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  • sameore
    28.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago


    How would Vox react if he found out... that Alastor is a trans man?

    Here is a (genuinely interesting!) question I received tonight on AO3, that yet had the merit to make me take a minute to give it a thought...

    To say so, Vox is indeed not a character I've represented in my fanworks so far... so it's true I haven't really considered this possibility.

     ➛ A part of my thought would be that it might depend on his own position toward the matter of transidentity per se I guess: how does he feel about it? Or how familiar is he with this matter? As written up there, it depends how people might want to headcanon him (though, I'm not sure having representations of Vox as a trans man must be very common either... I think I just saw one with him holding the trans flag once? But then I haven't investigated any further...)

     ➛ On the other hand...

    According to the description we can find about him on Wiki (eh, thanks, Faustisse I guess)... well. The man seems to be a tad obsessive over the Radio Demon?

    So, I'd also tend to (intuitively?) imagine: morbid curiosity maybe?

    But with some sort of strange dynamics I guess...

    I know I've previously depicted Angel Dust with some sort of morbid curiosity as well as he found out about Alastor's secret. But the dynamics was very specific... as it was mixed with some sort of sympathy (?) at the same time. (You can check the fanfiction "Behind The Tainted Curtains", if you're part of the adult audience who's reading this...)

    Angel did not use this information for manipulative matters... but finally more for his personal, and secret interest. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Yet, I guess for Vox, this might be more complex than that... as he might potentially use this for darker matters... including manipulative purposes.

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  • stupidforblue
    28.05.2022 - 26 minutes ago

    band au c3 woot


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  • flowerboykun
    28.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    Pairing: Haechan x cat hybrid!reader

    Genre: smut

    Rating: R 18+

    Warnings: hybrids, language

    Smut Warnings: unprotected sex, light degradation, light spanking, tail pulling, clit play

    Word Count: 803

    Note: this is entirely @raibebe​‘s fault (never put our feral brains together we do bad (good) things) and I promise that I’ll try to have Shiba!Hyuck out this weekend or the beginning of next week!!!

    ໑˖ ݁، ݁ ˖ 𖥔 ࣪ ˖ 𖤐ʾ   ̨𖥔 ִ ་  ، ˖ ࣪◞ ໑˖ ݁، ݁ ˖ 𖥔 ࣪ ˖ 𖤐ʾ   ̨𖥔 ִ ་  ، ˖ ࣪◞

    “You look so pretty like this kitty.” Hyuck muses walking into your shared bedroom.

    You squirm hearing him talk to you in the tone he is. You have been home alone for a few hours, which you hated, having your boyfriend away from you was never fun. But nonetheless, you love how you are right now. Sitting on the bed, not a single item of clothing on, your black tail flicking excitedly behind you while your ears press against your hair. As he approaches you he tilts your chin up and reaches to jingle the small bell on your collar.

    “You haven’t worn this in a while baby, did you miss feeling owned?” he asks with a condescending tone.

    “Yeah,” you breathe out, rubbing your thighs together lightly.

    “Yeah? Did you want to show me something kitty?”

    He already knew what you were feeling, he knew your body better than yourself sometimes. Nodding your head you move backward on the bed and lean forward to be on your knees and elbows. Your tail swishes side to side as you show him how wet you are. He lets out a low chuckle as you hear him step closer to you. His fingers run down your spine and along the length of your tail. Reflexively your tail leans against his fingers more making him again chuckle at your reactions to him. Then his fingers find your glistening core and gently rub against your folds. You try to lean back into the touch but he pulls away and gently smacks at your thigh.

    “Be patient, kitty, can’t I appreciate you?”

    “Sorry,” you whine, “just want it so bad.”

    Before you can even process anything else you feel the bed sink behind you and the blunt head of his cock rub against you. You let out a noise somewhere between a gasp and a moan not expecting him so soon. Still, instinctively you push back against him wanting more.

    “Is my kitty desperate already?” he teases, “Should I give you what you want?” “Please,” you as with a pout in your voice.

    He pushes into you and you let out a mewl of appreciation. He starts with a bruising pace not bothering to let you adjust to him. Your tail flicks against his chest as he thrusts into you. Probably growing tired of having the fur tickle his nipples he grabs it at the base making you moan loudly.

    “Aww, does my kitty like that? Do you like me pulling your tail?”

    You moan in response pushing back to meet his every thrust. You can’t form a cohesive thought in the slightest, you knew he would tease you more if you tried to speak so you simply choose to make noises of appreciation instead. Feeling your orgasm build quickly you feel a purr rumbling in your chest wanting to be vocalized but you suppress it. Well, tried to suppress it. You continue to let out mewls and when he releases your tail opting to lean forward coming chest to back with you, you know he can feel that purr wanting to be released too.

    “Are you going to purr?” he asks, your collar jingling along with his movements, “Hmm, pretty kitty?”

    “Hyuck,” you moan.

