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  • postwarlevi
    21.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Okay so modern post war Levi and extended friends and family. They're together for a VERY special event. 21 year old Gabi and Falcos wedding!

    Levi has a front row seat next to Onyankopon. Reiner, Pieck and others are in the wedding party. Falco smiles to Levi as he stands at the alter waiting for his bride.

    When Gabi walks by with her father she breaks form to briefly touch Levis shoulder before going to stand next to Falco.

    Levi feels some emotions watching the kids he has helped get to adulthood expressing their happiness and continuing their life together. Over the years they've both grown very close to Levi, who has never been shy about keeping things real when they ever asked his advice...or even when they didn't. He's helped mold them, and they are grateful he's been there for them.

    After the first kiss, as the couple walk back down the aisle, Gabi smiles brightly in Levis direction, and he gives her a smaller one back.

    He is shocked when during the reception, after the first dance and halfway through Gabis dance with her father, that she parts from him to stand before Levi, asking for him to finish the dance.

    He doesn't like being the center of attention much, but she's counting on him. So he doesn't disappoint her.

    They go slow so his knee doesn't act up, not that he'd let that stop him.

    "You mean so much to us, Levi. Thank you." Gabi says, resting her head on her mentor and friends shoulder.

    Levi almost chokes up, especially when he looks up and sees Falco standing nearby watching.

    "I feel like this is almost goodbye." He says, and Gabi doesn't miss the tiny bit of sorrow in there.

    "Oh no, you can't get rid of us." Levi chuckles at the devious way she says this.

    He does hope that's true.

    Giving the bride a kiss on the cheek, Falco comes over and both he and Gabi walk Levi back over to his seat. Gabi hugs him and steps away and Levi pats Falcos shoulder as he sits down.

    With the younger man shielding him, Levi covertly dries his eye. Falco leans down. "Don't worry Captain. Your secret is safe with me." He's the only one who has seen.

    Levi settles himself down and no one has noticed a thing. He hasn't expected his own reaction.

    And for years to come, Gabi and Falco do still include Levi in their lives.

    He doesn't get teary eyed again until Gabi places the next generation of warriors into his arms.

    "So, you'll babysit for us, right?" Falco jokes.

    Levi nods as he looks down at the baby and says sincerely. "Of course." This time he doesn't hide his tears.


    Adding, if Levi has been lucky enough to find the love of his life, you're dancing with Falco while Levi is dancing with Gabi!

    #well i had this thought and here it is #gabi asking levi to dance with her at her wedding #is you don't like gabi then don't bother with this post #attack on titan #aot#fluff#levi ackerman#levi fluff#captain levi #captain levi ackerman #levi ackerman fluff #levi#gabi braun#gabi#falco#falco grice #gabi x falco #falco x gabi #dad levi vibes
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  • petty-ha
    20.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    "Once Again"

    ✧ Pairing: Eren Jaeger x Mikasa Ackerman

    ✿ Reblogs are highly appreciated m.list


    “Eren, today, once again, I sit by the tree you loved to sleep near— and the one you will forever be sleeping in. Four years have passed since the day you destroyed, and at the same time, saved our world. Us Eldians have made peace with the rest of the world, and we have been given the freedom you died for. Everyone has moved on and the people no longer see us as monsters; we have you to thank for that.

    Here I am, back to where everything started. I remember when you, Armin, and me would race here. Armin would tell us stories of what he read about the outside world while you lay down on the grass with your eyes closed, then I would wake you up if you accidentally fall asleep.

    The scarf you gave me, despite being old and ragged, I still wear it. Armin has asked a few times if I want to get a similar one, but I always declined his offer to buy me one. It is the scarf you wrapped around my neck when my days were cold and dark, and I don't want to replace the one thing that reminds me of your warmth. Eren, even after your death, my feelings for you haven't changed the slightest. you're still the one I love more than anything in the world, and it will remain like that until the end of time.

    Once again, I sit here as the wind blows through my hair. This day is so similar to the ones we had and shared with each other back in our childhood. The only difference is that the walls that used to lock us away from the rest of the beautifully cruel world are no longer here, no longer caging us.

