselves against stronger, more aggressive foes. So locking all entrances seemed like the best hope for them and the other Realms. One would believe that the human race would proudly embrace their solace, passing down their stories of far and magic and other remarkable adventures they'd had to places not of this Earth --

    Only the people of the other Realms often seemed to forget that the humans, for as much as they hunted and foraged, built and moved further into the unknown, did not live out the long and tedious years as other Races did. Many human Wardens of pure lineage had been lucky to live two hundred years at best, due in part to the excess magic they often held whereas it wasn't as uncommon for people of other realms to exceed thousands of years.

    And so, while the other Realms say and waited for the day they could one day reunite the Realms and bring back the days of old, humans slowly carried on, forgetting the magic and their duties -- instead turning nonfiction into bedtime stories and scriptures alike. The natural reservoirs that had been hidden in varying crevices of the Earth, waiting for the day someone would stumble upon them, becoming forgotten as generations of people moved about their daily lives and yet, all seemed peaceful in this mandatory solitude --

    Until the moment seemed right to strike.

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  • rotwd
    26.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    "The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him." - G.K. Chesterson.

    One couldn't have been too sure who dealt the first blow -- just that the royal family of the Eternal Realm awoke to their eldest Prince having been slaughtered in the night. The killers had made an easy getaway, leaving everyone none the wiser during such trauma. Outcry from the family brought a steady stream of chaos as a grieving mother and father called for justice -- for the killers to be found and given penance for what they had done. None could fathom such an atrocity -- none such existed for many thousands of years! Their motives seemed unclear; crime was apparent even among the noblest of Elves and human kin, yet none had dared commit such an atrocity before.

    Chaos followed shortly in the wake of the Prince's death. The leaders of each Realm gathered more regularly than usual, butting heads attempting to keep the peace before an all out war broke out due to conflict of interest. Fingers were pointed, trust was broken alongside long standing pacts and agreements. Each Realm began to slowly separate themselves from one another even before The Great Divide ever occurred.

    The second blow was dealt from a traveling witch to three Faer Folk supposedly harassing her on her travels in the Eternal Realm. This ignited the spark that sent the Realms into total chaos. Murder increased at a drastic rate, Realms going to war with one another in an attempt to protect themselves from the same outcome the Eternal Realm had. The humans seemed the only ones looking for a less brutal outcome. They didn't have the power the other Realms had, both in magic and in people and armies.

    The Great Divide, known to some as The Rift, occurred as early man began to peak -- when only the most trusted of Wardens were of Earth due to the neutrality of man when it came to the other Realms and their mishappenings with one another. Mant, including the royal family of the Eternal Realm, had once agreed that if war were to ensure even we'll before this conflict, that if the Realms were ever in great enough conflict with one another over power or wealth, that all Moot Points we're to be sealed and all magical sources were to be put in the realm with the most trusted populace in order to keep those of ill intent from destroying everything completely to get their way. The humans seemed like apt candidates.

    It was only when many were on their last legs -- the king and his remaining sons having fallen during the onslaught, causing the need for distant relatives to take the throne -- did a stalemate ensue, causing a need for the verbal negotiations and agreements in lieu and fighting and casualties.

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  • flowercrown-bard
    21.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    through mist and light please. is it about roach 🥺

    Thank you! Ah sadly it's not about our darling roach. Not about any witcher characters, actually. It's my original idea (that I keep ignoring bc I want to write fic lmao)

    It doesn't make much sense without context but basically, Madrigal is a spy who's send to dethrone the king via fae magic. To do so, she has to pose as the king's betrothed, which would be all fine and well, if the head of the king's guard didn't show signs that she is seeing right through her. (basically, it's an enemy to lovers story with fae and court intrigue and lesbians)

