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    25.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Click for quality pls!!

    I did it I made a vore oc!!! Hehehe I'm so excited to use them!!

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  • escape-cube5
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    TW: blood, graphic digestion?, attempted digestion but no one dies, implied self harm, poor hygiene, crying, injuries

    Nephele giggled, curling up on their side and effectively squishing Matthew more inside. He voiced his discomfort, but it only seemed to fuel their excitement. They pressed down on their stomach, rubbing and caressing and hugging it. They're whispering sweet nothings to him, and he can barely hear it above the noise of their internals.

    "N-Nephele-" he groaned. He tried pushing against the walls with his hands and feet, but it hardly helped anything. They curled up more with their legs pressing into their gut.

    "What? You like this!" they giggled, and it was so commanding he almost agreed with them for a second. "Besides." Their voice dropped down again to that alluring tone, and Matthew strained to hear them. "Haven't you always wanted to become a part of me?"

    That's when he notices parts of his body are tingling. There's acid. They're going to digest him.

    Matthew stills his struggles out of shock, disbelief they would do this to him after all of the time they spent together. All of the memories they had made together, talks of marriage..

    It was all a joke. Probably another one of their cruel acts. He should have known he wouldn't be the exception to their appetite forever.

    He grimaced when they rolled onto their back. He's forced to adjust, and acid sloshes over him. It's already eating away at his clothes. He wonders how long it will be until his delicate flesh melts too.

    They're really going to kill him.

    "Nephele!" he cried, squirming frantically in the cramped area. "Please don't do this! Please don't do this to me!"

    The laughter that usually makes him so happy suddenly makes him sick.

    "Stop struggling," Nephele hummed. Pressing down on their swollen stomach, they rub it to try helping the acid work at him. "Calm down."

    It's like a command. His body suddenly stops, and he found himself staring at nothing in the darkness with an odd serenity.

    At least until the pain starts.

    It's like nothing he's ever had to endure before. It's burning, itching, and stinging. Touching his fingers at the most painful places, he's horrified to realize there's dips in places that shouldn't be there. His fingers pull away with a new warmth. Blood.

    Matthew struggled to breath, speak, do anything for a few moments until finally a wailing sob leaves him. He lets his head drop forward. His face presses into the stomach lining. Acid bubbles out, but he doesn't care if his face burns. He's going to die anyways.

    "Nephele- Why? What have I done to deserve this?" he cried. "I thought I was your lover! I love you! I love you!"

    He continues to repeat the phrase, nuzzling into the stomach wall. Surprisingly he's not angry. He's not upset that he's going to die. He's heartbroken. He feels betrayed giving his love and care to somebody who never saw him as anything more than food.

    He doesn't regret giving all of his time to them though. It was pleasant while it lasted. He was happy to help them.

    "Nephele.." he finally whined, falling into quiet cries.

    There's absolute silence from them during all of this. Even the rubbing stopped.

    Matthew yelled when the stomach clenched around him painfully. It does this a few times before he's being shoved back up their throat. The tight space is incredibly painful to his injuries, but he's ultimately relieved when he can see light from their open mouth. He wonders briefly if it's a cruel prank, but those thoughts are banished as he slides out face first.

    He face planted into their lap and twists around to aid in pulling his body out. He knew they sometimes struggled to get things out once they were in.

    Once he's finally out, he lays there. His whole body is bloody and aches. Despite being free the burning hasn't stopped.

    His vision sways in and out. Before he faints, he looks at Nephele to see that they're crying. They've covered their mouth with their hands, and black oozing tears and drool taints their face. They look horrified.

    Are they concerned about him? Are they upset by what they've done?

    He wonders these things before he loses consciousness.

    When Matthew wakes up again, he realizes he's in a medical ward. He's on a bed closed off with curtains. It's too painful to sit up or even move his head, so he tries to examine himself without doing either of those things. He's wrapped nearly head to toe in bandages, and he sees nearby that there was a blood bag hooked up to an IV drip.

    Looking around he realizes the place is incredibly filthy. A dim light flickers. It's so quiet he can hear it buzzing.

    Where is he?

    "Nephele?" his voice cracked. He received no response so he closed his eyes again.

    There's somebody standing over him. Matthew doesn't recognize them. They're trembling, and he sees that they're holding a spoon to his lips. He wordlessly opens his mouth to accept it. The mash on the spoon tastes awful.

    They look so scared it confused him.

    He wants to ask about Nephele, but he's certain they couldn't tell him anything.

    After eating he lays his head back down, and the person leaves quickly.

    Another time he wakes up, it's during his bandages being changed. Something cool is being rubbed against his injuries, and it's burns, but he doesn't care. He's delighted to see that it's Nephele taking care of him.

    "Nephele!" he whispers excitedly. Their head snaps towards him as if in fear, and they drop whatever it is that they're holding. They start to back away, but he quickly grabs their wrist despite the pain it causes him. "Nephele!"

    Nephele looks away from him uncomfortably. They look guilty and also messier than they normally do. They're stiff and tight where he holds them, like they're resisting his touch.

    He also sees their legs are covered in blood.

    "What?" they asked

    "What happened to your legs? Where am I?" Matthew asked. He has many questions, but he settles on those for now.

    By their uncomfortable silence and the glance down at their legs, he knows they've been hurting themself again. He feels grieved for a moment. He had thought they were making good progress in quitting that.

    "You're in a hospital. Go back to sleep," they said quietly. They didn't even meet his gaze as they covered his eyes with their palm. There's so much more that Matthew wants to say, but he finds the urge to sleep irresistible.

    Matthew certainly slept. The next time he awakens he's almost completely healed. He swings his legs out of bed, standing up shakily and escaped from the small, curtained area he had been contained in. A quick glance tells him he's completely alone. This place must be abandoned.