    Eren, the cramped walls that shielded us from the world's wrath and shielded the world from our former abilities to turn into man-eating giants, with your powers and sacrifice, have been taken down. Eren, thanks to you, the freedom you fought and died for has been achieved. by all of us, and by yourself.”

    as Mikasa closed her diary, she heard the voices of her friends calling her. she set down her notebook and pen on the dirty-white-colored blanket she sat on, and stood to embrace them.

    her childhood friend Armin; her friends from the now-disbanded scout regiment Jean, Historia, and Connie; her marleyan friends Pieck, Reiner, Yelena, Onyankopon, and Annie; her relative and former squad captain— that they used to fear but now so-bravely teased and called incomplete— Levi and the two marleyan kids who took care of him named Gabi and Falco.

    As they finished greeting each other, Mikasa remembered that she had forgotten to write one sentence in her diary. as she thought of adding it in, she decided that it might be better to say it.

    “To the boy who sought freedom, thank you.”

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  • beatotsundere
    20.05.2022 - 3 days ago


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  • sonofthesaiyans
    19.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Sasha’s Connections....

    If Sasha had LIVED, as she had every right to and should have for the sake of this story, what among her many relationships do you think should have gotten far more emphasis and actual screentime? 

    Let’s touch on a few, shall we? 

    1) Her relationship with her father didn’t get much screentime but it was pretty well defined. And he owed far more to Sasha than to effectively pardon the very person who ripped her away from him. So that unfortunately taints what was one of the healthier family connections of the series. Gabi is not Artur’s daughter, SASHA IS. 

    2) These two were roommates? Let alone friends? You could’ve fooled me as Mikasa only ever looked out for her forbidden, the one she never really had any real shot at a future with. Sasha is the ONLY person I can casually ship with Mikasa without much issue as they in theory would make a great duo. Sasha’s lightheartedness and optimism counteracting Mikasa’s somewhat more jaded and reserved nature. But it is NEVER properly exploited. Making how Mikasa reacts to the events of season four feel hollow and superficial. And again, forgiving the person who took one of your closest friends away from you? Again, they spent almost a solid decade as comrades from training to the war with Marley. That closeness should’ve gotten a lot more focus but true to form, Isayama didn’t think it wise to legitimize plot points he specifically introduced. It would’ve helped Mikasa’s character immensely to see her interact with anybody else on the same level she did with Eren or Armin. Sasha could’ve been the perfect remedy. 

    3) Ymir certainly liked to take her cheap shots at Sasha, they may not have been best pals but there was enough to suggest the two could rib each other pretty casually and still get along begrudgingly. Ymir is perhaps the only other character far more screwed over than Sasha among the ones we did lose, and it would’ve been fun to see these two unlikely companions get along more. Especially since Ymir helped Sasha to evolve into a stronger person on her own terms, to a certain degree, by letting go of her self-consciousness. They were two of the most fascinating girls in the series, moreso than Mikasa, you can quote me on that too by the way. If it meant more of both Ymir and Sasha, then they both should’ve stayed put throwing shade at each other.

    4) If you’re not at all perturbed by the fact that Sasha NEVER shared a scene with her own mother, there’s absolutely something wrong with you. No relationship, no insight into what kind of bond they shared, you’re telling me it’s okay to have Lisa hug the person who took away her daughter but not her actual daughter? Top contender for most offensive scene in season four, barring that fucking finale. 

    5) Gee, Sasha risks her life to save Kaya in what is undoubtedly her most badass moment of the entire show, the only one where she was squarely the main focus, and we never actually get to see the two of them as actual sisters. It’s all purely informed and thus, their connection is never properly explored aside from what Kaya tells us. I am NOT okay with this. Sure makes her trauma feel that much more forced for it after the events of season four. We absolutely deserved to see those two as an actual family. Imagine how meaningful that would’ve been, to see it instead of having it narrated to us. 

    They don’t even give the other kids adopted by the Brauses names, btw, people. Has anyone ever stopped to acknowledge this? 

    6) According to some sources, Hange was called “Glasses Sasha” by some fans due to their very similar appearance. We even have perhaps the only funny bit from anything in the timeskip where Hange tried to pass off the younger Sasha as her “Big Sis”. The idea of these two being pals is a very welcome idea. They do look similar and they’re both as I said, the true heart of the series, a position they both hold equal measures. Is such a potentially interesting friendship ever properly exploited? Hell, no. And that’s hard to get past. 

