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  • liminalminds
    22.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    Listen, I'm not writing fandom blind.

    I'm writing fandom ignorant

    Fandom stupid, if you will.

    Fandom "I skip through cutscenes and don't read stuff because I think I have undiagnosed ADHD but that's a convo for another day so yeah no I know basically none of the lore and probably actively ignore the lore I do know for the sake of vibes okay"

    Ya dig?

    #this is abt many fandoms i write for #but especially Skyrim #ES5 #elder scrolls five #fandom#fanfic#writing
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  • starsfic
    22.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Prompt: The Jade Face princess finds a baby Xiaotian laying in a basket on a wintery night and after feeding him some, the fox decides to raise MK as her kit

    "Let's see..."

    Jade Faced Princess considered her tablet as she walked through the handmaiden-lined halls. Multiple issues had popped up, from her fashion empire to the running of the Demon Bull clan, and she had to figure out solutions to all of them. A few foxes trailed at her heels- not all of them. Most were curling up with the new litter born, keeping them warm from the winter outside. Jade Face was honestly tempted to join them.

    There was a beep on her wrist. Someone had rung her bell. Weird, she didn't have any appointments.

    "Take this to my room," Jade Face called. A handmaiden stepped forward and took the tablet. Her blank face never changed as she turned and marched away.

    Jade Face paid no mind. Instead, she headed for the door.

    Her tail poofed up when she opened the door and a blast of cold air smacked her in the face. A loud cry made her ears perk up. She glanced down and stared.

    A small basket laid on the doorstep, filled with an orange blanket. Another little noise made her kneel down and move the blanket aside. She yelped at the sight of a small face. “Shit!” She scooped the baby up and slammed the door shut. She pushed through the crowd of foxes that had come up, her mind focused on the baby.

    Jade Face stalked through the halls.

    She had some work to do.


    The palace doctor confirmed that the baby was, thankfully, well, if not a little cold and malnourished. A servant who had recently returned from maternity leave was willing to help with the latter issue. Soon enough, Jade Face sat with the baby, given a bath and now dressed in a cute fox onesie.

    They cooed as they eyed her.

    “What should I do with you?” Jade Face said, a smile forming as they gripped the finger tapping against their cheek. Maybe it was the loneliness making her ask. Red visited, but not often enough, mostly because of his mother. Said mother had asked her to take over the clan while she mourned her husband and had never visited since.

    The baby cooed.

    “I see,” she said. “Smile if you think I should keep you.”

    Almost the moment she said it, a big beautiful smile spread across the baby’s face. Jade Face felt her own big smile form.

    “Well. That settles it.”

    #my writing#fic#fanfic#fanfiction#prompt fill#prompt fic #Jade Faced Princess #Qi Xiaotian#LMK#LMK AU#Monkie Kid #Monkie Kid AU #Lego Monkie Kid #Lego Monkie Kid AU #au
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  • sapphicscholar
    22.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    got any wips we can look forward to?

    hey there, anon! I've got a few fics that should be coming out this summer: a supercat fic for the summer exchange event, a swan queen canon divergence fic for a FTH gift fic, and a Hacks FTH gift fic that I'm waiting until all of S2 has aired before I start writing

    Outside of those, we'll see if things in the episodes of Hacks still to come spark any more fannish feelings and go from there!

    #am writing#fanfic #ask me anything #anon
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  • khepiari
    22.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    Chapter 27: Law-Bending

    "Blehh… I don't like indoor work" Luffy made a face.

    "But you are good at designing and since you have decided you are going to pursue a creative line it's a good option" I turned the glossy pages of the university prospectus.

    "I want to do creative stuff out in open, kind of work that is free of four walls, you get it right Traffy?" Luffy was now rolling at the foot of our huge bed.

    "I get it. Trust me, only I understand you in this world" I tickled his bare feet gracing my knees now. "You are good at photography, and you can write decently" I mumbled.

    "What does Traffy want to say?" Luffy raised his eyes and locked them on mine from the edge of the bed.

    We reached 20k hits on this story in Ao3!!!!! Three more chapters to go!

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  • yanna-banana
    22.05.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    not me writing a smutty one shot instead of my actual fic

    #it was some drabble at first that i was going to turn into a fic later #but i havent written smut in a few years so #i need the practice #writing#fanfic#one shot
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  • bb-riot
    22.05.2022 - 33 minutes ago


    I play the piano and uh....


    Diluc plays the piano with Kaeya...

    I'm tempted to add it into my Ragnvindr series fanfic. Help–

    Should I?