    "As your guard-"
    "Well, I didn't ask my betrothed to make you my guard, now did I?" Madrigal turned away from the Unwanted, pretending to be busy picking up the shawl she had dropped on the floor. Her hands were shaking and out of the corner of his eyes, she could see her guard take a step towards her before she stopped mid-movement, taking on her usual rigid posture again.
    Madrigal threw a glance at her. "You know, if I had any say in this, you never had to see me again and you could keep playing the head of his guard for all I cared."
    Madrigal straightened her spine again, titling her chin up. It still wasn't enough to make her be at a hight with the Unwanted. Neither was it enough to hide how her stomach churned as she called the king her betrothed. Years at the theatre wouldn't have been enough to prepare her for this role. Evidently, her act of false confidence wasn't even enough to fool her guard. The Unwanted regarded her silently, judging. Her eyes, in which the northern lights danced, flickered down to Madrigal's hands that were clutching the shawl tightly to hide their tremble.
    "I can take care of myself," Madrigal said, putting every bit of confidence she could muster into the lie.
    "Can you now?" The Unwanted stepped forward, tugging the shawl free of Madrigal's grip and folding it nearly, before placing it on the bed. "How curious, seen as it is my task to protect you."
    Madrigal gave her a tight smile, her thoughts so loud that she feared her guard, her enemy would be able to hear them: And it is my task to kill the king you have been sworn fealty to.

    For this ask game

    #Thank you for the ask! #Also the Unwanted is called that bc she is a fae changeling but her human family found that out before she could be given a name #So she's unwanted by the fae realm and the human family #(she chose a name for herself tho and at some point she will tell Madrigal bc Madrigal is the one person who actually wants her around) #Ask game #Through mist and light
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  • sewercentipede
    12.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Wendy Froud (via)

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  • gargoyleprincess
    11.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    my tattoo collection so far

    #I got the stick n poke heart at 17 #then the ankle faery in July 2021 #the soot sprite and moomin in March 2022 #and the goblin started in Jan 2022 finished in April 2022 #my theme is hearts & creatures of the fae realm #moomin troll#faery#soot sprite #winged goblin in armor #the moomin and soot sprite and goblin are still healing
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  • citrongarde
    09.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    ON THE TOPIC OF BLACK CITY actual day/night game mechanics and pkmn canon b damned i think that it’s always nighttime in black city. like for some reason theres just no daylight??? its always bathed in moonless darkness and flickering technicolour neon. no one there has ever questioned it ever

    #pokemon#pokemon b2w2 #pokemon black and white #pokemon bw #pokemon black 2 and white 2 #black city #look ik its not true in-game but. this is my vision so #also white forest is Weird #but like in a fae realm way not in a corporate glowing purgatory way #time doesnt pass normally in either location though #i might add on smth abt white forest #theres always sunlight filtering through the impossibly tall tress #giving the whole place a sort of hazy midsummer's feel #cityposting
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  • babyitsmagic
    08.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    “You’re awfully far from home, little lamb. How’d you wind up all the way out here?”

    #akirastarter#open;; #'here' being the fae realm
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  • dollydeparted
    05.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    i think still my favorite interpretation of wonderland is that it’s a faerie realm and all the inhabitants are fae, which works so wonderfully bc it meshes well with the blue-and-orange morality and nonsensical characteristics and fantastical creatures in wonderland

    and it’s such a good interpretation that i get mad when i remember the only piece of alice adaptation to actually use it (that ive personally managed to find) was a super shitty ya adult fantasy series 💀

    #im not going to name the series bc idk if it has a fandom or not but if you know then You Know #god that series makes me so mad tho lol it was SO bad and did the alice books such a disservice #anyway just wanted to say that other than wonderland being all in alice's head it being a fae realm is my fave take on it #rose talks #alice in wonderland
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  • teatitty
    01.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    The first time CasCu and Sabermuid had a really big fight (the kind where one of you leaves by slamming the door behind you) Cu sent out one of his plants afterwards to act as a sort of peace-making messenger and Diarmuid wanted to stay mad at him, he really did, but Cu had sent Diarmuid’s favourite kind of flower and it spread into a mini field in front of him that simply spelt out “I miss you :(”

    So he sighed and went back to find his boyfriend to make up with him, a trail of those same flowers following his every step

    #fate series#diarcu #the flower in question is a primrose btw! #folklore states that large patches of them were doors or gateways to the fae realm #and that putting them in your doorways would encourage the fae to bless your home with protection #they're also said to come from tir na nog itself and that any who went there #would return carrying a bunch of them #but regardless of all that they're also really pretty and i like them #(and just to be a sap: in the victorian flower language they meant 'i cant live without you')
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