    7) What about EREN? One of Sasha’s oldest comrades who she supported from start to finish through all the hell they were put through? For such a friendship that SUPPOSEDLY influenced Eren profoundly in the timeskip, they had almost no meaningful one-on-ones. Again, because Isayama is basically M. Night Shyamalan: TELL, DON’T SHOW. I’m sorry, I’m not buying his reaction in that episode that must never be shown to human eyes again. Their relationship is far too underdeveloped for me to believe it had such a profound impact on Eren’s continuance of the Rumbling. If it had meant that much to him......I think we all know what he would’ve done without any hesitation. And after what we find out about his feelings about Mikasa.........It makes even less sense to believe he really cared as much as that breakdown might’ve implied. 

    Sad we never got Sasha’s reaction to Eren’s rampage. I think after a good cry, the girl would’ve flipped her shit that Eren betrayed all they fought for. It would’ve been a profound case of “I did not sign up for this!” 

    8) I’m sorry. Was I supposed to feel anything for this guy? Niccolo shared all of ONE FLASHBACK with Sasha, and this is supposed to constitute even an implied relationship? 

    Once again, Isayama is all TELL, DON’T SHOW. 

    NicoSasha is some of the fakest shipper fuel I’ve ever seen, and possibly the least credible pairing on a canon or fanon level. All we ever got of Sasha’s side of this implied relationship was that she loved his cooking. But not even Kaya knew for certain if any actual dating was going on between them. A pairing that has absolutely no shared screentime beyond one scene doesn’t have any business being played up as a major plot point, even with all the influence Sasha is stated to have had on Niccolo’s mindset. As I explained to a friend at length, Niccolo is nothing more than a plot device. What could’ve been if Isayama made any committed effort to make him feel like a three-dimensional character who had anything beyond an informed crush on Sasha. 

    Again, would’ve been interesting to see her reaction to the whole wine scheme. 

    9) Yes. I’ll be the one to say it. Gabi’s story might’ve been much more tolerable if she had never been the one to take Sasha out. If they didn’t insist on reducing Sasha to a bunch of unwarranted parallels between the two girls. Their story could’ve been so much more compelling if Sasha and Gabi had any proper interaction after Liberio, if Sasha was there in person to make Gabi see the light, there are so many ways this could’ve worked to the benefit of the story. Instead of making it easy to call out Gabi as a hollow replacement to a beloved character who just happened to possess the same combat skills. 

    That is the ONLY leniency I’m willing to give Gabi Braun, that if she and Sasha had properly interacted and if the story made room for them both, it could’ve worked to the benefit of both sides, instead of Isayama flagrantly catering to only one and in doing so, bringing up a fanatical faction within the fandom. The potential was there, and I’d have much rather gotten that version of the timeskip. 

    It hurts to love Sasha as much as I do, she deserves so much more and so did we. I will continue to stand up for her, and to call out both Isayama and his fans for the excuses they make for abusing the good elements of this series. 

    Somebody please make a #justiceforsasha tag, my fight here is far from over. 

    #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #Sasha Blouse#sasha braus#snk sasha#aot sasha #Falbi Gabi Braun Falco grice Sasha braus Sasha blouse hajime Isayama #gabi braun#aot gabi#snk gabi #i hate gabi #i hate eren #i hate isayama #hajime isayama#fuck isayama #anti snk 139 #anti snk 105 #anti snk ending #snk 105#aot anime#snk anime#snk manga#aot manga#aot analysis#snk analysis#snk fandom#aot fandom#snk angst#aot angst#Mikasa Ackerman
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  • sonofthesaiyans
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Most USELESS AOT Character

    I already said my piece on the alliance this week, and there’s a lot of reasons to hate it for the fact that we have the series’ original protagonists aligning with and forgiving the worst war criminals in the story, the ones who caused Eren to initiate his cataclysm upon the world. And I’m sure the reasons for why the alliance is so heavily mocked don’t there. 

    But the dishonor of being the most useless member still goes to Gabi Braun. 

    Literally the ONLY thing Gabi does for the goddamned alliance, something that only became “necessary” in part due to her own actions in provoking Eren. 

    Yeah, Gabi shot Floch. Possibly the only character to have fewer fans, I might assume. But for someone who is the subject of all those tacky “FAZE” memes on Twitter and elsewhere, the little shit didn’t make it count in the ONE moment where she actually was justified in shooting a gun. 

    Isayama was never shy about his malicious intentions or his many, many plot contrivances and this is just another instance of such. Gabi shot Floch in defense of the ship carrying the seaplane. Which may have bought the group time to escape, but her failure to land a fatal shot on the son of a bitch still resulted in him sabotaging the plane in his suicidal assault on the alliance, which in turn led to Hange Zoe senselessly sacrifcing herself for time the plane didn’t have anyway........Making this little bitch indirectly responsible for Hange’s death. ON TOP OF SASHA’S. 