    “Go on, purr for me, little kitty, you know you want to.” he sadistically chuckles.

    You can’t think anymore, you let the purr out and hear him speak right after. You can’t process what he said, you’re almost positive that he’s teasing you though. All you can focus on is the jingling of the bell on your collar and the sound of his hips bouncing against your ass. Reaching around your hip his fingers nimbly find your clit and start toying with it. Still, you can’t fully grasp anything around you. His thrusts grow harder and sharper, his orgasm nearing as well. When yours comes to a peak you have no capacity to warn him. You simply shake and mewl loudly letting it take over you. Your orgasm triggers Hyuck’s and he cums deep inside you with a low grunt and a bite on your shoulder.

    “Hyuckie.” you whine when he lays next to you.

    “Yeah, baby?” he asks, catching his breath.

    You climb up into his lap “More?” you ask with an innocent smile, though cum is dripping down your thighs and onto his belly.

    “Kitty, do you feel warm?” “Maybe,” you respond with a playful tone.

    “Give me ten minutes to calm down kitty. You feel like your heat started?” You don’t respond, you lean against his chest, nuzzling into his neck and letting out a purr. You know it’s hard to scent him but you always try your hardest to get him to smell as much like you as possible.

    “More, now?”

    “It’s been ten seconds, kitty.”

    “Now.” you purr.

    ໑˖ ݁، ݁ ˖ 𖥔 ࣪ ˖ 𖤐ʾ   ̨𖥔 ִ ་  ، ˖ ࣪◞ ໑˖ ݁، ݁ ˖ 𖥔 ࣪ ˖ 𖤐ʾ   ̨𖥔 ִ ་  ، ˖ ࣪◞

    COPYRIGHT FLOWERBOYKUN 2022© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED — reposting/modifying of any fic, or piece of original writing posted on this blog is not allowed. Translations not permitted.

    Networks: @neohub​ @neowritingsnet​ @nct-writers​ @kwritersworld​ @k-vanity​

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  • xogabbiexo
    28.05.2022 - 54 minutes ago


    Synopisis : Y/n and Touya have been involved with one another ever since the night she healed him. She's a nurse and she couldn't just let him die. Now here they are, nine months later. Y/n thinks she should call it quits. She's getting too attached to him. But Touya can't just let her go his emotions are involved even if he doesn't always show it.

    Warning: This fic contains 'dark material', and adult content such as sexual acts, Mentions penetration, bodily fluids, possessive behavior, stalking, Nipple play, Blood kink, Sadist/masochist, quirk play, temperature play, and BRANDING.

    Words count: 1962

    ©xogabbiexo, Do not steal, plagiarize, repost, manipulate, or translate my work.

    I've been on a bit of a hiatus due to some depression trying to get back in the swing of writing. Hope you enjoy, still getting out of my writers funk.

    TOUYA: You busy?

    The light flashes rapidly from the notification, abruptly blinking in the darkness of your room. You peered down at your screen, half-awake from your slumbering state.  Over the past three days, you’ve ignored him: unanswered phone calls and texts. You promised yourself you would put distance between you and the notorious bad boy. You’ve been trying to convince yourself that he was no good and you deserved more than the late-night pop-ups, just for him just to get his dick wet.  Even though the sex was… Amazing.

    Temptation called the more you stared. The internal conflict in your head came to a startling halt when little taps against the glass of your balcony door caught your attention. You turn your head instinctively. The shadow of the lean figure was still. Your eyes roamed the door space feeling the heat of his invisible gaze. Finally, in the space of your long floor-length hanging curtains, you meet the blue orbs boring into you.

    “ Touya…” you gulp.  He smirks and beacons you over with a small jolt of his head.  You slide down the tall king-size bed and shuffle over, succumbing to the gravitational pull guiding you. Without hesitation, you slide the door open, and a rush of icy wind touches every inch of your body. Giving a chilling cool over your flesh.  “You going to let me in, Little Mouse?”  His voice shakes the deepest part of your core, and you try your hardest not to look into the ocean blues.  You step aside to make room for his passage.  

     Closed off from the world in your rm; He spins on his heels to sit on the edge of the bed. The silence of the room bears a weight you are not willing to carry.  You shift, feeling very uncomfortable under the ultramarine gaze roving your silhouette. “Why are you ignoring me?”  His voice is lighter than expected.  A total contrast to the palpable energy emitting from him. He’s pissed…. You can just feel it coming off of him in waves. Over the past nine months, you’ve learned Touya very well. He may be a little intimidating to most. But you just see him as a broken man, one who doesn’t have much direction in life besides bad and worst.

    “I’m not ignoring you. I- I just needed some time to myself.” You say way more confidently than you feel.  You finally give him a good look, even with the shadows of the night canvassing half of him.  You know he’s wearing his favorite leather jacket.  That smells of burning ash and a sweet after the scent of berries. A smell that you’ve grown accustomed to, dark denim jeans fit his legs, and a loose round neck white tee.  So simple but he always looks so good to you. “Sometime to yourself… away from me?”  He gives a mirthless chuckle. “I didn’t say that, Touya.”