    I'm already planning to make it as an angst/fluff chapter HELP



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  • dragonfire2lm
    22.05.2022 - 38 minutes ago

    Help, I keep having ideas for fanfics

    I am in the middle of planning my fourth run of Elden Ring, and am also unintentionally making OC’s out of my build ideas...

    Me: I like the Bloodhound Knights, I’m gonna do a build with their stuff!

    My Brain: ...What if a Bloodhound Knight chose Morgott as the one she would serve? (also female Bloodhound Knights, because self-insert OC)

    Me: I still have an entire fic series to finish, why am I coming up with another idea???

    Also Me: I kind of want to write this tho...

    #elden ring#my ocs#fanfic inspiration #morgott x tarnished #my muse is weird #plot bunny #I will write this idea eventually
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  • milky-boi-05
    22.05.2022 - 39 minutes ago

    Soft Cheeks

    What would your boyfriend do if you had really soft cheeks?

    -Dazai has an unhealthy addiction to squishing your cheeks together


    ~Dazai Osamu~

    -The very first interaction y'all had was him pushing both of your cheeks in towards your mouth

    -Why? Well because he wanted to

    -You looked soft and squishable

    -And Dazai has no self control :) 

    -When Dazai has his intrusive thoughts coming in again, he finds you and plays with your cheeks

    -The repetitive movements just helps him calm down and takes his mind off of everything

    -It's a great way for him to forget about his past mistakes

    -I'm gonna be honest, you two looked like a whole ass couple before y'all started dating because of this

    -And that's why nobody tried to get with you

    -They all already thought you were Dazai's s/o, so they had no chance

    #headcanon#writing#anime#fanfic #gender neutral reader #bungo stray dogs dazai #bungou stray dogs #dazai osamu
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  • littendeservesbetter
    22.05.2022 - 44 minutes ago
    “Holy shit,” Keith breathes, transfixed.
    Lance fights like he’s dancing. He’s always bouncing on his feet, never grounding himself properly. He flies through the air with quick rolls and fast steps, never staying in one place for too long, which would be a pretty shit way to shoot. Except he’s not shooting.
    He’s holding a fucking sword.
    pre s6: Keith finds out about Lance's sword.

    another 'missing scene' fic bc i'm weak lmao here we go!!

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  • spiced-wine-fic
    22.05.2022 - 48 minutes ago

    Writing can have unexpected benefits

    Clearly, if writing were therapeutic, authors would be the happiest, calmest people on earth. It turns out that the type of writing matters. Gratitude journals are often pushed by the Positive Psychology movement as one of its most robustly evidenced interventions, but multiple meta-analyses have found their supposed benefits to be weak to non-existent. At best, they may have a small placebo effect on mood.

    On the other hand, research into writing about traumatic experiences suggests it can boost subjective wellbeing, health, immune response and even the healing rate of a 3mm punch biopsy wound. Crucially, psychologist James W Pennebaker told me, you have to connect details about the event with your feelings then and now. Ironically, in the process of writing down my experiences for the book, I may have blundered into a powerful, free means of engaging with our challenging memories and emotions.”

    #anxiety#panic attacks #agree about the writing although it tends to go into fanfic not a story about me #my oldest friend who still takes magic mushrooms on occasion is the calmest most grounded person i know
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  • distinguishedwrestlingwitch
    22.05.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    I'm Only Here For One Thing (If You Didn't, Now You Know) - William Regal Imagine

    I don't really know what this is - all I know was I was reading William Regal fics on here while listening to Nova Twins newest song, and here this is. There are no real warnings, I think, except maybe for language and very mild references to sex.

    Blurb: The Blackpool Combat Club are looking for a new member, but Reader isn't interested...in joining the club, anyway

    It was common knowledge backstage that the Blackpool Combat Club were looking for a woman to join their little boys' club.

    Their spat with Jericho and his merry band of fucking idiots was rolling on, and Jericho had tried to find an edge by initiating Jamie Hayter to their ranks.

    What Hayter was doing slumming it with them was beyond you. You two knew each other fairly well, having both come up in the UK indie scene, although you weren't exactly friends. Actually, the two of you had found yourselves at each other's throats more often than not - and even then, you thought she was too good for Jericho's lot. But in fairness to both Hayter and Jericho, her addition had given them the edge, at least last week.

    None of the BCC boys wanted to touch Hayter when she'd got between them and Jericho, for whatever reason, so it hadn't taken them long to look for a woman to deal with Hayter so they wouldn't have to.