    "Nephele!" he yelled. He stood there, waiting for their answer or for them to appear to him. Nothing happens so he yells again. "Nephele! Where are you? I need you! Please talk to me!"

    Matthew dropped down to his knees. He feels weak and hungry. When's the last time he's had anything to eat?

    "Nephele? Please speak to me.. Please.. I'm not angry at you. Accidents happen, I know that!" he said. He hoped they were even listening to him. "I don't hold it against you, so please, let's talk about this. I love you. I want to know what happened. I want to know if we can work this out somehow."

    They appear in front of him, wearing dirty shorts and a t-shirt. It's big on them, and he realizes that it's his clothes. Their hair is knotted and tangled, their body is caked with dirt, and their legs are covered in fresh wounds. Blood leaks out.

    He doesn't understand why, but he knows they feel guilty. They hurt themself as a form of repentance. He hates it.

    Matthew crawls closer to them, putting his arms around the back of their knees and guided them to get down in his lap. He cradles them, rocking them as they cry and clutch his shoulders. Their face is pressed against his shoulder, and they smell positively rancid, like rotting meat and body odor, but he doesn't care. It actually isn't that different from their normal smell.

    "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do that to you!" Nephele sobbed. Their face is flushed and tears flow down their face. "I don't know what happened! You were there, a-and I suddenly lost control, a-a-and-"

    They can't form words as they sob uncontrollably.

    "Shh.. It's okay. I don't hold it against you," he said quietly, stroking the back of their head. "Can you bring us back to the house? We could talk about this there. I'm hungry, and you need a bath."

    Nephele sniffled, nodding shakily. He found they were suddenly in the living room and still in the same position. Matthew gently gets them out of his lap, and he stands up with them, coaxing them into the bathroom. He grabs a washcloth to dry their tears while he waits for the tub to fill up.

    Nephele stared at the ground. Their lanky limb are held in close to their body awkwardly. "Do you hate me?" they whispered.

    Matthew immediately shook his head. "Not at all. I don't feel anything negative towards you. I love you," he assured.

    They nodded, and neither of them say anything more.

    When the tub is filled, he bathes Nephele, taking his time to be gentle and easy with them. He carefully works the tangles out of their hair. When they're finished, he helps them to dry off and dress, then bandages their legs.

    Matthew gets something to eat, and after a few days they fall back into their same routine. But they're apprehensive, he can tell. They remain distant, they don't touch him as much as they used to, and their chatter sometimes feels forced.

    He wonders how long this will last. He wants things to go back to how they were. He doesn't like this new fear.

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  • junothewolf
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Waf-FULL: Story Edition

    So uh...if y’all don’t know what the Waf-FULL ads were, well then...well just see for yourself.


    Anyway, the waffle does apparently have a name, he was the Eggo mascot for a while back in the day, so he was called “Eggoman”. I’m mostly just doing this so I don’t have to refer to him as “The Waffle” every single time he’s mentioned.

    The instant I got the ask for this I knew it was my destiny to do this. All of my life choices have meticulously led me to this moment. To posting a fucking Waffle pred vore story on my Tumblr vore blog. And I regret none of it.


    “Oh, sweet, naïve Strawberry Filling. All so blissfully unaware that this day shall be your last.”

         Strawberry Filling wasn’t expecting this day to be different from any other day. I mean, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. The busy city streets held perhaps hundreds of bustling, noisy pedestrians along the paths of their daily commutes, the sky was its usual light blue in color, and the sun was shining down its warm, sunny rays up above it all, as was perfectly normal, while Strawberry Filling continued strolling down the concrete suburban streets, well on their merry way over to the CD store, the forms and shadows of the much larger human passer-bys towering o’ so casually above them as they went.

         One form that did not plan to loom so harmlessly, however, was Eggoman. The sentient waffle had just barely managed to lock down sight on Strawberry Filling through the crowd as the city bus he had just departed from revved back into its carbon-fueled action behind him. Eggoman was rather intent on following Strawberry Filling wherever they might be planning to go today, and in this case, that meant the CD store. As such, as Eggoman kept a comfortable, unassuming distance between himself and his prey, his non-existent eyes stuck firmly on the form of that fat, jucy, simply delectable Strawberry Filling, and found it nearly physically impossible to look away.

         Once the two of them entered the CD store, that’s when things really began to ramp up. Eggoman knew quite well that if he had a visible mouth, he would be drooling just about now. With his stomach waiting ever so patiently to be stuffed positively silly with all the absolutely gooey, fruity slush of that Strawberry Filling’s body, Eggoman began to hungrily snoop around, making many anticipatory, gluttony-induced murmurs and groans along the way; until finally, at long last, he found the opportunity to strike. With Strawberry Filling thoroughly distracted by the music blaring within the store headset they had on, Eggoman knew that now was his time.

         Leaping straight over the display counter and into the next isle, poor Strawberry Filling was taken completely and utterly off-guard as the comparatively gigantic, full-force weight of the sentient waffle’s ravenous being toppled them over and onto the floor, where no amount of writing, struggling, or fighting would have any effect on the ultimate outcome of this encounter. Enjoy the world while you can still perceive it, Strawberry Filling, because the last thing you’ll ever see before you succumb to unconsciousness will be the expanded, jiggly stomach walls of the sentient waffle who just jumped you. Say goodbye to your hopes and dreams. The only dream getting fulfilled today is Eggoman’s dream to be full.