     “Tsk … tsk … tsk."  Touya wiggles his finger back and forth.  “I watched you, baby, for the past three fucking days… you looked at every text, you watched every phone call just ring and ring, but you didn’t answer… that sounds a lot like ignoring to me.” Your mouth drops to the sudden realization. He’s been watching me?  “Don’t look so surprised I always keep an eye out on things.”

    “I’m not a thing, Touya, that is the problem… you have no regard for me as a person with FEELINGS... this isn’t going to work.”


    He just stares at you…

     This isn’t going to work… is that what you think. The mere thought of you ending this is laughable.  As if Touya would ever let you go.  He knows he may be rough around the edges but not with you.  With you, he can just be.  He’s never been so at home, and there’s no way he can just let that go. “Come here.”  His voice drops at least an octave. The lecherous way he looks at you nudges your feet forward through the furry pink carpet.  Before you can blink, you’re standing between his open legs. “Little mouse, you don’t get to call it quits with me… not after giving me all this.” His hand snakes down to the curves of your body. Landing at the pouch of your pussy right before he cups it in his grasp.  Your breathing hitches, and he doesn’t miss how you tuck your lip between your teeth.  Holding back a groan. “You may have healed my scars, but my brain is still pretty fucked up, and letting you go isn’t in the plans.”


    The warning in his voice is what made you weak. It should have scared you.. made you want to run for the hills. But it doesn’t, it only makes you want to throw your arms around his neck and get lost in the abyss of his eyes. The danger in them was prevalent while he conveyed everything in a sensible, sane fashion. This is why you wanted to distance yourself. The utter temptation of the devilry that laid beneath the surface of Touya. You knew he was a ‘bad boy’…  that he was an evil member of the league of villains. But when you came across him stumbling down the street battered and bruised, all you cared about was helping him.  You healed him with your quirk ‘biological molecular manipulation.’    All cuts and scars faded as if they never even existed. Even the infamous plum purple ones that decorated thirty-five percent of his body. He became anew in that moment. That is where your story began…  and there is no end in sight by his accord.

    “Touy-“   Heat caressed you through the fabric of your panties, cutting your words short.  Big syrupy eyes widen, and a gasp falls from your lips. “Do you think you could get rid of me so easily…”.   Ashes fall from your body between his fingertips and onto the floor beneath your feet. The pretty crimson lace that clung to your figure no longer remained. A breeze passes over the skin of your bare ass and causes goosebumps to bead at the surface. He reaches with his free hand and grips the back of your back to pull you into a rough, sloppy kiss.   His tongue ventures into your mouth, and you gladly accept. The taste of him overwhelmed you completely.

    Warm fingers graze your throbbing clit, eliciting muffled moans into Touya’s mouth. Without warning, he pushes two slick fingers into your leaking entrance. Rough ministrations rhythmically pulsate into your soft plushy walls. He pulls away, clamping down with the sharp edges of his teeth. Hard enough to draw blood from your bottom lip. The sharp bitterness of the blood excites Touya when he licks red remnants… the sweet music of your drenched cunt around his finger staggers over your low moans. 

     Long lashes flutter with flickering lids as maple orbs roll in the back of your head. The prettiest sight to Touya is watching your thick brows pull together with your mouth slacked open with lewd sounds rolling off your tongue. “Mhmm, be good and come for me.”  You instantly fall apart. “Nghh- oh-god,”    The boiling heat in the pit of your belly finally erupts, and your quivering pussy expels the warm nectar right in the palm of Touya’s hand.

    “That pathetic little face is just for me…”  Still, in your dazed state, you reach the buckle of his belt.  Further down into his boxers, you stroke the girthy appendage.   Your dainty hand feels good gripping his cock, easing the slow ache. He preoccupies himself and begins to remove the large shirt draping over your body. “Fuck”. He grunts, seeing your full round breast bare.  Chocolate buds pebbled into like stiff peaks—utter eagerness fuels you two.

     Touya, now naked, pulls you into his slender arms as he rests against the headboard of your bed. Straddling his lap with his length pressing against your heat. He slowly dry humps the shaft through your folds, coating the tip in liquid arousal.  “Take your seat, baby,” he rasps.  His splayed hands are on your hips. You lift your weight and hover over his silver, daggered, pierced cock.  The angry red tip disappears into the cushion of your warmth, and you gasp as the metal ball slinks through your walls, deeper and deeper filling to a hilt. A sexy rumble in the depths of his chest sends a chill up your spine. 