    I cannot comprehend why people enjoy Isayama’s writing, if a guy needs to produce that many coinciding moments between characters and subplots to move his worthless final arc forward, maybe he’s not what he’s cracked up to be. Gabi just very coincidentally hits Sasha after boarding the blimp shortly after their first encounter, she just HAPPENS to run into Sasha’s family, which is still an enormously offensive subplot by the way......she just HAPPENS to miss the second-worst Yeagerist when she’s never missed before......And boom, she’s got the blood of not one, but TWO of the show’s best girls on her hands. 

    And it doesn’t get any better for Gabi after this, Falco is the one pulling all their weight between the two of them and Gabi is still the worst equipped to fight Eren or the Colossals under his command, because one fucking rifle ain’t got jackshit on people trained specifically to kill Titans, even less on the Ackermans who are practically bred for that purpose. Not to mention the other Titan Shifters, Falco included. 

    So all of this buildup with Gabi and a very ill-advised “redemption” arc just so she could shoot the second biggest douchebag on the show and miss. We lost Sasha just so she could continually screw up repeatedly in her attempts to stop the Rumbling. 

    Sorry, but shooting Floch is NOT enough to validate all the focus on Gabi. And it is nowhere near enough to redeem her of her crimes. At this stage, CONNIE FUCKING SPRINGER was more of an asset to the team than this little shit. Yeah, I went there. Quote me on that if you like. 

    And let me be straight up with you people, even in a series about child soldiers, do you honestly take the image of a twelve-year old with a sniper rifle twice her size in her hand seriously? Are we supposed to rally to her side, is that supposed to be badass? 

    There’s no debating how overpowered Gabi is when lined up with everyone who has years on her combat experience. There is no way she should have walked away so cleanly when she repeatedly threw herself in the path of death. 

    And if you are still not convinced of how insulting her actual role in this story is, here’s a tidbit from those morons on CBR.com. https://www.cbr.com/attack-on-titan-gabi-best-sniper/ TOTALLY NOT A SASHA REPLACEMENT. Except even CBR thinks she is, and yeah. That seems to be the only reason she’s here. And I’m not fucking okay with that. There’s no valid reason why Sasha isn’t here for the final act. 

    Instead of giving Sasha her all, Isayama gives it all to some nobody from out of nowhere who never even receives the Armored Titan she was banking on getting. That at least would be something but no, we just got a twelve-year old given bullshit excuse after bullshit excuse for why she shouldn’t die in a story where she causes a disproportionate number of problems for the main cast. 

    She simply doesn’t do enough to make up for her most infamous action. And nobody is really willing to acknowledge her part in Hange’s own death. Girl who “never misses” until the moment where her skill, SASHA’S SKILL, needed to count for every shot. Literally. 

    So sorry Hajime Isayama. but after all this time you spent building up Gabi as the ace in the hole, I’m NOT buying it. 

    There is no Attack on Titan without Sasha or Hange. 

    Also, we need an “anti snk 132″ tag. Someone please make one official. 

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  • noodlesfics
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Would the Warriors/Warrior Candidates love you as a worm?

    A/N~The Warrior Candidates are obviously platonic ❤


    He's smart but is super confused about your question. It's not one of the weirdest things he's heard but it's definitely up there. He's just like, what why would you ask that? Has mixed feelings about whether or not he would love you as a worm. He loves you the way you are, so he's definitely swaying more to the no side.


    Gosh Y/n of course she would! She would 100% crawl around on the floor with you. Makes a bed out of an empty match box for you so you can sleep together. She says she would show you off to all her friends and even let some of them hold you. She'd love you as a little worm! Definitely protective but is quite laid back with it when you would be around her friends.


    Fuck no! Y/n get that thought out of your head that he would love you as a worm! He feels like he's going to throw up just thinking about it. Seriously though, did you really think he would love you as this disgusting little creature!? He straight up says no but he's curious if you would live him if he was a worm. When you say no he gets mad and says it's disrespectful towards him.


    Huh? What? Asks you why you would ask that but immediately says he would love you! He tells you that he would keep you safe and let the candidates keep you company when he's not there. He doesn't think anywhere is safe for you if you turn into a worm! Gets a bit emotional thinking about you getting injured when he's not around.