         Eggoman continuously had to force Strawberry Filling’s head and body down to the floor as their being was mercilessly slurped up through his non-existent maw, the contents merley phasing through his waffle being and into the ecstatically overjoyed, yet patient chamber within, where the tongue sloshed the contents around in a spinning whirlpool of saliva before being hurled to the back of the throat, where the mushy, sappy contents were shoved down the sentient waffle’s throat and down towards his eagerly awaiting belly, that which began accepting the former filling’s contents with a fervorous euphoria that only grew greater and greater as more and more filling continuously poured through Eggoman’s lower esophageal sphincter and into his ever-expanding belly, the walls growing rapidly in order to satisfy their newfound need to somehow fit all this delectable filling within its walls.

         At last, Eggoman burped. Strawberry Filling was gone, and all that remained of them was Eggoman’s brand-new, rotund, gurgling, sloshing belly, that which he made jiggle for a few seconds by bouncing it in his hands. Now at last, there was nothing left to do but for those hands to rest delightedly on his enlarged, swollen stomach that so blissfully slushed and churned the contents of what was once Strawberry Filling into a delicious, not-so-nutritious soup that would go on to be pumped through the living waffle’s intestines.

         Eggoman could suddenly feel the music that was blaring from Strawberry Filling’s headphones start back up again, leaving him slightly confused for a while before he reached up and felt that exact pair of headphones lying on his head. He pulled them down over his non-existent ears as such, and the music became even louder, causing Eggomman to start rhythmically drumming his fingers on his belly to the beat, the very last piece of music that Strawberry Filling ever heard before their death.


    “Nowhere is safe, Blueberry Filling. Not even your own property.”

         Like Strawberry Filling before them, Blueberry Filling felt absolutely no worry or fear as they casually slid off their arm-chair from within their house and picked up a bag of bird seed before at last opening the main door, that very same blissful glow of sunlight dousing their own being with warmth as they strode across their asphalt driveway and up to the birdhouse lying in the grass.

         What Blueberry Filling was expecting to see inside that birdhouse was, well, birds. But instead, what they got in reality, was nothing short of horror-inducing. Having only been given enough time to scream in terror, Bluebery Filling was mercilessly snatched up by the ruthless, glutenous waffle that was the Eggo company mascot within, before they were yoinked straight into the birdhouse, dropping the bag of bird seed behind them as such. 

         Blueberry Filling had absolutely nowhere to hide, and was now stuck completely and utterly helpless  inside Eggoman’s pitiless trap, the sentient waffle’s eager being firmly grasping onto Blueberry Filling’s panicking form as he began to suck up the poor filling’s body through his non-visible maw and straight into the hidden chamber within as such, salivating greatly at the awaited arrival of his prey.

         Eggoman’s tongue merely savored the terrified filling’s flavor for a few seconds before swishing the contents around and eventually towards the back of the maw, where said contents made their same journey down into the sentient waffle’s stomach that Strawberry Filling had taken not too long ago. They dripped and poured down his esophagus in a marvelously satisfying stream of sugary goodness.

         At last, Eggoman could feel his stomach starting to bulge once more, his gut rapidly expanding as it now gained the need to store all of Blueberry Filling’s former being within its confines, a need which was satisfied in seconds as the tiny, wooden birdhouse at last toppled over and the sentient waffle burped once more, picking himself up from the ground and out of the way of the wooden shards of the former birdhouse as he bounced his overstuffed, rumbling stomach in his hands once more, the contents of what was once Blueberry Filling continuously sloshed around inside.

         Eggoman knew quite well that these contents would only meet the same fate as Strawberry Filling’s contents before them. They were his contents now, and his contents that his body was prepared to use to the absolute fullest, just as he was right now.

         Eggoman could only stand there and let the joy wash over him as he continuously rubbed over his great growling gut, the very same one that had been used to bring both Strawberry and now Blueberry filling away from this world forever.

         Eggoman chuckled slightly as he at last looked up from his gut and made sudden visual contact with a car. The utterly unaware form of Apple Cinnamon Filling passed him on by via his car as he happily meandered along the neighborhood streets.

         Eggoman rubbed his ever-prepared hands together in anticipation before letting out a few ravenous, excited murmurs under his breath. He knew exactly what commercial he was going to film for the Eggo company next.

    #vore story#vore writing#vore stories#soft vore#fatal vore#I suppose #I mean its heavily implied anyway so yeah #vore belly #same size vore #half size vore #guess I'll put both #male pred#male predador#digestoin #I guess? #gooey digestion #I can't really put many tags on this can I #v0r3#VOR3 #v03.
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  • spookyscarycreepydollgirl
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Not with a bang but a whimper

    It’s the end of the world, mostly because a large percentage of the population have mutated into hungry monsters. A human couple a man and a woman have managed to survive but they both know the reason for that survival is a double edged sword: one them (the man) is slowly turning into one of the very things they are trying to run away from. The only way he has managed to keep the one he loves safe is by tapping into that inhuman side more and more frequently. Inevitably he mutates completely, it happens with almost no warning in a time and place when the couple has managed to find some quiet safe house away from the monsters however briefly. The man just stops being human and the woman is alone with a hungry monster. Naturally she’s frightened, but the truth is there’s no where to run, both literally and in the sense that she has no where to run TO. It’s only been the two of them for so long, the only other traces of people they’d encountered are the dead. The truth is she’s known for a long time that this would be her fate. The monster looms over his prey and finds he is no less in love with the being trembling in front of him, no less capable of recognizing the one he adores. It’s simply that the time has come to stop pretending he doesn’t want all of her to himself, That fighting off the other predators is enough when it isn’t, there’s only one place his prey will ever truly be safe, he sees that clearly now, see the foolish way clinging to his humanity had simply put his prey in unnecessary danger. A black tongue unfurls from behind glistening teeth snaking out to caress the side of the humans cheek affectionately, enormous clawed hands tenderly but firmly rest upon narrow shoulders, while another pair of arms lower down reach around and press her back guiding her closer to the monsters broad chest, his stomach growls as if sensing the one it wants is close enough to hear it. Wide eyes stare in quiet terror and uncertain curiosity mesmerized by the way the unfamiliar threat has intertwined with familiar gentleness. The monster takes the humans hand and presses it against it’s stomach, he has no need for words anymore but he remembers distantly that she does, he cups her face in his enormous hands, tilting her two eyes up to meet many more staring back tender yet ravenous. He utters the word that to his mind explains exactly what’s going to happen and why “Mine”