     You bounce slowly up and down, trying to find the perfect rhythm. Impatient Touya unable to resist .. He cups your ass and guides you at a much faster pace. “Fuck Touya,” you say breathlessly. His hips thrust upward, slapping your two slick cover sex’s into one another even harder. Coaxing pleasure as he passes over your g-spot and nudges at your cervix. Swiveling your hip along his shaft. He hisses before leaning forward and capturing a sensitive bud in his mouth, lapping it with his tongue in all directions. Creating figure eights and silva laced patterns over the dark areola. The amount of pleasure is soul-consuming, and you get lost in a world of delight. The impact of your body stops for only a moment when he flips you onto your back, never leaving the grip of your walls.

    In the pitch black of your room, Touya’s right-hand illuminates with the blue flames from his quirk.  Close to his face, you see a dark look displayed as his expression totaling menacing. “Not letting you go,” he says roughly. The flames diminish down to just the tip of his finger. Nerves dance in your body trying to anticipate his next move. The heated digit caresses small circles over your nipple. Touya never eased the pace of his savage strokes.  Lewd sounds reverberate in the open space of the room.  “I’ll make sure you’ll always remember who you belong to.”

    You cry out a shrilling scream. Touya etches into your flesh with his finger, dragging unrecognizable lines and shapes. “Louder Little Mouse… let me hear you.”   You beg with ‘pleases’ falling from your lips: tear-stained cheeks and a clouded head. But what a foolish masochistic girl you are. You don’t beg him to stop even with the smell of your burning flesh tainting the air and disrupting the aroma of sex. The scorching pain only adds to the pleasure building inside you. “Yy-yes…yes…Nghh. Touya.” You cry out.

    Your pussy flutters around Touya, and he smiles down at your euphoric expression. The sloshing sounds of his narrow hips ramming into your cum covered flesh is so loud as you squirt. “F-fucck” Touya’s pace falters and you feel a flood of heat fill you.

    Heavy breathing… small whimpers…

    The beating of two hearts rapidly beating in sync.

    He finally pulls out and you shudder from the abandonment.  “Don’t move.” 

     Tingles still surging through your veins. You don’t think you could move even if you tried. You see Touya’s back as he leaves your bedroom disappearing to a different part of the house. You’re completely exhausted.  You shut your eyes drifting to sleep for only a moment. A stinging to your abdomen wakes you. “Touya… that hurts.” You whine as he attends to the burn he branded into your skin.

    “I’m all done now.” He says taping gauze over his design. He removes the supplies and crawls into bed next to you. Pulling you to his chest. “You’re mine forever now Y/n… I know I’m not what you deserve but I’m much too selfish to let you go.”

    Your hand lays on top of the cotton gauze that covers your wound. “What is it?” You ask sleepily.

    His plump lips touch your forehead.  “TLM.. So, you always remember who you are.”

    MY BABIES : @pervysenpaix, @yo-nn, @nasty-quillz, @namjoonswifeyy, @plussizeficchick, @blkchxrryblyss,@luna-indigoduh, @bl--ankhaeji, @bookwormsenpai

    #black reader#blackwriters #x black reader #mha fan fic #gabbie's galaxy#chubby reader #10/10 would recommend #black fanfic writer #mha x black reader #dabi x chubby reader #touya todoroki #touya x chubby reader #touya x reader #dabi smut#mha fanfiction#mha smut #bnha x chubby reader #x chubby reader #mha touya #mha dabi#dabi fluff #dabi x y/n #todoroki touya#black y/n
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  • sweet-potatah-pie
    28.05.2022 - 59 minutes ago

    Caught in the Storm

    When a tired Tiana struggles to fall asleep one night, Naveen takes her to the restaurant’s rooftop to pass the time. But will the unexpected rain ruin their fun—or add to it?

    New fic alert! All 3 chapters are up! 18+ only. Please enjoy!
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  • ghostly-thorn
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I'm back

    Hey guys

    It's been a while. Sorry If I've been unresponsive, but these 12 hours shifts really have been the death of me. Most of the time I end up working an extra hour, if not more. I live an hour away from the hospitals and trains aren't so common.

    So yeah, it does wear me out. The good news though is that after 2 12 hour shifts in a row, I tend to have 2 to 3 days off, which means more free time for writing.

    I'll be honest though, I haven't touched my WIP since... erm... March? Been stuck at some key moment of the story where I'm trying to clash "jolly happy music" with a dark and gritty moment. Some may have seen my latest posts talking about a horror scene, and also Sonia's encounter. But of course my dumb ass mind decided to use the track "We will be heroes" from Pokémon, which "lyrically" speaking is accurate, but the tone is completely off. Thus, I'm struggling to find words to fit the clashing theme here

    and no, I won't discard this track cause it's really important lore-wise

    So yeah, back to square one

    I hope y'all are doing well. I miss you. And I love you

    Dearly, Ghostly-Thorn

    (Here's a commission from tmwolf93 for the upcoming chapter. I won't say more, try and come up with theories ;-) )

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  • sophiasi1172
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Suddenly, a screeching timer went off, dragging Miguel out of his thoughts. He had been waiting ten minutes for the yeast to grow before he could start on the dough to make Mojicones o Pan Mojicon, Julieta’s favourite. With precision, Miguel added the flour, salt, sugar and water to the yeast and began mixing it with his hands. Miguel had always been proud of his hands- it may seem vain, but they were possibly his favourite feature about himself. Big and strong, Miguel’s hands were a symbol of the hard work he put himself through day in and day out. And day in and day out, he was determined to make every type of bread under the sun in order to gain even a sliver of Julieta’s attention; it was only with his hands that he could achieve his goal.