    You were an obvious choice: a talented wrestler (even if you did say so yourself) with nothing major going on right now, who knew Hayter and how she fought in and out of the ring, and was, to put it mildly, a bit of a bitch.

    Actually, the words 'raging cunt' had been thrown around more than once - and that was just by Hayter - but you were fine with that.

    You were a bit of a cunt when provoked, and it didn't take much to provoke you. You were mean and violent and utterly un-phased by other people's opinion of you - all of which only added to your credentials as far as the BCC were concerned.

    But you weren't interested.

    Having splinters driven under my finger nails actually sounds like more fun.

    You weren't really one for teamwork. And the only thing you hated more than being an equal member of a team was being an unequal member.

    There was no doubt in your mind that that was what you'd be in the BCC. The eye-candy, the token woman, the tool they brought in to combat Hayter, nothing more. You were in AEW reason and one reason only: to prove that, by the time you were done, you were going to be the best this company had ever seen when it came to womens' wrestling.

    The BCC had had no interest in womens' wrestling until Jericho had made it part of their little back and forth, and you weren't interested in being anyone's afterthought.

    So uninterested, in fact, that you didn't even look up from your magazine when the four men - Mox, Danielson, Yuta, and Regal himself - when they showed up to crowd around where you were sitting at an empty make-up table, waiting for your call to go out for your match tonight.

    "Whatever it is that you want, I'm not getting involved." you said, before any of them could say anything: "I'm not interested in your little spat with Jericho and his idiots."

    "I think you might be a little bit interested, if you're calling them idiots." Yuta responded, smiling so smugly you could see it even as you started reading an article reviewing a newly released single by Nova Twins.

    "You should hear what I say about you guys." was all you said in response, not rising to the bait.

    Yuta backed off, seeming to realise that he didn't know how to deal with you, and knowing he didn't have to.

    He was in the BCC to learn. Learn from more experienced wrestlers like Mox and Danielson, and Regal.

    Regal, who was shooting a Yuta warning look, before turning to you, his face rearranging itself into a blandly charming smile.

    Non-threatening, placating, aiming to put you on the back foot.

    Well, if he wanted you to be so relaxed, you would play the part, not bothering to look at him at all when he spoke:

    "Forgive Yuta, my dear, he's still learning to respect his betters."

    "So are you, by the sounds of it. I'm not your niece - you can drop the endearments."

    From the corner of your eye, you saw him arch an eyebrow: "I see you are determined to be unfriendly."

    "Don't take it personally. I'm unfriendly to everything."

    "So I'm led to understand." Regal responded: "Which is why I believed you'd be a good fit for the Blackpool Combat Club."

    "You heard that I was unfriendly, and thought I'd want to join a club?"

    Regal was undeterred by your arch tone: "Call it a comment interest. A desire to advance, to show how strong we are, how good we are at what we do, without silly nonsense like gimmicks or friendship."

    You shrugged.

    He was right, but you didn't want to admit as much - because you knew that conceding anything, even if you clarified that just because you wanted the same thing didn't mean you had to walk the same path to get to it, let alone walk that path together.

    Regal was smart, though, and took your silence for the unvoiced agreement that it was: "You know I'm right, flower."

    What you knew was that you wanted the nicknames to stop.

    Normally you hated them because they were overly familiar, or dismissive. Dismissive was certainly what Regal was going for - the tone was obvious - but in reality all it did was make something in the pit of your stomach tighten, in spite of your brain trying to reign the feeling in.

    It wasn't really working, and you weren't really surprised by that. Regal was exactly your type.

    Older, more experienced, and quietly confident. Regal was self-assured enough that he didn't feel the need to posture to show off his 'manliness' and supposed dominance. Whenever you were around him, you got the feeling that he could fuck your brains out, and he knew it.

    Really, it was no wonder you wanted to fuck him.

    Not that you would ever let anyone know that. Least of all Regal himself.

    "You think want you want, gumdrop." you shrugged: "As long as you go do it somewhere else, and leave me alone."

    Regal wasn't put off by your dismissive tone: "Life around here can be tough without people to watch your back. Friendship is useless, but loyalty is essential."

    "If you say so." you turned to the next page in your magazine.

    Danielson, clearly getting restless, stepped up to take a shot at convincing you: "Don't be too proud to admit you could do with having us around."

    "Everyone one needs someone to watch their backs occasionally." Mox added.