    Your his best friend! Of course he would love you as a little worm! With both of you being in a dangerous environment more often than not, he gets generally scared for your life and wellbeing. He comes around to the fact that this can't happen but he gets very clingy to you after that.


    That's gross. Your one of her best friends but she wouldn't love you as much if you were a worm. Says she would get way more protective over you and make sure no one lays a single finger on you apart from her. Even though she would find it disturbing, she would still care for you but not on the same level if you were human.


    A bit shy but admits she would love you just the same! As one if her closest friends she needs to make sure that you are safe and comfortable. Asks Pieck to help make little dresses for you and small blankets to keep your little worm body warm during the winter. Admits she would carry you around and offer you food she gets from the market.


    What? Bless him, he's extremely confused! However he does get a small plan set up just in case. He gets scared at the thought of losing one of his friends and keeps you safe to the best of his abilities from then on. Reassures you that he would love you even more as a friend and that it's his sworn duty to protect you!

    #anime#aot #attack on titan #zeke yeager#pieck finger#porco galliard#colt grice#falco grice#gabi braun#zofia snk #zeke x reader #pieck x reader #porco x reader #colt x reader
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  • noodlesfics
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Who else is coming for Gabi? 😊🔪

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  • ansatsu-sha
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Connie + Falco / Shingeki no Kyojin S4E24

    #connie springer#falco grice #shingeki no kyojin #attack on titan
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  • immanime
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 1 Official Key Animation Book

    #snk #shingeki no kyojin #aot #attack on titan #snkedit#snkgraphic #snk official art #snk final season #monochrome#monochromeedit#Eren Jaeger#eren yeager#reiner braun#falco grice
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  • shikabaneren
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    reminder that falco grew up with the love of his family even when he was in like a war, whereas eren and armin have been orphaned at 10 years old, they've seen so many people died, they've almost died and pushed into pedestals too heavy for a 15 year old to take, the war messed their emotions up and love doesn't even fit in the life of a soldier especially one that is most in contact with the titans where said loved ones could easily die like,

    majority of the characters doesn't even had the time to properly grieve how in fuck are they properly going to declare their love?

    #eren yeager#armin arlert#falco grice#aot#snk #shingeki no kyojin #attack on titan #aot final season #just saw a post belittling eren how bad his confession is like ughh #it was so bad i wanted to puke #even eren who's comfortable with emotions feels uncomfortable with the emotion that is what cause people to go insane and hurt aka love
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  • fireandblood-xxii
    07.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    AOT x Camp Half-Blood AU

    My opinion on where each character from AOT would end up if they were a demigod in the PJ verse. I’m basing this off personality as well as practical skill set.. and a little off aesthetics too hehe ☺️

    Cabin 1 — Zeus

    The Greek god of the sky, thunder, lightning, kingship, honor, and justice

    Characteristics: They are natural leaders

    Campers: Zeke Jeager

    Cabin 2 — Hera

    The Greek goddess of women, marriage, childbirth and familial love

    Campers: N/A

    Cabin 3 — Poseidon

    The Greek god of the sea, storms, earthquakes, droughts, floods, and horses

    Campers: Armin Arlert

    Cabin 4 — Demeter

    the Greek goddess of the harvest, grain, and fertility

    Characteristics: children of Demeter are all about flowers, amber waves of grain, feeding the world and nurturing life

    Campers: Nicolo

    Cabin 5 — Ares

    The Greek god of War

    Campers: Reiner & Gabi Braun, Porco Galliard

    Cabin 6 — Athena

    The Greek virgin goddess of wisdom, civilization, mathematics, strategy, defensive warfare, crafts, the arts, and skill

    Campers: Erwin Smith, Pieck Finger

    Cabin 7 — Apollo

    The Greek god of the sun, light, healing, disease, plague, music, art, poetry, archery, reason, knowledge, truth, and prophecy

    Campers: Bertolt Hoover, Grisha Jaeger

    Cabin 8 — Artemis

    The Greek virgin goddess of the hunt, archery, wilderness, forests, the Moon, radiance, maidenhood, and childbirth

    Campers: Mikasa Ackerman, Annie Leonhart (Hunters of Artemis)

    Cabin 9 — Hephaestus

    The Greek god of forges, fire, technology, craftsmen, sculptors, volcanoes, and blacksmiths

    Campers: Hange Zoë

    Cabin 10 — Aphrodite

    The Greek goddess of beauty, love, desire, passion, pleasure, and fertility.