    Huh?? More crumbs?? Lmao now that uni is done for the year I PROMISE I’m making progress on the first chapter of If Bread be the Food of Love, Bake on- (I may or may not have gotten distracted by writing up other chapters 🌚)-

    Though, exactly when I’ll post it is another issue for another day 👁👁

    #if bread be the food of love bake on #julieta madrigal#agustin madrigal #miguel the baker boy #julieta x agustín #we love a good hand trope hehehe #what else do those hands do- #WHO SAID THAT #SOPHIA BEHAVE 👁👁 #sop’s razzle dazzle fanfic 🥸 #ao3 fanfic #🫓 arepa fanfic writer crumbs for feedback #encanto
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  • kai-atlantis
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Hi hi. Chap 12 is out!!!✨️🔫🪖🌇

    #artemis fowl #for you fanfic #ao3#fanfiction#writeblr#writer community #holly short is not happy this chapter lol #she is very stressed lol #artemis doesnt know wtf goings on
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  • amyreadsandstresses
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    Or, the best fics I read yesterday. Today ft. BBC Sherlock.

    *They Mostly Come Out At Night - Tawabids

    16k, 2/2, Johnlock, Space!lock, Molly Hooper, Greg Lestrade, Sally Donovan, Anderson

    Mummy Holmes was admiral of the British space fleet, and her sons were gestated in a synthetic womb called an AGU. When something monstrous burst out of a lieutenant's chest and got loose on board a ship carrying the Holmes family, the unborn second son and was left on board.

    A quarter of a century later, the Orbiter 200B is a floating wreck on the edge of the colonised territory. Mycroft Holmes sends Lestrade and a Royal Navy special ops vehicle, the Baker, to the abandoned ship to learn what can be salvaged.

    *In the Deep - professorfangirl (lizeckhart)

    3k, 1/1, Johnlock, Coma, Post Reichenbach

    Consciousness is an ocean; Sherlock dives too deep:

    *Bump in the Night - szm

    3k, 1/1, Sherlock Holmes & John Watson, AU

    Written for the Sherlock Kink Meme

    Prompt: Sherlock/John...one of them is the monster/creature from under the other's bed.

    *The River Variations - withoutawish

    11k, 1/1, Johnlock, Greg Lestrade, Hurt/Comfort, Near Death Experiences, Romance

    John Watson never knew that he wanted a ‘no toast in the mornings’ normal until he realized what an honor it is to be destroyed by Sherlock Holmes.

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  • choicesficwriterscreations
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago


    Book: Bloodbound Pairing: Kamilah Sayeed x F!MC (Amy Parker) Warnings: None Rating: Everyone

    By @kamilah-is-queen

    #choices fanfic#bloodbound#kamilah sayeed #kamilah sayeed x f!mc #choices fic writers creations #playchoices fanfic #cfwc fics of the week
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  • obsessedwithupton
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Chasing Love (Greys Anatomy)



    Chasing Cars

    By Snow Patrol


    By McFly

    You Will Be Found

    By  Dear Evan Hansen

    Daydream Believer

    By  The Monkees

    Manic Monday

    By The Bangles

    The Wall In My Head

    By Jamie the musical

    Bad Habits

    By Ed Sheeran

    Visiting Hours

    By Ed Sheeran

    Dancing Queen

    By ABBA

    Talking To The Moon

    By Bruno Mars



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  • bunn-iiii
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I don't see a gender neutral or male agere reader fic with a caretaker Steve Harrington soon then I'll just write it myself. >:[

    #steve harrington x reader #steve harrington#stranger things#sfw agere#age regressor#fandom agere#fanfic writer #why does this not exist #i want it #i can and will write it #i'm just lazy #steve harrington x male reader #male reader #i want more male reader agere please
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  • jerzwriter
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    What We Wish For - Part 2: Tobias

    Title:                    What we wish for… Part 2 Book:                   Open Heart Pairing:               Tobias Carrick x F!MC (Casey MacTavish) Rating:                 Mature Category:            Angst – AU – Mini Series Warnings:           Discussion of relationship troubles, pregnancy loss Summary:           Tobias is lashing out after a painful night, but is his anger focused in the right place? A run-in with Sienna helps him set his mind straight. Now, what does he need to do? Words:                 1907 A/N:                     I had no intention of making this a series, but here we are.  😊 Let’s see where it goes. A/N 2:                  Participating in @choicesmonthlychallenge  Day 6, Honesty 



    Tobias barged into the elevator with a clenched jaw and determination in his step. Without a sign of the affable demeanor that defined him present, even those closest to him steered clear of his path. He lurched through the doors the second they opened, singularly focused on his task. A young nurse at the station diverted her eyes, hoping he'd pass by, but her breath hitched when he stood before her, his eyes set like stones.  