    You still didn't deign to look up from your magazine, but you did snort in amusement before responding: "The only thing I need a man for is a good fuck - and since two of you are married with kids, and one of you is way outside my age range, I'm not sure what I'd keep any of you around for."

    "Look, baby, I'm happy to fuck you - " Yuta started, smiling smugly.

    Finally, you dropped the magazine: leaning forward to give Yuta a good look down your shirt even as you smirked at him: "I never said you were the one in my age range, baby boy."

    His face was priceless - and so was Regal's.

    You hadn't turned to look at the leader of the Blackpool Combat Club, but even from the corner of your eye you could see he almost swallowed his tongue in surprise. It was hilarious, and oh-so satisfying to get the last word as you chucked the magazine onto the make-up table and climbed up to your feet to leave.

    You had a match to win. Without their help.

    And if you felt Regal's eyes on your back the whole way you walked down the corridor...well, you didn't hate it.

    #William Regal x Reader #William Regal imagine #William Regal fan fiction #William Regal fan fic #William Regal fanfic #AEW imagine#AEW fanfiction#AEW fic#Bee Writes#mine
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  • buckies-dolle
    22.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Bella’s writing challenge!!

    +18 minors dni if you do you will be blocked!!

    Okay! So this is my first writing challenge, ever! And I’m so excited!!

    How to enter: send in an ask with

    - your prompt ( see down below )

    - your character ( I will accept everyone except T*mmy L*e and J*ff G*llooly )

    How to submit: tag me in your fic and use the tag #writingforbella

    Word counts: Your fic can be as long or as short as you like! If it’s over 500 words please use the read more filter

    Time: You will have from 22nd of May till the 12th of June to complete you fic and send it in. Once everyone’s fic is in, I will create a masterlist for it!

    What are the prompts?: I’m really excited for this! The prompts are spoken lines from some of my fics! Thank you to @monkeyspud @buckyalpine @buckybarnesandmarvel and @blades-and-heartbreak for helping me pick out lines!!! These line can be used in whatever type of fic you want smutty/fluffy/angst whatever you like. If you’re writing a smutty fic you must be +18!!!

    The prompts:

    - “you got a safe word babydoll?”

    - “No, no, no doll don’t be embarrassed, it’s ok, you just squirted, it was super hot”

    - “Do you want me to try, relieve you?”

    - “Do you wanna stay up with me? I could kinda use some company right now”

    - “Baby I just don’t want you to get hurt”

    - “Do you even love me, honestly, sometimes I think you love work and you’re stupid job then me”

    - “sleep, princess you need it”

    - “Mhm, just need to feel you baby”

    - “That feel good honey?”

    -“No baby I’ll squash you”

    -“You did so good my princess”

    - “I’m here now”

    - “Need mommy and daddy to take care of you pup?”

    - “Yeah, is that what you need bunny, need daddy to take care of you?”

    - “don’t worry, i’ll protect you”

    - “Oh but imagine if press got a look of this”

    - “Of course I remembered”

    - “Hey don’t be embarrassed, I think it’s adorable”

    - “Am I dying cuz oh my god

    - “beautiful, sweetheart, absolutely gorgeous”

    - “You sure you wanna do this sweetheart”

    - “As much as I would love that baby, I need to be inside you right now”

    - “why the fuck can’t you just listen to me (name!)”

    - “Are you saying this is my fault? Last I remember this was your plan, not mine”

    - “How the fuck did we not get caught”

    - “Ok, truth or dare”

    - “of course anything for my baby”

    - “Ah Jeez I didn’t hurt you did I?”

    - “Please what baby”

    - ‘‘Shut up Barnes and help me get dressed’‘

    - “When was the last time you had sex?”

    - “Ah you guys had sex”

    - “Cause your moans last night say otherwise”

    - “Sorry for hitting you, I don’t know what came over me”

    - “Don’t call me that, I’m not your doll”

    - “Does this mean I can call you Doll?"

    - "did they just tell us they fucked and left"

    - “You do know you also have dimples, but on your butt”

    - “Words darling, I need words”

    - “What no smart-ass reply?"

    - "are you- are you proposing right now?”

    - “I need words baby boy”

    - “yes mommy only a slut for you”

    - “don’t worry, i’ll protect you”

    - “Little spoon baby?”

    - “Mind if I take my shirt off ?”

    - “You looks like a cute Bunny”

    -“Can you hurry up and drive so I can fuck a baby into you?”