    She swallows nervously eyes taking in the creature she’s certain she can’t reach but knows she needs to try to. “[name] C-could we maybe talk about thi-hhoooookay that’s a mouth! Please don’t bite my head off!” She tries to lean away as his jaws come forward, gently he playfully nips at his prey, trying to demonstrate that he does not in fact, intend to bite her head off. Unfortunately his teeth are enormous and sharp and being poked however gently with knives does not exactly send a comforting message to human instincts. Eventually however his preys heart stops hammering to the point where she can recognize she’s not being crunched or torn to pieces. Merely nipped, licked and more concerning sucked on. Her eyes widen as his intentions click. “You dick! That’s even worse!” her guess is correct, once he finishes tasting and “reassuring” his prey he curls his long tongue around her, his jaws open wide and he envelops her head and shoulders with a low and excited purr.

    The monster tilts his head back, one claw gently tracing her progress as a squirming bulge down his throat. Meanwhile feet and legs kick in response to being lifted away from proper purchase, though the amount of earnest struggling she can do is severely hampered by the sheer danger of squirming on the deadly knives that surround her. This fact is driven home very clearly when she accidentally slices open her palm trying to push back against his jaws. The approving sound he makes as her blood pools onto his tongue is both disturbing and vexing but he does not bite down intentionally even if his tongue lingers and writhes pretty obviously on her cut palm.

    But I digress, the monster has tilted his head back tracing his preys progress as his muscles pull and guide his beloved down into his waiting belly. Two hands rub his swelling gut as she slips past the ring separating the esophagus from the stomach. Meanwhile a fourth hand helps to gently feed the humans legs and feet inside, pushing firmly at the kicking appendages here and there to keep her from accidentally killing herself on his teeth. Finally her feet find the way to the back of his throat, safe from the hazard of sharp teeth. He gulps firmly, sealing the fate of the woman he loves with just that simple horrendously easy action.

    She can’t see inside the claustrophobic darkness of his belly, but that doesn’t make the reality of where she is any less apparent, the slimy undulating walls, the heart beat pounding above, the way the body around her breathes in and out. The heat is crushing when compared to the world she’s left behind, she feels a pressure from outside and it’s mind-bending to know that she can identify it as his hands pressing in and down from outside this new and permanent prison of flesh.

    A low crass belch eases out of the monster as he leans back and admires the way his prey fills him. A callous declaration of the monsters place on the food chain and her own. At least that’s what most would believe, but the monster sees nothing callous in his actions. The human inside him is in her proper place, this much is true, but why should that be seen as a bad thing? Surely this is the way things must be? If the two of them are to stay together. Surely the human will also understand that necessity if not now, then once all boundaries have been broken down between body and soul and the two become one.   

    #yep so this is vore #implied fatal vore #also there's blood #it's m/f vore if that matters to yall #monster pred#human prey#willing pred#unwilling prey #also kinda angsty #Iamonceagainapologisingformyhorriblefetish
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  • dr-dolions-therapy-corner
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Couple’s Therapy (remastered)

    TW: Contains fatal vore and graphic depictions of digestion.

    Harry and Brian are a couple in need of counseling and advice, so they decide to make an appointment and visit Dr. Dolion, since he was the cheapest option around. However, the two didn’t expect he’d want something extra as payment, and a helpful session becomes a living nightmare.

    “Harry, seriously, would you please drive the speed limit?”

    A car drove down the road, near a residential area, the passengers inside bickering somewhat. It was early in the morning, and the two were driving to see a therapist. One that was considerably cheap and offered couples therapy. Things had been tense between them for a while, they’d been under a lot of stress, so they agreed they needed this. The driver, Harry, sighed and glanced at his partner.

    “Really? Really? We’re already late as it is, Brian, what do you want me to do?? Make the building magically appear?” He huffed.

    “Obviously not, but I also don’t want to get a ticket.” The other held his hands up and sighed, leaning back in the seat. “Jesus.”

    The car eventually pulled up to a small building, the two men stepping out and looking at it. It was the only building nearby, and the place itself looked old and somewhat abandoned. There was only one other car parked, and the place had an eerie empty feeling, which both of them felt.

    “Oh yeah, this place definitely looks great.” Brian stated sarcastically, gesturing to it. Harry rolled his eyes at him, walking for the door and opening it. The inside was decent, but bland, with a dozen or so dull blue chairs, white walls, and a few boat and beach paintings. A tv on the wall was playing some cheesy sitcom, and it was the only noise in the building. In fact, no one else was there but them.

    “..You might’ve had a point.” Harry muttered, taking a seat.

    “I’ve never seen a place that looks more like a pediatrician’s waiting room. Surprised there isn’t a fish tank or something.” Brian chuckled, walking to the counter window. He furrowed his brow as it was shut, and there was a piece of paper taped to it. It read, ‘Closed. If you have an appointment, please take a seat until called’. “Huh, apparently we just have to wait? Weird there isn’t a person to talk to.” He turned and shrugged, walking and sitting beside Harry, who was scrolling through his phone with a frown.

    After several minutes of silence, Brian cleared his throat, glancing at him. “Hey, uh...sorry for giving you a hard time in the car.” He sighed, rubbing his arm and picking at the button on his sleeve. “I was just worried.”