    "Where is Dr. Davies," he spat. "I need to see her. Immediately."

    "Uh, is there an emergency, Dr. Carrick?" she stuttered. "She… she's in with a patient. But I can buzz her if there is an emer…."

    "I'll wait outside her office." The nurse breathed a sigh of relief when he sped off, only to feel fear fill her again when he turned around. "And do not let her know I am waiting. Am I clear?"

    "Crystal," she affirmed. There was no way she was touching this.


    The office was located in a quiet alcove at the end of the hall, but the tension was palpable throughout the floor.   Tobias paced furiously until he heard the doorknob click, the tail end of a warm conversation, and a peel of laughter spilled out into the hall. The office's occupants appeared to be the only people unaware of the tempest brewing outside. Their laughter felt like an assault, only serving to stoke Tobias's anger.  

    Dr. Davie's patient stepped out. A pleasant-faced young woman with warm brown eyes and full cheeks that matched her full belly. With a third trimester pamphlet in her hand and a loving partner at her side. Tobias’s stomach turned. It was as far a cry from the scene he shared with Casey last night as could be imagined. He attempted a small smile, then diverted his gaze until the woman was gone. He had done enough damage recently, and he didn't want to steal even a second of this young woman's joy.

    A high-pitched voice reminded him of his reason for being there.

    "Dr. Carrick! To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?"

    Tobias grit his teeth as he brushed past her. "I assure you, Stephanie, there is no pleasure to be had."

    The petite, raven-haired beauty shut the door behind her, confidently striding back to her desk in her designer heels. Unfazed by Tobias's disposition, she gracefully took her seat, crossing her legs alluringly before her tinted red lips smiled at him.

    "If not pleasure, what brings you here, Tobias?"

    "You know goddamn well why I'm here."

    Becoming disenchanted with the encounter, she lifted her fountain pen and began tending to documents on her desk, giving Tobias just a fraction of her attention.

    "I’m afraid not, and you’ll need to be direct. I have another patient in ten minutes, and my time is valuable.”

    “How could you? How could you come to Donahue’s and set me up like that.”

    She tossed the pen and glared at Tobias with a raised brow.

    “Set you up? Excuse me? Again, Dr. Carrick, I’ll ask you to be clear. You have exactly five minutes.”

    “You knew what happened to Casey yesterday! You knew she miscarried!”

    “Casey wasn’t my patient. I was merely on the floor. Even so, you know better than to think I’d discuss a patient’s medical condition with you….”

    “Cut the bullshit!” He barked. “I don’t care that she wasn’t your patient. And right now, I don’t give a fuck about privacy laws! The bottom line is you were the attending on duty when she came in. You knew what happened, and yet you thought coming to play a seductive game of pool with me at Donahue’s was a good idea? Did you intend for her to walk in on that? Did you think she hadn’t suffered enough in one day?”

    Stephanie shifted in her seat and chuckled ruefully, rising to her feet to meet him in the eye before she continued.

    “You have some audacity, Carrick. What I did last night had nothing to do with Casey, and why would you think it did?”

    “Yes,” she continued, “Casey miscarried, and she wasn’t alone. Look around you! What floor are you on? Sadly, miscarriages are as much of a part of my day-to-day life as are new lives coming into this world. If I stopped living my life every time a patient had a miscarriage… come now, you’re a doctor! You know we can’t allow these things to impact our personal lives!”

    “And is it your practice to seek out such a patient’s partner to flirt with after she goes through hell? Is that part of your protocol, too?”

    Stephanie slunk back into her seat, a look of disdain coloring her features. “I think you need to settle down. I understand your need to be angry at someone, but perhaps you should turn around and take it out on the man in the mirror behind you. Sure, everyone assumed something was going on between the two of you, though no one knew what. Was she a friend, colleague, girlfriend, fuck buddy? It’s not like either of you ever made it clear. When I left my shift, Dr. MacTavish was staring vacantly out the window alone. Then I entered Donahue’s to find you laughing and holding court. Do you know what I thought? I guess the rumors aren’t true because if Casey meant anything to him, he’d be with her right now.”  

    “I didn’t know at the time,” Tobias seethed through clenched teeth.

    “And whose fault is that?” Stephanie hissed. “She was allowed to contact anyone she wanted, Tobias. We asked her if she wanted us to get anyone, and she said no. Are you going to blame me for that too?”

    “She did call me. But I was in a conference, and she didn’t leave a message….”

    “Hmm, I don’t know. If I were in her position, I might have asked to interrupt you. It was an emergency, after all. But that’s just me. All I knew was I was a single woman going after what she wanted… a man who was, apparently, single too. If you weren’t… or aren’t…  then you should have let me know.”