    Campers: Karla Jaeger

    Cabin 11 — Hermes

    The Greek god of roads, travel, gymnasiums, athletes, diplomacy, orators, thieves, commerce, trade, and invention

    Characteristics: Children of Hermes are naturally “jacks-of-all-trades”, and are skilled at trickery and are very persuasive, acting very good as spies and influencers. Children of Hermes are naturally stealthy and can steal things without people noticing, even other demigods.

    Campers: Sasha Braus

    Cabin 12 — Dionysus

    the Greek god of grape harvest, wine, madness, parties, religious ecstasy, and theatre

    Campers: Connie Springer

    Cabin 13 — Hades

    the King of the Underworld and the Greek god of the dead and riches

    Campers: Levi Ackerman

    Cabin 14 — Iris

    the Greek goddess of the Rainbow and the messenger of the gods

    Abilities: They have good communication skills, can communicate and are good with pegasi, have good color coordination, and are good with art supplies and make great artists

    Campers: N/A

    Cabin 15 — Hypnos

    The Greek god of sleep

    Abilities: They are capable of memory retrieval, memory alteration, can induce sleep, use hypnosis, and can astral project/dream travel

    Campers: N/A

    Cabin 16 — Nemesis

    The Greek goddess of balance, retribution, and vengeance

    Characteristics: They are loyal to their allies until they prove untrustworthy or betray them. They are good at making hard decisions when others aren't. They often stand up to those who are bullies and think of themselves as being above everyone else

    Campers: Eren Jeager

    Cabin 17 — Nike

    The Greek goddess of victory

    Characteristics: They are extremely competitive, live for contests, and never settle for second best or turn down a challenge

    Campers: Jean Kirschtein

    Cabin 18 — Hebe

    The Greek goddess of youth and forgiveness

    Characteristics: They are highly sociable. They take pride in community service and happiness of others. They enjoy parties and feasts.

    Campers: Historia Reiss, Falco Grice

    Cabin 19 — Tyche

    The Greek goddess of luck, chance, destiny, and fortune

    Characteristics: They love games of chance. They have the power of luck manipulation. Their behavior often seems random and unpredictable. They usually come out ahead. They are natural gamblers

    Campers: Kenny Ackerman

    Cabin 20 — Hecate

    The Greek goddess of magic, crossroads, necromancy, the night, and the moon

    Abilities: The demigod children of Hecate possess true magical abilities such as spell-casting. By speaking in either Latin or Ancient Greek, her children can cast many spells for various effects such as creating fire, generating cold, protecting oneself, and shielding themselves from the tracking abilities of monsters and etc

    Campers: Ymir

    Everyone’s input in welcome, I’d love to hear your thoughts ☺️
    These were really hard decisions and I kept going back and forth on a lot of them! 😭 for example, I was in between Aphrodite and Hebe for Historia. The Ackermans I initially considered to be children of Aries but then I felt like the more hot-headed and prideful Brauns fit the bill more. As for Armin, I thought maybe Athena or even Apollo, but I ultimately went with Poseidon bc I really leaned into his passion for seeking out the ocean. A lot of them I left empty as well bc I just couldn’t think of any characters that would fit, and Hera especially bc she isn’t known for having affairs with humans.
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  • mystic-majestic
    05.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Even to this day, part of me resents the fact that people say Levi ended up with Gabi and Falco as a "triad," forgetting one important factor


    Levi is not part of a trio anymore.

    It's a quartet.

    Stop erasing Onyankopon!!

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  • immanime
    03.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1 Ending

    #snk #shingeki no kyojin #aot #attack on titan #snkedit#snkgraphic #snk official art #falco grice#gabi braun#reiner braun
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  • innershoesuitcasebiscuit
    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Aot on the other side:

    Falco: (Falco standing straight with his arms on his back, he's looking down at the men whose sitting in front of him)

    Falco: ALL OF YOU ARE WEAK!!!!

    Everyone: WE ARE WEAK!!

    Falco: YOU'RE A COWARD!!

    Everyone: YES WE'RE A COWARD!!

    Falco: AND I AM THE MAN!!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    Everyone: YOU ARE THE MAN!!

    @ the corner

    Gabi: What he's doing?

    Zofia: apparently Falco became famous for his manly confession to you and now the boys are bowing to his new form.