    Harry looked up from his phone and turned to him, setting it down. He didn’t want to stay mad, he was right. He shouldn’t have been driving so fast. Even with the therapy being relatively cheap, they wouldn’t be able to afford a ticket. “It’s alright, forget about it.” He waved his hand, resting his head against the other’s shoulder.

    Brian smiled a bit, wrapping an arm around him. “Wake me up when it’s time, alright?” He asked him, resting his eyes.

    “Yeah, yeah-“ His partner chuckled.

    After almost an hour, the door next to the counter creaked open, and the voice that spoke with Harry on the phone while making the appointment called out.

    “Mr. Giles?”

    Brian shook Harry’s shoulder, who snorted and sat up. “Wha? Yeah-“ He stood up, gesturing for the other to follow, both walking through the door. As the two walked across the short hall and stepped through the open office door though, they were met with a sort of shock that froze the both in the doorway.

    The room was like almost what you’d expect from a therapist’s office, and had a similar theme to the waiting room, but was larger and had a higher ceiling. What stood out the most though was a giant chair, sat upon by an even larger man. He wore a blue suit, his slicked-back black hair was tied in a ponytail, and he smiled as he saw the two.

    “Ah, hello there. I’m Dr. Dolion. Please, take a seat.” He gestured to the couch to the right, though the two were too startled to move. The doctor noticed, waving his hand. “I know, I know, my appearance must be jarring, I get that a lot. I can assure you it won’t make our session any different.” The couple glanced at each other, managing to walk further into the room and sit onto the couch.

    “Alright, now, I hope you two don’t mind if I record our session? I would take notes, but as you can imagine, it’s not the easiest.” He chuckled, taking a recorder from his pocket. Harry elbowed Brian, who cleared his throat and nodded.

    “Oh, yeah, sure, of course.” He told him, finding his voice.

    “Good.” The doctor smiled, turning it on and setting it on the table beside his chair. “Now, what seems to be you two’s problems?”

    For two long hours, Harry and Brian explained the issues they were having, Dr. Dolion listening and giving honest input when needed. The two had been arguing a lot recently, to the point of really hurting each other’s feelings at times. Brian makes snappy remarks, Harry makes rash decisions and loses his temper. Neither want to be doing that, but they didn’t know how to fix it. Both were stressed, and they assumed The worry that they might break up from this was what drove them to seek therapy, as they both loved each other too much to want that to happen. After listening intently until the very end, the doctor gave them a last piece of solid advice.

    “I can see you two are struggling with a lot, and this is causing a lot of tension. I understand your worries, I really do. It’s hard when people who love each other fight. But it would help if you two talked out your worries instead of bottling them in, because that can lead you to the stress you two have been experiencing. Not only that, but it would help you to support each other, instead of trying to hide your problems from the other instead.” Dr. Dolion told them. “I strongly suggest you both start to work on this, so less arguments like the ones you told me about would happen.”

    The two listened intently, glancing at each other for a moment. “Okay.” Harry nodded, taking his partner’s hand.

    “Thank you, we will.” Brian added.

    “Of course.” The doctor smiled. “I’m glad I was able to help.”

    The couple smiled back at him, both standing up and starting to step to the door.

    “Oh...there’s something I think I forgot to mention.” Dr. Dolion spoke up, the two pausing and looking back at him. “A secondary in-person payment. Must’ve slipped my mind, my apologies.” The doctor told them, pushing himself to his feet with considerable effort. Somehow he was even taller standing.

    “A second payment?” Harry questioned, furrowing his brow. This wasn’t part of the agreement.

    “We really can’t afford to pay anything more.” Brian groaned anxiously. “How much is it?” He asked.

    The doctor chuckled, waving a hand. “Oh, don’t worry, it’s not money.” He told them, which only confused them further.

    “The heck do you want then?” Brian asked, to which Harry gave him a look for his attitude.

    “Not much, really...” The doctor grinned in a strange manner, leaning closer to the two, who backed up slightly as this grew unsettling. “I just want..

    ..you two.”

    He suddenly then grabbed Brian by the scruff of his shirt, who shrieked and kicked his legs, lifting up him and slamming him against the door.

    “Agh-! Wh-what the fuck?!” Harry jumped in alarm, looking at the doctor in bewilderment, as well as nervousness at the fact he was able to pick him up that easily.

    “D-Doctor what are you doing?? Put him down!” He shouted at him, alarmed. What was he doing?? He’d just helped them! Was this some kind of trick? The doctor chuckled, ignoring his shouts and grabbing his arm with his other hand. Then he did something strange, leaning much too close to Brian’s face. An unusually long green tongue snaked out from the doctor’s mouth, dragging across his face and leaving a trail of slimy drool.

    “EUGH—wh-what the FUCK-!” He made a face in confusion and disgust, squirming. What was he doing, why was it green??

    “I-I said put him down you creep!!” Harry demanded in anger, pulling against his arm. He was disgusted by his actions, and nervous for his partner. He was right to be worried.

    Dr. Dolion ignored him, licking his lips as a hungry growl emitted from his throat. His jaws then opened wide, a dark and slimy cavern that loomed much too close to him, his hot breath wafting over his face. Brian could only bewilderedly stare into it, before the doctor shoved him head-first inside. He let out a short scream, before it was muffled as his slimy tongue slathered his face and hair in slick saliva.

    “Wh-wha-WHAT-?! What are you doing?!” Harry cried out in shock. “S-stop that, stop that right now, damn it!!” Dr. Dolion chuckled and glanced a him, turning toward him slightly as he pushed the struggling Brian further in. Then he yanked Harry closer to him, grabbing his wrist and pressing his hand to his neck. A thick swallow pulled Brian’s head and the start of his shoulders into the tight tunnel of his throat, a large lump sliding under his hand. Harry’s eyes widened and he shuddered in horror.