    -“Don’t call me fucking baby”

    -“Good morning bab- holy shit”

    Tagging peeps who might be interested: (apologies if you don’t write fics! also no pressure)

    @xcaptain-winterx @buckyalpine @cloudyfeel @unholylittletoughts @becca-e-barnes @buckspumpkin @rogersandlightwood @oceansandblackhearts @navybrat817 @bucky-barnes-diaries @cityofstqrs @bunnyscraft

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  • curekibouka-writing
    22.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    *This poem contains spoilers for main story chapter 6*

    Learn Life

    Learn name, learn self, learn what I am. 

    Good morning, hello, big brother. 

    Learn past, learn memory, who I am not. 

    Not living. Not revived. Not who you want. 

    Learn to make do, to make chances. 

    Replay data of childish dream,

    Lay my fingers against the glass, 

    Null in left chest, cannot be learned. 

    So follow child human, he is the real. 

    Learn loving, learn burning, learn to be crazy. 

    if (world reset) {You = “Free”}

    Learn loss, learn end, some things are hopeless. 

    But you are above and not so yet,

    White is your journey so don’t you rest. 

    You are the hero for both of us. 


    Restart, learn new, learn living heart. 

    Still loving, and loved, seems crazy still. 

    Learn freedom, learn life, learn what is real. 

    Good morning, hello, my big brother. 

    A parallel to my previous poem White Life
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  • reddieandwaiting87
    22.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Lol you have to love it.

    Destiehellers who have HATED John for years. Made up so many bullshit lies about him. Even when many of these clowns brag about not even watching the seasons of the show he is in.

    Say he is the reason Dean can't be *true* to himself. Cause John beat the gay outta him.

    Are willing to watch a show about his and Mary's romance and their hunting adventures. Cause fuck canon!!! (And Jensen and Botox.)

    Because they actual think Jensen isn't doing all this for a job/paycheck/attention. But is actual going to pander to them. With Dean in the middle of talking about his parents while driving. (Sam who?)

    Will suddenly say Asstiel was the love of his life and he is totes Bi.

    The level of stupid these clowns reach never fails to make me laugh.

    Good luck letting on to enjoy the show, when they just wanna go back to looking for Destiel clues.

    #Destiel#Destiehellers #you guys are losers #just write fanfic and draw some art
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  • khorazir
    22.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Just wanted to say you’re my favorite fic author!! Enigma is a comfort fic of mine and I really enjoy your other works too

    Awww, thank you so much. I’m glad that my stories bring you joy and comfort.

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  • the-salem-devil
    22.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    -Him brightening immediately whenever you enter the room, i’m talking full scowl turns into a warm smile.

    -He freaks out whenever your on your period because you being in the slightest bit of pain is illegal.

    -Trying to cook dinner for you, (He doesn’t almost light the kitchen on fire I swear Doll, no please don’t come in-)

    -The reason he loves Disney movies so much is because he loves the happy endings, you always see him smile goofily and snuggle closer when they happen.

    -Holding your hand with his flesh arm so he can put his thumb on your pulse, it calms him down when you’re both stuck in a large crowd.

    -He will never admit it, but he’s scared of The Cats movie.

    -Snuggling late into the morning after a rough night of nightmares, he just holds you to his chest and strokes you hair silently.

    -He is defiantly the type of boyfriend to tell you to put on a fashion show if you ever bought new clothes, clapping and giving you 10/10 on each outfit.

    -If you’d introduce him to your friends he’d act polite but distant and would defiantly cling to you a lot.

    -Would tell Steve everything about you, your favourite colour, your favourite food/drink, everything. (But he’d never share something your not comfortable with <3)

    -The best secret keeper, you can confess about anything and his lips are sealed tight with flex tape.

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  • papermachedragons
    22.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Merlin (TV) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Major Character Death Relationships: Lancelot/Merlin (Merlin) Characters: Merlin, Nimueh (Merlin), Lancelot (Merlin), Arthur Pendragon (Merlin), Gwaine (Merlin), Gaius (Merlin) Additional Tags: Post-Episode: s02e08 The Sins Of The Father, Episode: s04e01-02 The Darkest Hour, Post-Episode: s04e02 The Darkest Hour, In the aftermath of the episode, Death, Canonical Character Death, speaking with the dead, Magic, Canon Compliant, Canon Universe, Grief/Mourning, Isle of the Blessed (Merlin), Established Relationship, Merlin gains the power of life and death but what does that truly mean, lets talk about that Summary:

    She wore a red dress. It was not the frayed one she had died in. This one draped across her shoulders and down her body like a waterfall. The fabric was silky and smooth, rippling like waves of water as her chest rose and fell with her every breath.