    Udo: Amazing even Captain Levi, and Commander Erwin are there.


    Levi: Oi, Erwin why are we here?

    Erwin: we're here because we failed at romance, you didn't confess your feelings to Hanji.

    Levi: Like you're no different from me, writing a love letter but not sending to her. tch

    Erwin: ah well we do need Falco's guidance.

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  • alphaofdarkness
    30.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    More Falbi cats! Inspired by this fanfic by AidenJamous on Twitter! I definitely recommend a read and give them love!

    Little spitfire Gabi is jealous and seeks Falco’s attention 👀 I love drawing their catselves and looks incredibly soft UwU my kids I love them 🤍

    #falbi#falco grice#gabi braun #attack on titan fanart #shingkei no kyojin #alpha’s art
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  • igocrazywithoutyooou
    29.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    New collaboration ! Attack on Titan x Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks X

    Scouts vs Warriors , wich side are you picking?

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  • sweetjazzygirl
    29.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    say whatever you want, tell me "if you don't like it, ignore it" and block me because i'm gonna have to say this.

    the amount of fans sexualizing this Cart Titan Pieck and Jaw Titan Falco scene is disgusting like, FIRST OF ALL that is a child and an adult, SECOND OF ALL get some help.

    you're seriously the reason why the internet despises us, especially this fanbase. i'm not even surprised at this point, the first time i've seen this scene had me like "yeah, people are going to sexualize this" like of course, EVEN if Falco's titan looks like an adult that doesn't change the fact it's a child who inherited someone's titan.

    can't we just enjoy something without having people judging us and all? you can't just say "just ignore it" when you see bunch of people bullying AOT fans because of this.

    #pieck finger#falco grice #attack on titan #aot #seriously what is wrong with you #people seriously can't enjoy something in peace for once
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  • sonofthesaiyans
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Isayama’s bad gamble (One of them, anyway...)

    I do not believe Gabi Braun is going to age well with the passage of time. She serves no purpose to the story of Attack on Titan whatsoever. There are characters from the Marley side who offered their POV better than she did, as she was too busy being an obnoxious little shit who was outperforming soldiers three times her size and well over twice her age. Even if she was anything new to the saga, which she is NOT, a saga that already had CHILD SOLDIERS as a central theme.....the execution is handled with the grace of a fucking fanfiction.  In fact I bet there are fanfic writers who have incorporated her better than this dickhead did. 

    And seriously, this guy went all in on a character who goes on to serve a pretty pathetically reduced role in the final battle and doesn’t ever come close to inheriting a Titan herself, which at least might’ve been something (It would’ve been stupid, but it would’ve been something), but in the end Gabi’s nothing. 

    She tags along, forces her way into the place of a much more infinitely beloved character who just HAPPENS to possess the same skill with firearms, she gets blindly forgiven because the author needed an excuse to keep her put......and it amounts to nothing. The little shit just walks, unpunished. Back where she was before it all. 

    Sasha Braus got axed for the most inconsequential character in Attack on Titan. It’s amazing how gung ho this moron was to force her as a main character so freaking late in the game, and the ending really doesn’t warrant any of that investment. Really just feels like a bad excuse to get rid of a beloved character Isayama hated and he needed to excuse himself somehow for cramming in some waifu he cooked up in his off time. 

    She has some pretty stubborn defenders now, but you only need to think for ten minutes to realize that she isn’t as critical as this guy wanted us to believe. She is the Jar Jar Binks of this saga, right down to the shrill voice. 

    Just a bold prediction. 

    This story ended with the Ocean. 

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  • selenadem
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago


    I love that new illustration TT we got all the warriors!!! Bert merch😭🥺

    I had to draw Bert!! And I wanted to include Marco too ^w^ ♡

    #bertholdt is my favorite character 🤒 #shingeki no kyoujin fanart #snk #attack on titan #aot#marco bodt#jean kirschstein#bertholdt hoover#snk bertolt#gabi braun#falco grice #baseball!!! #it was fun to draw!! qwq #my art
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  • beatotsundere
    27.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    I received my latest mix of SNK Merchandise package from Japan for me and for my many customers. Various sets, Joypolis, cafe event Merch, doujins Merchandise, and much much more.

    I do have still some Merchandise from SNK for sale. All Merchandise are new and unused. Worldwide shipping. Anyone is welcome to buy from me.

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    Please share this post and reblog it so I can reach many people☺️

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