    “Wh-what the fuck—n-no- are you—y-you can’t-“ He stuttered, realizing what he was trying to do. The large man was trying to eat Brian. That was impossible, but it seemed like that was just what was happening. Brian still continued to make muffled noises, kicking his legs in terror. He could hardly breathe, and he was panicking as he was gradually being eaten alive. The doctor pushed him in further and swallowed again, more of his body sinking down his throat. Harry trembled and tried to yank his hand away, mortified the doctor was making him feel his partner going down. A frantic fervor ran through him, and he kicked and hit at the doctor himself.

    “S-STOP! STOP IT Y-YOU BASTARD!!” He screamed at him, tearing up from his terror for Brian. His emotions only fueled Dr. Dolion, who grinned at him. The raw emotions from him were delicious. But not as delicious as the human he was devouring. He pushed him in even deeper and tossing his head back, his form sinking further in with yet another swallow. Only his legs hung out of his maw by now, and he roughly yanked off and threw aside his shoes.

    By now, Brian started to push through a tight ring of muscle and into a more open space, hot and humid and reeking with rancid air. He gasped and coughed as he slid into it, panting and tearing up in terror. He could only assume this was the doctor’s stomach.

    “G-god no- no- s-STOP-!!” He cried out, his voice muffled within the man’s gut. Harry could just barely hear it, shaking. Before he could shout anything else at him, Dr. Dolion grabbed him by the waist and lifted him up, firm enough to resist his struggles, and pressed his head to his neck. Then he loudly gulped, sucking the rest of Brian down his throat and making him listen to him slide down. The doctor’s stomach stretched as his body was squeezed down into it, groaning as it was filled.

    “L-LET ME OUT!” Brian cried, kicking and pushing against the slimy stomach walls, awkwardly curled in a somewhat upside-down position and soaking in a small pool of fluids. He made a noticeable bulge in the doctor’s middle, stretching his suit tight. Harry gasped and pushed away from him, this time being let go, and he collapsed to the floor as he stared at his writhing gut.

    “Y-you..you ate him..” He whimpered, trembling and feeling sick. “What-what the fuck is WRONG with you?!” He cried.

    Dr. Dolion grinned at him coldly, licking his lips and rubbing his stomach. “I did tell you that you two were the secondary payment. Brian, was it? Well, I hope it reassures you to know that he was very tasty..~” He teased. Tears ran down Harry’s cheeks as he glared at the doctor furiously, scrambling to his feet and attempting to tackle him in desperation.

    “Y-you MONSTER!!” He shouted at him. The doctor just laughed, grabbing him before he could even lift a fist.

    “Oh, you wanna be closer~?” He cooed, before sitting back down in his chair and pushing him against his belly. Harry yelped in alarm, pressed against the churning form of his partner within, shivering as he could feel him writhe and cry.

    “S-stop it-! Goddamn it you’re sick-“ He whimpered, trying to push himself away.

    Dr. Dolion chuckled, enjoying his horror. “Mmm, feels good, doesn’t it? Face it, he’s where he belongs. Just in time for lunch~” He taunted him with a growl. “You might as well make yourself useful and give me a massage..might help me digest him.” He grinned.

    Harry made a face at him, groaning in disgust. “You f-fucking freak—you’re disgusting-“ He choked out.

    Brian whimpered as the tight space grew more cramped as his partner was pressed against him, the clenching walls squeezing him tightly.

    “S-stop-pleaseIcan’tbreathe-“ He gasped, panting heavily as the cramped space barely gave him air. The liquids that coated him were making his skin numb and tingly, and it unnerved him. “D-digest me-? N-no no no no-god please no-“ He whimpered, kicking more.

    The doctor smirked as he watched Harry squirm against his gut, licking his lips and figuring after a few minutes that it was about time he should join Brian inside. “Y’know what, I think it’s time for seconds~” He pulled him closer, yanking off his shoes and throwing them across the room. Then he lifted him up and opened wide, lowering his legs into his slimy jaws. Harry’s eyes went wide, grabbing onto his suit and trying to pull himself away from him.

    “N-no, NO- STOP-!!” He cried as a gulp pulled his legs into the doctor’s throat. It was no use, the larger man was much stronger than him, pushing him backward into his gaping maw. His long slimy tongue lapped at him to make him easier to get down, swallowing to pull him down to his middle. Harry shouted in terror, trying to kick his legs but hardly able to in the tight tube of his throat. The doctor grinned and tilted his head back, pushing him even deeper and swallowing him up to his chest. He panicked and wrapped his arms around his lower jaw, a fruitless but desperate attempt to not get himself eaten. And fruitless it was, as Dr. Dolion grabbed his arms from his jaw, pushing him up to his neck down his throat.

    The doctor opened his mouth wider as his head slid into his mouth, his chin resting on his slick tongue, which quickly got to work in slathering his face and hair with a thick coat of drool. He sputtered and coughed, whimpering as it pushed him right to the entrance of his throat. Though he tried desperately to grab something, it was too late. The doctor left his mouth open as he gulped, the light from his office disappearing from view as Harry was pulled down his throat, his arms being slurped down after him. Dr. Dolion held his hand to his neck as he felt his form slid down it, huffing once his airway was clear and groaning in satisfaction as his weight sank into his belly, unbuttoning his jacket as it grew too tight.

    Harry was squeezed down the narrow tunnel and pushed into his cramped stomach, squished against Brian who yelped as he was pressed against him.

    “H-Harry-! Oh god-“ He whimpered, sniffling. The two awkwardly tried to hold each other, but was interrupted by aggressive rubbing from the doctor, which managed to squish them more.