    “Oh, stop it, Stephanie! I wasn’t trying to get with you. It was harmless flirting!”

    Stephanie looked up, her cold eyes meeting his.

    “Was it now? If it was so harmless, then why are you here? Now, if you wouldn’t mind, I have work to do. There’s the door.”


    With harsh realization settling into his bones, Tobias turned around and silently left the office. Oblivious to the stares and the whispers coming his way, he found an empty office and sunk to the floor as he closed the door behind him. He removed his lab coat, feverishly rolling it into a ball and heaving it across the room, trying fruitlessly to stop his racing mind. A guttural moan escaped him before the tears began to flow. He took out his phone to call Casey but seeing all the unanswered texts he had sent to her last night made him wonder if it was the right thing to do. She didn’t want to hear from him. If he pushed, was he trying to comfort her or himself? He didn’t realize it could be both.  

    Instead of calling Casey, he did something he had only done twice before, he called out sick. Sure, he was already at the hospital physically, but not in any other way that mattered. Knowing he’d be of no benefit to his patients, it was best to leave. He allowed his mind to be free as the tears consumed him, trying to take in his mistakes and the things he had lost. He always knew what he wanted so clearly, but now… he no longer knew. All he knew was that he had let down the only person who ever mattered to him, just when she needed him most. And for a man who had done his best to avoid having any responsibility to others, the only thing he wanted to do was find her and make it right.

    He staggered to his feet. It would be best to leave the hospital grounds if he was off duty. He kept his eyes down, doing his best to avoid contact with others as he returned to his office for his keys. He was defeated, which was a look he didn’t know how to wear.  

    With his keys in his pocket and just thirty steps to the elevator and his escape, he heard her name.

    “Casey, I’ll be here as soon as my shift ends. And if I find out you need anything before then and didn’t reach out to me, you’ll have hell to pay. Do you understand?”

    “More hell than I’m already going through, Sienna? How very kind of you.”

    “You know what I mean,” Sienna sighed, “I love you, Casey. I’ll be back soon.”  

    “I love you, too.”  

    Sienna closed the door, intending to jet down the hall when she ran directly into Tobias.

    “Casey’s … admitted?” he asked with a raised brow as he rushed to her door. “What’s wrong with her? When did she get here?”

    Sienna threw her tiny body in front of him and stopped him in his tracks.  

    “Tobias!” She yelled, “Please… don’t! I know you probably mean well, but you’re the last thing she needs now. You had your chance to be a loving partner, and that time has passed. Just let her get through this with her friends to support her. Let her be.”

    “That’s not fair!” He seethed, “I didn’t know! I didn’t have the opportunity to help her through, and I assure you, that’s all I want to do now!”

    “Do you think I’m just talking about last night? About,” she looked nervously around, “this? I’m not. I’m talking about all this time you’ve been with her! Damn it, Tobias! You had gold, and you kept her like a dirty secret!”

    “A dirty… a secret! Look, I have made mistakes, plenty of them! But I never did that! I never denied her! Casey is very important to me, and everyone knew we were… we were something!”

    “Something?” Sienna scoffed. “What exactly is something, Tobias? She deserves so much more than to be someone’s ‘something.’”

    Tobias’s composure slipped, and Sienna noted he looked smaller, diminished.

    “She was always more than just something… she is more… I just….”

    “You just don’t know what to do with it,” she replied sadly. “And now, she’s going through hell. She needs love and support. If you can’t be the man she deserves to have at her side, then, Tobias, do us all a favor and just go home. We’ve got her. We’ll get her through. The last thing she needs is false hope and platitudes from you. Just… just go home.”

    Tobias lowered his eyes and stumbled. He had spent a lifetime procuring a sense of who he was, and, as much as Casey meant to him, she had never fit into the life he envisioned for himself. He thought they could have sustained as they were… but now… he couldn’t even define what they had been, and Sienna was right. Casey deserved so much more.  

    With a deep breath, he stood tall and wordlessly walked away.

    “Where are you going?” Sienna demanded.

    “Don’t worry, Si. I know exactly what I need to do.”

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  • charmed-by-the-world
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    jughead/veronica and jaskier/yennefer belong in the same bi/bi cathegory of couples that would actually be good if the writers let them be involved romantically

    #i can complain about how the riverdale writers hate veronica for hours but honestly #jeronica is the missing link between the core four polycule #and obviously tabitha fits somewhere in the polycule as well #yennefer/jaskier not unionizing and getting together in the witcher s2 is homophobia if you're making a show that's basically a fanfic #at least give me girlboss/manwhore dynamic i wanted and make s3 a romantic comedy where geralt is trying get them back #i don't care about jeronica that much but it would be funny because that dynamic has comedy gold potential and i honestly think it's weird #that they technically don't get along because the show doesn't let them #riverdale#veronica lodge#jughead jones#the witcher #yennefer of vengerberg #jaskier
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  • ace-din-djarin
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    8, 9, 17, 18, 19, 20 for writer asks?