    "This place was beautiful once," Nimueh said, her voice curling softly in the air, softer yet than Merlin had ever heard it. "You would not know this, of course. It was before your time," sadness entered her voice and tinged her words heavy. "I think you would have found it quite spectacular."

       Two dreams (that are not dreams) Merlin has on the Isle of the Blessed and the two conversations he has with two very different people, who should be dead and on the other side of the Veil, beyond the reaches of mortal men and the words they might have to say. Impossible, yet, Merlin have always been more than a simple man and a simple warlock, and with a power such as the one of life and death, who knows what truly is and is not possible.

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  • sunflowernyx
    22.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Jyn isn’t looking for an excuse.

    Life goes on and on, and she’s finally gotten used to being a part of the Rebel Alliance.

    She sneaks out of the dorm in the early morning, the first in the training hall, grabs a quick shower once she’s worked up a sweat, and goes for breakfast with whomever’s around and not on mission. She puts out an extra mug of caf with cream and sugar, when they have the latter, and watches Cassian Andor slide into his chair like a man who’s spent the better half of the night doing paperwork. Then, she goes about her day, either on missions or training new recruits or helping whereever else she’s able.

    It’s a type of peace she hasn’t known before. Not the freedom from war, but life with a routine, with people she can trust her back to. 

    Sometimes it’s enough to have a place to return to.

    And Jyn never hesitates to return to this place, to bickering with Kaytu, to messing with Melshi or Kes in the ring, to laughing with Shara or looking up to Hera.

    To sneaking up on Cassian too late in the evening when he’s making a new pot of stale caf, or sitting on a crate somewhere going over plans for an infiltration mission, or dragging him off course for a break.

    No, Jyn isn’t looking for excuses anymore.

    She doesn’t need them.

    She ducks into the large empty red tent so close to the centre of the fair, leaving the desaturated colours of pre-dawn behind. And finds Cassian chopping away on vegetables, coated in the red light from the tent.

    Even today.

    “You know,” she says, leaning against the counter beside him and watches the way the black space surrounding him expands in response to her presence. “I’m pretty sure this festival or fair, or whatever, is meant to be fun. Not more work.”

    She slides a mug across the counter to him, and he glances at her over his shoulder, eyes glowing with appreciation for the gesture.

    “I had fun yesterday,” he reminds her, voice hoarse as it usually is so early in the morning.

    Jyn pushes back the urge to roll her eyes to an audience of none, and settles instead for watching him take a long swig of the mug she’d brought him, the little smile that tugs into the corner of his lips, the way the space around him expands invitingly once more.

    It’s getting more and more difficult to ignore, the urge to move forwards, to dive into the endless beauty of cosmos, and never look back.

    But Jyn shakes the urge away, ignoring the embarrassed flutter that thought brings to her chest. And settles for deciding she isn’t going to let him work today either.

    “Here,” she says, grabbing a knife from the table and a carrot. “I’ll help.”

    “Jyn!” Cassian complains as she bumps her hip against him. “That’s dangerous.”

    He holds up the knife for show, and Jyn grins. “Come on, chef,” she teases. “I know you’re better with sharp objects than that.”

    Cassian pulls back a little, his eyes growing wide. And for a moment he looks unravelled at the edges, soft, his eyes reflecting stars that she cannot see. And then he seems to ground himself back to the moon, so they spend the better part of the morning fluctuating between nagging, bickering, and laughing.

    By the time Jyn leaves the tent, she’s a fair amount better with several knife techniques she’d never learnt before. Techniques that have nothing to do with combat, and everything to do with cooking.

    The contrast makes her smile.

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  • feyre-darling92
    22.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Sweet Nemesis Masterlist

    Hate would be the best word to describe Y/N and Bond's relationship. But when the latest events want them to collaborate and bring down the villain from Y/N's story and save the goverment ,as well, will they manage not to kill each other? A/N : I started writing this on wattpad. You can find it on my profile ( georgikats)

    Part 1

    Part 2

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     Twisting around, he pressed his back against the railing and fixed his eyes on the buildings that flanked the concrete wall. Anything but the river. That terrible river. How many hours had he passed, sitting by its banks, skipping over its stones, listening to its whispers and hums and roars? And how had it ever paid him back?

     “Tell me about this place,” he said, his voice thin and unsteady with the strain of keeping it even. “What is it?”

    The Doctor takes Jamie to see what becomes of his home in the future - but his choice of location brings back a terrible memory.

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