    “Aahhh~ I couldn’t have asked for a more filling meal~” He teased, chuckling. “Get comfortable, you two are gonna be there a while~ Well, maybe not a while, but for the rest of your lives.” He snickered. The two both squirmed and kicked at the walls, shouting obscenities at him, though were smothered by the clenching walls that soaked them in fluids that made their skin numb and soft. With his stomach already having been at work, the acids were already starting to kick in, a tingling and stinging sensation meeting them.

    “Agh—d-do you feel that?” Brian asked, gasping in a way he was almost hyperventilating.

    “I-I do—this isn’t good—Brian w-we’re gonna die-“ Harry whimpered, losing any composure he had left.

    “Aren’t you a smart one?” The doctor chuckled as he heard him, kneading his stomach and belching. “Ah, pardon me.” The two coughed and gasped as it stole air from them. The two were squished tight within the therapist’s gut, and his kneading only made it tighter. They could hardly move, and both of them were running out of air.

    “N-no- we can’t- we can’t die-“ Brian choked out, trembling and kicking in desperation.

    “I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry-“ Harry held him, sniffling.

    The doctor heard them, chuckling coldly and patting his belly. “Aw, poor you. Get over yourselves, your whining won’t do you any good. You’re food, that’s all you are. The only difference you two will ever make in life is to my waistline.” He taunted them in a bitter tone. “Now be quiet, lunch shouldn’t talk.” He huffed, pushing against his stomach. It growled around its occupants, clenching tightly and pushing the acids into their skin. The acids had risen to fill a third of the chamber, starting to submerge Brian who was crushed under Harry. They started to sting and burn, and the two winced.

    “O-ow- oh god-“ Brian whimpered, panting. Harry could feel the acids starting to rise to submerge the other, trying to move off of him, but the space was too tight to. The doctor burped once again, leaning back in his chair.

    “I c—I-c-can’t-“ Brian gasped as more air was taken from them, hyperventilating as he couldn’t catch his breath. He got lightheaded from the lack of air, even the pain from the acids burning him felt fuzzy.

    “Calm-calm down, just try to breathe-“ Harry tried to help him, but didn’t know what to do. A louder groan from around them only seemed to be a sign things would get worse. Each clench made the now-searing acids rise higher, a sizzling starting to be heard around them as their skin started to burn and blister, both crying out in pain.

    “H-Harry-y-!” Brian cried out, choking and sobbing in agony as almost his whole body was submerged in it. Harry tried to pull him out of it, gripping him tightly in fear.

    “Agh- no- s-stop this already you goddamn monster-!” He shouted at the doctor.

    He would’ve shouted more, but as he tried pulling his partner higher out of the acid by his arms, to his horror his skin was soft enough to tear off from him doing this. Brian shrieked in both pain and just by feeling it, splashing back into the acid as the other lost his grip. “O-OH FUCK—FUCK!” Harry cried, even the skin on his own hands rubbing off a little with that effort.

    “H-help me pl-plEA-“ Brian begged, before the acids rose high enough to cover him completely, his voice drowning out into gurgling.

    “B-Brian-?” Harry whimpered, feeling for him and alarmed at the height of the caustic fluids. In panic he tried pulling him above it, but only tore more skin from him, which was already melting and flaking off from the acids eating through him.

    Brian struggled as he tried to push himself up as well, his lungs screaming for air. In an act of desperation, he gasped for air, but acids filled his lungs instead, burning through the soft tissue of his insides and killing him. Harry felt his form beneath him go limp, fear hitting his heart.

    “N-no- Brian- BRIAN!” He shouted, shaking him. With no response, he started to sob, punching the stomach walls in anger. “Y-YOU FUCKING BASTARD-!” He screamed at the doctor with all his might.

    Dr. Dolion heard this and laughed, roughly rubbing his gut with a smug smile. “Aw, pity, you really do care about him. Well, did. Not sure how much care you can give to some dead digesting meat.” He taunted uncaringly.

    Harry was pushed somewhat into the acid and against Brian’s body, to which he whimpered in disgust and horror. “S-STOP-“ He cried, coughing as he nearly choked on acid, the air quality only getting worse. The liquids he stewed in only got thicker and soupier with his partners melting flesh, which sickened him further. His own skin was burning and melting off, exposing muscle and flesh to the stinging fluids.

    “Just accept this already. You’ll be dead soon, just like him. Nothing but a forgettable addition of fat. It’s almost sad really, you two had promise. I even gave you some real advice. Not that it matters anymore.” Dr. Dolion sighed, continuing to rub his distended gut. It groaned and gurgled loudly, the walls threatening to smother Harry, and his rubbing didn’t help. There was barely any air left, and he panted heavily. The acids were up to his neck now, and he fought to stay above them, pushing against the muscles that clenched him tight.

    “G-go to hell-” He spat at him, gasping.

    “Who’s the one burning here~?” The doctor sneered, poking him. Another loud gurgle elicited a decent belch from him, pulling the rest of the air in his stomach. Harry whimpered as a tight clench forced him under the acids, not letting up. It burned his face harshly, and he tried to reach for air, but there wasn’t any left. His chest hurt as he needed air, and he couldn’t fight the urge to breathe for long. Like Brian, he forced a breath and acids filled his windpipe, searing through his flesh and lungs and suffocating him quickly.

    Dr. Dolion grinned to himself as all the movement within ceased, the only noises from his gut being the groans and gurgles as it digested the forms inside.

    “I hope your experience was satisfactory~” He hummed, giving his stomach a pat and clicking off the recording. “You two will do me nicely.” He yawned, resting his head in his chair as he closed his eyes, eventually drifting to sleep. Brian and Harry’s bodies slowly broke down into an unrecognizable stew as his stomach broke down their flesh and bones, until there wasn’t a trace of the couple left. Just as he’d stated, the only difference they made was a forgettable addition to the doctor’s waistline.