    @maderilien also asked for 9 and 18, so I’ll answer them both here! :)

    Thanks for the asks!!

    8. does anyone in your personal life know you write fic? if not, would you tell anyone?

    — yes! My mom and siblings know I write fic, as well as my husband and a few close friends. My husband is a regular sounding board for ideas, and he lets me read him scenes or fics I’m particularly proud of. My mom has read the Queen of Naboo fairytale I wrote, but nothing else. They’re all supportive even if they’re not particularly interested in the stuff I write (which is fine with me!)

    9. what's your writing process like?

    - kind of all over the place. I tend to get an idea and then jot down a few sentences for it, like in the notes app of my phone. Then, if I keep thinking of things to add, I’ll make a Google doc, paste what I wrote in the notes, and expand on it. I don’t write chronologically at all; I tend to write as scene ideas come to me, and then if I have a larger fic that they’re a part of, I figure out where to incorporate them. I think that’s why most of my fics tend to be shorter, usually around 5k. I like working in bite-sized pieces.

    17. What's the best engagement/interaction feedback you've received from someone who's read your work?

    - oh, I’ve had so many that make me so incredibly happy, it’s hard to choose! Any comment or nice word about my writing makes me smile so much. But the best of the best are the ones that ended up becoming friendships. For instance, last year, I joined an ATLA server and shared some of my fics in the fic rec channel. @mari-wrongway , who’d invited me to the server in the first place, saw which fics I posted and told me that one of them was one of their favorite fics!! We kind of mutually freaked out on each other. and then became friends (and Mari’s beta’d for me a few times now too!) Similarly, @mblogs and I became friends when she commented on a DinLuke snippet I posted here on tumblr. I’ve been on her podcast now, and she beta reads for me now as well!! It’s incredible how fanfic and fandom can bring people together.

    18. Do you only write when you're inspired, or do you try and sit down at specific times and write no matter what?

    - I usually only am able to write when I’m inspired, though I’ve been trying recently to schedule some time to write as well. Usually what I do is, at the end of my work day when I have like, ten minutes before I leave for the day, and all my work is done, I’ll pull up Google docs and get a few minutes of writing in. That way I get at least a few sentences in each day! I went a long time, like a good five months, without much motivation, but now the spark is back, and it’s very exciting!

    19. If you could write an ideal fic, what would it include?

    — ooooh. This is a good one! I tend to like lots of whump, fluff & angst, hurt comfort, and found family, so it’d probably include a lot of that. I like fantasy and fairy tale elements too, so it’d definitely include that as well.

    20. What's the greatest gift you've gotten from your writing?

    - in terms of physical things people have made for me: this art by @lil-ace-of-spades for “Far Across the Distance,” my and @mblogs ‘ Titanic AU! It’s just incredible, and it’s the first piece of fanart someone has made for me. When seige first sent it I ran screaming to show my husband, I was so excited.

    If we’re talking more metaphysical gifts… really, just the gift of friendship, and of acceptance and belonging, you know? It makes me so incredibly happy to know that people enjoy my work, and I treasure the friendships I’ve made through fandom. It’s seriously one of the best things that’s come from getting back into writing.

    Thank you so much for the asks! If you’d like to send any other questions in, the ask post is here! I’d love to answer anything you’d like to ask :)

    #deep writer asks #fanfic asks#ahufflepuffwrites #I really do need to make a new writers tag #writing#fanfic
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  • cocoamoonmalfoy
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    This was for yesterday but I was knocked out so I’m sorry! But here’s my question:

    What inspires you to write your stories with RPF/characters and what do you hope to accomplish by having them out?

    Thirst 😬 or in the rare cases of my pure fluff, an intense case of the uwus. But to get deeper probably the desire to be desired, and I get to see that over and over in the fics I put out. I'm hoping my readers (especially woc and most especially my black readers) get to see themselves put first in a world that doesnt even put them second or third most times. I also hope to accomplish fulfillment in terms of creative outlet. As some of my moots know that I share my ideas with, I come up with new ones often. It used to be that I'd just sit and have these worlds in my head with no one to tell to but myself. Now I'm getting to tell hundreds of people and build a community around it. It's wonderful and beautiful and its really serving me right now 🥰🥰

    Thanks for the return question!!

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  • ruindunburnit
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Can we start agreeing that writing characters who are terrible, irredeemably bad people is literally okay, yet?

    #writing#fiction#fic#fanfiction#fanfic#villains #and other terrible characters #some characters are supposed to be bad people??? #it's not going to taint you if you write them #actually for some writers it's a lowkey good way of getting some poison out
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  • youcaneatfish
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    stranger things is literally a car crash i can’t look away from, at this point. 

    #why watch this when fanfic writers do it better (and always will.).
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