    #~the doctor’s tapes~ #dr. carl dolion #vore writing#soft vore#sfw vore#nsxvore#horror vore#unwilling vore#fatal vore#graphic digestion #v.ore #v/ore #((yeah I edited the old version cuz it bothered me and there were also typos)) #((jeez I really didn’t hold back on making this horrifying huh)) #((even reading this back myself disturbed me))
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  • colonsoup
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Oh no! My boyfriend has gone missing…where could he be..?

    Drawn as a (early) birthday gift for my partner @tinydelicacies 💝

    #v.ore #vo.re #vor.e #nb pred#soft vore#fatal vore#vore art#implied digestion #open ended vore #reluctantly this counts as #female pred
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  • foxxsnacks
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    After lost battles or rough training sessions, Maxim usually eats his apprentice/underlings.

    He takes full advantage of his captive audience and ruthlessly lectures them about everything they did wrong and how Morgana would have killed them on the spot for such poor performance because back in his day that wasn’t tolerated.

    He continues like this even as his little subordinate starts to fade away. Maxim just pokes and prods at them, forcing them to stay with him as long as they can before his stomach works them down.


    I do feel like this could easily take the reformation route too, since he "wouldn't want to have wasted all that time and effort on training a meal"

    Perhaps he uses it to 'encourage' them to do better and such, with the threat of not bringing them back one day always looming over their head...

    #fatal vore#asks#foxx answers#vore talk#anonymous#willing pred#unwilling prey #t/he s/orcerer's a/pprentice #this is so fucking good anon MMMMMMM #reformation vore
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  • voretrashcan
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    How would stiles feel about staying in Derek’s belly forever , just hanging off of his waist ? How does Derek feel about that ?

    "What the heck, I don't know if I could just stay on his belly forever! I mean I guess it doesn't sound too bad, could be worse. But wait a minute... Derek stay back!" He says before suddenly being picked up by Derek lifting him off the ground.

    "How do I feel about it? It would finally rid me of an annoying Chihuahua yapping in my ear. Think it might be a good solution." 😈😈😈

    #male pred#male prey#male vore#m/m#gay#gay vore #same size vore #belly play #teen wolf smut #teen wolf #character vore ask #derek hale pred #stiles stilinski prey #permanent entrapment vore #fatal vore
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  • dr-dolions-therapy-corner
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Multiple prey is certainly something

    #~the doctor’s drawings~ #dr. carl dolion #v/ore #v.ore #vore art#soft vore#sfw vore#unwilling vore #half size vore #fearplay vore#fatal vore #((I finished that doodle)) #((also I finally have a more accurate comparison of height compared to average people)) #((idk who tf that lady is))
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  • that-vore-whore
    21.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Love it when a pred swallows someone who’s a little too active and they’re achy and belchy.

    “Oh- oh god- URRRP- please stop moving- I may have- URRRP- overdone… it… oh f-URRP”

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  • vore-mecca
    21.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Everyone knows only one thing gets you a dad bod in minutes; and another predator starts his first hunt. Any volunteers wanna help a newbie out? Set him on the right track

    #male vore#gay vore #same size vore #digestion#fatal vore#hot pred#prey pov#first vore #guys who i would actually let eat me
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  • acorncake
    20.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Noms with Ch4s3r?

    My favorite spooky lad~

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  • holyfestivalcheesecake
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Don't feed the birds

    #looks like dragoneer fucked up fa again. #fatal vore#furry vore#pigeon pred#femboy pred#nsft vore #might as well repost some stuff form fa
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  • titan-god-420
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    This is an idea that I've had on the back burners for a while that I pitched to @philicheesecake(sorry for the tag btw my man)and then my discord buddies, and now I shall grace you all with this vore concept.

    Ok, so y'all know about the synths from fallout 4 yeh? And you know how in some gt vore universes giants are downing tinies at bars and clubs like a bowl of trail mix yeh? Well there's a way to remedy that problem, and I proudly call em edible synthetic organisms or E.S.O.s. ESOS are basically edible, digestible robots that have preprogrammed personalities and genders, you can have em either willing, unwilling, male or female, or anything in-between. You can even pick what species they are, human, anthro, xenomorph, wookie, whatever your predatory heart desires. They also come in basically every flavor under the sun, chocolate, beef, banana, beer, any flavor or combination of flavors you want em to be, it's yours. and they aren't just for giants either, preds of any size can enjoy these savory synths. You can also make em indigestible and bring em home and keep em as a pet for as long as you want, if you get bored of em, you can either give em away or set them to digestable and move in with you day. And don't you worry, they may have preprogrammed personalities and what not but they are in no way shape or form sentient, and they don't feel pain unless you program em to.

    Preys and non-fatal preds everywhere can rest easy knowing that ESOS exist.

    Also to any vore content creators out there who may like this idea, you can use ESOS in your content if you want^^, just make sure to give me credit for the idea if yah do.

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  • grim-n-tasty
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Another tum since you all liked the last one and these are fun to draw!! This one's a little little less comfortable hehe

    #soft vore#g/t vore#unwilling vore #implied unwilling vore #implied fatal vore #v0re
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  • sweetietoothed
    17.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    thoughts on halloween vore?

    Halloween is a really fun time for that sorta thing.

    Firstly, everyone’s dressed up in fun costumes.

    Secondly, all your meals will have a nice, sugary, sweet taste to them from all the candy they’ve had. Maybe I just have a sweet tooth, but it’s honestly one of my favorite tastes.

    Thirdly, people at parties are also soo willing to go down; you barely even have to ask and they’re all too eager to slip down your throat. Meals like that always feel really good for the next few days; they always settle nicely and digest without too much effort.

    Now I wish it was autumn..

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